i want to dance with thom


Still stucked on Thom Yorke’s face. What an amazing face and body gesture. How can anyone who can draw not be inspired to draw him ?

I was dreaming while listening to my favourite Radiohead songs, and naturally started to imagine the story. The person singing it, living and feeling the lyrics, in a story that would make sense.

The lyrics are quite obscure for me, and their music videos often don’t help to figure out what they really mean. So I created my own interpretation, certainly very far away from what Thom Yorke wanted to say when he write these lyrics, and even more far from who Thom Yorke is.

So I made a character from the real Thom Yorke, and completed with what I imagined him to be. Someone who would wite such melancolic songs, tourmented, insecure, depressed, and sometimes a bit revengeful.

I like how he looked like in the earliest music videos, with this weird yet fascinnating crazy way of dancing he had. He was in such transe when singing.

And the face, jeez. My favourite video is Just, in which he’s ginger. His skin looks even more white. And the look in his eyes. I really love how his paralysed eyelid makes him look like totally numb or nealy dead on one side. His whole being seems awkward and strange, even when completly static.

I really whished Radiohead would have make a music video as good as Just for Paranoid Android, which is my absolute favourite song from this group. There is definitely a story with different mood and phases going on, many emotions I would have loved to see a Thom Yorke - inspired character feel.

And that’s the kind of dreams that went on in my head when I drew these. In case anyone wondered.

I didn’t quite figured out what was going on in Paranoid Android, but I think it would be cool to draw a story with this character with subbtle and appropriate use of the lyrics, at one point or another. Er, maybe later.


So.. I don’t want to start this thing about his girlfriend all over again.. but.. focus on the dance o/

fuckign thomas edward yorke with his goddamn face and his greasy hobo hair and his wonky eyes and his wrinkles???? his fuckign face??? and his stupid voices and his safety goggles and his hyperactive giggle and his weird laugh???? that makes me wtan to die???? and his swole muscles and his shynes s and his dumb lil scritchy beard??? his wonky teeth?? his wobbly dance and his big big smiles when the crowd sings along and his yoga???? his fuckign yoga??? i want to throw myself off a cliff???? happy birthday ha p p y bir thd ay hippy happy birth u hippie

I worry about thom yorke a lot, like, is he happy right now? Is he happy with himself? Is he happy with his voice? Is he still dancing around the studio and house when he’s playing music? Is his hair long or short? does he have a beard or not? Is he comfortable with the way he’s aging? Is he getting more gray hair? Is he sleeping well? I don’t know, i hope so.