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Yoosung meets a woman that has an uncanny resemblance to Rika at his college and becomes infatuated with her and begins neglecting MC

@rfascenariios hahahahaha, so I sometimes accidentally open blogs and then end up scrolling through and I found this, even though I have a mountain of other head canons to work on, but I just love this so much, so here you go.

  • It started with a picture that Yoosung posted on the messenger
  • “I found Rika! Or, at least a woman that looks just like her! She’s in one of my classes and her name is Yumi!”
  • He wasn’t wrong. She did look just like Rika.
  • Yoosung talks about her constantly, getting to know her at school
  • Now, he and MC have been dating for about a year and a half now, and she gets kind of worried about the fervor in which he is treating Yumi
  • Yoosung gets invited out to a mixer with his friends, so MC is invited along and Yumi is there
  • MC gets to talk to Yumi and she’s nice enough, but admits that she has her sights set on Yoosung
  • When MC tells Yumi that she and Yoosung are already dating, Yumi says, “Really? Because he treats me more like his girlfriend that he does you.”
  • After the mixer, MC asks Yoosung if he loves her, and he says yes, of course, but she’s still really nervous about the whole thing and not sure if she believes him
  • And his talk of Yumi continues to escalate, because she started asking questions about Rika and emulating her
  • Eventually, MC tries to express her hurt to Yoosung about the whole thing via messenger, but he doesn’t understand why she’s all bent out of shape
  • Zen and Seven get in on this as well, basically trying to explain what’s going on in MC’s head, but Yoosung refuses to listen
  • It’s not until Yoosung skips a date with MC to hang out with Yumi that things get ugly
  • She’s hurt, but she doesn’t let it affect her too much, hoping he still loves her
  • Zen even yells at Yoosung for doing that
  • The next day, MC shows up at his school to drop off his lunch, which she always brings for him on Tuesday’s, but Yumi sees her first, says that he’s busy studying and, without being a student, you can’t get into the library, so she’ll take the lunch to him
  • As soon as she has the lunch in her hands, she tells MC, “Yoosung and I went out on a date, by the way. You should probably stop bringing him food. He’s moved on.”
  • MC walks away in tears
  • She goes onto the messenger and says that she needs to break up with Yoosung, as much as it breaks her heart, because he doesn’t love her anymore
  • All he loves is a memory of Rika and the woman that looks just like her
  • He doesn’t see it until after his class with Yumi, and he ends up frozen for a few minutes just staring at the message… until Yumi reads it over his shoulder and offers her condolences
  • Yoosung, having been snapped out of it, says he needs to go find MC and talk to her, he doesn’t want to break up, he doesn’t understand why she would do this
  • However, she’s busy drinking with Zen and Jaehee, her phone is turned off, and Yoosung doesn’t know where she is
  • That night, MC stumbles back home, still super drunk, and realizes that she accidentally went to Yoosung’s apartment
  • Now MC is about to turn away when she checks the messenger and sees that he wants to talk about this, so she decides that now is as good as ever…
  • She gets her phone out to start recording because she knows she won’t remember in the morning
  • ….only to walk up the stairs to his apartment to find that Yoosung’s kissing Yumi
  • MC drops her purse out of shock, and when he hears the sound, he freaks, and tries to push Yumi away (what he was trying to do all along)
  • MC doesn’t hear him calling after her and just half stumbles, half runs away
  • She posts a picture on the messenger of Yoosung and Yumi kissing
  • “I thought he wanted to talk to convince me not to leave him. Guess I was wrong. I was wrong about everything.”
  • Zen tries to jump to his defense, saying that Yoosung looks uncomfortable, like he doesn’t want it, but MC just says, “I need to go drown my sorrows in ice cream and romance movies. I’ll check the messenger once a day from now on. Don’t worry about me.”
  • She does as promised, sits at home, crying, eating ice cream, and watching anything with a romance premise
  • Her coworkers worry about her when she’s at work because her eyes all puffy and red, but she just explains that she had a really bad break up
  • One coworker offers to beat him up for her once they hear the details, but she declines
  • She tries to get Jumin’s advice on killing her emotions so she can stop hurting
  • Yoosung finally manages to ambush her a few days after she saw him kissing Yumi at her apartment before she leaves to go to the grocery store
  • He explains that Yumi was there trying to help him (or so she claimed), then suddenly grabbed him and kissed him. She then tried to convince him that MC didn’t love him and only Yumi could
  • But Yoosung knows better, he feels like a jerk, and realizes that Yumi is nothing like the Rika he knew (which wasn’t necessarily the real Rika, but he doesn’t know that)
  • He begs MC to take him back
  • MC states that they’ll start with the dinner she’s about to make, and they can go from there
  • They go grocery shopping, then cook and eat together
  • He ends up kissing her goodbye at the end of the night
  • And twenty minutes after leaving, he comes back and, just-
  • This impulsive, loving yandere child just drops down on one knee with a ring in his hand
  • A few weeks later, Yumi has made no further progress with Yoosung and is getting frustrated, and when MC shows up on campus again to give Yoosung his lunch, Yumi goes to confront her…. then sees the ring on her finger
  • Before Yumi can approach to ask what’s going on, Yoosung is there, kissing MC, giddy as ever to see her
  • Yumi is forced to walk away and save herself the embarassment
Opposites Attract - Part 1 (Ethan Dolan x Reader)

