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The Bronze

Summary: You and the team decide to trick Bucky and Steve into watched The Bronze for your movie night. Bucky teases you about your crush on Lance Tucker after noting your reaction to the sex scene.

Warningsteasing, masturbation, smut (reader receiving oral sex)

A/N: Wanted to write a Bucky smut. What’s new? Totes not my best work but I wanted to write a short fic for you guys because I haven’t in a while.

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Sleight of Hand

They’re still staring each other down when the others shuffle into the room, a collective groan going up at the sight of them at each other’s throats once more.

“So,” Raven starts, conversational, “how do we think Clarke is going to murder Bellamy? Discuss.”

“Knife to the gut?” Miller muses, tapping a finger against his chin. “She’d want to draw it out.”

“She’ll push him off a high-rise.” Monty nods. “Messy, but satisfying.”

“I have it on good authority that she’ll disembowel him with nothing but a spoon and sheer willpower,” Clarke cuts in, dry, “but that’s just me.”

“You know, if you really wanted to get up close and personal with my body, all you had to do was ask.” Bellamy remarks, lips curling into a satisfied smirk when that pulls a scowl out of her.

Notorious criminal prodigy Bellamy Blake has been tasked with a seemingly impossible heist. Luckily enough, he just might have the right crew for it.

Read on AO3. 

Touch of Your Love

 Hey guys! This is an imagine based on this textpost: “when his hands are so nice u just want him to put his fingers in your mouth.” When I saw it, I was like…. me @ Tom…? Basically, it’s as smutty and fluffy as they come, so I hope y'all like it!

Touch of Your Love

She loved his hands because they always engulfed her own.

She loved his hands because they were always warm, but never sweaty, or ever cold.

She loved his hands because they would always be there to guide her to safety.

She loved Tom’s hands because of all the things they did to her in the vehemence of their everlasting moments together.

They would wind themselves like vines against her skull, softly aiding her to wherever he wanted her the most. Sometimes, if Tom couldn’t wait, they’d hold her down against his touch while he worked his fingers, tongue, or hips against her.

Pressing her legs together, she cursed herself for thinking of Tom’s hands when she should be focusing on her professor’s lecture.

There was an in-class discussion occurring about Tennessee Williams’s play, ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ which happened to be one of her favorite plays, but she just couldn’t get Tom’s hands, and everything she’d like them to do to her, out of her head.

Her mind wandered to their morning together.

Whenever he was in town, they’d always stay together, no matter what the two had going on individually the next day.

Tom awoke earlier than she did, even though he didn’t need to be up yet because he had a rare free day from work, and he’d turned off her alarm and instead kissed her awake.

After he’d managed to untangle her from him, Tom had gently pushed her hair from the nape of her neck to pepper it with kisses. Then, he pressed hot, wet, open-mouthed kisses down her body, and over the sweater she’d stolen from him to wear bed.

Stirring slightly, she shifted in bed, causing the fabric of the sweater to reveal her midriff. Tom thanked the goddess of love for this blissful opportunity, and began trailing his fingers up and down her body.

She moaned in her sleep and Tom smirked, cracking his knuckles.

He dipped his calloused fingers into the sweet, pink panties she wore and tapped his forefinger against her clit, moving his mouth up to tease her neck with warm licks and kisses.

“Wake up darling,” his voice rasped against the base of her throat.

She awoke, wide-eyes and wet, with Tom’s untamed curls tickling her collarbones and Tom’s fingers preparing to curl inside her.

“Look at you, so lovely and ethereal.” Tom meant it too. He just couldn’t wrap his brain around how she always managed to look like an unearthly, delicate fairy when she awoke, while he resembled an exhausted bear. “Let me give you something to think about while you’re in class.”

Barely rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she burrowed her head back into her pillow and whined.

Tom didn’t make any move to further her pleasure, instead he propped himself up on one elbow to observe her clearer.

Wiggling her hips around, she tried to make Tom understand that she so desperately wanted him to give her something to think about in class.

“You know what I need.” Tom said.

She knew that Tom was waiting for her consent to go further, just as he always did. He always wanted to make sure that she was okay with what they were doing, so he always gave her time to agree or disagree.

“Please Tom,” she finally breathed out, curling her own tiny hand around his wrist.

With that, Tom moved in to kiss her, dragging her off the pillows, so that she’d be closer to where he needed her to be.

Her hair had fanned out around her head in an oh-so-fitting halo, Tom thought.

His mouth pressed urgently against her soft lips and his hands pushed her underwear down and she kicked them off the bed.

Tom hitched one of her legs around his waist, and cradled her hips to his own, his morning wood pushing against the warmth of her center.

Bringing a hand up to his mouth, he sucked three fingers into his mouth to slick them with saliva. She could’ve moaned at the sight.

Tom snuck his fingers back down to where she ached for him, and he pressed one against her clit.

“Fuck,” Tom groaned, doing his best to maintain his cool, “you’re fucking drenched for me. Did you wake up with this in mind, sweet girl?”

Her eyes rolled back when Tom slid a finger inside of her, doing his best to help her prepare for his others.

