i want to feel comfy

  • Me: there is something ethereal and breathtaking about men in turtlenecks that make me go aww every time I see them
  • Cousin: you like men in general so stop acting all deep and poetic

you guys are wonderful and inspired me to post more bare-faced selfies!!

here’s to my big nose, fuzzy unkempt eyebrows and uneven jaw.

i’d love to see some bare-faced selfies from you guys if you feel like posting them. tag me!

to clarify, my post wasn’t meant to be like ‘if you call a trans person soft or a boy you are dead to me’

my intent is, if you’re dealing with a stranger, you need to consider and be conscious with the wording and descriptive words you use because you can very easily avoid ruining someone’s day and causing them dysphoria just by respecting them and thinking that not everybody thinks the same way as you.

you call your friends what you want. you call yourselves what you want. i just want people to be conscious of how their words affect others and how their words can be interpreted and how certain mentalities lead to infantilization and dehumanization. cis adults do this shit to other adults, nowhere was i pointing fingers at kids and their language.

i’m not at all yelling at kids on the internet for their ways of talking to each other and their vocab. i would just prefer to not be part of being labelled as something that i personally feel invalidates me as a person BECAUSE of my history and MANY trans men’s history with wording like cute/smol/tiny precious/sweet cute little adorable thing… and people need to learn that not all people are okay with certain wording and other people’s posts are not your void to shout whatever you want into no matter how uncomfortable, they’re made by real people.


Pretty in Pink

We’re not blushing, and we’re not wearing blush. Our face looks warm though, yeah. Anyway, this is our favorite sweater. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the pink. Pink and brown is a good color combo methinks, heh. I think I called it my Neapolitan Ice Cream Aesthetic at one point, hehe.

I feel so comfy. Anyone want a hug? I want to give people hugs.

don’t ask me why lola and saad decided to switch outfits for a day. they just wanted to. (i wanted to) lola is surprised at how comfy everything feels (and having a camera to document this strange occasion is quite useful) while saad feels… a little chilly for some reason.

ive never, not once in my life, look the way ive really wanted to. like, the way i see myself in my head doesnt match how i see my self in real life at all, but im too afriad to actualy look the way i want to, because its rly androuygenou but tbh? i really dont want to be mistaken for a boy. i really, really dont want that. the thing is tho, theres literally no way for me to look like neither. like i either look like a girl, or i look like a boy. and its like, ugh. i dont want to LOOK like a binary gender, i dont want people seeing me as a girl or a boy. i want to be seen as nothing. 


okay so im in a predicament. i really want to wear my little clothes to school so i can feel comfy and look really cute but all last year i literally only wore black so itd be weird if all the sudden i was wearing pastel skirts and knee high socks and id literally be judged so hard and i dont know what to doooooo

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Milking It *whispers* chuuaku please;;


It started with Chuuya clearing his throat in the middle of a quiet afternoon filing reports. 

That night, he decided to stay over with Akutagawa. He mentioned something about how sleeping with another person was warmer, but Akutagawa didn’t think much of it. He didn’t think much about how touchy-feely Chuuya acted that evening. Not that Chuuya wasn’t affectionate, but he had never been what Akutagawa would call a cuddler. 

Yet when they fell asleep, Chuuya had buried his head in the crook of Akutagawa’s neck and had his arms wrapped around Akutagawa’s torso. 

The next morning, Akutagawa woke up soaked. 

He thought he’d had a nightmare that he couldn’t remember, but the heat against his body definitely wasn’t his, and the side Chuuya was on was soaked. He pulled away and Chuuya moaned, trying to cling to him. But Akutagawa sat up and stared at Chuuya, whose hair was soaked in sweat, his face pale except for pink tinging his cheekbones. 

“You’re sick,” Akutagawa realized. He pressed a cold hand against Chuuya’s forehead and they both flinched. Chuuya felt like he was burning. 

“Sick?” Chuuya repeated in a rasping voice, opening his eyes and attempting to push himself up. His arms shook, but he managed, and he struggled to focus on Akutagawa with glazed eyes. “I didn’t sleep well, that’s all.” 

“You can stay here,” Akutagawa said. “I guess, if you don’t want to go home.” 

“Stay?” Chuuya shook his head. “I have work. I’ll get dressed or something.” He made to get up, but clapped a hand over his mouth. 

Akutagawa’s eyes widened. “You will not get sick in my bed.” 

Chuuya’s shoulders shook and he removed his hand, a sheepish smile on his face. “I guess I shouldn’t move, huh?” 

“Lay back down,” Akutagawa said. “I’ll get some tea.” 

Chuuya practically collapsed onto the pillows. Akutagawa stood up and made his way to the kitchen, his mind racing. 

He didn’t know how to care for sick people. He didn’t know what people found comforting when they weren’t well. Chuuya knew. Chuuya was surprisingly caring for someone in the Mafia. Tea was probably a good place to start. And then maybe Chuuya would want to be left alone. 

He returned to find Chuuya shivering under the blankets. He set the tea on the bedside table and murmured, “I’m going to go to meet Higuchi.” 

Chuuya shifted, one blue eye blinking at him over the blankets. “Stay.” 

“What? I’ll be back later.” 

