i want to do nasty things to him

the signs feeling intense anger

Every sign can reach the stage when the mind just ‘quits’, no matter how laid back they are. check mars and moon!

Aries: She feels no anger. She feels rage. The intensity, the strong, sometimes short but intense feeling of emotions was something she was familiar with, but what she did hate was the feeling of anger she could mostly never shake off. It was always there with her, she let her rage out and it seemed like an exploding volcano. All she saw was red, there was too much energy flowing inside her bones that she could not get rid off and so she let out her anger, and she did not care who would see her like that. ‘I am fire and you will get burned.’

Taurus: He was angry. Angry with the world, angry with this unsteadiness, angry with the fact, that he could not do anything to stop the current situation. Long, slim hands pulled him out of his nest and threw him hard on the ground. He flinched as a cold breeze came and took away all his warmth. “No, do not take everything away from me!!”, he screamed but the dark did not listen. Gritting his teeth he felt his temper raging, long horns started to grow out of his head and he shook his head, trying to get rid of the feeling of losing himself. 

Gemini: Emotions were an construct. A map with a thousand of points, connected with each other by a small, small string. No there was a knot in the strings, there and there was nothing else he could do to untie them, to clear up this mess in his head. It was like the road for his thoughts was blocked and now everything just piled up. Irritated he shook his head, even communicating was hard and the knot in his head slowly transformed in his whole body. Then his mind just quit. Rash action. 

Cancer: She could not tame herself anymore, she got hotheaded again and knew the will easily fall in an tantrum again. Followed by this feeling of guilt: why me? Why this unfairness? Why the need to upset others and be upset? In the end a wave of intensity and sadness washed her away before she could get a hold of herself again. And getting back to the surface after being pulled down by the ocean would cost her a lot strength. Strength and a long time of swimming through these endless waters. 

Leo: “I do not like this”. It all started with the feeling of unfairness, adding a a little bit of hurt to the shattered self that lay on the ground. “I cannot let them now I am hurt! I will not allow them to touch me gain that deeply.” She opened her mouth and showed her long, sharp fangs. She roared. It was loud and vibrant. Whetting her claws she narrowed her yellow, fiery eyes. “Pray for yourself”, she whispered before sprinting to her prey. 

Virgo: The head was a like a working space. There were many files and papers he read, worked with, analysed, only to put them into a new file that was stored somewhere in his office. “Wh- what is this?” This certain piece of paper  was not like the others. Unreadable. Impossible to put somewhere, therefore it was just out of order. “I..I have the control..”, he said, his hands starting to shake. “I..I have the control over it…I have the control..”, he repeated unsteady before standing up and shredding the unknown paper. He started breathing hysterically, what was that? This brooding fear inside of him? “Control…”, he said one last time before shattering the mirror and flipping his precious work desk. 

Libra: These thoughts. These worries. These fears. She did not know what to do. How was she supposed to handle? “It is their fault!!”, she cried. But at the same time is was her own fault. She cried quietly, feeling like she wanted to let everything out, but couldn’t reveal herself, because everyone next door was sleeping. She did not want to disturb them with the mess of feelings. “I will ignore it. Swallow it.” But it was far too much to keep on pretending. She felt like being on fire, but she still smiled. A poisonous, deadly smile. Everyone should feel her poison sting inside their veins. 

Scorpio: His anger is intense. It’s like a thunderstorm with roaring thunder inside of him. His heart is beating and he wants to destroy, cry and scream. He wants to let out his darkest thoughts, he wants the world to feel his pain, transformed out of the bitterness. But in the end, he remains silent and waits till everyone left. He could hurt anyone right now, but he know it’ll be no good, knowing that he will destroy for sure if he demonstrates his power. So he balls his fists and closes his door. Outside of his bedroom you can her the thunder roaring. 

Sagittarius: ‘Do not stop me’, was all she thought. These feelings were caging her. No matter what she did to distract herself, the anger would haunt her after all, so the minute it became to much she snapped. She could be free spirited and joyous but deep emotions were something completely different, especially anger. Because she was not only the laughter of joy but indeed the stomp of a herd of wild horses swirling up dust as they made their way through the steppe. There was raw force and energy inside of her and that needed to get out, now. 

Capricorn: Get a hold of yourself. Get a hold of yourself. Now. But there was no way to get himself under control. There was this dam inside of his head that stopped this enormous river of feelings of overflowing. Now, there were little cracks in the once so strong concrete and each of them plainly showed the nerves he lost from time to time. He sat at his desk, swallowed and closed his eyes. Suddenly, the dam broke. The raging float of dark water swallowed him completely. 

Aquarius: She saw it often on other people. Anger. She watched them live it out, stomping with their feet, raging, screaming, shouting. Now? She felt it herself. “I know this, this familiar”, she explained to herself. But familiar did not mean good. She knew her temper tantrums for when she was young. She knew that destructiveness could be a part of it. “I do not want that. I will not.” Suddenly a dark, whispering voice talked to her: “You do not choose to be out of touch. You are not your own master.” She widened her eyes anxiously. And suddenly, it was like she was 7 again. 

Pisces: Anger? Anger, he felt it so deeply, anger and the need to cry out of frustration, he did not want to feel it anymore, the worst thing that ate him alive right now. So he grew bitter. “I can turn nasty”, he thought. “I will be the worst if you make me feel this again.” And so he did. So he became the feeling of anger and bitterness himself. As he looked in the mirror he couldn’t recognize himself anymore. Dark, red eyes starred at him, tears flowing. 

Suga Daddy: Part 8

Suga Daddy: 8

Word count: 8.3k

Genre/Warnings: angst, dirty talk, language 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Summary: Yoongi tells you about his past but is terrified of how you’ll take it.

This came a little early than expected. Anyway, enjoy and thanks for reading.

Parts: {playlist} one | two | three | four | five | six | seven 

Everything felt like it was playing out and slow-motion and all you were doing was twirling the flowers in your hand. You were nauseated and your mind was racing with every possible scenario. You knew that Yoongi couldn’t have a squeaky clean record. Especially with his attitude and the way he talked to you sometimes. For some reason you still loved him, despite that.

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Angry Words

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, nasty name calling, swearing, angst - It has a super fluffy ending though !!

Word Count: 1930

Summary: You’re mad, Chris is mad, but he doesn’t want to go to bed angry.

A/N: Enjoy!! 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Can you stop being so immature about this?!” Chris explodes from behind you, reaching out his hand to catch the door you just tried slamming in his face, his blue eyes flashing with frustration.

