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I Got You a Little Something

by: mldrgrl
rating: PG
summary: post-ep for How the Ghosts Stole Christmas - a little something for my t-shirt anon, whose prompt I’m still not posting lest I spoil the story.

Christmas Eve didn’t really go as planned for Mulder, but they did get to see some ghosts, and that was pretty cool.  He never expected the ghosts to be such assholes, though.  Two people who died in the name of love should never be so rude.  Anyway, he thought he just might lure Scully out to the house, tell her a scary story and maybe creep her out a little before offering to take her out for hot cocoa or cider or something and give her a present he’d been harboring for awhile.

So, even though he met not one ghost, but two, he was still disappointed.  He kind of felt like a jerk about it, too.  Plenty of people would give their left arm to meet a ghost and he’d just wanted to take Scully out for a drink.  Maybe even some roasted chestnuts or something.

He was zoning out to A Christmas Carol when Scully knocked on his door.  He was surprised, but not surprised to see her.  Of course she’d want to come over at midnight and argue about what they saw that night.  Except, he remembered he had a present to give her and distracted her with that instead.

“Mulder,” she said, a bashful smile on her face.  She became positively giddy as she pulled her own present for him out of her pocket and they exchanged packages.

“This feels like a video tape,” he said, rattling his package by his ear as they sat next to each other on his couch.

Scully chuckled as she scratched at the wrapping paper on her gift.  Mulder hastily tore the paper off his in one long strip.  It wasn’t a VHS tape at all, it was a book of the best illustrations for science fiction novels of the 50s and 60s.  On the cover was a pair of astronauts in silver space suits standing outside of a rocket in a red desert he assumed was Mars.

“Cool,” he said, flipping through the first few pages.  “Hey, Attack of the 50Ft Woman!  I loved that movie.”

“Does not surprise me,” Scully answered, finally sliding the wrapping paper off the poster tube her gift was in.  She wiggled one of the plastic stoppers off from the top and shook out a rolled up t-shirt into her lap.

Mulder actually found the shirt that summer when they were in Arizona, not too long after the whole Antarctica expedition.  It had made him laugh and it felt like it had been a long time since he’d laughed.  He bought it for Scully on impulse, and then waited for an appropriate time to give it to her.  What better time than Christmas?

Scully unrolled the shirt and rolled her eyes, but laughed.  “Mulder,” she scolded.  “Really?”

“Oh, come on, Scully, it’s so you.”

“Me, Mulder?  You must have me mistaken for your other partner that is pro-existence of extraterrestrial life on other planets.”

He bumped her shoulder with his and then took the shirt from her hands and held it up.  It was a heather grey t-shirt, v-necked, made of some of the softest cotton Mulder had ever felt.  On the chest was an image of a tiny grey alien with a frown on its face and crossed arms.  Just below it was the phrase ‘You’re invading my space.’  So Scully.

Scully snatched the t-shirt back and folded it neatly in her lap.  She took a few glances at the TV and then out the window.  “It’s snowing,” she commented.

“Guess we’ll have a white Christmas this year after all.”

“Mulder, why do you have a stocking hanging your bookshelf?”

“It’s for the fish.  Santa brings them a new bottle of flakes every year, but they’re still surprised.”

Scully chuckled and stroked the collar of the t-shirt in her lap between two fingers.  “I should get going,” she said with a yawn.  “I’m due at my mom’s at 6am.”

“You can stay,” he said, quickly.  “Get a little more sleep.  I can set my alarm.”

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Please, I insist.  No need to go all the way home and then have to turn around and drive out to your mom’s.  I’ve got a new bed and everything.”

Scully raised her brow.  

“For you,” he clarified.  “And you alone.  I’m quite satisfied with the couch.  Unless you insist,” he added, bumping his shoulder into hers again.

Scully yawned behind a fist and then sighed.  “I think I will stay,” she said.

“Great!”  Mulder hopped up to his feet and gathered the discarded wrapping paper while Scully pushed herself up from the couch.  He crushed it into a ball and then dropped it on the table before ushering Scully into his bedroom.

“You know where everything is,” he said.  “So, let me just grab a few things and I’ll get out of your way.”

Quickly, Mulder opened his drawer and grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.  He changed in the living room, closing the blinds first and draping his clothes wherever he found room on his desk.  He turned out the light and settled on the couch, the ghost of Christmas present just making his entrance on TV as he pulled his blanket up to his chin.  There was a knock on the other side of his bedroom door and he grinned.

“Come out!” he called.

Scully padded out into the living room and Mulder sat up, but she waved her hand at him to indicate it wasn’t necessary.  

“Find everything okay?” he asked.

“Fine,” she answered.  “I just wanted to say, Merry Christmas, Mulder.”

“Merry Christmas, Scully.”

She smiled shyly and tucked her hair back over her ears before she bent down and kissed him softly on the cheek.  She retreated to his bedroom and quietly closed the door behind her.  Mulder lay back down with a stupid grin on his face.  Not only was she wearing a pair of his running shorts, cinched to the maximum capability the drawstrings could offer, she was wearing her new t-shirt.  He knew she would like it.

The End

thinking too much

vax/grog | ½ | ao3

Summary: Romance and love and sex are all tangled up for him–he knows people who can do casual sex, but he’s never been that way. Vax is an all-or-nothing guy.

But…maybe he can change that. He can sleep with someone who he knows he loves. He doesn’t have to make a thing of it.

Notes: This will be two (maybe three?) parts. I’m posting it now because I’m about to go on a trip and I wanted it to be up already.  Takes place about two years post-canon, on the assumption that Taryon was a temporary party member who left after a while.  If anything happens after ep 89 that debunks this I am ignoring it.

I’m dedicating this to “Talk Too Much” by COIN, which inspired the mood of this fic if nothing else.

Looking back, Vax supposed he couldn’t be too surprised.  He had always been turned on by the ability to kick his ass, and he had always been preoccupied with Grog–what Grog was feeling, what he was feeling about Vax.  And he hadn’t seen anyone since he and Keyleth ended things over a year before, so of course he was lonely.  It made sense that he would seek someone out.

The only surprising thing about the whole affair was that Grog started it.

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Soulmates (1/2)

Group: Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Pairing: Yoonmin

Type: Slight Angst/Kinda Fluff

Description: Soulmate Tattoos are common place, even though there are still the select few whom never find the face to go with the name on their wrist. And there are even fewer who are born without names at all; those are the ones that try to avoid love at all costs.

Originally posted by mn-yg

Originally posted by emmareader

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Yuuri and Grief/Loss as it Applies to his Career (and Victor)

Following my Victor and Grief post, here is a look at Yuuri’s perspective to his feelings of grief and loss surrounding his own career. Unlike Victor whose perspective we didn’t get until later episodes, Yuuri’s has been laid bare for us since episode 1. We’ve gotten the chance to hear his thoughts in specific moments and watch his evolution throughout the course of the show.

So one thing that I think will come as a surprise to absolutely no one is that he has been grieving over the loss of his career since episode 1. And added to that is that he accepted this loss by the time episode 12’s hotel scene rolled around.

