i want to eat all of this


Our boy who always eat food from convenience store and room service finally get exposed to real food ^0^ And he even tried to sing to mess with Nobu :O XD (x)

And here’s for anyone who want to hear the song Yuzuru mimicked XD

touka chapter 130

i can already tell that people are going to be hating on touka like heck over this latest chapter, people are gonna say she’s abusive.

for heaven’s sake she’s p r e g n a n t. she’s suffering from all the symptoms including mood swings, back pains, head aches, fatigue etc etc, you try being pregnant lmao. not only that, but she has an ridiculous amount of stress on her. she has to eat human food for the next n i n e months of her life, remind yourself what human food does to a ghoul. to add to this, the ghouls have an extermination rate of 88% (or something like that) and she doesn’t want to worry kaneki because all this is own his shoulders. she doesn’t even know if her child is going to live or not. it’s not like she doesn’t know that she’s being harsh, after she kicked kaneki out she apologised and all.

respect touka please

BTS Reactions: When You Bake for Them

(totally an excuse for cute gifs of the boys eating)


Jin would immediately take a HUGE bite of whatever you made, chew and swallow, and then start singing your praises. “These are so good! You’re so talented in the kitchen, I need to watch my back. Do you want to make dinner together one night this week?”

Namjoon/Rap Monster

Namjoon would take one little bite off one corner, and then close his eyes, smile and take a larger one.  “If you make stuff like this all the time, I don’t think I’m ever going to let you go.”


If you present it to Yoongi’s face, he’ll be embarrassed and blush. Leave it out for him to find, maybe with a nice note, and he’ll come to you. “Thank you so much for the treat, I really needed that. You’re so good to me.”


Hobi would be really, genuinely touched that you spent your time doing something nice for him. Even if he doesn’t like what you made, you will NEVER know. “You didn’t have to do this! I know how busy you are, how do you even have time for baking too?”  


Tae is going to eat ALL OF IT at a ridiculous pace—in his head, doing anything else isn’t going to show you how much he likes what you made. “That was really tasty… but I think I need some medicine now…” 


Jimin would be a little reluctant to eat anything sweet, because he’s worried about his diet. Make him something sort of healthy, like carrot muffins or banana bread. “You’re so nice for thinking about me. I promise I won’t waste them.”


Jungkook is going to taste what you made immediately, and then he’s going to talk about it with his mouth full because he cannot wait even that long to comment. “How did you even DO that? I can’t make things like this at all, you’re so cool.”

Silly you.

Hi! I have been so busy lately, I hardly ever posted anything that wasn’t on queue. I finally have some time today and hopefully; I can get through some more requests. As per usual, this is a gentle reminder that: yes, requests are open until stated otherwise and I will get to your requests as soon as I can. This was inspired by a comic strip that I found when I was looking up recipes for potato egg salad (I want to make some for dinner!) and it just became like this. Hope you enjoy it! 

Sometimes the two of you argue about the silliest things. When you think about it, it always manages to make you blush in embarrassment and laugh at how most of the arguments started. Out of all the stupidest things Jason and you argue about, it had to be that one time when you were sun-tanning at the back of your house, eating boiled eggs – you were craving for some boiled eggs that week – and making sure your Alaskan Malamute – Hood, very original name from Jason – is getting the exercise he needs. You had been about to sit up when one of your boiled eggs rolled off of your plate and fell on top the chair before falling to the ground.

You gasp, setting as the now empty plate on to your table and is about to reach for the fallen egg – you reckon if you wash it, it will still be alright – when Hood races towards you and gobbled up the egg right before you. He barks happily and puts two of his front paws on your thighs, reaching forward to lick your face before rushing off to run around again.

Jason walks out of the house to see you looking extremely annoyed and sad at the same time so he approaches you. “What’s got your panties in a twist?” He asks, sitting down beside you.

You turn to face your boyfriend. “Hood just stole my egg.”

Jason raises one of his eyebrows, looking at you for further explanation. “What?”

You repeat your previous answer. “My egg fell off my plate to the chair and on to the ground!” You explain and Jason nods his head. “Hood took it right before I could even reach it and now it’s gone!” Your voice is starting to raise in volume now and Jason looks at you as if you had another head coming out of your shoulders.

