i want to get chocolate wasted!

I want our friendship forever.
I want to hug you when you’re happy and when you’re sad.
I want to hold you in my arms while you fall asleep.
I want to make you smile and kiss your tears away.
I want to finish school with you.
I want to live in a little cushy flat with you.
I want to travel with you.
I want to wake up every morning next to you.
I want to go to bed every night with you.
I want to watch the sunrise with you.
I want to eat too much junk food with you.
I want to get drunk with you.
I want to eat our favorite chocolate with you.
I want you to be able to trust me absolutely.
I want to discuss about silly things with you.
I want to be lazy and lie in bed all day and just waste time with you.
I want to stay up late all night and talk about the world and god with you.
I want to spend hot summers and cold winters with you.
I want to be there for you every time.
I want to see you marrying the man you love.
I want to visit your family in your house.
I want to see your children playing, maybe, if I’ll have some, they’ll play with mine.
I want to grow old with you.
I want to sit in the garden with you when we’re 80 years old.
I want to look at pale pictures with you, remembering our time as a teenager.
I want to do so much more with you.
But most importantly, I love you.
I promise, I always will.
I promise, I’ll never leave you alone again.
Believe me, darling. Whatever comes, we’ll make it through it.
You’re all I ever wanted and I’m so glad that it didn’t take my whole life to find you.
Just don’t forget that I love you the way you are.
I’ll still love you when our bodies are fading away and we’re in heaven.
I love you, forever and longer.
—  ♥
How they feel on Valentine’s Day

Aries: So many valentine’s, love this holiday!

Taurus: Can I just get the chocolate? Fuck the romance!


Cancer: #foreveralone

Leo: I just want to get some ;) / buy me diamonds :) 

Virgo: I want the cliché valentines day, flowers and everything. 

Libra: I want nothing but a someone who will cuddle and watch netflix with me:)

Scorpio: Last minute buys, completely forgot not gonna lie. 

Sagittarius: IT’S NOT A HOLIDAY!

Capricorn: I just want a giant stuffed animal, please and thanks.

Aquarius: In all odds, it’s a holiday that is very close to my birthday. So I feel bad to whoever is with me :)

Pisces: I want something, but I’ll pretend like it’s just another day. 

IM LATE OTL @akumasonas

My akumasona Candy King!

Costume: its supposed to be chocolate and licorice themed. I was originally gonna have brighter colors, but im so bad at coloring bright colors OTL

Special power: “midas’ touch”- everything touched will turn to chocolate. Ever wanted to eat your own shoes? Here’s your chance, bud.

Akumatized by: being told I am unable to eat sweets after getting my braces and then getting cavities again OTL

De-evilized by: welp, I guess they stole my lollipop and stepped on it. i’d probably cry at the waste before I turn back bc who the hell just steals candy from ppl and steps on it, talk abt rude

“So I know my birthday isn’t for like another month and all, but I’ve been thinking really hard and I’m totally going to plan the most epic birthday bash ever. It’s going to be the talk of this town forever. I mean you only turn 23 once and I want everyone to have a lot of fun. I mean who wouldn’t want to go to a party filled with hot guys and gals and get wasted. I mean what. I mean wasted on chocolate obviously.”

I made a cake for Jensen (well I did benefit a little by getting to eat it and so did my friend). It’s chocolate sponge with way too much icing and thankfully it tastes better than it looks. 

I wanted to make use of these nifty icing pens I’ve got and tried to doodle a guitar, golf club and the cowboys star. 

If anyone wonders why I made a gesture like this that Jensen probably won’t even get to see, it’s hard to explain but Jensen really got me through a bad patch. I think I was looking for some reason not to give up on myself and by that I mean I was wasting my life being too scared to do anything that made me happy. I lacked confidence and was so painfully self-conscious and because of that I hated myself and was pretty reclusive.

Jensen became my inspiration when I needed it. I was already a fan of his acting but getting to know more about him, the way he challenges himself despite his own shyness and despite being noticeably self-conscious at times, the way he loves his friends, the way he finds so much joy in sharing what he loves with everyone and the way he’s grown in confidence through reaching outside his comfort zones. I could see how much I was limiting myself and how rich my life could be if I was brave enough to care a little less what people might think and a little more about living my life the way I wanted regardless of anyone else.

I can’t thank him enough for what he’s unknowingly done for me and sometimes is important to remember and appreciate how far you’ve come and the people who’ve helped and inspired you along the way so for Jensen’s Birthday I baked him a cake, lit some candles and when I blew them out I wished for his continued happiness and success because he deserves it. 

If anyone thinks it’s silly, thanks to Jensen I don’t even care. I enjoyed making it, I enjoyed eating it even more :P