You scoff, storming further into the house as you reef your jacket off your shoulders, flinging it onto the couch as you pass. It hangs haphazardly off the edge, half on the floor but you can’t be bothered fixing it up.
“Oh I’m sorry,” You snap instead. “Should I be more understanding about running into your ex girlfriend at your Mother’s birthday party?”

“Yes!” Chris replies angrily, taking off his jacket also, but hanging it neatly on the hooks by the door. “I told you a hundred times already that I didn’t know she was going to be there, It isn’t my fault she was invited!”
“No,” You agree with a huff, reaching down to pull off your heels, keeping them in your hand in case you need to use it as a makeshift weapon. “But letting her hang all over you is very much your fault!”

“She wasn’t hanging all over me y/n,” Chris exclaims, running his fingers back up into his hair. “We were just catching up that’s all!”
You throw your hands up by your sides, turning back to face him. “So she wasn’t practically sitting in your lap while you caught up?

The image of Chris’ hands on his ex’s hips while she drapes her arms around his neck is imprinted into your mind, cruelly reminding you of how much he loved this woman at one point in his life. There is no escaping the painful, gut wrenching feeling of seeing them together; Scott having let it slip that before their breakup Chris was thinking of asking her to marry him, going so far as to already having the ring. Try as you might you couldn’t forget something like that.

“It wasn’t like I invited her to sit there!” The veins in the side of Chris’ neck are becoming more prominent the longer this fight goes on, his hands balled into fists by his side and his face flushed. He was getting more and more frustrated over the fact you just wouldn’t let this go.
“You should have pushed her off! Or at least told her you were with someone.”
“I tried to!”
“That isn’t good enough Chris!”
“No, of course it isn’t!” Chris laughs humorlessly, letting his hands fall flat to his side. “Nothing’s ever good enough for you.”

His response catches you off guard, your shoes falling from your hands, clattering noisily on the wood floor as you stare at him, all anger temporarily subsiding.
“Excuse me?” You finally manage to stutter out. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”
“It means,” He starts stalking towards you, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt as he does so. “You’re a goddamn bitch y/n, who expects our relationship to be exactly what you want all the time and when I god forbid do something you don’t like you throw a temper tantrum like a child!”

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The Seeds of Chloe’s Redemption

There has been a lot of hate (mostly deserved) heaped on Chloe Bourgeois by the ML fandom, as well as theories of a redemption arc that she may go through to become the Bee Miraculous holder.  Chloe is one of my favorite characters.  Most people see the nasty personality she shows to the majority of Paris and immediately hate her.  Her peers, the fans, even the main characters usually treat her with disdain.  Again, mostly deserved.

However, there is a lot more beneath the surface of Chloe’s world that we don’t see.  How much do we know about her home life?  We’ve seen how miserable Adrien is.  Chloe also doesn’t seem to have her mother, Adrien and Sabrina are her only friends and even though her father dotes on her, does she really have a healthy father/daughter relationship with him?  

I’ve mentioned before (in this post) that I believe Adrien is friends with Chloe because he saw glimpses of humanity in her and wanted to help her become a better person.  Things like…

In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Chloe is being her usual nasty self and an akuma attacks
  • Sabrina grabs Chloe for protection
  • Chloe puts her arm protectively around Sabrina
  • Is this the first glimpse we get of our budding bee?

In “Antibug”:

  • Instead of accepting Mylene as a scapegoat, she’s honest and blames an “invisible force” for pulling her hair
  • She risked the ridicule of the class to do this
  • I dunno it was like a unicorn or leprechaun or some shit
  • wtf, Chloe?!
  • Not a ghost.  Or the wind.  A LEPRECHAUN.

See where I’m going with this below the cut…

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bring back boyish keith 2k18

welcome to 2018 gays !! in light of this ask that stemmed from the tags of this post im proposing the tag #greasykeith to be used for your boyish keith hc/content needs !!

like i get that keith is super pretty but yall need yo be reminded that he is a boyish boy and i honestly see too much uwu soft boy content for him.

so just to kick start the movement off you can tag them as #greasykeith and ill rb them !! the tag is inspired by everyone’s tags when they rbed the original post which is really funny btw.

also !! this thing is ANTI SHALLIE if i see a nasty use this tag im peeing on u 

thats all ! you can use the tag or not but wjkskwbd damn i do hope yall make content for this k thnx bye !!

(if you want an explanation on why)

GOT7: Sexy Zodiac Time 🌚

My BTS version of this got so much love, I figured y’all would like one for GOT7 as well 💞 This is what I think Thot7™️ would be like during sex based on their personalities and 🔮zodiac signs🔮

*This is all based on my intuition/imagination and should be taken light-heartedly


BTS version 🌝

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A = Aftercare 

Since sex is kind of rough with Jun, he’s pretty intense, aftercare is very important. Making sure muscles aren’t pulled, and if he’s had you in a particularly stretch needed position, he’s curled up with you and massaging the spot he’s had you bent. Affection is spewed a lot after sex, letting you know he really cares for you, and showers are taken before crashing back in bed.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

He’s entirely obsessed with your thighs, being able to hold you to him and control your movements when he’s thrusting, feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers, and even see the marks his digits made the day after. For himself, he’s the massive tease and his fingers are his tool of choice, they’re his favorite, making you squirm just from his digits.

C = Cum 

I see Jun as being one of those nasty fuckers that likes to cum on you as a symbol of marking you. Hickies aren’t exactly a thing he can do to you, at least, in the place he wants to, so 9/10, he’s cumming on your stomach or chest, and seeing you all fucked out and covered in his cum, really his favorite thing.

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Being the semi dominant he is, he’s used to bossing you around in the bedroom. One thing he’s always thought about and prob will do is having you laid out, all ready for him, and have you get yourself off as he tells you exactly what to do as he watches. The dominance of controlling your movements even as you do it to yourself, is something he thinks about a lot.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
I don’t see him having much experience, but he’s fairly knowledgeable on the subject, and he’s pretty eager to get started on you. Eager to please, and having a fresh slate to play with, he’s easily got the hang of things and by the end of play time, he’s a master. 