Let’s take a moment to quickly review what kinds of loss Yuuri has been working through.

In the interest of not repeating a huge chunk of text that I already described at the beginning of my Victor post, I’m going to point you to it here and only describe the portions here that apply to Yuuri.

The type of loss that Yuuri works through during the show would fall under the category of Anticipatory Loss. In short, this is the anticipation of loss, regardless of whether the loss will actually come to pass or not. Victor says “I’ll get you gold at the GPF” but never actually states during the entire show that his coaching and time with Yuuri will end there. That interpretation of his words is entirely on Yuuri’s end. Yuuri then spends a lot of time convincing himself that he is going to lose Victor when there’s been no confirmation on whether that will actually happen or not.

The impact of Yuuri’s loss very clearly falls under the category of Compound Loss. It’s easy enough to see that through losing his career he feels like he is going to lose a lot more (the future tense and focus on how he feels about it are important as his loss is about something he feels he is going to lose in the future). He would be losing his role, identity, direction, and more. But most importantly he’d be losing his relationships, both with his friends/fellow skaters (Phichit for example) as well as with Victor, both before he knew him (he’d lose his chance to ever get to know him in any capacity) and after (he’d lose the relationship he had grown with him as a person and not just a skater).

As you can see, none of that really comes as a surprise because Yuuri himself has basically told us as much. So let’s get into the 5 stages and see where they play in.

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I will preface this one by saying that I am mad ill - like, ugly sick, weird fever, unexplained contextual bends in my reference sphere - and so I thought what better time (and also gotta keep busy or death will claim me, 100 percent) to tackle the episode with the Metaphor of the Three Candles, which is a staunch, businesslike metaphor and will probably keep me nailed down as my head (two? three sizes larger than usual?) bobs about the corners of the room.

So: things may be shaky.

We begin with the camera cutting straight from a close-up of Wakaba’s onion dome to an exterior shot of Utena gazing wistfully out the window, which slowly pans in, giving the impression that Utena is eavesdropping on Wakaba’s conversation from a completely separate building, but, y'know, everyone makes mistakes.  Why read into it?   I mean you could say that it serves to underscore the way that Utena cannot usefully take on board Wakaba’s common-sense advice to Prince Onion - that a fundamental schism has taken place [see episode 20, faithful fans] and that Wakaba is no longer able to save her from the attentions of predatory dudes, having demonstrated herself to be entrenched in a culture that enables them.  But it’s probably just clumsy editing.

All this talk of first kisses has Utena thinking about her prince, which means it’s time for the cock tower to loom out at us once again.  We find that Akio has baked a cake.

It’s even rarer to find a guy who can bake a metaphor.  This all has the feeling of sympathetic magic about it - maybe the dude has learned a few tricks from his witch sister.

Utena fawns over Akio’s cake-making skills.  Wakaba arrives and repeats Utena’s fawning word for word.  Utena successfully identifies this as flirtation when Wakaba is doing it, but doesn’t make the connection to her own behavior. Then she looks at Akio and makes this face:

And then her eyes stray down to Anthy and her face changes.

She knows, on some level, at this point.  Doesn’t she?  That’s guilt, isn’t it?
The candles gutter in the wind.

Then, inverting the Friendship Between Girls tarot card, Wakaba tells Utena that if she doesn’t lighten up, she’ll never fall in love.

A smash cut to the sacrificial authority figure from Episode 1 underscores that Wakaba is currently doing the work of the female wing of the patriarchy, the collaborationist Stasi of this divided state, who strive to keep everyone behind the Dudely Curtain at all times.   The guidance counselor tells Utena that she needs to be more feminine, because going through life in drag on the battlefield is no way to be.   Utena risks never developing into a functional member of this society if she persists in ignoring her role.  The representative of genuine power present here puts this another way.

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anonymous asked:

Assuming you've seen the preview for ep 35, how do you feel about this season's deviation from the manga?

Since last weekend I was a bit preoccupied, I thought maybe I’d wait and give you a better answer to go with the result of that preview.

Weirdly, I don’t think that’s helped.

In many aspects, Ymir’s backstory is one of the most beautiful sequences the anime has created. It’s gorgeous, and fleshed out around the edges just enough to bring the story on home.

I…. can’t stand it?

Not in a hyperbolic how dare you way. It bothers me.

Which has been a horribly confusing experience. Because it is beautiful. The extra addition of Ymir wondering if she’s going to fall back into lies is the type of anime filler that I’ve been dying for this entire season. It’s excruciating and fantastic, and without context, it would take my heart and whole life too.

We’re not exactly there.

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CFV Final Thoughs

So, now that I’ve finished Cardfight!! Vanguard (at least the first series) I can give my thoughts.

The short version, I liked it. It’s actually really good, better than what I was expecting. And you should absolutely check it out(so consider this also like, a rec post as well).

So, what’s it about?

Well obviously, it’s a card game anime(it’s right in the name), but don’t be fooled, it’s not like Yu-Gi-Oh! It’s to Yu-Gi-Oh! what Digimon is to Pokémon, similar sounding in name but not much more.

Nor would I say it’s a ‘rip off’(no more than Digimon is to Pokemon). Duel Monsters and Cardfight both use cards, and that’s about the only thing they have in common. Once you see the game portion in action you can see the differences between it and Duel Monsters.

Also, do you get tired of 3, 4 or more episode long fights? Or tournaments that show every. single. fight. Even if only the outcome matters(or worse ye, it doesn’t matter)? Well, fights don’t normally exceed 2 episodes and for the most part*, it tends to skim over non plot important fights during tournaments, sometimes covering several in one episode. The fights are much faster paced and take up far less time.

It’s 4 seasons long, with each season leading into the next one, with events from the previous season often affecting what happens in the next one(season 2 introduces an antagonist that becomes the main villain of season 3, while evens in season 3 lead right into the events of season 4).

Each season also has the obligatory ‘here’s how you play’ ep at the start, so you’ll figure t the game pretty fast. And even if you don’t it’s still enjoyable to watch.

Each season in a spoiler free nutshell-

Season 1- Protagonist is introduced to Vanguard and wants to beat rival. Things go south about half way through when the plot hits. Also the ‘meet the cast’ season where most of the characters you’ll be familiar with are introduced. 65 Eps.

Season 2(Asia Circuit)- The long tournament arc with a bunch of mini tournaments. Protag must unravel the mystery of the missing Vanguard clans in the process. 39 Eps

Season 3(Link Joker)- The first part is fun slice of life highschool type fun(plus new characters), the second part is like the Society of Light arc from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, except, actually threatening. 59 Eps

Season 4(Legion Mate)- The after effects and repercussions of season 3 and the protagonist dealing with those(and once again making sure the world isn’t destroyed). Though there is a twist to this one that I won’t spoil ;) 33 Eps

Also, there is a movie, Neon Messiah, that takes place after season 4 and is kinda important if you plan on watching CFVG(the sequel series) after.

