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When We Collide (Part 15)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

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“What are you doing here?” The confusion was written on your face once you opened the door to your dorm. You hadn’t expected guests tonight, it was Friday and you were supposed to be alone. 

Luke looked down at his feet shy as if he had forgotten the reason why, he almost looked like he wanted to be in disguise by the way he was standing against the door frame. 

“You said I didn’t know you.” He mumbled and ran a hand through his hair.

“So I’m here to learn every single thing about you.” 

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A/N - Oh my God, I updated!??! Less than a month after I posted the previous chapter!? It’s a miracle!

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a lovely message about the last chapter, it was the most feedback I’ve ever had, and it really motivated me to write this chapter! I really hope you like it, and again I’d love to know what you think! My ask is open!

As always a special thank you to my gorgeous besties @islareeveswriting and @cuddlemusclestyles for all their help with this chapter, and general life advice. I love you both very, very much.

“Erin? What do you think of this one?” Harry called over to me.

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon, rain clouds had been hanging low, grey and threatening in the sky for hours, meaning Harry and I had continuously put off our shopping trip until we really couldn’t wait any longer. Even though we were supposed to be shopping for a present for Izzy’s birthday, we’d somehow ended up in the men’s section in Fenwick’s department store, and we had yet to buy anything for the upcoming birthday girl.

He was stood in front of a long mirror, twisting and turning each and every way trying to figure out whether the floral shirt he held in his hands would suit him or not. I stopped just behind him, looking at him in the mirror and smiling when his lips jutted into a pout, showing his conflicting thoughts.

“I like it.” I said confidently. “It suits you.” But then again, the boy could wear a potato sack and still look like he could grace the pages of Vogue.

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Pairing: Bucky X Reader

Summary: Song-Fic based on Emily Wolfe - Anywhere

Warnings: Angst, Mentions of PTSD, DID and MPD symptoms.

Words: 1332

A/N: I heard this song from the TV show Bones and I really loved it. It seems to fit so well with the situation Bucky as character is facing, and I wanted to do a little drabble about this. Of course, my drabbles end up being entire shots cause I can’t control myself.

Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by min1919

The bed felt cold without his body laying next to you, but the emptiness was nothing compared to the big hole installed in your chest. You felt numb after reducing your existence to a mere ball, arms wrapped around your knees, pressuring them down to your rib cage, your feelings refusing to work anymore.

You knew what you were facing when you signed up for this. You knew you had to give your life for a safer world, and that seemed to be a little prize compared to the benefits it’d bring to the society you were living in. 

However, you thought you knew what you were doing when you decided to stay next to Bucky Barnes. 

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Alla Prima (Pt.1)

Pairing : Jimin x Seulgi

Genre : drama, angst, eventual smut, college au!

Word count : 3,485

Description : When an antisocial realist-painter, Park Jimin decided to change his subject from scenery to a breathing things, he didn’t expect one particular homo-sapiens Kang Seulgi whom he has been avoiding since that day, whom painfully stunning, and probably wouldn’t even take a single glance on him in million years, voluntereed herself as the tribute for his new project. And by means, even if it’s included a package of her without a single clothes on.

P.S.:  So first of all,I’m such a btsvelvet trash and this is just work of fiction. 


“This is not too shabby. ”

Namjoon pondered as his brows twitched slightly,  analyzing the piece of art in front of him. Jimin’s face was flat like it usually be, but a relieved sigh blooming inside him. thanks God.

“At this rate, you might just open your own exhibition  man. Why bother entering my own? ”

The cease in his eyebrows deepened. But really,  he couldn’t understand this prodigy’s mind sometimes. But Jimin only shrugged.

“I’m not ready yet. ”

“Not ready, or you don’t want to? ”

Namjoon questioned more.  It was like a rheotical question, which he knew that Jimin himself don’t know the answer, yet.

The 24"x32" canvas in front of them bursted with major dark colours. As the Aurora prominetly sparkling under his touch, never being drowned with all the grey area surrounding it. Really, it’s only this certain Park Jimin who can create masterpiece like this, effortlessly.

“I entrusted it to you then. Set it on a high price.”

He put all his palette and brushes back to his rugged backpack. Smudges of colours can be seen here and there,  but he never worries to change it to the new one. This backpack is his lucky charm. He bid goodbye to Namjoon quitely and headed to the café, didn’t miss the faint reply from Namjoon at the distance.

“No worries man!”


Jimin hated the campus cafe.

No, he hates it.

The smells of coffee never ceased to exist,  always suffocates his breathing the moment he stepped in. Not that he hated coffee, it’s just, he never used to its smell and taste since he was little. Because only vegetable and fruit juices filled his everyday meal at home. Noises of people chattering,  gossiping useless thing,  the people making their own groups, alienating others,  Jimin hated it all. He came from the rural area in Busan, gotten a full scholarship for his art study was out of the plan. But he knew it was destined,  and he was thrilled to finally go and taste the little piece of heaven in the capital city, Seoul. He remembered how everyone knows everyone back in his village. He missed Taehyung and Jin, whom every Sunday always rotating,  helping each other’s father to soil the farm and afterwads slashing the watermelon to sate their thirst after working hard. And he remembered after school,  he always dropped by to Taehyung’s house just to play with Sooshim and helping his grandma mixing the kimchi. Life was good back then. Peaceful,  and full of fond memories. Not like here. Where people are too individualistic, busy with their own mind and business. What a shame he ended up become one. And the fact he found out the ugly truth about Seoul from day-1 didn’t seem to help at all. It tasted more like a mixture of hell and grey paint more than a heaven. He guessed that little piece of heaven really tiny then, the reality didn’t betray the phrase.

But at least they got a nice warm croissant bun here. Which never missed to be his breakfast.

He picked up his tray, with his other arms propped the hanging backpack. Jimin skimmed the area, and he was glad his usual spot wasn’t taken. Right next to the gigantic glass wall, facing the vast football field. But he was startled when his eyes met a pair of cat-like eyes catching his eyes off-guard. But Jimin averted his gaze in an instant and headed to his seat as he calmed down his erratic heart.

He hates the effect she has on him. It’s been a year, but his body always reacted the same. He’s so whipped and he hates it.

But the bubble inside his head popped into pieces when he felt his phone vibrating. A message from mom.

“좋은 아침 내아들, 아침 먹었?”

“Good morning my son, have you eaten breakfast yet?”

Jimin smiled and quickly typed a reply to his mom. He loves how his mom never missed to check up on him everyday. Even if it’s only a brief hello on the phone, or a single text asking how are you. He’s such a mama boy and he’s proud of it.

Another unexpected message came again not long after that.

“This end semester vacation you’ll come home, right?”

At that, Jimin’s stomach churned. He could sense how much she missed him, and the guilt washed over him knowing the previous mid-semester he broke his promise to come home. He told her he had his painting being paid well and he would have enough money to come back, but he ended up buying new art supplies, with better qualities, and pretty expensive, just because he couldn’t hold his thirst to paint a little bit, with his first own money, earned by himself. He remembered how jumbled up his mind, filled with new ideas and colours inside his head, resulting his one of his best masterpiece ‘The Aurora of the Dawn’ or so he called it. Truthfully, he never wanted to sell any of his painting. He cherished them all dearly. It was the result of blood, sweat, and tears of his imagination and skills. With countless practice on paper, perfecting it before pouring it all down to the canvas. Because he can’t be wasteful on canvas, for it was not cheap for him to buy. Therefore, the canvas should be the masterpiece of his masterpiece. It has to.

But at least he already got them all on a photo. Framed and hang them all in his flat. He just hoped that, whoever buy it, will appreciate it as much as he is. And they’ll be happy after looking at it.

“Yes mom I’ll go home. Promise.”

He promised, and Namjoon better sell it in a good price. Because there’s no way he would let down his mother once more. He has to go home, and he will.

He sighed as he finished replying his mom. He started nibbling on his croissant, suddenly lose a little bit of appetite, but he knows he has to eat well or he’ll just making his mom and dad worried. Jimin was about to munch on the second croissant when a line notification came up.

“Hyung you’ll come to the party this weekend?

Football team’s headquarter. 9pm. Hope you can make it.”

It was from Jungkook, the boy from the sport department. Jungkook was the definition of well-known jock in the campus. He’s made it to the primary team despite being a freshman. Many people envy him and mesmerized by him, but only Jimin who knew the real him, for both of them coming from the same city, Jungkook clutched to him like a baby when he first arrived to Seoul. With full scholarship like him and ordinary family background, Jimin couldn’t abandon the little guy. All the familiarity of home oozing from Jungkook didn’t help at all, and they ended up growing close. Jimin helped him searching for a flat, a little bit touring over Seoul, etc etc.

But things changes, people changes. And so does Jungkook.

The epitome of the Golden Boy instantly become Jungkook’s new nickname. As the tagline goes afterwards, study hard, play harder. And boy, Jungkook partied hard. He never missed a weekend without a party. Jimin admit he’s amazed by him on how well Jungkook managed to ace every exams he had, despite the harsh practice of football team and still maintain his social life with partying till dawn. Jimin wasn’t the gifted type like him. He has to work his asses off to be where he’s standing now. Being called a prodigy painter was a bonus. But the gift he had has to be enhanced with practices. And that’s what he does. He’d rather practicing his sketches than wasting his time partying until wee hours. It’s just wasting his energy. He likes conserving his energy.

“No promises.” Jimin curtly replied. No promises equals he’s not going. Not a minute afterwards, another message came.

“Aw c’mon man, it’s his first win. We have to celebrate!!!”

A message from none other than Jung Hoseok, a.k.a his flat-mate. Jimin massage his temple, these to boys must’ve chatted behind him and played those ‘first-win’ card on him. With both of them are party-people, they never forget to invite Jimin to the party. But Jimin always politely refused, after that incident happed.

Speaking of ‘that’ incident, he shuddered when the rush of memories coming back to his mind….


A year ago, 20 April 2012, Freshmen welcoming party.

“Yah don’t just sip it, drink it in one go you pabo!” Hoseok yelled to Jimin as he shoved the tiny shot glass down to Jimin’s mouth. A fit of cough followed Jimin afterwards, the burn sensation really uncomfortable in his throat. He sent down a death glare to Hoseok, which only resulted a sheepish grin as a reply.

“Let’s just enjoy this night to the fullest, okhey?”

Hoseok patted Jimin’s butt as he dragged him to the crowd of sweaty dancing people. All Jimin could do was obeyed the sunshine at heart and holding back his experated sigh to escape. He didn’t want to make him upset.

It was the night of welcoming party for all the freshmen. After four days of torture of student orientation a month ago, the senior prepared this big event as the apology gift for the new students. Jimin heard from Yoongi sunbae that it wasn’t easy to get the permission to use the plenary hall from the campus but somehow they managed, so that’s why the freshmen had to have a great time and all of them had to attend. Jimin was no exception.

