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Are groin attacks on men actually the automatic off-switch we see in movies?


They aren’t universal, and you can, in fact, groin strike a woman to similar effect. What a groin strike is actually targeting is the nerve endings in that region of the body, the very same nerve endings that cause humans to experience sexual pleasure. It hurts a whole hell of a lot, it makes you sick to your stomach, and you bowl over to protect yourself. Nailing a woman with a groin strike is more difficult than a man because the area is smaller and it’s more difficult to hit. It can happen though, it’s happened to me in training with a partner.

Anyone with a strong pain tolerance is going to be resistant to groin strikes, just like with anything else. Some people are more sensitive than others. Other people will recover quicker than others. The rarest find won’t feel it at all, and they’re out there.

And, of course, if you’re opponent is wearing a cup then the groin strike goes right out. That’s why you wear cups when you’re sparring, so it doesn’t hurt when you get hit in the groin. So, if they’re armored, you’re out of luck.

It’s a pretty good stunner if you can land it and they’re not prepared for it, but it’s not a finishing move. When you see groin strikes in martial arts or just as self-defense, they’re part of what we call “combinations” which is a series of strikes performed one after the other. You use the groin strike to stun your attacker, and then follow up while they’re distracted by pain.

So, say you want to use a knee strike to the groin. You’ll grab them and strike the groin, then you grab their head and slam it into your knee again. You may hit them several more times after that if they don’t go down, but the groin strike is the opener or secondary to more effective moves that would be difficult to pull off if they weren’t distracted by pain or were… you know, upright.

The general populace often has a hard time grasping the concept of techniques feeding into each other. “I do this, so I can get over there, to do that”.

Groin strikes are conventional wisdom. Enough people have hit boys in the groin and see them bowl over to know that it’s somewhat effective, and enough boys have been hit in the groin to know it hurts.

You know what else hurts?

Your shin.

Getting hit in the shin hurts a whole hell of a lot too. It’s actually easier hit as it’s a much larger target and you don’t need to be nearly as close.

Anywhere on your body where the bone is near to the surface/isn’t protected by muscle, is direct access to your nervous system and works about as well as a groin shot. So, kick ‘em in the shin. Boxing the ears is another good one, you rattle the inner ear and cause them to lose their sense of equilibrium which makes them dizzy and they… stumble. Hit them in the nose. Their eyes will water, their nose will swell, both of which impact their ability to see.

You can, in fact, chain these together too.

Kick them in the shin. Box their ears. As their head comes forward, hit them in the nose or punch them in the throat. Then, if they’re still coming toward you or you’ve grabbed them by the shoulder or the head, knee them in the groin.

There aren’t a lot of one hit wonders when it comes to fighting, and if you did get one then you’re damn lucky. There is no 100%, no sure shot, no total shut down, no universal technique that will give you perfect accuracy on every human you will ever meet.

The problem with groin strikes in movies is that they’re actually a joke about manhood and dominance. Sometimes, it’s used intentionally and, sometimes, it’s not, but it doesn’t go much further than, “ha, ha, she hit him in the peen” and he goes down because the big, tough guy was really weak after all. It’s become that “Tough Girl Move” and is supposed to convey she’s tough, and brave, and everything that comes with a poorly thought out action girl.

In the movies, the groin shot is about dominance and asserting superiority. Whether it’s a woman doing it to a man, or a man doing it to another man (but it’s usually a woman), that’s what it’s normally about. It’s just a co-opting of the Alpha Male Bullshit Package for an Empowering Moment. It’s telling that these moments revolve entirely around the physical embodiment of manhood, because it’s often treated as the only weakness a man possesses. Given the groin shot is often paired with the threat of sexual assault, you can see all threads weaving themselves together for the underlying themes. The man is brought down by his *ahem* desires, the woman flees, and the scene is still all about sex.

So, you know, fun.


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I Hate That I Love You

Title: I Hate That I Love You

Requests: Hey , do you think you could do an imagine where , the reader is Josh’s best friend , and despite how long they been friends she is scared to talk about it with him ? Maybe get some rain action ? And a sappy ending ? I l or sappy endings with kisses ☺️❤️ this would be great , love your work .

Hey! I was wondering if you could write just a SUPER fluffy imagine with Josh. I need some good fluff rn before midterms.

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph

Warnings: Underage drinking, cursing

A/N: I know the requests ask for fluff and I promise part 2 (and maybe 3 if I want to make it longer) will be fluffy!

Part 2 - It’s Always Been You

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ALRIGHT ELLA SINCE I GUESS I’M SUCH A  BIG NAME FANDOM BULLY ,   I’M GONNA BE THE ONE TO MAKE THE   CALL OUT POST !!!   are we ready guys ?   this one is gonna be a doozy .   hold on to your seats ,   because  @LEGILLIMENCYY  is definitely a  stealer ,   and i’m sick of the way she has treated my good friend  ally ,   as well as others on this stupid fucking website .

i had made  a smaller post  about this last night for my followers ,   but since this problem has  continued  to escalate ,   ella has given me  no other choice .   we are here now ,   in this  toxicity  called  call out culture .   i’m normally not a fan of it ,   but this time i had to speak up .   ally is my  friend ,   a long time friend at that .   and when you fuck with her ,   you fuck with me .

so let’s start at the  beginning ,   shall we ?   the basis of everything you’ve  stolen ?   i say your   theme insp.  is as good a place to start as any :

i just …   wow .   that is …   that is some  damn good   inspiration  you stole there ,  huh ?   ripped off practically her entire edited agirlingrey code ,   right down to the  font styles and link placements .   i can’t even give you ps credit because even your bg image looks extremely similar to ally’s .   so i guess  kudos  to you for knowing how to steal other people’s codes .

but you didn’t  stop  there ,   did you ?   no ,   of course not !   why  would you ?   you were already stealing her code ,   why not go ahead and steal some of her  headcanon’s  too ?

wow dude .   just wow .   did you even  rewrite  it ?   or just  copy / paste ?   and yes ,   please make sure to look at the  hovered dates  on each :   ally’s is from  6 months ago ,   while ella’s  copied version  dates back less than a week to even  HOURS  at least .   you even stole her  tag name ,   which is pretty  sad .

and then ,   when you were finally called out on your stealing ,   you  BLOCKED  ally for calmly trying to talk to you ,   for  ASKING  you to take down  HER  content .   it was only after  i and a few others  started sending messages that you  BLOCKED US AS WELL ,   and then  messaged  ally with the most   insincere ,   bullshit excuse ever heard ever up to date :

i see  a lot  of things  wrong  with this ,   so let’s just name them off ,   shall we ?   1 .    and none of us  –  with the exception of oc blogs  –  actually created these characters so to claim any kind of originality to anything is honestly bull.          i just …   what ?   what kind of  fresh hell  is this ?   that is like ,   the  shittiest excuse  ever made up ,   like ever .   that’s like a  7 year old  who knows they did wrong trying to  back track  and get out of the blame .   i just want you to know ,   that every writer is laughing right now .   we are all laughing ,   because that is honestly the  stupidest  thing i have ever fucking read in my entire life .

2 .    but since you and your little group of friends are all worked up about it i’ll delete my headcanons and kind of start my blog over.          fuck ,   i would  love  to stop you right there ,   but there’s  so much more  i need to get to .   um .   ally’s friend group  ISN’T  little .   there are  loads  of people on this site that have her back ,   and  love  her for being the person she is ,   not the   fake sickly sweet  bitch you think she is .   oh ,   and  yes  ella ,   i have the screenshot  of that ask ,   too !   you know ,   the one you  deleted ?   let’s post that too ,   huh ?

oh wow ,   and look at all those  vague posts  there too ;   newsflash ,   ella :   that anon on the right ,   the one who called you worthless ?   that wasn’t ally .   ally doesn’t stalk your blog .   i think you kind of have that  backwards  huh ?   considering all your headcanon posts are hers from what ,   6 months back ?   i think that seems a little  stalkerish ,   hmm ?

but i digress ,   getting back to your  shitty excuse of an apology :   3 .    but whatever. i’ll  [ delete ? ]  my headcanons and start fresh …          so …   they’re  not  technically yours ,   considering you weren’t the one who thought of them .   and if you were going to  delete  them ,   why are they  still  on your blog ?   why did you lie ?

listen ella ,   none of us wanted it come to this ,   but  you made this .   you did this to yourself .   not only did you steal ally’s things and take extreme inspiration from her ,   but you lied about it ,   and dragged her name through the proverbial mud ,   and i  for fucking one  will not  take that sitting down .   so take down your stolen headcanons ,   make a theme that isn’t based off of someone else’s ,   and come up with your own goddamn things ,   or face my wrath .   the next time i see this happening with you ,   i  will report you to tumblr for  theft  and  harassment .   what you’ve done is  childish ,   it’s  pathetic  and  immature  and  unbecoming .   i’m  not  sorry to drag your ass through the fucking dirt like you did ally and present you to the public :   a dirty fucking thief with the attitude to match .

get off your goddamn high horse .   no one here accepts the shit that you’re pulling ,   so there’s no need for your shitty self entitlement ,   k ?   k .

uncomfortable-truths-well  asked:

Would going off into the mountains to train with the Ultimate Master™ of whatever fighting discipline and thus become the Ultimate Master™ yourself actually produce a skilled fighter? Wouldn't it be better to train with multiple people so you don't end up inheriting all of one person's weaknesses, or relying on your opponent to have those particular weaknesses? Can you get legitimate fighting experience in a controlled environment, or is there a limit to how much you can learn in the classroom?

