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Okay, guys, I’m gonna talk about IbuAtsu for a minute because I was looking at things about love languages yesterday, and I realized that talking about this ship in terms of love languages makes it really easy to explain why I love it so much.

Like, okay. For both of them, acts of service is an important one. For Atsushi, it’s probably his primary love language, and for Ibushi there’s no competition. It blows all the rest out of the water. So it’s sweet to think of the two of them helping each other out and doing things for each other. But then like… I think Ibushi is such a private person that any other love languages he favors, to a much lesser extent, must be quiet and indirect in the same way. Quality time, I think, and gift-giving. Meanwhile, Atsushi also appreciates quality time, but I think once he gets to a certain point in a relationship, he wants words of affirmation (though not too cheesy pls or he’ll blush) and some degree of physical touch as well. Gift-giving probably wouldn’t really move him.

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okay question of the day, i love roleplaying archie, but i feel like i just don’t do him justice, plus there’s so many good archie’s out there that deserve so much love. also, i just really want ONE riverdale muse at the moment and seeing as i have archie and my oc i was wondering which one should i keep??? please help me out. :(

annnnd don’t tell me to choose who i want bc IM AN INDECISIVE HOE. it would also be a big weight lifted off me either way, soooo pls.


Doodles that I don’t feel like cleaning up any more than this

it’s my favorite friends again ✨


tfw you’re tired but it’s from doing something you love and being with your found family and being happy

i like to complain that aos!bones is so exhausted and tired and pls let him sleep but also i want to say that i think he’s happy out there in the black since he’s with those he loves and he’s helping people

Yoonseok - Sope

Just some of my favourite Yoonseok or Sope moments. I say some because 1. There’s so many moments out there that I can’t possibly put them all into one post and 2. I can’t find a lot because when I search up “J-Hope twerking on Suga”  “Yoonseok Moments” or stuff like that, Google doesn’t find any of the pictures or gifs I wanted ):

Huehuehue anyways let’s just get started. 

I mean Hoseok hugged like everyone and everyone comforted him but I just like this. He’s even doing his cute 人 mouth (lmao I tried looking up a frowny face emoji thingy but i just ended up using my chinese keyboard)

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BTS’s Halloween party and they were just comparing hands

and then Hobi goes like

Lmao Yoongi’s so mean to him

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(guys I suck at finding gifs and shit help)

Like look how cute they are. Hobi dnacing with his Santa bag and Yoongi just grips the edge of the bag and dances cutely along side him. 
and then everone else in the background doing their own shit



Hoseok’s all smile-y and Yoogi’s like ??????










Idk I just found this really cute and I couldn’t find the other gif when they’re laughing so hard and Hoseok falls over to the back of Yoongi and is basically hugging him from behind.

But like. Look how fucking adorable Hoseok is. HE LAUGHED AND HIS LEG’S JUST COME UP AND BOUNCE AND I’m so fucking biased towards him excuse me.

Their hug aldkfjeijalkjfiea;oefnowefhkhflaiuwefh. The way Yoongi just cradles Hoseok’s head and brings him closer

Hoseok controlling Yoongi’s arms is so cute and I wish I could find more gifs of them doing this but I suck at finding gifs so pardon me.

their track suits and hwagae market

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Hoseok uncontrollably laughing and Yoongi finding it adorable af


I just find this so adorable like Yoongi just has his hand under Hoseok’s chin and idk why I find it so frickin cute but I do.


Okay this makes me so happy because when Yoongi hops on their backs he wraps his arms around Hoseok’s waist and like ok yoongi ok

and then this (’:

Well I should stop here. Lmao sorry for this super terrible post but I just wanted to make this

P.S. Pictures and gifs are not mine! Creds to everyone who made them!!!