“So? It’s just an egg, babe. Hood eats anything and everything he feels like.” Jason glances at Hood who is currently rolling around on the grass. No matter how many times the both of you tried to manage Hood’s diet, he somehow manages to destroy what effort the both of you have put in.

“It’s not just an egg, Jay! I wanted to eat that egg!” You exclaim, starting to get annoyed about how nonchalant your boyfriend of four years is being and Jason turns to look back at you again. “Why can’t you be considerate to my feelings, Jay? I really wanted to eat the egg!” You cross your arms, narrowing your eyes at Jason.

Jason is slightly taken aback by your expression. “Babe, it’s just an egg – why are you getting so worked up about this?” Sometimes he really wonders what goes on in your head. “If it means so much to you, I’ll boil one egg for you, okay?” He stands up, shaking his head. “It’s just an egg, Y/N. Come on.” He picks up your plate and holds on to your arm before tugging you back inside the house.

You pout and sat by the counter, watching Jason move about the kitchen. He poured water in to a pot and waited for it to boil before placing the egg inside. As the minutes tick by, you are slowly starting to realize just how much of a jerk you had been and honestly, you should not really be surprised by Hood stealing your food – you know Jason feeds him chicken and baby carrots topped with peanut butter, every now and then – he does it all the time. Like one time, the two of you got him a new bed and guess who didn’t sleep on his new bed at all? That’s right, Hood. But that’s another story for another day.

When the egg is boiled, Jason even went as far as peeling it open for you. He sliced the egg in half before drizzling them with some warm olive oil and sprinkled it with flavored sea salt and fresh-ground black pepper. He brings the plate over to you and places it in front of you.

You blink a couple of times at his sweet gestures. “I’m an idiot.” You tell him as you reach for the plate.

Jason rolls his eyes before chuckling affectionately. “Yeah, well, I’m the idiot that’s dating the idiot.” He tells you cheekily, causing you to laugh.

See, sometimes the arguments the two of you have – though half of the time, it is you who tend to blow things out of proportions – are just the silliest but you know, you will never trade it for anything else in the world.

anonymous asked:

I loved the story you told of Etrigan the cat. Do you have any more tales of him?

He eats plants.

Like, he ate my Christmas cactus down to the ground 3 times.  The second 2 times I had soaked it in bitter spray so much that a dry finger touched to the dry plant would come away bitter enough to make you wash your mouth out.  

Etrigan would lurk by the door and dart in past my feet and try to get himself closed in there with it so he could really take his time with it.  I finally had to give it to a friend.  He was just too much of a hazard.  I can’t have plants because my fucking cat will eat them.

Cat grass has been suggested but you have to understand that Etrigan is fundamentally incapable of understanding “for humans” and “for cats” when it comes to food, so I think it will be of limited help. Providing alternatives doesn’t work. He wants the specific thing he wants, and that’s all there is to that.

I mean, he’s sort of just a glutton in general.  He preferentially eats bread.  If you gave him a choice between meat and bread, I am pretty sure he would eat the bread.  I can’t test this, though.  I can’t give him ANY human food at all or he starts getting bold about it, and has on several occasions just walked up and taken a bite out of whatever I’m eating like it was no big deal.  He would straight-up MURDER any of his brothers for a thumbnail-sized piece of Hawaiian bread.

His favorites are Hawaiian bread, pie crust, and glazed donuts, in that order, but he will also eat pizza crust, crackers, and Pop Tarts.  Basically, there’s not a bread product he doesn’t like.

If he gets hold of something tasty sometimes he won’t just turn loose of it.  He will hang on, like a dog playing tug-o’-war.

And he’s figured out how to open drawers, meaning we had to move all the cat treats into a cabinet until we get a baby lock for the drawer.

He sleeps pretty hard sometimes. Check this out:

that-one-bone-anon  asked:

What I was saying is that the boys might be eating more protein cereal, not necessarily meat however. Also, my boys are part gator monster, so Cupcake is telling me that may be the reason why the boys ate meat or rather protein so quickly. Your boys are definitely different from my boys.

“Oh, okay - I was just worried because we’re both vegetarians. I don’t eat meat at all, and Taffy only eats it very rarely, but we’d be willing to change what we bring with us on adventures if it means the babies can eat.”

