i want to draw these babies now gosh

I was feeling kinda bored in school and wanted to make this drawing for you, as you’ve been so generous at dropping so many likes (aka SPAMMING ME WITH KINDNESS) from posts all the way back from the beginning of my blog….

I love the concept of Pumpkin!Sans, and hope to see more of him for the rest of this autumn because honestly I think it’s so cool to see how a little joke from the background of your Tumblr profile could actually lead to a brand-new AU!

LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART!!!!! <3 <3 <3


OH MY GOSH!!!!!! MA BABY!! I swear i cant stop smiling right now! He looks so cool an amazing! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!

And youre amazing!! I enjoy everything that you do, thats why i still spam you XDD

Also I decidet to do a little comic with him since its soon time to say bye bye to him till next year! JUST FOR YOU BUDDYS!!!

The Littlest Winchester - Ahead of Schedule

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 354

Request:  Yay, you opened the request again. Could you pretty please write a little Winchester when she makes Dean a mother’s or a father’s day card? Since he’s her mother and father


   "Daddy, I made something for you.“ Hands behind her back, Dean’s four-year-old daughter beams up at him.

   "You did?” Dean crouches down to her level.

   "It’s a Father’s Day present.“

   "Father’s Day? That’s not for two more months.”

   "That’s what Uncle Sam said, but then I said I wanted to get it done early so I wouldn’t forget.“

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anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering when you first started drawing? (Like was it a whole life you were doing it or if you started in high school) thank you and love your work -annoy the mous

gosh, thank you!! yeah i’ve been pretty much drawing my entire life, it’s just My Thing. to draw. all the time. for better or for worse. for some reason it took me a real long time to realize it was my THING thing, like what i want to DO, because it’s what i can and love?? like it’s obvious now, yet baby haiz was determined to become an author for some reason. baby haiz you are unable to write a long thing why do you keep insisting,,


while this is my path, i hope this answer doesn’t discourage anyone from picking up drawing!! you don’t gotta start as a baby. i know like, Old people who have decided to try and who got really good at it. life’s long so don’t worry

If the Mortal Instrument characters had children
  • Jace: awwww who wants a little seraph blade. Oh.... CLARY CAN YOU MAKE A RUNE THAT HEALS BABIES ?
  • Clary: Awww look at the cute little baby. Now stay still so I can draw you , Oh no dont start crying. please dont cry! Gosh dang it, please stay still.
  • Simon: Does someone want to play with my Luke Skywalker doll?? WAIT NO DONT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH, ITS A COLLECTOR'S ITEM
  • Izzy: Hey there cutie... wanna play with the whip?? OOH NO, LETS DO MAKEOVERS!!!
  • Alec: Aww come here, let daddy try to get that glitter out of your hair, DAMMIT, MAGNUS DID YOU PUT EYELINER ON OUR BABY?
  • -executivequotes.tumblr.com

a quick doodle for the father day thingy – respectively younger Garp with baby Dragon; & then adult Dragon with baby Luffy >w<

i just hope the babies actually look like the charas lolz >w>;;;