Request: babe, i have a request. can you do an imagine of football!ethan? you’d be the responsible, quiet girl, and he’d be the intimidating boy, but good kid. he finds you the most gorgeous creature, and gets all shy when he decides to go talk to you. 🌹

Warnings: swearing, what else do you expect from me

A/N: once again I didn’t stick to the request that much, sorry not sorry!! Anyways I’d like to say that football!Ethan is hot as hell. 

Opposites Attract Masterlist.

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Hwarang: Hansung.

The only reason I started watching this drama was Kim Taehyung, but I admit that after the first two episodes it got me hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I forgot about Hansung because everytime he appeared on screen I started smiling like a fool and feeling so proud.

Before the drama started and the character pictures were posted, everybody was sure that Hansung looked like that character that will die. I just laughed it off, “they wouldn’t kill him on his first drama”, but now…

Now it became true and I can’t really blame anyone, yes they did me so dirty, making me cry till I’ll drown in my own tears and it was the first time I sincerely cared about a character, and seeing him go… I just, it felt so real, and he only wanted happines and peace, Hansung.

I’m happy that there are only two episodes left, because otherwise I don’t think I could’ve watched it till the end, without my heart breaking while waiting for Hansung to appear.

I want to applaud Kim Taehyung for his acting and for being such a wonderful person, and… I can’t wait for his next drama. * but i swear to god if he dies in that too i’ll cut somebody*

Just Soakin’ In It

Based on this glorious picture of Not Blaine, because I couldn’t resist no matter how much I tried

And throwing some body positivity in the mix because why the Hell not.

Kurt comes home earlier that day, because the heat of the city is just too much to endure it any more–all he wants is to come home, get rid of his clothes, take a shower, maybe drown in it for a minute or ten, and lounge in front of the fan Blaine found at the flea market and that they repaired together.

And suck on ice cubes.

The first sound he hears upon entering the apartment is Blaine whistling softly, almost absentmindedly and Kurt can already feel the stress of the day lifted from his shoulders at the sound.

It comes from the bathroom, so they apparently had the same idea–no big surprise there, Blaine doesn’t like the scorching heat more than Kurt does–and a different kind of activity comes to his mind.

They could shower together, maybe even linger in the tub together? Oh yas, with tepid water and just enjoy each other’s presence …

And if it turns into something hotter (no pun intended), well, they’ll be able to clean immediately, won’t they.

The thought is barely conceived in his mind that Kurt already starts taking his clothes off, marching towards the bathroom.

But he freezes in the doorway.

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I’ve read a lot of “stiles talks about Derek to people and nobody believes him” and god knows this trope will never grow old to me.

But listen.


Alpha!Derek in a universe where the Hale!pack is a real thing, with puppy piles and pizza nights and beach days with everybody. Derek happy and loved with a solid pack around him.

Now, imagine this Derek having to go back to New York for some reason, and his old college friends inviting him to crash at their place. And they are happy to see him again, because honestly they were so fucking worried.

A few years ago Derek was this taciturn, closed off student in their history class. The one they only started trying to talk to because he looked like a murderer and Drew had a creepy obsession with mystery books at the time. The one that took months to tame. And even after that, Derek used to cringe when they tried to touch him, only answered with vague sentences and sometimes had this awful, awful terrified look or almost stopped breathing for obscure reasons.

Honestly, Jess and Jason had a plan for the end of college, where they were going to marry each other and adopt Derek, then spend their lives taking care of him. Jess never wanted to have a kid anyway, so it was a win/win.

Then he disappeared in the middle of the year. And never came back. So now that he’s back in town for two weeks, they are putting the plan back on tracks.

Jess and Jason have prepared a room just for him, and Drew and Cynthia and Jim have basically created a settlement in the living room with a lot of pillows and air beds.

When Derek arrives, he is the same as always, all silences and tiny, tiny smiles. They learn after only ten minutes than laura’s now dead and God, this man’s life is so awful that Jess has to bodily prevent Jim from petting Derek while crying.

And they try not to suffocate him too much and respect his boundaries. Really. But God he is just too tragic and they fail. badly.

And the more derek talks about his imaginary friends, the worst their worries are. Because they would have doubted anyone trying to convince them the live this perfect life inside a mansion with all their best friends in a weird hippie’s way. But this is Derek. Their Derek.

And while they know he does that to reassure them, it’s only making everything worse.

Also he named one of these imaginary friends Stiles. Derek’s not-really-my-boyfriend-but-he-is-perfect is called Stiles. Derek is oblivious, Jim is two days away to just ask him to marry him -straightness be damned- just to show him that people love him there, and Drew is trying to organise an intervention.

