i want to eat you up

Today’s installment of Riley’s New Job included a student spilling coffee all over the floor in a lecture I assisted, then me aggressively refusing to let her help me mop it up because the professor was mid-instruction and I didn’t want her to lose her concentration on the content. I might have sorta yelled, “NO. YOU LEARN THE CALCULUS, I DO THIS.” while shooing her away and pointing at the front of the room. 

This, together with that time yesterday when I explained my lack of lunch hour with, “I don’t need to eat. The calculus will sustain me,” has probably started to clue people in that I am nuts about mathematics and also nuts in general. 

Looking into Kitchen Witchcraft

I don’t really cook. Most of my meals come out of the freezer, and most of them can be prepared in under twenty minutes (that’s at the absolute most). There always seems to be something more important to be doing than making food.

But I want to learn more about kitchen witchcraft for a few reasons:

1) It’s discreet.
2) It’s not wasteful. As someone who grew up quite poor, the idea of buying herbs and things and then just…sprinkling them around or moving them from one jar to another* doesn’t sit well with me.
3) Cooking is both useful and relaxing and it feels satisfying to eat something you’ve taken the time to prepare.

* This is a gross oversimplification of many things and I have done some of these myself before, so I’m not saying people who do it this way are wrong. My issue is that buying food-like ingredients specifically for witchcraft seems wasteful to me, as opposed to dual-purposing them.

So, yes. If there are any kitchen witches who post about this aspect of their craft often/post original content, please alert me to your existence so I can check out your blog!

NCT 127 as things my family has said or done:

Taeil: *grandma talking about her childhood* I would just grab a stick of butter out of the fridge and eat it *giggle* I love butter

Mark: My sister asking if I washed my face by saying “Have you soaped your brows today?”

Taeyong: My mom waking us up literally every morning with “Rise and shine every one!! Go brush your face and wash your teeth.”

Yuta: That one time Not Your Mama by Jennifer Lopez came on and my mom yelled from her room “IF SHE DOESNT WANT TO BE CALLED SOMEONE’S MAMA THEN SHE SHOULD DATE MEN HER AGE”

Johnny: My brother when he was getting ready for college and came up to me and said “What if they laugh at me because I wear skinny pants and they think I’m a hoochie Papa?”

Doyoung: My sister that cried for a good 10 minutes after watching a romcom bc it was cute

Winwin: My grandma that had a hard time opening her automatic garage door so while she pressed the button the last time before it opened she said “Open up ol Sesame”

Jaehyun: That one time my dad was supposed to be a diet and he was eating cake and I caught him and said “Dad aren’t you on a diet??” And he just shoved the rest of the cake in his mouth and said “yes”

Haechan: My sister that asked about my soaped brows came up to me once to air kiss both of my cheeks and then caress my face with a flourish while she looked at me in the eyes and spoke complete gibberish but made it sound like Italian


It’s Nomination Day! 

But before the Housemates get ready to vote, let’s have a small recap of what happened after yesterday’s Shopping Task!

Day 23, 13:04 hours

Adaline, Jayme and Lance are in the Dining Room.

Adaline: “How could you throw our event in the competition like that? I get that you’re mad at me and this was your way of getting back at me over Big Brother punishing the house, but you’ve struck back at everybody else in this house as well, including yourself!”

Lance: “I don’t care. You don’t get that. I don’t care about your -bleep-ing food and your -bleep-ing long showers! I can’t sleep. I don’t feel like eating. I just want to hide in my bed this week; but I can’t! Because if I do, I’ll just curl up and die and I am NOT about to do that! Lacey is too much a part of me to stop. She’s part of my soul.

“You keep shouting about how selfish everybody else is, well, wake up! Your obsession with food is selfish. You whining and crying to everybody about how bad it is right now is selfish. I’ve gone months living on nothing but rice and beans when times were tough, sweetheart.

“Now get out of my way.”

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Hello guys, just want to say I love you guys so much! And please give me some bottomsoo! where so is being fvck in the kitchen counter or table. Thanks!

hi and aww thank you <3 here you go:

and just in case, here are some where kyungsoo tops:

- Admin Vic

I got tagged by @eevee164

  1. How old? Just turned 22
  2. Current Job? None
  3. Dream Job? Anywhere in the art field
  4. What are you talented at? Art I guess
  5. What is a big goal you are working towards/ have achieved already? I want to draw more original stuff and get noticed by a wider audience.
  6. What’s your aesthetic? Neon lights, midnight rides, art galleries, small flowers, lilac skies
  7. Do you collect anything? Nah
  8. What’s a topic you always bring up in conversations? “I’m hungry, whats good to eat?”
  9. What’s a pet peeve of yours? People who don’t realize they’re making other people uncomfortable 
  10. Good advice to give? Don’t listen to people, do what you gotta
  11. Recommend 3 songs or more: whatevers on the top 40 chart lmao

I tag every person who reads this

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Okay, how about a hc on Tyler being the shy one instead of Ethan when going out and getting recognized by fans