Cassian X Chubby!Reader


Merry Christmas eve! While I love this idea, but I decided to do it in a headcanon-ish setup. There is mention of self-loathing and negative body image, so just have a warning. If you want an actual imagine story, just request it!! Thanks anon!  (this GIF omg swoon)

Cassian X Chubby!Reader

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  • You met Cassian on Yavin 4, when you first joined the Rebellion.
  • You were the person that completed K2SO’s override, giving the sassy droid to Cassian for help on his missions.
  • He was in awe of your talent and whenever he and K2 returned from a mission, they would always stop by your living quarters.
  • “How’d the mission go?”
  • “We were not out on a mission, Y/n. Captain just wanted to see you.”

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i finished yowapeda and cried a lot but also where are my imaizumi/onoda/naruko hugs??? ;_;

i’m drawing team voltron but team avatar au. i did klance first duh because they’re so very zutara and!!!

okay anyway important question do you think hunk should be an earthbender and pidge an airbender or should I keep their colors?? so like hunk air and pidge earth (she’d totally be a metalbender btw) 

also what would shiro be. suggestions are needed thank u 

keep me entertained ?!

so guess who’s bored ?? also guess who’s close to 1.2k followers ? that’s right, me !!! and so to keep me entertained and to hopefully help get me to my next milestone, i wanted to do something fun!

the main problem i had was that i couldn’t decide between blog rates, winter rates, name aesthetics, archive moodboards, or would you rather moodboards… so here i am, deciding to offer you guys all of them (or at most two each bc let’s not get too crazy here lmao).

more info under the cut

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Love all Ask Blogs

((Alright so I have been seeing some tumblr Ask Blogs planning to deactivate and such. And here’s what I want to say…


I know they might not update as much but for them to update, you have to help as well! Ask them questions, follow them, INTERACT with them please

I dont wanna see these talented ask bloggers go! Im not doing this because im “popular” or anything no! I just wanna help out those ask bloggers that are thinking about deactivating. All asks blogs need love. So PLEASE support all of us

And since im in the BTS ask blog community
If you want to find more ask blogs please please PLEASE go check out @ask-bangtan-masterlist and @ask-bts-directory))

Mute Part 3

Part 2

Genre: Angst
Words: 1,808
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions, flashbacks, TEARS (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

Your kept your shaking hands hidden by crossing your arms over your chest. Bucky’s form in front of you was tense, the muscles in his back standing out from stress. You wanted so badly to reach out and rub the sore muscles until he felt better, both physically and emotionally, but you couldn’t help but feel somewhat guilty for his stress. The heavy burden on your shoulders did nothing to help your relationship with others. All you wanted to do was let it crush you, and if it weren’t for the man you loved trying his best to take care of you, you would have let it. You fought the suffocation, though, because you didn’t want to let him down.

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today in class we were doing dumb little scenarios and assigning ourselves for the role we would want to take in a court setting

there was of course the defendant, the jury, the judge, etc. but they asked me what I wanted to be and I was surprised so the first thing I spat out was “can I be the victim? I wanna die”

and suddenly I remembered why I don’t speak in class

anonymous asked:

do you mind if people cosplay characters from Countdown to Countdown?

Nope! I love seeing cosplays :)

!! Would it be alright to hc lillium as trans??

You can hc whatever you want!

pls help,, im literally in love with begonia and i dont know what 2 do

It’s too late, you’re screwed my dude just accept your fate

omg i saw your tweet where you mentioned gay ballerinas and i just HELLO I AM UR LOCAL TRANS AND GAY BALLERINA WHATS Up!!1!1 sorry it just got me so pumped bc??i am The gay ballerina

Finally, the hero and champion we’ve been waiting for… 

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i feel like half the blogs i follow suddenly turned into eyewitness/skam blogs (which is obviously fine lol, like u do u) but i don’t watch either of them so i wanna follow some more ppl~

if you post:

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Chance - Zen x Reader

Request from anon.  “ omg hi can i request like a rly angsty zen story pls i’m addicted to pain (like jealousy or first fight or a huge argument pls) tysmm”

Word Count: 2483

Trigger Warnings: Really big argument, yelling

Genre: angst angst angst 

A/N: I love angst so much. This is gonna have at least one sequel. I get carried away with angst, it would have been too long. I’m like I want a good ending but like after a while so I’ll make this a multi-part fic! Or unless you want it to end on a bad note. Please request that if you do.