So they are with Derek in a park, because it’s sunny outside and they have this idea that forcing Derek into the sun will maybe chip off a little bit of the tragedy that surrounds his life.

And the pack arrives.

Because they wanted to surprise him and make good memories in New York and not let him alone with bad memories (also, Erica and Scott want to make stupid pictures at the top of the Empire State Building).

So Derek’s friends only have the time to see Derek looks more constipated for a seconds, then Smile, big and amused with all the cute bunny teeth and the dimples. Then he is drowned under what seems to be a football team made of underwear models.

And I just want to read a PoV of Derek’s friends while living the pure insanity that is the pack.

They all pile over Derek and sleep on each other everywhere, like the most aesthetically pleasing orgy ever. Derek touches them all the time, and they touch right back, and it’s so surrealist.

One day Jim walks on Derek’s nails getting painted by four girls, each one with a foot or a hand in their hands. Derek is laughing. Jim moonwalks back into his room to freak out.

Also, Stiles is real. And really freaking hot. And smart. And funny. And salty. And disgustingly in love with Derek. Jess and Jason speaks to him for five minutes before treating him like a long lost beloved friend. Drew and Cynthia tries to hit on him anyway, because come on. They have eyes.

Anyhow. I just want stories of the pack in New York, trampling all over derek’s bad memories and being lovable dorks all around him while Derek is happy.

And his friend just go along, trying to understand if their friend didn’t fall into some Weird new age sexual sect. (Also why the pictures of the wolves? Because I wanted to. That’s pretty much it. But look at their awesome faces)

You keep waking up with your breath aflame. Your body murdered by the gnarled imagined thing that trails your sore swamp water dreams. You keep waking up to visions of bloodstained hymnals, a bounty hunter, amidst the bushes, asking for the price on your head. You keep waking up to a messenger whose voice reverberates like war bells. Someone who tells you of the night and how it’s already planning the deforestation of your grave. 

In another patch of grey, in the womb of a waterfall, in a hotel bathroom, two lovers kiss and their hands begin to change shape. Butterflies in chrysalis. Droplets of water clinging to naked chests. Picture: Pangea, personified. Some vagabond, bearded old man with a walking stick, his eyes cloudy from seeking the fury in everything, his arms wrecked with scars that glimmer like little ugly mirrors. Picture: Pompeii on the run from an angry mob, her feet maimed and crooked, passing the cathedral where her brother tried to drown her in the baptismal font, the cypress tree where her mother left her brain to rot, the town where they tried to burn her at the stake. The villagers are scornful & indignant, always posing the question, when did girls first begin equalling to wolves?

I hate you and I want you. I keep losing myself to manholes and empty highways, to the warmth of your opaline lips. Every moment I spend thinking about you is another moment wasted. Burnt away. And yet I keep finding myself clambering about in circles. The dip in your cheeks like angel dents, your green eyes, your love affair with life, how my limbs grew tidal against your arms. Our revenants catching up to us. Our souls leaving us. The bats watching, the crows watching. Sliding gently, as if by the will of god himself, out of our skins in the park, by the lake, in the funeral home where you set your history to rest. Places where the dirt bites into my knees and I worship your endless heartbeat, your sick humor. How the skies crown you king. 

YOU SEEM TO HAVE DIALED A WRONG NUMBER. THE TELEPHONE CHORD SEEMS TO HAVE SLITHERED UP YOUR DAINTY NECK. Are you experiencing discomfort? You seem to be struggling, you seem to be in pain. Tell me, is this what death feels like? Your esophagus sore from trying to keep your intestines all inside, your eyes unblinking, tire tracks lining your throat, wires climbing your throat, his fingers pushing into your throat. Your throat’s become a war zone. The blood never ends.  

my head, my heart, my liver, stored in separate vials, a bow to the Egyptians / a decaying banana peel / an emerald flecked with gold like splatters of god’s blood / the sun on its seventh leg / the telephone chord I wielded to kill myself / his shirt / his jacket / a rusted bird cage / a child’s tooth / an ECT device / bite marks / scratch marks / the shriveled remains of my childhood home / a wedding ring procured from the kitchen sink / expired eggs / two broken marionettes with twin expressions of horror staining their faces / a corpse hanging from the moon. 

When I Close My Eyes

Dean Winchester x Reader

1630 Words

Summary: Dean has a hard time coping after a horrible hunt. 

Author’s Note: This is for @wi-deangirl77 Follower Celebration and Birthday Challenge. Happy early Birthday!! My song was When I Close my Eyes by Kenny Chesney. If you can’t tell by the picture, it’s a little angsty.

Two weeks. The longest two weeks of my life, and I’m not sure how I even survived them. Maybe it was the empty bottles of whiskey laying around my room. Or maybe it was the pictures of you on my phone that I couldn’t help but stare at, wishing I could see your face at least one more time. To tell you all the things I had been too stubborn to say. Or it could have been because of my brother, who refused to let me drown in my sorrow. Even though I would have gladly, if it meant I could have been with you again.

