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Yoongi - Pebble

You hum to yourself as you pull up to the local pet store. Things have been a little lonely at your apartment lately, so youโ€™ve decided that you want to get a hybrid to brighten things up. You want something sweet and affectionate, maybe a kitten or something similar, as you explain to the worker as she leads you through to the hybrid pen at the back of the store,

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can I ask why you like aimeric so much? i feel bad for him but I don't understand the appeal becuade he didn't have any regrets for what he did? except for jord but I guess I just want to understand? laurent had a horrible childshood too and i love him but not aimeric.

Of course you can ask. Goodness I have to compose my thoughts a bit because I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Aimeric.

The first thing I would say is the easiest way to understand why I feel the way I do about him would be to read the fic I wrote Know Your Place which is honestly more character study in some ways than a shippy fic. But if you don’t want to read it which is totally ok then I’ll try to explain my thoughts.

Aimeric and Laurent are parallels. They both experienced sexual abuse and grooming from the Regent at about the same age and are roughly the same age in the Prince’s Gambit. Laurent was an extremely high functioning abuse survivor and my personal belief is that his family, and Auguste in particular, loving him as a child provided a strong enough foundation that allowed him to understand the difference between the warped attentions of the Regent and a healthier relationship. Aimeric did not. We see over and over that he was the 4th son, forgotten and desperate for affection.

The thing with Aimeric is he is such a minor character we don’t get many of his motivations but there are a few scenes in particular that in reading critically I feel shed light on the fact that he was incredibly manipulated by the Regent and his father and also make me believe that he did feel remorse. Does any of this make it ok for what he did to Orlant or Laurent? No it doesn’t. But it contexualizes the way abuse twists the mind. It adds humanity to his character. It makes me ache for the things that were done to him and the things he did to other people because he’d been twisted up to believe it was the right thing.

There are also a lot of small examples in the book where the fact that Fortaine was isolated and country like is mentioned. I personally feel the remoteness of his upbringing contributed to his isolation which made it easier for the Regent and Guion to shape their narrative which was that Laurent didn’t care about the south and his refusing border duty proved that he didn’t care for the South or for Aimeric’s family. I definitely believe Aimeric disliked Laurent and thought ensuring he didn’t become king was the right thing to do for his country. He was wrong, but he didn’t know that.

Then there is the bit with Loyse confessing that Guion had basically given their youngest son to Regent. What kind of father whores out his youngest son for political power? A very twisted man. It’s not hard to think of what other ways he might’ve used Aimeric to further his own needs.

Add to that Damen’s observations that Aimeric was a hard working perfectionist (his attention to detail at camps and immaculate handwriting) and his intense desire to please coupled with his lashing out for negative attention when positive attention lacked and it presents a picture of a boy that was desperate to be loved.

Of course it’s subjective and we can all view him differently but for me Aimeric touched me more than any other character in the entire series because he had to witness what his actions resulted in. He thought his abuser loved him, thought he was doing what was best for Vere and his family, and in the end he realized that he’d been once again used and would be forgotten.

I also think when looking at his character it’s really important to critically look at the way Aimeric reacts when Jord enters his cell and the way he falls to the floor in body shaking sobs at Laurents words. Also look at the words Laurent uses I tear him down - used goods, enjoying sex with his abuser, whoring himself out - he knows exactly what sexual abuse survivors thing of themselves and he exploits that. Aimeric wasn’t power hungry like his father but rather someone desperate for love with misplaced loyalties. To me all of this suggests a very broken boy. A boy who knew very much the lies he saw as truths were crumbling around him.

I truly believe he loved Jord in the way someone still attached to their abuser could. And it kills me because Jord was such a good man and loved Aimeric as well and it’s so fucking tragic and painful.

I love Aimeric because no one else did. I love him even though he was flawed and made bad choices. I love him because he was broken and ashamed and took his own life and he deserved a second chance. If you don’t like Aimeric’s personality that’s cool not every character touches everyone but I have a hard time imagining Laurent’s cruelty being excusable because of his past abuse but not Aimeric’s mistakes.

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Hello! Can you translate some things Reita has said in the interview? Thank you!

Absolutely! Is there any specific part you want? Like if there’s a specific moment he explains something that you want translated? :)

(The video of the interview has been deleted so I’m kinda just translating random bits that I remember. If anyone finds a reupload, please link it to me. If anyone wants translations, please tell me which specific part!)