“Dreamt about you last night sweetheart. You were on this bed, lingerie and heels, all for me. Said you’d been a fucking bad girl and needed a punishment, so I had to drag you over my knee and spank you till your ass was cherry red.” Tom knew she loved being talked to in bed.

Tom couldn’t figure out why, but she was still shy and a little uncertain of herself when she was with him, and it made her feel better, and less embarrassed, to know how badly Tom wanted her too.

He rubbed the palm of his hand against her clit and used his other hand to press her bucking hips back down onto the bed.

Tom guided another finger into her and she gasped his name.

“And then I wake up, and see you looking like a fucking angel, all curled up against my chest, and it was too much, darling. I could feel you breathing, and hear you gasping in your sleep. And then I thought, I gotta fucking have you before you go to class, you’re too much, baby.”

Her thighs squeezed him closer to her and she kissed him, ever so softly, on the throat, her hands guiding themselves up to the nape of his neck.

Tom could tell that she was close, she always held onto him when she came.

“You’re getting close, aren’t you angel? Let me see you cum, darling, I need something think about after you’ve gone too. Come on, darling, let me see you finish.” Tom curled his finger inside her and mercilessly rubbed her clit.

She screamed and tried uselessly to lift her hips off the bed to force his fingers to delve deeper inside of her.

“Tom, please, please please.” Her eyes were fluttering, unable to stay open because she was too focused on Tom’s hands.

“What is it, m’love? Want another? Ask me politely and I’ll give it to you. You know that I’d give you everything, you just need to ask.” Tom kissed her lips and used the hand on her hips to trace hearts on her bare skin.

“Tom,” she was barely breathing, “please, I need another one.” She tried to shift her hips up to meet his hand, but Tom only smirked and held her down firmer.

“Of course, darling. All you had to do was ask.” And with that, Tom slid in another finger and began to use his thumb to draw the words, ‘I love you,’ on her clit and he wanted her shake, and moan, and grip his shoulders.

“Cum, my sweet girl, you’re alright, I’m here. Cum.” Tom ordered, and with that, she did.

Her legs shaking, and her body trembling, and countless ‘I love yous’ fell freely from her lips.

Tom wished that there was some way to bottle up those words, so that he could hear them, breathed into his ear whenever he wished.

He held her close and rubbed her back while she recovered from her early morning orgasm, and he counted each freckle that painted her skin.

“Wanna help me clean up?” Tom asked, bringing the hand that she’d gushed all over, up to her lips.

She tipped her head back opened her mouth, clearly understanding what Tom meant, and he dipped his fingers into the wet confines of her mouth.

Her lips closed behind his hand as she sucked and licked his fingers clean of her.

“Holy fuck,” Tom groaned, rubbing himself through his boxers.

She released him with a pop and Tom hurled himself at her, winding his hands into her hair as her pulled her on top of him.

Sitting so she straddled his lap, she smiled at him.

“I love you, I love you, I love you.” Tom murmured, looking up at her and lovingly stroking her thighs. “Go on and get ready, or else I won’t be able to let you leave.”

She clamored from his lap with shakey legs and crossed to the bathroom to begin her morning routine.

Tom laid back in bed, tugging at himself softly while she pranced around the room, removing shirt after shirt, before finally cheekily smiling at him over her shoulder as she settled on one of his sweaters.

He removed his hand from his pants and walked to the door to kiss her goodbye, promising to pick her up for lunch after school.

As she walked to her friend’s waiting car, she looked back and blew him a kiss before rushing to the vehicle.

When Tom had finally seen her off, he leaned up against the door and jacked himself so hard that when he came, he shouted her name.

Little did he know, that now, in her lecture, all she could think about was wrapping her pretty, pink lips around the length of his cock.

Okay, so, a couple of people recently have asked for advice on digital lineart, so I just filmed me lining this recent phanart of Phil (sped up 4X). The drawing software is Fire Alpaca, and the tablet is a Wacom Intuos Draw. 

Here are some basic tips: 

*** Make really big swooping strokes, and overlap the strokes/objects/lines - and then AFTER, erase the lines you don’t want to see. This is instead of just trying to meet lines up with the ends of other ends to close boundaries, and will ensure that overall, your lines look a lot smoother. 

*** Try drawing the lines multiple times - play around with different curves and arcs - not only will this give you more practice, which is never a bad thing, but it will make everything flow better. As you can see in the video, with some lines I drew them several times before settling on the final one. 

*** Use the transform tools in the software! The program comes with a lot of really useful tools that you can use to easily manipulate your lineart - resize, flip horizontally or vertically, move around, etc. It’s usually better to just re-draw it, to get more practice, but simply transforming the lines can be really efficient and save you a lot of time :) 

*** Flip the canvas to make errors more obvious - this is good to do at ANY stage in your art. You can do this traditionally by holding your art up to a mirror, or flipping it over and shining a light through it. Trust me, it works!! It basically tricks your brain into seeing everything for the first time. Flip back and forth a few times, making small adjustments along the way, until you’re happy with it. 

