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Complete this conversation: "Chuck! Stop embarrassing me in front of Dean... FATHER!"

“Chuck! Stop embarrassing me in front of Dean! Father!”

Chuck willfully ignores Castiel’s protests as he pulls out another renaissance art book.

“And here’s another intaglio of Castiel,” he says, turning the book toward Dean. “I sent a vision to a blind monk in the 16th century just so he would be inspired to make this piece.” Dean quirks an eyebrow, considering the picture of a pink cheeked angel, hair flowing as he dances.

“That’s … great, Chuck,” Dean says. “Uh… so, are you saying all that religious art was made so that… you could have pictures of your kids.”

“Well, we didn’t have instagram back then, Dean,” Chuck says. “If I wanted any images of my children I just had to… inspire some artists.”

“So, the renaissance was your…?”

“Brag book, yes.” He picks up another book. “Did I show you ‘The Birth of Venus’ yet?” Castiel groans.

“Daaaaaad, no bath photos, please!”

Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys

I dreamt about you nearly every night this week // he soñado contigo casi todas las noches esta semana: Piscis, Leo

How many secrets can you keep? // Cuantos secretos puedes guardar?: Capricornio, Libra

Because there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and i play it on repeat //  porque hay una melodía que encontré, que de alguna manera me hace pensar en ti cuando la pongo a repetir: Escorpio, Sagitario

Until I fall asleep, spilling drinks on my settee //  hasta que caigo dormido, derramando bebidas sobre mi sofá: Aries, Virgo

Do I want to know? if this feeling flows both ways // Quiero saberlo? si este sentimiento fluye en ambos sentidos: Tauro

Sad to see you go, was sort of hoping that you’d stay // es triste al ver que te vas, creo que de alguna manera esperaba que te quedaras: Acuario

Baby, we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day //  cariño, los dos sabemos que las noches se hicieron principalmente para decir cosas que no puedes decir mañana: Cáncer, Géminis


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I am trying to write a fantasy adventure with different dynamic characters. I have already thought of some of the characters and have a plan for the direction of the story to go but I'm trying to figure out how to start it like the perfect hook to get people to read it or to start a flow of action. Any tips?

Hi! I’d love to help.

You could start with the event that kicks off your conflict. For example, if your conflict is that your antagonist wants to overthrow the royalty and rule the kingdom, you could start with your characters getting news of your antagonist’s first attack on the royalty/the kingdom’s army. Start with the main problem, so that your readers know what to expect from your story – anything else will be extraneous.

You could also start with your characters’ call to action. For example, maybe your characters have heard about attacks against the royalty/the kingdom’s army, but what causes them to take action? Does someone force/talk them into taking action, or do they decide enough is enough and start moving? (Keep in mind that whatever your characters do to start with, they should probably start small – we call it “rising action” for a reason!)

You could also start with a scene or two to introduce a couple of your main characters, and give some info on the background/setting. For example, in Stephen King’s The Stand, many characters from many different places come together, and he follows somewhat of a formula: the first chapter is Character A’s POV; the second is Character A’s and then Character B’s; the third is Character A’s, then Character B’s, then Character C’s; and so on. Depending on how many characters you have and how quickly you want to start the rising action, this might be a good route for you. (Keep in mind, though, that Stephen King had somewhat of an introduction/preface in which the inciting incident – a deadly virus being unleashed from the government laboratory in which it was stored – takes place, and all his character introductions are the union of his characters and that problem – in other words, in chapter one, Character A is introduced to that virus as others around him get sick; in chapter two Character A’s saga continues and the virus is brought into Character B’s world; and so on. So even if you use this method, don’t wait too long to introduce your main conflict.)

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask! - @authors-haven

SIREN REVIEW #0003 : Black Crow : Eamon Brown

Designed by @darkfumaa

[Submission post]

[Backstory post]

I can’t remember the last time I nearly cried while reading something. I wasn’t emotionally attached to Airi at all when I read through this, she was only mentioned once and that was in the beginning.

So why did I nearly cry when I read the end?

Let me tell you why. Because you have a good flow.

You didn’t rush to submit this. The way you wrote the whole thing shows you gave the right amount of focus to Eamon’s backstory, just enough to grab the reader’s attention and at the same time have them continue wanting to know what happens next. The right focus, without going all over the place. His change of character was realistic, believable and, somewhat relatable (you know, if you were an orphaned siren yourself).You even used the idea from the little doodle I did for your sketchdump! I smiled so much at that, it made such a good build up for his attitude towards his job.