Just for a heads up, the “Ultimate Master” or the “Old Man on the Mountain” is usually referencing Eastern mysticism and is a long standing genre convention in cinema.  When used in fiction, it always involves some kind of pilgrimage. It also has roots in reality, enough so that a whole genre of Chinese cinema builds itself around the concept.

Now, other cultures have this concept too, and there are European branches that defy what has become the expected fictional norms. However, when you decide to follow this train of thought for your character, it’s important to recognize what the trope is, where it comes from, and what its hallmarks and audience expectations are.

If you don’t want to write a character for whom their martial arts training is a quasi-religious experience, grounding itself in philosophy and spirituality, then this trope is not for you.

In a simple, much more recognizable Western example, if you don’t imagine yourself writing a Jedi then this trope is not for you.

9/10 that’s pretty much what the trope is, and, real talk, the more spiritual side of martial arts can do some pretty crazy shit in reality. I’ve seen American martial arts masters bend rebar with their clavicles, break baseball bats with their shins, break ten bricks with their hands, and that’s the more commonplace energy manipulation you’ll see in a standard martial arts school far from their traditions.

The conceptual idea that martial arts give you superpowers is rooted in the real world. Dragon Ball Z for example, takes real world martial arts philosophies and dials them over 9,000. Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back utilizes real philosophy with real world application when training Luke. For Lucas, this is mostly by accident but nevertheless if you’ve ever been in martial arts training Yoda sounds suspiciously similar.

The philosophy at play is spiritual/religious in nature, but also real. The idea is that through training, you will reach a point of inner spiritual ascension. Upon taking this first step in understanding, you reach a new plateau of spiritual and physical harmony that is beyond what the average martial artist can access. (Ronin Warriors) That’s what the mountain training is about, that’s what its for, and that’s why the neophyte is not usually the one who seeks out the Wise Man on the Mountain. (Yu Yu Hakusho) Usually, its a secondary or tertiary step in your training. You go to the mountain when the time comes to look inward, rather than outward. When you want to face yourself.

The other version of this trope is you have a character who was taken in by the Man on the Mountain as a child and raised in a hereditary martial art until they leave (Rurouni Kenshin), to test themselves out in the world. Where they go out and find other martial artists and, for whatever reason, fight them as a test of their abilities. (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) Or they are sent out into the world on some kind of a mission. (Iron Fist, The Empire Strikes Back) If you have watched any amount of shounen/fighting anime or any wuxia cinema, I guarantee you’ve seen this one before.

You’re basically talking about people who spend their whole lives training, and who are going to be fighting a lot. You want to fight the guy who learned to channel themselves in meditation while standing in a freezing waterfall for four to six hours? No, you don’t, especially when you know the purpose of meditation in martial arts. These are the guys with the ability to balance themselves on the top of their head. Its also worth pointing out that the balancing on the head has a real combat application, the purpose is to train balance and physical control. If this person can achieve perfect balance on their head, what are you going to do about knocking them over when they’re actually on their feet? These are kinds of skills you will never achieve unless you’ve spent a significant portion of your life in isolation training your body to a level of physical excellence that is so far beyond the average you seem superhuman.

This is the level above Jet Li playing the villain in Lethal Weapon 4, where it’s all normal and then… wham. Try to remember too, when you’re watching any Jet Li, Jackie Chan, or Donnie Yen film, that the camera is often losing frames on their fight sequences because they are moving too fast for it to follow. Or they are slowing way down.

That’s just approaching pinnacles of excellence in performance martial arts.

It’s worth thinking about it this way, you’ve got a character who goes up to the mountain and comes back. They’ve spent their years, paid their dues, put in the time, and achieved that pinnacle. Now, the rest of the world is moving in slow motion. Physically, mentally, spiritually, they have reached a plateau beyond what the other (standard) combatants are capable of. These enemies are slower, less aware, riddled with flaws, and do not make the most of their energy. They also adjust faster to new challenges as they test themselves in the world at large.

The Man on the Mountain isn’t classroom training. It is not a safe environment. It is one part martial training, one part spiritual exercise, and one part survival training. What happens on the mountain is never standard martial arts training, it is never safe. Whether it’s what you saw in Mulan, hopping over a raging river from pole to pole the size of your foot, fishing from the river with your hands, or any number of other countless exercises you’ve seen in anime and martial arts movies that were glossed over. The jacket routine in Jackie Chan’s The Karate Kid which culminates in this sequence. (Did you know The Karate Kid is an Old Man on the Mountain movie? All of them are.) Some of those techniques may have looked really dumb, but most of them had a purpose.

This is about testing yourself beyond your limits.

It’s the quintessential difference between student and master.

So, do they have weaknesses? Not if the master knew what he was doing. If he or she didn’t, if they were dicking around or the training didn’t properly sink in, then yeah, they’ll have lots of weaknesses. If not, they’re moving into the territory One Punch Man is subverting, mocking, and critiquing.


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Essena O’Neill is a virtual Panhandler.

I saw about 500 different articles yesterday on facebook, buzzfeed, instagram, and tumblr about some girl named Essena O’Neil quitting social media to live life in the real world. I guess this girl was “instagram famous” and companies would pay her to post pictures wearing their clothes or drinking their tea or whatever product they wanted her to endorse. So social media was essentially her career. 

Apparently, Essena had some eye-opening experience that made her realize that she based her self-worth on followers and likes, and that social media is all a facade or “not real life” as she says over, and over, and over, and over again in her 3 youtube videos she made about why she’s quitting social media. She goes on and on for like 15 minutes about how social media isn’t real, she won the genetic lottery, and that people need to get off their phones and live in the now. “Hell yeah! What a great message!” i thought to myself as I watched, but then she completely ruined it for me by closing her message with a pathetic plea for her followers to give her money because she can’t afford her rent. 

This made me furious. Here we have this perfectly healthy 18 year old girl, an alleged straight A student, crying about wanting to live a normal life in the real world, but not actually doing anything to live her desired “normal life” and begging strangers to financially support her. How in the hell is that a step towards living a normal life in the real world? I don’t think her intentions were ever to live a normal life. In my opinion, she’s exploiting a real issue to promote her new blog so she can continue to make money by literally doing nothing, and she’s receiving praise for it. That’s sickening. 

You never quit a job when you have financial responsibilities to take care of and no source of income lined up to replace the job you’re quitting. I thought this was common sense, but I guess I just have good parents and smart friends because this is something I’ve been perfectly aware of since I started working. This girl had a job, social media, that allowed her to take care of her rent and bills without having to depend on someone else to do it for her. I find it ridiculous that people are giving her praise for being irresponsible and quitting her job, leaving her incapable of taking care of herself. I get it, her job was making her depressed and it wasn’t healthy for her to live that way anymore. Guess what? In the real world, pretty much everyone hates their job! I work in a restaurant and deal with assholes all fucking day to the point where I don’t even want to be around people most of the time, but I would NEVER quit my job and put myself in a position where I can’t pay my rent. To be perfectly blunt: that’s just fucking stupid. She is receiving so much attention and praise for something that in the “real world” she so desires to be a part of would be considered stupid and irresponsible. She isn’t accountable for her actions whatsoever, and we are just enabling that. 