*** PRACTICE A LOT. Seriously. I’ve been drawing with a tablet for over 10 years, and I still have a LONG WAY TO GO. Getting good at ANY skill takes a lot of patience, practice, revisions, and more practice. The rewards are sooo worth it though!! Keep going :D 

I just finished the last drawing for Home.

And it feels so weird? For the past 2.5 years I’ve always had Home drawings to do, and now there are just some minor adjustments left until… *sniffs emotionally* To give you all an idea of what is left, I still need to:

  • Adjust colors/lighting so all drawings look nice next to each other
  • Add details I may have missed (arm hair, moles, etc)
  • Make smaller, transitional blurred drawings/close ups
  • Add white cloud borders to all/upload them to tumblr
  • Write the last few paragraphs, which I’ve saved for last

That said, expect chapter 18 by the last day of June. I have an idea of what day I will post it, but I want to keep it to myself since it makes me anxious when people come to my inbox on the day/the day before and ask where it is, you know? Anyhoo. Thank you all for following! And for all the love <3 You’ve kept my spirits high and my motivation strong when I needed it most.

Love, Julie (TheTypewriterGirl)

#65- Really rough sex (Megstiel)

Requested by @purgatoan​ for my kink list. (Masterlist here)

Warnings: Rough sex

Word Count: 1000ish

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy it! XOXO

Move some furniture around.

That’s what Meg had said when she first mentioned them doing this. And Cas had understood the metaphor.

Only it turns out not to be a metaphor.

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I'm sort of torn on Raven's "She saved us again"? It's like from a character standpoint, I get it. Their friend just "died", so of course they would elevate her. But it still sort of feels like the writers hitting me over the head with "Clarke is THE hero always". When the reality is that Raven has been the one to save their asses in basically every finale. I don't know, it just felt sort of eye-rolly and like JRoth's "Clarke single-handedly took down the mountain" during S2 hiatus.

Alright, Nonny. Let’s get down to business (to defeat….the Huns!).

The actual reality is that there has never been ONE hero in ANY season and no this isn’t me trying to downplay Raven to boost up Clarke because I “hate WOC”. Let me explain the Bravenlarke of it all:

We talk about the Core Four all the time, but in reality the actual core of our show rests on Bellamy, Clarke and Raven (Octavia is usually included in the Core Four, but for the most part her story is almost always separate from the main cast until the very end of the Season). Let’s begin our exploration with Season 1:

We know how the Season 1 finale ends, with the Delinquents closing the Dropship door and “blasting off”, but who actually made it happen? Lots of us would say Raven because, well…she is the genius, but when did the actual idea come into play?

Clarke: “It can’t be that simple. You said there’s fuel in those rockets, right?”

Raven: “Enough to build 100 bombs. I also said we’ve got no gunpowder left.”

Clarke: “I don’t want to build a bomb. I want to blast off.”

Raven: “Draw them in close. Fire the rockets. A ring of fire.”

Bellamy: “Barbecued grounders. I like it.” 

Finn: “Will it work?”

Raven: “The wiring’s a mess down there, but yeah. You give me enough time, I’ll cook them real good.”

Clarke has the idea. If she’d never had the idea would they ever have been able to stop the Grounders?

Bellamy runs the physical side of things as the leader of the gunners to get Raven the time she needs to wire up the Dropship. 

Raven implements the idea by walking Clarke through the steps (because she is too wounded to do it herself). Jasper does have to complete the job because Raven has passed out, but Raven does most of the setup. 

The Season 1 finale was a 3 part save. It’s not Raven who saves their asses, it’s all three of them.

On to Season 2:

The plan to take down the Mountain once again utilized Bravenlarke (with some Monty actually). This might have been harder to recognize because it happened over the course of several episodes. The plan goes into action in 2x09 when Clarke reverses her original refusal to let Bellamy go into the Mountain and decides “It’s worth the risk”, although at the time, we don’t see it that way:

Bellamy: “We need to do this now. You’ve got the alliance. Now is the time to use it.”

Clarke: “First, we need an inside man. You were right. Without someone on the inside to lower their defenses, turn off the acid fog, an army is useless. You should go.”

Bellamy: “I thought you hated that plan, that I would get myself killed.”

Clarke: “I was being weak. It’s worth the risk. My map of Mount Weather. Find a way to get on that radio and talk to us. Good luck.”

The idea to shut down the Acid Fog is initially Clarke’s, but is accomplished with help from Raven(Wick) and Bellamy in 2x14:

Raven: “Wait. Corrosion. The protective oxide film would have to be restored in tanks this old. They’d need to be cleaned.”

Wick: “And neutralized. Bellamy, go to that subdirectory. See if there’s anything there that says “passivation.“”

Bellamy: “Ok. I’m on it. Got it. Says, uh, "aqueous sodium hydroxide bath."”

Wick: “That’s a base. That’ll neutralize the acid. Select that.”

Bellamy: “It’s doing something.”

Raven: “You should be able to hear the pump.”

 Bellamy: “I can hear them. Needle’s moving. pH is rising. It’s working.  Passivation success.”

 Raven and Wick: “Yes!”