Originally, when you first submitted, I’d already liked the idea that Eamon adapted the role of a kind of Angel of Death for both good and evil. And honestly it’s a good thing that you decided to put them separately because the cluster of information probably wouldn’t have much of an impact as they did now. In light of the recent age meme as well, there’s something about his smile that says everything about your written backstory. A lot of pain you can’t really see behind it, and I love it.

And the fact that you even wanted to expand on his character in such detail makes me so happy- you didn’t submit just for the sake of submitting. Not for the sake of getting art. You gave heart. So thank you for that, because it really matters so much for content creators like me to know you have so much love for making and developing your own character in our world.

Thank you for joining us, and I hope to see more of this angel around.


This sketch is a good example of what I’ve been struggling to understand. Animating a figure as a solid image makes for a good, quick, resource-light work flow. The trouble is it’s also pretty limiting with what you can do or get away with. It’s not that it’s impossible to make anything with this, Modest Mouse published a beautiful music video eight years ago (I’m getting old!) that used this exact technique.

it’s just that I’m not certain this is the direction I want to go in. I’ve got a good idea of a way I can use that “click” I mentioned previously in a good way, so I’m gonna experiment with that next. I”m just kind of sad I don’t get to animate like this more often… If all goes well though, in the coming months my animation free time will increase exponentially!

They’re singing “Barrett’s privateers” by stan rogers, by the way.

Hey guys! So as you may or may not know I’ve been really busy dealing with school and music lately, and so it’s been very difficult finding time / inspiration to write fics. I still have 10 requests left to complete; however, I’ve really been liking the idea of where you guys send in one sentence, and I write the next five. It’s a good way for me to get my creative juices flowing, and it’s not time-consuming. I will still be posting fics, but until my schoolwork load gets lighter, they will be less frequent. If you want a little drabble, then please send one sentence in my ask box and I’ll write five more. Thank you guys so much!

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Hello. I greatly enjoy your stories. But your recent one hit me with concern. In a recent one Alex as told to leave the cock ring on all night. Now I know it is just a story but that is VERY dangerous. Cock rings can make you lose blood proper flow to your genitals if on for more than 40 minutes. I say this because someone might read that and want to try it with a partner and I think you should know the health risk.

Thank you for sharing this.

Guys my stories are not how to guides for sex

Also, generally, if a cock ring is stretchy and silicone, and you check for numbness… Like loose enough that the penis can go soft in…you will be fine. But it could be dangerous without proper observation and such, maybe not the brightest thing to do….

Seriously, I know writing can be frustrating - there’s the times when it just doesn’t flow, when you know that there’s something missing, when you know you just have to get it down and come back to fix it later (and fix it, AND FIX IT, and probably cut it in the end), when you are doing the research and it takes forever, when you are stuck on a DAMN WORD of all things or there’s a block or the plot seems inane or….

There’s a lot of things that seem to make you frustrated enough to want to cry. The thought of no one wanting to read it. Your own pathetic ability. Daring to try to get published (whenever).

But that feeling when you’re writing and you’re smiling because you love what you’ve just typed? That grin on your face?

Yeah, that makes it all worthwhile. Even if you’ll be the only one who appreciates it, it’s worthwhile.

Taking a Break, Please Read if Interested!

To all my followers, I have reached a point where for now motivation is out my window and I feel my creative juices not flowing at all. I will work on uploading more screenshots I have taken and making photosets for today but I will take time off to focus on my Jacob Frye story from Monday on. I will leave queues for some posts, though. Still, you’re more than welcome to leave messages, tags, or asks for me or requests for lllmissfryelll. And why, you may ask? Well, too many personal issues about my life, job, and thoughts are driving me nuts and I want a time-out for now.
Yet, I will thank you that in my short absence, you keep on being there as usual and if you see anything you like, reblog it, like it, save it, use it. I’m here to entertain you with silly things of Jacob and that isn’t going to change ever.
Like I said, messages, asks, tags, and mentions will still be replied back to on a daily basis until I come back.
Hugs and kisses, E

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Aiming by Locke Rinannis

@lockerinannis​ courageously took up the challenge to draw this very annoying bow, I mean.. I LOVE that bow, but it’s a damn plain to draw. I love Locke’s take on Ilwe’rans outfit, the flowing cloth and the BOOTS. I love those boots, they are simple and beautiful ♥ !

