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The Littlest Winchester - Ahead of Schedule

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 354

Request:  Yay, you opened the request again. Could you pretty please write a little Winchester when she makes Dean a mother’s or a father’s day card? Since he’s her mother and father


   "Daddy, I made something for you.“ Hands behind her back, Dean’s four-year-old daughter beams up at him.

   "You did?” Dean crouches down to her level.

   "It’s a Father’s Day present.“

   "Father’s Day? That’s not for two more months.”

   "That’s what Uncle Sam said, but then I said I wanted to get it done early so I wouldn’t forget.“

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If the Mortal Instrument characters had children
  • Jace: awwww who wants a little seraph blade. Oh.... CLARY CAN YOU MAKE A RUNE THAT HEALS BABIES ?
  • Clary: Awww look at the cute little baby. Now stay still so I can draw you , Oh no dont start crying. please dont cry! Gosh dang it, please stay still.
  • Simon: Does someone want to play with my Luke Skywalker doll?? WAIT NO DONT PUT THAT IN YOUR MOUTH, ITS A COLLECTOR'S ITEM
  • Izzy: Hey there cutie... wanna play with the whip?? OOH NO, LETS DO MAKEOVERS!!!
  • Alec: Aww come here, let daddy try to get that glitter out of your hair, DAMMIT, MAGNUS DID YOU PUT EYELINER ON OUR BABY?
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a quick doodle for the father day thingy – respectively younger Garp with baby Dragon; & then adult Dragon with baby Luffy >w<

i just hope the babies actually look like the charas lolz >w>;;;