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U r my go to girl so my request is: stiles being the most clumsy human known to man but on the field he is a force to be reckoned with. Derek, who is super cool on and off the court of his boyfriends rival team(rival team as in the basketball and lacrosse team hate each other), is the biggest, softy marshmallow, adorable, shy, dopey puppy ever.

i love u omg thanks for the support my dude :) 

also on ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10423656

Derek jumped up, cheering as he watched Stiles run down the field, lining up the perfect shot and scoring the game winning goal.

The rest of the crowd erupted as well and Derek couldn’t take his eyes off of his boyfriend. Stiles was hoisted into the air, throwing his arms up as he celebrated with his teammates.

“Hale,” Derek heard someone call.

He turned around to see the Sheriff walking up to him.


“Derek, how many times do I have to tell you to call me John.”

“Right, John. How are you?”

“I’m great. Not every day your kid scores the game winning goal. Are you guys going out after the game?”

“Maybe. You know how overwhelmed he gets when the attention is on him for too long. We might get dinner alone.”

“Well enjoy your night. See you this weekend at dinner.”

Derek waited for the crowd to die down before making his way to Stiles. When he spotted him, Stiles’ face broke out into a giant smile before running towards Derek and Derek had just enough time to open his arms to catch his boyfriend.

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Omg a klance sickfic where they've crashed somewhere & both are trying to be like "I'm angry at you for getting us in this mess but I'm fine™!" & both blame the other but then as they're walking around, Lance just starts taking on the blame & Keith is hella confused? But then he realizes that Lance isn't looking too good & he just feels really bad as he takes care of a deliriously crying Lance. Bonus points if Keith realizes the crash was actually inevitable and yelling at Lance helped no one-

YES I love people yelling at sick characters and then feeling really bad about it so here we go. This REALLY inspired me. 

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WARNING:explicit sex scenes
-Dan and Phil are at their house when all of a sudden the power turns off (dan is afraid of the dark) what will dan do? And how will phil help him? One must truly wonder.-

It was late at night, dan looked at the clock on the laptop it read 9:14 PM. He already knew he was in for another night of the deep Tumblr; which basically was all the fanfics and edits people did with their OTPs. He was scrolling when all of a sudden he noticed that phil walked into the living room with a bowl of cereal HIS CEREAL…. “Really phil again with taking my cereal.” Dan said dramatically
“What…. I ran out of mine and you always have my favorites ready.” Phil said trying to seem innocent “Phil how many times have I told you get your own cereal.” Dan replied sarcastically In reality though dan loved it when phil took his cereal it meant they had the same taste in things, and phil may not know but Dan always got phils favorite on purpose just so he could have something to bicker about with him.
“I try but the store is soooooo far and I’m to lazy to go outside….plus it’s OUTSIDE THE OUTSIDE KILLS.” Phil said dramatically again with a sort of exaggerated voice
"Whatever next time at least ask.” Dan said to Phil rolling his eyes
"Ok….” phil said lightly, he slowly saw phils face lift into a smile Dan now wondered if phil purposefully took his cereal so he could be noticed or something. Dan felt his face lift into a small smile and went back into his laptop, he felt phils gaze upon him as he went to turn on the tv. Phil put a tv show him and dan liked and immediately sat next to dans feet curling up into a little ball, he then started eating his cereal. Dan was reading some Johnlock and decided he rather watch this tv show with phil then read the fanfic, so he shut the laptop off and placed it on the coffee table then he laid up straight and put his elbow on the arm rest. Dan felt phils toes curl up as the tv show got more dramatic and it sent a wave of pleasure and happiness towards dans heart. Dan shuddered a little and couldn’t help but blush, he slowly felt his face heat up and could tell that his cheeks were probably red. Phil looked at dan and noticed
"Hey are you ok? Your face is kinda red.” Phil asked worried
“Yeah I’ll be fine I’m gonna get some water though, do you want any?” Dans said trying to hide the crack rising in his voice Dan knew it was a stupid question to ask since phil had a bowl of cereal with milk but he was trying to be polite.
"Um no I’m good I got cereal,” phil shook his bowl lightly in his lap “oh but if you don’t mind can you put this in the sink for me.” Phil said with his light blue eyes that always struck dans heart. Dan never could deny phils requests even if they were stupid because dan would always get happy when he saw phil happy. That smile that could stop anyone in their tracks the hair that looked like a lions mane and the pale skin that always looked bright against his dark black hair. “Yeah I got you.” Dan said with a big smile he felt his face calm down as he walked toward the kitchen he banged against the glass door and felt a wave of pain and shock,
"Ugh!” Dan said loudly He always forgot about that dumb door. He opened it with his free hand and placed the bowl into the sink and walked to the fridge to get a bottle of water. He started thinking that he since he loved phil so much wouldn’t it be ok to already tell him since they already acted like a married couple. However what if phil was homophobic or what if he starts to hate dan for thinking that way towards his roommate and bestfriend, or worse what if phil rejects his feeling completely and leaves him the next day. As all these thoughts rush through dans head as he started walking back to the living room he noticed the lights flicker. UGH THATS WEIRD I BETTER TELL THE MAINTENANCE GUY TO CHECK THE LIGHTS TOMORROW dan thought a little bit scared. He continued his thoughts of him and Phil together and how nice it would be to finally snuggle with phil in his bed and playing with each others feet under the blue and green covers of phils bed. He also thought of how nice it would be to sleep with phil and finally smell him all night long. He sat down on the sofa that had taken his unique shape and slowly felt his body sink in the cushion, phil was still in the same position he last saw him in and he thought of how cute he looked…. he looks like some sort of bunny huddled in that corner. Dan saw the lights flicker again and got stiff he always hated the dark because for some reason when he saw the darkness all he saw was his own loneliness staring back at him. PHSSSSSSS the lights turned off with a little light wave, OH NO NOT THIS dan thought as the water bottle fell onto the ground. THUMP! The water bottle fell and phil yelped “AH! Omg dan what was that?” Phil asked concerned Mghm dan cleared his threat and tried not to show the shakiness in his voice
“Um that was the water bottle sorry…. I’m phil….” dan said Phil already knew dan was scared of the dark because he always watched his videos so he knew dan probably wanted someone right now. Phil went and crawled towards dan quickly and caught him in a bear like hug he was shorter than dan so it was weird. OMG PHIL IS HUGGING ME RIGHT NOW! Dan thought screaming inside his head.
"Um Phil I was gonna say if you could contact the maintenance guy.” Dan chuckled a little trying to hide his embarrassment
"oh of course but I’m not letting you go. Dan I know your scared I watch your videos for crying out loud so don’t worry I’m here for you.” Phil said confidently, he squeezed dan a little tighter feeling dans skin a against his, it was soft and amazing. Phil blushed because he was always close to dan but this felt a little intimate. Dan squeezed his eyes shut scared because he knew that it would be awhile till the lights turned back on. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP BDUMP BUDUMP Dan felt his own heart beating hard and loud he was sure phil could hear it to. Dan squeezed phils arm tight scared that if he let go he would be stuck in an never ending hole in the dark. Phil felt his arm being squeezed and grabbed his phone which was in his pocket he immediately called the maintenance guy 
“Hey Um…. me and my friend are in our apartment and the lights have gone out it might be a black out. Can you please fix the lights……thank you.” Phil said and hung up the phone once the maintenance guy said ok.
The guy had said in a gruff voice that it would take 1-3 hours fixing the light. OH NO dan thought, it could take hours and it would just be him and phil cuddling in the dark. Phil felt dan shudder again and dan couldn’t help if he was scared so all phil could do was hold him harder. Dan felt phils chest and could hear his heart beating it was nice and for a while he felt so calm and at ease he thought he could live like this, in a world where only him and Phil existed. Dan blushed harder than ever when he felt phils impressive dick nudging him….. it was actually asleep but he could feel it on his stomach. 
“Oh I got it!” Phil exclaimed happily 
“Got what?” Dan sat up confused but still holding onto phils arm
Phil turned on his flash from his phone and the room filled with a bright white light. Dan felt calm and sad, on one hand he was happy there was some light back on the other he wished he could’ve cuddled with phil more. 
“Oh you mean that, I accidentally left my phone in my room while it was charging.” Dan explained quickly, he let phil go and went back to the position he was in earlier before the lights turned off. 
“That’s explains why you didn’t think of this, and why you didn’t just take out your phone.” Phil said smiling a little, there was something else…. there was some pink in his cheeks and dan knew he was blushing from the cuddling. In the dark dan thought and seemed like he was the only one nervous but he guessed wrong. Once he saw phil smiling at him he felt at ease and knew he had to tell him….tell him everything he was holding back. This seemed like a good time as any it was already kinda romantic the pitched lighting the sweet cuddling before hand and they were both blushing. Dan felt his heart tighten as he tried to get the words out, 
“Phil……I….. um….I…..i have something I need to tell you I’ve felt this way for a while now and I knew it was only a matter of time before it came out.” Dan said stuttering trying to stop his fast pacing heart.
Phil immediately covered dans mouth and looked serious….seriously sexy, his blue eyes turned a sexy ocean misty blue and his lips looked delicious as he licked them to speak.
“No dan.” He said and dans heart started falling apart he felt himself freeze over, did phil really not want to know what he had to say or did he know already and just didn’t want to talk about it. Dan fell silent and felt tears prick his eyes and his warm heart that was lit with hope felt cold and frosty. 
“Let me speak first, you always beat me to the punch line well now it’s my turn. Look I’VE been wanting to tell you this for a while now and I just didn’t know how.” Phil choked back and felt himself getting emotional once he saw dans dark brown eyes filling with water and his cheeks turn bright red.
“Dan…..I love you always have and always will. I love the way you get hobbit hair in the mornings, I love the way when you see your favorite characters interact you light up and get jumpy, I love the way your brown eyes never cease to stop watering when something magical happens, I love the way that no matter what you always have my back.” He touched dans cheek lightly with his hand “ but most of all I love the way your cheeks turn red when you either get excited about something or are embarrassed. I have always loved you since the very first time you walked through my door even though I never knew it back then my heart knew and now I know myself as well.” 
He grabbed dans hand and placed it over his heart it was beating so fast BUDUMP THUMP BUDUMP THUMP it was like a drum it felt like dans when he was cuddling with him. 
“My heart is always like this whenever I’m near you, whenever we touch I feel this….electricity surge through me and I’m overcome with happiness. I always try to play it cool and be the one guy with all the puns and ice breakers and all the innocence…. but if you knew what I thought about when I masturbate to you, hehehe I would probably scare you away.” Phil said choking up again, he grabbed dans face immediately and whispered lightly as if he was the only one meant to hear it
“I guess what I’m saying is…. will you be my boyfriend?” Phil was shaking a little and his pale cheeks turned even more bright pink. 
Dan started crying lightly and felt his voice break
“Yes….omg yes phil a million times yes!” Dan said excitedly and at that exact moment they kissed. 
The heat from both of them felt magical dan felt as if he was flying, flying high into the sky he felt his whole heart beating fast as the kissing got more intense by the second. Phil didn’t look like it but he was very…. assertive, dan couldn’t help but be mesmerized at the new found lion. He felt heat passion and love in the kiss phil was giving him….. it felt lustful and hungry. It was amazing dan felt phils tung skim over his lips and he granted phil access. He felt phils tung explore his mouth and dan whimpered a little under phil as he started feeling weak. Phil pulled away allowing both to breath, they were both breathing hard and the intensity could be felt between them. As phils mouth parted from dans there was a line of saliva that ran down dans chin and phil seductively licked from his chin back to his mouth where they began a non stop make out session. 
The lights had turned back on and when they did phil and dan jumped and started laughing
“Wow what amazing timing, I was about to take you to my room to make some sweet loving.” Phil said smiling at dan with the biggest smile.
“Stop with the corny jokes,” dan laughed
“Let’s go I can’t wait anymore…” dan begged he sounded needy but with phil he didn’t care he just wanted phil BADLY like how a bird wants to fly. 
Phil grabbed dans hand and guided him to his room he sat him down gently, dan wanted him to possess him to make him into a bitch… his bitch at least. He wanted it hard and rough he wanted to know that this was real that he wasn’t just dreaming. Phil stripped down to his lion printed boxers and went to his dresser, dan noticed what phil had taken out IT WAS LUBE! OMG WERE REALLY GONNA DO IT dan thought biting his bottom lip harshly. He felt his erection growing, he was 6.5 inches when erected so he felt confident. Phil got on the bed pushed dan down on the blue and green bedspread and got between his legs where his entrance was, phil put the lube down on the sheets and started stripping dan. Soon there was nothing but phils boxers between him and his hungry little dan. As phil kept looking at dans naked body he felt his penis twitch, he was 8.5 inches so going inside dan would be tough, he started licking dan all over from his pink swollen nipples to his erect penis. As soon as he got where his penis was he slowly looked at dan and gave him a hungry beastly look, a look only he would give dan. Dan felt his breathing hitch as phil took his member deep into his mouth and wrapped his one hand around his cock. 
“AH…” dan moaned
Phil nibbled a bit when he got to the tip and that made dan twitch 
“MHHHM….” dan moaned again
Phil erection was already hot and ready but he wanted to make dan feel good first since dan would be in the most pain soon. He kept licking dans penis until dan came 
“AH AH AH AH……MMMM MMM” dan started moaning louder and louder 
“Do it, feed me.” Phil said in a husky voice as he started stroking dan faster and faster
Those words were dans undoing and as soon as dan felt himself coming his whole body clenched up and came into phils warm tight mouth. Dan looked at phil as he swallowed all of his come and growled low and deep
“That was delicious.” Phil said while lining up his fingers
Dan felt a finger breach his entrance and it felt weird at first but after 5 minutes he started moaning 
“Ah phil…” he said low 
“Hold on don’t tempt me I’m trying to be nice.” Phil said lowly his eyes focusing on dans asshole
Phil just kept stroking his finger in and out dan he was sooooo tight. It felt like he was trying to suck in his fingers, he was so greedy. He felt his cock twitch and dan just kept moaning softly he couldn’t handle it wanted so much to just stick it in but he couldn’t bear it if he hurt his baby. He suddenly felt a little bump inside dan and stroked it 
“AH!” Dan helped shaking a little his cock grew a little 
Phil looked at dan smirking, he found his weak spot
From then on phil kept stroking that spot hard and faster and harder each time.
“AH AH AH MMMMM MMMM AH MMMM AH MMMMM!” Dan moaned loudly and he grabbed phil before he came and whispered into his ear
“Just fuck me already I want you bad.” Dan said growling a little and turned over with his butt in the air. 
Phil took off his boxers immediately and positioned himself over dans entrance, before he went in he whispered 
“Don’t blame me when you can’t walk tomorrow” phil slowly licked dans ear and bit it a little 
Dan felt that in his whole body and it sent a shiver down his spine. The all of a sudden he felt phils wet member slide into his entrance and push deep into him
“ah…..” dan gave a low Moan 
“Mmmm” phil moaned as he entered dan
“Holy shit dan….. you don’t know how….amazing you feel right now. I can feel you twitching your amazingly hot inside.” Phil said while thrusting a little 
“Mmmmm….ahhhh…..mmmmm….ahh” dan couldn’t speak he felt so full and amazing he felt like he was about to collapse. 
Soon phil started picking up the pace and he was getting harder and rougher 
“AHHHH MHMMMMM AHHHHH” dan started yelping and moaning loudly 
“That’s right baby I know all your weak spots now, especially since I’ve read your porn history. Bdsm, rough gay sex, rough dildo in men’s ass; I know everything baby.” Phil growled into dans ear 
All dan could do was blush hard and moan. He and Phil came at the same time and it was heavenly, they spent the last 4 hours just having non stop sex. They both fell asleep into each others arms and the next morning when dan woke up he was so sore but he didn’t care the pain he felt was nothing compared to the pleasure and happiness he felt. His whole world was glowing bright and his heart clenched and felt heavy as he laid next to a “just fucked” hair phil. He smiled and held his hand as he fell asleep again knowing that him and phil will be just ok, hopefully forever if phil accepts dans proposal on his 30th birthday(which is 3 weeks away.) 