There’s so many things
I didn’t say
And even though
It may be too late
I want you to know
I still love you so
Every car I meet
Looks like your car
Every movie I see
You play the leading part
You’re on my mind
Can’t leave you behind

I still dreamed of that haunting night, where the werewolf was too fast, and I could do nothing but watched as it’s large, grotesque claws flashed your way, shredding through your gray t-shirt and skin, creating large rips in your skin. Fighting against my own werewolf, I had quickly killed it, before shooting the one crouching down over you. Rushing over, I had pulled you into into my arms, holding your limp body close to mine as sobs racked me.

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Otayuri fic recs bc I want my sons to be happy

I Won’t Put This One on Instagram (6,132 words); they get outed by a picture Phichit posts online

admiration in falling asleep (4,000 words); roommates!college!au feat. trans yuri

The Drowning of Silence (3,506 words); yuri can hear a person’s thoughts when he touches them

One for the Road (6,129 words); get together future fic

The Prince (and His Fairy) (3,860 words); Otabek is injured while skating

if the sparks didn’t glow (we would know) (3,214 words); 5 times they get cockblocked and yuri is upset about it and 1 time he isn’t

down for the count, and I’m drownin’ in ‘em (7,180 words); get together fic that is very cute and features yuri crying at a viktuuri wedding

Fixed - Part 2

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Stiles was pissed.

I mean I can’t say that I blame him, I was a complete and total bitch, but for tonight he decided to put that aside for Heather.

Stiles and I, like most things, went to nursery school together, at that point we were already best friends, but nursery school is where we met another good friend, Heather.

Today was her birthday party and since the three of us were so close when we were younger, Stiles decided that he was going to pretend that he wasn’t totally hating being in the same car, let alone the same house as me.

I was trailing behind Scott and Stiles, everything between the three of us was silent, except for the clicking of my heels against the concrete.

“What?” Stiles asked Scott who kept looking at his feet.

“What do you mean, ‘what’?” Scott asked, looking around.

“I mean ‘what’ and you know what.” Stiles insisted, making no sense.

“What ‘what’?” Scott insisted.

“That look you’re giving.” Stiles said as he rubbed his chin.

“I didn’t give a look.” Scott said, not looking at either of us.

“You gave a look.” I piped up, but I was ignored.

“Oh, there was a distinct look, Scott.” Stiles insisted.

“What look?” He asked, slightly annoyed by our friend.

“The look that says that the last thing you feel like doing right now is going to a party.” Stiles insisted, waving his hands around and pointing at Scott.

“It’s not that.” Scott insisted, shrugging his shoulders. “It just seems weird going to another high school’s party.”

“But Scotty, that’s the best kind of party you can let all of you inhibitions fly out the window and you don’t know anyone who will be around to judge you later. But please, just have one drink? Stiles and I have known Heather since nursery school, and she promised that she would introduce us to all of her friends.” I said and the boys gave me an odd look at the first part of my statement.

“Tonight, no Allison, no Lydia. Tonight we’re moving on.” Stiles declared and I couldn’t help but smile. Apparently my harsh words had actually gotten through to him.

“You’re right.” Scott said as he checked his phone, quickly stuffing it back into his pocket.

“That’s right I’m right.” Stiles said, making a random, spastic gesture.

“Moving on.” Scott said, he and Stiles turning to face each other as we slowed to a stop.

“Onward and upward!” Stiles exclaimed, pointing upwards.

“Let’s do this!” Scott exclaimed, pumped up by Stiles’ pep talk.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Stiles said and they did a weird double high-five thing before making their way up the driveway.

“How’s my breath smell?” Scott asked and I rolled my eyes.

“We’re not smelling your breath, Scott.” I sighed.

“Do you have any gum?”

“No. No gum. You’re fine.” Stiles said, slightly annoyed.

“Can you at least tell me what kind of party this is?” Scott whined and I sighed.

“It’s a birthday party.” I said as we walked through the door. The three of us barely came to a stop when Heather noticed us.

“Stiles! Hi!” Heather said, completely ignoring Scott and I, as she walked over.

“Hey! There’s the birthday gir-” He began, but was cut off by Heather’s lips on his. My jaw dropped as she pulled away, grabbing Stiles’ hand.

“I’m so glad you made it.” Heather practically purred as she gave my crush the stare down.

“Me too.” I couldn’t see his face, but I knew that he had that adorable smirk was plastered on his face.

“Come downstairs with me and help me pick out a bottle of wine.” She said and my heart sank to my stomach.

“Yes.” He said and eagerly followed Heather down the stairs to her cellar. 

“I need a drink.” I practically sneered as I stormed off to the kitchen.

I had no idea how much time had passed, all that I knew was that I was actually starting to feel great. I couldn’t quite see straight, but I didn’t care, all I cared about was the drink in my hand and the song that I was dancing to.