Also, huge shoutout to @all-mystic-messenger​ for helping me with the idea and being really supportive. I hope the anon likes this!

It happened again. Like every time you ever go out and try to have a nice time, it happened again. You were getting tired of the same sight flashing before your eyes, getting repeated as if you lived in a loop. What was more tiring was that he couldn’t even tell.

When you had first met Zen, he was a small actor who basically took up a job that would pay rent. His career was progressing, but very slowly. However, somehow, in the time you knew him, his career completely flourished and now he was a rising star.

Of course, you were happy for him. When he met you he could only worry about finance and building his career. Now that his career skyrocketed he could start taking the project he wanted to do, he could enjoy acting. You couldn’t be happier for him, but with more fame comes more fans. More female fans. More beautiful female fans. Every one of them would leap at the opportunity to be his, and they threw nothing but hate at you. You were the girl who was in the spot that everyone wanted to be.

And just like every other night where you tried to go out and have a nice time, one or two of his fans would be there and completely ruin your night. What hurt was that Zen would just let them.

“Zen, won’t you tell us about your new role?” one girl said, batting her eyelashes over her deep blue eyes. Her eyes were wider than your, brighter than your, prettier than yours. “We’re absolutely dying to know!”

Zen just chuckled, as if it was just okay for these girls to steal your night. “I’m sorry girls, I really can’t tell you. I promise you you’ll find out soon,” he said with a wink. Something he would casually flash at you after a compliment that made your heart melt. He used it to make their hearts melt.

“What about your costume for the role?” her friend said, as she pushed a lock of her flowing auburn hair behind her ear. Her hair was shinier than yours, silkier than yours, prettier than yours. “I heard they’re dressing you in navy blue, how gorgeous you would look in navy blue!”

“Well, I must say, it is quite a sight on me,” he casually complimented himself. His eyes were devoted to these strangers, when they were supposed to be devoted to yours.

“I wish I could look nice in navy blue like you would, it’s such a nice color,” the first girl said. You knew the game she was playing. She knew that you knew. “But I can’t suit any colors, I’m hopeless.”

You’d think a professional actor could look through her false sigh. He just smiled through it. “I’m sure you’d look beautiful in any color.”

And that was the last straw for you. Every part of your heart broke. You dropped the menu you were pretending to look and and quickly paced out the door. Zen looked over at you, puzzled at why you were leaving. The two girls tried to continue conversation, and boy was it a chore for Zen to try to escape the two of them.

When Zen had finally returned to your shared apartment, almost an hour later, you were on the couch with tears rolling down your face uncontrollably. Your heels were kicked off, your once nicely done hair was falling apart, your makeup was smeared all over your face by your tears and dripping onto your dress. They also covered your hands when you attempted to wipe away the tears that kept flooding. You decided that it was useless, and you just let them drown. (A/N: If you get that reference I love you.)

“What’s wrong?” Zen’s voice was filled with concern. You didn’t even notice him standing at the door. He tried to reach for you on the couch but you simply jerked away. You couldn’t try to pretend that he didn’t do anything wrong like you have been since the day you started dating.

“Just stay away from me,” you tried to mumble out, barely audibly. You were shattered, and you didn’t even care about Zen in this moment. After all, he didn’t seem to care about you.

“Why did you just leave, we were supposed to have a nice night, Y/N!” he asked, a little annoyance in his voice. You paused, and suddenly rage completely boiled inside of you. You couldn’t believe him.

“You think I ruined our night?” you exclaimed as you turned around, your voice was scratched and dry. “For the longest time, I’ve been trying to have a good date with you, but you always ignore me to flirt with your fans.”

Zen looked at you like you were insane, you thought you were going to break. “Oh, sorry for taking a moment to thank a fan for their support and compliment them!” Now there was as much anger in his voice as yours.