"Once a upon a Dream"

Prince Charming! Logan Howlett x Cinderella! (Y/N) Reader

Request: It’s my birthday, can you do where logan forgets my birthday, Logan and I get into argument, but Logan didn’t forget he really planning a special Disney party for me, “I love Disney,”. Kind like a Cinderella story. Request by @mishacrazy3

Warning: Angst,Romance,Fluff

Words: 1,837

A/N: “X-men meets Disney AU” this was a request! If you want to a request one-shot send me inbox :) Enjoy. You are a mutant with Invisibility and Telekinesis.


Today is the day. It’s my birthday, I will be turning 27 today. the sun was shining on my face. I look over at Logan. He looked so handsome sleeping. I got up, did my morning routine,Take a shower, brushing my teeth. Hair & makeup but more excited for this day. It’s 8:30 am in the morning, I had my first class to teach in half hour. I went to our small kitchen to cook breakfast. I got my phone off the charger, plug into my speaker. It was playing my favorite song, it was from my top 5 favorite Disney songs. Once Upon A Dream from Sleeping beauty. I started singing with the song, dancing around the kitchen. Then felt arm around my waist. Logan singing along. Logan was good singer. Logan was looking down at me smiling. I stopped.

“Oh…” I said. Moving away. “I’m sorry didn’t mean to scare you” Logan said. I tried to stay into character.

“Oh..it-” I move away but he took my hand again. “It wasn’t that?…..” I said. Blushing.

“Its……that you’re a……Uh..” I move away but Logan grabbed my arm again. Logan finished my sentence. “I’m a stranger….”

“Yea” I nodded. “Well, Didn’t you remember we’ve met before” Logan said. I put on a shock look.

“We’ve-We’ve have?” I asked. Logan nodded. “yes , you said it yourself, Once upon a dream” Logan said. I gigged. I pulled Logan into a kiss, I Pulled away, I went to finish breakfast. After I was done, Logan was at the coffee table. I set the food done! We ate. Got ready for class.

Times skips

(Just a example of your mood)

School was over, It was 4:30 pm in the afternoon, it seem that everyone forgot about my birthday, No one said happy birthday or even gave me a card. They just act like it was a normal day. And the sad part of it is my own boyfriend forgot my birthday. I finally got to Me and Logan dorm, I opened the door, Logan was chillin on the couch, drinking a beer, watching TV. I clenched my jaw. I went to the TV and turn it off.

“Hey, What’s wrong?” Logan asked. Looking worried.

“Did you forget what day it is?” I asked. crossing my arms to my chest, narrow my eyes at him. He looked confused.

“Uh……It’s 16th just a another day??…. why you ask” Logan frowned. He would never forget my birthday. But now it’s like he had memory loss.

“Really?….I can’t believe you right now James” I yelled his real name. Logan got up from the couch, putting his beer on the coffee table. He wrap his arm around my waist. I sighed.

“Okay..Babe what’s wrong?” Logan asked again. I rolled my eyes.

“Everyone in the school and you forgot my birthday” I said. “I didn’t mind about people at school not saying happy birthday. But you, my own boyfriend forgot my fucking birthday” I said, walking away from Logan.

“Oh shit sweetheart, I’m sorry.” Logan said, following into the bedroom. I was sitting on the bed. I tears coming down my face. Logan was rubbing my back.

“Can we just stay in and order pizza, watch a movie” I asked. Cuddled to Logan. Logan lightly pushed me off on him. I frowned.

“Shit, If would’ve known it was you’re birthday I would cancel my plans but I can’t” Logan said. Getting up from the bed.


“I got plans sweetheart…” Logan looked at his watch. “I’m little late…right now, but are you going be ok?” Logan asked. smirking at me. I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever James” I said. “Thank you sweetie” Logan said, kissing my cheek. Leaving. 