“It’s good to know the supplies we have are okay! But I think, eh, we might not be going on as many adventures with these two, though! At least for a while! But that’s okay, because… well, I didn’t want to leave them there all alone! … In that horrible place… ”

every month i have a breakdown about how i need to get my life together and i need to update my resume and start getting ready for job interviews and start eating healthier and start doing my homework and every month i do the same thing i sit down and i write down all the things i want to do and how i can accomplish them and yet here i am every month doing the same thing because i never follow through????? lmao

Seen spoilers not fussed not gonna speculate, I’m bored when’s Aaron going to eat some toast and when is someone going to ask if he’s ok and give him a cuddle? That’s all I want to know


So I am getting a lot of people telling me to lighten up and enjoy the vacation and that I need to eat and that I’m looking too thin. So I want to address that.

I have absolutly been eating on this trip (even had some alcohol, which I haven’t in months). I just haven’t been posting pictures of the food because I know somtimes when I’m scrolling through it can be a bit difficult to randomly come across pictures of amazing looking foods that people are eating and I don’t post about food much in general so I wanted to be thoughtful. I also just feel really gross posting about food all the time. Yay ed.

So, starting from the top left we have: cinnamon roll French toast (split it with my mom-it was AMAZING), salmon with spinach pasta and artichoke in a garlic sauce, Apple pie with cinnamon ice cream (also split with my mom), a peanut butter weed cookie with cinnamon ice cream on it (didn’t split with my mom, was delicious!), strawberry vodka drink (yum!), a “small” ice cream cone with strawberry flavoring (seriously– I ordered a small and it was HUGE, and not just ed huge, it was actually a ton of ice cream), creme brulee cheesecake (split with my mom, was delicious), and Bourbon salmon with fried leeks in an amazing Bourbon mustard glaze (also split with my mom). Also had ½ a sandwich for lunch yesterday, a chicken cordon Bleu that was pretty good.

All of this food was amazing and I haven’t denied myself anything I wanted to try. I am scared of how much I will have gained when I get back, but I know my activity levels are pretty high and sometimes a few days of extra food can jump start the metabolism again.

Just want to say I am enjoying my vacation to the absolute fullest and there’s no reason to be worried 😊 I think I may link people back to this post that comment that I need to eat more. I do appreciate the concern (at least when it’s expressed in a nice way– looking at you person who said I look like a tweaker) but I swear I’m enjoying life more now than I ever have.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a sample intake post of what you eat in a day? I want a body like yours

I’m not going to give you a sample intake of what I eat in a day and here’s why:

I spent so much of my time obsessing over what other girls eat, hoping that if I ate the same as them, then my body would look the same as theirs. 

The thing is, you could eat, calorie for calorie, the exact same intake that I do, and there is absolutely no guarantee your body will look like mine. Our bodies are biologically different. My body is my body, and your body is your body. Unfortunately, and what a lot of people don’t like to hear, is that you won’t ever have a body like mine. I’m not saying that in a mean way at all, I just mean that your body is going to look it’s absolute best when you’re eating the foods it wants, and exercising or not exercising the way it wants, and when you’re caring for your body in the way that it wants to be cared for.

When I obsessed over other girls diets and tried to eat the exact same way that they did, do you know what happened? I got sick a lot. I gained and lost weight cyclically. I was unhappy, i craved foods and binged. I never felt stable or like myself.

It wasn’t until I stopped watching those youtube videos, when I started to just eat the foods I liked in moderation, and ate what felt good to me that my body started to work with me. I haven’t gotten sick since changing my diet and listening to my body. My weight has shed naturally and I’ve stayed this weight for a good 4 months now. I no longer crave foods and binge on them. I feel balanced.

So please, I urge you to listen to your body, it’s a lot smarter than you might give it credit for. It knows what it needs to stay healthy.


100 questions to Saechan

This Q&A is from Saechan’s FC Book. The questions are from fans that wrote them on questionnaire at Sae’s 2nd FC event.

