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He answers that it’s Yuuri’s decision yet he looks so pained, so hurt??? We can see how much he meant it when he said he wanted Yuuri to never retire in ep 9





Viktor just HUGS HIM. Both of them are panicking and Viktor HUGS HIM. This is no normal hug and it’s also not only a dad cheering for son moment, you know what makes this scene so great? The fact that Kubo depicted Viktor’s silent plea and Yurio’s/Victor’s mutual pain so accurately with just actions and expressions. THIS HUG IS NOT JUST VIKTOR SHOWING HIS AFFECTION FOR YURIO, IT’S ALSO ABOUT VIKTOR HUGGING HIM SEEKING COMFORT BECAUSE IT BREAKS HIS HEART TO THINK YUURI WILL RETIRE IF HE WINS GOLD.

Ignore the subs cus that’s just Otabek thinking about his own performance; VIKTOR BURIES HIS FACE INTO YURIO’S SHOULDER DEEPENING THE HUG, MAKING HIS PAIN SO CLEAR AND THIS ENTIRE ACT JUST SCREAMS PLEASE DON’T LET IT HAPPEN. It feels like Viktor is asking Yurio to win, like he needs him to win, and Yurio is even more taken aback thanks to this act. During his performance he even thinks to himself that Yuuri can’t just take Viktor as his coach, break his world record and then retire once getting gold. He can’t just suddenly stop caring and leave everything behind and HONESTLY THIS SCENE IS SO??? GREAT??? HOW??? HOW!!!

All my life I’ve heard about that spark, that electricity, that something you feel when you finally touch the person you are meant to be with. I’d never really believed in it, till I felt it on my skin. I wouldn’t described it as electricity, I would rather tell that is more like this magnetic force that pulls you -all of you, your skin, your flesh, your bones, even your soul- towards that someone. It is kind of incredible, how a person -just like you- can make you feel all this things. But the moment he touched my hand, I swear to God, it felt so good. And then the first time we hugged I think I heard fireworks. And it feels so so good, it is like a drug. You just want to keep feeling it. You want to be tied to that person forever because something as simple as their skin on your skin can make you feel like the world its a better place and that everything will be okay. So yeah, now I believe in the spark between lovers hands.
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Iwaoi moments
  • Iwaizumi: *looks at Oikawa and smiles*
  • Oikawa: *trembles and sweats off* What did I do this time?
  • I: *approaches Oikawa and hugs tightly* Nothing *forces himself into an adorable smile* I just wanted to be nice to my precious tras- I mean, Oikawa-chan.
  • O: *Moves the hell away from Iwaizumi* OH BULLSHIT! YOU ARE NOT THIS NICE NOT EVEN IN MY BIRTHDAY! *runs away* STUPID IWA-CHAN!
  • I: *sighs and calls Kindaichi* I couldn't do it, you gotta tell him that Kageyama won best setter of the year... No, he won't take it good... I'm counting on you, Kindaichi.
Top 5 Nalu Moments

so I got asked my top 5 nalu and Lucy moments (this is just the nalu moments) but I had no idea that my ask box was closed so I’m doing it this way. In no particular order

1. The hug scene in phoenix priestess. I love the fact that Natsu didn’t let her go cry by herself and instead held her. 

2. When future Lucy dies and meets Natsu in the afterlife. This scene made me cry I just love it so much.  

3. Lucy hugs Natsu. Okay so this isn’t even the physical contact that I love so much about this but rather that Lucy knew that Natsu was really upset about his guild-his family-was trapped and he wanted to save them even if it meant getting hurt himself and Lucy was feeling the same as him but she couldn’t just let him run off without and plan and get killed so she stopped him not by force but with a hug and saying that she knows. (sorry that was really long)

4. Thank you for the sake’s of everyone’s future. Literally just everything about this 

5. First hand holding. This is where it all began, where Lucy goes off with Natsu, this is where everything started and I just love the look on both their faces. 