“Liv!” I heard someone shout over the music and I stumbled as I stopped dancing, causing a fit of giggles to bubble out of me. I rested my hand on the person’s shoulders as I balanced myself and their face slowly came into focus.

“Ooh, you’re cute! You look like Stiles!” I giggled as I pulled my face closer to his, trying to get a better look, then I gasped. “Wait! Are you Stiles? Noooo, you can’t be him, he hates me. He’s having sex with burfday gurrl.” 

I made a disgusted face and gulped down the rest of my drink at the thought of Stiles sleeping with someone. I picked my head up as the song changed and I gasped.

“I love this song!” I exclaimed, swaying my hips a few times before I looked down at my empty cup and whining. “I need more.”

I let go of the guy’s shoulder and stumbled into the kitchen, grabbing a random bottle and refilling my solo cup. I turned around, taking a sip of the bitter liquid, and looked up over the rim of my cup to find that guy right there.

“Why are you following me?” I asked and he opened his mouth to answer, but I cut him off. “Nevermind, I don’t care, you’re hot. Dance with me!”

I grabbed the guy’s wrist and pulled him back over to the dance floor. I turned my back to him, pressing my body to his and rolling my hips to the beat. I hoped that he could be the guy to help me get over Stiles, but that changed when he took a step back, causing me to stumble and almost fall before turning around to face him.

“What’s wrong?” I pouted, my eyes wide, tears welling in them as an idea hit me in the face. “Am I not pretty enough?”

“No, it-it’s not that it’s just-.” He began before he shook his head. “Come on, let’s get you home.” He said as he put his hand on the small of my back and guided me through the house, he took the drink out of my hand and set it on a table. We made our way outside and he helped me into the passenger’s seat his car. We were silent for a few minutes as he drove down the road.

“You know, I’ll sleep with you if you want me to.” I slurred, as my head lolled to the side so that I could look at him and his head whipped towards me for second before he averted his eyes back to the road. “But don’t expect to ever hear from me again, I just- I just need to sleep with you so I won’t love Stiles anymore.”

He said nothing and I sighed, my eyes suddenly feeling heavy. I curled up into a ball in the seat, staring at the handsome man driving as my eyes began to shut.

“’M sleepy…” I muttered and he gave me an affectionate smile, resting a reassuring and on my knee.

“Go to sleep.” He said and I nodded, his soothing voice was all that I needed to convince me to close my eyes and let sleep take me.

Little did I know, I was being rocked to sleep by my best friend’s infamous powder blue Jeep.

I groaned as I woke up. My head felt like there was someone with a jackhammer trapped inside, trying to drill their way out. My eyes slowly slid open and I saw that, luckily, all of my curtains were closed, not even letting so much as a peep of sunlight stream into my room. I sat up as slow as possible, tossing my feet over the edge of the bed and shuffling to my bathroom in desperate need of a shower, I wasn’t sure weather I was the one that smelled like alcohol, or if the stench was branded into my nostrils.

I stood in the shower for quite a few minutes, trying to remember what happened last night and how I got home. The last thing I remember was a whole bunch of people cheering as I downed shot after shot in attempt to drown my pain. It hadn’t worked, of course, I still had the picture of Stiles and Heather kissing burned into my brain.

When I was finally clean and no longer smelled alcohol, I stepped out and wrapped myself in my fluffy robe and shuffled back into my room, not expecting Stiles to be sitting on my bed, staring at his clasped hands.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, my brows furrowing in confusion.

“I wanted to make sure you were okay. You were pretty wasted last night.” Stiles, not looking up from his hands.

“Oh god.” I sighed as my shoulders slumped. “Please tell me I didn’t do anything stupid.”

“You were trying to hook up with some guy, and I figured that it was time to get you home.” He said, face tinged pink as he played with his fingers.

“Lovely, I’m a slutty drunk.” The bitterly sarcastic tinge in my voice got Stiles to finally look up from his hands as I walked over to my closet.

“Actually you said something about only wanting to hook up with him to get over someone else.” Stiles said, curiosity lacing his words and I froze.

No, no, no, no. He can’t know. I know him, he’ll get all awkward and ignore me for the rest of my life. I’d rather pine from a distance and be his friend than have him avoid me for forever.

“Liv?” Stiles called, pulling me from my internal freak out. I forced myself to relax and search for a decent outfit.

“I was drunk Stiles, I was probably trying to get over Taylor Lautner, so thank you for saving me from an awkward and scary morning after.” I said, keeping my voice monotone as I dug out a pair of black high waisted shorts and a light blue tank top. I closed the door to my closet most of the way, hiding me from Stiles as I changed. 

“So you’re not mad at me anymore?” I asked hopefully and I could hear Stiles’ sigh.

“No, I’m not mad.” He said begrudgingly and I couldn’t help but smile.