*The exception to this being season 2 which has multiple tournaments and, unfortunately, a great deal of filler episodes because of this. The rest of the seasons are good about this though.


This was honestly the first time I‘ve looked at a protagonist and gone ‘you are so relatable’. Because Aichi is. He’s shy and withdrawn with few friends (though part of this might stem from being bullied when he was younger), a stark contrast to the outgoing, cheerful protagonists with friends we usually get.

Also, Aichi is new to the game, rather than someone who already knows it, unlike basically every other protag in this genre(I mean the closest we had was Yuma, and he knew it, he just sucked at it).

It takes character roles you’re familiar with and, kind of flip them on their head.

Instead of the rival wanting to get stronger than the protagonist (I.e Kaiba and Yugi), it’s the other way around, Aichi wants to get stronger than Kai. At least until season 3.

And did I mention the female characters? Off the top of my head I can think of, at least 10 named female characters who show up throughout the course of 4 seasons AND are Cardfight players as well. 10! And for a while, the main female lead, Misaki, has more wins than the protagonist(and a character arc that does not revolve around the protag or even a boy, it’s all about her). And of course there are a few non players who show up(like Aichi’s mom).

I you like female characters who do things then, you’ll enjoy this a lot. They are AMAZING! (Take notes YGO)

And the character growth, oh man is it good. Some A+ stuff.

Final Thoughts

Cardfight!! Vanguard is a really good show. Obviously it’s not perfect, nothing is, but it’s far better than what I was expecting and I definitely recommend checking it out. Especially if you enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! (any of them)

Same Love (a Madison Beer smut imagine)

Okay so this is a lesbian smut imagine that was requested by anon, this is my first time doing anything like this so bare with me on this one. Hope the anon that requested this likes it and I hope everyone else does too, even if you aren’t gay or bi, I still hope you read this and like it. I also just wanna add that if anyone wants to talk to me about anything then please feel free to DM on twitter at MRSIRWIN5SAUCE. Thanks guys.


I let out a HUGE deep breath that I didn’t know I was holding as soon as I lie down on the deck chair at the side of the pool in my back garden. It just feels so good to relax after a long week of nonstop working, I’ve been in the studio every day, writing and recording my new EP, which I’ll continue to work on tomorrow. Today is my day off though and boy am I glad about that. Not long after I lie down to relax I hear a door close followed by a hello which sounds like Madison to me “let me guess, Madison” I call out and she giggles “yeah, it’s me, that obvious huh” I take my sunglasses off and stand up to give her a hug before we both then lie down to relax.

I look over at Madison as she is just getting comfortable, she’s wearing really short denim shorts with a white bikini top. I gotta say, I’d definitely go there if it wasn’t for the fact that she was into guys and not girls. Me and Madison have been friends for a long time now and she’s the one that helped me come out about being bi, if it wasn’t for her I would have been really lost and wouldn’t have known how to deal with it all, all the hate. We spend the next few hours just talking and gossiping about different things and the latest news in celeb world. I tell her about my new EP and she squeals “I’m so happy and so proud of you, you’re finally doing what you’ve always wanted to do. I know soon you’ll have awards everywhere in your room. We both giggle and then I ask her about her week.

“So there’s kinda someone who I’ve had my eye on for quite a while actually, I don’t know how to describe it y/n but I haven’t felt this way in a long long time and its new for me, I’m scared but excited” I turn on my side so that I am facing her “so who’s the lucky guy” I try and keep the smile on my face, I can’t let her know that she’s the girl I’ve been crushing on for almost a year now. “Who said it was a guy” she giggles, my eyes widen. So she likes a girl? or is she being sarcastic? Will I ever know?

I take my sunglasses off again and sit up properly “so it’s a girl?” I ask and she covers her face with her hands before taking them away and nodding. “I know I’ve always been so sure that I don’t swing that way if you know what I mean but I don’t know, being with this girl makes me feel some type of way and she just makes me so happy” after smiling for so long my face goes from a smile to a frown. It’s hard seeing her talk about liking a girl that’s obviously not me, I wish things were different.

Madison’s POV

“I’ve never been in love before but I think I might be in love with this girl” little does she know that she’s the girl I’m mad for. I think I love her, she’s funny and she’s gorgeous. She knows how to cheer me up when I need it the most, I just don’t think I can keep it to myself for much longer. “So who is this girl then” she asks, I stand up and grab a hold of her hand, leading her into the house. We get to her room, she shuts the door and then she sits down on her bed but I pull her back up. I smash my lips to hers and she pushes me away, I assume that she’s in shock.

“What was that about” she asks and I smile “y/n you’re the girl I was talking about, I really really like you and I think I might love you. I don’t care what anyone thinks, I don’t care If our fans don’t accept it but I love you and I wanna be with you, I’m fed up of making out like I have a crush on all these different guys because all I wanna do is admit I’m crazy for you” she stands there just staring at me with her jaw practically on the floor. “That’s mad” I knew she wouldn’t feel the same way. “Because I love you too and have done for a long time” I walk towards her, she cups my face and we both kiss. This time instead of her pushing me away, the kiss gets really heated and before I know it we are both undressing one another.


We both get on the bed, I lie down on my back and she gets on top of me, taking control straight away. Her soft lips then trail from mine to my neck slowly, getting at my sweet spot instantly. “Mhmmm” I moan quietly and I feel her smile in the crook of my neck. It doesn’t take long before I feel her slide her hands into my panties, she spreads my heat before then sliding her fingers through my slits. She then begins to rub figure eights on my clit, she just knows what to do to drive me crazy. I tilt my head back and grip the sheets as she continues to play with my heat. She pulls her hand out and gets off of me before getting off of the bed, I get off the bed too and walk round to the other side of the room where she is. She takes her panties off and sits on the floor, I join her on the floor and I spread her legs. I bring my face to her heat and I start to suck on her clit which makes her moan loudly “fuck” I take it I’m good then.

I decide to make her moan a little more by sliding a finger inside of her, I pump it in and out of her at a fast speed and then I add another. I continue to finger her whilst I suck on her clit, she’s practically a moaning mess and it’s all because of me, it makes me feel good just knowing I have this effect on her. It’s like we were meant for each other, we know what the other person wants without asking, I love that. She spreads her legs wider and I do too, we both then bring ourselves closer together so that her heat is touching mine. She makes the first move by rubbing against me, I throw my head back practically yelling out all of my moans, she knows how to make me feel good. Yup I chose wisely.

We keep at that for a while, our moans filling the room. “Omg, fuck this feels so good” she moans “ugh fuck” I know it sounds cheesy and cliché but she makes me feel like I’m in heaven. The fact that I’ve been waiting so long for this day to happen probably makes it that little bit more amazing. We both stop, just breathing heavily and staring at each other for a few seconds. She smiles at me and I smile back, I then stand up and walk towards my nightstand. I open the draw and take out something that I never thought I’d get to use with her. A vibrator. I sit back down and spread her legs once more. I rub her heat a little and then I turn the vibrator on, i put it on the lowest setting and place it on her clit. The second it touches her she moans. “FUCK ME OMG” in fact it was more like screaming. I’m not surprised though sex toys have that effect on people.

