i want to draw more of them

Taking requests because I want to draw many stuff :D

I will make sketches for the first 12 requests on my Askbox . I will close the askbox when the slots are full. 

What  I can draw:

My OCs
Your OCs (I’ll let you know if your request was chosen. Then you must post your OC’s reference in your blog and tag me so I can check it. )
Characters from TV Shows
Characters from videogames
Ships (Yeah I’ll do it, BUT not about real people, only about the things I mentioned up there, and remember, no weird ships, or at least a ship that could make sense a  bit lmao)

If you want the character(s) doing something specific, don’t forget to mention it in the ask!

What I can’t draw:

Three or more characters interacting.
Machines and all those kind of complex stuff
Nsfw/(+18) content
Hard gore stuff

I’ll post all the skecthes when I finish all of them.


Comic Idea

🕷️Brooklyn Heroes!🐸

So Gwen Lives! She ends up in the hospital from after the whole Green Goblin thing and she decides to become her own hero because fuck being kidnapped and used as bait for Spiderman, like for real.

With Gwen protecting New York, Peter decides to move with his new friend, sidekick, and ex-villain Toad to Brooklyn (Todd’s home town) where there aren’t any big name villains (yet) so he can train to be a better hero one small deed at a time!

Wade is there because no matter where Spiderman goes, Deadpool will eventually find him and overstay his welcome… Immediately.

Both are in their mid twenties. Peter’s a college graduate and Toad dropped outta high school freshman year because kids are mean and he’s a supergenius anyway so what’s the point?

Anyway, I love all these characters and wanted them in a comic together so I thought of this fan idea and will Probably Definitely draw more

I will literally pay for an Illaoi

BIG FUCKING ANNOUNCEMENT. read if you followed me for PAY RENT and lapidot content

Basically I’m giving up on the comic in order to give myself more freedom to draw other stuff. I’ll probably draw them still but just not a long, series fancomic. About lapidot, I still adore the ship so I’ll continue to draw for it, just not solely for that ship. I wanna make original stuff and other fanart stuff, like little witch academia, my current fave. I apologize if you really wanted to see more of the comic, I’ll make another post to basically explain what I wanted in that story and hopefully you’ll see exactly why I feel I can’t continue. Maybe you’ll even want to make your own art for it, feel free to. Thank you for reading, have a good day.

anonymous asked:

(i don't want to start discourse or anything, i'm just genuinely curious) is it bad if i give them freckles just because i find them cute on anyone? like, i have freckles, and i just like seeing them on my favorite characters, no matter what race they are

you’re right that I did make a generalization, though it’s definitely something that depends on context!! so, for example, if someone was latinx and had freckles and drew percy as latinx with freckles because they wanted to see more ppl who looked like them in popular media, that would be A-Okay and super cool actually!! or if someone had a friend of a certain ethnicity who had freckles and wanted to draw a character of that same ethnicity who shared that same trait, sure!!!

but I find that a lot of the time, it’s just inaccurate! like if you research and find refs for dark-skinned black people to draw hazel levesque, the results aren’t gonna be majoritately ppl with freckles!! if you google cherokee people, you’re not gonna find image after image of people with freckles!! I have rlly dark hair that I’m a fan of but I’m not gonna draw rachel with my hair, cause it’s just not accurate! I’m not gonna draw hazel with freckles, cause it’s just not likely!

I’m not a big fan of this idea of “I’ll draw characters like this no matter what race they are” in conjunction to canon characters of color cause they’re so rare in western media, and I’d rather teach my audience of color™ ‘hey! the way you look naturally is pretty cool!!’ as opposed to ‘hey! this character is pretty, but you know what could make them even prettier?’

the real problem that I have with it, is that there’s the implication that poc don’t look “pretty enough” or “cool enough” without traits that are typically more euro-centric (ex. smaller noses and freckles). of course there exist multiple poc with these traits, but seeing ppl lean more towards those depictions makes me think hMMMM (I’m aware that’s not most ppl’s intentions, but it’s still an implication)

I understand that people with freckles might have grown up feeling self-conscious abt their freckles, but there are plenty of characters who you could give freckles to without making this gross implication! there’s of course rachel, as well as percy, annabeth, grover, luke, tyson, thalia, most of the gods, clarisse, silena (I’d love to see a silena with freckles) (though definitely be careful if you’re drawing these characters as non-white)

in conclusion, I’m not saying anyone’s irredeemable trash for drawing characters of color with freckles!! but I do hope ppl become more critical of the implications of drawing poc with freckles over and over and over again, especially when it’s not based on any reason (ex. being or knowing someone of that ethnicity who has this trait) other than the Aesthetic

What I want to thank Milo Murphy’s Law for.

  • Basically Human Perry the Platypus (Dr. Zone)
  • Character that looks like Candace (Melissa)
  • The possibility that the above two are related (which has been debunked)
  • Jemaine Clement, an actor who’s important to me since he has played a handful of characters that I relate to so much.
  • And the most important of them all: the kick-start of my motivation to be more productive be it drawing or writing, especially writing.

Am I leaving MML? I don’t think so. I still want to figure up what’s up with Orton. But I’m pretty sure I won’t post as much art as I used to, since I tend to post fanart that talks about my ideas. I don’t have that many ideas anymore since a lot of them are influenced by the theory that Dr. Zone and Melissa are related. 