At first he wasn’t so sure to join the party. He wasn’t familiar with alcohol, he already hit his coming of age last year but he haven’t touched a drop of alcohol, even a sip of a soju. People was supposed to get three things on their coming of age ceremony, a bonquet of roses, a kiss, and a bottle of alcohol. And he hadn’t had all three of them and Jimin’s not complaining. Hoseok has been bragging it up too much these past days after their roommate-to-roommate slash heart-to-heart talk last week. Jimin just couldn’t understand which part is disappointing of not getting those three. So Hoseok hadn’t forget to bring it up tonight too, ‘I’ll get the kiss, the alcohol, and the roses for you tonight!’ Jimin just chuckled at his antics.

Hoseok dragged him right at the centre of the dance floor. “Loosen up man! Let the night rules us tonight!” Hoseok cheered, Jimin couldn’t help to smile back to the sunshine. He tried to dance, but failed miserably. He looked like an invicible wall next to the master of dance dancing next to him. People started to notice Hoseok, and they gave space for him to move freely. Jimin joined the crowd and enjoyed Hoseok’s performance from the side. Man, he’s born to be a star. He thought.

Jimin decided to take another shot, he need something to do anyway. He gulped down in one shot, grimaced a little bit by the hot yet cold liquid coming down his throat, but he now realized the pleasant feeling afterwards. No wonder people love drinking, it tasted good. But he remembered his dad warning back at home, ‘Please stay away from drugs and alcohol son, I hope you take care of yourself there.’ So Jimin decided to stop at the third shot. He already felt a little bit lightweighing already.

Jimin looked back at the room, seeing all the people were having the time of their life. Some busy talking to each other, making new relations and friends here and there. Some were busy making out that it had him grimaced a little bit. He somehow couldn’t understand with PDA, he’d rather do it all those affection gestures in private, because it felt so privacy to him. Things like that need to be cherished, as it was intimate and very personal gesture for him.

He caught a ponytail in his sight, but he was disappointed to see it wasn’t her. Yes, her, none other than Kang Seulgi. Kang Seulgi was the well-known beauty from the Vocal department. The beauty wasn’t only from her appearance, but also her voice. Her heavenly voice. He never met someone who could make him skipped a beat just by the sound of their laugh. But that was Kang Seulgi did to him.

The whole four days of the freshmen orientation was spent together with Seulgi, as both Jimin and her was set into the same group. All the members were awkward at first, including him and Seulgi. But thanks to this guy called Chanyeol, the ice melted and all the members warming up to each other in an instant. But the senior were merciless. At the second day, each of the group had to choose one member to sing in front of the whole student. Seulgi, being the one and only from the Vocal department, had no other choice.

He remembered how white her nails went, due to her non-stop chlenching it because of her nervousness. He had this strange urge to unclasped her hand and engulfed hers with his. But he dismissed it all and just closely watched her trembled a little as she walked into the podium. He unknowingly prayed she’ll be alright.

When she opened her lips, all those nervousness gone from her eyes. And the world stopped for a moment for Jimin.

Her voice soared through all over the field. All the student fell silent by her voice. Her voice was so beautiful, beyond compare. She followed the rhythm leisurely, as if it was the rhythm who followed her voice. But at the end of the song, she cracked her voice a little bit, making herself went beet red as she apologized and let out a sweet, awkward laugh. And the crowd cheered, hooted hard, and he was sure 95% of the male students had been head over heels over her. Including him.

And since that day, he couldn’t get her out of his mind.

His eyes couldn’t help to search her in the crowd. He should stop. He sighed. He dislike himself when he’s acting all whipped like this. But at the end he couldn’t help basking at the warmth this ‘crush’ served everytime he saw her in campus.

Jimin decided to borrow a pen and drawing random things on the tissue he got from the bartender. This party kinda amazing tho, it has a minibar with professional bartender inside. This is just like a university edition of a bar. He was so immersed that he didn’t realized someone had been sitting next to him for a while, looking at him closely.

“What are you drawing?”

Wait what?

“Jimin…right? We were at the same group!” She excitedly asked him. Jimin was speechless for a while, he didn’t expect this particular Kang Seulgi to be the one who find him. He drank in her sight for a moment, she wore a faded jeans and cropped sweater tonight, mixed with thin burgundy jumper at the outer. She looked good. And comfy. And those cropped sweater revealed her prominent abs, making his gone into shame. She let down her hair tonight, no wonder he couldn’t find her before.

“Ah yeah…” He replied. Scrathing his neck, didn’t know what to do. Does he continue drawing or what? His mind felt blank the moment she showed up. Seulgi smiled at his reply, making all her eyes gone because of that eyesmile.

“So, what are you drawing?” She pondered again, propping her chin on his arm, genuinely interested at the crappy sketch of his dog that died two years ago. He didn’t feel confident with his drawing. He knew he got the scholarship without no reason, but showing someone his sketches instead his final piece really not his cup of tea.

“Ah, it’s nothing…” He tried to fold the tissue paper hastily, but Seulgi frowned and stealthily snatched it from him. Jimin was taken aback by her sudden movement, and the brief moment she grabbed his hand made him palpitating inside. His eyes were as wide as saucer.

“Why are you hiding it? It’s good!” She swiftly complimented his messy sketch. And that moment, he was a goner. Again. For the second time. Shit he must be really like her then. Fuck.

Suddenly someone called her from the crowd, “Ah, I’ll be right back Park Jimin!” And just like that, she’s gone. She brought his sketch along with her. Great.

The night went on. Jimin didn’t move an inch, mostly because he’s too lazy to find another place to sit (and another reason just in case she’s coming back), so Jimin put on his headphone and blasting his recent favourite song, he didn’t really care the way it sounded clashing with the song in the room. He was out of the world for an hour when Hoseok coming back, drunk as ever.

“Come little boy let’s find herRrrrRr~!” He was slurring hard and Jimin knew it was time to go home. Jimin slinged one of Hoseok’s hand around his neck, and basically dragging half of his weight with him. Oh the things he do for Hoseok.

“Where are we going? We haven’t got the roses and the kiss yet!” He whined. Jimin sighed as Hoseok squirmed from his hold. “We’re going back home.” He replied. And with that, suddenly Hoseok stand up straight, as if he was sober. Without further ado, he grabbed Jimin’s arm and locked it in his grasp, then dragged him into the sea of people.

‘What’s with him???’ Jimin incredulously looked at him and puzzled by his sudden antics. “Hobi what are you doing?” They’ve basically circling the huge plenary hall and Hoseok didn’t show a sign to stop.

“We’re not going home before we meet that Seulgi girl. You get her phone number, and a kiss too before we go home would be amazing but don’t get your hopes up.” He firmly stated a ridiculous goals for tonight. Jimin tried to release himself from his grasp, but it was futile due to his iron-grip. Damn Hoseok and his muscles.

“What the hell Hobi-!

“I think that’s her, SEULGI JIMIN WANT TO KISS YOU, oh shit-

Jimin was frozen with the sight in front of him. Seulgi was kissing someone near the back. She was obviously heard what Hoseok’s said clearly and that’s why she suddenly startled and broke the making out session she had. Her lipstick was smeared, her face was red and her pupils were dilated, showing her black eyes prominently like the night sky. Jimin’s gut was churned, and briefly met her eyes, and he instantly turned around his heels and running out from there.

He didn’t expect the night he realized he really liked her would be the same night his heart being broken.


Jimin sighed at the memories. He remembered he was mad at Hoseok for five days (no more no less, because it was impossible to be mad at that man longer than that), giving him the silent treatment. That five days was the longest fight they ever had.

If only feelings could be erased as easy as clicking the backspace at the word documents. He silently thought inside.

Jimin tried to forget her, he really did. He busied himself, and practically focusing on school. It helped a little bit, and the way their department was far from each other was a bonus. But in the end she never missed to be in his vision even just for a day. Whether it was in the library, the hallway, or in the café like this. Reality sucks and not helping at all. He put on his earphone and just wanted to distract himself from that annoying reality for a while.

So Park Jimin didn’t expect it at all when that particular someone bringing her tray filled with quiche and sat next to him.

“Hey.” She said. Jimin was stunned. He was silent for a solid 10 seconds, and Seulgi couldn’t take the heavy silence anymore. She put off one his earphone and said,

“I’ll be your model for your upcoming project. What do you say?”

tsunderedancer  asked:

some head canons about Mikejima Madara? plz i can't get enough of this cowboy >w<

i took my time for that one, i wanted to have more info about this festival guy before i tried my hand at headcanons for him ! he’s really fun to write about though~ i hope you’ll like them !! - mod mademoiselle ♥

  • He gets up with the sun and goes to sleep rather early at night. His favorite moment of the day is sunrise ! It makes him feel like he’s seizing one of the best things in life when he can watch it !
  • This boy is literally always warm. In winter it’s perfect because he’s essentially one big cuddle blanket, but in summer it just makes you want to push him away. And of course he finds it funny and hugs you some more to piss you off.
  • A tease master. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it, and he won’t stop. I hope you’re prepared, because he certainly is.
  • He’s always 120% excited about anything and everything. Good food ? Wow, what a great meal !! He just saw an animal ? His day was made !!! You look especially cute today ? Damn, this is the best day of his life !!!!
  • No matter what the weather is like, he’ll have fun during dates. Sunny ? Awesome, the two of you can go out ! Rainy ? He’s already dragging you outside to dance together in the rain ! Snowy ? Great, time for a snowball fight !
  • He can’t keep his hands to himself and will literally always be touching, hugging or kissing you absent-mindedly if you’re close to him. He doesn’t even notice he does that ! Sometimes he’s holding you close in the middle of a conversation he’s having with someone else and won’t let you go unless you start hitting him.
  • He loves board games and will trick you into playing them with him. He’s unbeatable at Monopoly, so I hope you know what you’re doing. He never cheats though, it’s just “natural talent”, as he claims.
  • Sneezes so loudly you get scared every time. Every single time. He even needs to tell himself “bless you”, because most people are usually recovering from the fright he gave them as the goddamn sneeze monster he is.
  • Will turn anything and everything into a competition, but it’s not because he wants to win. He genuinely wants someone to play with, and he’ll actually lose on purpose just to make them happy !
  • He often laughs while sleeping and you still have no idea why. It’s extremely creepy, you don’t think you’re ever going to get used to it. Of course, he’s forgotten it all once he wakes up.
  • He has a talent to make friends with strangers in record time. Shopping with him ? He’s chatting with one of the store employees. Out on a date at a café ? The waiter is now his best bud. And things always go this way. Always.
  • He doesn’t think things through and often causes disasters at your place while trying to make a nice surprise for you. He once made a huge hole in your bedroom’s wall while trying to hang a framed picture of the two of you. You still have no idea how he managed to do that with just a hammer. He’s now banned from touching anything in your house without your help.
  • He literally can’t help but spoil the ending when you’re trying to watch a movie with him. It just slips his mouth and next thing he knows, you’re hitting him with a pillow. He always promises he won’t do it next time, but he does anyway. He’s just so chatty and invested in the story, he forgets you don’t know the end yet…
  • When you’re cuddling with him, he only needs three (3) seconds before he falls asleep and starts to snore in your arms. And he’s heavy, too. Of course, you’re pinned under him and stuck there until he wakes up. Good luck with that.
  • He eats so much ???? Is he still growing ??? Whenever you cook for him, you need to make really big portions because he gets hungry ridiculously fast if he eats anything normal-sized. That’s why he’ll eat almost everything when you’re sharing a tub of ice cream with him. He just doesn’t notice.
  • Loves ridiculous and loud smooches, especially in public, and you can bet he’s doing them just to get you embarrassed or annoyed. That and patting your head, often ruining your hair in the process. He claims it’s a reflex and he’s trying to fix it, but you suspect he’s doing it on purpose.
  • He’ll carry you randomly with ease, often chanting “wasshoi wasshoi~” while lifting you up and down. Yes, he basically treats you like a mikoshi. How terribly romantic. He loves it though, claiming that your surprised face is the absolute best !
do you think about me [like i think about you] (jane/kurt drabble + #bspromptchallenge)

project: @blindspothiatusproject 30 day gif/fanfic prompt challenge

day 28. locker room/patterson’s lab/kurt’s office/meeting room/the nyo

A/N: title from Carrie Underwood.


do you think about me [like i think about you]

It started the first day they went back to work, about a week after taking down Sandstorm.