So I guess no we’re supposed to feel bad for this poor 18 year old girl who quit her social media job to live a normal life where she begs strangers to support her. An 18 year old, straight A student, who is mentally stable, well bodies, and 100% full capable of finding a normal real world job, but would rather blog about wanting to live a normal life and rely on her followers to support her. Really? We’ll support an adult who is 100% capable of taking care of herself, but when we scoff, judge, and look down on homeless people that ask for spare change outside of stores or on street corners? This girl who has a roof over her head, food in her refrigerator, and clean clothes on her back is more deserving of your spare change than a mentally ill and damaged veteran who has literally nothing? PISS OFF. This girl is no different than the panhandlers you see asking for money outside of stores that eventually drive off in a car nicer than yours cause they’d rather ask people for money than work for it. If you have money to spare, please don’t give it to some girl who is more than capable of taking care of herself. Donate it to a charity, give it to a homeless person, or use it to buy food for a homeless person if you feel skeptical about giving them money. Don’t let yourself be scammed. 

And who follows this girl? What is the demographic of her fans? Well, who uses social media the most: teenagers and young adults. It’s hard enough to take care of yourself  and be financially independent at that age, let alone being responsible for someone else. I find it kind of insulting that I bust my ass trying to balance full-time school with working almost full-time, and this girl wants to beg me and other people going through the same shit as me to pay her bills. Get the fuck out of here. If she put as much energy into finding a job as she’s putting into promoting her blog, then she would for sure be employed right now. Expecting teenagers and young adults, who are most likely working and going to school in order to better themselves, to support you financially is just wrong and she should be ashamed of herself for even asking. 

Social media can be harmful, and it’s important to educate young people about the psychological harm that can happen to people who measure their self-worth in social media popularity. Everyone, and i mean everyone, tries to make their lives seem so much more interesting on social media and it’s important to recognize that and avoid comparing your life so someone’s social media life. If you find yourself getting upset because your life isn’t as exciting as someone’s life on social media, or if you get upset because your picture doesn’t get a million likes on instagram, remember than you’re so much more valuable than that! And if you get to a point where it affects your mental and/or physical health, then get professional help. Know that you are beautiful, loves, and important. I remember the story of Madison Holleran on ESPN called split image and it’s worth the read if you are intrigued by this topic. But don’t support some girl who is exploiting a real issue to gain more attention and to fool people into taking care of her financial responsibilities. We didn’t force her to become an instagram celebrity, we didn’t force her to accept money and sponsorships from companies, we didn’t tell her to make social media her life, and we are not responsible for taking care of an adult who is more than capable of taking care of herself. This isn’t an attempt to start a movement, this is a clever marketing strategy so Essena can rebrand herself. Don’t buy into the bullshit! 

Sleepless Nights

Title: Sleepless Nights

Author: @imaginesforgets

Prompt: @that-one-jewish-elf requested: “Imagine having trouble sleeping and going to Loki for comfort and maybe some snuggles”

Notes/Warnings: This is the first request I ever got and my first (published) one-shot on this blog, so it holds a special place in my fangirl heart! :-)

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Blood in the Water (You x EXO Kai) [Star Wars!au]

[RATED: For language and situation! Nothing too critical, but just to warn you~^^]


“Do you feel the weight of it in your palm? What do you think?”

“It’s heavier than I thought it’d be. Are you really going to use something like this?”

“Of course.” Your best friend Kai gives you a silly smile. “Try switching it on. It’s cool, I promise.”

You ease the black button into the ON position, gasping when a weightless jet of orange light streams into the darkness of your backyard. This kind of weapon was all but banned in the world you lived in…and yet Kai had managed to get his hands on one. His arms encircle you, and you watch the glowing beam of light slice through the air with ease.

“Do you know how to use it?”

“Not yet.” He eases it out of your palm, the orange glow illuminating his face. “But I’ll learn. Do you know what the most important rule is?”

You shake your head. “No.”

“Only use it to defend yourself.” He says solemnly. 

“Why?” You tilt your head. Lightsabers were the most dangerous form of weaponry on this side of the planet. Why wouldn’t it be used to attack others?

“Because.” He locks eyes with yours. “You can’t be reckless. Someone might get hurt.”


Kai’s words linger in your mind as you face a patrol guard, who was scanning your saber permit as you stood in front of the city gates. Two years ago, you had never even seen a lightsaber, and now there was one buried in the bottom of your bag. The government had had countless debates on whether citizens should be allowed to have them, but that battle had been lost months ago. It was no longer illegal to carry them, but everyone had to be searched before entering in the city. 

“Everything seems to be in order.” He finally hands your licence and permit back to you. “Open the gate.” With trembling hands, you fold the paper and tuck it into the back pocket of your jeans.

This part of the city was mostly abandoned at this time. You pass derelict buildings and trash-lined sidewalks, walking quickly to avoid being late. Once upon a time, Planet 844 had been beautiful and constantly busy, filled with shops and tourists. You had the best views of the galaxy, and the capital city was sparkling with new buildings and important headquarters. But that era was long gone–after the Dark Side had taken over, nothing was the same.

It only takes a few minutes to reach the front door of your part time job. You worked at Q Mart, a late-night convenience and grocery shop. It was small, owned by a an old couple who were too old to work the night shifts. Usually the only customers around this time were old men seeking a hot bowl of ramyun and high school students looking for candy and the latest manhwa. But the late night hours enabled you to pay rent for the shitty basement apartment you rented just inside the city walls. 

“You’re here.” A lazy voice calls out to you as you retrieve your green apron from the hook by the door. “It’s about time.”

“Did you wait long?” You offer a smile to your co-worker, Byun Baekhyun, who wears a bored expression behind the counter. A lollipop pinched between his lips, he scoffs and turns up the volume on the TV. “Well, I’m going to be here all night, so it doesn’t matter anyway.”

You smile a bit. Most people would be turned off by such a bad attitude, but you knew that if there was anyone misunderstood in life, it was Baekhyun.

He was the son of a rich family from the capital city–his parents were both influential politicians. He’d been disinherited a few months ago after refusing to go to university, and that’s how he’d ended up here. At first glance, he was just a pretty boy with a bad temper, but he was actually pretty lonely. Few people still spoke to him from his old life, so for the most part, he only had you.

“Want to come over later?” You flick a dozing Baekhyun on the forehead, waking him up. “I’ll make you breakfast.”

“Only if you make pancakes.” He smiles even though his eyes are closed. This was your normal routine: clean-up, close-up, and then to the nearest diner for breakfast. You were a little low on cash this month, so for the time being, you were cooking for yourself. 

You spend most of your shift tidying the aisles and restocking the shelves. A few people come in to make purchases; a bag of chips here, a soda there. Other than the soft sound of Baekhyun snoring and the TV, it’s quiet. You glance at the TV on your way by with the mop; constant images of the Queen, ruler of the planet and head of the government, flash across the screen. By the time 2 AM rolls around, it’s already closing time.

“Ready to go?” Baekhyun yawns, shrugging on his jacket. “I locked up the register already.”

“Sure.” You nod. “Let me close up the stock room and I’ll be right out.”

You head to the back, pushing some boxes out of the way and setting up for the morning shift. Suddenly your phone rings, and you dig into your pocket to get it. 


“Is this ____?”

The voice on the other line is frantic, and you don’t recognize the number. “Yes. Who is this?”

“Do you know Kai? Kim Kai?”

Your voice catches in your throat, and for a moment, time slows to a stop. It has been almost two years since you’d even seen or spoke to your best friend. Rumor on the street was that he’d gotten into some serious trouble, but that he’d become one of the best jedi in the city. Jedi were specially trained fighters and highly valued in the galaxy. Some of them were even like celebrities. 

But you knew he was part of the Underground–a ring of jedi who handled some of the more illegal tasks in the city. They were a variety of things: assassins for hire, errand boys, hustlers. They were considered traitors and troublemakers, and were put through high-profile trials if they were caught.

“Yes.” You answer slowly. “Why?”

[”He got jumped in the subway station. He’s outnumbered and in pretty bad shape, so if he matters to you, you should probably come now.”]

“Who is this?” You demand. “How did you know to call me?”

[”There were only two numbers in his phone, but the other one didn’t pick up. I would hurry if I were you!”]

The line cuts off instantly, and a second later, a text message comes through with the location. You stare at it for a moment, dumbfounded. Kai had abandoned you, leaving without a word or a way to contact him. Now he needed help, and somehow, that burden had fallen on you.

“Hey.” Baekhyun knocks on the door frame, tilting his head curiously. “Are we leaving or what?”

“We’re going to take a little detour.” You swallow hard, gripping your phone. “My friend is in trouble.”


