i want to do this but for real

“You know what bothers me?” He said as he frustratedly pulled at his sleeves.

She paused for short while before letting out a sigh. “Do I want to?” She replied.

He broke eye contact and began to stare at the wet grass beneath their feet,
“It bothers me how you sit and cry and you pour your heart out for someone who doesn’t even care enough to give you a second thought. Life isn’t easy, life is real and nothing that’s real has ever been easy. There are seven billion people on this planet and one day, he’ll just be another one of them.”

—  One day you’ll be ok.
// excerpt of a book I’ll never write
On Fics, Privacy, and the Fourth Wall

Before I start this post I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on anyone. I truly value and adore each person I’ve had the privilege of interacting with in the fic side of the Hamilton fandom and I’m really not trying to start drama. I don’t want to fight with anyone. None of this is meant as a direct personal criticism of any ONE person in particular, it’s just some thoughts I’ve been having about the fandom as a whole and some personal feelings about my work, etc. I truly love this fandom and the people I’ve met here, but I’ve been in too many other fandoms and seen them get torn apart by this sort of thing. I don’t want that for this fandom, which is the only reason I’m even saying anything.

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ok like i dont talk much abt my studies and stuff but i found an online course that basically works me up to being able to do EXACTLY what i wanna do and im just….hype

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How do you feel about the trans Marco head cannon? As in Marco want to be a girl?

oh, i love all that trans!marco theory!
But i don’t believe what disney is brave enough to make this real. <:(

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Your blog is trash. When I clicked on it and saw the anthro tortured Mark I cringed until I had no chin. It's so gross to sexualise real people like that without their permission.

That’s totally fine, friend. But the torture stuff isn’t sexual. See, usually when you see something not inheriantly sexual as such, it’s you who are sexuallizing it. Was never my intention. Just me and my art. Let me tell you, Mark is a horror letsplayer. Torture is typically an aspect of horror. So, reasonably, some people might want to draw dark stuff.

Honey, this is my blog and these are my skills and I will do whatever the hell I damn please with that. There has been way worse stuff I’ve drawn that will never see the light of this blog. 

And, Mark himself has seen these posts, EVEN ONCE reblogging a torture piece. See, if this grown ass man had a problem, he’d speak up about it, darling. He’s done it before, and he’ll do it again. 

And your hateful ass is not welcome in this community.

ps: Funny, you come at me with this hate on ANON like the goddamn coward you are.

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I've been reading your metas and I want to say that they're really well thought and impressively intensive! Got a question that I'm not sure if you've answered however: if Ouma was meant to be a "pawn of the mastermind" and had despair imbued into his talent, do you think his amazing intellect might have come from actually having the SHSL Analyst talent along with his Leader talent?

I think it’s a distinct possibility! Ouma’s despair role is interesting, because clearly it’s something he himself wasn’t the most aware of. Or rather, while he suspected himself of having been the intended figurehead for the real mastermind, and he knew he clearly had things about himself that were fitting for an “evil Supreme Leader,” etc., he didn’t know about hope vs. despair terminology, because those things weren’t something that Tsumugi actually busted out as her trump card until Chapter 5.

So while Ouma definitely seems to have been someone Tsumugi wanted to manipulate and use as a pawn the entire way through, I don’t think he actually was supposed to know or think of himself as SHSL Despair until the very end. Had everything gone according to Tsumugi’s plans (meaning if Ouma hadn’t been nearly as big of a pain in her ass as he was), she probably planned to corner Ouma with a remember light specifically designed and entailed for him, to make him “remember” about how he was “the successor of Junko Enoshima” and encourage him to go full Remants of Despair Leader, claim credit for everything, and ultimately be “defeated and talked down by students of Hope’s Peak Academy,” only to kill himself in a fit of despair just like Junko did.