They had arrived at the office together that morning before having to separate for the majority of the day. Kurt went right into administrative meetings and Jane had been sent by Hirst to deal with the paperwork required for her to stay, both in New York and at the FBI.

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Across the Hall - an Olicity AU

Words: 2405

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Humour, Feels, Neighbours AU

Summary: Felicity Smoak is used to being alone, used to loneliness. Until one day she doesn’t want to be.

Notes: I woke up feeling sad and miserable and instead of wallowing in it, I decided to channel it into some writing. I’m posting this as a new work rather than sticking it in with my drabbles even though I currently have no plans to write anymore to it, just in case my muse ever strikes and wants me to continue it. I always forget how much I love a good old Neighbours AU until I start reading/writing them. And writing this has left me with only 3.2k words left to hit my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, so yay!

Any words of encouragement are always greatly appreciated! So please let me know what you think of this once you’re done :)

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Friday nights are the worst.

Felicity is used to being by herself, she’s used to the dull ache of loneliness and has grown to just accept it as part of herself at this point. She’s used to doing everything alone and spending entire days in silence, entire weeks without really communicating with anyone besides the cashier at the grocery store or the doorman delivering her takeout or the casual exchanges of small talk with her neighbour who lives across the hall whenever they happen to cross paths every now and then. Sometimes she even enjoys the long, quiet days; sometimes they feel more like solitude than loneliness.

But Friday nights are hard because she’s aware more than usual of now unusual it is for a human being to spend so much time alone.

If she’s really quiet, which she usually is, she can hear people in the apartments nearby all getting ready to go out on Friday evenings. She hears them playing music, singing loudly and out of key as the alcohol they’re consuming starts to take over their body. She hears them greet friends and offer them inside. She hears them laughing and singing some more, together this time. And then she hears the door close as they head out for the night, to bars and movies and dinner dates.

The building is never quite as quiet as it is on Friday evenings, the loneliness never quite as loud.

Felicity knows she’s partly to blame for the way her life is now. She knows she could try harder to make friends, introduce herself properly to her neighbours, even go out downtown one evening and start talking to people in bars. She knows she could look for a job, one in an office building or a store, anything other than one that she does from home, day in day out just sitting on her computer at her dining room table. She knows she could join the gym, go to a class on poetry or pottery, start going running or hiking with local groups. But she doesn’t. Whenever she convinces herself to try, she talks herself out of it in the end. Convinces herself she’s perfectly happy and content being by herself.

And she is.

Until the days where she isn’t.

Until the days where she feels suffocated by silence and wants to stand out in the street and scream and beg for someone to notice her. Until the days where she sits alone and cries into the arm of the couch for what feels like hours. Until the days where she can’t face getting out of bed in a morning because the thought of another breakfast alone is just too much to bear.

She hears her mother’s voice in her head on those days, strong and warm and whole, as though she’s standing right in front of her with her hands on her hips and a stern but soft look on her face. “You need to get out there, Felicity. You need to let people in.”

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Feed You the Sky: Chapter 17

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update, and to leave you guys hanging on such a terrible end to the last chapter, but here it is! And as always, a huge thank you to my wonderful beta, my constant inspiration, @shesafreesoul! And without further ado, we really hope you enjoy this one!


Ivar had learned something about dramatic entrances from his wife, but apparently his still needed some work. It would’ve helped if he had a door to crash through; instead he settled for hurtling his ax past his brother’s head. “What are you doing?” He roared, fury pounding in him like never before. Anger was his constant companion from childhood; the bitterness caused by his twisted legs, by having to prove himself a worthy son to his father, an intelligent ruler, and a brilliant strategist every single day he drew breath. Rage had shaped him, whispered in his ear even now, when he could control it. Anger made him strong, made him ruthless. Anger is what made him Ivar the Boneless, a king.

Ivar thought he knew anger, but the beast writhing in his chest was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Kára looked at him, lowering her sword, reddish brows raised in confusion. “Ivar? What’s wrong?” Beautiful as she looked, as much as he loved her, all he could think in that moment was how his strong hand would look wrapped around her pretty little throat. These were impulses he hadn’t experienced in many years, and he worked hard to push them back now, to be reasonable. She was clearly acting without sense here, so it was up to him to be the reasonable one. But it was so hard with the beast screaming in his ears, calling out to leave purple bruises on her pale skin, to punish her for disobeying his orders, for endangering his child.

And then her words registered in his anger-fogged brain, and he was so taken aback by her utter cluelessness, he could only sputter in response. He drew in a deep breath, gritting his teeth to compose himself. His hands were clenched in white-knuckled fists, one of which he slammed into the ground with enough force to make Ubbe wince. He was certain it would hurt later, but with that fury singing in his blood louder than a storm, he couldn’t feel a thing. And despite his blood crying out to bruise her, as much as his fingers ached to wrap around her throat, he knew he would never be able to get away with that. She would gut him like a fish, but then, he always knew she would be the death of him.

Those thoughts, the vision of her carrying him to Valhalla, were enough to calm him. His wild little Valkyrie, his beautiful wife, how could he ever think of harming her? Shame flashed through him, bringing him back to the present: to his sword-wielding, pregnant wife and his idiot brother.“Throw down your damn sword, woman! Why can’t you stay in the hall and weave? Go into town and visit your friend Magnhild. Anything but this! Are you crazy, Kára?” He rounded on Ubbe. “How could you let her do this? She is with child, she can’t be fighting! Look how big her belly is, how slowly she moves! You could kill her or the child!”

“You have so little faith in me, Ivar?” Ubbe asked, hurt, but Kára was ready for battle. She obeyed her husband’s command, throwing her sword so that it landed point down in the dirt, quivering inches shy of his outstretched hand.

“And did you not see what happened with Brynjar? Do you not see the consequences of me not training? You will always have enemies, Ivar! Do you want me defenseless? If I had still been training, I could have dodged that blade! It is only by the grace of the Freyja that our child still lives!” She was breathing hard, auburn curls framing her flushed face where they escaped her braids. Her arms wrapped protectively around her distended middle, the child would be with them soon, maybe even before the next full moon. Ivar could see the fear in her hazel eyes and it nearly broke him in half.

“Min elskede,” he sighed. “You are with guards, with me, or with Ubbe at all hours. No harm will befall you or our child.” He paused, meeting her eyes, letting her see the anger that simmered in his depths. She alone didn’t fear that part of him; she met the anger in him with the same steel she showed in the shield wall. She sat slowly in front of him, running her finger along the blade still sticking out of the ground.

“You do not understand what it is to feel helpless,” she told him quietly. One hand still rested on her belly, rubbing it in circles. Ivar couldn’t help the laugh that escaped his lips.

“Your words are ridiculous, Kára, how do you think I felt as a child? As a young man, watching my father be given to his death? Returning home to Kattegat, and finding my mother murdered? I know better than any how it feels to be helpless.”

“You are the one who taught me turn weakness into strength.” Kára met his eyes, raised her hand from her belly to run her fingers through his well-groomed black beard. He relaxed into her touch as she rubbed along his strong jawline, eyes half-closing in contentment. “So that is what I am doing. Carrying your child, while the greatest joy of my life, makes me vulnerable. I will not risk our child again. I am a shieldmaiden, Ivar, and a queen. We will always have enemies, maybe even within our own household. I trust no guard. I only battle your brother because I know he will not purposely run me through.”

Angry as Ivar had been when he found them, he couldn’t deny that her reasoning made sense. But there was still one thing he didn’t like. “Why do you not fight with me, then?”

She laughed, and he knew all was forgiven. Relief replaced his anger so quickly it made him giddy. “Because I knew you would not approve. You would need to be angry at me first.” She looked at the ground before meeting his bright blue eyes again, almost shy. “I have no great skill with the bow, but I know you are a marksman without equal. Will you teach me?”

He grinned, pulling her into his lap for a deep kiss. He felt her grin against his lips, and knew that home with her was sweeter than Valhalla could ever be. He broke the kiss and settled her so her back rested against his chest. His arms wrapped around her possessively, hands resting on her stomach. A sharp jab against his palm made Kára groan lightly. “This child will be a warrior. Already his blows are stronger than some grown men.”

Ivar increased the pressure of his hand, hoping to earn another jolt. Instead he felt the Kára’s entire belly shift as the baby squirmed to get away from his hand. He laughed, finished teasing the baby, and removed the gauntlet from his wrist to give it to his wife. Her clever fingers did the buckles up quickly while Ivar pulled an arrow from his quiver. “Nock it,” Ivar commanded gently.

She nestled the arrow into place against the bow. “Good, min elskede. When you draw the bow back, place your cheek along the shaft of the arrow, so you are looking at the arrowhead. Simply line it up with where you want it to go. That tree, there.” He pointed. She raised the bow, tilted, and Ivar shook his head. “Hold the bow straight and the arrow will fly straight.” He reached to her wrists, corrected the placement of her hand along the curve of the bow, showed her how to hold it straight.

She was a willing, eager little student, and Ivar felt a glimmer of pride as the arrow thudded into the tree. “I will make an archer of you yet, min elskede.” He planted a kiss onto the back of her neck, heard the little moan that drew from her sweet lips, and couldn’t help but smile.

Jerk - Hanbin (iKON)

photo cr: LibraAqr

REQUESTED BY ANON:  hi! can I have an angsty scenario where hanbin and you fight and he says something hurtful like “i can’t hurt my best friend over a relationship i don’t even know will last” but he’ll apologize and does something to make up to you? happy ending please ^^ thank you so much!! 

MEMBER: Hanbin // B.I

GENRE: angst with happy ending (i failed the happy ending anon, i’m really sorry, pls forgive me)

SUMMARY: the title says it all

Your relationship with Hanbin seemed to have lost its spark, it didn’t feel like the same relationship that you were in 5 years ago, the relationship that you were so passionate about started to become tiring. You were tired and fed up of Hanbin arriving home late everyday, even worse, he came home drunk most of the time. For the past few months, you were greeted with an empty house every night you came back from work and a drunk boyfriend every early morning,

You promised yourself you wouldn’t let this drag on any longer but every time you talked to Hanbin about it, he would nod as if he digested every words you said but would repeat the same routine. It made you so sick, you wanted to curse the hell out of him everytime you saw his face. You dealt with the same pattern everyday, the repetition made you miss the old Hanbin, you missed the days when you both made and ate breakfast together. You missed the goodbye kisses he’d give you every morning before you leave for work. You missed it when he would welcome you home with hugs and praises, he would remind you everyday how proud he is of you and would give you pats on the back as a way of saying “well done”. He would cook you your three meals, he would do the cleaning, the washing, he would do all he can to help reduce your burden of being the provider between you two.

