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Character: William Gallagher

Movie: P.S I Love You

Warnings: SMUT, but some good ol’ Irish lovin’!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

•You’re lost in Ireland and run into a man named William while in a pub trying to ask for help. Fluffy William

•Ridiculously sexy, hot and heavy making out. Lots of kissing, petting above and below the waist. Maybe smut.

Sighing in extreme frustration, I turned the map around trying to find out where the hell I was.

The streets and sidewalks of Dublin, Ireland were busy; people getting off work and ready to unwind.

All I wanted was to find the tram station and get to my Aunt’s home and sleep. I’d had a long, unexpected flight and could feel my body aching because of it.

I wish that I was here on better circumstances, though. Just the other day, I’d gotten a call saying that my Aunt Blanch Devereaux had passed suddenly.

I was, from what I understood, the sole beneficiary of her estate. She’d come to Ireland on vacation years ago and decided not to leave. In doing that, she pissed off alot of our relatives.

I remember bits a peices of her visiting when I was younger, but it was vague since it was so long ago.

I sighed, moving with the crowd as I looked at the map. Not paying attention, I walked right into someone, falling on my ass, “Ommmph!”

“Jaysus! You okay Lass!?” The man asked, spinning around.

I stared up at him, dumbstruck. He was so handsome!

“Lass?” He asked, squatting down to my level.

I shook my head, “Oh, yeah. I’m so sorry!”

He held out a ring clad hand, taking mine and helping me stand, “Ye sure you’re alright?”

“I, um, yes of course. Just my pride wounded.” I winced, dusting off my bottom.

He raised a brow, “Need me to kiss that pride?” He asked, his Irish lilt, teasing.

My eyes shot up to him, wide, “I-” and then, I did something that I hadn’t done in a while… I laughed.

He chuckled, licking his lips as he scratched near his eye with his thumb.

“I’m William,” he said, holding out his hand again.

“Y/N,” I nodded.

A cold, damp gust of air blew by, making me shiver and remember that I was hungry and tired.

“Oh, Jaysus, Lass. Let’s get you inside.” William tipped his head at the pub that we were standing outside of.

The smell of beer and delicious food hit my senses as he opened the door. My stomach growled, demanding that I feed it.

“And something to eat,” he laughed, taking my hand and letting me enter first.

I giggled, “I could eat,”
“So, where are ye headed?” William asked, sipping his beer.

“Enniskerry.” I replied, popping a peice of chicken in my mouth.

“Really? I live in Enniskerry!”

We laughed.

“What takes you there, if ye don’t mind me askin’?”

“My Aunt passed away. She left me her home and everything.”

William put his pint down, “Wait a minute! Mrs. Devereaux?”

“Yes,” I nodded.

He reached for my hand, giving it a squeeze, “I’m sorry for yer loss, Darlin’.”

“Thank you, William.”

“Listen, I can take ye there once you finish.”

“I really don’t want to be a bother,” I protested, albeit weakly.

He smiled and winked, “Trust me Darlin’, yer not a burden.”

I blushed, picking at my food.

We stayed at the pub for another hour and half before heading to Enniskerry.
Aunt Blanche’s home was beautiful. Big enough for a family to live in, but small enough to not be over the top.

William got out of the car, coming over to my side and opening the door for me.

Dusk was setting in, the sun dipping, lighting up the rolling green hills that surrounded the house.

“Wow,” I breathed out in awe.

“Couldn’t agree more,” William said, staring at me with a grin.

I smiled, shaking my head as I walked around the car.

I took the set of keys from my pocket, unlocking the door and flipping the switch.

A warm glow lit the living room. This house was straight from one of those Country Living magazines. Absolutely beautiful.

Turning to thank William, I found him by the door, his hands in his pockets, “I’ve got to get a move on, Darlin’. My Da is waitin’ for me.”

“Oh God! I’m so sorry I’ve kept you!”

He pointed at me, “None of tha’ now. I enjoyed spending time with you. Can I come by and see ya sometime?” He asked.

“Yes, of course.” I replied, smiling like a loon.

