i want to eat all of this


Project by Ajinomoto to make Shoma be able to eat vegetables on “Bankisha!”, broadcasted November 19th


Interviewer: Are you careful about anything specific in your eating habits?

S: Eating habits, that’s something I don’t keep an eye on at all. I eat whatever I want and avoid everything that I dislike.


Shizuka: Shoma! Your vegetables!

Manager: Even your senpai is telling you, vegetables, vegetables!!

S: Vegetables…I’ll have them later.


Itsuki: Shoma is basically just meat, meat, and meat. He eats yakiniku for all three meals.

Interviewer: No vegetables?

Itsuki: He does not eat them. If I see Shoma eating vegetables, I would probably be shocked. I mean I think my mom has forced him to eat vegetables before, but I’ve never seen him voluntarily eat them himself.


S: This is good. When I’m abroad, I don’t eat Japanese food, so this makes me remember the flavour of Japan for the first time in a while.

Narration: They say he even drinks vegetable juice now.


Midori: [Back when I was in elementary school], I didn’t like meat, fish nor vegetables. Food like bread, snacks, and chocolate were more of what I liked to eat. The athletes today receive a personal nutritionist, trainer, and so many other staffs. I am so envious of that.

So, today has  been a day from hell. The BF discovered that he’s lost his driver’s license, all his medical insurance cards, voter id, AND … wait for it …. HIS SOCIAL SECURITY CARD. All. at. once. 

So, in theory, someone could have all they need to steal his identity. And he doesn’t know when it happened – last we saw those items for sure (because I saw them) was in Sept. 


And, to make it even better, to get into the SSA website, or the credit reporting agencies, YOU NEED YOUR FUCKING DRIVER’S LICENSE!  So, he’s managed to lose the things he needs to get the other things he’s lost. 

Awesome job on that. 

I have a massive headache. I’m so done.

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How BTS does Thanksgiving
  • Jin: Okay guys i made us some salad
  • Suga: Even if it isn't cooked it taste like shit
  • J-Hope: I think it's good
  • Jungkook: I'm just thankful Jin cut himself trying to cook
  • Taehyung: I wanna eat now
  • Namjoon: Wait everyone say your thanks
  • Jin: I'm thankful we can all be together
  • Suga: I would be thankful if you moved your wanna be chef ass out our kitchen
  • Namjoon: I'm just thankful to have you all with me
  • Jimin: I'm thankful i get to sit next to Jungkook
  • Taehyung: I'm not thankful that Jimin hasn't choked on his food yet
  • Jungkook: *Laughing*
  • Jin: Everyone now let's eat and have a good thanksgiving, oh Namjoon how is the food
  • Namjoon: Perfect i love it
  • Jungkook: Hyung, you're going to hell for lying to him let's face it this taste like shit and no one wants it
  • Jimin: It's good, Jin don't listen to them
  • J-Hope: Can all of you shut the fuck up now let's just end this already i'm thankful for you guys
  • Jungkook: I'm thankful Jimin passed out as soon as he went to leave stage
  • Jimin: You are so lucky i haven't hit you upside your head yet
  • Jungkook: Can you even reach the top of my head is the question though?

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Whether or not Shane is an actual demon remains Unsolved but two things are for 100% certain: 1) Shane knows of this theory and 2) he is eating it up omg I’m pretty sure Shane loves that we all think he’s a demon (correctly so) but can’t prove it 100%. (Plus also would we want to? If it was proven, he might have to be exorcised and then who else is gonna protect our Sunshine????)

if it was proven , buzzfeed would make ryan do an entire season of unsolved on shane tbh (finally, the demon season shane wanted)

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I was doing some research on autism because I wanted to write a character with autism and as I was researching I discovered that I do I lot of things that where listed in my research, my most obvious ones being arm flapping, feeling uncomfortable with eye contact, being unable to eat certain food because of texture, and repeating phrases almost word for word. I tried telling my friend about this and she said to just ignore it because I didn’t act like her cousin who has autism. Any thoughts?

those are all pretty common traits for autistic people, but i think when writing an autistic character it’s important to go beyond the typical traits because the only representation we get is stereotypical (btw, all autistic ppl are different and saying they should all act like someone’s cousin - which is a rly common comparison - is ridiculous). so i’ll help break down the traits into what they come from? because i think understanding what makes these common traits gives your character more depth. 