You wondered what happened to that Hanbin. Instead of flooding you with praises, he flooded you with complaints. Instead of having thoughtful conversations, he triggered meaningless arguments. You were no longer his recent calls and messages. You longed for his “I miss you, _____” texts, his “I’m just calling to hear your voice” calls and his sweet voice whenever he whispers “I love you” into your ear. You missed Hanbin, you missed his affection, you missed his love. You can’t help but to think you were being replaced with his so called “friends” that drove him towards alcohol addiction. His phone would not stop vibrating from invitations asking him to go to clubs here and there and drink like there’s no tomorrow.

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Day in the Life of Danielle and Philippa!

Description: A regular day in the life on Phil’s 29th birthday only this comes with a feminine twist.

Tags: Fem!Phan; Filming!Phan (yes it is different than normal phan)

A/N: written for dannihowell because I love her and recommended reading she has ever written. <33

“Hey guys! So I’ve just woken up to 3 million subscribers! Thank you so much that number is insane! I’ll send you all your own little duck children as celebration!” I shoved my hair out of my eyes and groaned when the strands stick to my forehead.

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All I need - Marco Reus

So won’t you stay with me?

Marco knew of his own potential - he knew that girls everywhere would drop their panties in a second for Dortmund’s number 11. He never had to do a lot of work to get a girl. Just a glance in her direction and a wink her way ensured she was his. They all practically threw themselves at him, begging for as much as a drop of his attention.

But not her. No, she was something else.

She had sparkling eyes that promised him the beauty of life and a smile that could bring an army to its knees. Her petite frame was an accurate representation of everything she was on the inside - delicate, dainty and full of life.

At first he’d just wanted to win her over. He’d met her through a mutual friend at a party, at which every girl had been hanging on to his every word except for her. No, she hadn’t given him a second glance, which had further motivated him to grab her attention.

He’d confidently walked up to her, started chatting her up, but to his dismay she’d politely declined his advances. Even more determined, he’d tried to find out more about her. What she did, where she worked, if she was single. For once Marco Reus had been the one doing the chasing.

Then she’d found him, drowning in his sorrows at a bar. Assuring him that drinking his problems away wasn’t the way to go, she’d let him confide in her. She’d let him pour his heart out to her, finally catching a glimpse of the real Marco Reus, past the arrogant, footballer playboy exterior to the lonely and slightly insecure man on the inside.

Then he’d become addicted to her.

As if she were his personal diary, he would go to her with all his problems. And she’d let him. She’d let him take up her couch and stuff his face with pizza, littering her carpet with beer cans and empty gummy bear wrappers as he’d complain over how the team was going to shit. She’d let him come over in the middle of the night after a rough game, silently burying his face into her chest, as she’d play with his hair until he’d let his exhaustion takeover and he’d asleep.

Oh, but they weren’t dating, no.

Because following these moments of intimacy, he’d suddenly disappear. As if realizing just how much of his walls he was letting down, he’d push her away. He’d shut her out completely, ignoring her attempts at conversation; all until eventually he needed her again to bring him out of his misery. Sure, they had sex every once in a while and she was the one he’d turned to when Mario had left - not to mention the fact that she’d been the only one who’d managed to cheer him up when he’d faced Lewy in a match where they’d lost - but they weren’t serious.

No, they weren’t dating.

“Think fast,” he heard Aube’s voice call to him, a split second before a ball hit his chest.

Glaring at his grinning teammate, he kicked it right back to him, who successfully bounced it off his head and into the goal.

BVB trainings had become a bore since Klopp had left. It was another thing that he’d moaned to her about - complaining about all the important people in his life leaving him. The new signings were too busy being full of themselves to take them seriously, the new coach was still trying to figure out new ‘game plans’.

So, she was the last person he expected to see when he looked out into the field. Having missed her presence for the past 10 days, she was a sight for sore eyes. Clad in an oversized sweater that hung off her shoulders, she stood near the bleachers snapping pictures of the players in training. He was aware that she sometimes worked for the club’s magazine yet he’d never seen her around the first team as much up until that moment.

Unable to resist her, he found himself gravitating towards her without even realizing it. Almost making it to her before he saw the way she threw her head back and laughed as Burki, one of the new Swiss signings stood before her, posing like an obnoxious idiot.

“Oh, get this side, it’s my good side,” Burki said, placing his hands on his hips and exaggeratedly striking a pose, earning yet another giggle from her, much to Marco’s displeasure.

He personally thought the man looked ridiculous. The strange beard/moustache thing he had going on made him look like someone who stole candy from little kids.

“Did you want one of me shirtless? Here, I’ll take my shirt off,” Roman began, and that was the final straw for Marco.

Completely disregarding him, he marched up to her. His eyes softened upon meeting hers, before he cupped her face and kissed her without a word. His frustration and anger being replaced with a sense of calm the moment their lips met, her mere presence working its magic on him like it always did. He’d missed the taste of her and the way her frame fit into his arms, as well as the scent of vanilla and coconut that always surrounded her.

Roman Burki awkwardly shifted on his feet, looking back to see Aube and Erik shaking their heads, their hands over their faces to stop themselves from laughing.

Marco finally pulled away, resting his forehead on hers.

“What the hell?” she whispered-shouted at him, and Marco pulled away, turning around to face Roman.

“Oh hey man, sorry, I didn’t see you there. I see you met my girl,” he said to him, a smug smirk on his face.

The young player shook his head, his hands up in defeat.

“I’ll leave you two to it then,” he muttered, turning and walking away.

“You’re such an asshole,” she angrily muttered, pushing Marco away from her with a shove to the chest.

“What are you-”

“You don’t call, you don’t answer my texts - you’ve been avoiding me for over a week, Marco. I can’t play your little games anymore.”

“But-” Marco began, trying to reason with her.

“No - you don’t just get to pick me up and then put me down. I’m done with whatever the hell this was.” She answered, shaking her head and taking a step away from him.

Marco clenched his jaw, anger taking over him.

“You want to go screw around with Burki? Is that it? Fine. Go right ahead.” he sneered at her.

His words felt like a slap to the face as disappointment settled over her. She’d been stupid to think that perhaps Marco would’ve fought for her, at least given her some sort of explanation - but clearly that wasn’t the case.

She took a look back him, shaking her head.

“You are unbelievable.” She retorted back at him, before walking away to hide the angry tears that had started to make their way down her cheeks.

Marco watched her walk away from him, his stomach churning. He was used to this. He was used to watching people walk out of his life and being helpless, unable to do anything to stop them from leaving - but wasn’t she the one person he could stop? Wasn’t she someone worth fighting for?

No, no, no - what the hell was he doing? How could he just let her walk away like this?

“Fuck,” he muttered, as he took off in a sprint after her. Shouting her name all the way into the parking lot, reaching her right before she reached her car.

“Hey, please, just- just listen to me.” Marco begged her, grabbing a hold of her hands, trying to get her to meet his gaze. “I fucked up - I’m an asshole and I was using you…but you make me better. You make me want to do better - I need you.”

She sighed, shaking her head exasperatedly. She’d let Marco get under her skin and whilst every fibre of her being was willing to succumb to him, she knew that it was only a matter of time before he would just shut her out again.

“Marco, I’m not gonna just sit around waiting for you to show up at my doorstep every time you need someone to talk to. I’m done feeling used - if you want to talk about your problems I’m certain there’s a number of therapists who’d be more than happy to help you out.”

Marco shook his head, instead moving his hands to cup her face.

“No - I don’t need a therapist. I need you - I need you and it scares me. I’m terrified of you becoming someone who’s absence can destroy me - but I realise now that it’s too late.” He admitted to her, finally voicing his fears out loud to her.

She closed her eyes at his words, a surge of longing waving through her chest as he stroked her cheeks with his thumbs.

“Everyone I’ve ever been close to has left me…I tried pushing you away out of self-defence but..I can’t anymore. I’m falling in love with you.” He told her.

She let out the smallest of gasps at his words, her eyes filling with tears once more. She wanted so desperately to verbally reciprocate the feelings to him, yet she was unable to formulate the words.

So she did the only thing she could - she showed him.

Leaning up, she kissed him with as much passion as she could muster up. She could feel Marco smiling through the kiss as he kissed her back, his fingers knotting into her hair and pressing his body closer to hers.

They almost didn’t notice as the raindrops started falling around them, only pulling out of the embrace once the rain began pouring onto them.

“I take it training’s over then?” she asked him, biting her lip hopefully.

“I suppose it is. I’m thinking we should take this back to my house.” He replied with a smirk.

“Totally. Wouldn’t want to get sick now - would we?” She asked.

Marco chuckled, pressing a chaste kiss to her lips once more.

“Definitely not.”

(Prompt #347 by @writers-are-writers) for Luke as requested by an anon :-)

If someone were to ask you what you thought of when you heard the word happiness five months ago, your mind would’ve flooded with images of Luke: your first date, the first time he held your hand, when he took you to meet his parents, when you guys got stuck on a ferris wheel while it was having maintenance problems and he kissed all the breath out of your lungs, your first vacation together… pretty much an entire collection of random memories over the past three years of your relationship. Everything about you and Luke just fit like two peas in a pod, like everything just made sense when you were around him.

Lately though, whenever you thought of Luke, all you could feel vibrating through your veins was pain: all the sleepless nights he slept in the guest bedroom, the missed calls and infrequent texts, his mom and the boys being your only source of information for knowing how Luke actually was on tour, the absent touches, the awkward silences… everything. You knew you’d been growing apart for a while now, but you figured within time you’d just find your way back to each other, because that’s what soulmates did.

Now though, you’re not so sure.

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anonymous asked:

Oh hello I'd love to hear about your weirdest dream and what you think it meant. Also, do you have Imposter Syndrome regarding Adulting? Because I do. Please send help.

This is a two part question I see!!

DREAM: To your question about dreams – I’ve had a lot of weird ones, and most of them are either game ideas, movie ideas, or comic ideas. One particularly fun one was a dream about waking up in my old childhood home. I walked around and looked at photos of myself as a youth, old toys I had, and the familiar surroundings (mind, it wasn’t actually me, and the home was somewhere I’d never been, but you know, dreams). 

It was your typical white-walled suburban home, rough piled beige carpet, those crappy stucco-like styrofoam bumps on the ceiling panels. The photo leaning on a tiny stand above the barely-used fireplace was of me at age 5, sandwiched into the frame by my two smiling parents’ faces.

I walked out to the wooden front porch, with its faded white paint and my parents were there, in rocking chairs on either side of the door. “Did you sleep well?” they asked. “Not bad,” I said. I leaned on one of the porch’s pillars for a moment, breathing in the fresh air, and watching the scant cars go by beyond the lawns of this suburban neighborhood.