Pros and Cons of dating me
  • Pros:
  • •you get someone completely dedicated to you
  • •no risk of being cheated on if you have my heart because no one else interests me
  • •cuddles and hugs whenever possible
  • •free food and drinks
  • •random neck kisses and hand holding
  • •will listen to you talk for hours
  • •tries to avoid pressuring you into things or doing things you don't like
  • Cons:
  • •having to talk to my mom if you want me at your house
  • •dealing with my crippling anxieties and depression
  • •my insecurities never go away and you're stuck trying to lessen them anyways
  • •having to deal with my insane level of clinginess
  • •i'm an idiot
  • •i can't cope with things very well
  • •i'll end up forcing you into things without realizing and hating myself for the rest of my life
  • •i cry way too easily
  • •i don't let go
  • •i'm a piece of rubbish
  • •there are no real pros to dating me
  • •why are you still reading this
  • •i'm really sorry
Look to the Stars

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Request: “ You don’t have to write this now, but whenever you are ready, can I please request a oneshot where the reader comforts Kylo Ren about the passing of his mother. I am devastated and sobbing as much as the rest of us and I totally understand that you don’t want to do this for a while, but when you can, I’d greatly appreciate it because I think Kylo would need a hug. May the Force be with you and with us all ❤”

Summary: The First Order ramps up its efforts to take out the Resistance, despite their failed attempts to find the base. Though in one successful feat, they impose sanction like tyranny over the system, bringing them news they rejoice over. All members celebrate this newfound victory, except one.

A/N: Ok technical stuff first, I figured we could consider this a sort of sequel to “You Really Got A Hold On Me” and a stand alone, cause it just worked. Also song rec (in case you enjoy crying hah) “Princess Leia’s Theme”. I hope you all enjoy it, and now to the more emotional note:

Let me tell you guys, I got so many feels just beginning to write this. I’m sure that just like me, many of you felt as though Carrie Fisher was a part of your life, your idol. She was definitely mine growing up. I’m sure my words would sound redundant at this point, but she really was my icon and hero growing up, and it hurts to see her go, but at the same time, I’m glad she gets to go home. So here’s to you Carrie, Princess Leia, General Organa. Thank you for inspiring people throughout your years, and may all those who felt your inspiration carry it into the future. You will not be forgotten, and I doubt Episode 8 will be watched with dry eyes. May you rest easy in paradise space mom, we love you.

“But I don’t want to go.”

Sighing heavily Leia shook her head as she crouched down to the ten year old’s smaller stature. Despite not being all that tall herself, her son hadn’t sprouted much in height either. At least for one instance in her household she could feel as though she were towering over. Endearingly she smiled faintly at him, placing a hand gently on his shoulder.

“Sweetie I know you’re not excited about this, but it’ll be good for you.”

“Being home with you and dad would be good too.”

“Ben, you know being home isn’t going to help.”

“Mom you haven’t even tried training me at home!”

She sighed, “Ben…you know I would love nothing more than to have you stay home with us, but…I’m not capable of training you.”

“How do you know?”

“You need a teacher that’s stronger in the force, because you’re strong in the force.”

Solemnly Ben hung his head as Leia smiled glumly at him, hating to see the way his brown eyes lost their glisten. Despite putting her duties as a senator and general as high priorities, she could never imagine her son as anything less than the first. Gently she placed her hand on his cheek, tilting her head faintly.

“I’m not sending you to Luke because I don’t want to have you around…I’m doing it because there’s a great power in you…one you need to learn to use.”

Ben slightly looked up from under his strands of ebony hair, the resemblance to a begging puppy not missing Leia for a second.

“…So…this isn’t punishment for the accident?”

Leia shook her head with a faint smile, “Of course not dear. This is not to punish you. I just want to do what’s best for you.”

Carefully taking her finger under his chin, she pushed it gently, bringing his eyes to hers. 

“You know I love you right?”

Ben nodded, still not budging from his glum expression. 

“And you know nothing could change that right?”

Ben’s brows rose just slightly, “Nothing?”

Leia smiled as she gave him a slow nod, “Nothing in the galaxy could stop me from loving you.”

Ben’s lips faintly curled as Leia gently ran her thumb over his cheek.

“And as your loving mother, I want you to train with your uncle and become as powerful as I know you can be.”

Ben’s head lifted slightly, lips curling a little more despite the sinking feeling within his gut.

“…What if I don’t?”

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I don’t run from my problems. I take breaks.