Madison’s POV

It felt like I was dreaming, was I really here now doing this with her? She just knew how to make me scream and I knew how to make her do the same. It genuinely feels like we were made for each other and I’m so glad we both feel the same way about each other. If she didn’t like me back then it would have ruined our friendship forever but I’m glad she did and I’m glad I took that risk of telling her how I feel. “FUCK ME OMG” this feels so good, being with her feels good. It makes me feel like I’m in heaven it feels way too good to be real life. How can one person make me moan the way I am right now?

 I look down and watch her turn the vibrator up to the medium setting, I reach down and rub my heat, she moves my hand out the way, taking the vibrator off whilst she licks all of my juices up before then placing it back onto my heat and turning it onto the highest setting. I scream out in pleasure and I think I’m close to reaching my high, I continue to rub my heat whilst she holds the vibrator in place. Shortly after I reach my high, she changes the settings from high to low before then turning it off and putting it onto the floor. She licks all my juices up again, once she is done I tell her to sit down and spread her legs. I turn the vibrator on and place it on her clit just like she did with me.

I open my mouth and suck all her juices up as they pour out which makes her moan even more as she watches me do it. “like how that tastes baby” she moans and I nod before then pulling away and answering “yes” I make my way up to her lips, smashing mine to hers passionately.


In the middle of making out she stops, moving back down to my heat to continue sucking. Fuck this makes me moan more just seeing her down there, she looks so hot. I know I’m close to reaching my high so I tell her to turn it up to the highest setting. She turns it up and I scream “FUCK” she mover her face up to mine and she kisses me “this feel good baby” she whispers and I bite my lip as I nod “feels so good, I’m gonna cum” I moan and she smirks before going back down to my heat. She opens her mouth ready for more of my juices to pour out… shortly after i reach my high she sucks all of my juices up again. “Mhmm” she licks her lips to show that it tastes good. We both stay where we are for a minute just taking everything in, I can’t believe today is real, everything that happened today is real it was all real.

In Hiatus I have read like twenty fics a week, so here is my version of a malec fic rec :) 

** are personal favorites :)

In the Sin Bin **
11/? | 66,863 | E

As the goalie for the New York City Blazing Angels, Alec Lightwood thinks he’s finally found the team he can go all the way to the championship cup with. Then his agent and financial advisor are arrested for stealing their clients’ money, and Alec is forced to take on a side job doing endorsement deals, plus find a way to trust his new agent–Magnus Bane.

Alec hates Magnus the first time he sets eyes on him.

Magnus hates Alec more.

But they’re going to have to find some way to work together if Alec is going to make it to the championship.

Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things (series) **
4/4 works | 37,529 | E

In which Alec Lightwood confronts a lifetime of issues about his appearance, and slowly, with a lot of help, learns that he’s allowed to be pretty.

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Take Your Time

Prompt: “Could you write about the first time Phil had to deal with one of Dan’s fits alone? Like, Dan’s told him all about what he has to do and whether to call an ambulance or not etc but Phil completely panics and forgets it all and ends up calling Dan’s mum it something to tell him what to do?

A/N: Wrote as a part of the EPS series.
Genre: Fluff, angst, chronic illness.
Words: 2.908

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“My father and Lin got along famously” - Tenzin

I friendship Aang and Lin way more than I romantic-ship anything in the avatar series. Way too much considering its absolute lack of screentime. And I love it more as the show goes on and we learn more about their respective families. I’ve also had a lot of Beifong feels lately, with the show focusing so much on them and all (they’re all so awesome omg). So I thought I might write some of this stuff down.

So this post is basically a lot of rambling. Like headcanons mixed with interpretation.

Beifong family trash (version 2.1: three main ladies)

  1. What I got from the show is that Lin tried hard to be the mom in Toph’s place (making sure she went to school, didn’t end up in bad company and just generally watching out for her). Su would resent that at the time: dismiss it as a need for control and attack on her freedom or arrogance on Lin’s part. But later, when she grew-up and realized how much Lin did for her, it would be part of why she was so intent on wanting her back into her life.
  2. Basically, Lin took upon herself the responsibility of looking after Su and essentially being her mother without having none of the power. And the person with the real authority, Toph, undermined her efforts by simply not caring (about Lin’s attempt to restrain Su - ofc she cared about her daughters).
  3. I think Lin was just giving too much of herself in this relationship, but not getting much back. She obviously loved Su very much and wanted the best for her: “You have so much potential” and “What are you doing hanging out with these losers”. Lin despite everything truly thought Su could become great and stood above her current company. That’s recognition. In response Su mocks her and her life-choices. She aggressively and scornfully rejects Lin’s attempt to look out for her, and she also outright refuses to see her as “a real cop” and to give her the respect her status demands (it all comes to a head after she’s caught with the triad ofc - Lin’s authority as an agent of justice is brushed aside like it’s no big deal). Su basically indirectly called Lin a failure - not even a real cop, has no life (Well that’s what she says, I think she's a lot harsher than she means to be and that part of it is just self-defense/defense of her own lifestyle).
  4. Then there’s her relationship with Toph. Toph seems like the kind of mother who would treat her kid as a friend, in a sort of “I respect you but you respect me too, and I’m in charge” deal (cool mom but also clearly the boss if needs be). I think since she was busy a lot and valued independence so much, Lin grew up mostly having to take care of herself, and was treated more like an adult than a child. So when Su came along, Lin naturally took charge of her too. The way I see it, Toph and her would be really close during that period as kind of the two adults in the house and share responsibilities, with Lin being more or less unchallenging. And at first, I imagine the fact that their family was atypical would bring them closer more than anything else.
  5. We know the girls had a bit of a hero-worship going on toward their mother (who wouldn’t, it’s mf Toph Beifong!), and competed for her attention. And like, it’s not that I think Toph is unable to give praise, or that she never did (heck she was praising Aang all the time). But it does seem like her praise would have to be earned, and might also have been lost in her easy sarcasm and own self-aggrandizing. I can imagine Toph being like “Yeah of course you can do this you’re my daughter” instead of just “Wow you can do this you’re amazing”. I don’t think she would have been much more generous with her daughters than she was with Korra (In the contrary really like “my girls never really picked up metalbending all that well” right).
  6. So I think there’s a point where Lin and Toph’s personalities would begin to clash. They have very different worldviews, personalities and values, and Lin inherited her mother’s stubbornness if nothing else. I think there would come a time when she would start to see her flaws with regards to her parenting method towards Su (see point 2. - she really didn’t seem impressed with her in ep 3.06), and also w/ her constant boasting. That and she’d start feeling seriously undervalued by her family for all she’s done. So it would be a mix between frustration building-up on one hand but also really wanting recognition from her on the other.
  7. Then there’s the whole Su affair. Toph basically punched right through both Lin’s moral compass and her feelings with this one, by taking Su’s side over hers and not arresting her (also completely ignoring the fact Su assaulted her as a police officer). We don’t know what happened exactly with the cover-up but it must have been nasty business and Lin was involved against her will, right at the start of her career.
  8. Then Toph gave-up her position as chief of police. Over something Su did. It’s funny because that way, she also cut out a great percentage of the time she must have used to spend with Lin, like a whole dimension of their relationship, as chief and officer. The part of their life that they shared but Su didn’t. And it’s funny because the reason Lin wanted to be a cop in the first place was to follow in her mother’s footstep, to earn her respect but also I think to be more like her. When you think about it, the cop-part of Toph (protector of the city, the bad guy’s nightmare) must have been the part of Toph that she really looked-up to, the one that most aligned with her own personality (it’s also an attainable objective - not as far-away, unreachable and suffocating as her world savior reputation might have seemed for her first-born child). I just think Lin would have been super-proud of her mother’s job. Well, and then Toph botched it by poisoning both of their careers with corruption right before resigning.
  9. IIRC, the show doesn’t actually say if Lin and Toph kept in touch or not? It’s definitely implied they didn’t stay close.
  10. It’s interesting how things turned out. Su implied Lin didn’t have much of a social life outside of her job, so this means she really stayed within Toph’s circles both family/friends wise and professional. Add to that the fact that she was responsible and did her best to share the responsibilities, and you’d think her relationship with Toph would have been more of a partnership both at work and at home, while Suyin as the rebel and the baby of the family couldn’t have been part of this shared culture. Usually with this set-up, the parent would have a closer relationship with the kid that shares their passion and follow in their footstep, kinda like Aang with Tenzin. But when Su talked about how they competed for Toph’s attention, she doesn’t seem to feel like she had been at a disadvantage. Lin clearly states that despite what she hoped her becoming a cop didn’t make her mother happy.