F = Favorite position

Jun likes a lot of positions, and puts you in several before he’s done, so they aren’t numbered as a #1 and on. He’s a classical man, he likes good ol’ missionary, doggy style is a very favorable, spooning, you riding him is always a special treat that he’s particularly fond of.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Jun’s the clown of your relationship, but in the bedroom he’s someone else. Kinda like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He’s really focused and in the zone with you, it’s almost like these no air in the room when he’s with you, he just has such a powerful presence. He saves the fun for outside the bedroom.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t see him being groomed much, unless you tell him ‘yo dude…shave ya dick’, he’s not one for manscaping or anything. If you’ve got an issue with hair like me you gotta bring it up. Otherwise, he just lets the jungle thrive.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

He’s developed a bit of a character during sex, he’s really a different person in the bedroom as opposed to the Jun you’re with every day. He’s pretty intense in the bedroom, while he worships the hell out of your body, it’s not very lovey dovey at all. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

The boy can’t even be alone in the bathroom, I think he’d be very hesitant to whip it out, without like…sending a mass text like ‘im jerkin it if you come in im kicking your ass’ which isn’t happening. So he’s very quick about, just to get the arousal out and gone, lord knows when someone’ll decide to pick a lock.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Jun’s a very visual guy when it comes to kinks; it’s what he sees that turns him on. Good lingerie or some outfits(nurse, maid, etc) are a big turn on for him. He gets into role playing a bit, so costumes and outfits are a real essential to him. ‘no those aren’t my halloween costumes from over the years, jun bought them for me to fuck me in’ kind of thing. He’s rather dominant, that’s for sure, but he’s not overbearing. It’s obvious he’s in control, but calling you names or spanking aren’t a common, but he likes to be called sir occasionally. Sprinkle it in during sex and it drives him crazy.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

[See Risk] He’s not keen on being caught, or walked in on, since apparently locked doors mean nothing to SVT. Bedroom is standard, it’s good, it’s reliable, etc. And it’s pretty obvious that if you and him go into the bedroom and shut the door, it’s ‘don’t bother jun’ time. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

Playing into his kink, really all you have to do somehow let it be known that you’re wearing his favorite lingerie, or start touching on his thigh. Starts the arousal pretty fast.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

While he does like role playing, doctor and nurse, all that good stuff, Daddy is one that goes right out the door. Call him daddy and sex is over for the night, he’s not playing with you. Wax was tried once, pain isn’t his thing, so that’s off the list too. He doesn’t like things with you or him that cause pain, spanking and belts, are a no go.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Master of foreplay and teasing, his fingers and tongue are his #1 tools. Oral is one of the times he lets you dominate, he gladly lays down and lets you ride his face. On the flip side, while he is kind of a horny toad, and his sex drives it up, he’s not easy to go, boners aren’t just popped, you going down on him is practically a step in sex, just adds to the foreplay and you get to have control for that time, which is always fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Typically, he’s very erratic and fast, boarder lined rough, but not unbearable. He’s really precise with his thrusts, he knows exactly what buttons to push, and how to work your body.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He’s not very favorable with quickies, he likes to tease you to hell and back, and he misses out on that with the time crunch, so they don’t happen very often. You can probably count on one hand how many quickies he’s had, they’re not really in his good book. Jun likes taking his time, building the pleasure, and toying with you for ages instead.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

He’s not particularly into the whole exhibitionist kink, he’s not keen on being caught so locations are played with, but only if he’s 100% sure you’re not going to get walked in on or seen. Aside from that, he’s pretty game to anything, positions, role plays, etc, he’s down with the discussion and if you both decide you want to go through with it, it’s on.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
His stamina is pretty average, 5-10 minutes is his limit most times, and one round is usually it considering how much he draws cumming out. But after a nap, he’s ready to go again. Sex several times in a day isn’t uncommon with him, just not one right after another. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Jun’s a man of few likes, that aren’t just the two of you in the bedroom. He’s not too keen on anything making your body buzz aside from his body, so toys are kept to a minimum. A few scarves are favored instead of handcuffs, and a couple, various vibrators are around sometime, but that’s about it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Jun is unforgiving in the bedroom. He’s very in control, and that gives him the special power of teasing you to the ends of the Earth if he wants; and he does. With the help of scarves, he’s got you pinned and at his mercy, that he doesn’t have, and edging you with his choice bullet vibrator, letting his hands work down below and mouth focus on your chest till it’s covered in his mark. You won’t get away without a good 20-30 minutes of solid teasing from him. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Jun’s more of a grunter, imagine this with me, Jun in the midst of thrusting into you with all he’s got, sweat covering his skin. He’s propped up on his knees, looking down at you squirming with each thrust, jaw tight, eyebrows scrunched in focus, heavy breaths and small grunts of satisfaction leaving his clenched teeth. yeah.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The first time you two adventured into a more…interesting position, not used to the stretch, obviously you got a cramp because? bruh, you pulling leg muscles I didn’t know I had. The same word was used, and he immediately freaked out and lowkey started crying because he ‘hurt you’. Took you 20 minutes to calm him down, and get back into it. Poor baby, just loves you too much.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Similar to Joshua, Jun’s more slender and long in build. Nana says guys that are little on top(shoulders) aren’t insane down below. He’s pretty wild in bed, so it’s a slight makeup for not being the biggest, Jun’s a bit under the average, 4-4.5″ and more slender in girth, but that whole motion in the ocean shiz is real, y’all, don’t worry.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Nana took one look at him and said he’d hump your leg if you said okay, so I’m running with that. Jun’s got an above average sex drive, he’s a lowkey horny toad that he can’t even hide from you because he’s so clingy. He’s up and running at the drop of a hat, so you’re in for it. Good luck.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Jun sex is pretty exhausting, if anyone ignored the fact you’re butt ass naked, and dicks and titties are out, someone’d think you just ran the mile in 8th grade. Legs are incapable of working, and everyone’s out of breath, sweating like you just got caught in the rain. If sleep doesn’t immediately follow sex, it’s probs a risk of passing out later. So kinda as the last step of aftercare, sleep always follows sex. Few minutes after you’re done and clean, and you’re both curled up in bed.

Do I like Him?

Pairing; jungkook x reader || Dancer kook!au + Jealous kook!au

Summary;  “I’m not your princess.”  You fall in love with your best friend dancer Jungkook, and sexual tensions grow until something happens.