“Um, what are we doing here?”

Baekhyun stands with you at the top of stairs gripping your arm, staring into the mouth of the subway tunnel. Fluorescent lights cast a blue glow across the tile walls, and the sounds of people jeering echo off the walls. “I’m going down there.” You reply decisively. 

Baekhyun stares in shock. “What are you doing?” He whispers harshly. “You have no idea who’s down there! As your friend, you are completely insane if you think I’m going to let you just waltz in there and- ”

You jerk out of his grasp. “Either you come with me, or you stay here.”

He glares. “Fine.” He snaps grumpily after a moment. “But promise me you won’t do anything stupid.”

“I won’t.” You murmur. “Come on.”

In the bowels of the city, a group of bystanders have circled the scene. Three men dressed in black surround a heap of person on the floor–presumably Kai–beating him without hesitation. “Did you think I wouldn’t find you?” A fourth man shouts at him. “Did you think you could just run away?” Although they brandish only pipes and broken bottles, they’ve done more than enough damage. Even from far away, you can see blood smeared across the tiles and concrete.

You push your way to the center with Baekhyun at your elbow. “Hey! Leave him alone!”

They stop for only a moment, looking at you and laughing. “Just stay out of the way.” A man with deep scar in his cheek growls at you. “I would hate for something to happen to you, too.” 

“Try it.”

The electric hum of your saber silences the crown, drawing everyone’s eyes to you. “Where did you get that?” Baekhyun hisses. “What happened to not doing anything stupid?!”

“I said, leave him alone.” You warn, ignoring him. 

“Well, aren’t you just a brave little bitch?” They don’t miss a beat. You stare at the glow of four sabers, all of them pointed at you. Baekhyun growls behind you, and he pulls out his own saber, twirling it in his hand. “Leave it to you to get us caught up in some deep shit.” He sighs, standing beside you. “There’s no backing out now, is there?”

“No.” You take in the scene with your eyes as most everyone flees. “Afraid not.”


Hi everyone! So many of you have been wondering where I’ve gone and if I’m still writing! Truth be told, I’m entering my last year of university soon, so I’ve been super busy! The blog has been a bit quiet, but I’ve been around~ Please be patient with me as I answer your asks and catch up on scenarios! School has been a little stressful, but I’ve got a handle on things! If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I really like doing au scenarios, so when I saw EXO’s MV for Star Wars, I wanted to give it a shot! I’m trying to get back into the groove of writing, so there’s definitely more to come! I hope you’ve enjoyed it! ~Jjangpanda

Some advice on tweeting the MCR guys (or any celebrity)

After everything Gerard’s been through on Twitter recently, I figured it was time to list some guidelines for tweeting the guys. I hope I don’t sound controlling or condescending, but a lot of fans seem to honestly not understand why certain things are offensive, and there are a lot of misconceptions like “oh, he’ll never see it anyway.” Hopefully, this guide will help us show the guys respect.

First and foremost, always assume that he’ll see your tweet. A lot of fans send the guys rude jokes to impress their friends, or take their anger and frustration out on them, because they don’t think they’ll ever see it anyway. But we know that Gerard, Mikey, and Frank see nasty tweets, because they’ve responded to a few, and they must see them when they’re scrolling through their mentions to talk to fans. I don’t know about Ray, but we can’t assume that he never checks his mentions. We have no idea how often the guys see our tweets. They’re probably online more often than we think: after all, Gerard recently revealed that he has a Tumblr blog, and we had no idea. And the insulting tweets that they have seen–those fans probably didn’t think the guys would see them, either. So before tweeting, ask yourself: how would you feel if you knew for a fact that he read your tweet? Better yet, if you were standing in front of him right now, could you say this to his face? If you don’t like your response, you probably shouldn’t tweet it.

Here’s some more guidelines:

1. Don’t joke about sensitive subjects like drug abuse, alcoholism, depression, suicide, etc. Not too long ago, someone replied to one of Gerard’s tweets with “are you drunk,” and he responded with “really don’t like seeing this tweet.” To fans, who usually haven’t experienced alcoholism or its effects, it might seem like just a joke. But alcoholism is a serious issue that made his life hell for many years. Seeing that tweet might have reminded him of the nightmare he went through, as well as rudely informed him that some fans take it lightly. It’s simply not funny, or acceptable to joke about.
This also goes for making fun of their weight or appearance, calling Gerard a “faggot” and teasing him about his sexuality, mocking Mikey for having a supposed midlife crisis (which isn’t something to laugh about), or calling Mikey a pervert or a pedophile for dating a 20-year-old woman. That’s not a joke, it’s a serious, offensive, and completely inaccurate accusation. Even if we don’t mean any harm, we shouldn't make a joke out of Gerard or Mikey’s hardships (or any of the guys’, really.) Have some respect for what they went through.

2. Don’t clog up their mentions with requests like “follow me!” or “send me a birthday tweet!” If we do it once or twice, it’s not a big deal, but I’ve seen people flood Gerard with the same request. “Follow me!” “Please follow me!” “I love you, follow me!” If we want a celebrity to follow us or send us a tweet, we should give them something in return. Show genuine interest in them, ask thoughtful questions, and support their work, and we might catch their attention. Sending them the same message over and over just makes us look like spammers.

3. Don’t tweet Frank and Gerard about Frerard or their sexualities. Gerard’s made it clear in the past that he doesn’t appreciate Frerard tweets. I know some people do it as a joke, but when he repeatedly says that he finds it offensive and people keep doing it, it stops being funny. Think about how we would feel if people shipped us with our best friend and sent us constant tweets about it. It’s inappropriate and clearly upsetting to Gerard. (Same goes for other ships like Waycest, Gerbert, etc.)
As for the tweets that try to inform Gerard about his own sexuality, demand the “truth,” etc.: whatever our opinion, Gerard’s sexuality is none of our business. Period. I know it might seem like it is, since this fandom speculates so much, he’s engaged in “stage gay” with Frank, and he’s addressed it several times. But we don’t know him, and he’s under no obligation to tell us these things. Demanding this information or sending him Frerard tweets is crossing a personal boundary.

4. Don’t ask for details about their personal lives. This goes with the above rule. It’s normal to wonder about things, but again, the guys’ personal lives are none of our business. Mildly personal questions are okay, but there are limits. Asking Mikey “How are you and Sarah doing?” is fine, asking him “Why did you break up with Alicia?” is not. If they want us to know something, they’ll tell us–and if they don’t, they won’t respond to our tweets anyway. Overly personal questions do nothing but make them uncomfortable.

I’ve seen people claim that we deserve personal details because we buy MCR merchandise. Gerard recently shut that down by saying on Twitter “That’s not how it works, actually. I’m not your employee, and if you’re ever disrespectful to one, then I feel bad for you.” But I also want to point out that that’s like your boss telling you he deserves graphic details about that wild party you had last night because he signs your paycheck. Buying merch doesn’t make us entitled to anything. They don’t owe us: we choose to buy that merch, and even if they did owe us, it wouldn’t give us the right to disrespect them.

5. Don’t disrespect their friends or family members, then try to get their attention. We’re entitled to our opinions about the guys’ friends and family, but if we flood our Twitter accounts with insults directed at them, then turn around and suck up to the band member in question, he’s not going to be amused. Gerard’s blocked fans for doing that in the past, including one fan who posted tweet after tweet about what a horrible person Mikey was and how he broke up the band, then tried sucking up to Gerard (and then didn’t understand why she was blocked.) They don’t appreciate fans who insult the ones they care about, whether we like those people or not.

6. Don’t send them declarations of love. It’s one thing to love a band member in a platonic, supportive way, but it’s another to say “Marry me!” “Have my babies!” “Here’s a graphic sexual proposition!” That might seem like a good way to get their attention, but honestly, it just creeps them out. Even if it’s a joke, it doesn’t sound like one, considering how many fans are dead serious when they say those things. And not only are we disrespecting the band member and his family, we’re disrespecting ourselves by throwing ourselves at a total stranger. Have some self-respect.

7. Untag them if you get into an argument. I’ve seen Gerard ask people to remove his tag from their tweets before, because a couple of people tweeted him, then got into a massive argument, and he was stuck scrolling through it in his mentions. Try to remove the band member’s tag if you start arguing with somebody, even if it’s related to him.

8. Don’t attack the guys when they screw up (or we think they screwed up.) We’ve all seen what happens when an ugly story or rumor shows up, and a large chunk of this fandom floods the band member in question with hate. Not only does that cause him a lot of pain and make the situation ten times worse, it’s none of our business in the first place. We don’t have the right to butt into his life and “punish” him for a presumed misdeed.

