i want to do thay

how do I tell you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
how do I tell you I want to spend every next minute I get with you.
how do I tell you that I want you forever. how do I tell you that I want to be the one you wake up too everymorning that’s holding a plate of pancakes and fruit and a cup of orange juice for you.
how do I tell you that I want to kiss you and straighten your shirt collar every day as you leave for work.
how do I tell you that I want to be the one thay runs to the door and greets you with a hug and kiss as soon as you get back from work.
how do I tell you that I want to be the one the stays up late on weekends making popcorn and watching silly movies while cuddling you to sleep.
how do I tell you that I want to have the privilege of serving you homemade soup and tea in bed when you feel sick.
how do I tell you that I want to be the overly blessed girl that gets to walk down the isle wearing that pretty white dress staring at you.
how do I tell you that I want to be the mother to your crazy, insane, dorky children.
how do I tell you that I want to be the old and grey couple that never loses love for one another.

how do I tell you all of this ..

maybe I just did.

Nepeta - Muay Thai

you can’t even understand the art block I had with this pose and the colors I was going to throw my tablet away from the window

anyway, I just love the idea of Nepeta doing some kind of oriental sport, sweating and kicking ass \(°7°)/

Other trolls (in progress)


And kids! Alphas and Betas yay

sailandzane  asked:

Do you know a Thai show call The Mask Singer Thailand? If so, who's your favourite contestant on season one (You can respond in Thai if you want)

Heck yeah I do, my favorite is The Crow! His voice is so powerful and amazing

Chapter 31 of ‘Domestic Bliss Must Suit You’ is up!


gimme all the thoughts on this chapter pretty please with cherries on top!

“I feel as big as a house,” Molly joked with her co-worker in the lab. At twenty six weeks pregnant, her belly had grown significantly because of the twins to the point where none of her clothing fit. She had to practically buy a whole new wardrobe. At least her lab coat still fit, as it was a bit big on her pre-baby body. Mycroft Holmes had strolled into the room, umbrella in hand.

“Ah, Molly, I was hoping to find you here,” he told her.

“Mycroft? Is everything alright?” she asked with concern.

“Yes, well, you were supposed to meet me during your lunch break but since you neglected to do so, I thought I’d come to you,” he reminded her.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry, I completely forgot. Pregnancy brain,” Molly laughed. “I’ll start setting reminders. Why were we meeting again? Is it about Sherlock?”

“Is it so hard to believe that I am actually fond of you and just wanted to have lunch with my sister-in-law?” Mycroft asked with an exasperated sigh.

“How about tomorrow? I’ll make sure to set a reminder,” Molly offered.

“I’ll hold you to it,” Mycroft told her. “Oh, and could you please knock some sense into my brother? There is a case I have for him of the utmost importance but he won’t take it.”

“If it takes him out of London for more than one day while I’m pregnant, he won’t do it,” Molly explained. “He’s very adamant about staying within the city. Trust me, I’ve tried to convince him. He’s missing the chance on cases rated a ten because of it.”

“That’s very unlike him,” Mycroft commented.

“Tell me about it. It’s sweet how much he cares but he can’t just put his career on hold because of it. It’s very rare he gets a ten. I’m a bit worried, really,” Molly ranted. Mycroft shifted uncomfortably at the topic of his brother’s newfound domesticity.

“Yes, well, this is not really my area,” he remarked, clearing his throat. “Well, I must get back. I do hope all is well with my niece and nephew.”

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I can help you, if you want me to.

Hello, this is BeluBun. But you can call me Belu, if you want to.

I want to start this with something important. I am not a faker, I am not someone that you are gonna tell your problems and I am just going to go and tell everyone. I am personally a person that will love to help everyone I came across with…and I am honest with myself saying that I don’t want anything to happend to you.

And with that being said…
I want to help you, if you are depressed, sad or feeling like you just don’t matter. I want you to know that, that’s not true, we may not know each other but for me, every person matters, being an artist or not. I want to help you and give you a fun time to make you see that in your life maybe not everything it’s so shitty…I want to help, I wish to help everyone and everything. You can talk to me you don’t have to be shy about it..

And now are people questioning themselfs. Why? Why would I? You don’t even know me. Why would you want to help me?

Because I don’t want you to live what I live…being completely honest, I am not a strong person, I have never been someone either important or maybe even someone that people like. When I was young I was the punch bag of many people..classmates, people that I thought they were my friends, my teachers, my hole family talking it seriously…

I was always called a weirdo, a good for nothing, a stupid person and even sometimes humiliated in front of many people…and that just continued to the day I almost killed myself…I was mentally unstable at that point in my life that I didn’t even wanted to just hurt myself, I felt like I just wasn’t good enough for taking even the medica time and I just wanted to end it all…I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and I was more than ready to get it all in my chest…but I didn’t…I am still here because I noticed something…I don’t need to die to prove the world that I was done with everything…that just showed that I wasn’t strong…and I wanted to show everyone that no matter what they do, thay are just NOT gonna take me down. So I did what I did…In an especific day in my school where everyone before we end school, needed to say some words to the people in there, like your classmates, teaches, and family. I decided to free myself from they horrible words and acts and to tell everyone how I was feeling and how they all made me feel, to this day, some people that know me tend to bother me when they see me in public…