Word count; 3.2k 

 warnings; smut, language, slight bondage, princess and daddy kink

A/N; sorry for not writing anything for the longest. :( THIS HAS A LOT OF FLUFF THO TOO. (and sorry if there are some mistakes lol) i need jesus from this omgg

Originally posted by jeonify

You sauntered out the door, being exposed a new day. The bitter cold wind hit you which felt like a thousand needles against your skin since you had to wear a stupid skirt for the uniform. You were on your way to school trying to keep alive and warm in the process. “Ugh winter is going to be the death of me.” You groaned to yourself as you shivered.

You hugged yourself only to notice you forgot your coat. Time was ticking and you were quite far away from home already. Making your way down the icy street with the pure white snow in your hair, you noticed your best friend Jungkook. He was also walking to school. Jungkook lived a few blocks away from you. His face lit up and he ran up to you. He seems so happy to see you, everyday.

“Hey y/n! How are you princess?” He greeted you. You froze up even more at the word ‘princess’
“Hi, but will you stop calling me that? I’m not your princess.”
“Uh, well it’s just because you act like one, that’s all.” he explained to you.
You continued to walk and hug yourself trying to keep the cold away. Suddenly Jungkook slipped off his coat being left in his white button up shirt that seems to be way too small. It contoured his toned body perfectly. You looked away and shook your head.
“That’s wrong, no, stop it”, you told yourself.

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It’s Gonna Be Like That

Characters:  Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Reader gets all worked up watching Dean in action.

Word Count:  1984

Warnings: Language/Rough-ish sex

As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.  Just a reminder - I’ve started a new tag list, so if you don’t want to miss out on any future fics, be sure to add yourself here:  Nichelle’s Forever Tag List

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There is something about watching Dean slam someone against a wall that gets me all hot and bothered. The way his jaw clenches and his forearms flex, goddamn, it’s thrilling. If a gun is involved, that’s it, I’m done for. The way that man handles a weapon is nothing short of pornographic. And when his voice gets all deep and gravelly and he just takes fucking command of the situation? It gives a girl all sorts of nasty ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slipping on the job. When it’s time to fight, I’m focused. I’m present. I’m a force to be reckoned with. But when he’s shaking down someone for info, I take the time to relish Dean in action. I can feel the dampness between my thighs, the slight hitch in my breath when he takes control like that.

God, I want him so bad right now.


Back in the car, we wait for Sam to finish up doing whatever Sam-things he’s doing. Dean taps the steering wheel idly with his finger. I lean over the back seat and slide my arms down his chest.  

“Baby, I’m so turned on right now,” I whisper in his ear. “Watching you rough that guy up, it’s so fucking sexy.” I slide one hand down over his stomach, to where his jeans are tenting. Looks like the feeling is mutual.  

Dean lets out a rough groan of pleasure as a palm him through his jeans. I nibble on his ear lobe as he pushes his hips up to grind against my hand. I can’t wait to get him alone.

A scuffling sound alerts us to Sam’s approach. I slip back into my seat while Dean hastily rearranges himself before Sam opens the passenger door.

“So get this…” Sam says as he clambers into the seat. Good old Sam, oblivious as always to what’s going on between Dean and me.

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Kenny Omega NSFW Alphabet

Originally posted by leelakoiwolff

So I thought I’d share my Kenny Omega ultimate headcanon companion edition in the form of this awesome NSFW Alphabet meme. I think I covered all the bases for what I think about him as well as well few other things that I just thought were fucking hot and had to include them.

Any comments, likes, reblogs and replies are ALWAYS really appreciated, it keeps me motivated to keep writing more!

Warnings: Obviously NSFW and LOOOONG (like 3500 words)

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anonymous asked:

prompt: jughead is at south side high but sneaks into riverdale high for make out sessions w betty and her friends investigate and find out

Betty stared dreamily out the window of her second period chemistry class, her chin propped up in her hand, and a lazy smile gracing her face. It was raining and she had always loved the sound of the heavy water hitting the roof of Riverdale high, rain was something that was constant, there would always be rain, soft and steady or Sparatic and rough it was always there to wash away the bad.

A heavy hand dropped to her shoulder and she looked up to find her teacher smiling down at her and gesturing to the empty classroom, she must have been daydreaming for longer than she thought, smiling apologetically she gathered her books and walked into the empty halls, it was lunchtime and no one ever hung around when food and socializing were on the table.

JJ: alas fair Juliet, our schools may part us but parting be but sweet sorrow.

Betty giggled at the silly text message her very favorite boy had sent her, his wide vocabulary wasnt something anyone ever expected when they met the dark haired Serpent.

“Wow whoever can make you laugh like that must really be something special.”

Betty whipped around at the familiar voice, a grin breaking out on her face as she eyed the boy up and down.

Jughead Jones was leaning casually against the dark blue lockers, a toothpick dangling lazily from his mouth and his leather jacket snug on his shoulders, his wavy dark hair was messy and His hands were shoved in his pockets, a goofy grin on his face.

“What are you doing here? How did you even get in the building?” Betty asked, her perfect blonde ponytail bouncing as she walked towards the mysterious boy. Jughead instantly reached his hands out and gripped her tiny waist, his fingers playing with the waist band of her cheerleading skirt.

“I have my ways.” He grinned lazily “a guy can’t visit his girl in her beautiful, state of the art highschool? I mean look at those water fountains, Southside highs only have brown water.” He shrugged.

“Oh I totally get it, you’re using me for my water fountains, That’s fine.” She teased, her hands moving to play with the dark curls at the base of his neck, his eyes instantly falling closed at the familiar comfort of her smooth fingers.

It all started a few months ago, Betty had been helping Jugheads father fix up an old Harley in the backyard of his trailer, she had been referred by Pops and she was more than happy to help. He didn’t think he had seen anything sexier than the gorgeous blonde covered in motor oil, holding a wrench as her tiny denim shorts and tiny white tshirt dripped with water form the sprinkler next door. He quickly learned how complicated her life was and his interest in her only peaked, for someone so small she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders, he wanted to do everything he could to carry some of that weight.

“Is that okay?” Jughead heard Betty ask from his embrace, tearing him out of his thoughts.

“Hmm?” He smiled apologetically

Betty giggled
“I said, I’m going to stop by the bar today, I sewed up vipers jacket and I promised Hause I would drop off cupcakes for his daughters birthday.”

That was the other thing, Betty had embraced the Serpents almost immediately, they were a second family to her and she never judged, even though he could sense her worry as she cleaned him up from some particularly nasty brawl, she never said anything, just kissed his bruises and helped him tug his jacket back on.

“Sounds good to me beautiful.” He dropped his lips to hers and her hands moved up slightly, burying in his hair.

