i want to eat it

Hello everybody it’s your friendly daily reminder that T’Challa supported the Accords that the leader of his country, his king, and his father had a hand in creating and is not acting as a sugar daddy for Steve Rogers.

Have a good one.

I just got a voicemail from the bookstore I preordered TCC at and they are apparently now having a midnight release party (they said they weren’t going to before) and I decided to go. It’ll probably be a little awkward being by myself but I’m going to do it bc… 9 years ago I stood in that very same bookstore and waited in line for DH after being “sorted” into Ravenclaw (it was done by randomization) and after watching a group of dressed-up people doing HP trivia. I was hit by a Hogwarts Express of nostalgia just now imagining doing it again.


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V