Here’s some random bits with Reita:

If you were a girl, which member would you NOT date? - Reita did not want to date Ruki and Ruki did not want to date Reita.

They also addressed how close Ruki and Reita always sit. Reita said something  that it was kinda Ruki’s fault that they sit so close. Ruki is basically the one who moves close to Reita all the time. 

If you were a girl, which member would you date? -Reita chose Uruha. Reita was really shocked and excited that Uruha, Kai and Aoi all chose Reita. (Ruki chose himself lol). If I remember correctly, when asked why Aoi chose Reita, Aoi just answered “He’s nice and funny”. Reita turned around and said something like “THAT’S IT?”

Which member is most narcissistic?Both Kai and Uruha chose Reita as the most narcissistic member. Reita was kinda shocked and Kai explained that Reita isn’t narcissistic in the way of looking at the mirror a lot etc. Kai says that both him and Reita get teased/made fun of sometimes but Reita always reacts in an overly angry manner. This explanation made Reita angry 

(Sorry this is kinda shit but I just can’t find the video again, so I can’t translate word for word). 

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that last post... is so painfully out of touch. i live in new york and i can tell u for a fact theres not a single teenager who fucks with the nypd. not even a vigilante would seeing as the nypd is run by corrupt criminals.... lmao

Hey Anon (and, you know, everyone else), @losingmymindtonight here!

I toyed with addressing this or not. When Shannon and I posted this headcanon, we were both a bit nervous about what kind of reception it would receive. Sure enough, this Ask rolled in within the first few minutes it was up. Lucky us, am I right?

I don’t like delving into politics on here, so I’m not going to. What I am doing to do, however, is explain a few things.

This blog represents the musings and (sometimes incoherent) ramblings of two fanfiction writers. That’s it. What you’re getting is the raw thoughts and concepts that go on behind the scenes. We want the format of our posts to feel like you’re peering right into our DMs. A kind of cozy, conversational vibe. That means that it’s going to reflect our views. It’s going to reflect our values. And because the world is made up of so many different types of people, those views and values may not always align with your own. If you come across a post that you don’t agree with, ignore it. Feel free to unfollow the blog if it upsets you that much.

This isn’t a political blog, but that doesn’t mean that it is free of opinion. If you’re looking for a space that is devoid of that, I’m not sure where to point you. Our ideas, our morals, our worldviews are going to leak into everything we do.

At the end of the day, we’re here to have fun. We’re here to come up with cute irondad scenarios that excite us and share them with the rest of Tumblr. The specific headcanon that you referenced is something that popped into Shannon and my heads while we were messing around one day, and we wrote it and posted it because we thought it would be fun. Because we thought that spreading a little love for the officers in our police force who are good, who are kind, would be a nice thing to do. And, honestly, because we thought the image of unlikely people (a vigilante and a group of cops) banding together to help each other was a beautiful thing.

I’d also like to just throw in that you probably shouldn’t make assumptions about our overall political opinions, situations, or how “painfully out of touch” we are simply by a single post on a headcanon blog. If you actually knew us, you might be surprised.

Alright. Essay over. The only thing I have left to say is that both Shannon and I want this blog to be a lighthearted place. A place for people to scream about irondad together, and nothing more complex or tense as that. If you support that, then know that you’re welcome here, regardless of anything else.


Title: Contest
Type: One shorty shot
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: Fluff
Summary/Request: You’re one of the judges of a Cosplay Contest and you have to rate a very cute Spider-man cosplayer
Word count: ~530
Note: Day twelve of my Birthday-special!:)

Let me know if you want to get tagged in my upcoming posts!:)


“I put 48 hours alone in the wings”, the cosplayer on the stage explained, turning around to give you a better look of the impressive big wings.

“What materials did you use? They’re stunning!”, the judge to your right asked, writing down a few things he had to keep in mind.

“PVE-Pipes and tape. Lots of tape”, the girl laughed, playing with a lock of her blonde wig. The halo on her head moved a bit, but that didn’t bother any of you.

“Good, please go back. Your costume is amazing”, you said into the microphone, while you gestured to the back of the stage.

She stumbled, obviously unused to high heels, to the back and disappeared behind the black curtains.

“So, the next one is a high schooler from Midtown tech, Peter Parker”, one of the other judges informed you. Your eyes were glued on the Info-paper you got from all of the Contestant, listing their name, age and cosplay.

