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phineas and ferb episode


PHINEAS: ferb, what do you want to do today?
FERB: [blinks]
PHINEAS: hmm… you’re right ferb. since there’s no true ‘self’, whatever ‘we’ want to do today is just playing into the social dogma of what can or can’t be done. 
FERB: [thumbs up]


ISABELLA: whatcha doin?
PHINEAS: rejecting the social dogma!
ISABELLA: cool. can i help?
PHINEAS: sure. but i think asking kinda defeats the purpose. i think you just do it.
FERB: [nods]

ISABELLA opens her mouth to speak but is interrupted as BUFORD and BALJEET enter the scene

BALJEET: whatcha doin?
BALJEET: oh, sorry isabella. i did not see you there. 
BALJEET: so. what are you guys doing?
PHINEAS: we don’t know yet. we’re trying to get a little bit nebulous with it today
BUFORD: explain.
PHINEAS: well, is anything we do really our own decision? what’s autonomy like in modern society? we’re trying to get out of that bind. 
BUFORD: sounds to me like you’re just playin into the whole thing, dinnerbell.
BUFORD: you really want to break down social constructs? try something like this.

BUFORD pulls back his arm and delivers a strong punch to the TREE. it rattles and a single leaf floats gracefully down, landing on the tip of phineas’s nose

SYNCHRONIZED, the other children OOH and AHH in reaction

Writing a essay on Viking husbandry and butchering to take my mind off the fact that the show that has defined the past 12 years of my life is ending in 2.5 hours.

OK so I got a couple of messages of people who were very angry with me directly copying the original bjdrecastpositive list, mostly because they don’t want anything to do with recast drama from either side. Fair enough. They were added without their consent to the original list and me copying it doesn’t take that away. I do apologize for that!

So I am going to start my own list of BJD blogs on Tumblr, and you can send me a message to be added! The list will serve as a purpose of finding other BJD blogs to follow with a focus on anti-recast blogs. More babble on the page itself.

Add yourself here!

bjdrecastpositive can keep their anti-recast meanie list, we’ll be over here actually building a stronger community lol

Nomura’s drawing to celebrate the 15th anniversary of KH

Look at the right corner, into the frame behind Sora

It’s blurred but those are clearly Arum Lily (or Zantedeschia) i.e.

Now, Arum lily is used across the world as a symbol of purity in bridal and funeral flower arrangements

What scares me is the second option: did Nomura purposely put them here for this specific reason? What do we have to expect? Am I right if I’m scared now??

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Are you implying Riza would've let Roy die and viceversa? I'm sorry, but comparing Eruri to Royai is just so silly. Royai were always truthful with one another, and there to help each other during their times of weakness. Eruri is completely the opposite.

I’m pretty sure Riza held a gun to the back of Roy’s head when she thought he was at risk of losing his humanity. And I’m pretty sure if a situation occurred where letting Roy die was an ultimate act of love, she’d follow through with it. Happily, they never faced that situation.

I’m also pretty sure the whole “help each other during their times of weakness” applies to both. Erwin gave Levi a life and a purpose. Levi returned the favor a dozen times over but most significantly in chapter 80.

But mostly, the person who sent the ask wanted my opinion so I gave it. You are perfectly entitled to having an opinion of your own and if you send me a message off anon and I’d be happy to ask your thoughts on Eruri and Yumikuri. But as it is, these are my two favorite manga relationship because of how they were forged and what they represent. I see differences, but also many commonalities between them.

Renamed Avenue Q Song Titles
  • Avenue Q Theme: Life is great :)))))
  • What Do You Do with a B.A. In English?: Well I haven't even started yet but I can already tell my future's gone to shit
  • It Sucks To Be Me: Exposition is a lot more entertaining through song (also: YO GARRY)
  • If You Were Gay: You Got A Friend in Me but Gay
  • Purpose: Pennies are almost worthless but my purpose isn't
  • Everyone's a Little Bit Racist: @DonaldTrump
  • The Internet is for Porn: @DonaldTrump Part 2 (being racist AND perverted since 1946)
  • Mixtape: Sending Mixed signals through a mix of songs
  • I'm Not Wearing Underwater Today: GET A JOB
  • Special: "Shake what your Mama gave you girl, shake it!"
  • You Can Be As Loud As The Hell You Want: If ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) could be in song form this would be it
  • Fantasies Come True: Why did I just cry for a gay puppet?
  • My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada: *reads smudged writing on hand*
  • There's a Fine Fine Line: Kate protection squad where you at?
  • There is Life Outside Your Apartment: Everyone @ me
  • The More you Ruv Someone: Murder and hatred are the only ways to express true love
  • Schadenfreude: Learn how to define, spell, and give examples of the vocabulary word of the day! (Also fuck you lady that's what stairs are for)
  • I Wish I Could Go Back To College: Shit we're adults now
  • The Money Song: Capitalism in a nutshell (ft. Somewhat selfish charity work?)
  • School the Monsters/The Money Song (reprise): I knew that investment in porn would pay off someday
  • There's a Fine Fine Line (reprise): "are you high?!"
  • For Now: Don't worry all the shitty stuff will end eventually when the sweet embrace of death finally comes.