As we know, the Mountain discovers the tampering and reverse the Passivation so Bellamy winds up having to blow up the acid, but the initial plan was Clarke’s idea, Bellamy doing the work, Raven(and Wick) walking Bellamy through implementing the idea

In the end, the final save actually comes down to Bellamy, Clarke and Monty (because Raven is being harvested). I actually think Monty temporarily replacing Raven in the Season 2 finale is because they were originally going to develop Wicken in such a way that they needed the extra development that the harvesting scene gave them.

Clarke: “Monty, can you do it? Can you irradiate the level?”

Monty: “I can do it.”

A bit later:

Clarke: “Why are you stopping?”

Monty: “Because I did it. All we have to do… is pull this. Hatches and vents will open, and the scrubbers reverse, pulling in outside air”

Bellamy: “He’s gonna blow the door. Clarke, we’re out of time.”

Bellamy: “My sister. My responsibility.”

Clarke: “I have to save them.”

Bellamy: “Together.”

So again, a 3 part save, not just Raven.

Clarke has the idea to irradiate the Mountain and pulls the lever.

Bellamy spends the Season as the inside man, disables the acid fog and helps pull the lever.

Monty implements the idea by setting up the Mountain for irradiation. 

Let’s discuss Season 3:

The Season 3 save was, again, a Bravenlarke combo. Let’s break down why:

Clarke: “Good. Then we have time.”

Murphy: “What we don’t have is a way down.”

Bellamy: “Time for what?”

Clarke: “An Ascension ceremony.”

Murphy:  “Ascension? You just said Ontari wasn’t an option. Besides, she’s still chipped, and we no longer have an EMP.”

 Clarke: “We’re not putting the Flame in Ontari’s head. We’re putting it in mine.”

Bellamy: “Clarke, that thing killed Emerson in seconds, liquefied his brain.”

Clarke: “Emerson wasn’t connected to a Nightblood.”

 Pike: “Transfusion?”

Clarke: “Not exactly.”

Abby: “Connected like Mount Weather.”

Clarke: “Yes. Everything we need is in your med kit”

Abby:.”No. It’s too dangerous, and there are too many variables.”

Clarke: “But no options.”

Then, after Clarke has taken the Flame:

Bellamy: “I believe you.”

Abby: “Do you even know what you’re looking for?”

Clarke: “I’ll know when I find it.”

Abby: “May we meet again.”

Clarke: “We will.”

Bellamy: “We’ll keep you safe.”

And, in the City of Light:

It’s Raven who reveals the door to the kill switch and, when Clarke doesn’t open it immediately, paints her raven across it. 

So once again, this is not just Raven at work

Clarke has the idea to take the Flame herself (and even the how-Mt. Weather blood recycling), and taking the Flame is how she knows she needs to take the Chip.

Bellamy leads the guard for Clarke’s physical form, giving her time to complete her mission, with Abby as the last line of defense.

Raven uses her ALIE super brain to read the code, discover that Clarke is inside the City of Light, where she is and that she needs help, then provides that help to her. 

And we’re on to our latest Season, 4! And, as I’m sure you’ve picked up on the pattern, Bravenlarke is back at it again, we arrive in 4x12 to:

Bellamy: “Clarke, unless I am missing something, there is no other way for all of us to survive.”

Clarke: “What if there is?”

Skip forward to the Space Squad Seven (Plus Clarke) arriving on Science Island:

Raven: “But there’s no time to go back.”

Clarke: “We’re not going back. We’re going up.”

Murphy: “Ah, don’t look so surprised. It was all your idea to begin with.” (Speaking of Raven’s desire to commit suicide by space, however Clarke is still the person who has the idea to actually live on the Ring).

Raven: “Space? We don’t have enough fuel to get down.”

Harper: “Sounds like a 5-year problem to me.”

Raven: “You’re (said to Clarke) talking about the Ring.”

Bellamy: “Seems like a shame to let a good rocket go to waste.”

Raven: “How do we live?”

Clarke: “They left a water reclamator up there and we know that Go-Sci has an algae farm. We just get those two things up and running and we have food and water.”

Murphy: “Algae salads and recycle urine. Sign me up.”

Emori: “Better than dying.”

Murphy: “Yeah, you say that now.”

Raven: “All right. Slow down. Breathing’s important, too. What’s the plan for oxygen?”

Monty: “Based on what Murphy says about the Lighthouse Bunker, I’m guessing-make that praying-there’s an oxygenator there. We take it with us. You hook it up. Bob’s your uncle.”

Raven: “You’re an engineer, Monty. You do know there’s about a thousand things wrong with that plan, right?”

Monty: “Yes, and every one of them kills us. Of course, staying here will kill us, too, so-”

Bellamy: “Raven, we need you to get us off the ground before the death wave hits. What do you say? Can you do it?”

Raven: “What do I say? I say that death wave can kiss my ass.”

Clarke: “Good. It’s settled then. We’re going back to the Ark.”

