i want to find narnia

The Pevensie family travel headcanons
  • imagine if the pevensies take a trip around europe
  • susan would bring her polaroid and take pictures of everything
  • imagine the aesthetic (she’s an amazing photographer)
  • edmund would definitely be the one to try every available delicacy
  • lucy is ecstatic about meeting new people and learning about the different cultures
  • peter would be interested about the history of all the places they visit
  • no doubt he and ed would be interested about famous battles or war that took place there
  • susan and lucy fawning over the architecture and the natural surroundings
  • because they are just that different from what they were used to in finchley
  • secretly fangirling and crushing over foreign boys dont tell pete and ed
  • mrs. pevensie bossing over her family about taking the perfect picture
  • mr. pevensie getting too excited over the museums
  • when their children go somewhere on their own, they go for romantic dates in fancy restaurants then go for a stroll in the park
  • all in all, the best family trip they have ever gone on

Narnia AU // Dark Wizard!Percival & Savior!Credence //

Percival used his powers for plunge Narnia in an endless winter, until the day Credence come to Narnia by a magical wardrobe and brings back the seasons - and Percival fall in love with his enemy, the savior of Narnia.

(I watched the first Narnia ten years ago when I was young. I watched it again with my mom, and I can’t stop thinking about this :x (sorry if I made some mistakes in my english :3)) 

People often like to say that Susan is damned for liking “lipstick and nylons”, but as Queen of Narnia, wouldn’t she have dressed up from time to time? Don’t tell me there’s no makeup in Narnia. 

I want an adventure. Like a legit adventure. I want to be an Avenger or an Agent of Shield. I want to find Narnia or Wonderland. I want Peter Pan to swoop in and take me to Neverland. I want Sherlock and Watson to show up at my door asking for help. I want to get my Hogwarts letter. I want bad guys chasing me. I want some danger. Some action. Some anything. School is so boring. I don’t do anything exciting. My days just drag on and on and on as if I was living the same day over and over and over again. I want to be special to have some crazy destiny to save the world and only I can do it. I just need something more than reality.