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hello (: hope you're doing well! i was just wondering, what are some of your favorite interviews with rh band members? it's hard to find quality interviews in which the interviewer actually gets to the point and keeps the person they're interviewing engaged... i liked that one with thom and charlotte roche from 2003 for example! are there any others that come to your mind? have a lovely day <3

Hello! Thank you, i hope you are ok too. First of all, i’d like to apologize for answering your message just now but i wasn’t home and i wanted to give you a long list ;) I wasn’t ignoring you! 

OK, here i go: 

Thom and Jonny at MusiquePlus, 1993

Thom Yorke Interview Deadeye Video Magazine, 1994 

Thom, Colin and Ed at the Sideshow, 1994

Radiohead for British TV, Vancouver, 1995

Thom and Ed on MTV, 1995

Thom Yorke on MusiquePlus, 1995

Thom, Ed and Colin on VideoMusic, 1995

Radiohead at MuchMusic, 1995 (It gives me second hand embarrassment but the band is so cute so you have to watch it too)

Radiohead for Scottish Music Programme, 1995 (A PADDLE, SIR?!)

Thom and Jonny on The Beat, 1995

Thom and Jonny at MTV 120 Minutes, 1996

Ed O’Brien at the PinkPop Festival, 1996 (look at those sideburns!)

Radiohead at MuchMusic, 1997

Radiohead MTV Japan, 1997

Thom, Jonny and Ed, MTV 120 Minutes, 1997

Thom and Ed, Much Music, 1997

Thom and Jonny, MuchMusic, 1997

Thom and Jonny, MusiquePlus, 1997

Thom and Colin, MusiquePlus, 1997

Radiohead, Music Factory, 1997

Thom and Phil, MuchMusic, 1998

Radiohead, MuchMusic, 2000

Thom, Music Express, 2000

Thom, Lola Da Musica, 2000

Radiohead, MTV, 2001

Ed and Phil, MuchMusic, 2001

Thom Yorke being Interviewed by Sook Yin-Lee, 2001

Ed and Phil, PinkPop Festival, 2001

Thom, Ed, Colin and Phil, Fan Documentary, 2002 (Mostly Thom, lovely interview)

Radiohead, Montreux Jazz Festival, 2003

Radiohead, MTV, 2003

Thom, Jonny and Colin, MusiquePlus, 2003

Radiohead, Le Reservoir, 2003

Radiohead, Trafic Musique, 2003

Jonny, Colin and Ed, 2004

Thom, The Culture Show, 2006

Thom Yorke, 2006

Jonny, Caroline Martel, 2006 (i adore this one)

Thom and Ed, Japan, 2007

Thom and Ed, Dave Fanning, 2008

Thom, MTV, 2008

Thom and Ed, Multishow, 2009

Thom and Adam Buxton, Latitude Festival, 2009 (too cute)

EDIT: I can’t believe i forgot to add these important interviews! 

Thom Yorke, (I wanted to be…) at Malta Festival, 2013 (I just love the way the interviewer looks at him)

Thom Yorke, (About music) at Malta Festival, 2013 (1:40 the long romantic stare… i mean… me too, girl. and thom just goes “………… you know…..”) 

Thom Yorke, (About dance) at Malta Festival, 2013

Thom and Nigel: Ask A Grown Man, 2013. (I watch this when i’m sad because it’s just so adorable)

Thom and Stanley, Filter Magazine, 2013 (The Best, tipsy thom keeps talking and laughing)

Phew! and that’s it, I hope that helps! You can also find more interviews on this channel

I’ve seen it all, I have seen the trees,
I’ve seen the willow leaves dancing in the breeze
I’ve seen a man killed by his best friend,
And lives that were over before they were spent.
I’ve seen what I was - I know what I’ll be
I’ve seen it all - there is no more to see!

I’ve seen it all, I’ve seen the dark
I’ve seen the brightness in one little spark.
I’ve seen what I chose and I’ve seen what I need,
And that is enough, to want more would be greed.
I’ve seen what I was and I know what I’ll be
I’ve seen it all - there is no more to see!

Thom Yorke & Bjork - I’ve Seen It All


@thomsfalsetto Thom with his hair down dancing to idioteque! 


Still stucked on Thom Yorke’s face. What an amazing face and body gesture. How can anyone who can draw not be inspired to draw him ?

