i want to draw more solid things

Elephant shaped Lapis Lazuli gem

I want to get all these personal projects out of my system now that I have some time. 

why a chubby elephant shaped gem Lapis? it’s story time:
my grandmother had a huge, solid Lapis Lazuly stone shaped like an elephant that looked a lot like this:

sadly, it’s lost now… it’s a bummer because I loved it!

after I started watching SU and Lapis came along, I remembered that elephant and thought about drawing a Lapis OC with her gem shaped like that. one thing I dislike about canon Lapis’ design is the lack of golden “freckles” (Pyrite fragments) that the stone usually has. so I wanted to draw one with the “freckles”, and also chubby! because media in general needs more big girls that aren’t just there for comedic relief.

I wanted to test out two styles or coloring ideas, and figured why not draw Deadpool? Since I’m so excited for the movie finally being a reality. So here is the full thing (and yeah, I threw in the pipe like in the pre-trailer trailer because I wasn’t sure what else to have him do).

So here are the two ideas I tried capturing in the coloring technique: taking some of the solid black shadows (and some lines) and making them a darker red/darker color than the flat color… just to make it “blend” a bit more while still being a solid shape; the other idea being to use the add glow layer for highlights more. It’s so common in comic coloring, and yet I hardly think to utilize it, so here I finally tried it out.

I want to post a small guideline for coloring this soon, because I am quite happy with how this turned out.

(Deadpool belongs to Marvel and not me, of course.)

Brooke Hernando, Dixxie Mae Graphics, 2015. Do not steal or use this work without credit and permission.


Commissions open!

1) The prices are per character 

Black&White (Manga/Comic style):

  • Bust: $11 
  • Half Body: $14
  • Full Body: $16

I will draw:

  • OCs/fanart
  • Yaoi/Yuri

I won’t:

  • Real people
  • mecha/furry

2) Paymet and others things

  • 100% total price is to be paid upfront.The commission will only begin once payment is received via Paypal invoice.
  • All prices are expressed in U.S. dollars, and payments are expected to be made as such. 
  • Commission payments are to be made utilizing PayPal services ONLY
  • Background white/solid color (If you want a complex background +10 USD or more depends of details. Ask meif you want)
  • NSFW only will be post on my new nsfw blog.

3) Form commission:

Use this form to let me know what you want and send me this to my mail atarple.info@gmail.com. I will send an invoice through paypal.

I need to know:

  • Your Paypal e-mail: -So I can send you the invoice -
  • Type of commission: -Full body/Half body/Bust/etc-
  • Style: Cell shaded or Detailed shading?
  • How many people in the picture: 1-3 ?
  • Background: Yes/no - Simple/detailed - Describe what you want if it is detailed.
  • References and links : Very detailed as you can, please :)

Reblogs appreciated! (thank you!)

i hit 5000 followers on this blog recently and wanted to doodle something to celebrate, thanks for those who read my comics (and donated!) or just followed here!

im at a point where im seeing a lot of the holes in my artistic ability but i wanna work on just getting more solid all around, thanks for those of you who are following me regardless, ill try to draw even better things for you all!

(ps im on twitter a lot come chitchat with me over there!!)

When a blog you stumble across happens to have masterfully drawn both of your precious muses as one character. Wilde!Genie.

Please follow @phenominalcosmicpowers. SFW1. Awesome2. The OC paired with Genie is really great too. I feel bad to have cut her out of this image, but I wanted to bring attention to a main focal point. The original post can be found here, with a bonus Hopps!Genie.

1. Mostly. I mean, some of the earlier posts are nudes of an OC, and things tend to get a little flirty between the Genie of that blog and the resident OC, but it’s hot so faggedaboudit. I’d say it’s probably more PG-13 SFW-ish, so keep that in mind.
2. No fine print here. It really is awesome. Just go there already. Seriously. This person does a more solid job of drawing the Genie than the animators on the 1994 Television series did, with all due respect to them and what they did. There’s just more straight Eric Goldberg-esque magic on this blog though. C’mon. Stop reading! GO! Click!


I’m taking sketch commissions! I have 5 slots open - $30 for a portrait or bust with $15 for every additional character, and $40 for a full body drawing with $20 for every additional character. 

Email - kiara.harrism@gmail.com

Please email me what you want and include reference photos. If you want me to draw an OC, feel free to include a description of your character! I’d love to hear it. I can add a simple background (solid color, pattern, decorative things, etc.) if you’d like. More examples of my work can be found on my tumblr


Hey everyone, I’m doing commissions again!

I lost my job yesterday, so I’m gonna be doing these and looking for a job all at the same time so I don’t shoot myself in the foot and end up homeless!



  • Headshot: $10
  • Bust: $15
  • Halfbody: $25

Rendered Headshot:

  • Headshot: $45
  • Bust: $55

Extra Info/Do’s and Don’t’s!

  • no backgrounds, just solid color.
  • won’t draw porn or robots/complicated armor type things. If you REALLY want me to draw a dick, you can pay more.
  • I’ll say no to you if I don’t like thing you’re asking me to draw.
  • I won’t draw real people!!!
  • if you want a specific pose, please send me a reference photo!
  • If I feel like I’m not gonna be able to do a great job on your thing, I’ll refund your money.

if you’re serious about wanting art or have any questions, please send me a fanmail thing on here or an email to captainquesadilla@hotmail.com!!

if you cant buy anything, please signal boost!



If you’d like to see some more examples of my work, please take a look at my art blog,artofdevlinlemay!

A few very important things to note:

  • I will NOT respond to commission asks! If you want to commission me for something, please use the email listed above.
  • I’m not accepting any nsfw commissions. I’m not comfortable with being payed to draw that sort of thing just yet.
  • I will only give out my paypal email to those who are going to commission me.
  • Please only commission me if you know 100% what you want me to draw. Telling me to “draw whatever” only puts more pressure on me, and will make me want to draw your commission less.
  • I will require that you pay me upfront. If you don’t have the money to commission me now, wait until later!
  • Your commission will be done within a month of me receiving payment. It won’t necessarily require a solid month of work, but I am a student and also most likely depressed, so please be aware of this and be as understanding as possible!

That should be just about everything! Hopefully you can commission me, or at least spread the word! Thank you!!