Aang and Lin friendshipping nonsense

  1. Aang is the Avatar. I just love the idea that the most important person and greatest bender in the world thought she was great. We know Aang is generous with his praise, so I think he would let her know, and he might be the one person who’s more acclaimed worldwide and in Republic City than Toph. So for Lin who’s grown-up in her shadow and found herself lacking by comparison, who was so hungry for her praise, I just think it must have meant a lotI like to think that she got this validation not just from an adult but from this adult.
  2. Aang, like Toph, can also be a bit of a show-off from times to times, but he displays his confidence in a much more subdued way that I don’t think would suffocate her at all. It’s usually all in a fun spirit and engaging, and he’d mean it as encouragement to love and value herself.
  3. I think Lin, like Tenzin, would have been the kind of serious child who prefers the company of adults rather than kids their age. And I don’t think Aang would look down on children. He’s always been able to interact with different people on their own level. I’m sure there would be some light-heartedness and easy affection to their interaction but also a good dose of maturity, and Lin would have enjoyed (and needed) both. Anyway, we do know from the show Lin found him sweet, which is cute.
  4. For both of them, it would be a relationship free of the baggage they carry with their other family members (his children/her mother and sister). While of course I do think Aang loved his kids very much and vice-versa, and I’m sure they had lots of good times and cheesy moments, etc…, they were just put in an extremely difficult situation to navigate on several levels - as the sole survivor of genocide and his heirs, as the Avatar and his children, as a worldwide celebrated war hero and his legacy. Their relationship seems to have been so full with a lot of complex feelings and misunderstandings, sometimes kinda strained in Kya’s case or too intense in Tenzin’s. So I think he would have really appreciated being able to just have a nice time with a kid/teenager/young adult/whatever that was close to him, but not so close as to share all of his issues.
  5. Time wouldn’t really matter in this situation, since there were no expectations to fill to begin with, and you can be incredibly close with someone you see very little - not even once a year, speaking from experience (and I think they must have seen each other pretty regularly actually).
  6. I really wonder how being fatherless really affected Lin (like Su sure believes it was really significant but what about Lin?). I don’t think she was necessarily out looking for surrogates (perhaps she was idk), but I do think she felt it anyway because Toph was always so busy and relaxed in her parenting and she had to step up and be an adult. I think basically it would make her appreciate the other adults in her life more, Katara, Aang and Sokka if he was there (it is implied he went back to the Southern Water Tribe at some point after the Yakone affair?). (I actually have loads of Katara/Sokka/Lin headcanons too) (I have headcanons about basically everyone with everyone I swear)
  7. Aang would have loved Lin not just because she was Toph’s daughter, but for herself also. She shares a lot of good qualities with Katara, after all: the sense of responsibility, maturity, and capacity for hard-work (new generation airbender’s white knight basically), and I feel like Aang would admire those even more because they came so hard to him.
  8. I think it’d make sense for Lin to have spent a lot of time on Air Temple Island her whole life up until the Linzin break-up. When she was little because her mother was busy a lot of the time, it was a safe place to stay and she had a friend the same age as herself there, and when she grew-up because her boyfriend lived there. These folk were basically family twice over, through the Kataang and Toph friendship and through her own relation with Tenzin.
  9. People pointed out how airbend-y Lin’s bending can be sometime. She probably trained with Tenzin and Aang from time to time (she’s his most likely sparing partner anyway).
  10. So there’s plenty of ground there for a relationship to flourish, particularly since they were both so close to Tenzin. Like he was essentially her father-in-law?
  11. I feel like Lin, as a cop and later as chief of police, and as someone with a strong sense of duty who also had a hard time balancing her personal life with her obligations, would have been able to understand and sympathize with him a lot better than Kya or Bumi ever could. Basically I think there was plenty of mutual respect here from the start, and even more so after she grew-up. Particularly as I imagine they must have worked together from time to time due to their respective jobs in Republic City (or just interacted with each other in a work-related domain).

(not really ordered despite the numbers bcs that cloud of ideas in my head makes a lot of sense to me but usually doesn’t want to translate to written form with any sort of coherence, sorry I try)

(My favorite thing about all of this is just how much more bitter it makes the Linzin break-up for Lin)

(Edited ‘cause I forgot to add point 9)

We...  a. Are Something. b. Will Be Something. c. Won’t get the chance to find out. (A Liam x Hayden fic)

Alright guys so after last night’s ep, and I sorta became (Liayden? Layden?) trash, and by sorta I mean I accidentally wrote a 4k fic about the two dweebs. So this basically takes place in next weeks ep. Also, Hayden is a chimera, right? That’s what I got from last night’s ep, and if she’s not then just pretend she is. Also I added scallison parallels cause, in case you haven’t gotten this by now, I’m trash.


The plan was supposed to be full-proof. Or at least, that’s what everyone had reassured Liam after last night’s pack meeting.

Liam had run in and immediately told Scott about his fears that Hayden was a chimera. Hearing Lydia confirm his suspicion had made his stomach heavy.

The plan would fix everything though. The plan would go right, it had to.

See, Lydia suspected Hayden was a successful experiment, even if the subject herself wasn’t aware of it. The doctors are most likely still after her. If they keep her in the school with them, they can set up a trap for the doctors. They can also keep Hayden safe, which was becoming more important then the doctor thing for Liam.