Quick Painting after The Hard Way. I just. I want to give star a hug.

boyfriend! vernon

“Vernon and Mark as boyfriends please and thank you!! :) <3” -Anon

Comments: I posted the boyfriend! mark already so just look out for it ;)


•yesss boyfriend! vernon coming in clutch lets do this alright well we all know this little punk is really shy

•kisses are occasionally started by you but boy, they don’t end with him

•the kisses he initiates are slow and soft, holding your hands and rubbing his thumbs on the palms of your hands

•forcing him into hugs because he doesn’t like to admit that he likes them

•this turd would be shy with cuddling too like he would hint that he’d want to cuddle but he would imply it

•"Wow cuddling is just great"
•"Do you want to cuddle?“
•"Huh? Oh uhm…urr uhh”

•would be shy with skinship but holding your hand is a must especially around the rest of seventeen

•kissing him in front of people is a rare thing but when it happens he becomes a blushing mess

•when you do cuddle, his arm is around your shoulder while you are snuggled into his chest

•always trying to see who can have the funniest joke or pun

•3 am texts

•"Pull up on the wax with the mac fully loaded, AH”
•"Y/N, stop"

•his hair seems so soft so I assume you’d play with it 24/7

•stealing each other’s phones just to take selfies

•getting matching sweaters

•eating cereal at midnight while on the couch watching some kdrama

•reminds you of how beautiful you look whenever he looks at you

•when you’re upset, he would go out and buy ice cream and candy to try and make you feel better

•rubs your back whenever you two hug

•one of you belting out random lyrics whenever a song just pops into your head, and then finishing the song as a duet

•putting his hair in little pony tails

•"This is our song. No, wait, THIS is our song…….wait"

•he’d peck your lips as a kiss, but he’d kiss you like 12 times

•waking up next to each other with small giggles

•laughing fits that would last forever

•he would absolutely LOVE it when you kissed his jaw and then say “ouch” after because his jaw line is so sharp

•collarbone kisses

•whenever he grabs your waist he turns a slight shade of pink

•his screensaver is a picture of you sleeping and yours is of him with cake on his face

•his shoulder is your designated head rest

•whenever he is stressed or something you always make him feel better by taking him out on a walk

•he’d make up little raps about you and how you look

•he’d find time to skype/ FaceTime you while he’s gone

•vernon would be one of those boyfriends to make those letters that say “read this when you’re sad” or “read this when you’re stressed”

•"NOPE I’m 100% sure that THIS is our song"

•humming little tunes to you while you’re half asleep

•would send you pictures of puppies he sees out of the street

•coffee dates

•after being gone for a while, he’d hold you in a hug for at least 5 minutes

•tries teaching you how a dance but ends up getting flustered

•matcing fuzzy socks to go with them sweaters

•always has to find courage to kiss your neck but doesn’t stop there

•blushes whenever someone mentions your relationship, but shakes it off by saying how amazing it is

•last but not least, he’d do anything and everything in his power to make sure you were happy and that you were happy with him

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‪You look like such a tiny boy with your clean shaven face and I just want to hide you in my pocket so no one can hurt you. But you! You went on stage tonight and did that performance! You showed what true courage and strength is tonight! And I can’t be more proud to be a fan of someone like you. You are such a force! You owned it tonight! And to put aside your emotions and grief and to do this for your mum, is the kind of love and dedication and strength that is so pure and it’s just simply you. ‬I hope you are engulfed in hugs and so much of love right now, cos you deserve all of that and so much more. Thank you for being an inspiration and a remarkable gem of a person. I may not have know your mum personally, but she will definitely be so proud of you. We, are all so proud of you. Keep holding on darling, and we are all here with you. ❤️

I love messy. I love when you laugh so hard that your whole body starts shaking. I love when dishes pile up in the sink because you were too busy living. I love unashamed vulnerability, I love sweatpants and messy hair. I love music that makes you weep. I love unabashed flirting, I love when you don’t hold back your tears and they stain my shirt. I love genuine hugs, I love smudgy make up and unmade beds. I love passion. You are a living, breathing soul. You’re not here to be perfect, dammit, you are a force of nature. Show me who you are. Give me honesty.
I want honesty.
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Need To Breath Part Two


Less plot twists and more angst

“I thought-” You wanted to explain how you thought he was dead. Or at least not here. You wanted to hit him, throw him to the floor and beat him to a pulp. You wanted to hug him and sob and care for any wounds he had. You wanted your brother.