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A Mystic Messenger Trash Bag Worth 12 Dollars
  • Trashbag 1
  • Saeran: I wanna go to ice cream parlor
  • Saeran: Anyone want anything?
  • Saeyoung: *grabs Saeran's shoulders*
  • Saeyoung: *stares deep into Saeran's eyes*
  • Saeyoung: I want my real little bro back
  • Saeyoung: My nice, kind-hearted, gentle, polite little bro back
  • Saeran:
  • Saeran: Yea I got like 12 dollars
  • Trashbag 2
  • Jumin: I'm going to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant
  • Jumin: Do any of you want something?
  • ZEN: I want you to stop being a douchebag
  • Jumin: ...But I'm a human
  • Trashbag 3
  • Jihyun: I'm going to Taco Bell
  • Jihyun: Do any of you want something for me to buy?
  • Rika: I want a world peace
  • Rika: A world with only happiness, free of flaws, no negativity, just a happy and perfect world until the end of time
  • Jihyun:
  • Jihyun: ...Let's go buy the tacos together with me, Rika
  • Trashbag 4
  • Yoosung: I'm gonna go to Taco Bell
  • Yoosung: Anyone want a taco?
  • MC: I just want you to get over Rika
  • Yoosung:
  • Yoosung: ...What did you say?
  • Trashbag 5
  • MC: I'm going to Taco Bell
  • MC: Want me to buy you guys some tacos?
  • RFA: No. If they're for us.
  • RFA: Yes. If they're for yourself.
  • RFA: We all want you to buy something for yourself to eat.
  • MC:
  • MC: Yea I got like 12 dollars
  • RFA: MC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Trashbag 6
  • ZEN: I'm going to Taco Bell
  • ZEN: You guys want anything?
  • RFA: Yes! Ten tacos, please!
  • ZEN:
  • ZEN: Yea I got like 12 dollars
  • ZEN:
  • ZEN: Just kidding.
  • ZEN: I have no dollars.
  • Trashbag 7
  • Seven: I'm going to 7/11
  • Seven: You guys want something?
  • Saeran: I want you to be sane and normal
  • Seven:
  • Seven: Yea I got like 12 million dollars
  • Trashbag 7.07
  • Seven: I'm going to Taco Bell
  • Vanderwood: WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Trashbag 8
  • Jumin: I'm going to a Spanish restaurant
  • Jumin: Do any of you want me to buy you something?
  • Jaehee: I want a vacation
  • Jumin:
  • Jumin: Yes you have 12 thousand cat projects to work on
  • Trashbag 9
  • Rika: I'm going to Luciel's agency
  • Rika: Jihyun, do you have something you want to say to him?
  • Saeran: *overhears* *slams the door open*
  • Saeran: I WANT TO SEE MY BROTHER!!!!!!
  • Saeran: I WANT TO KNOW HOW HE'S DOING!!!!!!!
  • Saeran: PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!
  • Rika:
  • Rika: Sorry I mean I was going to Taco Bell

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Question Time
Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

Nickname: Kara or En depending on where you know me from
Starsign: Sagittarius 
Height: 5′8″
Time right now: 22:12
Last thing googled: kakapo parrot
Favorite music artists: (shit bois I don’t actually listen to music enough to truly know) panic! at the disco, lana del rey, ???
Song stuck in your head: that got darn part of “Shooting Stars” that people keep putting in their meme videos
Last movie watched: La La Land
Last TV show watched: … if we’re talking anime as TV it’s JJBA: DiU, else it was Brooklyn 99
What are you wearing right now: team mystic shirt, black tights, sport shorts
When did you create your blog: gosh when did I… like 2013 or 2012 but I didn’t start using it until late 2013/early 2014
What do you post: meme hell™
Do you have any other blogs: yes… @sen-at is my supposed art, photography, and mtg blog and @2017fantasyamerica is my dnd reference blog for a campaign I’m DMing
Do you get asks regularly: literally never. why doesn’t anyone talk to me here. is it because I don’t make personal posts?
Why did you choose your URL: needed potato blog and this was the best I could do
gender: agender (she/her)
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Pokemon team: Mystic
Favorite color: maroon, gold, been going for some blue recently
Average hours of sleep: 8 hours. wake up at 8 on the dot almost every day without an alarm
Lucky Number: 18
Favorite character(s): oh gosh… don’t make me admit favoritism on my main blog… give me the bad children tho… 
How many blankets do you sleep with: 2
Dream job: game designer… astrophysicist… forest ranger… I’m on the path to become a game designer/programmer though