  • arm flapping 
  • this is stimming, aka sensory seeking behaviour.
  • most stimming is repetitive movements, so leg jiggling and arm flapping, rocking and bouncing are all common body stims. 
  • people stim for different reasons, but when i analysed a survey of 1026 people, the main purposes were quite clear. firstly; it’s part of our body language. it helps us communicate and express ourselves in the same way that people smile when theyre happy. 
  • secondly, it helps regulate our emotions. this can be happy ones (i flap hard when im super happy because it’s too much happy for my body to hold inside!) or negative emotions (works like self-soothing and helps calm us down). regulating emotions can be especially helpful to autistic people as many of us experience alexythmia and so find it hard to identify emotions
  • thirdly, it is a way of interacting with the world. it can root you to the present or ground you. this links to coping with negative emotions, but also coping with the world that’s busy and overwhelming and not suited to our needs
  • finally, it’s also a way of focusing, because it lets u get some of ur extra energy out so it doesnt distract u, or it just helps u focus anyway. there are more reasons why people stim (u dont have to be autistic to stim) but those are the main ones
  • uncomfortable with eye contact
  • that one is to do with a lack of understanding social cues, or struggling with social skills
  • well, that’s what it says on the DSM, but personally i know im meant to make eye contact (it’s not a lack of understanding) its just so deeply uncomfortable it like makes my skin crawl. no thanks. 
  • unable to eat certain food
  • this is to do with sensory issues! sensory issues make up a big part of what it is to be autistic. here’s a pretty good post explaining stuff to do with it
  • if sensory stimuli get too overwhelming, it can cause a sensory overload. these are awful, and things you would normally have quite a high tolerance for may suddenly seem like hell. for example, i am personally okay with overlapping noise like lots of people talking most of the time, but as soon as i start to overload, or im having a sensory-bad day, that becomes physically painful for me. 
  • repeating phrases word for word
  • this is called echolalia. u can check the tag for a better understanding
  • this is when you repeat a word or phrase over and over. It is a type of echo-phenomenon that that specifically involves it being repeated out loud, but most people (including professionals) use it to cover thoughts as well. 
  • it can be either involuntary, for stimming, or for communication. I’ll explain each one:
  • involuntary - you know when u get a song stuck in your head? like that but words or phrases. it can go on for minutes or hours or can just be once at a repetition, like an echo. often it can be out loud too, eg. i sometimes just echo whatever my mum says to me for no particular reason when im tired
  • for stimming - repeating a nice sounding word or phrase can be a great stim! especially words that are fun to say 
  • communication - repeating things you’ve heard can be used for communicating. some autistic people are entirely echolalic, which means they only communicate verbally through echolalia. echolalia can be immediate or delayed. examples of each of these would be:
    • immediate: “shall we go shopping?” “shopping.” 
    • delayed: “can i have some of your drink?” “take a fucking sip babes

hope that helps! also, @scriptautistic is dedicated to helping people write autistic characters, so take a look through their blog!

someone: one direction has to come back

me thinking about how dead harry looked in 2015 and him discussing not wanting to burn out, and liam’s drinking problems and how he forced a smile, and zayn’s eating disorder and mental health, and niall mentioning they had to write and record an album in 6 weeks: ……………………o…k….

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Fact swap - my character’s family believes in naming for success, so they named him Eric. They wanted him to be a cleric. Eric the cleric, you know. He did not want to be a cleric. He wanted to be a bard. He is not a very good bard, because he is terrible at rhyming (another unlucky family trait tying in with the naming thing). Anyway, he changed his name to Lard.

I can’t possibly top this, how do I reply to this? all my facts are so boring in comparison to this

my bud foster & I have a D&D NPC named Duncan Marigold (DM for short) that points out obvious plot points & exposition when the PCs refuse to continue playing the game and go on a boner quest to eat candles or whatever

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didn't it bother you that they mention it several times Roman is the grand slam champion but they didn't even say that when Dean became grand slam champion ,+

Hey. I’d be very pissed if all this GSC thing was pumped for Roman, when in Dean’s case basically it wasn’t even mentioned. I don’t want to sound salty, cause everyone deserves everything, but I wish they had waited a bit more to give Roman this recognition too, at least to give Dean some more time to shine as the youngest GSC. It’s like the creative team wants to cast a shadow over Dean’s accomplishment, lessening the relevance of his win just letting someone else win it as well immediately after. It’s unfair, giving all the shit Dean had to eat during these years, but whatever.
I’m not blaming this on Roman of course, cause he’s just doing his job; but I won’t ever say enough how this Shield reunion was rushed too much for the sake of his booking and to make easy money as soon as possible with merch and show tickets. It’s great to have the Shield back, but I wish this storyline was carried on by putting some more efforts in it. It’s like they trashed all the good things they had done with Dean and Seth’s angle, considering the good amount of episodes spent to build their reconciliation, to throw Roman in the middle of it without taking care of the fact that: 
1) Seth and Roman’s team up against Kevin and Jericho had ended months ago in a nothing, and
2) Roman and Dean hadn’t had interactions since Survivor Series 2016. 
If they just had waited a bit more and built it properly with the attention such a stable deserved, I’d be enjoying all this way more. BUT since many are being happy about this, I’m not going to ruin this moment of joy and will keep my rants for me. To each their own celebration :)