Q1. Most peaceful place at home?
- Toilet
Q2. The character of Saechan’s dog?
- She loves being around people
Q3. What have you learnt recently?
- Once I spent all the money, there is none left (lol)
Q4. What would you do if you can’t go to sleep?
- TsumTsum
Q5. If you can fly where you want to go?
- I don’t care where I will go if I can fly anyway
Q6. Can you cook?
- I haven’t done any after the carbonara
Q7. Do you have anything you love to eat in winter?
- Healthy herbs hotpot
Q8. Any songs you must listen to recently?
- Shota Shimizu, aiko, ARSMAGNA
Q9. If you were a man, what type of girls would you like?
- I don’t like (girls) to be too rational. But, I don’t like those who is similar to myself. Those best to be placed somewhere in the middle. I think I will like someone who knows how to enjoy life.
Q10. Which brand does Saechan like the most now?
Q11. What are you not good at?
- Difficult conversations
Q12. Do you have anything you want to learn?
- Talking, improve my handwriting, vocal practice related, English
Q13. What must you take with you when you go on a trip?
- My own hand towel
Q14. Do you still say “Mama”?
- Yes. Anything wrong with that??
Q15. Past and future, which side do you want to go?
- Abruptly, future!
Q16. Past and future, which side do you want to change more?
- Abruptly, past!
Q17. Saechan, please tell us your skincare secret!
- Haven’t done anything special
Q18. Most favourite season?
- Spring
Q19. Do you believe in fortune telling?
- Relatively (lol)
Q20. What’s your most luxurious purchase recently?
- Bought a 50000JPY MA-1 jacket
Q21. What do you spend most of your money on?
- Clothes!! Clothes!! Juice cleanse!! Clothes!! Food!!
Q22. What song is a “must-sing” in karaoke?
- Aiko’s “Boyfriend”
Q23. What would you be if you weren’t in entertainment industry?
- A person who makes models/maquettes
Q24. What alcohol you like most?
- Lemon sour and umeboshi sour
Q25. Which actor(ess) you want to co-act with?
- Mao Inoue, Fumi Nikaido, Eita, Kento Yamazaki
Q26. What ingredient do you like to put in the miso soup?
- Shrimp heads
Q27. Care about what’s in trend?
- No don’t mind.
Q28. What is the most recent matter that has caused another person’s anger?
- I was shouted angrily by mama to go to bed earlier.
Q29. Is there something you want to challenge from now on?
- Everything is a challenge until death
Q30. What sort of love do you want to try?
- I want to spend some time, no rush, no fear, to conquer the person I love
Q31. How do you play with your dog?
- Saying “Good girl, good girl”
Q32. Pork, Beef and Chicken, rank?
- Chicken →  Beef → Pork
Q33. What makes you cry recently?
- When I think about my own future (lol)
Q34. What you must achieve when you turn 30?
- Become more famous, live in a good house, laugh more merrily than now
Q35. What kind of occasion makes you excited?
- When setting surprises for people
Q36. Miyazawa family always gets along so well, are there anything happening in Miyazawa family?
- Ryu-kun’s allergy to dog’s hair is cured
Q37. Do you believe in Gods?
- Yes
Q38. What sort of mood were you in when you prepared for the arrival of your 2016 birthday?
- Kinda like “Who is going to message me at 0.00am”
Q39. Things that you do everyday without failing?
- Intestinal (abdominal) massage
Q40. Has Saechan qualified for the scuba diving licence?
- In fact, there’s only the final practical stage then I will be qualified
Q41. If you choose a tool from Doraemon?
- Anywhere door!!!
Q42. Something you may accidentally buy from a convenient store?
- Those small chocolate cubes placed next to the cashier tills
Q43. What is your ideal boyfriend or husband type?
- Ideal relationship is like friends
Q44. What’s the moment when you want to have more courage?
- To talk to another person about my future
Q45. What kind of dreams does Saechan have?
- It is different every time, generally (lol)
Q46. Do you eat your favourite food first or last?
- Last
Q47. Do you want to marry soon?
- This is my target when I turn 31!!
Q48. What makes you happy lately?
- My dog who always sleeps with mum is now willing to sleep with me
Q49. Use this space to apologise to anyone?
- I want to say sorry to mama who I shifted the full responsibility to look after the dog for me
Q50. What do you have to pay more attention in personal life lately?
- Diet, forever be on a diet