“Ryuuuuuuu,” Chuuya moaned, and he moved again, one arm flopping on top of the blankets, hand reaching for Akutagawa. “I neeeed you.” 

“You need rest,” Akutagawa told him. 

“I need you,” Chuuya repeated. “I’m so sick. I need the comfort of another person.” 

“You probably need a doctor,” Akutagawa muttered. “We can’t both take the day off.” 

Chuuya pouted at him. “Please? I feel so bad, I just want you here. You’re so comfy. I wouldn’t ask if I wasn’t feeling so crap.” 

This was true. Chuuya wasn’t clingy, but Akutagawa didn’t mind this change. It felt nice to feel needed. And out of the all the things Chuuya could have wanted while he felt like shit, Chuuya wanted him. 

“Fine.” Akutagawa climbed back into bed, and Chuuya wasted no time and curling up against him, head resting on Akutagawa’s chest. Akutagawa ran his fingers through Chuuya’s damp hair, and Chuuya’s shivering grew less pronounced. His breathing evened out. 

Akutagawa closed his eyes, allowing himself to relax as Chuuya fell asleep. 

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autistic peter parker making his first suit sensory friendly (i.e., knee high socks pressing in the right spot, loose hoodie with the hood up making him feel secure). just autistic peter in general, and all the other avengers being nice to him. Idk I just want this sweet boy to be safe and comfy, ya feel? (I hope whatevers going on turns out ok!!!)

I LOVE autistic Peter Parker (tho tbh I love…….. all autistic characters……… bc my autistic ass loves to Project)

also just think about how helpful Karen from Spiderman: Homecoming would be in terms of making his suit sensory friendly for him! like if things are getting too overwhelming sensory-wise she could make it so that his mask became noise-cancelling and could filter out excess loud noise, and we already know he can adjust the width of the mask’s eyes which would be good for filtering out excess light/visual sensations

also? I love the idea of the other avengers being supportive and understanding. like Sam and Bucky love to tease the shit out of Peter but they’re always respectful of his boundaries and always know when to back off if things are getting to be too much for Peter. Steve is a very tactile guy but he learns to always ask before touching Peter because sometimes Peter hates being touched and Steve always wants to respect that. and Tony and Bruce will talk to Peter about science related stuff for hours (because that’s his special interest and once he gets excited about it he can’t stop talking, but they don’t mind at all).

just. autistic peter parker gives me life you have no idea

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u dont have to post this if u dont want i just need to get my feelings out but im not comfy doing that on my own blog hope that's ok. aro/ace people regardless of their other orientations are NOT cishets. they may benefit from "cishet privilege", as do white passing poc from white privilege. that's all they are. passing. other lgbt+ people also benefit from that if they're closeted. so like??? what is their point lmao aro/ace people are still valid and they're still lgbt+ bye

say it louder for the exclusionists in the back!

in light of the show returning tonight,     this is a reminder that i won’t hesitate to unfollow you if you don’t tag your tw writers hate / negativity.      i understand being upset with the route your favorite characters have taken,     but for me,    it’s very difficult to maintain muse when i see things like this and it just genuinely makes me nervous and uncomfortable having to read it.     i respect these writers and the choices they’ve made so i try to avoid any negativity. 

and also please tag your character hate.     there’s a difference between character hate and pointing out flaws of a character that i definitely recognize and respect.    for example :

  • ‘ mason made a bad choice.     he was being a bad person in this scene.  ‘     discuss your characters flaws!    i always want to read that and i’m always interested in it.   this isn’t character hate.     this is a character being developed,    and development is important,   good or bad.
  • ‘ mason sucks! i hate him! he deserves to be punched in the face! ‘   this is character hate????   obviously

and lastly —–   remember that a person can be a GOOD CHARACTER even if they are a BAD PERSON.    there’s a difference.     just because someone is a villain doesn’t automatically make them an  ‘  awful character. ‘     this is actually just one of my pet peeves because it’s so important to recognize the villains or even just the characters who are simply assholes because that’s who they are as good characters.

i hadn’t watched this show live until s6 premiered and i found out very quickly that these two things can drain me the most,    which is why i didn’t feel comfortable on this account for a few months,    but i feel really good about being back here so i’m just trying to do what’s best for me to prepare for the show’s return.     i understand posting your opinions,    do as you need,     but PLEASE just try to tag these things because i’d hate to have any negative feelings from anyone.     i don’t have an emotional connection to this show,    i’ve only watched it for a year,    but i’ve learned to love it and really want to enjoy the last season,    both on tv and with my blogs. 

TLDR:   tag your tw writer hate / negativity + character hate.    pls.   i love you.

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hmm wrt to ur ask about 'only wlw can follow' i just wanna say that i dont personally id as wlw or woman-aligned even tho im a lesbian due to my disconnect w womanhood. i feel comfy following this blog but i just want to clarify anyway for other people in my position that this space is for us too? :^)

Yeap indeed it is! 
I’m been trying to phrase things are women/women-aligned/lesbian and or sapphic aligned people who otherwise unaligned. 
But that it is a bit of mouthful isn’t it? :P 
Basically if you’re a sapphic/wlw/lesbian who doesn’t align with manhood you’re good here!
-Mod T
Edited because I flubbed up and forgot to make it clear other sapphic/wlw folks are welcome too.




show a little respect liam’s got the right idea