i want to devour all the outfits with that look

Quit it or I’ll Bite - GDragon drabble

dedicated to @nemesyis thanks for the drabble i hope you like it

(1) “The skirt is supposed to be this short” (9) “Quit it or I’ll bite.”

“What do you think you are wearing?” jiyong said eyes wide as he saw you walk into the living room. It was seungri’s birthday and he had invited you all to his night club; you were excited because this would be your opportunity to use your best outfit to open jiyong eyes so he would finally confess to you and make your relationship official.

No, you weren’t together, you were friends with benefits, whenever one of you were horny the other would come to their rescue and please each other in the process, the truth was that you have been in love with him for a while now, and you were terrified of confessing your feelings to him, so you just decided to forget about your feelings but things changed when a drunken jiyong confessed that he was actually madly deeply in love with you, you were excited, you were going to be his girlfriend after a year of fucking each other without feelings, but the next day he acted as if nothing had happened, as if he hadn’t confessed his undying feelings for you, you were disappointed beyond reason but then seungri gave you an idea.

Jiyong was a really jealous guy and with you it became ten times worse, so you decided to wear your most revealing outfit and seungri would help you make him jealous, and by the way jiyong was looking at you, like he wanted to devour you right then and there you knew this plan was going to work.

“y/n I think that skirt is missing a piece, did your dog ate all your clothes again?” you rolled your eyes, internally giving yourself a high five as you saw him staring at your long uncovered legs “the skirt is supposed to be this short” you said mater of factly, you grabbed your Burberry bag, the one he gave you for your birthday, “are you ready to go?” you asked as you put on your velvet black platforms, the ones he brought you from paris just because he liked them, it was as if he was your sugar daddy giving you gift for all the times you two slept together, you weren’t complaining though although you would have wanted him to give those present as a boyfriend spoiling his girlfriend.

He nodded not taking his eyes away from you and followed you out of your apartment like a scared puppy following its mother.

The night was going out as planned, you flirted with seungri danced with him as jiyong sta in the vip area trying to drink his jealousy away, you wondered how much it would take for him to crack and confess his feelings for you.

It took you only two hours of flirting drinking and dancing for him to finally tell you about his love for you.

You were seated in the vip area talking and laughing with seungri when you felt jiyong sitting beside you, he put his hand in your thigh, seungri saw this and chuckled, he got up and excused himself, you took a sip of your drink and you felt jiyong come closer to you, you felt his hot breathe on your neck and bit your lip when you felt his hand rubbing your upper thigh “quit it or I’ll bite” you widened your eyes and turned to look at him “quit what?” he smirked “quit trying to make me jealous, quit flirting with seungri and quit pretending that you don’t have feelings for me” you were speechless, he was smarter than you thought “how did you know?” you whispered he smiled “seungri told me” he smiled as he pulled his face away from you leaving you feeling empty “I shouldn’t have acted that I didn’t know I confessed your feelings that night, I should have asked you to be my girlfriend that day I woke up half naked in your sofa with your dog licking my face, but I was scared that you would actually reject me” you looked at him surprised “how could I reject kwon jiyong?” he smiled and left his empty cup on the table, he grabbed you hands and you looked up to him staring at your eyes “y/n will you be my girlfriend?” you smiled and nodded he smirked and put a hand behind your neck to pull your face close to him, you smiled and cupped his face to finally seal your lips together, right where they belonged.