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I just wanted to say I really liked your response to the period ask. All I wanted to say was that I completely agree except you appear say that you're okay with free bleeding. I completely agree that people shouldn't be ashamed if they accidentally bleed through their clothes but if it's on purpose I just think it's unsanitary and not to mention if you go to a public place and bleed somewhere someone will sit. Your opinion on free bleeding?

Oh goodness I’m not sure I know much about free bleeding or why anyone would do it at public places? I think maybe that’s too far and yes you definitely shouldn’t be exposing your blood to people because it can be dangerous. I was just saying if you happened to bleed through that there isn’t any shame in that and it happens sometimes!!

The Shirley dilemma

I wanted to diverse genetics in the Satellite’s second generation, so for this purpose I was thinking of changing Shirley into white berry and de-vamping them, along with some storyline why it happened (as they mentioned to be struggling with vampire lifestyle). But I saw that some people really liked the vampire Shirley, so I’m torn… Julianne probably may teach her spouse to accept themself? And they’ll have more half-vamp babies together? I don’t even know, the change seemed to be promising but I have doubts.


How many of those in the communities are in their 20s?

I’m looking for potential friends?/acquaintances? close to my age, if you all want to that is.

Probably should’ve added this. Oops. I’m not deterring anyone who isn’t in their 20s who would like to be friends, I just don’t ever meet anyone closer to my age is all. That was the original purpose of this post. Sorry if I made it seem like those under 20 couldn’t be friends with me! :)

like i said i wanted to make him hispanic for a long time and i even went around to my hispanic friends like “can i ask dumb white questions” to check for any possible flaws or need-to-knows pffft, and they just said the same as you! and i totally feel  the same way. in the words of my italian teacher @ that italian hand-gesture thing [you know the thing]: “that’s called STEREOTYPING” 

for comfort purposes i’ll assure u that walter is never gonna make us churros, and if he did, don’t trust them whatsoever 

In which I desperately need a filter that works much faster
  • Coworker 1: Hey, do you still write fanfiction?
  • Me: ...yes
  • CW1: CW2 and I are starting a writing group to help each other actually finish stuff. Do you want to do it with us?
  • Me: Uhhhh, maybe? I might be too embarrassed.
  • CW1: Why would it be embarrassing? We're really nerdy too.
  • Me: Well, I mean, my fanfiction isn't necessarily what I would consider my greatest writing. There's a lot of tropes in fic and it's got totally different rules. Like, a lot of it is just "what if the Avengers had movie night?"
  • CW2: Oh, that's fine. My wife and I are working on a cheesy YA novel. And we're making it cheesy on purpose.
  • CW1: Yeah, you could totally write about Captain America and Batman watching tv or whatever.
  • CW2: That actually sounds fun - I'd read that.
  • Me: Ummmm, well, I don't know...all of my stuff is also super gay.
  • CW1: What?
  • Me: Not like, as a pejorative! Like, none of my characters are straight...
  • CW1: Well, it's not like it's romance, right?
  • Me: Kinda?
  • CW1: I mean, you don't write sex scenes do you?
  • Me: ...not...all the time...
  • CW1: ...
  • CW2: ...
  • Me: I'm gonna run away now *gets up and leaves lunch table*

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whoa wait what did matt do???

Anonymous said: or were u not serious,, sorry i couldn’t tell

i’m not serious lmaoo basically matt didn’t let anyone know he was going on insta live twice and i think all the U.S. notifications got messed up?? apparently ppl in europe got the insta notifs so. but literally no one was able to record either video for the bunch of ppl who missed it and then he went on twitter like what if i don’t want you to record my live videos ???? and 2 min later agreed to give a heads up next time.

anyway, i’m pretty sure he did it on purpose because he likes to troll the fandom; he was like this leading up to the malec wedding kiss, too.

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I can't help but think that NBC is purposely sabotaging Blindspot. I love this show, I look forward to watch it every week and I miss it terribly when it's on hiatus. Do you think that NBC is purposely sabotaging the show? I read somewhere that NBC and Blindspot are supposed to meet on April 5th to talk about the future of the show but idk how accurate that information is.

I don’t know… are they purposely sabotaging it and want it to fail? I don’t know but did they totally screw if up this year? Yes. I think what happened was that it did so well in its first season that NBC felt this show would do well wherever and whenever they put it and without any extra help from he network. And that is a big mistake. First of all, all shows have a slump in their second year. That’s a well known fact. And blindspot was going to be the same. And second, the time slot that they gave it, besides being a horrible time slot where any show would suffer, is also very very inappropriate for the type of show that it is. And then whoever was in charge of the scheduling did a terrible job with it. All these random breaks are not doing it any favors. And finally, everyone can see that as the season progressed, the promos have become less and less, barely airing any.