“He’ll cosplay Spider-man? The hero?”, you questioned yourself, sorting your sheets, as you watched the stage go dark.

“I can feel a slight piece of danger”, the spotlights flickered, fog appeared out of nowhere and then, all of a sudden, a costumed figure jumped around, did backflips and cartwheels. Everyone was excited and hyped, until that poor boy fell of the stage, because he miscalculated a jump and well… jumped right off the stage.

“Oh shit, you alright?”, you were the first one, who kneel beside him, touching his cheek over the mask. The boy beneath you grunted, shifted his position a bit to properly look at your face, without you knowing.

“Uuuuuh, I think I broke my back” He wiggled a bit with his hips, just wanted to look if it’s really broken.

“Well, that would be very bad”, you let out a laugh, placing your hand on your knee. “But for real now, does something hurt?”. Your eyes were filled with concern and worry. You really don’t want him to hurt himself.

“Yeah, no. Everything’s okay”, he chuckled, sitting up and removing his mask to reveal a face so handsome you never saw before. His brown eyes looked right into yours.

“Hi”, he whispered, fighting against his smile, which only wanted to grow bigger.

“Hi”, you replied, still kneeling beside him, holding on your own knees. “I really hope you didn’t hurt yourself?”

“Ah, don’t worry. I’m Spider-man, after all”, he laughed it off, still looking into his eyes. “But really, I thought the stage would be a bit bigger”

“Yeah, we had to make it a bit smaller, because a few panels were broken”, you frowned. “Didn’t they inform you? I mean, they knew you would do such a jumpy show, so they should have told you!”, your eyebrows rise up, equally with your voice.

“No, they didn’t. But please, don’t worry”

“No, I’ll give you ten points for both, your show and your really well-done costume. And maybe a coffee after the show?”, you asked him out with a cute smile.

“Yeah”, his eyes and smile softened a bit, as he giggled and winked. “I would like that as an apology”.

as a member of the internet i would like to explain what “geosjsbowene” means, because im having a hard time with people not understanding what i mean.

it can mean very different things, depending on the type of conversation we’re having

1. if you send me a picture of a person i may reply with SKAKFKAJE which means that fuck holy suck shit fuck they’re beautiful

2. if you start talking about sth and it looks like you might not want to talk about it i would respect you so i would send “hakshsks” which means “fuck i wouldn’t mind if you talked to me about it i would listen but i also don’t want to pressure you so shit i don’t know how to type all of this so im going to send you a bunch of letters and i hope you’ll understand”

basically whenever im excited, nervous, bored, failing, succeeding, or feeling gay.

NCT Dream Reaction to you coming out to them as FtM Transgender

Mark ; Mark Lee

Mark is one of the first people you come out to. The actual first people being Taeyong because you guys were tight. You’re scared Mark might not take it well, but you couldn’t hide it forever.

(Y/n): Jagi.. I’m trans. I was going to tell you earlier! But I didn’t have the proper words! I talked to Taeyong earlier and he said to just go for it, so here I am-

Mark: It’s okay, what do you want me to call you- Wait, Taeyong knew before me?

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Renjun ; Huang Renjun

With Renjun, it takes a little longer to explain. He makes you go over the things you want to do after you come out to your family and friends.

Renjun: I’ll pay for your hormones and your surgery. When do you want to change your name legally?

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Jeno ; Lee Jeno

Jeno would be the most unbothered whenever you finally revealed to him that you were actually a boy. His face was a red flag for you so you started to choke up and mess up on your wel rehearsed words.

(Y/n): Ar-are you okay with any of this. I could leave if you feel disgusted-

Jeno: Baby, I’m okay with all of this, you don’t have to apologize. I’m okay with whoever you want to be as long as your personality doesn’t change.

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Haechan ; Lee Dong Hyuck

Haechan loves hanging out with you, you guys were great friends before dating and that hadn’t changed. He’s very touchy and loves playing with your hair, which is making harder for you because you’re longing for a haircut to pass better.

(Y/n): Jagi.. I need to tell you sonething. I’m a boy. I’m transgender, and I’ve been meaning to tell you but I didn’t want to make you sad by cutting my hair.

Haechan: You haven’t told me.. because you thought I’d be sad to see your hair go? I’m happy as long as you’re happy!! I don’t care about your hair, I care about you.

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Jaemin ; Na Jaemin

Jaemin knows something is wrong when you call him by his name and not “Nana”. He braces himself for what could be bad news, but all that comes out of your mouth is that you were a boy.