I was dreaming while listening to my favourite Radiohead songs, and naturally started to imagine the story. The person singing it, living and feeling the lyrics, in a story that would make sense.

The lyrics are quite obscure for me, and their music videos often don’t help to figure out what they really mean. So I created my own interpretation, certainly very far away from what Thom Yorke wanted to say when he write these lyrics, and even more far from who Thom Yorke is.

So I made a character from the real Thom Yorke, and completed with what I imagined him to be. Someone who would wite such melancolic songs, tourmented, insecure, depressed, and sometimes a bit revengeful.

I like how he looked like in the earliest music videos, with this weird yet fascinnating crazy way of dancing he had. He was in such transe when singing.

And the face, jeez. My favourite video is Just, in which he’s ginger. His skin looks even more white. And the look in his eyes. I really love how his paralysed eyelid makes him look like totally numb or nealy dead on one side. His whole being seems awkward and strange, even when completly static.

I really whished Radiohead would have make a music video as good as Just for Paranoid Android, which is my absolute favourite song from this group. There is definitely a story with different mood and phases going on, many emotions I would have loved to see a Thom Yorke - inspired character feel.

And that’s the kind of dreams that went on in my head when I drew these. In case anyone wondered.

I didn’t quite figured out what was going on in Paranoid Android, but I think it would be cool to draw a story with this character with subbtle and appropriate use of the lyrics, at one point or another. Er, maybe later.

Why would you partner me with someone so good? I’m not prepared for that. I mean, how could I be when I learned the pas de deux basics with a crap partner. Everyone wants to talk about how amazing he was, but he wasn’t! He was indescribably terrible. As a pas de deux partner. As a boyfriend. And then he got his own boyfriend. And then he kissed me! And then he died. I mean, what sort of a person does that?
—  Abigail Armstrong: Dealing with Sammy’s Death.
The Firebird - Chapter 23

Step 23 : Dance (Santiago’s Dream)

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31, @titaniasfics and dandelion-sunset for their expertise in grammar, spelling, commas and everything that needed to be corrected … and there was a lot. Ask xerxia about my meltdowns …

To @akai-echo  – thank you my friend for everything you’ve done for this fic – the banners and aesthetics are beyond gorgeous.

Only one chapter left, folk – and a epilogue – should  I post them separately ?

Here on AO3 - FFN

It was easier now to start her day. The burden of the show was gone, the pressure off her shoulders. The company got excellent reviews, praising Cinna’s creativity in terms of costumes, as well as the ensemble performance of the dancers. Katniss herself even got some very good ones pointing out how her performance made the Firebird believable.

But all those good words were nothing compared to how proud Peeta was of her, staying by her side the whole evening long, ending up at Chez Valerie with all of the other dancers, like in the good old days, but always keeping his focus on her, never on his aborted ballet career.

There was a hilarious moment when Finnick called, after his own day of rehearsals, to congratulate her on her hard work. Apparently, Peeta had sent him pictures.
For the first time in a long time, Katniss felt free, happy and light. She knew the big show of the season was coming up, and she hoped she would have a role to play in it - one of the fairies, maybe, whichever would be a fit for her. But the nominations wouldn’t come for quite some time, and she didn’t want to think about it yet.

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fuckign thomas edward yorke with his goddamn face and his greasy hobo hair and his wonky eyes and his wrinkles???? his fuckign face??? and his stupid voices and his safety goggles and his hyperactive giggle and his weird laugh???? that makes me wtan to die???? and his swole muscles and his shynes s and his dumb lil scritchy beard??? his wonky teeth?? his wobbly dance and his big big smiles when the crowd sings along and his yoga???? his fuckign yoga??? i want to throw myself off a cliff???? happy birthday ha p p y bir thd ay hippy happy birth u hippie

Summer of ‘91

Thom: “At first it was quite a nice house but we turned it into a complete fucking hole. We’d just begun taking the band seriously so there were musical instruments everywhere. We ripped half the wallpaper off taking the Hammond organ in and out. There was always fag ash everywhere. Plus, the carpet would roll down the stairs every time you went up them.

“We all lived there in the course of the year but people would drift in and out. Technically-speaking, Phil had a room there but most of the time he couldn’t bear to come round. I felt sorry for the landlord because he could never work out who was living there. We’d get angry phone calls saying, The rent is overdue! And we’d say, Sorry, call Phil…Also, the record collection was huge. I was sleeping in the living room so I moved all the albums in there. We’d have evenings of just sitting around listening to records which was really nice.