Imagine your parents are lecturing you for staying out past your curfew. Suddenly the neighbor woman bursts through the door and screams “You little brat! Your parents should ground you for a month!” You’d probably be angry, because the situation is none of this woman’s business, and she’s just adding fuel to the fire. Likewise, we don’t have the right to get involved with the guys’ personal lives and lecture, insult, or threaten them. All that does is make the situation much worse for everyone involved, as well as encourage rumors and mindless hate.

And the fact is, we never know the entire situation. No matter how many vague tweets are posted, no matter how many theories are spread around, no matter how many insiders gossip and share sometimes contradicting stories: we weren’t there, we saw none of this personally, and we know none of the people involved. Remember when Mikey got all that hate for cheating on his ex, only to have it come out a year later that he didn’t cheat at all? This fandom caused a ridiculous amount of unnecessary pain and suffering, not just for him, but for his friends and family members, including Gerard. It’s fine to have an opinion on situations like these, but don’t jump into the fray and worsen a situation that we have no business being in.

9. Don’t tweet the guys about the break-up, especially in an angry or insulting way.
Sometimes it might seem like the guys aren’t affected by the split at all, since it was their decision and they don’t talk about it nearly as much as we do. But My Chemical Romance was one of the most significant accomplishments of their lives, altered them in ways we probably can’t begin to imagine, and was something to which they dedicated ten years of pain, effort, and passion. They’ve all shown in different ways that the split was a difficult time in their lives, and MCR wasn’t something they tossed aside on a whim. Sending them angry accusations, demanding that they get MCR back together, pleading for a reunion, guilt-tripping them, and repeatedly bringing it up only makes it harder on everyone, including us. We have to let the guys move on with their lives, instead of trying to drag them back into the past.

10. Don’t take it personally if the guys don’t respond to your tweets. I’ve seen fans send strings of angry tweets to one of the guys for “ignoring” them. They can’t respond to every tweet, even if they want to, and they certainly don’t see all of them. They get so many tweets per day that our tweets are quickly lost in the flood.

But like I said earlier, this doesn’t mean we can send them insults, or take our anger out on them. There’s always the chance that they’ll see them and feel terrible. Remember: always assume that the guys will see your tweets, even if you don’t think they will.

11. If you’re blocked, try reevaluating your behavior. I’ve seen people get involved in drama and send Gerard nasty insults, and then turn around and wonder why he blocked them. They’re people too, guys. If Gerard (or another member) blocks us, instead of assuming he’s the bad guy, we should take a look at our own behavior. Did we insult him? Insult a friend or family member? Make an accusation? Start or get involved in drama? Chances are, we probably did something offensive. There are the odd fans who may have been unfairly blocked, but in general, that’s not the case.
Now that I’ve spent all that time talking about what we shouldn’t tweet, here’s what we should tweet:

12. Focus on what the guys want us to focus on: positivity and their future projects. Stand out from the crowd of people shouting insults, asking about their personal lives, and demanding an MCR reunion, and be positive instead. It’s not that you can’t have a negative opinion about anything, or that you should shower the guys with mindless praise, but after months of negativity, they’ll appreciate fans like you. As Gerard said in his recent letter:

As far as yesterday is concerned, the last thing I’d want anyone to feel is that I have a general perception of you all as overwhelmingly negative. That is not the case…if you are someone that spreads positivity and love then you should know who you are and take ownership of that, because it is no easy feat.

Some ways to do that:

  • Encourage their new music and projects. They have to be nervous when they share something new, and your enthusiasm will make a big difference. Notice how happy, excited, and relaxed Mikey became when Electric Century had a good reaction. Even one positive tweet from one person can make a difference.

  • Share your fan art, crafts, and other creations. Gerard especially seems to love seeing what fans come up with.

  • Participate in Q&As, games, and contests.

  • Send them encouragement, even if it’s for no particular reason at all. The guys need it right now, and who knows, you could brighten their day.

  • Show respect when asking questions or sending them tweets in general. Basically, be someone that this fandom should look up to.

Well, I hope this helps a little. If you have any more tips to this post, feel free to do so!

anonymous asked:

A character of mine is entering a battle royale. While her sister is all for going out and taking heads, she personally is more of a defender. Can you think of any weapons or tools that are good at keeping enemies away? Besides "a really big shield," like my friends are all suggesting.

You know, hunkering down and letting your enemies eliminate each other is actually a solid battle strategy. If your character is handy and depending on the type of battle royale they’re in/lay of the land, etc, then it’s possible that they could actually take a Home Alone approach which is make a castle and booby trap the crap out of everything.

The same problems would accompany this approach as a long siege, such as lack of provisions, boredom, and the fact they have no idea what’s going on around them.

It’s up to you to make it interesting though.

The short answer is that you can actually pick anything you want, a weapon’s use changes based on how you do or don’t use it. There are no “safe” weapons, they’re all dangerous. Your character could pick up a rifle and take it with her then only use it when defending the stairwell up to the area she’s chosen as her “safe space”. That’s using the weapon defensively, rather than kicking the door down into someone’s house and going in guns blazing. Going in guns blazing is offensive.

It really is all about how you choose to use it. Weapons don’t make you anything. They’re just tools like every single other tool out there. They’re made to do a job, but the one who wields them chooses the application.

Your character fights defensively or wants to, but there are a lot of ways to do that and how they do it is going to depend a lot on the rules of the Battle itself. How it’s set up, what they have access to, where they can go, etc. Defense is often defined by offense and vice versa.

The best way to defend yourself from combat is to avoid it, get away from it. Get to higher ground, find a place where your character knows they can control the terrain, and prepare to defend it after the easy pickings have been picked off.

Try to remember this though: your character fights defensively and injures someone so they can escape, then that person will be picked off or killed by someone else later. Shuffling the blame doesn’t make them any less of a murderer. This is a natural course that some people do choose to take because they are trying to protect their morality or they can’t stomach killing. Your character can choose to do it, just recognize that this doesn’t actually make them a better person.

There aren’t any save your morals softballs in this situation unless your character’s end goals are a prison break. The hunted either eventually becomes the hunter, turn the tables, or they do something else to ensure they get out alive… or they don’t. They die.

Unless you’re changing the rules a lot, a battle royale is essentially a survival story. It doesn’t matter if it’s Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, The Running Man, or 2000′s Japanese action thriller Battle Royale. Your character’s goals will change how the narrative plays out, their desires and their wants. Revenge on the person or people who betrayed them/put them in this situation. Desire to survive, live, go home to their families. They need money. Whatever.

“I want to survive but I don’t want to kill anyone” is a classic cliche, and the point of this one narratively is that the character is eventually forced to choose. They must choose between their own survival and their desire to not kill anyone.

For example, The Hunger Games could have ended with Rue as the victor. The narrative links Rue to Katniss’ sister Prim as the innocent child. The role of the protector is to save the child and inevitably to sacrifice their life for them. This link would cause Katniss to sacrifice her life after everyone else died to ensure Rue’s victory. Natural tragic ending to the trope.

Every character has multiple paths based on the narrative themes you choose to play with and ultimately those themes are going to be more important than the weapons you choose to give them. They may have synergy with their weapon or not.

You can have them pick a weapon they have no idea how to use based on a very different decision making process. This can lead to a fascinating series of events all on its own as the character learns about violence on the go.

If your character doesn’t know much about weapons, then they’ll pick based on what they think the best choice is rather than what your or I do. I don’t pick weapons based on what I think the best are for the situation. I actually pick them based on what my character knows/understands about the world/their own training with a side of their personality. While one of my characters can use multitudes of weapons, she really, really loves her shotgun. You could not pay her to fence with a 19th century British saber, but she could kill you with it. Another of my characters loves her longsword because she practices HEMA. Another you will only ever pry her Glock 17 out of her cold, dead fingers.

They all have very different versions of what “defensive” looks like or would look like, even if you dropped them into a Battle Royale. The first one would avoid everyone they could and just make a beeline toward whoever dropped them into this situation, making the executive choice to only murder those responsible and the ones who choose to stand by them or get in her way. The second would try to get the participants to join up and work together in order to figure on a way out. The last one would win the competition and then kill everyone involved on their way out.