Jaemin: ..Was that all?

(Y/n): In the middle of sniffles. Y-yes.

Jaemin: Oh! I’m sorry you’re crying! Hugs you. It’s okay, just tell me your name.

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Chenle ; Zhong Chenle

Chenle doesn’t exactly know how to respond. He knows about the LGBT+ community and he supports them with his whole heart but he’s not well-informed. Until you start slowly hinting at him that you’re a boy. You throw in little facts and show him pictures and videos of trans people. You get fed up with his oblivious-ness and finally snap.

(Y/n): Chenle-ah! I’m a boy!

Chenle: And I’m gay!

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Jisung ; Park Jisung

Jisung notices how much of a hard time you’re having just figuring yourself out. You’ve gone through a couple of gender identities while you guys were friends.. but now you two are dating and he’s worried about you. Once you finally come out to him, he embraces you into a hug and says that he’s glad you figured yourself out after the amount of struggle.

Jisung: You’re my handsome prince! Now, let’s go get your tragic hair a nice cut.

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Hi! Uh, i keep getting anons from people who warn me about you from time to time whenever i reblog something from you I disagree with you on shipping stuff and a few other things, so i get why they tell me But i dont wanna make my followers uncomfortable What do i do?

I can’t really tell you what to do, because that’s your decision to make depending on what you’re comfortable with. If you don’t want to keep rb'ing my posts, that’s understandable and if you do then you have options: you could tag them as “op = nonbinarypastels” or something similar so your followers can filter them, and if you get more messages you can explain that you don’t agree with me about certain issues but still like some of my posts and if anyone tries to press you on that or get on you for it you can block them.

But I mean, ultimately it is your choice.

i highkey need someone to write something for me to read so i can take my mind off of things cause i’m busy crying my eyes out. so, if you wanna write literally ANYTHING (x reader, ships, memes, hell even something about myself) it would help me out a lot

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Hey :) you’re really knowledgeable on astrology! So transits confuse me a bit, I’m wondering if there’s any happening right now that may explain sudden/unexpected death? A famous rapper was suddenly murdered, and my mom’s friend just died very suddenly at a young age. Both events seem so surreal to me, and hard to wrap my head around... I wondered if there’s any correlation since they happened so close together. Thank you in advance!!โค๏ธ

For these widespread cultural events, we usually look at the planets from Saturn on out. The only “big deal” going on there is the ongoing semi-square between Uranus and Neptune. That isn’t necessarily “death” of course, we’d want Pluto happening, too.

Another thing going on now, though, is an extended period of time with a stationary Mars (turning retrograde next week) conjunct the South Node. We are truly seeing our culture at its worst, for with violent Mars, in cold-blooded Aquarius, conjunct the South Node - we have not only people dying in their vigor, but also the current US atrocities regarding asylum seekers. Both Mars and the South Node are square transiting Uranus, too.

This will all continue through the summertime, alas, with perhaps a little respite happening when Mars moves back into Capricorn (August 12) for about a month. But, after Mars stations direct again (August 27) and re-enters Aquarius (September 10) there will be some kind of resolution.

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I just wanted to say that I love your version of Karen. I think she needs more love, would be immortal like Kenny, and just be a funny kid with a potty mouth. Oh and a sorta lesbian. Relate to that kinda. Have a fabulous day my dude! Just wanted to say those things

Thank you !!
Bare with me as I try and explain how I came to this version of Karen, it’s very late, haha.
When I think about Karen, I think of her as the more “badass” and “gets away with more shit” version of Kenny, soccer she’s basically raising Karen on her own, so Karen has to of had inherited some sort of bad traits from Kenny, lmao.
The bad traits I see her picking up in is definitely a dirty mouth, clearly. Getting involved with the wrong people and sacrificing herself for nothing are a few more. I don’t really think she’d be into getting high or something similar, since it’d be something Kenny would advise her to avoid.
I like the idea if immortal Karen because she was born after Kenny, so the probability of the curse being passed on is likely. Though, I feel like she wouldn’t annually discover it until maybe 2nd grade where she becomes more independent from Kenny, who has probably been “taking” her deaths for get
Also ?? I fucking love Karicia. I think they’d be really cute together in the future. I see them having a kind of friends-to-lovers complex, very much encouraged by Craig.
Sorry for getting rambley, lmao. My Karen it’s just very different from most people’s interpretation of her, so I figured an explanation would be nice !!