The only thing was, their plan had failed to account for the fact that Hayden is stubborn as hell.

“Liam this better be good, because I was supposed to work a shift tonight. Saturday nights pay more.” Hayden grumbled as she followed him into the school. Despite it being early fall in California, the wind stung sharply. The clouds that hazily covered the moon were even being moved across the night sky by it. Liam couldn’t help but notice the moon was almost full, again. He swears it hasn’t even been a month yet.

“I’ll pay you back, but this is important.” He says, now leading Hayden through the hallways to the room the pack was in. However, Hayden stops just barely after the main door is out of view.

“No. Okay, you were freaking me out on the phone, so I came, but what the hell is going on? Liam, it’s midnight and we’re at the school, alone. I don’t even want to know how you got those doors unlocked. Is there actually something wrong or is this some kind of elaborate prank?” She looks slightly betrayed at the idea alone.

“No! No, I wouldn’t do that. This really is serious Hayden, I wouldn’t be dragging you through this if it wasn’t. I’m going to need you to trust me for a minute here.” Liam is practically pleading with her at this point. He needs her to be safe.

“Why?” She asks, and it’s honestly a fair question. Thankfully, he had an answer ready.

“You know something is off, don’t you? Weird memories that seem more like nightmares, more strength, the constant feeling like you’re being watched.” Hayden’s eyes widen slightly, letting Liam know he had hit home with his accusations.

Hayden looked away uncomfortably.

“My friends and I can help you. I promise. Just let us.” He knows she has no reason to trust him, they aren’t even that close. And yet, she finally turns her dark eyes back on him, gesturing for him to lead on.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Hayden mumbles 

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Do you wanna know just how much money I make?

I wanted to take a second to break some numbers down for you. I’m doing this to be transparent. To let you know what the life of producer/DJ looks like from the financial end. People often think there’s a huge amount of money in this scene. There is, but it is very concentrated and in the hands of a very, VERY few people. The vast majority are on similar numbers to me, running on fumes most of the time to make this thing work. We do it because we LOVE THE ABSOLUTE SHIT out of writing music, playing music and sharing music. 

Let’s start with a release.

Here’s the TOTAL sales breakdown for my Like Boom EP (March 2012). This is sales across all platforms (iTunes / Beatport / etc etc). Bear in mind this EP was the #2 overall release for thirteen weeks on Beatport so you can assume it was a comparative success.

Like Boom                                      2600
Facepalm                                       2932
Totalitaria                                       1125
Haters Gonna Hate                         652
Top Of The World                            710
What Props Ya Got                          614
Rise Up                                            658
Like Boom Nick Thayer Rmx         1953
Facepalm Rmx                                969
What Props Rmx                             509

So that’s 12,722 total sales.

For the sake of making this as simple as possible, let’s be generous and call these sales $2 each (most are a bit less). Then let’s split 50% (give or take) for whatever site you sell through, meaning the site takes $1 and there’s $1 left. Most labels these days run on a profit share arrangement which means you split what’s left of that down the middle too. Let’s also allow for any writing splits where other artists have been involved adding vocals etc. So here we have total income that gets to me after the site, the label and the other artists involved have all taken their cut.

Like Boom (50% to sample clearance, 25% share to three vocalists) 
Facepalm                                                $1467
Totalitaria                                                  $562.5
Haters Gonna Hate (50% to vocalist)       $326
Top Of The World (50% to vocalist)          $177.5
What Props Ya Got (30% to vocalist)        $158
Rise Up                                                      $329
Like Boom Nick Thayer Rmx (see above)  $122
Facepalm Rmx (50% to remixer)               $242
What Props Rmx (50% to remixer)            $127

So that’s a total income from the EP of $3673.50.

(I’m not going to include Spotify or YouTube here as they total less than the price of a beer overall).

At this point you pay your management 15% of what you have. Mastering comes in at approximately $150-$200 per track, so that’s $1500 total. Artwork is $1000 for anything half decent that’s usable across all platforms.  A decent publicity campaign is about $300-$500. There’s a myriad of other smaller costs involved too. Some labels will cover these costs up front but it will be a ‘recoupable advance’ meaning you have to pay them back before they give you any money so it’s the same as fronting the money yourself.

So you can see at the end, this EP which probably represented a year of work at actually ended up COSTING me money (though not a lot) to release. If somebody said to you 'put your heart and soul into this project for a year and at the end give us some money for the privilege of having us listen to it’, what would YOU do?

What about touring?

At this point people usually say 'well you make a lot of money from gigs right?’. Well not really. Around six months after this EP came out, so in late 2012, enough time to potentially see the benefits, in the US I was earning between $1000 and $1500 for a show. That might sound like a lot of money, but that is TOTAL.

Let’s say I did a run of nine shows across three weeks (Thurs, Fri, Sat night x 3) at $1250. That’s $11,250. That’s A LOT right?? Well. Right off the bat the booking agent will take 15%.  As an Australian in the US I pay 30% up front on tax too (this is reclaimable but Australia has a reciprocal tax agreement with US so it comes out of the amount of tax I owe here in Aus). So that’s down to $6200 straight away. Then I have to pay for travel. Let’s say return flights from Aus ($1500 economy fare) plus travel in between shows ($200 per flight if lucky) and we’re down to $2687. You can usually get the club to pay for a hotel on the night of your show, but that’s it. So that leaves maybe ten nights where you are covering it at $100 a night if you can find it. Often they will be much more expensive so you survive by sleeping on couches in friends’ places every second night. That’s $1687 left. Now pay management 15% and we’re at around $1434. Then there is food to pay for cause you can’t live on bar snacks for three weeks. At $30 per day (that’s $10 for b'fast lunch and dinner) for three weeks is around $600 and at that point all you’re left with is around $800 for three weeks’ work, which is not exactly a fortune.

So what?

This is not a sob story. This is me saying to you please, PLEASE support artists you like in any way you can think of. 

 - Buy the whole EP when they release it instead of just one song. You would not believe the difference this can make. Even buying two songs instead of one helps chart positions which creates exposure which means more people listen and the cycle repeats itself.

 - Share the links to their music on your Facebook or Twitter or re-post them on Soundcloud or wherever you can. Promoters keep an eye out for whoever is being talked about the most across social media so instead of bugging your favourite artist to come to your town talk about them as much as you can and bug the promoters to bring them.

I want to say now THANK YOU for every single person who has supported me in any of these ways. Who has bought my music, shown their friends, stuck stickers on things, come to a show or whatever. THANK YOU. 

Stadium Arcadium Era - Los Angeles Times Photoshoot, Los Angeles, January 8th 2005. During the recording period of Stadium Arcadium, the LA Times decided to take a visit to the home of guitarist John Frusciante. The extract in the paper reads:

   - The Hollywood Hills home of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante has been the site of prolific musical activity lately, but the Moderne-style house also has reminders of a time when the musician flirted with oblivion.

An impressive collection of framed Andy Warhol movie posters alludes to days when his main activity was sitting in a drugged stupor watching Warhol and Bogart films.