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Name: Veronika
Nicknames: vall, Verča
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Orientation: not straight
Ethnicity: Czech
Favorite Fruit: Nectarines but i can’t eat them now because of pollen allergies :-(
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite book series: Harry Potter
Favorite fictional characters: Scott Ryder (!!), Blizz, Jonas Balkar, Liam Kosta, Suvi Anwar, Butch DeLoria, Jeff “Joker” Moreau, Weasley twins, and many many more
Favorite Flowers: Lillies? I guess
Favorite scents: sunscreen 
Favorite colors: light pink
Favorite Animals: birds
Favorite Artist/ Bands: ahhh, so many
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: all of them
Average Sleep: 7-8
Number of blankets I sleep with: only one
Dream Trip: roadtrip across the USA
Last thing you googled: pyjak (drawing reference :-) )
How many blogs I follow: 580
Number of Followers: 1 121
What I usually post about: Mass Effect, Fallout, Dragon Age, SWTOR
What is your aesthetic: wow I have literally no idea. It depends heavily on my mood.

Again tagging whomever wants to do this. Just mention me in your post so I can read more about you! :-)

anonymous asked:

This may sound stupid, but today i had an oral exam, and was kinda worried but for some reason i thought of hades b4 the exam and asked him to help me out and the exam wasnt as hard as i thought itd be so i wanted to offer him a pomegranate, I dont have an altar for him, do i bury ALL the seeds or half of it? (Pomegranates r expensive T_T will he be mad if i eat half of it?)

Hi! You may bury half the seeds. The fact that you’re offering some pomegranates, even though they’re expensive (and I’m guessing something you don’t buy often) makes it very worthy as an offering. I do recommend burying them! That’s a great idea, and Hades will really appreciate it. (^∀^)

anonymous asked:

Can I get an Indy ship please? Jimmy Eat World - The Middle and Coheed and Cambria - You've Got Spirit Kid?

Ooooh you brought actually the biggest challenge ship of them all- two songs to ship from, not four (and I love it!)

Sami Callihan. Oh yes, sometimes he’s a grump and just wants to cuddle on the couch with music playing softly in the background- but other times he’s surprising you with bouquets of flowers and 8-feet tall stuffed animals and makes you dinner just because he loves you that much. Got like a job interview or doctor’s appointment coming up? He helps you prep and stay calm. Never forgets your birthday or anniversary or any day that matters to you. It’s a given- a cute selfie of you two is his lockscreen image.

tatianaallanpoe  asked:

Hi I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and I've been on a crapload of medications for it. I hated it. And I think I always thought it was just me being spoiled but now that I'm getting back on it (I'm 21) I realize that I still hate it a lot. Do you guys believe that you HAVE to be medicated? It helps me manage stuff better but I feel like a zombie.

Medication works differently for everyone. What works for one person might be absolutely terrible for another, so it’s not super weird that you hated it. Different kinds of meds also work differently, so if you want to look into medication be sure to ask about all the different kinds.

Personally I don’t think I absolutely need my medication. I managed for 19 years without it. However since starting medication I’ve had a much easier time doing things like keeping somewhat regular eating and sleeping schedules, actually sitting down and doing my work, and focusing during lectures. But you also have to consider the meaning behind ‘needing’ something. Do I absolutely need my meds to function on a basic human level? No. But do I need my meds to function much better and achieve the things I want to do with my life? At this point in my life I’d have to say yes. I can only speak for myself here, because I believe that how much people need medication is a completely individual thing.


If you feel like a zombie on your meds, then ask your doctor about trying something different. It’s possible that a different medication will help you manage stuff without making you feel wrong. And it’s possible that you have enough skills now that you don’t need it anymore to manage your life satisfactorily. It’s your life and your choice.

I am not taking medication right now for my ADHD, but I am hoping to change that soon (just waiting on a referral to a psychiatrist). I definitely don’t feel that I HAVE to be medicated, but I do feel that it is a good tool that helps me a lot when I’m taking the right medication for me. That’s why I’m hoping to get back on medication soon.


  • Keith: Lance why are you crying?
  • Lance: Because I'm so lucky and so thankful that I'm dating such a wonderful person like you Keith. I'm also crying because were out of milk and I want to eat cereal.

So, whose idea is giving such amount of money to those young healthy hyperactive kiddos who uncontrollably become relatives of yours in eid?
I mean, you worked your ass off night and day, exhausted and drained and wasted almost every day for gaining money and those groups of human in all of sudden obligates you to give them some, for the sake of eid culture—national culture, to be specific? Even when their very own parents gain more than your parents’s added with yours?