“You seriously have no idea how happy I am to hear that .” I sighed as I pulled my top over my head and stepped out of my closet, making my way over to my vanity. “Though I would never blame you for never speaking to me after the horrible things that I said. I am so sorry for saying them.”

I glanced behind me to see Stiles wearing a sad smile as I pulled my hair into a loose bun, attempting to ease my hangover in anyway possible. I started on my makeup as he sighed again.

“I don’t think I could ever not talk to you, you’re my best friend, Liv.” I paused my eyeliner and gave him a grateful smile.

“Do you think I could catch a ride with you?” I asked as I flicked wings onto the top of my lids, trading my eyeliner for my mascara.

“Of course you can.”

“I don’t see anything.” Derek said as I took a sip of my mom’s truck stop coffee, pushing my sunglasses up the bridge of my nose.

“Look again.” Scott insisted quietly for my benefit.

“How is a bruise gonna tell me where Erica and Boyd are?” Derek asked rather loudly and I groaned.

“It’s the same on both sides. Exactly the same.” Scott stressed.

“It’s nothing.” Derek insisted.

“Pareidolia.” I muttered, taking another sip of my bitter drink and everyone looked at me with blank faces, except for Lydia.

“Seeing patterns that aren’t there.” Lydia explained for me, still greeted by blank faces. “It’s a subset of apophenia.”

“They’re trying to help.” Scott whispered and Derek was instantly pissed.

“These two. This one who used me to resurrect my psychotic uncle. Thank you.” Derek said sarcastically to Lydia before turning to Allison. “And this one, who shot about thirty arrows into me and my pack.”

“Can we argue quietly, please?” I grumbled as I held my head, leaning into Stiles’ side and he wrapped his arm around my waist, making my heart flutter.

“Okay, alright, now, come on. No one died, alright? Look, there may have been a little maiming, okay, a little mangling, but no death. Now that’s what I call an important distinction.” Stiles said, trying to put a positive spin on everything.

“My mother died.” Allison whispered to Derek.

“Your family’s little honor code killed your mother. Not me.” He replied in a hard tone.

“That girl was looking for Scott. I’m here to help him, not you.” Allison said, clearly annoyed by the sourwolf.

“You wanna help? Find something real.” Derek said before walking away.

I jumped as Coach slammed a book onto his desk, signaling that he was about to begin is very loud lesson.

“The stock market is based on two principles. What are they? Scott, glasses off. Yes, McCall, you can go to the bathroom.” Cach dismissed Scott and I, very slowly, pulled off my sunglasses. “Anybody else?”

“Uh, no, Coach, I know the answer.” Scott said, and Coach began to laugh very loudly, before his face went serious.

“Oh, you’re serious.”

“Yeah, it’s risk and reward.” Scott said and everyone, except for Stiles and I, stared at him, shocked.

“Wow! Who are you and what have you done to McCall?” Coach asked as he made his way down the aisle to Scott. “Don’t answer that, I like you better. I like you better.

Coach nodded and pointed his finger approvingly at Scott before standing up and looking around. “Does anyone have a quarter?”

“Yeah.” Stiles said as he pulled his hand out of his pocket, causing a condom to go flying and I could feel my face heat up.

“Stilinski, I think you, uh, you dropped this.” Coach said as he picked up the XXL condom off of the floor, smiling at Stiles as he handed the condom to my friend, trading it for the quarter. “And congratulations.”

I could feel everyone’s eyes on Stiles and I looked over to Scott, only to see his ‘dude, you never told me’ face and I put my head down. I was too hungover for this shit. 

I know it’s always dangerous when I retreat into my head because I start to overthink things, but I couldn’t help myself this time. Why did Stiles have a condom? For a second, I thought, there’s no way that he’s having sex, he’s so awkward and nervous when it comes to girls, but then I thought back to last night before I got completely wasted. Stiles went down to Heather’s basement with her to have sex, he was probably going to meet up with her after school.

I got so lost in my thoughts, that the next thing I knew, the bell was ringing and I slipped my glasses back on, rushing out of class before Scott or Stiles could question why I was suddenly quiet.

I had gotten a ride home from Allison and managed to sleep off my hangover before Stiles called me to help him and Scott do research on Beacon Hills First National Bank.

I was woken up by whatever I was laying on, suddenly not being under me anymore. I let out a small groan as my head hit the floor and curled into a ball on my side, taking over a warm spot. I let out a happy sigh as I drifted back to sleep.

“Liv. Liv, wake up.” I heard a voice coax but I just groaned, reaching a hand out to push them away. “Come on, Liv, we have to get to school.”

My eyes fluttered open and I realised that I was in a dream. A perfect dream that I never wanted to leave. I was cuddled up to Stiles in his bed as he brushed my hair out of my face and kissed my forehead. He pulled away and smiled at me with love in his eyes, I smiled back as I somehow managed to pull myself even closer to him.

“Let’s skip today.” I muttered as I admired his handsome features.

“We can’t we have Coach’s quiz today. We have to get up.”