Now we’re going to finish this bit of evidence up with 4x13, I’m not going to pull quotes on this one, because the finale should be fresh in our minds as it wasn’t even two weeks ago, I’m just going to do the wrap up:

Clarke has the idea to return to space and even figures out how they’ll supply themselves with food and water once they make it up there and makes sure that the uplink is ready for the rocket when they arrive. 

Bellamy is responsible for inspiring the masses (Raven and Echo specifically this episode) and ultimately making the hard call and choosing to close the door on Clarke instead of waiting. 

Raven uses her non-ALIE powered but still super brain to figure out how to turn a 2-seater into an 8-seater, run the flight check, pilot them to the ring and get them into the hanger bay. 

So when Raven says “She saved us again.” She’s not wrong. If Clarke had not had the idea to go to Space in the first place, everyone except for her would have died. If she hadn’t chosen to make the sacrifice and stay behind, physically moving that satellite dish to make sure the Ark was up, the ones who did manage to make it into space would have died.

Consistently, every Season, the finale save has always been a combination of Head (Clarke), Heart (Bellamy) and Guts (Raven) saving the day, but so many of y’all would rather look at it as Clarke being elevated, or a fandom being racist against a WOC (Raven), or (if you’re a Br/ven) the Bellarke fandom being unable to accept Br/ven as a romantic pairing without putting Clarke in it as well, when Bravenlarke is truly a platonic ship, lmao. 

I’d bet you anything that in Season 5, Bravenlarke team work is once again what saves the day (even though 6 years and space has changed their relationship). 

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Well don’t worry Anon because I somehow see this kind of comment coming!

I assume you seeing this because I tend to draw Papyrus’ eyes in a slightly anime style, and when I draw his eyes full black, he may looks like lack of soul or unconscious due to without reflect of light, which is a common express method on character lost self-consciousness or being control by others.

There are some artists who does draws Papyrus’ eyes with light reflected, one of them I know more would be Powaro (which usually draw Papy with super cute anime eyes but when they are drawn all black he looks REALLY soulless and even cruel). I once does think of drawing Papy’s eyes with light, but I want to stick more closely to the canon, also I don’t really want to draw too similar to Powaro’s style. (Which the way I draw Papyrus’ eyes shape is actually heavily inspired by them… *blush*)

But it would be kinda weird to make Papyrus lifeless yet he is suppose to be a super energetic monster! So as I can’t change his eyes, all I can do is work more on his other features like facial expressions, posture and movements, to build up a dynamic image on him.

I know my skills cannot fully 100% portray out his characteristics, yet I hope to do my best, to draw my favorite character in a best way.


I’m (officially) opening commissions!! You can PM me on here if you are interested, or if you have questions.

Transactions are made through paypal

It’ll be taking me from two days to two weeks to make illustrations, depending on its complexity.

You don’t have to purchase a colored drawing: we can work out how much I’ll knock off the price for a mono drawing in chat!

And I’m probably missing a lot of info here since I’ve never done this before, so again, just ask away if anything is remotely unclear.

You can go look through my art tag to see if there’s a specific style that suits your taste!

Last Chapter Update

Whoo. My week has been packed and I am very tired and ouchy. I also just spent the last hour and a half doing some major Home organizing and crunched  some numbers according to my plot outline:

There are 57 drawings remaining; 27 of those are absolutely essential and must be included in the last chapter. I just counted my drawings and I have 30 (almost 31!) finished.

Which brings us back to my original claim back in August that the last chapter would have 60 drawings (31+27 = close enough). The drawings that aren’t essential would be adorable and funny, but I think I will have to omit them since… Since I don’t want to post the last chapter in 2021.

Soooooo according to my calculations, since it takes me about 4 days (14-24 solid hours) to complete one drawing, it will take me 108 days to finish the last essential 27…. AKA, 3.5 months. Factoring in family dinners and other distractions, I’ll round up to four months. So…

New estimate: Chapter 18 will be posted in late June.

A few have already started proclaiming their disapproval/lost interest due to the time I’ve spent already. I really want you, my beautiful and kind readers, to know that it pains me dearly to delay the last chapter as long as I am, but I’m adamant about ending Home right. These drawings are very warm, colorful and detailed, and it will wrap up everything in the best, fuzziest, happiest way.

Thank you for your endless patience ♥

You Smell

Just a little drabble I came up with since we were doing a live fic thing in the group chat. I hope y'all like it!


She’s not one for getting sick all the time. At least not anymore. When she was little, there would always be something wrong with her every other day when she came home from school, so much so that her mother began to think she was faking it more often than not. Once she had gotten her powers, she didn’t get sick all that often - something she was grateful for - but that meant that when she did get sick, it was usually really horrible. She hated being sick, hated feeling useless and weak, so she tended to bury herself underneath her mountain of covers, calling her mother every so often to pile on whichever one was left lying around the house. Everyone avoids her if it isn’t to bring her food or blankets, and she couldn’t be happier; her mood becoming worse every time she had to stick her hand out from under her blanets to grab a tissue, or every time she had to sit up to eat, or when the material of her shirt felt harsh against her skin.