After about a minute of holding each other they were both ripped apart by the clearing of a throat and the slamming of a locker. Betty pulled away shocked as Jughead kept his hands on her her waist, his guard instantly up.

“Betty Cooper you have some explaining to do.” A dark haired girl smirked, her arms crossed over chest as the boy beside her stared with wide eyes.

The second boy clapped excitedly
“You’re a Serpent! Oh this is fantastic, Betty why didn’t you tell me! This is amazing!”

Jughead raised a brow, but Kevin cut her off, moving to grab Jugheads hand and shaking firmly
“My name is Kevin Keller my boyfriend, Joaquin? He’s part of your gang, we can definitely do double dates now!”

He heard Betty giggle from beside him and he couldn’t help the smile that creeped up on his face.

“I’m Veronica Lodge and this is my boyfriend Archie Andrews, were Betty’s best friends and we’ve never heard of you.” She stared evenly at Jughead as Archie straightened his back, squaring off against the new guy.

“Jughead Jones. I’m the boyfriend, happy to meet you.” He stuck his hand out for the raven haired girl to grab, she took it hesitantly and elbowed the red haired boy.

“Archie Andrews.” He grunted. Jughead tried to hide his smirk.

“Nice to meet you dude.”

Something seemed to soften in the quarterbacks eyes and he grabbed the leather jacket wearing boys hand

“Same here man.”

With introductions done Jughead looked back to his girlfriend and brought her hand to his mouth
“I’ve gotta get back, I can only avoid Southside high for so long.” He sighed pressing his lips to her knuckles and pulling away as she smiled lovingly at him

“See you tonight?” She asked softly

He nodded, a look of complete adoration in his eyes that wasn’t missed by the three friends, Kevin and Veronica visibly swooning

“I’m not sure what your plans for tonight are but why don’t you two join us for a milkshake at pops later on, Archie’s treat.” Veronica asked, gently nudging her boyfriend as he grunted and rolled her eyes.

Jughead just stared at the girl in surprise, his eyes turning back to Betty’s for assurance, she nodded excitedly and he couldn’t help but chuckle

“We’ll be there” he said finally “thanks”

With that he threw one last glance at his beautiful girlfriend before heading out the doors of Riverdale high.

It was silent for a few moments before Kevin broke the moment

“I love him.” He said dreamily. “If you don’t want him I’ll take him.”

Betty laughed heartily

“Sorry Kevin but that ones all mine.”


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pairing: jeon jungkook x reader
genre: angst for days, angry sex, rough sex, dirty talk
word count: 2.2k
drabble prompt: a sequel to Unknown
a/n: a lot of people asked for this, so, here it is. Enjoy!

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GOM + Kagami being there for You

This is something I really need and I hope you will like it.

Kuroko Tetsuya

‘‘I’m sure she didn’t mean it.’’ He stated in a serious voice, gently massaging your back with his left hand.

‘‘Oh she did, she meant it. She had spat these words with such venom that I almost died there.’’ You sobbed into his arm, getting more hysterical as the seconds passed by. ‘‘We don’t even see each other that much. What can’t she be a little nicer?’‘

‘‘S/o-’‘ Kuroko called your name and your head immediately perked to look at him in the eyes.’‘-your mother has been alone for a very long time, she doesn’t know how to deal with her almost adult daughter. I’m not trying to excuse her behaviour, because what she did was plainly wrong, I’m just trying to show you that her words don’t describe who you are at all. It’s just some nonsense she says to make herself feel better.’‘ He stroked your head affectionately at which your heart melted, leaving behind the heaviness you carried after meeting your mum earlier that day. ‘‘It’s not good, but you can’t change it. There’s no need to cry over it, when you have so many people thinking you are amazing. Including me, of course.’’ Your boyfriend pecked your lips and your foreheads touched, staying still.

‘‘Wow Tetsu, I wasn’t aware you could talk so much.’‘ You laughed, earning unamused glare from him and a light punch in the gut.

‘‘You are an ungrateful brat sometimes, I swear.’‘

Originally posted by zechs

Kagami Taiga

‘‘Taiga, the light of my life, you don’t have to stay here with me and rot, you know?’‘

‘‘Please, you would die without me here.’‘ And with that he put the thermometer in your mouth, making you unable to speak, however, when he finally took it out, you started arguing once again.

‘’I’m really okay, you didn’t have to leave practice for me. It’s very unprofessional.’’ He raised an eyebrow at you, not taking your stupid excuses for a reason to just get up and go home. You both stared at each other for what felt like a minute, before you eventually gave up. ‘’And I feel like I’m using you, okay - you got me.’’ You rolled your eyes and rolled onto your other side to avoid his shocked expression. It’s not like you didn’t want him to be here, it’s just that he could do so many funnier things right now, which didn’t contain cleaning someone’s house and jumping around a person who can barely lift a finger.

‘’You are sick - me taking care of you has nothing to do with using anybody. I’m doing what I want and this is what I want. Now face me, because it’s time for your pills.’’ You groaned loudly at his statement and he laughed upon seeing your pouting face. ‘’See? It wasn’t so hard.’’ He praised after you swallowed the medicine and chuckled once again when you shot him a very nasty glare. ‘’Now I’m going to make some dinner and we can watch a movie or something.’’

Your redhead boyfriend got up and started walking towards the kitchen, when you tiredly moved to catch his sleeve in your fingers. He turned to you quickly, asking if something was wrong and you just shook your head.

‘‘Everything is fine, it’s just — thank you Taiga, seriously.’‘ You didn’t dare to watch his reaction, but somewhere deep inside you knew, he was very happy right then.

‘‘You are welcome, s/o.’‘

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Aomine Daiki

‘‘Okay, what the fuck did he do again?’‘ 

‘‘Nothing really.’’ You replied, wiping already cold tears with the sleeve of your blouse from your cheeks. ‘‘It was my fault, anyway.’‘

‘‘Your fault?’‘ He questioned angrily, swallowing all the frustration he had in him. He didn’t want you to experience someone’s anger once again. ‘‘Him being a jealous prick for no reason is your fault? Don’t make me laugh.’‘ You flinched at his harsh words, and he immediately regretted uttering them. So much for making you feel better.

‘‘I shouldn’t have met up with your team behind his back - I just really wanted to see you! But you know how he is.’‘ You cried once more, cringing at how pathetic you must have looked right now. 