After 15 minutes passed I got up, got my keys and purse. I walked out the dorm, I couldn’t believe him, I need to go to my safe place. I walked through the woods. I was finally at my safe place, I got my backpack out behind a tree. I unzipped, took my headphones and a my old IPod. I had hide battery speaker in it. I started playing my favorite song from Cinderella it was calm down or make me feel better. I started singing song and dancing in the woods.

I’m as mild and as meek as a mouse
When I hear a command I obey.
But I know of a spot in my house
where no one can stand in my way.
In my own little corner in my own little chair
I can be whatever I want to be.
On the wings of my fancy I can fly anywhere
and the world will open its arms to me.
I’m a young Egyptian princess or a milkmaid
I’m the greatest prima donna in Milan
I’m an heiress who has always had her silk made
By her own flock of silkworms in Japan
I’m a girl men go mad for love’s a game I can play
with cool and confident kind of air.
Just as long as I stay in my own little corner
All alone in my own little chair.

Soon after was done with the song, I sit in my chair. I cried, this was the worst birthday. None of my friends didn’t care, My boyfriend bailed on me, not even the professor said “Happy birthday”. I curled into a ball into the chair, sobbing just wish this day was over. Soon I heard a crack. I looked around, then I Heard a crack sound again. I went to investigate.

“Hello” I said. Silence. “Who is there?” I asked. Then my best friend came falling out of a tree. She had on a beautiful floral blue dress. She looked glorious

“Damn it,” Y/Bf/N said. She got up, wiping off the dust off her. She smiled, came over to me.

“Why are you so sad it’s your birthday you should be happy” she asked. I shrugged, then I got confused on why she was here.

“Wait? Y/bf/n what are you doing here?” I asked. “Uh.. who is this Y/bf/n, you speak Of, I’m your fairy godmother” She said. I burst out laughing.

“Okay, Y/bf/n quit with the act?” I said went back to sit down in my chair. She followed.

“I’m being serious. If didn’t believe me then I will show you” She said. Grab my hand and teleport us to a room. There was Storm and Jean in beautiful gown dress. What the hell is going on.

“Hello, My Princess” they bow down, I frowned.

“Uh…guys what are you doing?” I asked. They ignore me and Storm led me to sit down. They work their magic. Storm was doing my hair and Jean was making look beautiful, then I realized what they were doing. It made me happy inside that they didn’t forget about my birthday.

“Wow! You look so beautiful, Y/N, now for the dress” Y/bf/n said. Someone pushed the Cinderella dress into the room. I almost cried. It was was my very own Cinderella dress. They even had the glass shoe.

“Omg! Thank you guys this is really amazing” I said. Trying not to cry. I pulled them all into a hug.

“You’re welcome love, but we are not done yet. go put on your dress meet us in the front there be a big surprise for you” She said. I nodded. I went into the dress room. To put on the beautiful dress. After I put on the dress and the glass heels. I looked at myself into the mirror, I really looked like my type of Cinderella. (picture is up above)

I walked down downstairs, went into the front of the door, their waiting was a beautiful horse carriage, kinda like in the movies.

“Ma Lady” The man said. Holding the door for me. He helped me into the carriage. He closed the door. Then We were on a way to go, to whatever we are going. I’m was so excited.

We stopped, in front of a familiar building. The man helped me out of the carriage. I walked up the stairs and I was about to opened the door, when someone opened it already it was my best friend, how the heck did she get here so quick.

“Come on, My dear, you’re going to miss you’re on birthday party” she said. Pulling me follow her. We walked to, two double doors. She smiled at me. Disappear. I took a deep breath.

“Here we go” I opened the door. It was really dark inside. Then the lights turn on. I was scared with.

“SURPRISE” I Hold my mouth. Everyone was here. My friends, the students. They were all dressed up. I felt so happy. I walked down the stairs. Everyone was smiling at me. I blushed. Soon everyone was getting out of the way for someone in a prince charming suit. I squint my eyes to see who it was. My mouth dropped. 

It was my boyfriend, the one who forgot my birthday and bailed on me. Who was walking towards. My heart was filled with love and warmth. Logan did all this for me. I wanted to cry. I walked towards him and We met in the middle. Logan looked me up and down.

“Logan?” I said. “You look so stunning” Logan said. Looking me up and down.

“You look very handsome, Prince Charming” I giggled out. Logan smiled, holding out his hand.

“May I have this dance?” Logan asked. I took his hand “you may” I said. Logan wrapped his hand around, our fingers entwined together. We started dancing, they were playing Ten Minutes Ago. soon the song finished. I pulled Logan into a passionate kiss.

“Thank you so much Logan, this is the best birthday gift ever” I said. “Their one more present” Logan said. I frowned. I think what he did was enough. I was wondering how much this cost?. Logan had a mic into his hand.

“Uh…Well I don’t know how to do this, so I am just going for it” Logan said He was getting on one knee, He pulling out a beautiful simple diamond ring. I covered my mouth with my hand. My heart is beating fast.

“I’m so in love with you Y/N I want to spend rest of my life with you, you bring so much joy and love into my life, I want you to be my wife so…Uh w-will you marry me? Logan asked I had tears coming down, I was so happy. I tackled Logan down on ground kissed all over his face

"Yes, Of course I will marry you I said Logan chuckled and We kissed, Logan slide the Beautiful Diamond ring on my finger. Everyone was clapping and cheered.

"I love you Logan” I said “I love you too bub” Logan said we joking around, danced, and party. I change my mind this wasn’t the worst birthday ever it was the best birthday ever.


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Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader

Request: “Hey as you are taking request can you write Grant Gustin imagine where his girlfriend is a European tennis players and for that thet have lond distance and she injury abd hopibg he will come to meet het but cant and after some time she start playing again and she is having the game in the same place where he shooting first he thought he will come but he say he cant because he bussy but he bring whole flash actors to support her and he also introduced her to all of them.”

Word count: 1.623

A/N: Sorry if I took so long to post this. I was busy at school and I never found time to post stuffs. I am so sorry and I hope that I satisfied your expectations. If not, feel free to send some feedback. Thank you so much.

- G. x

P.S.: My requests are always open, but you have to bear with me because I take so much to write one. I hope you understand my situation. Thank you.

Links: Part 2

Warning: (Y/B/F/N) is Your Best Friend’s Name.

You were living in a great way and you couldn’t ask for more in your life, because you almost had it all. Yes, that’s right, almost.

You had a place where to stay, you had enough food to live fair enough, you had your sport career and you’re a well-known European tennis player around the world, you had your loving and caring boyfriend Grant Gustin, who was a famous actor and he is known around the world too, because of the TV series, The Flash.

In conclusion, you couldn’t complain of how your life was going. But this is the almost in your life: you and Grant had a long-distance relationship and you couldn’t help but envy those couples that lived together, that had each other in their times of need.

It was a difficult situation to cope with, because you were both busy with your careers and you never had time to visit each other. Yes, you have always talked on FaceTime and you both sent messages each other, but it was not the same when the person you loved was not by your side. It was hard to wake up every morning and find the other side of your bed empty, maybe even cold.

You remembered that one time when you were injured because you made the wrong move during a tournament and you had to do an operation in your right foot. That happening was the lowest point of your life because, first, Grant wasn’t able to visit you, not even for a short period of time, and you still can remember how your conversation on the phone went.

“Love.” Grant said in a melancholic way. You could hear in his voice that he was heartbroken for what has happened to you and he was no help on making you feel better.

“Hey babe!” You weakly greeted him. It was late in the evening and you just woke up from a long sleep during the operation.

“Your mother called me and I heard what has happened on the news.” You started to recall everything that has happened moments before you were brought to the hospital and your tears started to stream down your face.

“It sucks.” You tried to say in between of your choked sobs, you didn’t want to let him know that you were crying.

“I know, babe.” He sighed. “And do you know what sucks even more?”

“What?” You knew what he was about to say, you just knew it, but you were a masochist and you still wanted to hear it.

“I’m too busy at work, love. I have new episodes to shoot, meetings with my managers, photoshoots. I’m sorry, babe, but I can’t go there to visit you.” You were disappointed and his news made you cry even more. Silent sobs escaped your lips and hot tears left their stains and burnt your cheeks.

“It’s okay, Grant.” You pretended that it was okay. “I know that you’re busy.” You bit the inside of your cheek and tried to ease the pain that you were feeling.
It was surely not okay that he’s not with you. You wanted him to be with you because you needed him, you needed him by your side, you needed his hugs, his kisses, his touch. You needed him, you needed Grant.

“I’m sorry.” He said and you just nodded your head, as if he was able to see your response.

“I need to go, babe.” You calmed yourself down and stopped crying for awhile. “Bye, thank you for calling.”

“Oh, alright.” He answered with disappointment. “I’m calling you once again, okay?”

“Okay.” You shortly answered.

“Bye, babe.” You weren’t seeing his angelic and sweet face, but you knew that he had a smile drew on his face. “I love you.”

“Bye. I love you too.” You quickly told him and you ended the phone call. You curled yourself in a ball and you let your resentments go by crying, luckily there was no one with you in the room. You just wanted to take the weight off your chest.

And, second, you had to stop playing tennis for awhile and you couldn’t move that much. You had a plaster cast and crutches to support you for months. And there, you somehow felt useless.

You didn’t know that a wrong move could’ve caused such a horrible happening. In short, the idiom kill two birds with one stone was right.

But even though you had these difficulties, your relationship with Grant was growing stronger as ever. You were still together after months and months of not seeing, hugging and kissing each other and you both think that it’s your love for each other that bonds you together.

You also started to play again and you started to go in tournaments once again. You gained your strength once again and you thought that it was great to be back into the line. In fact, today you were in Vancouver, Canada with your team to join an important game.

You were so excited to arrive in Vancouver because you knew that Grant shot his The Flash episodes there and you thought that he could watch your match, but then another disappointment arrived in your way when he told you that his team was out of time and they had to go on with the shootings.

This time, though, you got angry with Grant because it seemed like he doesn’t want to see you, but you also thought to yourself that you were being selfish because you knew that this long distance was killing him too.

Even though you were dismayed and your head was full of negative thoughts, you still managed to win and to get through the next level. You were sad, but, at least, a great thing happened to you that day.