People: shitt time to tag those mutuals I never talk to…

@theatricalfangirl @geebiejeebies @forkmeister @succubuscheerleader @potato-of-glory @skir4y @aqun-athloksten @magnificent-mangos @sallie-sparrow @funk-me-up-inside @potato-eating-person @bronzewitchhazel @slightlydamagedegg @reallythefuture

that’s enough right, not 20 but hecc gotta interact sometime

I think I would be a lot more excited about the next story arc if I weren’t so damn distressed about who’s in the car with Fitz. I really don’t think I can handle the show giving him Someone Else for Jemma to compete with or be jealous about or overcome to convince Fitz to come back to the real world. The thought turns my stomach. I hate that trope with every fiber of my being and I hated it when they did it with Will in season 3. These two do NOT need another roadblock. Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts that could maybe counteract this? I don’t want to spend the next six weeks in a funk. :/

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Fuck dude you're taking ap art too?? okay hi how's it going for you bc my life is currently in shambles how the fuck am I supposed to have 24 pieces done (21 by April) I Wanna Die are u doing well atm? I keep forgetting we're the same age for some reason I thought u were in college (also side note I love ur art so much man just a by the by) currently my concentration is bodies of water (real original ik) but honestly if I have to draw one more fukign wave I'm gonna choke myself to death--

holy shit?? thats a fuck ton of drawings I’m sorry for you but yeah i guess its expected out of an AP class– our teacher is making us do a concentration piece every week but its really annoying cause i don’t have the time to make full drawings all the time (especially since she wants them on larger paper) cause i have other AP classes/work to do too but eh, I’m still holding an A in that class so thats alright. my concentration is different close ups plants though.. :,) i would’ve made it hands like your friend (regarding ur other ask) but apparently that doesnt count as a concentration according to my teacher rip

good luck though !! I’m here if u ever want to talk or rant about the class 

I want a story where Tony is flexible, and I mean real flexible, as in doing a split is no problem for him at all flexible. Yoga has been his go to exercise ever since he came back from Afghanistan because it’s slow enough that he feels it in time if the arc shifts or something becomes uncomfortable.

And I want Sam or Bucky or T'Challa, or preferably all three of them, to find out and lose their minds over this.

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About sukeroku's last rakugo performance, do you think the wife in the story represents anyone? Like in my heart, i want it to be kiku, but i'm curious about your thoughts on who sukeroku was talking about, if anyone.

typical cliche response but I see it as miyokichi

but I think, with what little unbiased info we know abt her, I think it’s more so the Miyokichi Sukeroku wanted her to be? 

But I don’t think he gave too much thought into it when it came to the Rakugo Wife character versus his own real wife

It was important for him to do Shibahama when he had Miyo and Konatsu bc they were prob the first real ppl to give him that family

Kiku tried but their relationship was a little strained, and with 7th Yakumo holding that generation long grudge against Sukeroku for who raised him, its really difficult for Sukeroku to find a familial bond within them

but Miyokichi and Konatsu gave him a family, even if it’s a broken one, and he knows that and thats why I think he couldve envisioned Miyokichi as the wife

(But id lov for it to be kiku too tbh)

Things I say/do in 'real life'

Heck ye / yeah


I will ask the lord to smite you for defeating me in Mario cart


I want your soul


GOTTA GO FAST *runs away*

7 out of ten doctors think I am right


saying I love you but every time I say you I go faster.

I think we’re gonna be great friends *grabs hand and runs*

*breaks something* QUICK PUT IT BACK-

Ski-doodle de poodle~

Also like Magnus obsession to keep the party perfect not only because he is a perfectionist but because he wants to prove himself to Maryse and let Alec proud. And later him doing everything in his power to keep everyone safe ( plus saving Alec’s life,,,again) and fighting Iris like a real badass because
1 she messed with his friends which is the biggest mistake anyone could make bc the last thing Magnus would do is let his protected be hurted
2 she stole his magic book which he knows is incredibly powerfull and dangerous in the wrong hands (aka Valentine’s)
3 she almost made his boyfriend commit suicide while under her spell.