“Colin and I got into cooking. But all the things we cooked had to have pesto in. Colin always referred to it as the ‘pesto slop’. It would taste great, though. You know, idiot food. But a month after I moved out I ate some pesto and started feeling really sick. I haven’t eaten it since.

“I’d do it again if we had to. I mean that’s what we’re doing at the moment really, living together on the tour bus. Except the good thing is, you don’t have to clean out the toilet - not that we did anyway.”

Colin: “It was only really me and Thom who stuck it out all the way through. But it was a bit eerie because the woman who’d lived there before had died. I think she died in the house. And Ed and I kept finding things which had obviously belonged to her. Combs, half-empty fag packets, stuff like that. One day we found this half-eaten pork pie down the back of the soda. It must’ve been there for months but you could still see the teeth marks. Of course, being morbid people we managed to convince ourselves that she’d choked on it.

“Thom had got into dance music at college and kept on playing these awful house records. God only knows what they were. I was working at Our Price and in the evenings all I wanted to do was sit round and listen to the Pale Saints. But Thom would stick on this horrendous techno music. He got pretty short shrift from the rest of us.

“I don’t remember us socialising much. I think we spent most of the time trying to avoid each other as much as possible. We didn’t really argue though. Jonny never did the washing up, he’ll admit that, but he’d only just left school. I don’t think he’d quite got his head round this living together business. The only other thing was that one day Phil came back and I’d eaten all his honey. I mean, the guy hadn’t been there in weeks but still got really angry about it. He still brings it up to this day!

“I don’t know if I’d do it again. Maybe if it was a house in Trinidad. But it would have to large enough so we never saw each other.”

D A N C E  O N  O U R  G R A V E S : an allydia, allison death-aftermath mix [ listen ]

i. early death - baths | ii. dance on our graves - paper routes | iii. the price of love - white lies | iv. fall in love - phantogram | v. not just a girl - she wants revenge | vi. #1 crush- garbage | vii. 505 (sa arias remix) - arctic monkeys | viii. the greatest view (ft. isabella menfredi) - flume | ix. resistance - muse | x. the wilhelm scream - james blake | xi. sleep alone - bat for lashes | xii. bravado (hippie sabotage remix) - lorde | xiii. army of me - bjork | xiv. let me go (ancient mermaids remix) - haim | xv. hearing damage - thom yorke | xvi. together - the xx | xvii. born to die (clams casino remix) - lana del rey

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have you ever met any of the radiohead members?

I’ve interviewed Philip for work last year. That was for his latest solo album Weatherhouse (which I love!). He’s really lovely. I didn’t have that much time with him - like 15mins maybe, I can’t remember exactly but it was short - so I could only ask quite basic questions but he gave me really interesting answers. Very charming, polite, friendly, smiling. I would have loved for it to last longer. We took a picture together at the end :)

I also met Thom veeeeery quickly after a Radiohead show in Paris in 2012. I was with friends who wanted to see if they could get their tickets signed so we waited at the exit and he showed up. He didn’t sign everyone’s ticket but he signed mine. When he got in front of me he looked at me and said “you were at the front row, weren’t you” - “yes?” I answered - he said “saw you dancing there”, then he smiled at me and went on with the signing. That was really sweet :) (I indeed danced like a crazy weirdo the whole evening haha). Ed also came out and signed my ticket that day but we didn’t talk. He was very smiling!

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High school prom everlark AU

 Thanks Anon!! <3 Rated M for language (I have a really dirty mouth)

The glittering moonlight reflected on the lake as Katniss laid across the dock staring up at the stars. Tonight was prom night and instead of partaking in the right of high school passage, she was sitting here on the dock all alone. She moved her dark braid over one shoulder as she took a deep sigh in. 

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Thoughts on Radiohead in Paris night 2

(My post about night 1 here)

Okay guys I just woke up and I feel like I have a hungover hahaha I danced sooo much, my whole body hurts and I have bruises everywhere. NO. REGRETS.

I showed up a little before 12am and got the raiiiil in front of Thom again :D

So first I guess you all saw the setlist, very happy about Airbag, Climbing Up The Walls AND AND AND 2+2=5 (which the whole crowd wanted according to their reaction haha). Also still no Myxomatosis, nor 15 Step sadly, and no Who & Who’s Army either (it was written on the setlist but they played Bodysnatchers instead). Really wanted There There and Reckoner and they played both, both amazing. And that ending with Karma Police, I have to admit, was magical.