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I just saw another anon about Jimin wanting to loose weight and i'm like WHAT THE FUCK. I've only been an army for like two months (and its been WILD) but like? seriously? you? don't? weigh? anything? Like I weigh 30-ish pounds more? seriously Jimin, eat like a pig for all we care :O no real army cares about your weight


thank you for existing

my therapy starts in two weeks and i haven’t been since fifth grade. three years. have i gotten better at all? how bad have i gotten since? i don’t eat anymore. starving is a habit. I drink a twelve pack of diet coke a week. what the fuck is wrong with me. we’re almost out of water because of me. the tap is contaminated; my parents tell me. if it is, i want to die. i haven’t brushed my teeth in two days. you can run. i’m going skating with him on friday and i haven’t been in three weeks. i still need to break in my new skates. i’m gonna fall. i scream photo op. i’m gonna get skinny. skinny. skinny. skinnyskinnyskinny. thin. all i want to be. pretty. dainty. petite. boys tell me i’m pretty and girls have told me they’re jealous, but i don’t see it. people say they want my body, but where? all i am is fatfatfatfat. i miss lexi. i hope she misses me. am i depressed. i’m suicidal, but does being that and having depression come hand in hand? if i’m suicidal does that mean i’m depressed? i’m an honors student. perfect attendance. perfect grades. perfect. shitty home life. my parents are fake to my friends. he hasn’t hit me in two years but it still hurts. my mother is sick and has been since i was born. both physically and mentally. i want to be okay. okayokayokay. he called me babe today and i got so happy. he’s a senior. quite a bit older than me, but i feel older than him. i’m not even allowed to date him because of age, but i don’t care. mineminemine. he is my reason for staying. he is my reason to live. thank you.

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You are posting and reblogging pictures of girls who don’t become that way by ‘eating right’. How much you wanna bet that you don’t even ‘eat right’ yourself. Or at all, for that matter. If you want to post thinspo, go ahead. But don’t lead people to believe that they’ll achieve such a thin body just by ‘eating right’ and exercise. It’s starvation.

yeah i reblog those pictures, and i do have a problem with eating, but im not saying ‘you’ll look like these girls by eating proper!’ and normally i post pictures of girls with skinny/semi skinny bodies . dont know why i had to explain this.

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( in responce to the nephew dragon anon) When I was 3 or 4 the only way I would eat snacks (like goldfish, gram crackers, ect) is if I would act like a dog and my mom would have me do tricks to "earn" them. She got sick of it and said if I want to act like a dog I have to eat animal food. So little ol me waltz over to the cat food bowl and ate the whole thing. All of it. Every single piece of that cat food. He could be weirder, be greatful.

I feel like that’s a normal little kid thing though. My brother went through that. I certainly did. I’ve heard weirder.

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Hey, how do I stop eating everything in sight? I have 3 performances coming up, and they all have have lot of junk food. (I can't look at thinspo BTW, it would look weird). Thanks so much, the longer the better!

This isn’t very nice at all, but when I go somewhere I know there will be food, I wear tight clothes. Or just something I want to fit into better. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s like a constant reminder like no u rlly do not need that. 

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So ive been in army for about 5 months and i just watched a video about jimin and his weight loss do you think he is ok now or is he struggling again? Btw love your writing ❤️

honestly, i heard something about jimin struggling again, however i can’t be too sure :( i heard he wants to try loose more weight somewhere? even though he is a perfect weight, AND HE DOESNT NEED TO LOOSE ANYMORE !!!! his body is perfect, he doesn’t need to change :(( i just want him to eat well, that’s all i hope for him (and to love himself more, although it’s easier said than done)

Seb and I are home today. He spewed 5 times between 8.30pm and 9.30pm last night 😢😷😷😷. Hes woken up fine today, eating and drinking and playing. I’m going to ask daycare this afternooon if they will take him tomorrow… he will be 35 hours spew free by drop off time but wont be surprised if they say I have to wait 48. I’ve done 4 loads of washing including all the bedding and towels he spewed over last night and I’ve run out of line so space and pegs. I’m cooking dinner early so we can play in the yard when Rhykah gets home because its another nice day here (so much yay!). Then tonight after the boys are settled I’m going to The Warehouse to start our Christmas shopping 😁😁🎄🎄🎄🎁. But for now… coffee time ☕☕☕

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SKDFJLJGLSDFJGLKDF STFU I KNOW!!! ohmgfhmfg i really just wanted to CRY like thats so cute he just passed out after eating four tangerinessdlkfgjsdfg pleasese… im sitting in the food court in front of pizza 73 thinking about how he’s the cutest fucking boy in the world???? :-( also tangerines?? he knows…