So once again Magnus saved the day and literally everyone’s asses and I’m pretty sure he’ll do it again in a way no one is expecting (his intrigued/thougtfull/hiding something eyes while Clary and Jace were talking about the sword and Valentine and the angel etc are giving me tingles) and still threw a awesome party and if you don’t 100% admire this man you’re wrong

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If I have days of doubt sometimes 1DHQ iswho clear them every time. The more they push the stunts, the more they try to say they're real or good, MORE I'm convinced L&H are still together and want to CO as soon as they can. They need a rest, I want all those rats in prison.

i can’t wait for karma to do its thing

howdy all, it’s me back with the 4x url.

i got scammed out of it by somebody pretending to be them, but zeb @satan was extremely kind and offered to buy the url back from somebody who had purchased it from the scammer.

i feel extremely lucky to have the url back, and i want to thank the real zeb who is not only not a scammer, but also graciously went out of his way to spend money just to return the url to me. i didn’t ask him to do that, but he did and i’m extremely grateful.

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I've been going through blogs that recently followed me and several have made posts about wanting to be super skinny and how it's pretty and they get to wear cute clothes.. I'm a little curvier (teensy bit chubby) and now I'm feeling bad about my weight again. I just wish I was cute enough to wear skirts and dresses but I never feel cute in them 😞I'm not very feminine but I want to wear skirts and stuff sometimes.. I just feel ugly in them and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

ok I’m going to be real with you.

Skinny is Gorgeous

Curvy is gorgeous

In between is gorgeous

Reptilian sorcerers are scary.

But You can wear the crap out of whatever you want. You gotta look at yourself and say, GIRL IT’S SOMETHING HE CAN GRAB. They are called love handles for a reason….CUZ PEOPLE LOVE THEM.

Every single body type is gorgeous and every body time can wear cute clothes.

I will gag a hoe with a cheeseburger if she tries to make you feel lesser. Because you’re incredible.

I think a porn blog just unfollowed me D: (and I was just going to block it…darn)

I must apologize that I’m so slow at posting content to my Simblr. or checking you lovelies’ stories and content. Yesterday I started a stupid job that takes 10 hours of my day… which is awful because I’ve been always somewhat a rich kid and never had to work, but I decided that I want to grow up and become a real adult. Now that I’m working I can’t believe how people do it! I Salute all you workers out there. (〃∀〃)ゞ

I have so many things I want to get done for the sims 4: 
1. The vamp story which I’ve been trying to start for - what 3 weeks now XD 
2. Continue my Back to the Pixels sims 1-4 story/mashup (which I started 4 months ago… I’m so hopeless). 
3. Finish all the cc I’ve been working on so I can upload them.
4. Several sim pics (portraits, interior designs etc.)
5. Not to mention: I need to reply the wonderful comments you’ve given me and do those tag games! 
(Gosh, how can I accomplish things faster!!?) (⋟﹏⋞)

Ah, anyway to end this ramble - Thank you all who have followed me and resisted to push the ‘unfollow’ button xDD It means a ton for me and I appreciate each of you ❤ ❤

My mom 1 month ago: if uni us really damaging your physical and mental health this badly then there is no reason to endanger yourself even more! My mom today: You better continue your Bachelor or else we’ll cut off your money

I am really ???? Because I already made plans according to me leaving uni because I do not plan to get a bachelor that is worthless without a Master anyway (shout out to my parents pressuring me to study in the first place) but now everyone expects me to finish it and it throws everything completely off and if i follow up on that I have wasted another 6 months for NOTHING and I am so fucking tired of that I just want to finally get a real job without anyone pressuring me into something I don’t want or expect me to finish something I know will put me at risk. I can’t write a fucking resumee if I jump in front of a train first jfc