Once it was announced that you made it through the next level, you ran to your team mates’ section to give them quickly a loving and thankful hug, you were so thankful to have them, of course.

“Great job, beautiful.” A tall and slim man said while he was standing beside your best friend, (Y/B/F/N). You knew exactly who it was. His sweet wide smile and green happy eyes caught your attention, you knew him and you missed him so much.

As you saw his beautiful face, you let your tennis racket fall on the ground and you quickly ran to him as he opened his arms widely. You wrapped your arms around his neck, tip toeing a little bit to reach him, and you buried your face in the crook of his neck.

“I missed you, Grant.” You murmured as you enjoyed the scent of his perfume and the security his arms were giving you.

“I missed you too, (Y/N).” He pressed his lips on your temple and, all of the sudden, you just forgot all of the disappointments he has given to you in the past few months.

“You made me sad, did you know that?” You pouted your lips as you broke the embrace you’ve shared for awhile.

“Surprise!” He smiled apologetically and you playfully slapped his arm with your right hand. “Hey, I just wanted to surprise you.” He defended himself as he caressed his arm, trying to take the pain away.

“Thank you.” You sweetly smiled and you know that he missed seeing you that happy.

“And I’m sorry if I let you down for several times now.” He looked at his converse as if they were the most interesting things in this planet. “I brought you some friends as a token of my apology.”

“OMG!” You were exhilarated as you saw Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, Candice Patton and Cisco Valdes behind Grant, smiling widely as they watched you and Grant reunite once again. “I love you, babe.”

He laughed at your reaction and he introduced you to his friend proudly.

“Congratulations, (Y/N). I am proud of you, but I know that Grant is prouder. He never shuts his mouth whenever it comes to you.” Carlos winked and Grant shook his head as he smiled at the ground, you knew that he was blushing.

“He always misses you.” Danielle mocked Grant too, joining Carlos. “He always has a picture of you to stare at.”

“Aw,” You were fluttered because of the nice words they have said. “I miss you too babe.”

“You, guys, never shut up. Do you?” He rolled his eyes.

“She needs to know what you do in the set, duh!” Candice butted in and the others have agreed to her.

“Oh, I am Grant Gustin,” He changed the topic as he handed his hand out, ready to shake your hands. He didn’t like to be the centre of people’s attention. “your favourite character between these annoying people.”

“Oh, shut up!” You playfully slapped his chest and you both made the group laugh, not even caring of the next match going on in the tennis court.

“I love you so much, love.” He hugged you once again.

“I love you more, babe.” He shook his head.

“I love you most.” He contradicted you and you were about to say something, but he cut you off quickly. “Just shut up, (Y/N)!”

He slowly grabbed your waist and put his right hand on your right cheek as he leant in to press a passionate and slow kiss on your lips. You then played with his locks as you reciprocated his kiss. Your lips locked perfectly and they moved in sync, despite the distance between you two and the months you’ve been away from each other.

Isn’t it crazy how love can bond two people together? Nevertheless the long kilometres, the disappointments, the struggles, the difficulties.

Imagine (Vinny Mauro) (MIW) (Requested on tumblr by anon.) *SMUT*

anonymous asked:

hey darling! can u make a vinny mauro imagine? i know u have a lot of imagines to do so i’ll wait :33 it’s okay. like, u and vinny are bff’s but he has a crush on u so one day he finally tells you about it and u are like “omg i have a crush on u too blablabla” and then…. smut :33. and after idk 1 month, u guys start dating and yay!! thanks ilysm <33 and sorry for my bad english :(((

Vinny ’s POV.
“Thank you for being here, vi ” (Y/N) says from next to me. She has curled up nicely on my side, watching her favorite movie on the TV.  After a long time of crying over that fucking bastard that broke her heart for the millionth time, she is finally calm and curled like a baby kitten.
“No problem, babygirl..” I say, rubbing circles on her side.
“No,  it is a problem. You told me he would end up …” she begins but I place a finger on her lips to shush her.
“Don’t think of that baby. You need to rest. "I say and play with her hair.
"Thank you for being my best friend."she says and gets more comfortable. I simply stare at her:she is so precious, like a newborn baby. She is just perfect, at least to me, she is. Damn, I have to hold myself from spilling out my feeling for her. I want her to know that I am here for her, more than a friend, that I will cherish her, that I will love her with every damn piece of me, that someone will finally treat her decently.  But I can’t : I can’t tell my best friend that I am deeply in love with her, that I fall asleep and wake up with the thought of her, that I dream of how  would it be if we were together. It would screw up our relationship. So I just shut up and watch her while she sleeps, trying to move the least I can in order not to wake her up.

[2 weeks later] [y/n’s POV]
I am sitting on my couch, wearing an oversized T-shirt and ‘cuddling ’ with my laptop, working on my project. Next to me there is a notepad,   with notes scribbled on the yellow pages,  that are supposed to help me with my presentation.  But guess what: they are fucking not. I let out a sigh and try to concentrate on my paper. No matter how hard I try to focus, I can’t.  Partially cause I am tired and worked up. The other part is that Vinny pops in my head out of the blue. I just cant stop thinking of him , thoughts no friend should have for her best friend but I can’t help it. I might be vulnerable right now cause of my break up and my feelings are heightened, but I think I am in love with him. And crap…
With one more sigh I go back to my work, cursing my fucking luck. Not much time passes, before I hear my doorbell ringing … Thank god… I stand up and walk towards it, not giving a single fuck for the fact I am half naked.once I open the door, I find Vinny, with his left cheek and eye bruised up and a few scratches on his hands , arms and chest.
"Vin? Oh my god, how the fuck did you ended up like this? ” I ask him, motioning for him to enter.
“I saw your ex. With this girl he cheated with on you. And I couldn’t control myself. I just went over him and punched him straight in the jaw. He hit me back and we fought.” He says, collapsing on the couch. I go next to him and grab his face to inspect his wounds. classic Vinny, being spontaneous and overprotective.
“You are lucky you don’t need stitches. All of them seem to be superficial.  Let me grab my first aid kit.” I say and get up.
“I am sorry I showed  up unexpectedly. I just really needed to see you. This guy could be here to hurt you. ”
“Vinny, I am fine. I can take care of [y/e/b/n]. And you can show up anytime you want. I am always here for you.” I say and I mean it.
“I was just worried. And I just needed to check on you.” He says as I sit next to him and open my kit, grabbing a cotton ball and betadine.
“This might stink a little.” I say and begin cleaning a scratch on his jaw. He flintches but stays still.
“This was made by her. God, she had the nails of a witch.” He says and I laugh.
“Thank you. Even though there was no need to beat him. It was over long ago. ” I say and he side smiles. God, even wounded up and bruised, he is still so charming.
“I know.  I didn’t do it for you, well, not just for you. I was pissed at that guy. How could he prefer her over you? Is he blind or something? ” he says as I clean a scratch on the side of his lips. I have to lean in closer to him to clean it and I swear, it makes my face warm up and I can already feel my cheeks taking a deep red shade. I stare at his lips, without even realizing it. I raise my gaze and find him staring at my lips too.
“Vinny..” I breathe out, tying to calm myself and my heightened nerves.
“Shshsh.. let me enjoy the moment.” He says and shushes me with a kiss. His lips engulf my lips perfectly, like they are the perfect match. I taste some blood and the betadine on them but I don’t care.  I am far too lost in the kiss to care about petty details.