-Tyler and Ethan are out eating some ice cream when they see a few teens walking towards them

-Tyler thinks that they just want pics with Ethan (as always) and continues eating his ice cream, lost in his own thoughts

-He looks up when he feels Ethan poking his arm slightly, he looks up and sees the teens staring at him with big smiles

-”You’re Tyler!” “You’re so funny!” “You’re awesome! Please can we take some pictures with you?!” “Would you sign this for me?!” “Can I have a hug?!” the questions go on and on

-Tyler blushes and stutters “W-What? You want pictures with m-me? Are you sure you want that? I-I mean I’m not a star like Mark and Ethan…”

-A guy looks straight into his eyes and tells him that he IS a star and that everyone loves him which makes Tyler blush like crazy

-He keeps stuttering and blushing while taking pics with the fans and signing their phones and shirts

-Of course they all end up taking pics with Ethan as well

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im v drunk so pls can i request kylo taking care ofnmynd dumb asssss

How’s your hangover, boo? Anyways bc I have extremely limited knowledge of this since have some morning after headcanons!!!

-you wake up and see Kylo in bed beside you - you’re in his quarters - and he’s got a tray of your favorite breakfast, a cup of caf, and a bottle of water

-“Did you get this?”
“No. I had a trooper bring it to the door.” He’s not being sarcastic. “No one saw you in here. Eat. You’ll feel better.”

-you vaguely remember Kylo holding your hair back when needed

-and you vaguely remember Kylo wiping your tears when it all came crashing down on your drunk-self

-Kylo didn’t sleep because he wanted to make sure you were alright. He never tells you this because he doesn’t want you to feel bad. He’ll sleep later, he has breaks in the day where he can nap, and it’s not like he hasn’t had sleepless nights before

-Kylo helps you shower, washes your hair and leaves kisses along your cheeks and neck and shoulders in case your hangover is worse than anticipated and you can’t manage to stand in the shower

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I feel like Noora would be comfortable enough with Even to open up about her eating disorder one day you know?

oh yes definitely!! i think noora and even could become really good buddies, and i DO think that noora sort of….feels like she can tell even anything bc even opened up and exposed his vulnerable side and his episodes and everything to the roommates when he barely knew them?? and like let them take care of him/? so its obvious that he trusts them and i feel like noora would want to be like, ok, let me reciprocate, you showed me a side of yourself that’s a little broken and not many people know about, so i’ll do the same for you, you know what i mean?


When you just make friends and think about what they like to eat.

Mary is happy to have finally made friends, but part of her is also extremely worried about losing them quickly. She doesn’t want to screw up and be alone again. Also, if anyone wanted to know, she is 17 and is 4′10 in height.

Another note is that she loves meat. She dislikes veggies due to the sickness it gives her the next day. I might make a picture of whats under her patch and mask if asked. Or I might do it for fun XP

Hawk and Esool belong to @maskedassailsquid 

Also, did anyone notice the mario mask?

Pieces of My Broken Heart-14

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My growling stomach woke me up, rolling over Dean was still sleeping. He looked so peaceful. I slowly started to ease myself out of his arms, trying not to disturb him.

His arms tightened around me, I was pulled against him. His mouth was against my ear, his eyes still closed. “Where do you think you’re going?” My stomach rumbled again, I let out a sigh.

“To the kitchen, to find something to eat.” I kissed him, again trying to move away from him. He pulled me back to him, back to him. 

“I’ll fix you something, I want you to stat in bed and rest. What do you want?”

“Scrambled eggs, sweet potato fries, with nacho cheese fries, and a hot fudge sunday.”

He opened his eyes, making a face at me. “Really?” I nodded my head, smiling at him.

“Don’t judge my cravings Winchester!” He wrapped his hands around the back of my neck, pulling me in fir a kiss.

“Never sweetheart.” Getting up from the bed, he left the room for the kitchen. 

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It’s approaching the end of the work day.  Toni finally takes a break to grab something to eat.  A few moments later, Halle walks up the stairs and joins her. 

Halle:  That mind control thing is amazing.  It took at least 30 minutes for me to regain control of my thoughts.

Zeton:  Well, I appreciate your help. *awkward silence* Uh, Halle…there’s something that I wanted to say to you - that’s not work related.

Halle:  Sure…what is it?

Zeton:  I’m sorry to hear about your parents breaking up - and for any part I played in that. 

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I have to lose 50 pounds...I've only lost 13 and it's been a year now. What am I doing wrong? I don't want to wait forever to lose weight.

Congratulations on your weight loss and getting closer to your goal! (I’m assuming this had been set for a certain reason~ at the advice of a medical professional or something?) 50 pounds is a lot too loose, doing it in a healthy balanced way without dangerous fad diets will take time. 