‘‘Yeah, I know that he goes around flirting with everything that moves and you can’t even hang out with your friends. That’s ridiculous.’‘ His brain started creating very vivid images of him killing your boyfriend in many interesting ways, but then the realisation of the meaning of his words hit him. You weren’t aware of his disloyalty towards you and he didn’t mean to just scream this information at you. His eyes went back to yours and he noticed how they shined with fresh tears in them. He wanted to call it a very beautiful sight, but it wasn’t the time nor the place for it. ‘‘Shit, I’m sorry - I didn’t mea–’’

‘‘It’s okay Daiki, I suspected something, I just needed a valid proof. Although, I have been thinking about breaking up with him anyway, he was slowly getting violent and it’s not something I want to be around any longer.’‘ Your body was trembling a little, but the real war was happening inside Aomine’s mind, who, upon hearing that some low life wanted to harm you, was ready to slaughter the guy’s entire family just to make you safe. ‘‘Thank you, I realyy appreciate your support.’‘

‘‘Everything for you, s/o.’‘ It really wasn’t a good time for his confession, but once you healed, he would make you the happiest person in the world.

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Kise Ryouta

‘S/o-chi, you look very out of character, did something happen?’‘ His question didn’t particularly surprised you, because you seriously looked different than usual. That day was relatively hot, enough to wear some shorts along with a short-sleeved shirt, but you against your normal outfit decided to wear a hoodie with trousers. Even your mood was worse than ever, your grumpy face only confirmed it.

Kise was extremely worried about you and was scared that someone may have done bad things to you. He was intensively staring at your blank face, awaiting an answer that took too long to form in your mind and you were just observing him with saddened eyes. ‘’Will you tell me s/o-cchi?’’

You sighed, suddenly wearing an expression of discomfort, which twisted into embarrassement very quickly. ‘’Ryouta, do I look fat to you?’’ This question came out as a whisper, but he heard it almost too correctly. Millions of imagines started haunting his memory, especially the ones with him constantly worrying about his weight as a model and an athlete.

‘‘No, s/o-cchi. Did someone tell you that?’‘ He asked, concerned and ready to fight.

‘‘Not exactly.’’ You stopped your words from flowing out of your mouth to take a deep, relaxing breath. ‘‘I just overheard some of my classmates conversation and, you know, they weren’t saying nice things about me. That’s it. Not a big deal.’‘ You dismissed your problem, obviously trying to drop the topic, but Kise was having none of it.

‘‘It is a big deal, because their words affect you and they shouldn’t. Look at me, I’m a model and people still mock me behind my back and say really disgusting things. The society will never be happy and it’s their loss. You don’t need to live like them and waste your life on hatred. Be happy, show  them who is the boss.’‘ Both of his hands were on your shoulders as you looked at yourselves. He was clearly determined and you just speechless. And then in the simple blink of the eye you burst into tears, asking him to go home with you so you could change into something more comfortable.

‘‘Sure, lovely. Maybe we could hit a beach on the weekend, what do you think?’‘

‘‘Gladly.’‘ You aswered with no hint of saddnes on your flushed face.

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Midorima Shintarou

Midorima wasn’t subtle, but easy-going. If he didn’t think his head would explode, he would ask you what’s wrong a long time ago. However, your moping was getting slightly worse with each day and it made him think that the situation was more serious than he previously predicted. He tried to talk to you about it for hours, but once he bit his tongue, the second time he almost walked into the wall and basically - he was scared for his life. But he also loved you dearly, so there was no going back this time. He would do it, he really would.

‘‘What’s wrong with you? You looked like somebody had died, nanodayo.’‘ At least he asked, okay? No one was talking about being nice and shit.

‘‘Nice as always Shin.’‘ You laughed, without a humour and came back to doing your math homework.

‘‘I didn’t mean it like that. I just—worry.’‘ The last part was uttered so quickly and quietly as if he didn’t want you to hear it at all, but you did and it shocked you.

‘’Mn — it’s nothing, really. I think I’m just being paranoid and all.’’ You smiled tiredly, putting your pen down and he turned his face to you, to listen to your confession even better. ‘‘My parents are behaving kinda weird, something’s going on and all I’ve been thinking about it is them getting divorced. I know it’s not my choice, but theirs, however, it makes me anxious. Sorry, if it’s annoying.’‘ He focused on your words, processing them and trying to create a perfect response, which would be honest, but also helpful.

‘‘I know it may be scary now, but I swear that even it they separate their ways, they would still love you the same.’‘ He grasped your fingers lightly in his, face going red. ‘‘As I do, nanodayo.’‘

You looked up at his words, blushing almost as much as him. ‘’I love you, too Shin. Thank you.’’

‘‘It’s nothing, nanodayo.’‘ He replied and pushed his glasses a liittle higher on his nose. His hand never leaving yours.

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Akashi Seijurou

‘‘Ugh, I’m so frustrated Seijurou, I don’t think I can keep this up.’‘ You said at the verge of the tears, pushing math book away from your body. Akashi looked blankly at you, not knowinng how to motivate you to stay focused for a little more time.

‘‘Let’s try again, I will explain better, alright?’‘ He caressed your cheek, desperately trying to stop you from crying. It was the last thing he wanted to see you doing. Even though, he didn’t show it that much he really wanted you to be content. He was clever and on top of the class, but he could admit that math could be really hard. He knew that it was your worst subject and seeing you try so much and then failing was heartbreaking. So he decided to fight with you, teaching you every chance he got. You praised him for it all the time, despite his scary appearance he was really patient with you. You couldn’t help, but love him more for it.

‘‘Okay, okay, but it’s so terrible. I feel like the worst person on the Earth! How did I even get to Rakuzan? I’m the dumbest person I know!’‘ You cried, your words slightly muffled by your palm. Akashi couldn’t see your eyes, but he knew they were probably red with a dark bags under them. You were really hard-working, hee admired it in you.

‘‘You are not dumb, you just need a little practice, love. Nobody was born a genius.’‘ 

‘‘You were.’‘

‘‘I was not, I was just pushed into being the best. I’m glad that you weren’t.’‘ He stated, giving you the most lovestruck look he could pull out, just because you couldn’t see it. It may sound stupid, but he was scared you would find out how important you were to him. How you mattered.

‘‘I’m sorry Sei, I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories.’‘ You replied guiltily, throwing your arms over his neck in an attempt to hug him. It came out a little messy, but he appreciated it anyway.