She’s half asleep when her phone rings loud against her ear. She frowns and groans as she grabs it and brings it a few inches from her face, a deep scowl set on her face even though it’s her girlfriend’s name flashing on her screen. She sighs before answering, lowering the volume low enough so it doesn’t hurt her ears, and lets out a weak, “hello?”

“you sound horrible.” It makes trini role her eyes, a small cough escaping her lips followed by a groan. “Are you dying?”

“hello to you too, princesa.” Trini lets out, her voice nasely as she wipes at her nose with the sleeve of her shirt. “And yes, I am, so if you’ll excuse-”

“I’m coming over.” The words are out quickly, and Trini frowns becuase she must look like she’s dying. She hadn’t left the confines of her blanket fort long enough to take a shower, and her hair was in a bun full of tangles. She’s about to protest when she realizes Kimberly had already hung up. She rolls her eyes - groaning slightly right after - and sits up. She sends a text telling Kim not to come over, that she was fine and would be at school soon, but all she gets is a small “nope” in response.

She doesn’t shower - she’s much too weak for that right now, her limbs feeling ten times heavier than they should - but she somehow finds enough strenght to brush her hair and her teeth, and fish all the dirty tissues from underneath her blankets. She crashes right after, her nose runny and her ears pulsing, and she’s back under her blankets in a matter of seconds, falling asleep quickkly after her head hits her pillow.

She coughs as her her eyes open, darkness surounding her thanks to her impernitrable mountain of blanets, and she’s relieved to not feel like a truck has run her over. multiple times. She shifts in place, and when she tries to turn herself over in hopes of getting more sleep, someting thightens around her waist and hot puffs of breath hit the back of her neck. She’s startled and jumps in place, not really paying attention to the way her head feels like mush.

“Jesus, Kim.” Trini groans out as she lifts the blankets enough to see her girlfriend. Kim’s hair seems to be just as messy as her own, pink lips drawing into a frown as a small grumble escapes from in between them.

“Come sleep.” Kim whispers, eyes scrunching closed as she reaches for the blankets. “You’re sick, so you need sleep, so sleep.”

“Amazing logic, princesa.” Trini says with amusement. She whimpers when Kim rubs her skin where her shirt had ridden up, and she’s dazed when Kim seems to jump up and snatch her own hand back.

“I’m so sorry,” Kim says with a small pout, reaching for Trini’s shirt and pulling it back down.

“It’s fine.”

“D'you want anything? I can go downstairs and get you some water or something?” Kim says as she starts making her way from underneath the blanets.

Trini’s quick to grab her wrist and pull her down, “I just want you here.”

Their cheeks flush as Trini looks away quickly, brown eyes soft and pink lips twitching. Trini rolls her eyes and scoffs, turning around without letting go of Kim’s wrist, tugging it around her waist, smiling in satisfaction when she felt her girlfriend shuffle closer.

“You smell.”

anonymous asked:

Yeah ok, now I really want to hear the David Tennant Story? ;-)

Okay, so basically my Uncle has been in the Fire Service for the last 18 years, and he’s also been trained in counter-terrorism procedures and such, and he has his own business where basically big companies contract him to do fire regulation, healthy and safety, and counter terrorism surveying for them.
One of the companies that he’s contracted with are delfont-mackintosh theatres and so he’s been going up to London regularly to view each of the theatres in order to draw up plans specific to each building.
On a recent trip, he was walking back from where he’d been that day, with some of the higher ups he’s working alongside. As they walk past the Wyndham Theatre, which is where David is currently doing Don Juan in Soho, one of the guys goes “Can we just step inside here, I want to run something by you” and so in they go.
In the foyer of the Wyndham, there’s a whole bunch of different doorways, as you’d expect in a theatre. One of them is closed off by a rope, it also has curtains that can be drawn in front of the rope and then a second rope in front of the curtains. This is basically the way to backstage if you enter from the front and not from stage door. Now for health and safety reasons, if you’re having the rope behind the curtains closed, then you cannot also have the curtains closed. This is an important piece of information.
So the Director of Health and Safety goes “I want to have that curtain drawn for when doors open, I don’t want people looking down there.” And then goes and closes the curtain. The rope is still pulled across. The second rope is also pulled across. My uncle says “Don’t leave those curtains drawn though, it’s too risky.” and they agree but then get pulled into conversation and forget to open the curtains again.
Then a guy hurries in, wearing a baseball cap pulled down low, head down, clearly trying not to be seen. He opens the first rope, draws the curtain and then falls forward, exclaiming quite loudly, having to grab onto the handrail at the side of the stairs to save himself. He looks around to where my uncle and co are standing and it’s David Tennant.
David takes a steadying breath, brushes himself off and proceeds down the stairs, my Uncle is in fits of laughter, and the Director of Health and Safety collapsed to the floor in panic at how close to a lawsuit he came.

And that’s the story of how my uncle was almost witness to the accidental manslaughter of David Tennant.

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So like, I have a really dumb question, but first, your edits are really good like omg. But out of curiosity can you tell me how you make them? Sorta of a tutorial? I just wanna make these for fun and send them to my friends/try to make actual edits for the hell of it lmao. Totally okay if you don't tho!! I respect that and I'll still love your blog. Thank you for reading this, have a lovely day~ ♡^▽^♡

oh my god this has been in my inbox for so long….. sorry it took me so long to answer it!!