The point I am trying to make here is…I don’t want you to go to the point of thinking suicidal thoughts or even maybe hurt your self…I don’t want you to live as bad as I did…I don’t want you to feel that you are lonely and that no one else will come to save you…I want you to see me as a person that can help you…that you can have a simple and funny talk for a while to forget everything bad that happened to you and just laugh, smile or just be happy for a moment…

I am not here to make you feel sorry for me…
I don’t even care for me…that’s maybe not something I should say but I don’t know anymore at this point…

I just want to help you…I want you to feel happy…I want you to Be happy..~ I want yo to always even in the hardest of times to be happy! Be strong! Tell the world that they can’t hurt you!! That you are able to do everything you want!! That you can be with who you want and that you should never feel embarrassed for it!..I want you to be happy and strong to finish things that you thought you never could have done…I want you to dream big and to complete that dream…

My name is Belu. And I want to help you. If you want help from me, just tell me…text me in anonymous or in private or just in an ask if you are to shy to make the first move…I promise that I won’t let you down…I promise that everything I want, it’s to help you…


Just Right!Bambam or If You Do/Mad!Bambam (asked by @taehjin)

[After GOT7′s First Win for If You Do] 
BB: IGOT7, thank you so much for everything. Today really means a lot to me. I’m not perfect, but still, you guys always showing love to me and GOT7. I really don’t know what kind of feeling is it. I don’t know if I have to cry or smile. Just want you guys to know that I really love you guys. You guys really mean a lot to me. I promise I’ll work harder for you guys and GOT7. Love ya

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wait do you want us to send nudes?? like based off the last 2 anon asks? cuz I will but

NONONONONONONONONO PLS DON’T ! ! ! ! ! I meant that dreaming about getting embarrassed is me as hell, and that the anon shouldn’t be afraid of taking pictures of their face because I’m sure they’re beautiful pLEASE DON’T SEND NUDES

NT Moments - Just being a naturally obnoxious devil's advocate
  • ENTJ: We're going to a salsa dance club for our office outing. You wanna join?
  • INTP: Why salsa?
  • ENTJ: One of my employee suggested it and said she can dance anything. That girl is very overconfident. I want to see.
  • INTP: Uh...can she dance ballet? Can she do Thai dance?
  • ENTJ: *laughs* Damn! Why didn't I have that kind of come back!

haicyon-nights  asked:

Bamboo vs Titanium Road Bikes? Looking at the Lysnkey Sportive or Webbworks Hilltribe/Thai Silk . I want to do bike packing and long rides on my bike so comfort is key for me above everything else. I think both bikes will fit disc brakes, fenders/pannier racks so that's not an issue. Since you had experience with the Webbworks, I would also like to know if they are crash resistant considering carbon is used to bond the bamboo together.

What is wrong with your defy?

Bike packing bags are the boss!

I only run panniers because I need the laptop. Otherwise Id just go bike packing bags.

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you know martial arts? bih tell me more about it

fdsfkdsçl i do martial arts since I was a kid lol i did judo when I was very young and then I did capoeira idk if you know it, but it takes a lot of effort. and late when I was a teen i did muay thai and now I really want to do taekwondo and IF YOU’RE WONDERING YES I DID QUIT EVERYTHING AFTER A WHILE BC I’M A QUITTER……………. but I can throw a punch really well, tbh I used to beat boys who we’re rude to girls back in middle school fkskjflksdjkl when I say I’m gonna fight jimin I’m not kidding fkdsjlfjs

There are certain types of compromise that are okay in a relationship:

- you want Chinese and I want Indian let’s do Thai we both like that

- how about we watch one episode of Chicago PD and we’ll watch one episode of Blue Bloods next

Types of compromise that are not okay in a relationship:

- okay, yeah I’ll drop out of school until you’re finished with your degree, my future can wait

- well, I wanted zero kids but three is fine too

- sure we can move away from my family so you can pursue your career

And like I feel that when women talk about compromise we’re talking about the former, but men expect the latter from us without question, and if we’re unwilling to make these “compromises” then we’re considered uncaring partners.

anonymous asked:

hiii! i have a question. have you always been able to speak korean (like you were taught it at a young age), because i am thai-american, but i know very very limited thai and want to learn it. do you have any tips on learning a language in general?

i was born in korea, but moved to the states when i was five so i never had any formal education in korea (i only went to nursery school where i pretty much just ate cookies, took naps, practiced the very basic times tables, learned rudimentary korean aka the alphabet, and sang children’s songs).

i have my mum to thank for knowing how to speak korean fluently now!!! without her, i would’ve probably lost my native tongue at a very early age… so a big thankful shoutout to mum for being persistent 😊!!!

anyway, here’s a list of personal tips that i used (and continue to use) to further improve my korean on my own. i think you can apply these to yourself when learning any new language!! good luck~