‘‘I’m not angry, but you can still repay me by not giving up, okay?’‘ You sniffed, but didn’t dare to protest and opened a book once again. ‘’If you promise me that you will work hard I can give you a very pleasurable reward later, huh?’’ He whispered huskily in your ear, making you red all over your face as you nodded like a crazy.

Maybe he could motivate you.

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Murasakibara Atsushi

‘‘Why are you crying, s/o-chin?’‘

‘‘Oh Atsushi, I didn’t hear you coming.’‘ You replied, smilling through your tears. Trying to hide the fact that you were obviously upset.

‘‘Why are you crying?’‘ He asked as if he didn’t hear your previous statement, not liking being ignored.

‘‘No reason, seriously.’‘ You asnwered this time, but it only left his unsatisfied, wanting to know more.

‘‘That’s a lie, s/o-chin. Talk to me.’‘ He whined like a child and sat next to you on the floor, in front of the window, which showed you empty streets and a clear, blue sky, which perfectly imitated how you were feeling. Empty.

‘‘Sometimes people are sad, just like that, there’s no real reason, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not important. I just feel a little down today, you can leave if you want. I don’t want to burden you.’‘ You knew your boyfriend very well. He was bright and could be very clever when he wanted to, but there were things he just wasn’t aware of and simply didn’t care.

‘‘You don’t burden me. I want to stay and make you feel better somehow.’‘ Murasakibara replied, his body a little closer to yours, so you could smell his candy scent, which was more comforting that you could ever imagine.

‘‘It’s not that easy, Atsu.’‘ Your sudden and quiet laugh, sounded more depressing than you wanted it to, but it was just so hard to be happy, when everything just felt so wrong.

‘‘Okay, but let me stay, alright? We can just be here for each other, do nothing and cuddle.’‘ He stated and immediately enveloped you in his long arms after seeing you nod to his proposition. ‘‘I will stay here until you are happy again - and if you never are, I will still be here.’‘ He kissed the skin of your neck, squeezing you tightly in his embrace, shielding you from the world. And in that exact moment you knew that eventually, everything will be just fine.

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I like Kylo Ren because he'a a well written and a well thought out bad guy. I hate people who want him to be cleared of all his sins and forget that he has done horrid things. The point of his character is to show conflict. He is bad (he has good in him somewhere) but that does not mean you forgive him and let people have their abusive nasty ass Reylo plot.
I get his allure, I really do. He’s a phenomenal character. But he doesn’t get to be forgiven just because he’s a hot white guy in a mask with mommy issues.


Request: “Can you an imagine where the reader and Harry (Hook) get into a fight and after the reader storms out she gets kidnapped or hurt by someone who has a grudge against Harry and it ends in fluff (Also I love your writing).”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: Arguing, profanity, a bit of angst, and mentions of torture

Originally posted by adisneylover92things

“Leave me alone don’t touch me!” You yelled at your boyfriend Harry.

You both were currently arguing over the fact that you had caught him looking at another girl. You had all the right to be mad because he had no right to do that. You were his girlfriend and he needed to show some respect

“I can’t look at other people now?” Harry exclaimed.

“No not like that! Your fucking eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. I’m surprised you didn’t drool.” You spat as you hit him in the chest and tried to walk away.

Harry grabbed your arm forcefully causing you to stumble back. His grip was so tight that you could feel your arm bruising already.

“Harry what the hell let me go.” You said trying to squirm out of his grip but it wouldn’t budge.

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“Broken” (Chapter Seventeen)

Holla for some sweet, sort of smutty IronFalcon! 


Enjoy :)


“Alpha.” Sam surprised Tony in the kitchen early the next morning, coming around the corner and sliding his arm around the Alphas waist, lifting his red wings to hover over Tony’s shoulders in a protective embrace. “Good morning.”

“Sam.” Tony turned and kissed the Beta good morning, smiling because he and Sam were both wearing the ridiculous flannel pajama pants Clint had given everyone for Christmas last year. “You are up early, honey, what’s going on? Is everything alright? Do you need anything?”

“Everythings fine. I just wanted some time with you.” Sam bent his head to kiss Tony again, longer this time, lingering over his mouth. “Between missions, and people coming by, and you and Bruce creating high tech stuff in the lab, I feel like you and I haven’t had more than two minutes together.”

“It’s been a crazy few months.” Tony agreed and smiled when Sam kissed him again. “So what? You set your alarm for five am because you figured I would be up?”

“Actually, I set it for four thirty am because I know you creep downstairs, get into the kitchen and get your coffee and are back down in the lab like an evil scientist all within about six and a half minutes.”

“Six and a half?” Tony raised an eyebrow.  “Mr Wilson, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were stalking me.”

“One man’s ‘stalking’ is another man’s ‘paying great attention to detail’.” Sam countered. “And Mr. Stark, I would like to pay great attention to lots of your details.”

“Does that line work on all the other pretty Alpha’s?” Tony batted his eyelashes teasingly. “Because I must say I’m flattered.”  

“I wouldn’t know.” Sam bent close to purr in his ear. “You’re the only pretty Alpha I’m interested in.”

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Dan’s screams, his frazzled “ums” increasing in pitch, his “oh my god”s, his sniffling, his stunned silence, him literally telling Arin and the audience “I’m so upset right now”. Him literally saying “I don’t want to play this anymore”.

None of it was funny. I just want you all to know that none of this shit was funny. I still felt the way I felt when I said I didn’t want Arin\Ross\the audience to do this to him. For him to have no warning. For him to be forced to witness this content that has literally shaken him to the core, so much that he’s pleading that he doesn’t want to play anymore, that he needed to take a five minute breather between episodes and then said he needed a “mental health break” from it after the next episode…

It wasn’t funny. None of it was funny. It was mean and it was cruel and it was nasty. It was a nasty thing to do to him. It’s not funny to emotionally manipulate someone and force them into disturbing content they had no consent on. 

It wasn’t funny.
It was mean.
And I hope they don’t pick it up again.