“I don’t wanna, Mi, I want to stay here forever.” I said with a smile and he smiled back

“Olivia, wake up!” Stiles shouted, but his voice had changed and I could feel the dream world slipping away from me. I groaned as I opened my eyes for real, narrowing my eyes at Scott as he took his hand off of my shoulder.

“I hate you right now.” I said as I sat up and cracked my back.

“You were talking in your sleep.” Scott said as he scrunched his eyebrows. I stood up and stretched out my back before making my way over to Stiles’  dresser in search of a new shirt.

“What did I say?” I groaned as I realised that I could’ve let my crush slip to Stiles.

“You said ‘I don’t wanna go, Mi’.” Scott said before cocking his head, “Who’s Mi?”

I laughed at my friend’s confusion as I pulled out a red v-neck and walked over to Stiles’ bed, tossing the shirt down as I pulled my own over my head. “If Stiles hasn’t told you his real name by now, it’s likely that he never will.”

I pulled the shirt over head when Stiles walked in, stopping in his tracks, mouth open slightly like he was going to say something. I raised my eyebrows at him as I tugged the loose fabric over my body, tucking the front into my black shorts.

“Uh, earth to Stiles.” I said, waving my hand in front of his face, before walking past him, grabbing my makeup bag out of my knapsack and making my way to the bathroom, shutting the door and pressing my back to it, closing my eyes and grinning as I thought about the way that Stiles had looked at me only seconds before.

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Away We Happened || 01

Summary: Jungkook didn’t think that there’d be hardships in your relationship especially with a life that you’ve kept a secret from him.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader + (another pair soon to be revealed)

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Drama

Word Count: 2,399

“Jungkook,” the way his name came out of your mouth made it feel like it was an everyday thing and he loved the sound of it. But, it was only his imagination that had woken him up. The sun blazed through the curtains as they would try to keep it from beaming in but it was a fail as it had shone brightly onto his lids. The empty bedside next to him was a sign of reality because you weren’t there.

It was like any other day, monotonous filled with tedium. He’d spare a few glances around his room as he sighed, his eyes stopped upon frames that were filled with memories and they weren’t supposed to be considered as happiness because they were all pictures of you. A fragment of his subconsciousness told him that he wanted to leave the thoughts of you alone but he couldn’t as he was already suffering without your presence and what else could he have done?

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Justin’s Interview on Big Boy Radio ( April 6, 2012)

Big Boy:  You’re on a raft, you’re in the middle of the ocean. Alright.
Justin: Alright.

Big Boy:  You look into the ocean and there is two people in the ocean. You can only bring up one person. The other person will drown. I want you to think about this Justin. Alright. Really picture the water really you’re out there you look in the ocean and you see usher in the water and you see Selena Gomez in the water. Who do you pull up or who do you let drown?

Justin: What do you think bro? Come on?


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#angelica #angelicaanderson (at Marbella, Spain)

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“I’ve always been enchanted by the endings of things. Series finales and sunsets. Last paragraphs and encores. I think for the way they remind me that losing something you love isn’t always sad and heartbreaking, but sometimes breathtaking and beautiful.”
Beau Taplin, Buried Light

Aka finally my own contribution to Fairy Tail fantasy AU works everyone did at some point I’m such a late potato omg
It took me few days to finish this but I am not entirely satisfied with the result - I seriously need to work on my anatomy Cause Mysty’s shoulders and Jus’ arms >,< >A< >n< 

The quote may not entirely match the picture but I think it belongs here so…. yeah… I had to add it especially cause most of Taplin quotes match Mystine’s dynamics and I had to use one at least once hah although this one and only quote matches only such scenario.
In fantasy AU Justine’s a mix between Rusalka and a siren, being that being which drowns men (I actually wanted her to be a Rusalka but I didn’t want to change her design for this - green hair - and rlly wanted to make a glowing red mermaid tail so…) and Mystogan is a human prince bc not everybody has to be some mythical creature in this au U.U
And since Jus is who she is there’s no way for a good ending here and this is exactly how this pairing was supposed to end (I mean, they didn’t live happily ever after just in another way) if it weren’t for a certain friend so have the angst I opted for now ha!

At 6th And San Pedro
I walked with Christine on San Pedro. I wasn’t sure what my plan was because she wasn’t interested in being photographed. It was frustrating for me because it was one of the entirely out of the ordinary encounters with intricately assembled people that are unique to downtown Los Angeles. I didn’t want to give up just yet, and just as we came to the corner of 6th street at The Weingart Center, a breathless, tearful woman appeared out of nowhere, holding a pair of drowned, baby rats. The metaphors and allegorical possibilities exploded before me as I stood, soaked in impotence, witnessing a picture that I couldn’t ever hope to grab with a camera stuffed into my zippered bag. I was shocked, even standing in Skid Row, by this incredible moment, irreplaceable and now unknowable because I didn’t have my camera out, watching the soaking wet woman, tears streaming down her face, imploring us as she extended two drowned baby rats toward us in the hopes that we could save them.