You stepped closer to him, he scrambled backwards- wolf-like agility began to show. But he was still in there. “Shoot me!” He begged. He then bowed his head down, you saw tears hit the cold harsh concrete beneath him and he looked back up at you. The golden hues were becoming more and more dominant, but he forced an icy blue to resurface as he whispered “I don’t want anyone else to.”

Again, you crept closer, wanting to help him while being fully aware he could turn completely.
“Y/N, stay back.” Dean ordered, his voice was scarily loud. Before you could process what he had meant you heard a deafening snap.

At this moment the world around you seemed to slow down. His chest shook with the force as deep crimson dyed his shirt. Collapsing to the floor, each cry of pain he made was louder and more desperate than the last.
You screamed his name, not caring how loud or pathetic it sounded and raced over to him. Only two arms held you back, Dean grabbed you. You weren’t having it. In one swift motion you slammed your hand down on his face, feeling his nose crack under the pressure, he let go in shock, blood trickling down his face. 

A quick glance at Sam’s disappointed face you sprinted past him to your brother.

Your half brothers behind you meant nothing as you watched him die. You collapsed to the floor and cradled him. Your sobs loud and hopeless. He stared up at you, his eyes fully human.

Sam had tears in his eyes and he was close to leaving Dean to take you away from the scene. But he knew you wouldn’t leave.
Dean watched. Not in shock, not in curiosity. He just watched. He had done the right thing, yes? Shot the monster?
He shook his head to himself, wiping more blood on to his sleeve.
Monster was the wrong word.

Bloodied hands held your brother while muffled sorrys were all you could muster. “I’m sorry, love. I couldn’t- I can’t-” Your voice was a mess as you managed few words between sobs. He smiled before going limp in your arms.
It was a sad and understanding smile that told you it was okay.

It wasn’t.

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Well sadly the trip to see each other has ended today and we are both absolutely devastated… this has been the hardest one on both of us and we are both just a mess.. I don’t care who you are or what kind of relationship your in but I want you to read this even if you hate our relationship and chose to shame us for it.. read this and count your blessings…. everybody takes things for granted, but when it comes to the love of your life you have no idea how hard it is to be away from them until you are forced to say goodbye to them for a unknown amount of time.. don’t take your partner for granted, give them a hug and a kiss and tell them that you need them because I truly need my partner right now and I won’t be able to see her again for another 2 months at the least. Tell your partner you love them because you never know what will happen.. you never truly know how much you need someone until they are torn away from you…

Outsiders S2E4

So it must have been time for me to pay up for some bad karma or something because I haven’t wanted to watch an hour of TV as bad as I wanted to watch last night’s episode of Outsiders in a long time, but all the technological forces decided to work against me right around 9pm. I’ll spare you the story of my troubles, but I was able to get the gist of the episode and I caught all the Sasil scenes on YouTube this morning. I’m just going to share my thoughts about those scenes since I still have gaps that need filling from the rest of the episode.

Sally Ann and Hasil 💕

The hug. The way Hasil hesitated just a little before wrapping Sally Ann up was adorable, as was the way he reassured her that he wasn’t mad at her.

His initial reaction to the pregnancy was lame (albeit realistic) and I’m glad she straight up told him he was being a dick. The girl is pretty good at saying what’s on her mind when she needs to. I kinda live for her hold-nothin-back digs at Hasil’s family… so far she’s used “crazy-ass” and “dumb-ass.”

Speaking of crazy-ass and dumb-ass… G’win needs to sit her trifling-ass down. Did she REALLY say to Hasil “Your girl ain’t kin” and “Just remember your family’s up here”!? How about the closest family he has…family he literally made with his own body and love is literally growing INSIDE of Sally Ann.

She made zero sense y’all and I didn’t like her getting on Hasil about comin’ to her with his problems either. Isn’t that what family is for? She is the epitome of a hypocrite right now I’m disgusted by her tbh. I hope she can find some way to redeem herself… mostly because I’m tired of rolling my eyes every time her face comes on the screen.