Without me realizing it, we are on our way to my bedroom, our tongues tangling in a fight for dominance. I walk backwards but trying my hardest to be close to vin. His hands on my neck and thumbs pressed on my jawline help a lot to maintain a skin touching distance. I kick the door open with my heel and guide us on my bed. I fall with my back on it and Vinny lands on top of me. I pull away from the kiss and laugh. But then reality hits me in the face.
“Oh crap, what are we doing…” I whisper. He looks at me
“Did you regret it? Cause if you did,  I can stop and you can forget it ever happened.” He mumbles. His slight accent blurts in: it’s cute that when he is nervous it pops up, even if he wasn’t actually born in Italy.
“It’s not that. I was waiting for far too long to regret it…” I blurts out. I instantly cover my mouth, embarrassed by what I said. Vinny chuckles and removes my hand from my mouth while smiling.
“You know, I’ve waited for it to happen to… for so freaking long that it actually drives me crazy.” He says and crashes our lips. His hands go behind my back and hug my body as his lips make fireworks explode in my dizzy mind. I move my fingers in his hair and he moans as I pull them a bit.
“Fuck, maybe you should welcome me to your home in just a T-shirt more regularly. "He says and slips his hand between my thighs. His fingers rub my core,  feeling the heavy wetness that is coating my slit and panties. I moan loudly: god, this is heavenly.
"I’ll see what I can do. ” I moan again, bucking my hips and rubbing myself against his palm. I need him.
“As much as I love it,  you have to take it off. ” he says and looks into my eyes. I sit up and sadly he removes his hand. I fiddle to find the hem of my T-shirt , due to the fact that I almost cant remember my name. I raise it above my head and reveal my completely naked body.
“No bra, huh?” He asks cockiky. I raise an eyebrow and look at him
“Hey, don’t judge me. I had just returned from work and I had no plans for today. A bra was completely unwelcome. ” I say. He smirks and makes me lay on my back.
“I actually love it.” He says and squeezes my left tit. He pulls my nipples and I moan.
“I can’t hold it anymore. Where do you keep your condoms?” He asks me, making me scream on the inside: it is going to happen…
“Earth to (y/n) .stop fantasizing about sex with me and answer my question.” He says laughing.
“Um, I am sorry. In the cupboard in my bathroom. "I say and he nods.
"I’ll go get one. Don’t go anywhere.” He says and places a kiss on my lips. I smile as he gets up and smack his ass.
“You’d better be naked when you are back. ” I say.
“Yes ma'am. ” he answers as he walks to my bathroom. I shake my head and try to get more comfortable.  Of course I can’t help but question how it is going to be: I better give my best self. But what if he won’t like it? What if I won’t reach my orgasm? I had this problem with my ex… oh my god, he is going to be so disappointed.
“Thinking of me?” I hear vin say from the doorway.  He wears just his boxers and he is so damn sexy. His body is turning me on so bad, even though I’ve seen him half naked before.
“Kinda ” I say as he approaches me. He smiles and ghosts above me with his elbows next to every side of my head. He kisses me again, a full kiss with tongue and all. His lips are so soft,that I could melt underneath him just by kissing him.
“Are you ready?” He asks against my lips. I nod and he does too. He takes the foil’s corner between his teeth and pulls it, causing it to tear and reveal the rubber. He removes his briefs and strokes his cock a couple of times before he clothes it with the semi-transparent colored condom. He looks at me and takes a deep breath. His fingers move aside my panties and trace my core up and down.
“Ready to feel the ultimate sex experience with the ultimate Italian lover? ” he jokes and I laugh. I nod and he pushes in his tip, causing me to gasp by the way it stretches my entrance. It’s not painful though: it is just something new, something that I have just to get used to it. He looks at me,  his gaze requesting something.
“You can move,  baby. "I say , earning a smile from him.  He pushes further, causing us both to release a satisfied moan. He goes out and then back in,  with a slow pace. His grunts ring in my ears. His biceps are popping, as he supports his body on his hands to thrust in. His member has just the perfect length: not too painfully big but hell no small.. He is certainly bigger than my ex.
"Vin, faster.” I whisper in his ear. He instantly obeys and picks up on speed and force. He has me a moaning mess underneath him. My hands go to his arms, my nails digging in his shoulder blades. I release moan after moan as he continues to pound into me.
“Goddamn it. You feel so good around me.” He groans. I already breathe heavily, something that gets worse as he finds my g-spot. I release a small scream.
“Fuck, that felt so good. Do that again. ” I scream and he does it again. A jolt of electricity rushes to my spine and a knot makes its way to my stomach. Vinny hits my spot again and I dig harder in his biceps, making him moan.
“Fuck, you are so tight. I am going to cum.” He says through gritted teeth. His index finger already is on my clit, rubbing it in circles. The knot becomes tighter and tighter with every rub and sloppy thrust he makes.
“I can’t take it. I am so close. ” I whimper.
“Cum, baby… ” he says,  pounding on my spot one last tine before I orgasm and fall in a state of euphoria, where everything feels better and seems brighter. He continues his thrusts until he gets off, seconds later after me.
“Shit, that was good. ” he says, collapsing next to me. He brings me to his chest nd places his chin on top of my head, making me smile
“Totally. We should do it again.. if you don’t mind of course.” I mumble and he chuckles.
“Absolutely. Now let’s go get cleaned. ” he says. I lean in and press a kiss to his jaw, before I suck on it to create a beautiful bruise.
“I always wanted to do that.” I exclaim while I get up, wrapping a sheet around my body.

[2 months later / at Josh’s place]
“So, you and Vinny, huh?” Ryan asks teasingly as I help her prepare the guys’ drinks. I blush and shrug my shoulders.
“I don’t know what we are. We are just dating.” I say.
“Just dating? I thought what we did last night was beyond the point of dating.” Vinny says as he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses my earlobe.
“Well, you haven’t cleared up what we are, to be exact.” I mumble, pouring some rum  in a glass.
“What am I going to do with you?” He asks and comes in front of me. He takes my face between his palms and presses his lips to mine. He kneels down and takes my hand in his.
“(Y/f/n) , will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend.?” He asks, in a kind of funny tone.
“I thought you’d never ask…” I joke too and kneel down to kiss him.

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Can I request some fluff of like the RFA boys reacting to MC after doing the frick frack (/.\) it doesn't have to be their first time but like just more mini fics like you did before. Also, I love your blog :D

AHHH THIS IS SO CAYOOT. Omg. We’re leaving Jaehee out AGAIN. GUYS COME ON. But yes yes your wish is my command my lovely anon. You shall have your daily dose of fluff AND THEN SOME. Mainly bc I don’t post as frequently as I would like to D:

      BUT to everyone following the Jumin Han fic with the fiesty MC, there shall be a new installment out this week, so please catch up if you haven’t read the previous chapters :D

      There will also be a Seven fic released this week as well with the neighbor AU thanks to popular demand so keep ya eyes peeled kiddies <3

Please remember to show this post and me some love & REBLOG/LIKE/FOLLOW (/.\)

Jumin Han Fic: Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4 I Chapter 5 I


     He had finally done it, he had hit that huge milestone in your guys relationship. He made love to you. He was a ball of nerves, not knowing what to do but he went purely off of instinct, trying to be as gentle as possible for both of your first times. He couldn’t seem to contain himself, he craved you. After the deed was done, he laid down, you using his arm as a pillow, both of you trying to catch your breath.
     You had snuggled into him, and he felt his face flush. He glanced over at you, trying to sneak a peek when he saw you had fallen asleep on him. His heart swelled with emotion and he felt like crying. He couldn’t believe how much he loved you. He thanked god every day, that you had come into the RFA, that he had the opportunity to meet him and he had the chance to fall in love with you.       

     He couldn’t believe his luck when you returned his feeling, seeing that there were so many better candidates in the RFA, he was awestruck.
      He stroked your hair lovingly, promising that he would never make you regret choosing him. He would provide and love you for all eternity. He would be your rock and support you at every turn. He promised to never break your heart and never be the cause of your tears. He wanted you to be proud of your boyfriend because he knew damn well that he was proud for having you by his side. He kissed your hair lovingly and pulled you in close, feeling the weight of his eyes become increasingly heavy. He fell asleep, smiling, holding the love of his life and hoping that every night could be filled with this much happiness.


      You always fell asleep after a night of intimacy. Quite honestly, Zen preferred it, unfortunately for him, you always woke up before him in the morning. But right now, he could peacefully and shamelessly watch you sleep. He was captivated by your beauty. Every day, you seemed to only blossom more. He delicately grazed his finger over the contours of your face, over your soft lips that he found himself yearning for. He was so incredibly lucky. He conflicted. He wanted to show you off to the world, but he also wanted to be the only person able to relish in your beauty.
      He watched you sleep so peacefully, curled into him and he felt his heart beat increase rapidly. He wanted to protect you from the world, from himself. He always showered you with affection and love, but honestly, it was because he was terrified. What if one day, you did not want him? What if one day he was not good enough for you? Not attractive enough? Not manly enough? He could feel his heart clench at the mere thought of it.
      He brought his face to the top of your head, kissing your forehead deeply, wanting to convey the emotions that he had. He swore that he would love you and that you would never once doubt his love for you. Feeling exhausting take hold of him, he slowly fell asleep. Your scent comforting him and his worries slowly vanishing as he felt your warm body against his.


     He always felt you wake up before him, it made him wonder, had he not done a good job the previous night if you were still walking around. He watched you peeking out of half-open eyes, pretending that he was still asleep. You ran your fingers through his hair, peppering his face with kisses, he had to resist the urge to get up and passionately kiss you.
     Before he could give in to his urge, you shifted moving off the bed, the sun hitting your naked body and his breath was caught in this throat. He had never seen someone so beautiful before. You always deflected the compliments when he showered you with them, but he genuinely meant it every time. You were the epitome of perfection. He eyes roamed over every curve, every contour of your body, devouring you over and over again. It rendered him speechless how beautiful you were, little moments like this always made him incredibly grateful that you stumbled into his life.
     He was grateful that he did not scare you away when Elizabeth the 3rd had gone missing and he had become a little possessive, okay maybe more than a little. He was grateful to have such a beautiful soul beside him, his partner in life, waiting for him every day with a smile. He always had a house, but finally, he understood that he has a home now.
     He shifted and you turned to look at him. A deep blush covering your face as you dived back into bed trying to cover yourself from his hungry eyes. This made him laugh, how on earth could you be this cute. “Darling, you are aware, that I have seen you completely naked before, right? On many occasions” he said teasingly, kissing her gently. She simply covered her face and reached down to put on his dress shirt.
     He felt his heart swell again with emotion. He pulled her close and kissed her deeply, feeling her smile into the kiss. Slowly nuzzling her, he whispered how much he loved her. She was irreplaceable to him, he was beyond lucky to have her in his life and he promised her to never take her for granted or hurt her. He told her that only she had the power to completely destroy him, leave him completely broken. With that she grabbed his face, peppering it with kisses, saying that the feeling was mutual and to be careful, because he held the power to destroy her as well.


     Surprisingly, he was always up after a long night of lovemaking. Despite being extremely sleep deprived, he looked forward to what took place after the deed was done. Not that he didn’t look forward to making love to you, but he felt that the moments afterward were so tender and precious. You were quite the night owl as well, and he had very deep conversations with you. Naturally, he was not much of a talker but you always seemed to squeeze it out of him.
He felt like crying, never in his life did he have someone ask about himself and care for him the way you did. He regretted every single second that he pushed you away and hated himself for putting you through any of that. You and he talked about life, about his childhood, about how much you loved him. Even to this day, he couldn’t believe how he managed to get so lucky. He had you by his side.
     He knew he should stay away from you, he was so incredibly dangerous and honestly, you could simply do better. But you always saw through it, you saw through his mask, whenever he tried to hide his emotions or if he was feeling sad and trying to be happy for your sake, you would just hug him. You just whispered that you knew, and he did not need to talk about it if he didn’t want to but you were always going to be there for him.
     You had a heart of gold. You were an angel, a gift from god, and him? He was a demon, so bad for you but he couldn’t help but feel the draw. You were life the forbidden fruit, so tempting, so sweet; once he had a bite he could not help himself.
     After talking to him you curled up on his arm, he watched as your breath tickled his bare arm. You were a beauty, every day he was shocked that you had chosen him, someone as beautiful as you could have anyone, but time and time again you chose him.
     He shifted, moving his arm from under you, facing you as well, his breathing matching yours. He breathed you in, and you breathed him in. He felt his tears well up, as you two kept passing the same breath to each other. He silently promised to never ever hurt you, all the pain that he had caused you before, he would return tenfold in the form of love. He may not deserve it, but he knew damn well that he would protect you. He would love you endlessly because you had chosen him.