And as he now sits on his living room sofa, Frusciante, 34, makes no effort to conceal arms whose smooth, scarred surface makes him look like a burn victim — testimony to years of indiscriminate injection.

“I used to O.D. on cocaine all the time on my own and get myself out of it,” he recalls. “It was like a game for me, it was fun. That was how I got my kicks, from getting as close as I could to dying without actually dying.”

“John’s a very extreme person in what he does,” says Flea, bassist and co-founder of the Chili Peppers. “He never half-steps with anything.“Rock musicians’ fascination with the abyss has become a familiar story, but few have gone so far out and bounced back so strongly as Frusciante.

He’s been back in the Chili Peppers for seven years after quitting for five, the band is at the top of its game, and he’s ensconced as an A-list guitar hero (he’s one of the elect on the cover of Guitar World magazine’s 25th anniversary issue). He has just wrapped up a series of six solo albums that, remarkably, he’s releasing in a seven-month span.

Frusciante’s lost years mark one of the most turbulent stretches in the history of a band that has made a byword of turbulence. Ironically, he came aboard in 1988 as a stabilising force, a teenage fan of the rowdy, popular but erratic L.A. band who got to join his idols and help transform them into a group with credibility and a substantial body of work. His pure, soulful style helped turn the band from a manic, funk-based act into an often pensive unit with depth and texture. His second album with the band, 1991’s “Blood Sugar Sex Magik,” was a commercial and artistic breakthrough, in part due to his co-writing role with singer Anthony Kiedis on the image-changing hit ballad “Under the Bridge.” It was a dream come true for Frusciante, who was born in New York but grew up primarily in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

Then he threw it away.

“There was a lot of things going on at that time,” says Frusciante. “Anthony and I were getting along less and less. Basically we got real successful and his response to the success was to bask in it, to hold on to it for everything it’s worth. And my attitude was to resist, to back off…. I think it’s a healthy way to respond to success.”

He also felt that touring threatened the creative routine he had developed at home. So Frusciante abruptly quit the band during a tour of Japan and went off to indulge his demons.

Frusciante lived on royalty checks during his half-decade on drugs, but eventually the money and the creativity dried up. When he finally went into detox in 1998, he was surprised to find his old bandmates, who had made one album with Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro, eager to reconcile, even though his musicianship had deteriorated.

“It didn’t matter that my fingers were very weak and my guitar playing didn’t sound the way it used to sound, and that I couldn’t think as quickly musically,” he says. “They didn’t see any of that stuff. They saw in me what I was capable of, and for that I’ll always feel indebted to them…. It’s the best thing anybody ever did for me.”

Now he’s clear-eyed and in control.

“I’ve seen John go through a lot of phases in his life,” says Flea. “Right now he’s is in my favorite phase that he’s ever been in. He’s beautiful with his relationship to music, he’s become a much more kind and giving and caring and understanding person. I just think he’s in a really great space right now.”

Frusciante couldn’t be in a much better situation. The Chili Peppers are about to record a new album, hoping for a spring release. He has a progressive-rock instrumental band with Flea and Omar Rodriguez of the Mars Volta as an outlet. There have been two successful Chili Peppers albums since he rejoined, “Californication” and “By the Way.” And when the band took a six-month break in late 2003, it was a chance to do even more work.

“I’m not somebody who’s really big on going on vacations or things like that,” says Frusciante. “For me it’s about playing music all the time and about studying music all the time. Listening to music all the time…”

During the break, the guitarist found himself with about 70 songs he’d accumulated over three years. Instead of discarding the bulk of them or taking years to release them, he began recording quickly, and before he knew it he had his series ready to go. He was shooting for six albums in six months, but a printing error on the cover delayed the December release of “Curtains.” It now comes out Jan. 25.Released on the Santa Monica-based Record Collection label, the albums — “The Will to Death,” “Automatic Writing,” “DC EP,” “Inside of Emptiness,” “A Sphere in the Heart of Silence” and “Curtains” — reflect his diverse taste, from raw, cathartic rock songs to progressive instrumental explorations to electronically enhanced experimentation to the acoustic sound of the finale.

“I always have to try to go in an extreme from what I’ve last done,” he says. “Even in that six-month period, to me each record is completely different from the next…."Basically I just keep changing. I like to keep contradicting myself, whether it’s in the style of music I’m playing or in writing lyrics. It’s games of contradiction that keep me interested in what I’m doing.”

Frusciante didn’t want to do any marketing, figuring the records would find their natural audience, but he’s been surprised by how little attention they’ve received in specialty publications that generally revere his work. He thinks it might be a case of too much too fast.

“I’d definitely like to dispel any notion that there’s very little effort going into it or that I’m doing some kind of throwaway albums or something. It’s just the way my life is structured that I have to release them that quickly. My only option is to do a lot of albums during a short period of time when I can.”

But he stops when he hears himself complaining.

“It’s all positive to me, because in general where my life is at is really positive. I have a few really good friends, I love being in my band, I love being given the opportunity to make the music I’ve made. It’s such a blessing to me. I didn’t have anything five years ago…. I had no freedom at all before, and now I have nothing but freedom.”

Alright so everybody wants to know what I think about Beth surviving that shot to the head. So let me be clear. I’m on the fence. I fell in love with Beth when Daryl did ok. So I really cannot subject myself to that kind of heartbreak again. With that said, I think most of the theories floating around are awesome and I’m admiring them from a safe distance. It’s hard to believe she might still be alive after what we saw. It wasn’t just a bullet graze. It was full on in the head, shown up close and personal. And they carried her body out. Prepare to read a novel now.

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Me watching WGM Global Key edition ep 1

DISCLAIMER: I actually really like key and arisa together so none of this is meant to be taken at all in a meanspirited way okay? haohao? (lol heechul)


oh god oh god why is he nervous he’s key he doesn’t have the right to


….he wants a woman who’s passionate, sensible and with an opinion who’s not pretty…..without double eyelids-fuck shit there goes my chances

little bitch buying macaroons and being all weird with the cashier  I hope your wife puts up with your dorkiness

Arisa better throw some serious shade your way. 










oh thank god they’re speaking in japanese I don’t think I would be able to handle arisa’s perfect english and key’s voice sex that he does when he speaks in english. japanese. japanese is good. let’s stick with that.


arisa’s side-eyeing him with the card. SHE COVERS HER MOUTH WHEN SHE LAUGHES OH MY GOD SHE’S ME (jesus I fucking wish)



….now i really want coffee.

oh my god key was like “you don’t like talking to strangers? but you do it really well” AND SHE FUCKING GULPED OH MY LORDY SOMEONE HOLD ME I MIGHT DIE FROM THE ADORKABLE-NESS

Key’s taking her to the beach….it’s winter what are you gonna do there make a sand-snowman?


can they stop saying each other’s names its too much

OH SHE’S FRENCH…..that explains her facial structure much more.


arisa’s already had a boyfriend. and it wasn’t too long ago. Good girl. You go. :)

….key’s shoes fit arisa….either key’s got tiny feet or arisa’s got big feet….she is rather tall


awwwww they’re so cheesy key for someone who likes the camera so much you can’t take pictures with other people for shit


key you think she’s drunk before because you think everyone drinks. :P


Lol she says ketchup and yum so adorably I might die before this is over 



oh my god her voice is the cutest most high pitched adorable-ness ever can she stop I want her to later on just pull out the most manly voice ever and scare the crap out of key


New interview with Papa III, translated through google translate

While Gojira made its debut on the first day of the Download Festival in Paris, we head to the dressing rooms to meet Papa Emeritus III, before the concert that will give Ghost in the evening, after Iron Maiden. After a brief wait alongside a Scott Ian slumped in a hammock in complete relaxation, it was with surprise that we find ourselves facing a Papa Emeritus III unmasked, in civilian clothes, wearing a black biker covered in all groups of badges genres. Of course, in these circumstances, no photo, but a detailed and interesting exchange.