“A moment?” you yelled in awe. “The waiter came up to us three times to see if we were done ordering. I had to stall while you were chatting with your fans.”

“You’re mad at me for my fans supporting me?” Zen screamed, anger glossed over his ruby eyes. You flinched slightly, he had never yelled at you before, you hated the feeling. As an immediate response more tears flooded your cheeks.

“I’m mad at you for always prioritizing your fans over us having a nice time,” you snapped back. “Your fans are so supportive, and that’s wonderful, but every time we try to have some alone time, you just keep talking to them.” You felt a small wave of relief over all your pain as you finally let this go. This was very, very short lived.

“I’m just thanking them for all of their support,” he spat, and continued without even thinking. “God, I wish you could be supportive of me just once and be less selfish and actually let me show my gratitude!”

And in that moment, whatever you had was gone. Every part of your soul shattered. Your self-esteem had been torn from you long ago, when Zen would compliment you then somebody else. You didn’t need yours, as long as Zen had his. Your time had been long consumed, and you spent every waking hour making sure Zen wouldn’t break down from his job and everything in his life would go smoothly. You didn’t need time, Zen did. But when he accused you of not supporting him, anything you had was blown apart. You had given an unhealthy amount of yourself to him. Under all the love, you had been suffering for a long time.

“Are you serious?!” you yelled louder than ever. This time, Zen wasn’t glaring back at you. He had realized what he said. He had realized how much he broke you. “Who goes to your set every day to bring you lunch? Who helps you practice lines when you’re home? Who helps you de-stress when things aren’t going right? Who has to constantly push their plans off so that your career would be successful? Do your fans do that? I don’t think so.”

Zen just looked at you, trying to find words. You shook your head, you were done. “You know what, if you think I’m not being supportive, then I won’t be. I’m done giving you every part of myself to make sure your life is going right and with no appreciation. You picked up your purse and worked your way towards the door. “Find one of you ‘supportive’ fans to do all that for you. I’m done.”

Zen tried to stop you, but you were already out the door. He buried his face in his hands, feeling tears trickle down his forearms. His hands slid into his silver hair. His tears flowed like a waterfall, and he regretted everything he had done. He let you walk out his door, not knowing if you would ever come back.

You had gone to stay with Jaehee, who lovingly offered you her guest room for as long as you needed. She asked for Jumin for some money to buy you some necessities. Jumin surprisingly agreed. You needed clothes, toiletries, etc. All your stuff was still at Zen’s. You had been planning for Jaehee to stop by his place sometime to retrieve it. For now, you told her to break all contact with him. You had broken all contact with everything. Every part of you was completely shattered.

Zen was in no better shape. He had called you and texted you in attempt to apologize an endless number of times. All he knew was that you were safe, with Jaehee, as he found out from the other RFA members. None of them knew anything otherwise, and Jaehee wasn’t revealing anything. He was thankful that you were physically safe, but he still wouldn’t forgive himself until he fixed the fact that you completely resented his presence.

He was never aware of how much you helped him, and he wish he could just eat his own words. He didn’t have time during his lunch break to go out and get his own food, neither did anyone on the staff. He skipped meals every day because you weren’t there to bring him a meal every day. Getting in and out of his intricate costume was difficult every time, you had always helped him. He was having trouble with new lines, you were always there to practice with him. When he had a bad day you were no longer there to comfort him. You offered him so much, and he had accused you of being selfish.

His boss could also tell that something was up. Zen wasn’t making any progress, and opening night was creeping closer. The director had threatened to fire him if he couldn’t pull his world together, but you were his world, and he threw it away. He needed to fix this, his life was miserable without you.

You were in the guest room as always. There was a bathroom in the room so that wasn’t an issue. You would only see Jaehee when she checked in on you, or brought you food or water. You would always thank her, but then close the door back. Jaehee was getting worried. You were eating less and less.

There was a knock on the main door of the house. Jaehee opened it to see Zen, with bags under his eyes and looking like an awful mess. Jaehee tried to slam the door on him, but Zen was stronger.