WHOO. Okie dokes kiddies I hope you like that. If any of you have any types of critques or requests, please send them in I would love to read them :) But again I want to thank all the people that have been showing me love and support, I sincerely appreciate it. It’s so hard to express it over the computer but I really really do. You guys rock :) Love you babes MUAH XOXO. 

... Out of the Dark


But I just got so inspired and wanted to finish it- so here it is. The end of the end. Orrrrr is it? Blegh I don’t like the ending…

People who want to be tagged: @x-x-owrooh-x-x

Part 1: “The Start of Something…

Part 2: “… Dark

Part 3: “But Even When You’re Boxed In…

Part 4: “… There’s Always A Way…

… Out of the Dark

“Ohhh… I know how to get Mark back~“ 

Dark would’ve slapped the cocky bastard, if he currently wasn’t trembling in contained laughter. Don’t move, don’t move-

Jack let himself grin, eyeing the little bump shifting under Dark’s shirt, knowing Anti must be putting that tail to good use. Cautiously, Jack lifted his arm and started prodding the alter’s other underarm, the one exposed as he kept his arm out and against the wall next to him. 

The creature shuttered, face turning red as he squeezed his eyes tight, fighting to keep still. If he didn’t move, it wouldn’t tickl-


He immediately collapsed, slamming his arms down in booming laughter as Jack shoved his fingers into his pit, wiggling like mad. The irishman followed him down, hurrying to grab his wrists and wrestle his arms above his head, hoping Anti wasn’t squished. Yeah, he had taken over his body, but he also saved his life… plus he reminded him too much of Sam.

"AHAHAHAANTI- J-JAHAHAACK FAHAHAHCK!!” he cried, shaking as he snarled like a caged dog, snapping his eyes open to glare at Jack, starting to push back against him.

Damn he was strong… “Ngh- s-shit!!” Jack groaned, trying to fight to keep his arms down… those red eyes burning into him. Just as he thought he’d lose control, Anti came shooting out, a little dizzy and grossed out, but he noticed the struggle. He eyed Dark, then Jack, then Dark… 

“A-Anti, y-yh… you need t…o… h-help me…” Jack whimpered, looking at the trapped alter, now struggling a lot more since Dark wasn’t being tickled.

The little eye chirped, then glared at Dark. He didn’t even say thank you before…

Zipping back down, the creature slid his tail against Dark’s ears, starting to tickle. 

The alter went berserk. “N-NGHAHAHHA- FAHAHAC-” was all he managed to scream before he went silent, head thrown back in silent laughter, shaking and beet red.

The irishman grinned, breathing out, “T-Thank you Anti…” he grunted as he pinned Dark once more, gaping as the alter began sparking. Red bits of electricity came shooting out him, making the male wince and jump away a little.

“FUHUHUCKING EYE-” came a growl, and suddenly, Dark glowed beet red. His skin was burning and Anti flew away, hissing and sputtering. Jack couldn’t hold on much either, soon yelping and jumping off, rubbing his burning hands.
Dark took a second to pant before crawling up, eyes and body beaming red as he snarled, like a wild dog, clawing towards the dizzy and pained Anti in the corner. 

The little eye chittered in terror as Dark snatched his tail, raising his other arm to beat the eye to a pulp, his body dripping in anxious tears.

“B̺̘͖̘̟ͦ͊ͬ̌ͬ́a̹̙̍ͭ͐ͯc͎̳̝͖̥̱͕͓̒͒̒ͮ̆͋k̰̩͙̠̼̟̗̪͓̉̈́s͓̯̩̮͙̩̭̩̭͊̀ͪt̜͓̝̎̍̏͆̋̎̾ͬͤa̺̰̲̱͎͎͈̍ͤ͆̾ͩ̈b͓̹͍͙̬͆̇͛ͫ̂̐̏ͣͧͅḃ̤̰̩̩̈̄ͧi͚̻̘͎̰̹̞̬ͯͤ̉̔̀n̗͖̎̽̒̂ğ̹̜͍̟͔̒̋͆̂͆̓͂ ͚̙̗͈̹̘͋l͙̜̈͒͛̂̋͗̚i̭̳͌ͦt̤̞͖̣̍̂͛ͅt̯̖̎̉ͨͨͯ̿̌̉l̯̩̒̇̽͌̂͛̾̐ͪẹ̲͌ͭͧ ̞̩͆͊̈́s͓̬̼̈̅ͬͯh̖̳͎̟̪͕̭͎͔ͦͤͧͮ̓ỉ͓͕̯͓̫̘͈̠̒ͅt̜͖̲ͥ-” he hissed, and swung his arm down, slamming the eyeball into the wall. 

Anti spiraled and shrieked, only to hit the wall with a smack and fall unconscious, dripping some green ooze…

No sooner than he had, Jack was back onto Dark, snarling in anger, “HOW DARE YOU-” and he latched onto his back, heaving him against the wall, slamming him with his arm twisted behind his back. 

The alter snapped and growled, his hands clawing for the irishman. 

“P̳͐̓͗̓́ͮͅA͓͈̮͓ͪ̀̔ͣ̃T͓̩̲̩͇̓͆͗ͪ͑̿ͨͤͅH͙͈͚̞̗̲̝̅ͬ́ͯ̄̄Ȇ͉͖̻̐͛͒͋̎T͍̬̝̬͈͚̩̈̈́̓ͫ̎͂̚Ḯ͓̤̘͇̯̠͓ͯͥ̂ͯ̎ͮ̈Ć̣̣͚̯͈̥̯̼ͩ̾ ͚͕̹̰̘̬̙̽ͭ͊́ͭͅH̤̣̰̑ͩͫ̿ͬͩͮͅȖ̖͓̩̜͈̰͊̀̔M̺̰̜̓̀ͮͨͬ́̽A̼͙̰͉͈̲͒ͫͩͭ̑̊Ṇ͔͍̖͇͓̒̄S̹̋̈́̒̆ ̮̣̺̩̣͚͉̽̐ͭ̄͂̈́Ä̼̰̺̩̝̻̩͒Ṉ͖͕ͪ̅͊̍̋̔D̬̟̭̰̥͇̳ͭ͌͛͊̈́ ̘͕̜̰͇̀ͫ̑̊ͭ̌P̙̟͖͖͊Ȧͫ̍̉̏͒̐̚ͅͅT̳͖̫͚͉͎̻̅͐̌̉Ḫ̬̾̂͋̓ͬ̓ͤE̩̱̲̗ͨ̓͆͊͗ͣ̽͑T̹̣͕̻̅ͯ͆̑ͥ̑͌͆ͣỊ̭̦̦̘̥̟͕̆̋̄ͯC̮̺̤̪̓̓ͭͩ̽ͨ̊ ̹̻͖̮͔̣̈́͂F͇̥͙͚̼̼̄͒͐ͣ͂U̟̮͇ͭ̉́͐ͭͮͭ͐C̲̥̲̥̉͊̊K̙̺̰̭͇̘̖̱ͩͯ̀̿ͥͤ̃I͖̗̟͇̒ͤ͋ͦN̰̺͔̣͎͇̆ͦͧG̤̬̲̗̬͉ͨ̉ ̱̜̮̬̪̼̟̿ͮE̪̤̐ͤ̓̈ͤ͑M͇̠͇̣̩̩̭̯̄ͮ͌ͤ̅̀̆ͧO̖̺̭ͥ͋̽T̜͉̻̥̦̣̱̪̄̎ͨ͌Ī̥͓̪̲̹̪̠̟͗ͤ̂̔̎O̞̲̗͒̑̽͐N͙͉̺͕̲̻̯͔͊ͪͤ̽ͧ̌̇̍ͧS̯̜̭̪̍̅ͪͫͦ̈ͥ͒̊!͈̯̫̮̗̮́ͤ” his horrid voice rang through the house.

Jack winced, fighting to pin him, his eyes building with tears, “I can’t fight you! I can’t fight Mark… PLEASE GIVE ME HIM BACK!!” he pleaded, feeling himself start to sob, his grip weak.

The monster took the opportunity, throwing him over his shoulder so he plowed into the wall, yelling in pain as he fell next to the stirring septiceye.

Anti chirred, slowly waking as he saw Jack covering him, in protection against the enraged Dark.

Why was he being so nice to him? He… he was crying…?

“I just want my boyfriend back…” Jack croaked, his voice catching as tears slipped from his eyes, which were soon shut as Dark rose to finish them off.
Anti looked up at Dark, weak and shaky as he rose to float up, staring death in the eyes.

Practically exploding with heat and sparks, his eyes throbbing and twitching, the alter standing before them snapped, “Y̸o͘u̕ t̀ẃo̡ hav̨e҉ n͞o̵ p͝uŕp̧os͜e, ҉you'r̶e bot̕h͘ PAT͢HE͜T̷I͞C ̴AŃḐ U͜ŚĘL̸ES̡Ś T͞O͠ TH̸IS͢ ̕W͠ORL̀D!! YOU'L̀L̷ ͏N͠EV̸E̸R ͡HA̴V̵E̵ ͘MA͝RK͟ ͠BA̢CK͟ ͝A͢GA҉I̡N!!”

Jack was curled in on himself, face pressed to his knees as he cried, babbling apologizes and pleading for his friend back…

Anti just stared at him.

Dark finally turned his attention to the eye, “And what do you want, you disgusting creature!?" 

It was suddenly very silent. Even Dark hesitated as the eye began to glow. His pupil buzzed, and he began dripping green once more. Then, out of it’s pupil came a hoarse, "An… ͜e..͘ye.̶.̶.̀ f̴-f̀o.҉.r…̸ ̷a͝n͞.̛.͜. ͠eye͘.͝..̀.”

And the little creature shot into Dark’s twitching eye. 

“Anti!!” Jack called out in terror, seeing the monster in front of him scream and cover his eye, the room filling with light as it recoiled, shrieking and hissing, clawing desperately at its face.