All of these options are actually defensive, even when taking the offensive. Defense is protecting yourself from harm. That’s all it means. Whether that’s a blocked punch or murdering the stalker following you through the bushes that’s planning to put your head on a spike. Fighting defensively can simply be not aggressively pursuing your enemy. Or aggressively pursuing the right one. In females A, B, and C above you see three different choices that express their personality types and their morals.

A doesn’t care about the Royale itself or the people in it, but she’s interested in ensuring it never happens again. Instead of accepting the status quo, she’ll go after the source. It will most likely end brutally and there will be spectacular explosions as an example is made.

B would like those smart enough and willing to survive actually manage to survive, she’s the type of leader who pulls people together making the most of their skills in order to figure out an escape plan.

C knows her best chance at killing those responsible is to play along, so she’ll play the game perfectly until the end when she murders them all.

Defense is what you make it.

So, what does your character think a “defensive” weapon is? A gun? A knife? A cudgel? A can of pepper spray? A tazer?

While it’s good to give your character a weapon that is appropriate to the situation, it’s doubly important to give them a weapon that they understand how to use. If you pulled up a list of weapons off the internet and stared at the pictures, what weapon would your character gravitate toward?

Research that one. Figure out it’s strengths, limitations, how it is normally used. Then step back to your setting, the events that will be happening/playing out in this battle and think about what you’ve learned about this weapon from your research. Whether they’ll work well or not doesn’t matter because that’s what your character picked.

Don’t munchkin it.

Roll with the punches.

Figuring out how your character will choose to use their weapon in the environment and circumstances they’ve found themselves in is half the fun.

Their weapon is not going to save them. They are going to save themselves. Maybe the weapon will help and maybe it won’t, maybe it’ll help them in some battles but not others.


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** THIS IS GOING TO BE A LONG POST. Im not putting it under a “read more”, because i dont want my theme to distract from the points im making. Also i want people to read this. I put this in the “long post” tag for courtesy.**

This has literally been bothering me ever since i found out they outright cursed out my friend and fellow artist. I attempted to play devil’s advocate in some parts, but i just couldn’t justify these actions but through suggestions. Keep an open mind, and please try and report this user. Since instagram’s report system is confusing, i’ve made a somewhat step-by-step process through here [X].

Now with that out of the way; let’s get this fucking party started, shall we?

Let’s first go through the situation at hand first:

This user on instagram that goes by the name “america.england” has been posting “screenshots” and unsourced art of USUK art from their computer/mobile device. They claim to have downloaded all of their photo’s via Google and screenshots from other instagram users. Thus, according to their logic, means that they “don’t have to” source who created the art they enjoy in the first place. When artists first found out about this user, they first simply asked to take down their art, because that was the original artist’s wishes. This is a normal ritual that goes down when someone’s art is reposted; they ask for it to be taken down, and the user complies. But, this user then curses out the artists, threatens to block them, shows their unbreakable pride further than they should, and tries to justify their actions with poor excuses and foul attitude. This user still has a bunch of followers for no other reason then that they are basically a instagram-tumblr blog who posts their saved pictures onto a social media site w/o sourcing, and gets into a hissy fit whenever they are proven wrong. Then they desperately try and justify themselves, hiding their flaws through lies* and self-victimising, and in the end, dont learn their lesson.

Multiple people and artists have tried to take down their account, or at least try and tell them what they are doing is wrong. But, pride in strong in this one, kids. (And i’m going to mention pride often in this, so beware.)

Even though we succeeded in getting some art taken down, their account is still up. They used to put millions of tags on their reposts, even though they claimed to have “no time to find the original artists”. So, after a bunch of the art got deleted, they started tagging just one tag. “#usuk”.

As you can tell from the screenshots above, they tried to once again justify their actions, for what seems to be their last huzzah, or so we hope. But there are still millions of flaws in their argument, and since i am a USUK artist who got their old-ass art reposted on their account, and i have a lot of things to say, i will try and let everyone know why what they are saying is still extremely horrifying.

Let’s go through this once sentence at a time, shall we?

“This account isn’t for your enjoyment. This account was made because I saved 1000+ photos and wanted to save space by posting them.” 

Why not just use Photobucket, find another online picture saver, or at least a place where IT’S NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA SITE MADE TO SHARE TO A LARGE CROWD? (This is also a main point to this argument, im going to bring this up often.) If you wanted to “save space”, and didnt want to spend money, go to a site that allows you to do that and don’t try and gain followers for your “storage”.

“I have respect for the artists that make these drawings. Fuck, I’m even an artist myself and attend a school for animation.”

As an artist who attended/will eventually continue to attend school for animation/arts in High School AND College, and have PROOF that i am of age and actually studied in that field, this is kind of offensive to people like me. Sure, this is somewhat valid if what they are claiming is true, but unless i am proven otherwise (and im open to being proven wrong unlike this bloke), let’s just assume they’re just playing the victim card. This statement is like saying a racist joke but then claiming “but my friend is a POC, i can say that, we’re best friends”. I know, i’ve done that before. It’s still wrong. If you are an artist, and you say you have respect for other artists, don’t shit on artists. Even if you dont consider yourself an artist, it doesnt change either way. You’re either a hypocrite, or an asshole. You pick.

“But you people are asking for a source that I don’t have and I realize you’re asking me to go the extra mile to find the artist but I.DONT.WANT.TO. I made this account for ME. This is basically a photo album for me.”

I can tell you from the top of my head some wonderful people who GO that extra mile to MAKE SURE they 1) have permission from the original artist and 2) source them correctly. There are literally dozens of lovelies that i follow that give me the source, the permission link, and the beautiful art that comes with the package. These tumblr blogs are solely dedicated to making sure the artist is happy with their actions, and there are tumblr blogs solely dedicated to making sure assholes like you source your shit. Hell, ive even seen some of your fellow USUK instagram blogs who source to SOURCE YOUR SHIT if you’re going to post other’s art on another SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM. If you dont want to be that person, fine, you dont have to. Just PLEASE dont share it to a large audience if it’s meant to be a PHOTO ALBUM for YOU. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile to be respectful, stay 5 miles back, you dingus.

“This account could have had 0 followers and been private but I decided to make it open to public viewers.”

WHY? WHY THOUGH? That’s literally the opposite of a personal storage. Again, this is a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM, meant to be used as a place where artists, bloggers, shops, etc get their stuff out to a large audience. If you wanted to share your “photo album” to your friends, that’s what Skype is for, that’s what Snapchat is for, that’s what a private Facebook is for, NOT a public instagram account. Literally anything private for you and your friends. Not a “following”. If your account “could have been private and have 0 followers”, and you seem to be fine with that, then FUCKING DO THAT??? All of these problems could be solved if you just make the account private and not have the intention of gaining young USUK lovers for your sick ego.

“You people who are dm-ing me and telling me to kill myself are not helping. I will post the content I want.”

This is probably one of the few things i agree with. People should NOT be telling anyone to kill themselves. But, you are making people angry for your terrible actions and reactions. Though, that does not justify these people’s actions. That stuff is terrible, no one deserves that. Its true, that’s not helping, but maybe it will open your eyes a little bit if you decide to be open minded. Instead of these people trying to shove you down, try and use that motivation to not get angry, but to look at it in their perspective. Again, this does NOT justify this user getting these type of DM’s, but take a look again on why they are acting this way. You have the right to post the content you want, but it HAS to follow the guidelines of the person who owns the art, and the guidelines of instagram. You, my friend, violated both of those.

“If you want the source and I so happen to have it, I will give it to you. When I mean “source” I mean name of a doujinshi. I don’t have the artists names because half of my photos are screenshots from other accounts. The other half are photos I save from google and even those don’t have their name.”

THIS is the gold here, friends. THIS is their prime argument. There are SO many things wrong with this, and here’s why: Why would you dare go as low as screenshoting from other’s accounts, or just randomly save from fucking Google images. Do you need me to tell you how Google fucking works? It’s a search engine that allows you to find the images and sources you want. GOOGLE IS NOT A WEBSITE THAT IN ITSELF HAS ALL THE THINGS YOU NEED. You HAVE to go INTO the links and sites that it suggests to you, and not just save from the fucking search engine itself. Maybe if you actually took 3 seconds to click the goddamn link, it could have taken you to someone’s deviantart or tumblr. I can’t even fucking believe this idiotic logic you have. It’s just so baffling. It’s like walking down a street, taking pictures of some cool landmarks, but not telling people where to go visit them itself. You’re just showing them pictures. If someone wanted to go there themselves, they cant, because you’re a selfish prick who didnt bother to look up at the signs. If someone wanted to leave a donation to said landmark to support it, they can’t, because they’d have to wander the streets looking for it instead of you giving them the map that you recklessly tossed away. It’s unnecessary work. The reason why so many people don’t include links and sources nowadays, is because of assholes like you who have this stupid logic. “Well, i didn’t write down the directions, because this person didnt do it either.” It’s a vicious cycle, and it needs to stop. Don’t continue it. Just because your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

“I also enjoy the fact that people are targeting me because I do happen to post on a regular basis and have 1k+.”