Hello, and thank you to spend some time with me before the concert tonight! Let’s start by evoking the latest news: the group released a teaser for a documentary, what can we expect from this new format?

Papa Emeritus III: I would say, for short, as we are a different group of others, we can not make this documentary conventionally, filming things on the fly. By cons, in the same way as all the other groups, if we can turn our concerts and perform in the best way, thanks to our technical team. So we said “why not just make a documentary about our team?”. This way, people will still have an overview of the life of the group, without it does not focus on us …

Not to break the mysteries surrounding the group?

P: Yes. It is not to reveal our secrets, not too much anyway. But you can see things from a new angle, and as a fan, I love seeing this stuff! It replaces a fine documentary turned to the group itself, I think.

Ghost also announced a new EP, to be released by year’s end. Is it already registered, and what can we expect? Reversals, new compositions?

P: Some times, and a few new songs, yes. Everything is already registered.

But you can not tell us more?

P: Everything will be announced very soon. There is not much to say now. Except that it will really start the second chapter of our tour.

The output cycle alternating an album and an EP, it will become a constant?

P: I do not want to implement this as a rule. We had just wanted the time before the next album to be longer. Especially because, from my point of view, our current graphic universe is very interesting, and can even extend it. So instead of writing a Meliora 2, we chose to leave it. An EP that continues the album. I do not know if the idea is good, we’ll see.

It joined a little my next question. With Meliora, themes related to church and evil rites was slightly indented. Ghost has instead exploited visual themes of the 20s, as well as many films as King Kong, Rosemary’s Baby, or Metropolis … The goal is to propose a radically different visual theme for each album?

P: To be honest, I have no clear vision of what we will then, out of this EP. I do not know what direction it will take. Of course, we will always turn around sacred themes. For example, our scene is still supposed to represent a church, chapel, or any sacred place. so I would say that even if Meliora and its extension are a little more secular and desecrated with the most modern and urban theme, I want to return to these issues in the future. This Christian and almost medieval side. We will probably make round trips to and from this theme over the album.

On the production Meliora I would say that the sound is less crude and dirty as debut of the group. The mix is ​​more polished, more orchestral: it is an evolution that you would like to see continue, or round trips are also to be expected?

P: I do not know. I am so tempted by a more progressive direction less progressive. I would love to develop the progressive elements that we inserted in Meliora …

A concept album perhaps?

P: Our albums are already quite conceptual. But they are not a story. And it’s true that I would be interested in writing more conceptual history. This would not necessarily rock, perhaps something more orchestral.

An opera ?

P: Something like that, yes. But I also like the idea of ​​a return to dance sound, but full of simplicity. A bit like our first record. In short, there is really the ability to write three different types of album: a very progressive drive, a more orchestral opus moving away from the rock, or a pure rock album.

Vocally, there is the added saturated singing on live versions of “Absolution”. It is a technique that might be found on a new album?

P: It’s possible [laughs]. It is not so far away. I am now writing the next album. But vocally, it has not worked too. We still do not know who will be the new Dad. We will see what we will do when it appears.

This weekend, Ghost play Download Festival, which has headliners like Iron Maiden and Rammstein, we know especially for their huge stage production with pyrotechnics and many effects. I can well imagine what you could do with such means: it’s one of your goals?

P: Exactly. That’s our goal. This is what tends towards what the cycle which will start with the new EP. For example, what we will do at Hellfest will be a sort of preview of the show we will propose in the autumn.

As a dress rehearsal?

P: A little, yes! It’s difficult to get any good when it comes to developing a single concert like that, especially in a festival. To be honest, we have always wanted to use pyrotechnics. For us it is all or nothing: either you used to, or you do not used. And we always found it best to continue as long without, to make it big when you cross the no. And make something tasty. If you take Rammstein, their show is hugely based on it, the fire in all directions, that is their thing. But there are some groups that have a horrible use of pyrotechnics, which balance the effects in all directions without stopping, and without real purpose. This is not reflected, it is nothing … It should be an addition, something that highlights a section of a song, or a move you make. I believe that with our new stage, we will unveil in part at Hellfest, and completely in the fall, we will be able to explore this pyrotechnic appearance. We will also be able to have a different set, play songs we’ve never played before, and move to the next level. Getting back to your question: yes, the long-term goal is to be up there with Maiden and Rammstein, to become the group that everyone wants to see.

Ghost seems to have created a real bridge between the metal scene and the audience more mainstream: the group is aware of? And how do you explain that?

P: I think if we can zig-zaguer this way between generalists Eurockéennes festivals like the Rock en Seine and metal events such as Hellfest, it is partly thanks to our image. We used a long time, we had the Pukkelpop example, if you know? The reason why we have this image, it is our love for the shock rock, but there is one other positive consequences … People who are not metalheads - people without belts balls, wholesale - naturally tend to reject groups that have this look, and we did not look it. People listen to the groups to which they can relate to, that’s why there are so many fans that look like their idols … and there’s nothing wrong with that! The advantage of this is that, from a commercial point of view, and we discovered over time is that metal does not follow this tradition, it does not refer to a culture particular, a sartorial point of view, and it does not create a barrier to the public. If we had long beards, tattoos, or swastikas on the head, we necessarily attract people who are like us.

Thank you for your time. Have you a few last words for the French fans of Ghost?

P: Thank you very much for your support, we are really happy to come here to play so often!

Author’s note: Spoilers for 1x14 and 1x15. Honestly, very spoilery. Avoid if you haven’t seen the finale. 

Oliver isn’t sure what time it is when he wakes. It’s still pitch black out and he’s burrowed under blankets and curled up next to Connor. The glow of a phone is the only light in the room and he squints to see what Connor is looking up so late. Without his glasses it’s hard to make out but is that—

“Are you on Wikipedia?”

Connor locks the phone and tosses it, screen down, on the comforter. “No,” he says, guiltily. “Maybe. Just—just looking up some stuff.”

“This isn’t some piece of trivia or settling some bar fight.” Oliver mumbles into the dark. “This is—this is—” My life. “This is more important.”

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