Lost { After Story } | Jumin x MC Fanfic

Fandom: Mystic Messenger (MysMe)

Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Summary: This is an After Story of Lost as requested by these two wonderful people!!! uvu I give my shoutouts to Cyzuutan and this anon. why did you go on anon tho let me love you

The story takes place after the series of events from the Finale.

Genre: Angst and Fluff, you’ve been warned!

a/n: thank you so much for loving the mini-fic series of Jumin and MC (you). i hope i can write so much more like these things in the future!!! please continue to support me. and i love your ideas btw lolol thank you for requesting such! please have fun with this fic, you two wonderful people~ hope to see you in my new fic series! i felt all the support for jumin on this fic that’s why i hold it dear to my heart~ thank you once again! have a great day! ovo

“…she will have a sensitive pregnancy. I suggest you make the choice now, Mr. Han. Would you like to go through it or not?” I felt my world shattered when our family physician informed about her situation. This is what we both wanted—to have a family of our own. And this is how it’s going to be?

“Are you telling me to choose between my wife and child, Doctor?” I couldn’t help the hurt that’s going evident on my tone. This is what we’ve dreamed of. This is what we wanted. A family.

Why is it that I can’t have both? Why do I have to choose?

“We traced the reason between her conditions. She seemed to have undergone excessive drug intake and an accident, yes? From her records, she was in a car accident and was forced to take memory repressing drugs as well. And it all happened a year ago? This is all so fresh, Mr. Han. A year will not be enough to recover from such trauma. And your wife… she’s fragile. I’m afraid that… you really need to choose.”

I couldn’t swallow the lump on my throat. How can I face her now? The doctor asked that I’m the only one he needs to talk to and that I should relay it carefully to my wife.

I couldn’t bear to see her suffer. I… I can’t let her go through such pain. If this is what needs to be done to save her, I will.

Anything for her.

I have decided.

The day I told her about what will happen if we will go through her pregnancy, she cried. It was ultimately painful for me to see her suffer with the information and that I couldn’t do anything about it. Why was I not born with the capabilities to save lives? I would have traded anything just to do so.

I told her that her health is more important. If the fetus itself is going to kill her slowly inside, then we’ll have to get rid of it.

The child she carries that I never even met is mine. It is my own flesh and blood. But I can’t lose her. I love her too much. This time, not again.

That night, I cried.

Why can’t I have both? Is it a greedy wish? I wanted to ask that someone who is told to be guiding all life on earth. Why are you making us experience this? Why, of all people, my wife?

If I have sinned against you, why are you not delivering your punishment to me? Why are you making the people around me suffer? I don’t understand. I didn’t want to understand.

If only I can take her pain and bear it with me, I will.

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“Can’t you stay serious for 3 seconds ?”

Requested ? Nope :)

Pairing : Sebastian x reader

Summary : You’re trying to take the perfect picture of Sebastian but this dork would rather cuddle you.

Warnings : it’s short, fluff

A/N : I just wrote that before bed so y’all have something to read while I’m doing the requests. I know it’s short but whatever :/

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

“There. Don’t move.” You said as you were about to click on the camera. You sat on the sofa again, but this time trying to get into a more comfortable position.

It’s been around 15 minutes since you were trying to take the perfect picture of your man to put it as a lockscreen but he’d rather play. You had to admit that his child side was one of your favorites (besides his skills in bed but shh ;)). “C’mon babe, just do a serious look for once !” you begged as he adorably smiled again. You sighed for the thousandth time when he suddenly grabbed your waist to pull you as close as possible to him. There, he snuggled his face in the crook of your neck and left sweet kisses on your warm exposed skin. “Mmh. You smell so good, doll.” He murmured against your neck, giving you goosebumps. You let escape a laugh as you tried to nudge him gently. “Babe, can’t you stay serious for 3 seconds ? That’s all i’m asking for.” you uttered while he pulled you close again, ignoring what you just said. “Mmh. And what do i get in return ?” he mumbled against your skin. “Whatever you want.” you responded on a flirty tone. 

He finally stepped back, sighing loudly. He looked at you, probably trying to seem annoyed but you didn’t care. You were finally about to get what you wanted. You positioned your camera in front of his angel face. “Alright. Give me the sexy look.” He rolled his eyes and gave you the sexy look : frowned eyebrows and lip biting. You smiled as soon as you took the picture. “Perfect ! See. You can be cute when you want.” you stated.Then, all of a sudden, he jumped on you, making you fall, back against the sofa. “I want to be more than cute right now.” He declared as he leaned over your amused face. He drowned his breathtaking blue eyes in yours, making your heart beat faster. Your eyes were running all over his face, once on his eyes, once on his lips. Gosh, he was and is the most best-looking man you’ve ever saw in your entire life. His angel smile is what kept you alive. “I love you, Sebastian.” you delivered as you cupped his cheek and traced his rosy lips with your thumb. “I love you more, doll.” he answered before pulling you into a sweet kiss.