He grinned, shoving his hands back in his pockets, “Alrigh’ then. I’ll see ya around.”

“Thank you William,” I called out, watching him walk out.

He winked as he got in his car.
William came over nearly every day. We spent the days talking and laughing, much like tonight, but we had dinner.

I washed the last dish, rinsing it and handing it over to William, who dried it and put it away.

I dried my hands, watching him move around the kitchen in his red long sleeved shirt, black jeans and bare feet.

“I can feel those gorgeous eyes on me, Love.” He teased, closing the cabinet.

Clearing my throat, I looked away, “Fine, I won’t look at you at all then.”

I turned my head, looking out the window.

His warm closed over my hip, his breath fanning the side of my neck, “Hey, now. That’s just mean.”

We laughed as he stood before me, holding onto my waist. The atmosphere shifted between us, becoming charged.

“Ya know,” he started, running two fingers on the side of my face where he put some hair behind my ears, “would it be wrong of me to be jealous of your man back home?”

This was one subject that we hadn’t breached even though the flirting had been relentless.

I bit my lip, “There is no one back in the states for me.”

“Well, then,” he tipped my chin up, his thumb tracing my bottom lip, “I do believe it’s me lucky day then.”

Testing the waters, he met me half way, the kiss slow.

“Is this alright?” He whispered, his nose touching mine.


His smile was playful as he pulled me closer to him. He then walked me backwards, my back hitting the counter.

With his long warm fingers cupping my cheeks, he looked straight into my eyes, “Hi,”

I felt my cheeks heat up, “Hi,”

Williams breath tickled my lips as he leaned in to kiss me. His lips moved over mine slowly, tugging ever so slightly before our lips broke apart with a light smack.

I could feel his stubble as we kissed, the prickly hairs leaving a slight burning sensation in their wake.

Threading my fingers through the back of his hair, I initiated the third kiss. With our mouths slightly open, I gently dipped my tounge, caressing his upper lip.

He grunted lightly, his hands sliding down to my ass to give a firm squeeze.

I repeated the kiss, only to have our tounges come into contact. I twirled my tounge around his before pulling it back into my mouth.

William tilted his head to the side, firmly sealing his mouth over mine as he deepened the kiss.

I moaned, pulling myself up closer to him by his shoulders.

He kissed the corner of my mouth, leaving a damp trail as he kissed his way to my neck.

“William,” I sighed.

“Hmmmm,“  he hummed, sucking on my pulse.

I gripped the counter with one hand, the other at his waist, feeling tip of his tounge roll circles as he sucked.

A warm hand slid underneath my shirt, cupping my bra covered breast. He nipped at my neck to where it met my shoulder where he sucked hard.

Slipping his hand into the cup of my bra, he thumbed my nipple, leaving what would surely be one hell of a hickey on my neck.

In a rush, I began to lift my shirt up. It didn’t take William long to pull it off of me.

He unhooked my bra, gazing at my bare breasts.

I watched as he took off his red shirt, discarding it with my clothes.

He closed the small gap between us, the hairs that covered his chest, rubbing against my sensitive breasts deliciously.

"Yer shakin’, love.” He stated, one hand cupping my cheek and the other resting on my ass.

I hadn’t realized I was until he said so.

“Do ye want me to stop?” He asked, caressing my cheek.

“Please don’t.” I whispered.

He smiled, his shoulders lifting as both hands craddled my face, “Take this to the bedroom, yeah?”

I nodded, accepting his soft kiss.

Grabbing his hand, I led him to my room. Once there, he turned me around, walking me backwards like he did in the kitchen.

He unbuttoned my pants; me doing the same to him. The jeans fell to the floor, leaving me in my panties and William- sweet Jesus - he was commando.

His length jutted out from a thick dark patch of curls and I wanted to touch him.

“You do that and I won’t last, love.”

I could feel my face burn from the blush. I laughed nervously as he chuckled.

“Come here, love,” he said, his voice husky.

His thumbs hooked into my panties when I was close to his body. He was like a furnace, emitting quite a bit of body heat, which helped my shivering.