Then I felt something – I looked up to the left. The sun should’ve been there, but there was this curious spot of red. The spot got bigger. And bigger. The red seemed to take everything that wasn’t red away, leaving only itself. It subsumed everything, even the sound. It all happened so fast, I had no time to do anything. But look briefly at my parents, who hadn’t noticed a thing, before we were consumed in red.

Then, blankness for time. Slowly though, I woke up. I was in my old childhood home. The photos were above the mantle. My parents were outside on the porch. It was 5 minutes before I had gone out onto the porch, moments ago. I knew something was going to happen. 5 minutes later, the red consumed everything again, but this time I noticed a bus leaving town, full of identically-dressed people. I noticed the gridlocked highway in the distance. The red consumed it all.

I woke up again. This time I rushed to the porch to tell my parents, “get up! That thing is coming! How are you sitting here?” “What are you talking about?” they said. “Did you sleep okay?”

I went out into the street to try to get someone to listen – but I was the only one who knew it was coming.

When the red reset the world again, or maybe it was me who was resetting, I decided I had to do something. I set straight out to find an exit. To figure out if something was up with that bus. I rushed out into the completely gridlocked highway to see how far I could run on foot before it arrived. Moments before the red was about to arrive, a woman got out of her car. She looked me in the eyes and said “I want to kiss someone before I die again. I guess you’ll do.” She knew what was coming too — 

For the rest of the story, well, I dreamed that much, and I’ll write the rest. I just haven’t yet! I’d like to some day! So when you ask what I think it means, I think it means I want to write more cool stuff.

IMPOSTER: I do not have imposter syndrome for anything! I know you asked about adulting, and frankly there are times when I don’t do so hot, but so long as you continue to be alive without being mean to other people, you’re doing great.

But I want to talk a little bit more about imposter syndrome in general, because people talk about it a lot. I really don’t believe in it, because every single human being is a human being. Think about it! Every famous person, every homeless person, every attractive person you’re scared to go on a date with, they’re all regular human idiots just like you.

Consider Notch, the creator of the game Minecraft. He became a millionaire in a very short time, and he was a kind of isolated nerd in sweden before that happened. Suddenly he couldn’t tell whether people wanted to hang out with him because they thought he was a cool guy, or because he had money, or because he’s a little bit famous, or because they want something. That would be so alienating! 

It’s like… if you had a really cool way of wearing your socks. And you started to get some notice for it because hey, you can do a thing with your socks that other people can’t. But then word gets around a bit, and then you’re just having a conversation with someone your friend introduced you to and they keep caaaaasually glancing down at your ankles.

So yeah, Notch is a prime example of someone who is “just a dude,” and around whom nobody should feel imposter syndrome, and yet they do!

Here’s another example. Once I was at a press event and met Jake Gyllenhaal. I’m just some jackoff who writes about video games, but Gyllenhaal had nobody to talk to, so I went up and started a conversation. We talked for a half hour, during which he asked me questions about my life and what I do. Aside from being briefly confused about my sexuality, I also realized that Gyllenhaal doesn’t get to talk to normal jackoffs who write about video games every day. My life is as foreign to him as his is to me. 

(Here’s a picture of us being best bros forever – this photo was taken right before his publicist said, “Hey, can we PLEASE get a photo of Jake with the iPad that you’re *not* in?” and I said “ha ha, never!!” realizing immediately that it was not funny that I had said that and that she was really mad at me.)

And hey, I realize that side anecdote adds to the thing. That lady wanted me to have imposter syndrome. She wanted me to be a gurgling fan she could embarrass for monopolizing his time. But what she didn’t realize is real human beings can have conversations with any other real human being, so long as they’re both present.

So all I’m saying is, you’re a real human being, and so is everybody else. Nobody has the right to say they’re better than you, and you don’t have the right to tell others you’re worse than they are. Everyone’s a human, just be nice and you’ll be cool.


The New Money Girls: What You Should Know About Them

It was utterly ridiculous. I knew better. My mother had taught me better. There was no reason for me to be on the subway with that much money in my purse. Logically, I knew that the reason why it felt like I had robbed a bank and two 7-11’s had nothing to do with me. The CatDog could have been a grown up. He could have gone to the bank once while the lobby was open and withdrawn my allowance. Instead he’d gone to the ATM over a series of days and made withdrawals from the ATM. The ATM that won’t give customers like him anything higher than a $20. It was his fault that I was on public transportation carrying so many sequential bills I felt like I was meeting a ransom demand.

When I got home, I spread the money on my bed(this is not as impressive as it sounds. I have a full)  and stared at it. I never thought I would receive an actual allowance. I thought I was forever relegated to the spoiled girlfriend role and only finding success on Tinder. I admit seeing the money made me a little silly. I laid on it. Rolled around on it. Read a chapter from my favorite book on it. Then, I stared at it. The new $20 is an interesting little piece of cotton. The colors are cohesive but there are just so many. My artist’s brain was intrigued. How many colors could be found on a $20 bill and what would happen if you began to layer and mix those colors together?

It was a question, and a challenge, that I couldn’t ignore. I began mixing paint and soon had more than I knew what to do with. That’s not atypical for me. I frequently begin projects with no idea what the end result is going to be. But throwing away paint is a sin few are forgiven for. I would have to create something. But what?

Then I remembered my art dilemma and an old writing project I had picked up and put back down over and over again. The writing project? What if I explained everything I’d learned since joining the bowl in the hopes that it would help someone else?  My art dilemma was this: I buy art that represents who I am or who I want to be at whatever stage of life I find myself in. When I became a sex worker, I wanted art that represented that. That represented me. I couldn’t find anything I liked or that I could connect to. Everything seemed to be created by people that clearly had no idea how to be anything but a spectator- and enjoyed projecting their prejudices and skewed ideas of what sex work was. Or they featured women that all looked identical and adopted the same boring, obvious poses. I couldn’t put any of that on my walls.

So I began to paint what I wanted to see. And I began to think. I thought about the women in the bowl I admired. I thought about the lessons I’ve learned and continue to learn since becoming a sugar baby. I thought about how much knowing I have you all in my corner and on this journey with me has altered my experiences. I laugh at the ridiculous knowing you’ll laugh with me. I roll my eyes at the absurd the way I know you will. I kept thinking, kept painting, and started writing. The New Money Girls were born.

Here’s what you should know

  • They’re called the New Money Girls because they were inspired by the dye used to create the colors we see on the new $20 bill and what I thought those colors would look like if combined
  • Each Girl took 9-16 hours to create.
  • Why? Because every single Girl got her distinctive look by laying lines no bigger than ¾ of an inch next to and on top of each other. You’re looking at a minimum of 9 layers of paint and 10,000+ brush strokes.
  • Unlike most of the art I could find, these women were created by and for sex workers. Not someone on the outside looking in. Not someone who is fascinated by us but doesn’t really respect us. 
  • The New Money Girls are a reminder. This is perhaps the most important thing to know. They are a reminder not of where we’re weak or struggling but where we’re going to grow the most. They are a reminder that we can do absolutely anything we put our minds to
  • None of the Girls have faces. I want you to be able to see yourself-your best self- every time you look at whichever Girl you decide to invite into your home.

That’s right! I don’t think I’m the only one that should have pretty art. You know what they say- ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.

That’s Nadia (the one who wants you to master the art of conversation) that you saw at the top of this post. The rest of the Girls will come out to play tomorrow in the hopes that they’ll find homes with unconventional women walking a rebellious path to success. I’ve tried to provide a series of options so anyone, no matter their budget, can find a Girl and a style that fits for them

  • There will be three sizes to choose from 12x18, 18x24, and 24x36 so no matter how much wall or floor space you have to fill you can find a size that will fit your space best.
  • There will be three styles for you to choose from
    • Print- The prints will be printed on enhanced matte paper and will give a, you guessed it, matte surface. You’ll have a highly saturated image that captures the details in both the light and shadow. Who are the prints best for? Those that are responsible enough to buy their own frames for their art (you’re better than me. I haven’t bought frames for half my prints), are collecting on a budget, or like the casual feel of hanging art with push pins or washi tape.
    • Framed Prints- The print you love is housed in a frame made in the US and covered with a shatter resistant glass because I can’t be the only one that’s bumped into art and watched the frame splinter dramatically. I chose a simple black frame that you can customize easily. Spray paint it, draw on it, cover it in washi tape, or just hang it on the wall. Who is the framed print for? The person that doesn’t want the formality of canvas but does want the ease that comes with being able to hang a piece of art the day it arrives.
    • Canvas-For those that like the dimension and pop that comes with owning a piece of art on canvas, this one is for you. Your New Money Girl will be printed on a fade resistant, poly-cotton blend canvas and then be hand stretched and hand glued onto solid wood stretcher bars. Each canvas will also receive a matte finish coating. Who is the canvas for? Anyone that loves the drama that a hung canvas gives to a space.
    • I want The New Money Girls to be as accessible and budget friendly as possible. Their pricing starts at $68 with free standard shipping!

We’ve spent the last two weeks together. I’m so thankful that you found value in my words and decided to keep coming back every day or whenever your schedule would allow. I’ll be honest: I thought sharing my words would be the most nerve wracking thing I would ever do but knowing that I’m about to share my art scares me just as much. Maybe more. But I’m also excited that I have this opportunity in the first place.The New Money Girls have changed my life. That sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. Creating them gave me purpose and focus. Looking at them gave me encouragement and motivation. I want that for you. I want you to have something that reminds you that you are unstoppable, invincible, seductive, and strong.  I want you to look at The New Money Girls and tell yourself the same thing they’ve been saying for the last two weeks. You can do this. You deserve this. We believe in you. 

Thank you for reading, for caring, for liking, reblogging, and messaging me with encouragement. Every single thing you’ve done for me has been seen and appreciated more than you know. Have a beautiful day. The Girls and I will see you tomorrow.

Predicament: Luke AU

Pairing: Luke & Y/n

Requested: yes!

Member: flora

Warning: sexual content/ foul language 

Luke’s P.O.V

I had gotten myself in a sort of predicament months ago. At first it wasn’t a big deal, more like some type of high school crush until it wasn’t anymore. 

I had seen her for the first time at Ashton’s family barbeque. I was sixteen, and Ashton had been my best friend since we both went to the same school together. She was only fourteen, so I never dwelled on the fact that I found her so attractive- but I could never deny that she was. I heard about her a lot from Ashton, she was his cousin that was more like his sister and he was so protective over her.

I had seen her again once in a while when I was invited to family gatherings or sometimes she’d stop by when I was over. Two years later she moved into Ashton’s house for reasons that were very vaguely explained to me but what I could make of it was that she just didn’t want to live with her parents anymore.

Fast forward another two years and I’m twenty and she’s eighteen. I wasn’t very close with my parents, they suffocated me and hated the fact that I could never be tied down to one woman, but I had never met anyone that sparked my interest romantically. Sexually for sure, but never more than that.