Call me being stingy or so on but i just need reasons behind most of things I’m asked to do.

Well, come on. What do you want your child learn from this tradition? That lessons of ‘lets meet our work-relaltives! Lets messed around, eat whatever, be noisy and they’ll give you money anyway’? Santa claus’s concept sounds way more educating.

If you’re willing to do it anyway it’s okay. But if you do it just because you’re supposed to do it and you dont want to look bad or poor or jobless while you have no enough saving for this, just dont. Wake up, dude, it’s your money and you are the one who has control over it, not anyone or anything, not even a tradition.

anonymous asked:

By your comments, I know you're fat. My question is, and I know is something I shouldn’t ask, but, have you tried going on a diet or exercising? I know that's the typical question fat people are asked, and I know they hate it. I used to be fat, the first 18 years of my life I was fat, I maxed out at 98 kilograms and my self-esteem was practically inexistent. I was bullied, my own family criticized my weight and I reached a point where I just didn’t want to go out at all because ... 1/5

I just hated my body. I remember I boy called me deformed, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I started dieting and exercising, I lost like 10 kilos, but then I got stuck. That’s when I began to stop eating. I survived with one apple and one yogurt a day. It worked, I lost 28 kilos, and I had been able to keep my weight balanced for more than 9 years. My point is, now you could say I’m thin, I weigh what I’m supposed to weigh, the problem now is, I never have peace in my mind. 2/5 

I gain weight easily, if I start eating junk food more that I should and if I stop going to the gym, I’ll easily gain 2 kilos a week. Once I went to USA (I’m not from there) and in just one week I gain 5 kilos, WTH? I’m stressed all the time because of the food. And the moment my clothes feel tight, I get depressed and I don’t want to go out. I’m sick of this situation, but I just wouldn’t like to be fat again, I feel uncomfortable. My question is, what do you think?  3/5 

I mean, everybody says you have to learn to love your body the way it is, but, can you truly do that when everything tells you you’re supposed to be thin? Would you like to be thin? Or have you learned to truly love yourself the way you are? I don’t want to be fat because I saw the benefits of being thin. You feel more energetic, you find clothes that fit you, people don’t criticize you that much, your healthier in a way. What do you think? 4/5

I’m really sorry if I offended you with this. really, I didn’t mean to. Ignore this if I did. 5/5        

This is quite a long ask, but I’ll do my best to answer all the questions you asked.

My question is, and I know is something I shouldn’t ask, but, have you tried going on a diet or exercising?

You’re right. You should not be asking this question. As someone who struggles with weight, I’m assuming you know exactly what it’s like. I’m trying to say this in a way that’s not really bitchy, but I’m not sure I can so I’ll just say it: asking if fat people have tried diet and exercise comes across as implying you think fat people are stupid. We’re not stupid. We hear the “DIET AND EXERCISE” message multiple times a week. Trust me. We know.

And yes, I have done dieting and exercise in the past. I was pretty successful, losing 100+ pounds, but then I went to work for a toxic place that stressed me out. I stopped exercising and paid less attention to what I ate. Unemployment after that job didn’t help. I haven’t managed to get back to the point where I felt capable of doing that again.

My question is, what do you think? I mean, everybody says you have to learn to love your body the way it is, but, can you truly do that when everything tells you you’re supposed to be thin? Would you like to be thin? Or have you learned to truly love yourself the way you are?

I don’t know the answer to your first question. I envy people who have found that peace within themselves; I suspect it’s an every day, on-going battle because you are constantly bombarded with those messages. And yes, I would definitely love to be thin. I have never gone a day in my life where I haven’t felt uncomfortable in my skin. I’ve never thought of myself as pretty or even slightly attractive. I have to wonder what that’s like.

What do you think? 

I think some people are prone to gaining weight more easily than others. I think others gain weight because of (possibly undiagnosed) health problems or specific medications they have to take for their health problems. I think some people, like me, have problems with food - I know I don’t see food the way other people do. I think I’m probably addicted to food, in all honesty.

I think I don’t have a good answer for you, anon. I’m sorry.

I know the trailer for To The Bone is somewhat controversial as to whether it glorifies anorexia, whether it actually raises awareness about eating disorders… but really all I can think about after watching it is that I want to get smaller so people will worry about me!!!!!