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i'm too impatient to wait for the subs so could you perhaps tell me what happened in the last blank clip? thank you ajsjs

to explain shortly simen asks if this is her last week at work and she said yes and he said if they dont see each other again he wants to say sorry for being so harch to her last time and she said she get why he was, and then she says she had been with mats a year and planned the trip and she thought things were as they were supposed to be, and if she could go back in time and redo everything she would have figured out what she really wanted instead, and she said she didn’t plan for anything to happen between her and simen but she couldn’t help herself, and that she said she wants him cus thats true, it’s still true but she gets that it doesnt work, and they say have a good summer… now I GOTTA run to work so this is just short jdbsbb

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emergency request!! - Hello! I'm just your normal anon with tourette syndrome! How would Lance comfort his fem s/o that has tourette syndrome and gets really upset because she feels like she's annoying and little bit too loud or does weird things because of her tics? I hope I explained that we oof,,

 i was about to ask what tourette was but then i remembered one comedian from agt who said he deals with the same disorder so i think i got it down !! i hope you enjoy anon !!

  • the last thing lance ever wants is for his favorite being in the entire universe to think that she’s annoying
  • and it absolutely breaks his heart when he hears you apologize for being a nuisance
  • at first, he isn’t aware of your situation because you tried to hide it from him, thinking he wouldn’t want to be with someone who has an irreversible disorder
  • so whenever you make your usual tics, he thinks it’s just a habit you’ve picked up and doesn’t question it
  • rather, he tends to find it oddly cute sometimes
    • because of the way your nose twitches, he often calls you bunny without any context
    • also when your eye twitches he lowkey thinks you’re subtly winking at him and the poor boy loses his cool even though you’re already dating but okay lance you do you
  • he also notes how you tend to blurt things out without thinking
  • just like your tics, he doesn’t say much about it and assumes that’s just your personality
    • keith highkey things it’s the reason why the two of you made such a great match
  • by the time he realizes that you start to freak out when something hasn’t been neatly arranged he’s flat out decided that you’re pretty much his soulmate
  • the only difference he has yet to realize is that his habits are acquired and can be changed, while yours are neurological and sorta permanent whether you like it or not
  • lance still doesn’t think much of it until he finds you locked in your room crying
  • it takes a lot of time and a lot of encouragement to get you to tell him what’s bothering you
  • and when you finally do, he just blinks
    • “wait– wait wait, you genuinely think i’m annoyed with you because of something you can’t control ??”
  • he really can’t believe that you feel that way, and he feels awful for not knowing about it sooner
  • so he does everything in his power to make sure every aspect of you is loved, tourette and all
  • when your sudden outbursts start up, he patiently works with you to make sure you don’t accidentally say something offensive or inappropriate
  • and when you are feeling insecure about your tics, he’ll hug you really tightly and kiss all of the places where your tics happen
  • sometimes your tics can really hurt, but lance is always ready to help you find substitutions that aren’t as painful
  • don’t ever tell him that you’re being weird or annoying because he will not hesitate bitch to sit you down and explain why every single negative thing you say about yourself is wrong and why you’re the most amazing person he’s ever known to exist and how strong you are for pushing through your disorder and how much he loves you and would give you the world in a second if you even imply that you’re asking and–
    • “um ??? i know you’re valid ??? it’s a fact not an opinion ?? did you not pay attention to a word i just said ????”

Quick update: it’s looking as though I may not be discharged and I will be able to stay until my original discharge date (which is only 2 days away anyway).

I’m hoping this will be the case and I’m also hoping that I won’t have to wait too long to get a bed at another clinic in the eating disorder unit.

I’m feeling a lot more positive about this situation now after speaking with my Dad and the head nurse. There’s too much to write to explain this whole thing properly but I just wanted to let you all know that I’m doing okay and I have plans in place to try and get better. Both my parents are amazingly supportive and I’m so lucky to have them. I’m determined to overcome this addiction and work through my mental health issues so I can lead a functional life.

I’ll Do You One Better

For @dodiesthiccbrows

21 for Moxiety

โ€œI know you donโ€™t like labels, so will you be my married-person-thing?โ€


Ships: Moxiety

Warnings: There is a mention of homophobia (there are no specifics), let me know if I missed any

Word Count: 278

Note: If you want to make a request as well here is the prompt thing


Virgil and Patton were sitting on the sofa cuddling when Virgil finally said what was on his mind.