????? THIS IS PURE NARCISSISM AND PRIDE, FOLKS. NO ONE cares how many followers you have. NO ONE cares if you “post on a regular basis”. It’s just easier to find you, that’s why you’re being “targeted”. (Also your tags are pretty long, friend. It’s not hard.) If other accounts did the same things you were doing, they would get the same treatment. You’re not special, just because you flip-off artist’s hard work. You’re just another asshole who can’t keep their ego in their pants for 0.3 seconds. “LOL fuck the ‘haters’, i dont care, fuck the man LOLOL”. Keep it behind closed doors, dude. Don’t wave your dick in people’s faces. Sorry, im just so sick of this at this point. Just, don’t be a prick about how your actions are “justified”, honestly.

“If you really expect me to post the source now, you are gladly mistaken.”

I think you spelled “my ego and pride is too big for me to carry, so i’m going to pretend i did nothing wrong and not look at my mistakes” wrong.

“I mean, would you rather me end my life or not post the source?”

How about you just listen to the artists of the art (that you so happen to say you “respect”) that you are reposting? Are you so stuck on either listening to death treats, or not listening to reason? The answer is literally right in front of you. Just say you’re sorry, and move on. Are you really so intent on literally not stopping what you’re doing, that you’re willing to end your own life? Why.

“If you want to bitch about me and my decision, unfollow?? Like I don’t want you on my account if you’re going to be bitching and complaining about my personal choice. Everyone who decides to comment negatively about this will be blocked. I don’t have time for your shit. I don’t care who you are, how many followers you have & even if I am following you. this account was made for ME. follow if you want, I could care less.”

Translation: “If you don’t want to see me shit in public, then don’t look lol”. Yo, you’re using a SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM that is designed to be SHARED WITH STRANGERS. If you want to shit with your friends while holding hands, or shit privately, then DO IT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. Make your account private or use a different platform that isn’t social. Just because I and many others don’t like what you are doing, doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to spread your indecency to other unknowingly innocent people who dont know any better. Again, this is just encouraging the vicious cycle. Let me say it again just in case it wasn’t clear:


Literally look at the comments left on this post. People are supporting this because “well, other people do it and they say its okay, so i’ll just listen to this person instead of the artist that im taking the art from.” Sure, your intentions are not meant to be harmful, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you are harming people still. Just because you acknowledge your actions, doesnt mean its solved.

The reason it takes “hours” to find a proper source, is because assholes like this keep on growing the gap between the artist and their art. PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS INSTEAD.

It’s okay to admit that you’re wrong. It’s okay to learn from your mistakes. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to grow. It’s okay to be human.




BUT, if you try and rebuttal against my arguments, just be aware that i am open to potentially being wrong, and i am open minded to other sides of the story. Like a decent human being.

//drops mic//

delphinusdreams  asked:

Do you dislike bronies? I don't mean the awful ones, I more just mean the whole concept of a guy liking the series because its a good series and stuff. I know they typically don't care about the originals or toys, but do those fans bother you?

Well… it’s a tricky question! I hope I will explain properly! tl;dr ahoy! ;) 

Do I dislike the concept of “a guy liking the series because it’s a good series and stuff”? No way! I love that guys are getting into a “girly” show, and are enjoying something that otherwise they might dismiss out of hand as “typical girly junk”! I think it’s awesome to recognize that girl-focused properties (MLP, Littlest Pet Shop, etc.) can be just as exciting as their boy counterparts (Transformers, Superhero Squad, etc.)! Personally, MLP is a huge part of my life, and if other people can enjoy something I enjoy, I’m gonna be happy for them!! (And I’m always happy to have more fans to interact with, too!) 

The problem I have with the ‘Brony’ thing is, well, there’s multiple layers. I was originally under the assumption that male fans of MLP were interested in breaking down gender barriers, embracing traditionally non-male roles, and the like; instead, it seems like the majority of them are desperate to re-assert how manly they are instead, and by association how “manly” they think MLP: FiM is/should be. :/ Hence the “Bro” part of their title, and the seeming obsession with making porn, violent/gory fanfiction/art of the show, making an entire fighting game based on a cartoon about friendship and working out problems non-physically. Doesn’t that seem a little ironic?! Heck, there’s even a popular Brony fan who is popular solely because he describes himself as the “manliest Brony alive.” Doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive to a distinctly feminine and feminist show? 

I think it’s normal, as adults, to sort of ascribe certain “adult” qualities to the fandoms we’re in; I’m not decrying the presence of any adult fanfiction or art. As adults, we want to see adult material sometimes, but the issue I take is when it seems like people are only interested in the show when there’s adult themes attached to it. It seems like there’s a preponderance of sexually explicit material involving the ponies, and it feels doubly inappropriate considering that it is both a children’s program, and one with feminist themes, at least in the earlier seasons/show’s concept. 

Finally, one of the biggest issues I take with the Brony “movement” is the way they have made the online spaces significantly unsafe for other fans, especially children. I have heard stories from friends about being “run out” of Brony communities due to very sexist behavior, and even something as simple as a Google search often pops up with unrelated porn. If you are making the websites focused around a show for children unsafe for children to view, how is that being a good fan? 

Sometimes it feels like “fans” of MLP are people who approrach the show, and think “how can I fit myself into this world?”, whereas Bronies approach it and think, “how can I change this world to fit my interests?” 

I hope I’ve explained myself properly. I have met some Bronies who are interested in the show solely because they enjoy the characters and the world they inhabit, but they sadly seem rather few and far-between. I’ve met some very, very rude Bronies, and I’m sure they have tainted my view on the group as a whole, sadly. But if you (general you) consider yourself a Brony and want to follow my blog, please feel free to do so! I don’t have any problem with Bronies following me, and if they enjoy what I post, then I’m happy for them! 

Lots of people, young people in their vast majority, use Tumblr and other social sites to talk about their favorite TV shows, cartoons, movies, etc. That’s fine to have one but I’ve been noticing a horrifying trend among Christians that have such kind of blogs.

I’ve been noticing a lot of people what have their blogs dedicated to such things end up posting indecent photos and photos with dirty language in the caption. Pornography is a sin, homosexuality is a sin, getting drunk is a sin, cursing is a sin and so on. I noticed that lots of people are basically spending their time praising the work of the devil and trying to follow God at the same time and that will never work.

We all know that famous passage in Matthew 6:24 that tells us that “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money” right? The word “money” in the English translation comes from mammon, the Aramaic term for wealth or possessions. The point is not that money is inherently evil, but that it is often misused so that it is a means of evil. God must be first, not money or possessions. Same goes for most of everything in life, they might not be inherently evil but people misuse it and make it evil.

How many people watch movies with scenes of violence, sex, gay, adulterous, alcoholic consumption and all sorts of sin in them and end up leaving the theater pleased with the movie even though it had all sorts of things the Bible condemns, only because that movie had a plot which we sympathized with or had lots of action scenes? Gotta give credit to the devil, he’s good at masquerading his deception, but then again as the Bible tells us, “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” He’s the king of deception and people are being desensitized little by little to the wickedness of this world. Little by little people are drifting further away from the God of Israel.

I see so many people with blogs dedicated to things that honestly don’t deserve any kind of praise whatsoever. For instance, Supernatural fandom blogs have no problem portraying angels of heaven as “bad” guys. The show makes it seem as if there’s a hierarchy in Hell, when in fact the Bible tells us every single soul in Hell will be in torture, even the devil and his demons. The show portrays an absent God. Not to mention that show portrays casual sex, violence, killing, and everything that is wicked as normal events. And what’s worst is that it starts to plant the seed on people’s mind that just being a “good person” is enough to go to Heaven if they die without accepting Jesus as their savior. Will Jesus allow entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven for those who say they had “cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?” or will He say, “I never knew you. Get away from Me, you who break God’s laws” as we are told in Matthew 7? Good works without faith mean absolutely nothing at all (Romans)! Just as faith without works means nothing (James)! Works are a byproduct of your faith. Do not be fooled, there’s no such thing as a “good person” in this world and no matter how hard you try, you can never get to Heaven by your own deeds.

