i want to draw tiny him forever

High demands

I always see young rick pictures of him in like his 20s or thirties but like… i want a Rick sanchez as a 7 year old wearing a dirty white wind breaker trying to start a fire with rocks. 10 year old Rick in a blue t shirt making one of those potato powered clocks. What about 13 year old Rick in a black sweater going through an art phase???? Come on y'all artisits, i cant draw these things but yall can!!!

lunarwench replied to your photoset “You can say it is the one year “anniversary” since I first shrunk….”

(Question for the wonderful artist) Do you have a fixed end-point for Cas in this universe? Will he ever return to normal? Will he be shrunk forever? Or are you just going with this as long as there’s inspiration? Thank you!

OOC: Haha I feel like enough people ask me this that I should answer publicly for once

This is how things are:

Cas will remain tiny so long as I still want to draw him tiny. As long as this blog is still fun to run, it will be running.

So… a year? Two years? Three? Five? Who knows how long his story will last. There’s no set end point.

So yes, you can say that I’m just going with this as long as there’s inspiration. I still have plot arcs in mind, ideas for the holidays that I didn’t do last year, and hundreds of questions to answer.

do have an “ending” arc in mind. I won’t tell you what happens in it, but it will probably signify an official “end” to Cas’ story. That will only be drawn when I feel like I can’t run the blog anymore.
(Possible reasons for that could be: school, stress, lost interest in drawing spn, work, life, losing my drawing arm, etc)

But that will not happen any time soon. Cas will just have to deal with that for a while. <3

Stucky Fic Rec List #25

Gagging On It - 2k, E, PWP - Pre-serum, Bucky loves it when Steve chokes on his cock, to the point that there’s saliva running down both it and Steve’s chin, and Steve’s got tears running down his face, and it’s all he can do to suppress his gag reflex enough to get Bucky off. But when Steve rescues Bucky after he becomes Captain America, Bucky finds their roles reversed and it’s him drooling and crying around Steve’s cock while trying desperately to get his friend off. LITERALLY JUST PORN BUT VERY GOOD PORN MMMMM

This Is Not A Drive By - 24k, NR, AU -  "God, he can’t stop smiling, and it must be infectious because a slow grin is stretching across Steve’s face, and now he’s the one looking at Bucky from up under his eyelashes and asking, “How have we not met before?” And, really, that’s the question isn’t it.“ Otherwise known as: The Bucky Barnes Hot Dad AU or The One Where Steve Crashes All Of Bucky’s Dates Without Really Trying THIS MADE ME SO HAPPY I AM WARM AND FUZZY ALL OVER 

To Love Someone Is A Heavy Cross (But You Are Lovely Without Twists) - 1k, M AU - These are the things Steve learns about Bucky O H NO BUT YES 

The More Things Change - 9k, T - As far as Bucky’s concerned, neither Steve’s transformation or the events of the war have changed the friendship between them. However, when a mission doesn’t quite go to plan, he finds himself making a foolish decision that might change things forever. THIS WAS SO GOOD AND PERFECT I WAS TEXTING PARTS OF IT TO MY FRIENDS WHILE READING IT ITS SOOOO GOOD 

Body Studies - 9k, E, PWP -  Bucky wants Steve to draw him. Bucky’s bored enough to model, and that’s – that’s – “That’s – a fun idea,” Steve supplies, fingers tight around his pencil. “I mean, we could try that if you wanted to.” Is his palm sweating on the pencil? “It’d be pretty boring for you, though, I guess.” TINY!STEVE, BASICALLY PWP BUT ITS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I A M IN PAIN 

Fun thoughts while watching Civil War

(not necessarily in order)

Nat has some wicked long fake eyelashes in this movie, does she have trouble seeing out of those spider legs??


Does anyone else feel like Tony is just whiny the whole damn movie? Like grow up

Um, I’m sorry, I don’t agree with the kiss between Steve and whats-her-face, Peggy’s niece. Maybe it’s just me but I wanted him to stay in love with Peggy forever!


I was so confused when we saw tiny baby Tony Stark, I was like HOW DID THEY MAKE HIM SO YOUNG AGAIN it’s like watching his old movies!

Does Wanda just not have an accent anymore. I mean, really.

Spider-man? No, you are Spider-boy

When everyone kept hitting Spiderboy I was so worried I was like “He’s only like 12! This poor baby!”