“D̼͕͙̲̃̇ͩA̦̳͇͖̗̭ͬͧ̑́͗́̿M̦̮͚̩ͨ̈́̿N͖͓͇̬̾̒̿̆̂ͅ ̩̮̝̆̂ͅC̚R͚̦ͤͮ̿Ȇ̗̤͙̃̋A͓͍̤͉̠͐ͨT̮͉̗̼̱͚̀͋U̲͓͔̹̙̰͑̂R̘̫̟̰̖̺ͤͨͦͣ͗̉͑E̥̻̩̤̭̓̋͗̎ͨͨ̈́ͅͅ-̘͐ͬ͂ͩ̀͋ ̹̗͓̆ͨ͊ͥͭD̪ ͇͙͚͉̒͆̏̿ͥ̊̂A̙̭͚̐̔̈́̌ ̻͔̻̋ͨͧ͌ͨ̎̌M͒̾ ̟̱͇̝̘͍͙ͦ̑ͤ̌̈̔͑N̪̤̮̍ ̭͙̦̱̯͎͎ ̹͍̰̮͔͊͌̏̇̅̆̃ͅ ͣͭ̎͐̔̉C̪̻̭̤̳̏́̈ ̲̼̝̼̮̇ͅR̜̭̽ ̤͉̦̞̆ͧ́̔̈ͥEͮͫ̐̓ͮ ̘A̬̖̯͂̔ͦͯ ͕̰̜̏̀ͣ͑̈ͅT͈̭͔̖̣͓̣͆̀̏̚ ̙̘̟̠͉̾́̆U̗̳̭̼̝̇ͧ̋͋ͤ͊ͅ ̪͚̳̥̥̥͉͂̍͑̇̐R̬̘̝̲̙̂̎̉̿̓̀ ̝ͥE͇̫̬̫̖̓͋̂ͤ!̣̜͚̬ͅ!͚͔̫̐̒̉!̰ͫ̒ͩ̑̔̇” The beast roared, curling up and starting to gag.

A large lump shot up its throat as it hurled up some red ooze… too thick to be blood. And out came a familiar wooden friend. Right after came a shot of a red ball, covered in the ooze. Then Dark collapsed, on his side, unconscious. 

Jack stared, trembling like mad as he stared at the mess and the fainted body. He didn’t want to move… what happened?

Soon, the ball of red slime began twitching, and a chirping and sickly looking septiceye came floating out, panting and dripping with red and tears. He took a look around, blinking and humming, then spotted Jack. He zipped over and rammed into his chest, nuzzling him and sobbing in relief.

“A-Anti?” the irishman asked quietly, and the eye nodded, purring. Jack immediately hugged the little creature, sniffling, “T-Thank you… oh god thank you-" 

Now brave and confident, he rose, knees shaking as he approached the body. "M-Mark? D-D-Dark? Hello?” He fell to his knees, tears falling as he scooped up the male and hugged him to his chest, sobbing as there was no response.
Anti fell quiet, bowing his head. The room fell silent besides Jack’s whimpers and sobs. It seemed to be the end…


“Ngf… uhg-” came a quite groan from Jack’s chest. The irishman froze, eyes wide as he stared down at the shifting body in his arms. 

“O-Oh god, M-Mark??” he beamed, gasping as Mark sparked a little, hacking out a little more red slime. 

“F-Fuck- agh… J-Jack?” the man croaked, looking up in confusion, before a rush of relief ran over his features. He shot his arms around him, hugging him close and starting to cry. “Oh my god, Jack! You’re okay! Oh fuck…” he just cried, and the two cried together, hugging so tightly they’d never be apart.
Anti tittered and purred in joy, zipping over and joining the nuzzle, much to Mark’s delight. 

“S-Sam! You made it!” he grinned, holding the eye and kissing it’s “head”.

Jack couldn’t help but grin, too relieved and overjoyed. “T-That’s actually Anti-”

Mark instantly recoiled, eyes wide, shoving the eye away. “W-Wait, what? That beast that-”

“I̝̰-̮̪̪̘͌̎̋̀̉͗I̟͔̦͙̙ͮ̽ͯT͙̟͉̊ͬͯͯ ͚͍̮̖̠̬͊͆̎̏͐ͪ̚ͅC̲̪̥̖͂̈̓͒ͤ̾Ä̖̹̙͍͈͕͇̀̆ͨͯ͋̆N̤͖̉ͪ̈ͅ'͔̫̞̰͍̝͌̃͑̈́̒̚T̺͖͕͉͎ͅ ̙̙̜͓͓̣̅ͬ͋̓ͤB̪̝̞͇͓̻̠̅Ë̗̙́̒͛ͅ” suddenly interrupted the accusation, and a slimy Tiny Box Tim was wiping himself clean. His voice, while awkward, was too shrill for them to be scared.

Until it turned and shrieked at the two males. “Y̤̫̖̗͔̰̲O͊̆ͩ͂ͯͫŮ͉̪͈̩̏ͫ̏̇̽̚ ̞̜B̙͔̣̻͈Ḁ͚̓͒̓̉͊̎ͫS̞̗̖̣̫̼ͫ͌͑̀͗T̳̤ͣȂ̮͇͔͈͍ͨ̆ͮ̇ͨR͔̙̝͉͙̜ͩ͒͂̉̓͗D͚͉͈̩͈́S̠̱̥̫̤̈̒ͅ ͖̦T̗̘̹͎̣̱͂̽͊̈́͒ͭͅO̮͓̪͖̲̭ͤ̄͛͊̇̅O̮͇̜͙̞̮̤͊̊ͩ̊̾̚K̹̬̹̖̼͍̀̉̄ͧ͒ ͔ͣ͛̈́̉̃̃M͕̬̝͕̰̯̉̎ͮͥY̤͓̹̟̔ͣ́̔ ̹̞ͬ̽ͮ̓Ḇ̺̂O͚̠̼̟͗̔͗ͮ͊͒̽D̙̯̥̖͍ͭ̎̐̓Y̼͎̠̺͔̬̏͋ͭ!!” And bounced towards them, pissed and fuming.

Anti instantly flew in front of the two to protect them, chirping in anger, eye glowing green. Mark gaped at him, then shifted behind Jack a little. “D-Dark?”

The box hissed, “O̟̪͛̃͋U͔͙̯ͮ̐̾̀̈́̚T̘͍̖̳ͤͧ̒̈́ ͕̞͎͓̺̔ͣ̊͆O̟̱̙̫ͩF̣̱͖ͥ͂̄̃ͣ͊͌ ͍͈͎͕͈̘Ḿ̹͙̺̳̳̅͒ͧͤͣͩY͕ͫ ̲̞ͣ̂̀ͫ̂ͮWͮ̉̚A̰̜͉̖͔̽́ͣ͋ͧY̋ ̗͖̼͐ͫͪͪ̂͊̂B̩̟̲ͪ̔Aͯ͋̌̌̑̄C͈̺̘̘̫͐̎̓ͮK̥͂ͫ͛͊͋̾S̙̻̤ͦ̋̆͐̄͋̀T̤̣̩̟͒̾̐̃A̺̬̱̽ͣ̅̾̈͗͂B̫̩̱͙̼̻ͫ̂͑B̟͈͔͍̪͇̲ͮI̜͖̙̙̣ͬ̇ͦ̊ͅͅN̠̲͈̞ͩͫͤ̀ͅG̬͓ ̯̏͑̉ͭẼ̫Y̪̘̝̥͚̪E̬̜̤ͪB̲̹̰ͣ̄̑̓̇̏̍A̳͂̋̿ͩ̉̾ͅL͙̿̂ͨ͂̃̓͆L̟̟̣̳͉̭͖̈́̓ͫ̋!!”

But the alter shook, standing its ground. Dark was having none of it, and charged towards them-

Only to have Jack grab him.

“Ẇ͈ͧ̉̏-̻̱̦̯͈͇̙ͦ̂ͧ̒ͦW̝͉͓̯̲̜̬͗͗̔̒͆̈̒H͓̓A̯͐̏́̈͒T̂ͤ͐ͤͨ̂ͣ?̣̗̇̾̅̉̑̈́?̯̟̫̫̅̅̄ ͕̪͚ͥ͋ͭ̄ͅP͉̟͙̝͊̒̿ͨA̟͓͖͖̼͇̰T̗̯̓ͫͪ͗͒ͭͅH̖͓̝̥̻̬̊͌͂̋̓É̼̑͗͊ͪ͗̚T̹̜͙̝̪̽ͭͬͥ̍ͪ̊Î͎̮̥̟̂ͩ̆̍͗͊C̞ͨ̑ͨͦ̈ ̝̼̩̳̞͓̊M͕̖̲͚̳͌̽O͉ͦ̔̎̂͌̅́R̯̗̮͉̩͖͈̽ͧT͔̘̣̘̙̗̲ͪ͊͆ͣ̇͋ͩA̝̹̪͆̐̆L̮̤̺̎̂̓ͮ͂ͫ̉-̩͕̝̼͎͍̺̍̿̑̋ ̲͖̻̦̅̋ͮ̎ͩͪ̓P̩Ụ͕̣̦͉͉͆T̹̤̬̱͍ͪ̔ ͈͚̗̱̟͓ͫͬ̽̿͗M̦̗͈͙̳͓̣Ë̩̳̼͈̖̠ ̱̬D͔̗̰̅͆ͥ̐͛̓Ȏ̞̮̃ͪ͛W̃ͨ̍̏ͧN̯͎̖̟͓̮̞̏̿̊!̠̥͓̤̮̼̙̇ͣ!̻̼̻̰̎ͫ̑ͤ̿ͣ He shrieked, swinging his tiny arms wildly as he was lifted.

"Little shit-” the irishman sighed, looking around for something to put him in. He spotted a larger box in the corner from his old gift unwrappings, and walked over, dropping the smaller box inside. Tiny and angry shouts came from inside, but otherwise, he couldn’t jump or climb out.

Jack smiled and went back to his boyfriend, helping him stand. The other male bit his lip, glancing at Anti. “… T-Thank you…”

The eye chirped, going and pecking him on the cheek, beaming proudly. Jack grinned, kissing the eye in thanks. “He can be part of the family… he saved me AND you…”

Anti looked at him in shock. Him? Part of the family? After all he did-

“Yeah, you took me over… but from what I heard and felt, you only did it because Dark made you… you never once really hurt one of us… And… you saved us… of course you’re one of us now!” The irishman smirked at his new buddy, scooping him into a nuzzle. 