He pulled the panties down to my knees where he let them fall the rest of way to my ankles.

Again, he cupped my cheeks, gently kissing my lips, letting the intensity build up.

An arm was wrapped around my back, holding my head as the kisses became more urgent. His other hand slid over my hip bone, the fingers lightly touching the curls on my mound.

Lifting a leg, while still kissing him, I placed my foot on the bed, opening myself up to him.

Gently, almost tickling in a way; his fingers dipped between my lower lips, spreading the wetness from my entrance to my clit.

William broke the kiss, nipping down my neck while groaning, “Christ Darlin’, you’re soaked.”

I whimpered, rocking my hips against his lone middle finger.

“William… please.” I whimpered.

He got down on his knees, his face right with my center.

I watched as he buried his head between my opened legs with out warning, his tounge licking up my wetness.

I held his head, bending at the waist with a loud gasp.

He backed away, his pupils slightly  dilated. “Lay down, love.” He demanded softly.

I quickly did so, needing to feel him there again.

Wasting no time, he delved back in, only this time, he was kissing my lower lips as if he were kissing me on the mouth.

It was slow, the pressure building of his kisses building. Using two fingers, I felt him kiss my clit, the tip of his tounge twirling against it.

My back arched as I gripped the sheets.

Grasping my hips and pulling me closer to the edge, William held me open, his tounge dipping into my entrance.

He wiggled his tounge so slowly that it was torturous. He then flattened his tounge, dragging it up and loudly kissing my clit.

“William, please!” I begged him.

He gently put my legs down, standing, gasping for breath. He wiped my wetness from his mouth and chin, allowing me time to scooch back on the bed.

Crawling on the bed and over me, he grinned. He hitched a thigh over his hip, resting his body between my legs.

“Lookin’ like a Goddess all laid up in bed, love.”

“Smooth,” I laughed.

“Liked that one, didja?”

William lifted his hips, the head of his shaft at my entrance. Slowly, he entered me, taking his sweet time sinking into my wetness.

He breathed once he was deep inside of me, giving us a moment to adjust to each other.

His thrusts started out so slow as he made love to me. He kissed my breasts, his tounge lapping at my hard nipples with each thrust.

The sounds of our coupling and our bodies rubbing against the sheets made me moan loudly at one particularly deep thrust.

I was close, William feeling it as my walls tightened. He moved faster, burying his face in my neck as he lost control of his thrusting.

I turned my head so not to shout in his ear as I came hard, my core throbbing as he continued to move his hips.

One last thrust had him groaning, gently biting down on my neck.

He stayed on top of me, laying there until he softened and slipped from me.

When he rolled to his side, he pulled my body to him, holding me like I was the most finest peice of porcelain.

We were quite, his hands massaging my scalp and playing with my hair.

I ran my fingers through his chest hair, loving the feel of the softness, “William?”

His eyes were closed, but he was awake, “Yes, love?”

“Where do we go from here?” I asked, meekly.

He turned his head, his lips against my forehead as he spoke, “I’m a one woman man, love. Ye don’t have ta worry ‘bout a thing.”

I believed him. Goddamnit, with everything in me; I believed this gorgeous Irish man that I’d grown severely fond of.



John x Reader

Warnings: sex, smut, on the kitchen table

Requested By Anon

John had a smug look on his when he got home. You’d already listened to Poll rant about how he’d risked everything to get a better deal just to prove to Tommy that he could and you were furious.


“How could you be so careless?” You asked almost as soon as he set foot in the kitchen.


“I don’t want to hear it from you as well.” John sighed, foolishly thinking that you’d be the one person to be proud of him for getting twice the money Tommy thought he could.

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coming down

Summary: “Needed you,” he whispers, husky, all molten honey. “Always need you when I’m gone. Always want you, baby girl.”

Word Count: 1686

Warnings: SMUT. pure filth. ye be warned.

Notes: Wow, hey there. I know I’ve been promising something for a long time, and I know I’ve been failing to deliver, but I hope this makes up for it. It’s been rough, my dudes, and what better way to get back into the game than smut. Enjoy. 

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