i want to feed birds so bad

Regarding my recent posts about the birdfeeder, I wanted to specify something very important when it comes to feeding the birds:

Only use roasted, and unsalted peanuts. The raw ones have stuff in them that’s bad for birds, but that gets cooked away. And although they’re harder to find, unsalted is the only way to go.

Salt is so bad for birds, especially in the amounts that are intended for human consumption. So, be careful about what you feed them. Okay? Okay.

🐺The Civil Wars-  Starters

“I never meant to get us in this deep, I never meant for this to mean a thing,”
“I got caught up by chase, and you got high on every little game,”
“I miss the way you wanted me, when I was staying just out of your reach,”
“Get away from me, before anybody has to bleed,”
“I had me a girl who taught me those things a young man should know,”
“Down on my knees I’d beg and plead to learn a little bit more,”
“He washed me clean as a sinner could be,”
“I wanna run away, but I won’t.”
“Do I love you? Oh, I do, and I’m going to ‘til I’m gone,”
“I’m gonna break things, I’m gonna cross the line and make you wake up,”
“I don’t wanna fight, but I’ll fight with you if I have to,”
“All your perfectly delivered lines, they don’t fool me.”
“Let me in the walls you’ve built around, we’ll light a match and burn them down,”
“You’ve done your time, listen to me. You’ve been lonely too long,”
“You’re like a mirror, reflecting me.”
“Takes one to know one, so take it from me,”
“I don’t want to talk right now, I just want your arms wrapped around me,”
“I can’t pull you any closer than this, it’s just you and the moon on my skin,”
“I’ve fallen in love with a man on the run,”
“I’m begging you, please, don’t take this sinner from me,”
“he’s somewhere between a hangman’s knot and three mouths to feed,”
“Give me the burden, give me the blame,”
“I’ll shoulder the load, and I’ll swallow the shame,”
“He’s good and he’s bad, and he’s all that I’ve got,”
“The caged bird dreams of a strong wind beneath her wings,”
“You thought you ha dfound a good girl, one that would love you and give you the world,”
“The grass is green everywhere but under me,”
“I got a wedding band in the name of a wandering man, who I love the best I can,”
“I know you wouldn’t hurt me, and you should know we don’t need one more grave in this town,”
“If you’re smart you’ll know you only have my heart til death do us part,”
“The whole town heard you promise to be true,”
“I’ll disarm you with a smile, and cut you like you want me to,”
“The killer in me is the killer in you,”
“You can hold me ‘til the sun hides, and kiss me softly ‘til it returns,”
“You may not be able to forgive me,”
“You’ll always be the only one,”
“What do I do now? Can’t live with or without you,”
“Happiness was having you here with me,”
“You’ll always be the one that’s standing in my way, and that’s okay.”

I Like Your Tattoo, Jean

alright, ladies and gents, I finished the first half of the tattoo fic. I uploaded it to AO3, but I’ll put it up here too. I know how fucking cheesy it is, but after all the angst I’ve been putting myself through with these two, I just really needed some cute fluff. I’ve been working on this fic for a while, but I’m stuck in a little bit of writers block, so I’m not at my optimum. So, sorry for the shittiness. I would really love some feed back, if you have the time. 

Summary: From the moment they met, Marco has been in love with Jean’s tattoos. Jean always knew this, but he never knew how bad Marco wanted a tattoo himself. I tried…? 

edit: OH YES and don’t forget that requests are ALWAYS OPEN 

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ugh so i have A Situation on my hands

there are at LEAST five feral cats now living under my front stoop, killing the chipmunks and eating the birds

three of them are tiny, tiny kittens (there WERE four but the little black one got hit by a car the other day)

if y'all want to toss a couple bux my way to help pay for feeding these assholes and getting their lil gonads chopped off itd be appreciated since the nearest low cost spay/neuter clinic still costs about $70 per cat genital, plus i gotta buy for them a trap so i can even get them to the clinic in the first place

its not terribly urgent tho so dont worry too bad about it

fucking hell im too soft for my own good

fucking harriet and her feral cats invading my yard, this is the last thing i need

theyre freaking out my cats somethin fierce