I also may not be too active anymore, since if I watch MML I may have too many thoughts on theories, like what happened to me with PnF that lead me to leave the show (except for watching a few episodes and specials). Unlike the theory of who Phineas and Candace’s biological father is, the theory of whether Dr. Zone and Melissa are related or not has been answered, so it shouldn’t hurt me too much.

What would I do from now? I guess develop my stories. I’ve been having stories I guess since I learned how to speak and write, though I think my first major story would be when I was in junior high school. I don’t really know how to articulate them so most of them are in form of drawings instead of structured writing.

OK, that shall be all. I hope we’ll still meet, whether it’s about MML or other things.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I've always adored your Carry On art (you're my fav Snowbaz artist) and now that I'm halfway through A Gathering Of Shadows I've discovered your art and I love it so much!!! Your design of Kell is the only one I like so far (there is great art of him out there but he just never looks... "right" to me and I'm just so in love with the way you portray him ♡). Keep up the good work, you're awesome!! ♡

Awww thank you, sweetheart! 

I love the Carry On fandom, I feel like drawing CO really helped me improve, and even when I wasn’t happy with my drawings the fandom has always said such sweet things about them that they just made me want to draw more. They have all my love!

Urg, I want to be positive if I could. Just the slight thought drawing them makes me feel unreal. I can’t do anything. I’ve been drawing for them and drawing them motives me love drawing more. I can’t complete what I left behind. I can’t delete all the rough drafts I had done for them but neither I can continue.

I beg you to cry, Cheer.


new heart screen prints from sketch to first run…

recreating the sketch with drawing fluid on the screen

filling in the brown blocking fluid after blue drawing fluid has dried

first print –i thought a purple-ish gray would be good color, tried that and red in solid runs but…

wanted something more interesting so did a sort of experimental ‘fountain’ print pulling two colors thru at once

now i might create another screen to print on top of this one or hand draw on them, we’ll see…

anonymous asked:

hey marina i stalked your instagram and saw your paintings and i just wanted to say that i've always been unconfident in my drawing skills i used to enjoy it but i recently gave up because it stresses me out and whatever i do it's never good enough when i lectured myself so many times that practice is the answer but i end up feeling discouraged so your paintings are actually amazing and how confidently you showed them made them 10x more beautiful i'm still not big on going back but u inspired me

i actually dont feel confident about my paintings at all!!! i always go back and paint over them and redo them and edit them and in my mind they are never finished because they are never good enough and cringey and mediocre and i only show like 2% of what i paint!! you just have to be okay with improving on the next piece sometimes and also with some failed attempts. just create so much stuff that something youre kind of proud of is bound to come out of it. and instead of thinking about whether its good enough or what should be changed about it, focus on what to create next! just keep creating

im very happy i inspired you :))



I wanted to fit the dream/steampunk kind of theme, so I hope I achieved it…;;

Edit: I forgot to mention how the adhesive bombs also can also be used on other body parts of the target as well, as long as it keeps them in place for Kisho to activate their quirk :’D

I’ve also been working on Kisho’s character more, so here’s what I have so far:

  • Rebellious teen
  • Keeps the morale going
  • Class B Trash
  • Actually enjoys fighting but keeps it low-key
  • Will tell you a harsh truth with the sweetest smile
  • Is never seen eating anything other than sweets/candy
  • Takes naps in class accidentally 

there are still people that gave me requests, i dont mind but pls no more since it’s currently closed. I’ll try to do what is still in my inbox tho, but there are some of the requests that i might not do because it’s either i dont want to, lazy or felt like it’s out of my ability to draw them.

anonymous asked:

hi, could i have a matchup?; i'm a demisexual girl, standing around 5'2”; ive got wavy/curly jaw-length dark brown hair, brown eyes, and glasses. v anxious meeting new people but i tend to open up rather quick (and vulnerably?) i'm a huge memey mythology/astronomy weirdo who reads often and knows a lot of shit! i like adrenaline, cats, new languages, an drawing. i also LOVE playing ukulele and making up songs on the spot! a smol uke playing je-sais-tout. that is me

hey love! hope you like this💛

[ matchups are closed! ]

I match you with…Jumin!

  • you make him curious tbh
  • in a good way!
  • like he knows some mythology but you know a lot more and he wants to hear about what you know
  • and you guys have long winded conversations on astrology
  • he finds them interesting and very different from business talk
  • which he highly appreciates
  • yo idk about adrenaline rushes, but jumin has something in store for you~
  • rollercoasters!!!! all kinds of them!
  • I know I put this in almost Every jumin matchup, but listen, Elizabeth loves you
  • she loves it when you pet her and likes to sit on your head
  • jumin is more than willing to teach you all the languages he knows!
  • and to learn the ones you know! 
  • your conversations switch too many times smh
  • finds it really intriguing that you play the ukulele
  • but loves the songs you make up
  • sometimes he joins in with you
  • singing, not playing
  • but it makes both of you really happy

I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

Keep reading


Older Klance? older MARRIED klance (they are like 30ish and still in space)

Mashing up my favorite things: Lance being Allura’s diplomatic ambassador (@worlds-shortest-astronaut) , and in a nice committed relationship between them.