You’re moving at your own pace at the moment and you should feel proud of what you’ve already achieved! I don’t know what your eating or what activities you’re doing, but if you do want to maybe lose 1-2 lbs a week taking up a sport or doing a daily fitness routine could help. Though I think you’re doing great how you are, I’m all for more gradual weight loss.  

hey, i know you guys hate seeing me post about all of the negative stuff relating to me being in the hospital + anything about my mental illness (people are unfollowing me like crazy after that answer) so i’ve been tagging them with #negative and also #personal. i have not reblogged anything posted by others about eating disorders and am not planning to do so, but im tagging all of my answers with “eating disorder//” as well just in case some of my followers might be triggered or something? you can blacklist those tags if you want. 

for people who’ve sent me asks and stuff, i’ll reply to you, but i’ll do it on private from now on. and thank you so much for showing concern and stuff i really really really appreciate it a lot. i’ll publish anons so that whoever sent them can see the reply, but tag them appropriately with the tags mentioned above. 

i’m sorry for bringing this up in the first place but i just really needed a place to vent so yeah sorry if it’s been annoying you or anything :// i’ll really really try my best to keep my personal posts relating to this to a minimum now 

Tell Me

Summary: Wanda’s new girlfriend wanna do ‘it’ but she’s still a little shy about herself.

Warnings: lesbian smut, don’t read it if you’re -18 or if you’re not comfortable with this subject 

A/N: I don’t know how I fell about this imagine so please if you liked it give me a heart! And if you’re a man and want a smut with Wanda or Natasha just ask me and I’ll try to do it.

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“So, have you and Y/N already done it?” 

    Tony asks when we’re alone in the kitchen, the guys have just finished eating and I asked Tony to help me clean things up. 

    Y/N was my girlfriend, we’ve been together for a few months already, of course we had years of friendship before we became what we are right now, I was happy with her, and she was happy with me. At first I thought I was just confused, about everything, I mean, I got my brother back, and we got a new kid on the team, and with this kid, Y/N came along, they both were from Brooklyn so they get along just fine. When I befriended with Y/N, we spent a lot of time together, but after a while, I would get jealous when I saw her with the Brooklyn boy, she noticed it, but instead of picking up a fight, she just told me ‘you don’t have to worry about Parker, he’s a bit too young for me, and besides, I’m kinda more into girls’ and after that day, I started to saw her with other eyes. Of course she was still my friend, but I couldn’t help but get a little curious, she gave me freedom to ask anything about her ex girlfriends, how it felt and how it worked their relationships. And one day, I just got curious and we made out.

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Hi, Tess I recently started going to a group workout that focuses on HIIT and I'm experiencing a LOT of hunger even during rest days. Have you ever experienced this and if so, how did you deal with it? Although I eat clean 90% of the time with a Whole Foods based vegan diet, I still worry I'm going to overeat and mess up the progress I make at the gym.

Your hungry because your body is burning more calories from exercising and you need to replenish your body. The more exercise you do, the more oxygen you intake which means you’ll burn more cals after exercising + you burn a lot from just being alive (bmr)

Eat and fuel your body up as its recovering and needs energy to do that! Food is fuel, that’s why your body wants it!

I’m definitely more hungry from training hence why I eat a lot of food. So I can sustain my training and build muscle :)

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We've been talking about Adaars a bit so how about a headcanon for Lya Adaar :D

Hi! :D Thank you so much for asking about my Lya Adaar! <3 I really need to think more of her (and I really need my decent pc to play DAI again), I miss her very much.

In my headcanon, Lya likes to pose as hardcore and tough for people she doesn’t know well. She even tries to scare them by saying unpleasant things like “I could eat you for lunch”, or things far worse, playing the terrible giant. But once you get to know her well, you just find out that she is an adorable dork that loves sweets, buterflies, dances and really good jokes and ale. It’s just that she grew up learning that she shouldn’t trust in anyone if she wanted to survive. Eventually, she learned that she can’t live alone forever just looking out for herself, but she also can’t let her guard down in a world like Thedas. So she usually scares people, because if they can endure her worst, they are worth of her sweet and kind side.  

Thank you again for asking about this adorable dork <3 


hello! im ophelia and my family is in a tight spot right now. basically we have no money until two fridays from now which makes it hard to buy food to eat, get gas, etc. so im opening up commissions! i dont want my family to go hungry so any help would be appreciated!

nsfw(light nudity okay)
complicated mech
anything i dont feel comfy with


I can do commissions in either digital or traditional just please let me know your preference! you can contact me here on tumblr or at my email celestialagender@gmail.com.

I also accept donations at paypal.me/celestialagender if you are feeling generous, even $1 goes a long way! It would also be really helpful if this could get reblogged and spread, i dont know what we will do when we run out of food. thank you!!

Dazai's Dirty Fun!!! Part 8

Dazai: (corners Chuuya like a predator)

Chuuya: (bristles) What do you want now, Idiot!?

Dazai: (blunt) Let me eat you for an hour. If you don’t want to have sex after THAT, we won’t.

Chuuya: (blinks) …………

Chuuya: Fine, but if you don’t make it good I’m making you EAT the curb.

Dazai: (stunned) Oh my God…THAT WORKED!?!

Chuuya: (walking away) No. I’m just up for you doing all the work…for once.