BUT what you need to know about the show is about Thom. He wasn’t feeling well AT ALL in the beginning. Seriously, I was worried about him. He was so angry at everything, I’m not sure why, but the band faced a few (minor) technical problems and maybe that’s part of what pissed him off. I thought he was going to smash his guitar at some point. Top-angriness was Talk Show Host. You should have seen the look in his eyes, I thought he was going to murder someone. 

Then, Nude happened. Thom was very focused, but he stopped the song in the middle to warn the security someone was fainting. Then they went on, and at the end of the song, Thom just froze. He was standing there looking at nothing, for 30 solid seconds or so. I was afraid he’d leave the stage. He looked so sad… The crowd cheered, harder and harder, so he looked at us, slowly coming back to Earth, and he started crying :( :( :(. He walked a bit on stage to clam down, and drank some water. His mates told him he’d be okay. 

So he got back to his mic and started Identikit. And from there, honestly, he was feeling MUCH BETTER. He started dancing and smiling again, got on the edge of the stage to dance with us, etc. And the show got better and better every song. Idioteque was MADNESS. Never saw him dancing like that before. He was in front of me and my friends (Team Dancinglikefuckingidiots) the whole time. Totally eyefucked, a lot of times. He took off his manbun at the end haha. 

He smiled so much. Very last song was Karma Police, which of course everyone knew. He seemed so happy. Before leaving the stage, he didn’t take his guitar off, and slowly started to play the riff again, so the whole crowd started singing again “FOR A MINUTE THERE, I LOOOST MYSEEELF” and he was so happy and proud :).

I was so relieved he felt better after a while, serioulsy. After the show, my friends and I went to the backstage door, not hoping much (especially at this venue, which is a litteral fortress). BUT, WTF, Thom and Ed got out to sign stUff and talk a bit with us! Ed was first, charming as usual, all “how was everything, aw thank you” etc, smiled at everyone and signed everything. One of my friends brofisted him hahaha.

Then Thom got out, and I thought he was just going to be as fast as possible, sign 3 things and run away, but NO. He was in a GREAT mood. He talked with us and signed litterally eveyone’s ticked/CD/whatever. He took his time, was still smiling a lot. I told him Idioteque was mad af and he agreed, he also was surprised that everyone wanted 2+2=5 so much haha. So yeah, we talked a bit about the show and stuff and then he left. He was so happy and cute. Loose hair (which he cut a bit btw), nice look, perfect. I’m still smiling at my computer while writing this.

More random thoughts in addition of yesterday :

- Ed’s “I’m playing an amazing solo” face ; he also eye-contacted me a few times and seemed happy that people were so into it

- Jonny hugging his guitar

- Jonny playing the piano with his hair as much as his hands

- Colin is in love with everyone in this band I swear to god you should have seen him looking at Thom it was the cutest thing

And I guess that’s it! I love this fucking band so much. <3

Lotus Flower
Lotus Flower

“Lotus Flower”

I will shape myself into your pocket
Invisible, do what you want, do what you want
I will shrink and I will disappear
I will slip into the groove and cut me up, and cut me up

There’s an empty space inside my heart
Where the weeds take root
And now I’ll set you free
I’ll set you free
There’s an empty space inside my heart
Where the weeds take root
Tonight I’ll set you free
I’ll set you free

Slowly we unfurl
As lotus flowers
‘Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick
Just to see what if
Just to see what is
I can’t kick your habit
Just to feed your fast ballooning head
Listen to your heart

We will shrink and be quiet as mice
While the cat is away; do what we want
Do what we want

There’s an empty space inside my heart
Where the weeds take root
So now I set you free
I set you free

'Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick
Just to see what if
Just to see what is

Put the lotus flower into my room

Slowly we unfurl
As lotus flowers
'Cause all I want is the moon upon a stick
I dance around a pit
The darkness is beneath
I can’t kick your habit
Just to feed your fast ballooning head
Listen to your heart

I worry about thom yorke a lot, like, is he happy right now? Is he happy with himself? Is he happy with his voice? Is he still dancing around the studio and house when he’s playing music? Is his hair long or short? does he have a beard or not? Is he comfortable with the way he’s aging? Is he getting more gray hair? Is he sleeping well? I don’t know, i hope so.