We also have fandoms dedicated to Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, and many other shows like them even though we know the Lord tells us not to have anything to do with witchcraft and sorcery whatsoever. Books/movies which shows things which the Bible strictly prohibit isn’t “fun” but rather it’s an ingenious deceptive way to desensitize us to the truth of the Bible.

One of the biggest fandoms come from the longest running TV show, Doctor Who. A man/god who time travels, changes forms, capable to doing ungodly things, but all very well-masked in a sci-fi setting. A show that showed the Earth being formed and being destroyed not as the Bible tells us of its origins and its future end. For decades this show has captivated the hearts of countless people. Countless people throughout decades just being fascinated by aliens, time travel and all this non-sense. As always, the devil finds “fun” ways for us to spend our time away from the only One who can truly save us, Jesus Christ.

So many other shows such as 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, Modern Family, and all these other shows which show it’s perfectly normal to have sex as often as you’d like with strangers, being drunk, following a homosexual lifestyle and even going as far as showing 2 underage boys kissing each other just to be the one to show the “youngest underage gay kiss ever” as if that’s something to be proud of.

How about cartoons such as The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, SpongeBob and so many others that make fun of Christianity and our core values at every chance they get? How can you possibly even want to watch something that mocks Jesus and our faith in Him and not have a problem with it all? And what’s more worrisome, how can you laugh at those jokes and still consider yourself a Christian? Is the Holy Spirit not dwelling within you to convict you of sin and show you God’s righteousness as Jesus talked about in John 16?

There’s also blogs dedicated to certain singers and/or bands. These bands play secular music and their everyday actions and beliefs show little to no regard for Christ whatsoever, so one must wonder why is anyone following/listening to such people to begin with? Why admire someone for their music/works if there’s no faith in them? Why admire anyone who doesn’t thank their Father in Heaven for their lives here on earth, especially if they’ve been blessed so much? Why worship, and that is a form of worship, anyone who won’t bring glory to Yahweh’s name?

Or even something as “innocent” as yoga is a terrible way to mislead people. Yoga’s movements are meant to connect you with the “divine” and even the way people greet and say good bye to each other by putting their hands together and bowing and saying Namaste is a horrible offense, because that action means “I bow to the divine in you.” A Christian should NEVER practice yoga. A healthy alternative to yoga is Pilates, which doesn’t have all the Indian false religious nonsense.

I beg you, read your Bibles and learn about our Lord and praise Him rather than praise the things of this world. As the apostle Paul wrote to Timothy, in these last days people “will love fun instead of loving God” and sadly enough we’ve fallen to the trap of thinking it’s okay to have a little fun which isn’t Biblically approved every now and then. The only One that is worthy of your praises and your time is the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t be one of those people who Paul talks about who love to have worldly fun rather than rejoice in loving God.

People end up basically worshiping their TV shows and characters, celebrities, cartoons or whatever their fandom blog is about. It’s fine to have some entertainment as long as we don’t go out of your way to make it into something it’s not, and especially we shouldn’t be praising it instead of praising the Lord. The only One that deserves all our praises is God. We should follow His Word wholeheartedly and stay in the path of righteousness.

We should dedicate our time to God. We can still have fun and enjoy TV and listen to music and everything, but don’t divide your time between God and the world because the world is a sinful place and God is sinless. God demands obedience and devotion and we can’t obey or be devoted to Him if all we do in our spare time is to praise things of this world rather than praise the Lord for His sacrifice so you could be saved. Remember that He died for ALL OF US to be saved, all we have to do is accept Him as our Lord and repent from sin.

We are in this world but let us not be of this world. As Paul wrote in Romans 12:2, “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

We should stop with our idolatry of the things of this world which the Bible tells are wicked and please turn to God. Let us not be a Sunday-only type of Christian. We can’t hold hands with the devil 6 days of the week and expect to be saved only because we go to Church on Sundays. As pastor Paul Washer said, if that’s your idea of Christianity, you have no Christianity.

This post has multiple unpopular opinions.

1.This is about pronouns and all that stuff.

First of all, I don’t get why you can’t call someone an it. Maybe it’s because in my language it is normal. No one ever says she/he looked at me, it’s always ‘it looked at me’. Saying she/he is not normal, except in literature. I get that you associate with it differently, but I just don’t get it. Who cares about 'it’? It’s gender-neutral, and I think it would be cool if it would be used in english language too as a regular word for someone. But that’s just a thought, I’m not actually going to call anyone an it if they don’t like it.

Also we have the same word for she/he. I get why people don’t want to be called a wrong gender tho.

Back to opinions - the pronouns like bunself and faeself. YES YES I KNOW. Everyone is bitching about these, but I have to ask something. 

Now keep in mind, I’ve never harassed any otherkins or anything like that, and I wouldn’t want to. They’re mostly nice people and I respect them. But. Why do you call yourself as a faeself? It has nothing to do with gender?? You don’t call your dog pupself. And while that argument seems common and you all hate it, I’ve never seen any explanation for this. Only angry reaction gifs and rants over how much of an idiot someone is.

So until someone explains that to me, my opinion is going to stand. I’d like it if someone would educate me on this.

2. I hate how tumblr curses and calls each other dumb stuff, no matter positive or negative. Whenever someone posts something kinda funny and not too serious here, it gets a funny answer. But that funny answer is always like “GO HANG YOURSELF YOU PIECE OF SHIT”. And I get that it’s most likely a joke but it’s just SO ANNOYING. Also when there’s a sad comic and people add dumb stuff with cursing and all that. 

ANNOYING. But I’m not telling you not to do it - have fun, if it’s not hurting anyone.

3. People have to stop bitching about the queen Beyonce thing. It’s a joke (AS FAR AS I KNOW). No one actually idolizes her that much, it’s just a thing that happened and now is sticking.

Stop. Bitching. About. It.

4. People also need to stop bitching about fandoms. Don’t like them? Don’t follow a blog that has fandom stuff on it. And don’t come crying to me 'IT’S IMPOSSIBLE BWAH’’ because it is not. I have a lot of friends who have no problems with fandoms because they follow blogs that they like. I get that people don’t like fandoms, I could be considered a fangirl  myself. Even I hate fandoms pretty often. So annoying.

But they’re just people! They’re doing something they like and until another situation comes where someone is being harassed without a reason, we shouldn’t care. But there will be more situations where everyone gets together as a group and bullies others. So yeah.

Stop that shit too tumblr. Bullying is NOT ok.

5. I don’t know how unpopular of an opinion this is, but I don’t give a shit is it 'feminist’ or 'egalitarian’ (or whatever it was). Just say you want equality, and that’s it. Don’t continue using words that everyone misunderstands.

That might help.

6. People need to stop hating on bronies. They do the same shit every other fandom does, especially disney. Just let it go.

I get that the internet is a dangerous place, and yes, all explicit stuff should be tagged or guarded for little kids. But don’t say someone is scum because they’re simply in a fandom. Thanks.

7. I’ll end this lightly and say that I think that chihuahuas are sorta creepy with their huge eyes. Of course I still love them since they’re dogs, but it looks really weird is all.

Thank you if you read all of my opinions! Please don’t put mean things in the comments. You can be polite, I know it :).

You and Mr. Barnes - Chapter 10

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to update yesterday. But I’m back and ready to do that. I think this chapter is bit longer than previous ones. At first this and Chapter 9  was going to be one chapter, but I decided to break it up to add some tension.

Here we’re going to see another step at breaking down Bucky’s barrier. It’s one of my favorites so far and I hope you all like it too.

Remember that my blog homepage has a clickable link to all the chapters that have previously been published. Thanks for reading and for the messages. You guys are the best.


After roughly an hour, Bucky woke to a silent apartment. Your voice echoed in his mind, “I won’t be more than a half-hour…” He slid out of bed and put an ear to the bedroom door. There wasn’t a sound. Nothing from the bathroom, no footsteps… you took your phone with you too.

“She was taken,” he muttered, getting dressed in his field uniform. “She was taken or robbed… have to find her.” He checked his gun for ammo level: full. He was about to pull on a shirt and boots when he heard the apartment door open. There was no knock. You promised to knock three times, didn’t you?

That was your voice that announced you were back with an apology for being late, but there could have easily been four armed men right behind you, threatening you to act normal. Bucky did the next logical thing and hid behind the door frame. Surely you would open it to check on him.

You didn’t disappoint.

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