“I need to see her,” he said. Jaehee recognized the feeling in his voice. It was the same in yours, so awfully broken. She crossed her arms. You could hear his voice from the guest room, and you raced into the corner, failing to keep your tears from falling.

“She doesn’t want to see you,” Jaehee spat, as if reading your mind. “Please leave.”

“Jaehee,” he said, trying to hold himself together. “I know you don’t like seeing her like this, in pain.”

“You mean the pain you caused?” she rose an eyebrow. Zen pushed that behind his head and swallowed in nervousness.

“Just let me try to fix this, please,” he begged. Jaehee could tell he was just as broken as you, and sympathy started to flood her. If this went wrong, you would break even more. However, if this went right, she could see you happy again.

She didn’t protest as he stepped in, her eyes still filled with anger. She silently nodded to the guest room, then left to her own.

Zen opened the door, to find you in the corner, sniffling as you cried.

“Y/N-” he started, you cut him off immediately.  

“Leave,” you spat, your voice muffled. You were curled up in a ball and you hid your face in your knees. You didn’t want to face him. You just wanted him to get out.

“Not until I can tell you how sorry I am.” He took a step towards you, and you let out a yelp. He stopped right there. “Everything I said, I wasn’t thinking straight. You mean the world to me, I love you. I’m sorry. My life is falling apart without your help. I need you.”

“Just have one of your amazing fans replace me, they’re all dying to.” Tears streamed down everywhere. You were used to the feeling by now. No matter how much you denied it, you loved him too. But you couldn’t trust him right now. “Leave me alone, please.”

That broke him. He needed to prove to you he meant it. He needed you back in his life. “Baby, please, I’m so sorry-”

“Leave me ALONE!” you screamed, letting the sobs take over you. Zen ignored you.

“I hurt you, I can’t possibly live with that. Please, forgive me. I love you more than anything. I would throw away everything for you.” he pleaded, carefully taking a step closer. You didn’t have the energy to stop him.

Suddenly, as if it were the world telling you to give him a chance, all your good memories flooded your head. From falling in love with him, when he asked you out, every kiss, every laugh, every smile. You missed it all. You wanted it back. You wanted to trust him again.

You looked up at him, and cherished the sight of him. Your E/C orbs met his bright red ones, and you knew he felt the same. You didn’t stop him as he wrapped his arms around you. He held you like a treasure.

The reality snapped back. You could only give him this one embrace. Just because you missed him doesn’t mean he didn’t do what he did.

“You still need to leave,” you whispered, which completely broke him. To be honest, you didn’t feel bad. It was what he got for doing the same to you, all those weeks before. You slowly pulled away, showing sorrow in your eyes. But you were able to tell them with your gaze that you still loved him. He understood. He had never felt happier. He took your hand.

“Just promise me that one day I can have you back in my life again,” he pleaded. You refused to meet his eyes. This wasn’t something you could possibly give him. You pulled your hand away, and to him, you had pulled his entire existence away.

“All I can promise you is a chance for you to prove what you said wrong, we’ll see from there.”

And he intended to dedicate every fiber of his being to take you up on you offer. This was the first step in the long journey of getting you back. He was going to take every single step.

Help (Daddy!Taeyong)

Request: -could you pls do a rough daddy!hansol (nct/smrookies) or (if u don’t do the ones who haven’t debuted yet) taeyong smut????? I don’t rly mind the plot, hehe thank you………:)/A Lee Taeyong smut pleaseeeee?/-could you pls write a taeyong daddy kink smut, thank you :)

Summary: Taeyong helps when you’re needy for him. Sometimes he helps too much.

Tags: Smut, daddy kink, Daddy!Taeyong, teasing, overstimulation

Word count: 1.7K of sin

Note: I wanted to do a daddy!Hansol, but okay, there’s a lot of smut requests for Taeyong so I went with it. I’LL WRITE A DADDY!HANSOL SOON OKAY (: ENJOY THIS FOR NOW MY THIRSTY FRIENDS. Tell me whatchu think (;

Originally posted by laeyong

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