โ€œSorry today didnโ€™t go as plannedโ€

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so, hi. i disappeared for two months again. sorry about that. for those of you still around, i guess i just wanted to explain whatโ€™s been going on for me. youโ€™re all my friends, even though i have this awful habit of disappearing and only have 2 threads on here anymore, and i want you to know about my life.ย 

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Prompt 11 w/ Adam Cole

requested by @queenislanzadi

They wanted to have a bonding day with all of UE, to “help their chemistry as a team” according to Adam. But you weren’t sure how you all ended up at a laser tag place. There was an employee explaining the rules for their laser tag arena to the group close to the door into the arena. We all were already wearing our vests and holding our guns, just anticipating the start of the game. 

You have been warned of the dangers of this mission, do you wish to proceed?” 

You rolled your eyes are her words. “It’s just laser tag, not a battle.” Kyle and Bobby looked back at you at your words you thought you had only muttered to Adam. “It’s not just laser tag.” Roddy spoke from behind you, and you didn’t bother to look at him. 

Apparently on the NXT tours, the four of them would go play laser tag together - even before Roderick actually joined the team. You could see how her scripted words for the rules were made for children who played, but here you were with your childish boyfriend and his friends who played laser tag and beat people up together. 

Adam rested his arm on your shoulder and pulled you closer to him. He pressed a soft kiss to the top of your head. “Just wait and see babe. We’ll show you that it’s not just laser tag.” 

-not accepting anymore-

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my canon genderfluid child: a moodboard (read the tags)

[soompi] shinee talks emotionally about moving forward as a group after jonghyun’s passing

source: soompi 

trigger warning: death, grieving, mental health

shinee appeared as guests on mbc’s radio star, and they shared their thoughts on promoting as a group following the passing of member jonghyun last december.

in the may 30 episode, mc yoon jong shin said to shinee, “there recently was a sad incident. while promoting, you became four members. i heard that you hesitated about appearing on ‘radio star.‘”

minho said, “we worried about doing shows in general. there are parts of variety shows where you have to do it in a fun way, so i wondered if this was the right thing to do. i also wondered if it was okay to release an album and to promote. as time gradually passed, we recollected ourselves and talked about the future, and i think our emotions settled down.”

taemin explained, “the incident happened at a point when my personality was changing [to be more outgoing]. i became ambitious about my solo activities, and it was right at that point when i realized that my members are really great.” he became teared up as he talked, and then said he wouldn’t be able to continue.

when onew was asked about how it was said that he’d received counseling because he wasn’t able to cry, onew replied, “it was like that at first. i thought that i shouldn’t cry.” he then became tearful, and the hosts told him that he didn’t need to talk about anything that brought up sad thoughts, so onew nodded and apologized.

key said, “after it happened, i received counseling and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. there’s a reason why we decided to hold the concert in japan and appear on radio star. we couldn’t see that as a cause of our collapse, and although the expression ‘overcoming’ isn’t right either, we wanted to acknowledge it and in order for us to promote, we thought that it should be something we address first instead of someone else talking about it.”

he continued, “after it first happened, it was so hard when i went out and people asked, ‘are you okay?’ so i wrote on my social media account asking people to treat me as they normally do so that i could return to my normal life.”

when asked about their concert in japan, key said, “we held a tokyo dome concert for [jonghyun] hyung and for the fans. we wanted to send him off together to a good place while missing him.” he explained that the venue had been booked a year earlier for all five members.

“i never imagined that there would bad things said about that,” he went on to say. “there were comments posted too. they said that we were using a sad event as marketing. i hated hearing that so much.”

taemin said, “i always sought to show something good for others, but i now want to do it for us. we worked together for so long and the result was that if we didn’t overcome this then our members would separate, and we didn’t want that, so we decided we had to try to overcome it. it was the same with the album.”

minho added, “i don’t think that everything will be okay. but when we perform or when our music plays, i think we’ll be able to have strength and enjoy it while doing well if you think that it’s not just the four of us, but all of us doing it together. we couldn’t not talk about it on today’s broadcast, but there are some parts that we wanted to address, like key said. it’s not that everything is okay, but we’re going to work hard while promoting, and we hope you’ll look kindly on us.”

shinee released their mini album, the story of light - ep. 1, and mv for title track “good evening” on may 28.