18+ Storytime

Ok before I begin this story is kinda a bit raunchy so viewer discretion is advised. (This happened during the summer so its kinda old lol)

So I go to this sushi place every once in awhile with my bestfriend this last time I went would be my fourth time going so yeah I don’t go there often but when I do go…. I be looking ROUGH like I never look cute when I go I have my bonnet on and a hoodie and sweats everytime. Except the fourth time I went now lemme tell y'all I was looking foine like a whole goddammit BUFFET mmmmkay. I had on these grey leggings and a baseball tee crop top. I was entirely feeling myself this day I sweatergawd.(Plus I was getting so many stares from fine guys in general) So I walk in with my bestfriend we thinking its just another regular ass day so we go up to the damn counter ready to order. Me and my bestfriend clowning around like we usually do we got the workers laughing and shit. Then all the sudden we hear the doors open. It wasnt really a busy day and Im nosey so I look back. and gurllll these beautiful asian men had the nerve to walk in.(Sidenote this particular restaurant is near a college) So me and my bestfriend start eyeing each other like “Bitch do you see them fine ass boys” So you know me I pretend I don’t care about their existence when really i’m thinking about them tearing down

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Wild thoughts - Jeff Atkins

A/N: this one  is based on the song wild thoughts by Rihanna. This one made me go crazy so I hope it has the same effect on you guys. Also big thank you for my girl @mleodicaprios​ for this awesome idea!

Word count: 1242


 I don’t know if you could take it
Know you wanna see me nakey, nakey, naked
I wanna be your baby, baby, baby

Another weekend, another party, another chance to drink away your sorrows. You were looking forward to this evening in particular. You met someone new in school, his name was Jeff. You accidently walked against him on your way to the classroom. When he gave you your books back he scanned you from head to toe, undressing you with his eyes and a grin appearing on his face. Jeff seemed like a challenge and that was just what you liked.

  White girl wasted on that brown liquor
  When I get like this I can’t be around you
  I’m too lit to dim down a notch
  ‘Cause I could name some thangs that I’m gon’ do

When you entered Jessica’s house you were feeling pretty confident, you were wearing you favourite high waist jeans where you knew your butt looked great in and an of the shoulder crop top. It was an understatement to tell you were feeling yourself. You went straight to the kitchen and poured yourself an extra strong Bourbon. You felt an arm swing around your shoulder and that pulled you closer. You looked next to you and saw it was Montgomery de la Cruz accompanied by, yes you guessed it right, Jeff Atkins. They were probably both trying to fix a drink. A couple months ago you had had a fling with Montgomery, but it was nothing special. Just a one time thing, you felt like he wanted more than just a nice make out and you didn’t need that.

“Looking good babygirl, any chance I’m getting some of that tonight?” He asked with a smirk. You took a sip of your cup not breaking eye contact with Montgomery before you said:

“I have other plans tonight, sorry babe.” Your gaze switched from Monty to Jeff. You saw a smirk appear on his face before you gave him a wink and walked of. Being around Jeff was dangerous and you liked it, so so much. You entered the living room and decided to join some of your friends who were dancing on a table. You really loved dancing, feeling the music, moving your hips. In between dances you fixed yourself some refills and you were starting to get drunk.

  Wild, wild, wild
  When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts

You were dancing on a great Drake song when you saw Jeff entering the room. His gaze was wondering around the room went he found yours. You were looking him straight in the eyes while you were rolling around your hips in a very sensual way while slightly biting your lower lip. Your imagination was filled with all the wild things you wanted to do to him, and those were pretty nasty things. You couldn’t help but thinks how Jeff looked naked, he probably had and amazing body. You felt yourself getting a little wetter just by the thought of it. Jeff smiled at you while he rubbed the back of his neck, before he walked into the kitchen.

Jeff’s POV

  Ayy, I heard that pussy for the taking
  I heard it got these other niggas goin’ crazy

Jeff entered the kitchen and needed a drink after what he just witnessed. The girl had some serious moves. He didn’t understand why he didn’t see her before, she was the sexiest girl he ever seen. Honestly he just wanted to walk up to her and dance with her but he couldn’t help but feel a little nervous that he couldn’t handle her that’s why he was fixing some liquor confidence. In a strange way he felt attracted to her from the moment he saw her and this was his chance. He was pouring the liquor in when he overheard a couple guys talking.

“Dude, have you seen y/n dancing? And that ass thoooo”

“I know right, man that chick. She’s that type a girl you can’t fuck, she fucks you.”

“The first one to get her tonight get 50$?”

  Throw that ass back, bouquet
  Call me and I can get it juicy
  I can tell you’re gone off the D'usse

They all started to laugh and joke and that’s when Jeff knew it was time to make his move. He drank the whole thing in once and walked toward his target. When he entered the living room he saw you dancing on your own and damn those boys were right, you had a great ass. You were dancing even more flawless. He walked up to you from the back and whispered in your ear:

“You can’t seduce people like that in public babygirl.” While his movements started to synchronize with yours.


  Careful mama watch what you say
  You talking to me like ya new bae
  Girl, talking to me like you tryna do things

Jeff was grinding up to you and that was exactly what you wanted. He was whispering some dirty things in your ear that’s how you knew you had him right were you wanted. You teased him extra hard when you suddenly felt his erection against your butt and to be honest it turned you on. You turned around so you were facing him.

“I can help you with your problem down there.” You whispered in his ear before you slowly kissed his earlobe. Jeff took you by your wrist and guided you upstairs. On the way you passed by some guys whose mouth fell agape. Jeff saluted them.

  White girl wasted on brown liquor
  I probably shouldn’t be around you
 ‘Cause you get wild, wild, wild
  You looking like there’s nothing that you won’t do
  Ayy, girl that’s when I told you

When the two of you entered the room Jeff locked it immediately and walked towards you like it was his last mission in his life. He started to kiss you heavily you pulled at his shirt zo he knew he had to take it off. You unbuckled his belt before you pushed him onto the bed. You started to undress very slowly, not breaking eye contact. You walked up to him and set down on his lap.

“No that’s not how we’re going to it, I’m going to fuck you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Jeff said before turning the both of you around. You were surprised by his dominance, but you liked it.

“Okay daddy.” You moaned out.

Jeff placed you on the side of the bed, your ass facing him. he thrusted into you without warning. You arched your back as far as you could making Jeff moan louder and louder. You never experienced something like this. Jeff made you cum 3 times, nobody ever did that to you. You had to admit the boy had serious skills. When the two of you were finished you both collapsed onto the bed. You took a minute to catch your breath before you started to put your clothes back on.

“If you ever feel like doing this again, call me.” you said with a wink before leaving the room. Normally you weren’t the type to say those things but you knew there weren’t a lot guys that could give you this. When you close the door you hear something from the room.

“Oh I definitely will.” You heard Jeff say.

Hope you liked it! Let me know what you think and thanks for reading xxx