When Ashton offered me an extra room at his house I jumped at the offer. Of course I would love to live with him, and y/n. She wasn’t home much, and when she was she was usually accompanied by her boyfriend. And yeah it bothered me, because again I had a high school crush on her.

What was I supposed to do though? She wasn’t mine. In fact she was off limits. And not only because of her boyfriend. Ash told me that the biggest rule of me moving in was that I was not allowed to go anywhere near his cousin. I wasn’t allowed to look at her or touch her.

That’s when I got myself into my predicament. It started one night at around eleven o’clock. Ash wasn’t home, and she walked through the door in a mini skirt and a crop top and I averted my eyes to the television screen because of the ‘rules’.

“What are we watching?” She asks plopping herself next to me on the couch. I look at her and notice her red puffy lips are plump and swollen. I notice her gorgeous eyes are watery, and also the strain in her voice.

“Have you been crying?” She looks away and stands up not answering the question and begins to walk away.

“Y/n wait.” I said but she doesn’t listen. “Y/n.” I try again and this time I’m close enough so I grab her arm and study her face once more. We’re no longer in the dark, and she’s standing right against me trying to avert her gaze anywhere else. I pick up her chin in my hand and tilt it towards me.

“Why have you been crying pretty girl?” I all but whisper and finally her eyes meet mine. I knew that was a stretch, and I was half prepared for her to come and sucker punch me in the face but she never did.

“I saw him kissing another girl. He did it right in front of me, just because I wouldn’t give him a hand job on the couch. He’s such an asshole.” She shook her head and then rested it against my shoulder as she cried softly. I wrapped my arms around her small frame.

“He didn’t deserve you anyway.” I said after some time of just standing there. She chuckled half-heartedly.

“There should be more guys like you Hemmings.” Her head lifted from my shoulder and her arms were now around my neck. I wiped away a small tear from her beautiful face and she looked down shyly.

“There are, you just haven’t found the right one yet.” Her small fingers rubbed circles on the back of my neck and I tried hard to concentrate on the words coming out of my mouth rather than the feeling of her skin on mine.

“None that want me.” She argued.

“I can think of one.”

From that day on I broke every single rule that had been made by Ashton. I looked at her, I touched her, I did every single thing with her that I knew I wasn’t supposed to and I still didn’t care. I found myself in this predicament for months.

It wasn’t only about the fact that I craved the feeling of her body pressed against mine, or the way she moaned in a harsh whisper if Ashton was home. Not even the way she screamed my name and it echoed off the walls when he was working.

I loved her now, and she loved me back. But we couldn’t tell him, I wasn’t ready to tell him and neither was she. So we continued our relationship in secret; I would pick her up from school, we would go out on dates and then she would sneak into my bed at night and we continued to break all sorts of rules.

She was at school today, which was a good thing since I was incredibly pissed off. Not with her, and not with Ashton but with my parents. Every time I call them, it’s always about how much I’m fucking up my life. I needed to just be by myself and sort it out, and I thought I’d be able to since Ash was sleeping in his room and she was at school.

But then I heard the sound of the door opening meaning she was here. She was the last person I wanted to take my anger out on, but I also knew I wasn’t in a state to just brush it off and pretend like nothing was wrong. She'd see right through that.

When she walked in the room, I almost prayed she had gotten here sooner. She was wearing her uniform, the button up shirt unbuttoned and hanging loosely on her body.

Her hair dishevelled, and she was no longer wearing her knees socks but just gym socks because I remembered her telling me she was too lazy to change back into them after gym class.

She wore her plain white vans. And she called my name when she walked into my room keeping her voice low when she did. My eyes trailed up her toned legs, and she stepped on her shoe while she waited by the door.

“Hey.” She whispered softly, already sensing my mood and being careful as to what she was saying. Now I knew what I needed. And it wasn’t a run down the street, or throwing my fist in a wall. I needed her.

The innocent look on her face, and the way she bit her lip made me want her even more. She swiped her hair and parted it on the opposite side of her head and slowly came to stand in front of me. I stood up and kissed her quickly, making sure we didn’t have to exchange any words because right now I needed her.

She ran her hand through my hair, pushing some of it from my face and looked at me. I knew she could see it-how much in needed her- it was written across my face.

With a slight nod of her head, her lips were back on mine again. And my hands held her waist and pressed her body against mine. She stepped forward, so we could lay down on the bed but I didn’t want that.

“Turn around for me baby.” I whispered in her ear, and then made a trail of kisses down to her neck. She did as I said and let me push her hair to the side to expose the skin of her neck.

I led her over to the dresser where she put her hands on either side of the wood and arched her back. Her ass pressed against my hard on and I tried not to make too much of a sound.

I lifted up her skirt, and then hooked my fingers in her panties and pulled them down her legs, and the pooled around her ankles. I unbuckled my jeans, and then pulled the zipper down to allow my dick free.

With one hand I went under her skirt again, and stroked my finger up and down her pussy feeling the wetness that pooled between her legs. She moaned, and with my other hand I pressed it against her mouth to silence. Last thing I needed was Ashton waking up and then we’d have to stop.

“So wet.” My finger slipped inside of her entrance, and the walls of her tight pussy clenched around it. Damnit I had to be inside her. I pulled my finger out, and stroked the skin of my hard cock while rubbing the head trying to find her entrance.

She pushed her hips out more and when she did the head slipped in her tiny hole causing her to gasp. I pushed in all the way and a loud moan threatened to escape her lips but was silenced by my hand over her mouth.

I paused, because I was trying to maintain some piece of mind and not blow my load inside her in just mere seconds. I needed her to feel every single plateau of her orgasm, but I also knew we needed to be quick. Especially with Ashton down the hall.

“Can you be quiet for me princess?” She nodded her head but I knew she couldn’t promise. Regardless I took my hand off of her mouth to rest on her hip and pulled out enough to allow movement and then thrust forward again. The dresser shook with the movement and she bit her lip to contain the sound threatening to spill from her mouth.

I grabbed her hair, forcing her to arch her back a little more and then pounded into her sweet pussy. The room was filled with her gasps and moans that were contained to not make too much noise. She was on her tippy toes and every time I thrust forward her body would raise up with the movement.

I grunted out my pleasure, trying not to be so vocal myself but it was so hard, because she felt so fucking good.  I grabbed her hips and then pulled her down on me to meet my thrust.

“Fuck,” She gasped and then put her head down and rolled her hips into mine. I smirked and continued the motion. With every thrust I was able to relieve some of the frustration and anger I had pent up but it also felt good to me and her. I removed one of my hands from her hips and intertwined our fingers on the dresser.

“Your pussy feels so good baby.” I moaned, whispering in her ear. She squeezed my hand again, her nails digging into my skin and I didn’t even care if she left marks.

My hips met her backside and again the dresser shook with the motion. Another moan left her lips, and though I knew we had to be quiet it was so fucking hot. She couldn’t be quiet no matter how hard she tried and I loved hearing the sound of her pleasure.

“Do you want Ashton to walk in right now?” I taunted. I could feel the pulse of her orgasm, as her walls continued to clench around my cock so I sped up my thrusts.

“You’re so thick… so hard.” If that didn’t make me want to cum right then and there I don’t know what did. I managed to hold it in, by some small miracle. She was almost there and she was ready to cum I could feel it. That made me impossibly harder and I felt like I was about to explode.

“Fucking hell…” Her tight little pussy constricted around my cock and she came hard. I thrust my hips harder and with the hand that wasn’t holding mine she clamped it down on her mouth to contain her sound.

The feeling of her pussy clenching around me, and each time she squeezed my hand sent me where I needed to go and a feeling of euphoria shot through me and I came with another deep thrust. I pulled out, letting the rest of my cum drip down between her legs and some of it catching on her shirt. I kicked my shoes off along with my jeans, and pulled my boxers up.

I pulled off her skirt and school shirt throwing them in the basket of dirty laundry. She turned around and rested her head against my shoulder. I brought her over to the bed and she cuddled into my sheets not even removing her shoes.

She pulled at my arm so that I could come down and lay with her and then rested her head against my chest. I ran my fingers along the side of her stomach and her soft lips kissed at my chest every once and a while.

“Are you okay?” She whispered softly.

“I’m fine princess.” She nodded her head, and hooked her thigh so that she could wrap her leg around mine. My hand stayed on her butt keeping her firmly pressed against me.

“I love you.” She mumbled barely audible for me to hear, I kissed the top of her head smiling.

“I love you too baby. So damn much.” She smiled against my chest and held me tighter.

“I think we should tell him. I want to be able to kiss you whenever I want, and I people to know about my super sexy boyfriend.” I laughed.

“We can tell him-”

“Tell me what?” Both our heads snapped to the door where Ashton was and she grabbed the blanket to cover herself.

“Ash we just-” She started but he cut her off.

“You know you could have at least been discreet about it. I’ve known for a while, the two of you make it so obvious.” He shook his head. “You better have used a condom.” He yelled while walking away.

“I’m on the pill!” She yelled back.

“Gross!” We both laughed and she kissed me again.

“I guess that was easier than we thought.”

“I have to y/f/n and tell her about you.” She squealed and jumped up from the bed to grab her phone. This was the woman I loved, and I’d never question why.

Next scenario??? Please~~~
Well its obviously going to be a optional bias one lmao

(_____) = Bias’s name
______ = Your name

You’ve been in love with this boy for how long, 5 months? His mom worked as a teacher at your school. Did she like you? She never did. She saw you as a miserable, wanna-be teacher’s favourite just because you hanged out a lot with her son. You went to her house more than 20 times even know she never welcomed you, but her son did.

“_____, do you wanna come to my place? My mom is going to a teacher’s meeting, so we could be together for about 3 hours.” He says, running towards you.

“Um… Sure…”

“Really? Great! I’ll wait for you at the gate after classes.”

He leaves and heads to his last class.

The last bell finally rings and you go to your locker to get your things for the weekend. You walk to the gate and see (____) waiting for you. You both smile and walk to his house. He unlocks the door and you both enter. You walk up the stairs and lay your things on his bed.

“Do you have any homework?” He asks

“Lots. Especially from your mom.”

He sighs. “I’m really sorry about that… Honestly… I’ll try to ask her to stop being so rude.”

“No, it’s alright. I’ll just be in advance from the others.”

A silence invades the room until he starts to move from his chair and sits next to you. He opens his bag and takes his books out.

“Should we get started?”

You finish your homework about an hour later. It would have took half an hour if you didn’t mess around and draw on each other’s books. There were two hours left before the lady came to her house. You opened the TV and asked him if he wanted to play a game. He nods and you both start playing.

An hour and a half passed, you friend’s phone rang. He pauses the game and picks the call up.


“Son, I’ll be home in a few minutes. Can you get the food ready please?”

He sighs and answers with a ‘yes’. You look at him and ask.

“What’s going on?”

“My mom wants me to prepare dinner.”

“I better get going then…”

“No, wait, you should stay. Help me with the cooking and she’ll probably appreciate you.”

“I can’t… She said that she would give me detention each time she sees me in your house” You pick your bag up. “I have to go.”