Okay, so I’m not great at explaining things so I recorded myself making one, but I’ll still try to explain it so you can understand.  Also I use paint.net for all of this because I’m cheap and don’t want to buy programs, and it works good enough so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And aaaaa spoilers I recorded myself making a quote I haven’t posted yet

(Under the cut because this got very long)

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Welcome Home.

pairing ; chris x reader

summary ; after four years, you’re finally back in new york with your best friend; you’re finally back home.

words ; 4,706 (wowza. this was all written, first, too.)

warnings ; references??

note ; i had some inspiration from the fic “When You Come Home” by @teamgtnw


Everyone has something they call home. This thing could be a place, person, object, animal, even a smell. Of course, it’s different for everyone ─ most say that “Home” was the house they shared with their parents currently or during their childhood. Some would say home is the feeling of happiness, caused by being in their birth town, or the block they grew up on.

You, however, considered it to be a culmination of things. Alongside the stereotypical place, you found comfort in the smell of New York; specifically, a street in The Bronx that you grew up on in the quiet side of the big place, where couples walked the streets, runners smiled and laughed at the dogs they were jogging with; where families could be out with a mild fear of being mugged by some druggie or poor guy in need of some money; where happiness seemed to be one of the most prominent emotions and one of the only words to describe the place and your feelings upon walking around it.

Your favorite place, as dumb as it sounds, was the little coffee shop at the end of the street. The workers were always changing there, seeing as they were all teenagers wanting more money or just starting college and need a way to pay for their loans because their parents sure-as-hell weren’t doing it alone. At one point, that had been you, when you still went to community college.

You remembered loving working there, as you always had light-hearted conversations with the customers and relationships with the regulars. But once you got your first two years of college done, you headed off to a big university across the country, staying there for about four years to get your masters. Then, you came back home with high hopes of achieving something great, something that made an impact, no matter how big.

Your dream had always been to be involved in dancing or music, specifically for Broadway. And as crazy and farout as it sounds, you knew you could make it there someday ─ someday.

The distinct smell of coffee beans and oven pastries filled your senses as you walked into the coffee shop you adored so much. People were too caught up in their own conversations to acknowledge your entrance, which was normal. A fuzzy feeling filled you when you took a deep breath and let your senses be bombarded by the homey smell. The sounds of clinking plates and brewing coffee and buzzing of light conversations about work, coffee, the need to finish a paper and get some sleep filled your ears, as well.

What you noticed out of all of that, though, was the echoing, familiar voice of someone you knew all-too-well. The voice was deep but soft, forming words that were so beautifully put together, yet only said because they worked with everything else he was singing about. This one was about working two jobs, brewing coffee, and still enjoying the life he was give. The optimism he had in his words was what seemed to keep the rest of coworkers going, smiling and giving him beats or backup vocals.

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anonymous asked:

I am so obsessed with The Getaway and can't wait to see Jamie's reaction!!!! Thank you for this beautiful story!!!

Oh my gosh The Getaway!!!! What happens when she tells Jamie?????? Brian will NOT be happy with his son….

Claire stood nervously at the door, her fingers tapping out a quiet rhythm against the white plastic as she awaited the familiar hum of her father’s car.

 “You’ll wear a hole in the floor if ye keep that up, Claire.” Jamie whispered, causing Claire to notice the uneasy shuffling of her feet against the thick carpet that lined the halls of Lallybroch.

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theotakufairy  asked:

Hi me again. I have another daughter request if you don't mind. Only this time for the s family. So their daughter is still just a little fledgling and her first time feeding is from her dad? Like he's coaching her and helping her by letting her feed from his arm?

I had fun writing this! It was too cute and I have a strong love for DiaDads!


“Hold onto my arm and take a bite when you’re ready. No, it won’t hurt me. I promise.”

Shu was patient with his little daughter and straight to the point with his lessons when he first taught her how to feed. When she showed signs of hesitation, he would remind her that she cannot always hesitate when biting her prey for blood. No matter how many times she messed up, Shu would pat her head and tell her that she would become better with practice, earning a small smile of hope from his dear daughter. When she finally starts to draw blood successfully, Shu would praise her lightly but then pull his arm away, teasing her as her father to see the small pout she had inherited from her mother. He’ll have to teach her how to choose and hunt down her prey next, but that would happen on another day. 


“Please bite firmly. It must be a clean and solid bite when you pierce your fangs to draw blood. No, it is better to practice with this, my dear.”

Papa Reiji was a little stubborn in giving his own blood to his precious daughter. He decided to train her first with a plastic blood bag so that she could learn how to bite and drain blood properly, but that all backfired in an instant when she punctured through the bag with her tiny fangs, causing the blood to spill everywhere on the floor. It’s not until Reiji gets frustrated with his daughter that he yanks his long white sleeves down from his arm and instructs her to partake from him instead that she achieves success. Reiji would then sigh in relief, and congratulate his daughter as a result, causing the small Sakamaki female to feel happy.