Is it all being done on purpose or a series of very bad decisions? I don’t know but yes, the Blindspot show runners and the NBC execs do have a meeting pretty soon (or did it happen last week?) about the future of the show. And I hope NBC make the right decision because (and I know I’m biased here) but this show deserves to be renewed and more importantly deserves to be treated much much better by the network.

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Hello, hope all is well with you! I'm getting concerned because I don't really have a passion or purpose in life and I really want to find it. I have an idea of things I like doing but I have no idea what I'd be doing if money wasn't a object, if you know what I mean? What could I do to find my passion because sometimes I feel like I'm forcing it. I want something that I would love doing so much, I would lose track of time while doing it. Thank you!

First set an intention to discover and do things that you are passionate about.

“I am in the process of attracting and allowing all that I need to be do or have in order to discover and do what I am passionate about doing on a consistent basis in positive and healthy ways.”

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I really hope ryuji doesn't wind up as to yousuke 2.0 with how homophobic because it kept me from actually liking him and I want to like Ryuji

nah it all come down to who wrote it, end of the day these characters aint real and somebody writing this shit on purpose

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Some people think that Emma, on this week's episode, will hook up with the bartender. I am a bit worried right now because the guy (who plays the bartender) actually filmed with Jen and Giles at CS house in January...

I know… I’m worried too!!!

But if I’m not mistaken the shooting back than took place at night. If it was done at night and not in daylight, which will indicate that he spent the night, I see two possible options:

1) She was so wasted that he had to carry her home where Gideon was at and he ended up doing something to him instead of her and this was the purpose of him being there.

2) She wanted to hook up with him because she was drunk and upset and thought she could just forget it all if even for a moment, but then when they are there she realizes she just can’t do it, and then Gideon is there during it or appears right after he leaves.

Now, if it was filmed in daylight, than it would be in a shameful morning after… I would love to say that I know it wouldn’t happen and if Hook could have stayed faithful for a year even while he thought he would not see her again, Emma could do it for one miserable night… However, knowing how A&E have been with us lately, I can’t count on them not doing something like that that would be so out of character and so soap opera of them.  

Thought I’d ramble a little about my personal project called “Good Night Stars”. I could have been working on it in its webcomic form right now, and I KNOW I mentioned a lot about being focused on it but alas, life came in the way and my depression is actually getting worse by each passing day and there’s no way I can focus on one single thing at the moment, especially because this project is something very very dear to me and I refuse to work on it while feeling down. it’s too much.

I promise the webcomic is still coming, I just can’t say when, sorry!! at the moment the other members of the FlipCartoons Studio are focused with “Ouroboros” (which you can read what it’s about right here) and as I said it’s really cool and it would be very appreciated if everyone could give it a chance!! but yeah I just wanted to take a few minutes to write about the actual purpose of my story and what it’s trying to tell.

I admit, it’s complex, but that’s what makes it so special to me.

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so I made a really good soup for dinner but I made significant changes to the original recipe so I’m typing out what I wrote down earlier to save for later (feel free to reblog if you want though)

Dill Pickle Soup


  • 5 ½ C chicken broth
  • 1 ¾ lb Russet potatoes, peeled and quartered
  • 2 C diced carrots
  • 1 C diced dill pickles
  • 1 whole stick of salted butter
  • 1 C sour cream
  • ¼ C water
  • 2 C dill pickle juice
  • 1 ¾ tsp Old Bay seasoning
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ¾ tsp black pepper
  • ½ tsp cayenne pepper
  • ½ C all-purpose flour
  • 1 heaping tbsp minced garlic


  1. combine broth, potatoes, carrots, minced garlic and butter in a large pot. bring to a boil and cook until the potatoes are tender (breakable with a fork). use a hand-masher to break the potatoes apart into bite-sized pieces, then add the diced pickles. continue to boil.
  2. in a medium bowl, combine the sour cream, flour, and water until it becomes a well-incorporated paste. whisk the mixture 2 tbsp at a time into the soup. you’ll see some clumps of flour but between the mixing and boiling, they will break up. continue until all of the mixture has been added to the soup. it will start to thicken after a few spoonfuls.
  3. add the pickle juice, Old Bay, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. taste the soup and adjust the seasoning to your personal preference. continue to simmer for a few more minutes and then remove from heat and serve! 

this recipe makes enough for 2 people to eat and have plenty of leftovers. it reheats well and it’s super yummy!

October 21, 1944

It almost feels like Russia doesn´t want me to talk with England when he´s here. Yesterday Russia told me that England will arrive soon, and I went to meet him at the airport, but he never showed up.

Apparently, he arrived today instead of yesterday, and no one was there to receive him at the airport. Russia informed me that he made a mistake. A mistake or not, but now England thinks I did that on purpose.

It´s not like England talks to me much, or is here often anyways. He doesn´t want to endanger his relations with Russia, war against Germany is still going on and they are both busy… and so am I. Those people from the Control Commission want constantly this and that.