You leave the house and walk to your home. You open the door that your dad forget to lock and put your things on the couch. You lived with your dad ever since your mom died of cancer. It was pretty hard, and it still is now. Your dad worked very hard for you and him. You would bring the highest grade you could reach and your dad wouldn’t pressure you on your bad ones. You take a look at the picture frames on every wall. There were pictures of your parents’s wedding, baby pictures of you, your parents as well and other family pictures.

You close the door and head to your room. You sigh and feel a vibration on your leg. You pick your phone up and slide it to open the message you got from (_____).

(____): Hey, are you back home?
_____: Yeah. What do you want?
(____): Do you want to go out tomorrow for lunch?
_____: Sure.
(____): Ok, i’ll meet you in front of your house.

The next day, you dress up and get downstairs. You lock the house since your dad already left since 10 o’ clock to get to work. You walk to the side walk and see (____) waiting for you.

“Where do you want to eat?” He asks, walking next to you.

“Um, I don’t know. Is there a fast food near here?”

“Hey, how am I supposed to know? You live here, not me!”

You eat at a pizzeria and spend the rest of the day together. You didn’t have any plans, just hang out and walk wherever your steps lead you to. It was almost 7 o’ clock, (____)’s mother called him.


“(His name and family name)! Where are you?! It’s 7 PM! Get home right now! You better not be hanging with that lazy idiotic girl!” You could hear her shout.

“Mom, please… She's—”

“Get home!”

And he put his phone down. You look at him and grab his face with both of your hands.

“You need to get home, uh?” You said, shaking his head.


“It’s alright. I’ll be going home now, anyways. See you on Monday?”

“No, tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow? But your mom doesn’t work, no?” You said, walking to your house.

“Yeah, I know. But she always has corrections and I don’t know what. Anyways, see you tomorrow, alright?”


He takes a step on the stair and he approaches his face to yours.

“____… I have something to ask you…”

“W-what is it?” You asked, with a shaking voice.

“I know you’re more likely to give me a negative answer… But… Do you want to go out with me…?” He asks, his lips getting closer to yours.

Your heart skips a beat. You weren’t certain of what he was saying. Was he sure? You wanted to accept since you had feelings, but with your teacher as his mom? Things wouldn’t work.

“(____)… I would love too but…”

“But nothing. I know, you’re going to talk about my mom. I won’t let her know anything about us and I won’t let her approach you when it comes to making you even more tired or hurt. I don’t want to be single forever. I really want you to be my girlfriend, my mom is important, but I really need you…”

You give him a little smile and kiss him. What could go wrong? So many things could go wrong. But since he comforted you enough, you were convinced that he could protect you. At least, he can try.

You wake up and take a look at the clock. It was 8:26. You smile at the cute text messages your boyfriend sent you and reply within a second.

(____): Are you awake, baby?~
(____): I can’t sleep because of you :(
(____): Can I come over today?
(____): Are you dreaming about me?
(____): You better not be dreaming about other boys!!!! >

You giggle at his messages and send a text.

____: I’m awake, stupid :3 Yesss come over I’m alone since forever but since we’re together now, come whenever :D

You get a sudden reply from him.

(____): Okay!!! I’m coming over so just get ready :) I’m not planning on leaving your house when I get there but if you want we can go outside

You walk downstairs and wait for him. He finally arrives and runs to you. He picks you up and turns, kissing your neck and jawline. You laugh a lot and he puts you down.

“What do you want to do today?” You asked, letting him in and closing the door.

“We could do lots of couple things now!!”

He hugs you and doesn’t let go until you push him a bit. All you did for the entire afternoon was cuddle, eat and watch a couple of dramas on your laptop. During the afternoon, you hear the door open. It was your dad.

“Dad! Welcome back!” You said, getting up from the couch while your boyfriend gets his hand away from your stomach.

“Hey sweetie.” He says, putting his keys on the table. “Oh, who’s this young man?”

“Hello Mr.___!” Your boyfriend says, putting his hand out.

They shake hands and your dad sits on the chair next to the couch where you two were cuddling.

“It seems that you two had a great day.” Your father says, looking at the floor and the couch.

“Ah… Yes…” Your boyfriend answers.

“Well, it’s great to see that my little girl finally found a guy! Do you know how upset I got? I thought she would just cry about those boy bands and never meet a boy from the real world.”

“They’re from the real world!” You said.

The men laugh while you glared at them.

“Oh, and, I’m (____). My mother works as a teacher and… Well… She’s her teacher… And… My mother doesn’t approve our relationship even know she doesn’t know that we’re dating…” (____) admits.

“Ah… Sounds like what happened with my mother and my wife…” Your father said in a small voice.

It sounded like he was about to cry. You weren’t sure, your dad suddenly covered his face with his hands.

“Oh… And… Your wife is…?”

“Dead.” He answered shortly.

“Oh my… I’m really sorry… For both of you… I never knew, I’m sorry for this, we should change the subject…”

“No, it’s… Not alright, but, we can still talk about this. Do you want to know the story?”

“I rather not enter your personal life things.” He answered.

“Well let me just tell you the story. So I was dating ____’s mom since high school. We were pretty happy, even know her father didn’t like what we had together. So one day, well… We had sex. And, her dad found out. She got kicked out of her house, my stepmother died long ago. I think she died when my wife was 4 years old or something. Eventually, she was pregnant. She wanted to keep the child, so we kept it. We graduated and bought a small apartment, lived there for a few years then we bought a house and got married. She later died of cancer because of all the stress she had so I had to take care of ____.”

You all stayed silent for a while until your dad got up and smiled.

“But at least my daughter is happy now. It’s all that counts now.” He said.

“Thanks dad… You’ve been a great help even if I didn’t get to see you every time…”

You get up and hug him, trying to not cry. A few hours later, after your boyfriend met your dad, he leaves you and your dad alone. You spent the night talking with him about the things at school and how your teachers were towards you. You had a lot to say about your boyfriend’s mom.

Days passed quickly, months too. Your relationship with (____) was still great. His mother never found actually. Until now… You step in to class and your teacher approaches to you.

“Ms.____, go outside. I need to talk to you.”

You follow her to the hallway and stand next to her.

“What is wrong with you??? I told you to not bother coming around my child, and now you two are dating?! Are you crazy?! Why are you doing this to him?! You little brat, stay away from him! I’m going to call your parents.”

She leaves and you weren’t actually that scared. Because your father approved your relationship, what’s going to happen? If it’s related to school, well you have good grades and a good attitude. What’s wrong with that?

Later that day, you get back home and you see your dad sitting at the kitchen table.

“____? What happened today?” He asks.

“Nothing… It’s just that Mrs.(family name) likes to start drama…”

“Well, we have a teacher-parent meeting tonight. So I’d like you to come as well.”

“Dad I don’t want too…”

“Sweetie, please, just for tonight.”

You nod and get upstairs to change in to other clothes and get to school with your dad. You enter the teachers’s room and see your boyfriend and his mom. You smile at him and tried to avoid eye contact with his mom.

“Hello Mr.(your family name). Sit down please, _____ too.”

You sit next to each other.

“So. My son is dating your daughter, do you know that? It’s awful how two different people can be together. Do you agree?”

“I disagree actually. I found out that they were dating a few months ago. If you do not like their relationship, then don’t try to step it. Because it’s theirs, not yours. Your son is growing up, my daughter too. They need to make their decisions now, unless you’re planning on babying him for the rest of his life. It’s rude to try to make two person break up just because you don’t like them together.”

“Mr.____! Do you think what you’re saying is right?! You're—”

“If we’re going to talk about making these two break up or about their relationship, I’d rather leave since it has nothing to do with us.”

Your father gets up and tells you in a soft and small voice to get up. You stand next to him and leave with him.

The day after the meeting, your teacher comes to you. She raises an eyebrow and says.



“I’d like to meet your father once more. But not at school. At my place. Tell him our address.”

“Um, no? Why would he go to your house?”

“Because, don’t you want your father to see your future husband’s house childhood house?”

Future husband? What the hell was she talking about? Is she trying to plan something out?

“No thank you. My father works and sometimes comes home late. I don’t want and also don’t think he should attend your one of a kind meetings.”

“Ms.____! You better tell him to come over!”

“Or you can just call him like you did last time.”

And you left.

You get home and find your dad in the bathroom. He was wearing a white T-Shirt and a pair of jeans. He was just washing his hands.

“Where are you going?” You asked, opening your bag.

“To your teacher’s house. If it’s going to make her approve you twos relationship, then might as well go.”

You roll your eyes and look at your dad.

“Dad, she’s obviously lying and trying to plan something out.”

“Ah, you’re such a silly little girl. I have to go, see you tomorrow or tonight.”

He kisses your forehead and leaves the house.

The next day, you get a few phone calls from your boyfriend. You pick up the phone.


“Hey! _____! This is something really awful!”

“What is it? What’s wrong?!”

“Our parents are dating now!”


You were about to scream and cry. Her? His girlfriend?! That’s the worst thing that could ever happen. You didn’t want to go to school anymore. Knowing that your teacher could be your mom, it was disgusting. What if they got married? Wouldn’t it be some sort of non-blood related incest if you two got married? You get up and run downstairs, your phone to your ear.

“How do you know? How did you find out?” You asked.

“I heard them last night. What do we do now? This is so disgusting oh my god…”

“I know… I want to leave this house…”

“Um, your dad isn’t at your house, you know?”

“He’s maybe at work.”

“No… He’s in my mom’s room…”

“What?! Oh my god how many things could they do in there?! It’s a bedroom!!” You shouted.

“Homework? We did our homework in our bedroom.”

“Yeah no but that’s different, ah seriously you stupid baby.”

“But I’m your stupid baby~”

“Pfft, just wait for me at your house. I’m coming over.”

You close your phone and finish getting ready. You run your boyfriend’s house and see him at the door entrance.

“Are they still up there?” You asked, entering.


You run upstairs and open the door where they were. Luckily, there weren’t clothes on the floor and everyone in the house was covered with clothes.

“Dad!! You have to get to work!” You shouted, trying to wake him up.

“Oh yeah oh my god what is this place?!” He asked, getting up with eyes barely opened.

“Honey… Get to sleep…” The lady in the bed said.

“D-don’t 'honey’ my dad!! Even if my mom died, she’s still my mom! You’re not and you’re never going to replace her! Because my mom never had a shitty attitude with me and loved me, not like you! I was nice to you all this time and you just wanted me to end things with your son. Well I’m going to end things with you and my dad because I’m not going to stay in this place if you two are getting married.”

You walk downstairs and started to cry. You look at your boyfriend that approached you and hugged you. He stroke your hair and pat your back, trying to calm you down.

“____-ah… If you ever want to leave, I’ll leave with you. I’d love to go anywhere with you.”

You hug him as well and whisper in a broken voice.

“Let’s leave this place… I want to leave… I don’t want to stay here anymore…”

“Now? Leave as go to your place or leave like the city, the neighbourhood or the country?”

“Any. Just away from our parents. I don’t want to see her as my mother or anything. This is too disgusting.”

“But, your dad—”

“I’ll let my dad live happy and act like I never existed.”

Your boyfriend did his suitcases and then went over to your house so you could prepare yours. You finished packing and left to another neighbourhood. It would be too complicated to leave the country.