“Of course you’ll be fine! Ore-sama will teach you everything that you have to know! Just trust me!”

Ayato was more than eager to teach his young daughter to feed as a true vampire. His credentials were obviously the best because he’s THE BEST and with that in his mind, he decided that she should feed from his neck instead. After telling her to bite hard enough to break through the skin, Ayato would grin and wait for his daughter’s shining moment. Little did he know that the young Sakamaki girl had witnessed him bite her mother harshly before, and when she followed in suit of her father’s actions, Ayato let out a painful scream that echoed throughout the mansion. He didn’t think she would bite him so roughly! From that point on, Ayato has to remind himself to be more gentle when biting his s/o because he is his daughter’s most important role model. 


“Eh? Ask your Mother. She should know.”

Kanato would dismiss his child’s request to learn how to feed, informing her to go ask her mother instead, even though his s/o was still a human being! It’s not until he sees his daughter looking blue when she’s around her other cousins boasting about their first feeding lessons does he feel that she is of age to learn how to properly feed as a vampire. He’d randomly call her over to him one day and allow her to bite into his wrist, warning her that if she bit too hard that he would punish her later for it. But Kanato’s daughter is aware of how fragile her father is and quickly picks up on the concept of biting and drawing blood. When she withdraws from his wrist, Kanato would smile and comment on how wonderful of a girl she was, earning a giggle from the girl.


“Oh~? My little dove wants to be a big girl already? I guess this day would have to come sooner or later, nfu~.”

Laito would sit his daughter in his lap and present his wrist to her, telling her to look closely for his blue or purple veins. When she was able to detect them, Laito would then advise her to pierce his skin with her fangs to draw out fresh blood. Nodding at his instructions, Laito’s daughter would quickly chomp down on his wrist, causing the elder Sakamaki to wince at how strong his daughter’s biting strength was. At least she wouldn’t have a problem drawing blood in the future, right? Nevertheless, when she pulls away with blood streaking down her chin, Laito would laugh and attempt to wipe it off. It wouldn’t be long before she stopped seeking for his blood and desired for someone else’s, so he would come to enjoy these moments with her.


“Oi, take your time. You need to learn how to puncture deeper into my skin. Don’t be afraid.”

For once, our tsundere is demonstrating tons of patience. Subaru understood how important it was for his daughter to learn how to use her fangs, so he would sit her down one day and offer her his arm to practice on. Unfortunately for him, Subaru’s daughter would leave bite marks all over his arm because of the fact that she couldn’t properly bite into him. But that wouldn’t stop him from encouraging her to try again, and when she finally gets the hang of it, Subaru would praise her while looking at his damaged arm. Luckily his daughter picked up on healing methods for a vampire and would kiss his arm better, thanking her father in return for being the best teacher to her. Subaru would be a blushing mess afterwards because of how sickeningly sweet his daughter was.


“Feeding? Don’t you think you’re still too young for that? Fine, fine, I suppose you can start learning.”

Initially, Kino wasn’t a big fan of teaching his daughter how to properly feed as a vampire. He’d tell her to begin by feeding on one of his ghouls until his s/o threw a fit and threatened to take their daughter to one of her Sakamaki uncles for a better lesson. Disgusted that one of his brothers would give their blood to his daughter, Kino avoided the bullet and decided to start small by giving her his finger. But when Kino’s daughter couldn’t draw enough blood from it, he allowed her to partake from his arm, giving her more leeway to use her developing fangs. When his daughter was able to feed from his arm, Kino would pull it away from her and walk away, commenting that she would need to learn to find her own prey now. he’s such an asshole

-Admin Yuuzuki


Hello there !!! I might draw that some day because I like the idea ^^ It’s not exactly what you asked for but I have this headcanon that Percy and Annabeth end up with three daughters. I think Percy would make an amazing (and very happy) stay-at-home dad while Annabeth is becoming a world-famous kickass architect (who still spends a lot of time with her family) ^^ I did a drawing a couple of months ago but never posted it because I was unsastified with it (I was sooo uninspired while coloring this one, sorry guys) but since it’s slightly close to what you are asking for, here it is. 

I have more ideas about that headcanon. For instance the second daughter totally have a hero-worship crush on older!Nico, and plan to be covered in tattoos like him when she grows up. (as she very seriously explains to Percy and Annabeth after her kindergarden teacher asks them why she keeps drawing on her own arms during art sessions)

I need names for the girls !! I think Annabeth would want to name them after amazing women who achieved great things. Any ideas guys? 

(sorry for the weird editing, but I forgot that if I post that picture as an answer to the ask it’s gonna be ridiculously small)

….. I mostly did this cause I wanted to practice drawing actual full body stuff and cause the draw your favorite character in YOUR OUTFITS meme is so much fun. Also~ I was inspired by @mermaibee​‘s super cute Mahirus hehe~ ❤❤❤ GO CHECK THEM OUT. OMG. NOW

Yes, these are actual outfits I own. :> HA. I hate drawing legs too lol

Also close up of tiny Mahiru and Tsubaki: