i want to curl up in a ball and never leave my room

“You kept my number.” - Solangelo AU

So, I was talking to my sister about a prompt request she had. I was a little more enthusiastic than her. I have no idea what guy she was talking about in the message. I don’t follow music much anymore. 
Also, yes my sister speaks English as a first language so hers is a lot better than mine. 
Enjoy this AU that my sister found and demanded I wrote.

Will sank further into his chair, a sigh slipping from his lips as it often did after long shifts at the hospital where little coffee was consumed in the solace of his breaks. While he loved being a doctor it was days like this - days where he was so overwhelmed by the exhaustion that wore down on him during those hours he worked that made him want to curl up into a ball in the corner of the room and never leave again, even for the new episode of Orange is the New Black. Okay, it was rarely that bad. But today was testing him.

He had been on emergency call and the coffee machine was broken so he had to go to the university across the road to get his coffee, which was almost impossible in the short amount of time he was given for break. And then one of his patients catheters broke and he got dosed in urine. But worst of all, when he got home after his car had broke down and he had to wait almost an hour for someone to come help him Nico di fucking Angelo was plaguing his television.

After high school Nico and Will had been an on and mostly off again couple. It was usually a big fight followed by two weeks of ignoring each other before one of them got so frustrated that they had angry sex before forgiving each other and restarting the wheel of misery and unfortunate. 

When Will left for med school they decided that their relationship was definitely not going to work. So, with a final fight Will and Nico parted ways. 

But it was impossible for Will to avoid Nico’s development in the world. Half way through Will’s first year of med school Nico had been signed on to a record deal and later that year he came out with his first song. Which was a massive hit, much to Will’s dismay. 

Even when they were young Nico had a talent. He could play the guitar - any guitar - with ease and outstanding talent. Improvising chords and melodies came naturally to him. He had a way with words that was poetic enough to be pretentious and still be meaningless for people who didn’t care about lyrics. And his voice…. Nico di Angelo had a husky voice, deep and gravely in the most appealing way. Will was always a sucker for Nico’s voice.

And now, years down the line, Nico was sitting on his ass being interviewed for the umpteenth time while Will, who had worked for hours straight had roughly nine hours before his next shift. 

“I like to think I’ve come far from where I was as a teen, yeah.” Nico’s voice was oddly soft in the silence of Will’s living room.

“You haven’t.” Will muttered bitterly at the television. He narrowed his eyes at the closed captioning that was on his screen. When something on the television was live like Nico’s interview was they were always out of time. It bothered him more than the way Nico raked his fingers through his dark hair that hung loosely around his shoulders. And that gestured bothered Will a lot. “You’re still a dick.”

“You had it rough when you were young between the loss of your mother and sister.” The interviewer stated. Will saw Nico’s jaw tense at the words. He was never good at talking about his mother or Bianca. “Do you think that helps to influence your music?”

Nico shrugged, seemingly nonchalant. Will knew better. He could see the furrow in Nico’s eyebrows, the furrow that was always present when Nico tried to remain stoic. 

“To a certain degree.”

“But there are a large number of romantic songs on your newest album. Did your family help to influence this or are you hiding a significant other that you’re not telling the press about?”

Nico’s chuckle made Will’s heart flutter in his chest. The doctor tried to ignore it. “He was more like my significant annoyance.”

“So there is someone.”

Was.” Nico corrected immediately. His expression changed. It fell to a more tender one, more nostalgic than tense. More loving than pained. 

“This would be so much easier if you weren’t hot anymore.” Will scoffed as Nico pressed his lips together. 

“It’s about a guy that I used to date,” Nico explained. Will looked around for the remote, but upon finding it wasn’t in the immediate vicinity decided to sink back into his chair and endure the bullshit that came from Nico’s mouth. About this amazing guy that influenced so many of Nico’s amazing songs. “I was unfair to him. I always used to cause fights over petty things that I ruined it. Which was shit because I did love him, I was just too afraid to admit it because I was angsty and thought every good thing in my life eventually went to shit.”

The interviewer sat forward. Will was ashamed to admit so did he.

“Was what his name?”

“Will.” Nico smiled. It was small, but true. Pure and honest. And it made Will’s heart stop. “We dated in high school.”

Will almost dived off his sofa and over his coffee table to where his phone sat on charge. Will scrolled, not thinking or breathing or doing anything but scrolling until his finger hovered over the contact he could never really delete.

The logical part of Will told him that Nico had probably changed his phone number after becoming a musical sensation. The other part of Will had his eyes locked on the screen waiting to see if Nico reacted. 

For an agonising moment when Will bit down on his tongue from anxiety there was no sound but the dialing tone of his phone.

Then there was a ring.

Will felt like he exploded when the ringing sound was mirrored on the television from his phone. Will buzzed as Nio looked down at his pocket in confusion and the interviewer looked behind the camera to someone in shock. 

Nico pulled his phone out of his pocket, not checking the name before muttering an apology to the interviewer. “No one usually phones my private phone.”

And then he looked down at the phone and a wide smile broke out on his face, toothy like it had been when they were fourteen. Nico looked like he was younger and with the way Will’s heart pounded a tattoo against his ribs he felt like he was fourteen too. 

“I-It’s, erm, it’s Will.” Nico told the interviewer. Will didn’t hear the interviewers animated response but he assumed it was encouraging because a moment later Nico pressed the speakerphone button and held the phone near his mouth. 

Will heard him inhale. “You kept my number.”

“What kind of Hunger Games-esque declaration of undying love are you trying to make, you asshole?!” Will heard his voice echo through the television, but he ignored it as Nico laughed. Not a chuckle. Not a forced huff. But a real laugh like the ones they used to share. “Are you laughing at me, di Angelo? I swear to god, I am going to find this fancy-ass studio and kick your ass! What the hell are you playing at?”

“Quite the charmer, Nico.” The interviewer’s laugh was beginning to annoy Will. More so than Nico’s familiar laugh was. “How are you this evening, Will?”

“Fan-freaking-tastic.” Will snapped. Nico stared at his phone like it was an amazing entity, like it was everything he had ever wanted. Nico wondered if it was harder being able to see Nico’s reaction through the screen or if it was harder for him to have to imagine the anger, the expression Will had on his face. Or how will had aged or if he had changed. Will could see Nico had, Nico had to guess whether or not Will had.

But Nico didn’t ask about how Will was, about how he had changed. Nico didn’t question whether or not Will was close, whether or not he wanted to reconnect or discuss their relationship for the crowds of his fans or the press. He asked something that made Will’s heart swell.

“Did you become a doctor?” 

Will nodded before he realised Nico couldn’t see him. “Yes.”

“You actually did?”

“I guess I should thank you because I used you to piss me off enough to get through my finals.” Nico chuckled. The sound was music to Will’s ears. “If I could endure you’re bitchy attitude I could endure them.”

“Happy to be of help.” There was a silence. Nico didn’t move on the screen and Will didn’t speak. Or breath. Or think. Or do anything but stare at the screen with his phone pressed to his ear. “So you’re happy?”

“Yeah, I guess I am.” Will said firmly. Nico’s eyes smiled as he looked up, pleased with the response. Looking at the tenderness in his face brought a bout of deja vu, a bought of memories that Will thought he had long since buried. Apparently not. “Now that I have screamed at you and embarrassed myself I guess I am going to hang up.”

“Okay.” Nico said softly. Will waited for him to suggest they meet up soon, to say something about his declaration. To sdk Will to keep talking to him. But Nico said nothing. 

“We should, like, meet up soon or something.” Will could feel the heat rise in his cheeks. Nico simply nodded. “I apologise for interrupting your interview, you dumbass.” Nico told him it was okay.

Will didn’t want to hang up. But he did with a final apology.

Nico stared at the phone after the end call tone dialed, smiling softly until the interviewer prompted conversation. Nico answered the questions about his and Will’s relationship with little detail, holding the memories of events like their first date to himself. Will turned off his television when the interviewer asked how physical Nico’s relationship with Will had been and went to bed.

Will couldn’t sleep from the buzz that possessed his body until his phone chimed in the silence and the artificial light illuminated his room.

Coffee at Cwtch tomorrow at six? 
Also, you kept my number all these year?

Guess who actually spell checked this time because I was actually wearing my glasses. ME!
Also, ‘cwtch’ is a welsh word and it is also the name of a cafe in the town I used to live in when I was younger. I am unoriginal and couldn’t think of one. But ‘cwtch’ is pretty much the lovechild of a basic hug and a cuddle. It is the most pure form of a hug and no english word and define it.

Also, if you have any requests send them to me. I live for writing so if you have anything to ask, do it!

Sorry about my English.