A few years later

Your best friend styles your hair while your other one was preparing your make up. You were happy to finally get married to your future husband. Even if your dad couldn’t attend it since you left long ago, you never planned on meeting him again. It was painful to walk down the aisle without your dad by your side. But the wedding continued anyway.

The honeymoon was a great adventure. You were happy to find out that you were pregnant, but your child wouldn’t have any grandparents. Years passed again. You were gardening in the backyard while your three years old child was running after the ball with your dog. An old lady passed by and picked the ball up for your child.

“Thank you old lady!” Your child said.

“(Child’s name)! What are you doing?” You asked, walking over to them.

You bow down to thank her. As you look at her face, you realized it was your stepmother. “Stepmother”.

“_____? Is that you?” She asked.


“Honey, can you help me clean my shirt? I don’t get how you do—” Your husband asked, walking toward you guys.

He looks at the lady and was terrified. It was his mother. The one he left 10 years ago.

“(____)? Is that you? My son! You left me for so many years!” She cried, opening her arms.

He didn’t even bother entering. You glared at her and asked.

“Where is my father?”

You took a look at her fingers, a ring that she never wore before captured your attention.

“____… Your father… Died…”

“Let’s go home, (child’s name)”

You left with your husband and your child, leaving the lady there. You started to cry when you put your child to sleep. It was awful, knowing your dad died. You were certain that all she wanted people to die or things she doesn’t like to break. You were upset that you ran away, not knowing why your father died.

A few weeks after the meeting, you walk to your old neighbourhood. You see the faces you saw in high school, even your old house. You walk to it and ring on the door. It opens.

“H-hello…” You said.

“Oh, hello. Can I help you?” The blonde lady asks.

“Y-yes… Do you know who the past owner is? What happened to him?”

“Ah… Mr.(your family name)? He… Died… Are you his daughter? He asked me to keep this, he knew that you would come back to get it. Apparently he died of too much stress and took a lot of pills. But, here, take this box. Come visit us anytime!” The girl said.

You nod and leave. You push the box in to the car and get home. You opened the item and saw loads of things. The pictures when you were younger, your parents’s wedding pictures and all. There was a letter from him.

I get back home , thinking I’d see my daughter
She wasn’t there. At school, at home, her friends’s house.
She was no where.
I looked at the parks around our house, the malls, the shops.
She was no where.
It felt like I lost her. Did she die in a car crash?
Did someone kill her?
Was her body taken away?
Or did I make her run away?
She had her ways, but I never knew it would be like this.
I could barely do anything for the past years.
All the bills, stress, drugs, work was harder than before.
I knew my daughter precious, but I didn’t know
How precious she is now, realizing she
Was the only one protecting me from
My scares and concerns.
She got married to the boy she loved and had a child.
I found out when I went to her friend’s house.
I was scared, I was upset.
I was a grandpa, but a grandpa that was already dead
To your child’s eyes.
I never existed for him.
And I know I don’t exist for you anymore.

You stared at the letter with blurry and wet eyes. You felt awful after reading all of it. You went left the house once more, and head to the city’s cemetery. You looked at the book that had all the dead persons name’s on it. You finally found your fathers.

He had a small tomb, but a big picture of him. There weren’t any flowers near it, compared to others.

(Your father’s name and family name)
(Birth year)-2014
Loving father, husband and grandfather
Died of drugs and stress

Calum Hood Imagine - Never Be

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Calum Hood Imagine - Never Be 

I need your love to light up this house
Staring into the darkness of the room, a sudden loneliness crept into your heart. Suddenly sleeping in the middle of a bed you both shared would never feel right. Not while Calum isn’t here. It wouldn’t feel right and it’ll never feel right. It’ll never feel like home. While dialing his number, the rings never sounded so empty despite the blasted volume and eagerness to hear his voice. Maybe it was because you felt empty or the fact that you could never feel warm inside unless you were in his arms, the only place that truly felt like home. 

“Y/n?” He whispered tiredly answering the phone. “What’s wrong baby?” Calum asked despite the fact he was clearly sleeping. 

“I’m sorry I woke you up.” You whispered back. 

“I was dreaming about you.” He laughed lightly and the image of his smile melted your heart. The sound of his voice made you feel things no one has made you feel before, and suddenly you panicked thinking about losing him, you need him. More than anyone else.  

“I was sleeping right next to you on our cozy bed,” He continued and it eased your thoughts. “but, I woke up and was scared shitless because I thought you left me.”

“Did I wake up after too?” You asked. 

“You did. I told you what happened. You said that you would never leave because the sun wouldn’t shine anymore." 

"It’s true!” I giggled feeling better already. “What did you say after?" 

"I said that without you everything would just be dark. I told you that nothing I could ever have or be will compare to the feeling I get with you next to me." 

"It is dark here without you.” You whispered knowing you were no longer referring the the lights. 

“You have my love and you always will. It won’t be dark for long.” Calum promised over the phone. 

“My poetic lover.”

“The one and only baby.”

“I love you. Goodnight Cal." 

"Goodnight love. I’ll talk to you tomorrow." 

With the click of a button the call ended and the peak of the sun grazed the sky and soft yellow light entered the room.

I need your love guide me back home. 

bae/loser/cal: miss u 

You: imy2 <3 how’s the tour going? 

bae/loser/cal: its great the fans are fucking awesome. but imy 

bae/loser/cal: wish u were here baby 


You: LOOL send me a picture quickly!!

bae/loser/cal: he’s gone babe you took too long to reply *sigh* 

You: wish i was there to see that ;) 

bae/loser/cal: anD TO SEE ME TOO 

You: that too :)))) 

You: when do u get a break? they’re working my poor baby too hard, come home for a couple days. you’ll work too much then you’ll pull a zayn on us.


bae/loser/cal: okay first of all don’t mention that treacherous time i luv zayn 

bae/loser/cal: second why didn’t u get excited when i followed you on twitter 

bae/loser/cal: third idk when we get a break :(( 

You: HAHAHAHA ur so fckn lame ily but awh you gotta come home soonnn pleaseee!

You: (and wow u can spell treacherous???!!!!) 

bae/loser/cal: soon, patience young grasshopper.  

bae/loser/cal: also i can spell a lot of things like s-e-x

You: ….bruh

You: maybe instead of spelling sex u might be able to get some but too bad huh

You: another reason to come homeee *wink* *wink* *winkkkkkk* *coughs*

bae/loser/cal: LOOL dw baby you know your sweet lovin always brings me home
You: ur so cheesy and lame….i fckn love it! ha ttyl <3

We’ll never be as young as we are now.

There’s something amazing about photographs that you could never really explain. An image capturing an entire memory, something capturing that moment in time which would never happen exactly the way it did ever again. You recently got a series of photographs printed in light of your second anniversary and the longing feeling in your heart waiting for him to come back to you. Sitting on your bed with your laptop open, phone on the table, T.V on, and books scattered on the bed you still felt this weird boredom. Today was not your day clearly, but you always knew who could make you laugh when you didn’t even want to smile. 

"Helloooo y/nnnn,” A distinct voice answered after several rings. Laughing slightly you knew that wasn’t Calum. 

“Give it back Ash you fuc-" 

"Hello Ashton?” You questioned  smiling at the thought of the two boys attacking each other over a cell phone. After some possible wreckage, Ashton replied once again.

“God y/n, your boyfriend is really fast and g-OH MY GOD NOT MY BALLSACK CALUM!" 

"Oh my god." 

"Hello, holy crap jesus, oh god. Hi babe.” He panted out of breath. 

“Umm, should I even ask?" 


"Okay then. Well on a different note I got some pictures of us printed. I sent them all to you already but my favorite is that one selfie we took when me and your sister were kissing your cheek but you were about to sneeze and we all had this funny expression on our face and…oh man that was great." 

"I remember that day! We were home alone and I made you eat Vegemite!” Calum explained with excitement"

“It was gross. And you forgot that your sister and I basically murdered you in Mario Kart every single time.“ 

"I was trying to forget actually, but I still love you." 

"I love photographs man, they’re so special." 

"I know, I think I’ll frame some.”

After some comfortable silence a thought came up to mind. 

“So…this is random but can I ask you something?”

“Yeah…should I be scared?”

“No, I was just thinking…”

“I see…" 

"Do you think we’ll just grow old together?" 

"I’d like to think I’ll always be young when I’m with you." 

"Well you better come visit soon, cause I’m only getting older Mr.Hood.”  

“Ha, will do! A couple weeks left baby so hang tight." 

"I will. Bye Cal, love you." 

"Wait, hold on." 


“Even when you do get old one day, you’ll always be young and beautiful to me." 

"You make me smile, all the time. I love you." 



“Make a bucket list. There are just some things you can’t do when you’re 60.”

“Of course, this is gonna be fun. I’ll see you soon Cal.”
“Wait! I got the message." 

"Oh lord, and?" 

"Why’d you send nudes? Not that I’m complaining." 

"WHAT? I SWEAR TO GO-” He cut you off foolishly laughing, 

“I’m kidding! But I gotta rehearse, bye y/n!”

You hung up the phone with an odd smile and a sense of relief. He was such an idiot. Staring at the picture frames on the wall you realized how blessed you were, how lucky you were, how everything would somehow work out and somehow be for the best. While you started the bucket list, you started to wonder if it was the fact that Calum never planned on leaving you, or the fact that you never actually sent nudes which actually brought you more relief.
Not that you’d taken any naked photos of course…but you can’t exactly say the same for him. 

He’s young and stupid but, you only live once? I guess we’d like to believe we’ll always be forever young.  

I see myself here in your eyes 

“I hate that shade of green, take it off.”  You groaned wondering who even made a shirt that looked like that. 

“You just wanna see me shirtless.” Calum smirked. 

“Watch me hang up this Skype call right now.”

“No! I’ll take it off." 

"I hated the shirt but seeing a shirtless Calum Hood is a bonus." 

"I should be in an art museum." 

"I’d give my life savings to get a hunk like you." 

"You already got me." 

"Not physically. I’ve literally been sleeping on the left side of the bed saving space for you.” He wiped the hair from his face and kissed the webcam,

 "You’re adorable.“ 

"One more day?” You asked. 

“I see myself there right next to you.” He smiled.

“One more day right?” You impatiently asked again.

“Yes darling, one more.”  

“Good. I’ll see very soon." 

"Love you y/n, good night.”

I feel our hands intertwined 

“God I missed you, I missed you so much.”

“Finally. Home at last.”


Prompt: “as shinigami in their after lives”

Title: I try to picture me without you [but I can’t].

Summary: Canon-divergence/post-canon AU where Ichigo & Orihime both die, and become shinigami. (Also working under the idea that Hitsugaya died, however because of Mayuri’s experimentation, the victims of Giselle’s zombification were cured.)

Word count: 1922

A/N: Scribbles, it was absolutely killing me all this time to keep this a secret from you, but surprise! I’m your secret santa! I just want you to know that I absolutely adore you, and have loved getting to know you better over this past year. Your friendship means a lot to me and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything! That said, I hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and that the new year treats you well!! Love, Tierney ♥

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