The Godsbow by.. Well me.

This one was some sort of redraw, or rather an attempt to see how much I progressed in a year and a half. I’m still proud of the result (and it’s still my glamour ♥)

FC Art by Darkness127

This one is just crazy and the FF style makes it completely epic. Click on the link and have a look at it full size, plus you’ll be able to see every single character close up !

Thank you for the ask @cynicaldjinn ♥ !

Send me 🎨 and I’ll show you one of my favorite OC art and explain why I like it !I

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Just a thought... instead of putting all your energy into answering Larrie bullshit posts, why can't you just write a chapter or two of WECCD?

Wow… You’re a little ignorant and uninformed, aren’t you?

Not that it’s any of your business – because I don’t write for YOU specifically, and because I actually write for FREE, so I can write whenever I want to – writing isn’t always as easy as sitting down and spilling words onto a word document. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it takes more energy than a writer has. Sometimes you know exactly how you want the words to flow but it just doesn’t sound right, or it doesn’t work – or for the fucking life of you, you can’t figure out how to make the words sound as pretty out loud as it does in your head.

Hell, sometimes you NEED to put it away for a day – or two, or three – because you’ve exhausted your writing brain. Sometimes you’re just not in the mood. Sometimes you’ve got shit going on in your real life that makes it too hard to focus on writing something good so you don’t bother writing anything at all. And sometimes even the stuff that you do write turns out to be complete shit anyway, so you delete it and start again.

So, just a thought but… Don’t be so judgmental and ignorant.


Yuuri tells Victor his thoughts during their first dance.

I want to thank @thehobbem so, so much for co-writing the dialogue! She spent hours going through metas and crafting this line-by-line with me. Yuuri was much harder to write for than Victor and I couldn’t have done it without her tireless work. ;u; I also want to thank @teasidesketches for doing final revisions despite not being in the fandom. You two are the best. <3

I also want to dedicate this to @solfegefaerie for being the first one to give me the idea of writing Yuuri’s vows. They’re not vows this time, but I thought this was suiting. :) 

If you can, you should read this while listening to “Yuri on Ice.” I matched the flow of the comic to that of the song, hence the tribute to the representation of Yuuri as the lone piano until Victor comes into his life as the violin (in case you were wondering about the sudden Music AU thrown in the middle there). 

Pair comic to Victor’s Vows.

Zodiac Signs + Meeting New People
  • Aries: show them you're cool, they'll be cool with you
  • Taurus: might be selective at first, depending on the situation or atmosphere
  • Gemini: sees no problem in conversation, as long as you're not a douchebag
  • Cancer: they have to feel like you want to talk and stuff, then they will
  • Leo: pretty good at meeting new peeps, you have to have a certain vibe though
  • Virgo: the other person may have to take the initiative but it's all good once things start flowing
  • Libra: they don't care, i mean they do a little *silently judging*
  • Scorpio: don't be overly obnoxious or intrusive and things will go just fine
  • Sagittarius: can mix and mingle with anyone...well almost anyone
  • Capricorn: they may first look at you like "why are you talking to me" but that's just their inner voice
  • Aquarius: read statement above
  • Pisces: may act shy or smile a lot...but that's how the initial phase with Pisces go

Journal Series feat. my ootd. Last night was a lot of music, feelings, and rambling, as per usual. Being a teenager is a special time because you’re just figuring out who you are, who you want to be… and journaling is that opportunity you get to be absolutely honest with yourself with no judgment. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m saying. I just listen to some music and the words flow right out of me. Moments like this are ones that I’m thankful for. I hope that Adult Me will look back on all of these pages one day and laugh because, I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought after all.

>>The Marks We Make<< Chapter 2 update!

Tag. Honestly Lance get your head in the game, if you’re not going to pay attention you’re out. 

​ has fought hard and written a pretty long chapter for you guys to read and have fun with while we go back to SUADWM for a while! 

Admittedly, this one gif is… rough to say the least. Doesn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted it to, but I’m still experimenting and learning, so it’s fiNE.