Hasil really messed with my emotions during that conversation with G’Win. You could see how much he truly wanted to find some way to have all the things he wanted, but G’Win gave him nothing to hold on to— not even the hope that someday Sally Ann would be allowed up the mountain. I so badly wanted him to call her out. Even though he didn’t, I still felt confident that he would choose to leave the mountain with Sally Ann… at least until that chat on the hammock. That was when he successfully planted a tiny seed of doubt in my head. Also, I really wish he would have finished his sentence when he said, “I just want you to know that whatever happens…” I agree with Sally Ann, the comment made me nervous, but I really wanted to hear what he was going to say. It sorta broke my heart to know that he was even considering abandoning her. Surely he was going to say something about how much he cares for her, but I don’t understand how he could be thinking that and considering leaving her at the same time. Maybe it’s because he wasn’t considering it at all, not truly. I like to think it was never actually an option.  These two are meant to be.

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Sally Ann was lovely this episode. She seemed so much more innocent, and trusting, and maybe even a little cautiously hopeful, and I’m glad for her. We haven’t seen that side of her in a while. The look on her face when she first saw Hasil was total relief. The sight of him comforted her after reaching her lowest low. I think Sally Ann felt safe enough to open up to other ideas about what having her baby could be like once Hasil went into nurture mode (“let’s get you something to eat”). She maintains this innocent trust in him and their future even at the end of the episode when he was so clearly torn. When he said “This is gonna be tough,” I was screaming “You. Better. Damn. Not!!!” but Sally Ann’s mind didn’t even go there. I think Hasil could see that. He could see that she didn’t believe that he would leave her and if the girl he loves believed it, it had to be true. There was no way in hell he was going to leave her and his unborn child in the street with nowhere to go… certainly not after telling her things were gonna be alright. Her faith and trust in him makes him a better man. It reminds him to do the right thing.

Hasil’s innocence can one-track his mind, just like it does to Sally Ann. This was apparent in the, “I was thinking I might take care of it” scene. That brought me right back to “Coon holler”, “What’s a date?”, “Who’s Bill?”, and “We got a bar in the barn.” I like that Hasil makes sure to remind us that his innocence doesn’t mean he is childlike… he is a man and “that baby is a half a Farrell and he’s gonna  be born half a Farrell.” Period. Good too, because that’s exactly was Sally Ann hoped he would say.


I was tagged @bokouto @keitsukishima & @envy-and-pride (I know this is SO DAMN late but here they are *sighs*) but thanks a lot for tagging me :D *hugs* I’m not good at taking selfies lmao. On my last one I intoduce you to my lovely cow plushie, named Mu-chan LOL! I now realize how much loooong I have my hair again I need to cut it haha XD

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spaci1701 replied to your post “spaci1701 replied to your post “Just in case you’re ever embarrassed…”

Thank the force you’ve found someone who knows what he’s doing and remembers that he’s treating an actual person, not just another case! If inflammation is making it all worse, maybe ice packs would help you get through until this is fixed. And, though it leaves you in pain at the moment, I’m so happy to hear that he wants to make sure he knows what’s actually going on before just rushing ahead with his best guess. Hugs

When I told him the other dentists wanted to root canal my other two teeth because it “might help or it might not” he just took his glasses off, looked at the ceiling like he was asking God for strength and said, “Ya don’t do oral surgery on a whim, ya just don’t.”

So yea he took some idk I think it was like PH swabs or something and he’s going to run them by some other things and see what’s what and he took a bit of my tooth (the one he is going to replace) and in his own words “mad scientist it” because he does a lot of this kind of research work himself. He also texted me to thank me for coming in and to let me know if my pain increased over the weekend to call him and he’d get me into the ultrasound machine which is supposed to help with chronic pain. When I texted back saying thanks and I’d see him next week he sent me back a thumbs up emoji.

I think I found the one.

Things I love about Rey:

-actual ray of sunshine
-also a badass ray of sunshine
-so??? resourceful and technologically clever
-holds onto things she shouldnt
-doesnt really know what it feels like to be cared about
-still gives the best hugs?
-10/10 id let her kick me

Things I love about Jyn:

-would punch the sun
-actually wants to fight everyone, literally, no joke
-angry 24/7
-terrifying like have you ever seen someone so small and so furious and so ready to kick your ass
-doesn’t like to care for people bc shes been left behind a lot
-equates her mind to living in a cave full of things she doesn’t want to remember? like wow thats deep i love it
-cant remember what it feels like to be cared about
-could kill a man
-has killed many men
-10/10 id let her shoot me