Anti was already leaking tears… he never had anyone besides Sam and Dark… and now… he had a family…?

Mark added to the cuddle, smiling proudly. “And, if Dark wants to get the stick out of his ass, he can be… something-” he glanced awkwardly at the box, which had gone silent.

“C'mon, we have to clean up… and find a way to keep Dark somewhere safe… plus- I bet we could find some nice stuff for you at a pet store, Anti,” Jack grinned, looking at the eye, then at Mark.

The septiceye beamed for a moment, and shuttered as he stared at them. They both gaped as they gazed into his large pupil. They could’ve sworn they saw a little Anti inside, smiling up at them with tears in his eyes… and a little voice murmured out:

“C҉-Ça̶l̶l ̢m̷e S̕a͝m̨..̨”

Thank you all so much for supporting the story!! I can promise you Anti-eye and Tiny Dark Tim will be making returns! If you’d like to see more with them, please let me know!!


so most of you wanted the bts version of when they slap you so here it is. Also I apologise if this is shit, I haven’t written for bts in a while. ALSO my iPad has been glitching out whilst writing this so I only did Namjoon, Yoongi, jungkook and Jhope. I hope to do the other members in a future so please be patient with me. (My computer is broke otherwise I would continue writing this on there)

This is in no way how the boys would act btw this is just what I think, I doubt any of the boys would even go as far as to hit their significant other.


He’d instantly regret what he did. I think he’d hesitate whether or not to go up to you, but he’d apologise so many times. I think it’d take some time for you to really forgive considering he had just hit you. You’d definitely forgive him within a week or so though.

Originally posted by yoongijae


So I think yoongi would have to be really angry to hit you, because he’s such a squishy. So when he was very heated and pissed off he’d probably just walk out the house leaving you to cry in all honesty. Give it an hour or so and he’d walk in the house to find you curled into a ball crying whilst watching a drama. He’d walk over to you with flowers and a note that said he was sorry, since he isn’t the best at expressing emotion. You’d smile at him and give me small peck on the cheek, and accept his apology straight away.

Originally posted by yoongijae


Omg this poor baby, he’d probably realise what he had done and cry like let’s be honest here. He’d grab you and hug you so hard whilst crying into your hair. You knew he didn’t mean to hit you and you said to him that it was okay, that it was an accident and he’d keep repeating that it was his fault and that he was stupid for hurting you. You’d end up comforting him, poor child.

Originally posted by baebsaes


This sunshine omg, he’d freak out like he’d realise what he’d done and once he saw your eyes water he’d rush over to you, cuddle you and probably start crying too because seeing you cry is enough to make him cry, you knew he loved you and you told him it was okay. But for weeks after that he’d always apologise for hurting you, he’d buy you so many teddy bears like you’d have 6 already and you heard him come home and guess what haha now you have 10.

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angeldevil99-88  asked:

Can you write a jikook Alpha and omega too Jungkook and bottom Jimin au

(I’m a jikook ship writer now folks. This is my destiny.)

Jungkook isn’t what you would consider your…typical alpha.

It’s not that he wasn’t strong, far from it. He’s a good athlete, he runs, he works out, he lifts and he has the muscles to prove it. No he’s definitely strong.

Alphas are supposed to have a commanding presence. They draw your attention when they enter a room. When they speak, everyone pays attention, that kind of thing. Yeah, that? Jungkook doesn’t have.

Talking in front of people? No thanks. Jungkook can’t even hold a conversation with most people that doesn’t involve him only using one word syllables.

Commanding presence? Yeah right. Jungkook spends most of his time in the corner of the library studying, or in his room playing video games. (He plays D.Va on Overwatch and not to brag or anything but he’s in the top 500 in Competitive play. He’s kind of a big deal in the online competitive scene.)

He’s sitting at his favorite corner in the library, Jungkook is surfing the internet on his laptop. He’s taking a break okay? He studies hard, gets good grades, he’s a bit of an overachiever academically. The lack of a social life has been pretty great for that. He works well on his own. Who needs friends?

He hears a sound that makes him pull out his ear buds. Sniffling?

Jungkook should just ignore it, but something compels him to stand and take a look around, following the sound. He finds it in the form of an omega curled into a ball in the corner, crying. The smell overpowers all of his senses, the omega is in heat. Jungkook swallows hard, it explains the crying, why the man is here in this corner of the library.

“Um…Hey…” He ventures, making sure to keep his distance. The Omega smells amazing, like some kind of flower he doesn’t know the name of. He’s not a botany major.

The man’s head snaps up, eyes wide he scurries back. “Please I-I don’t w-want.”

Jungkook raises his hands. “Don’t worry I’m not going to do anything.”

The man bites his lip. “I’m kind of stuck here. I can’t go out there. Not with all those people. Not like this.”

He’s really pretty, like, SO pretty Jungkook wants to die. There’s desire in his bones from the heat, but he can tell already there’s more to it than that.

Jungkook nods, wracking his mind to think of something to say. “Okay well…Um. I’ll just be over there studying. Let me know if you want a drink or anything. I can go get you something. Or maybe you want food, I’m, like, SO good at getting food. I’m a really picky eater though so the staff at the cafeteria cringe when I walk up because I ask all these obscure questions about Gluten because I have Celiac disease. Did you know even Gluten Free stuff still has a bit of gluten in it and doesn’t actually help me out at all? I’m pretty pissed at the diet trends…and I’m babbling I’m sorry.”

The man looks a little surprised. “Aren’t you an Alpha?”

“I mean. I’m sure I smell like one but I think the genetic gods thought I was a big joke or something.” OMG STOP TALKING JUNGKOOK.

But the man giggles. “You don’t seem like most Alphas.”

“I have all of the awkwardness and none of the coolness.” Something about the man is comforting, makes it easy for Jungkook to talk to him. It’s nice for a change, just being able to say what’s in his mind.

The man giggles again. “What’s your name. I could call you Awkward Alpha if you want but…”

Jungkook winces. “Oh god. Please don’t. It’s Jungkook. My name. It’s Jungkook. Yeah.” Way to say your name twice, Casanova.

“My name is Jimin.” The man says with another giggle. He’s really cute, like SO cute, and pretty. He’s really cute and pretty and Jungkook is kind of already in love? “Why aren’t you trying to rip my clothes off right now?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen. “Uh…” He coughs. “Probably because I can control my sexual urges like most Alpha’s should be able to do? Any Alpha that insists the urges control them is a liar.”

Jimin is nodding enthusiastically. “I think so too! They’re so full of shit when they say they can’t! They just want any excuse to sexually harass us and…” Jimin groans, curling on himself a little. “Fuck. Sorry.”

Jungkook squats. “Do you need anything.”

Jimin buries his face in his knees. “To go home.”

“Do you need a ride? I have a scooter. It’s not pretty fast but it’s still pretty badass.

Jimin bites his lip, it looks like he’s hesitating.

“Or if you want to stay here for now that’s fine! I’m not trying to be fresh with you.”

Jimin looks down at his knees, then nods. “Okay. Sure.”

“Yeah?” Wow he said yes. Don’t screw this up Jungkook. “Okay um, let me just get my bag.”


It amazes Jimin that someone like Jungkook isn’t mated to anyone. He’s awkward sure, but he’s cute, kind of sweet (He gave Jimin his jacket, aw.), and doesn’t pretend that an omega in heat turns him into some kind of sex craving monster.

With the Alpha close by, most people leave them alone. Jimin can see that other alphas can smell his heat, but wearing Jungkook’s jacket with the man standing close by, they don’t bother him.

“Jimin, meet Princess.” Jungkook waves his arm dramatically to his little scooter. It seems like a nice scooter as far as scooters go. It’s painted red, with an iron man sticker on the front (cute).

Jimin goes for theatric as well, and bows. “Nice to meet you, Princess. Please get me home safely~”

Jungkook laughs and hands Jimin a helmet. “Safety first.” He says. He means it too, because he has his own helmet with fancy Iron Man themed art on it.

Jungkook is cute. He’s a bit taller than Jimin, broad, and ripped (as Jimin finds out when he gets on the scooter and puts his arms around Jungkook’s waist.)

The ride home is VERY distracting for Jimin because Jungkook smells AMAZING and he’s trying to stop himself from fanning his hands over Jungkook’s torso and moving downwards to the man’s muscular thighs. He doesn’t though, because despite the urges and the discomfort heats don’t control his life.

Jungkook is actually great at following Jimin’s directions and gets to his apartment building in no time. The entire ride is spent mostly in silence, with Jimin attempting to keep his hormones under control.

“This it?” Jungkook asks, snapping Jimin out of it.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Jimin says, a bit breathless. Quickly he scrambles of the scooter and rips his helmet off to give to Jungkook. “Thank you. Thank you so much!”

Jungkook takes off his own helmet and smiles, his ears pink. “Um, no problem. You can keep my jacket for now.”

Jimin tilts his head to the side. “You’re not cold?”

“Oh haha I’m totally freezing but I heard the smell helps during heats? I mean…unless you don’t want to smell me which is totally understandable and wow I didn’t think this through.”

“Um sure. I’ll keep the jacket.” Jimin says, hugging the jacket to him for emphasis.

“Oh. Really?”

Jimin smiles. “Yeah.”

“Okay.” Jungkook puts his helmet on his head. “Well, hope you get through it soon. Have a good day!”

“Wait!” Jimin says hands forward. Jungkook stops to look at him. “Aren’t you going to like…ask for my number?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen, it reminds Jimin of a deer. “Do…you want me to ask for your number?”

Jimin laughs. “You really are awkward.”

“I tried to warn you!”

“Here.” Jimin puts a palm out. “Gimme your phone.”

Jungkook pulls his phone out of his back pocket, the screen is cracked, but seems to work fine. Jimin puts his contact name (Jiminnie~ <3) and his real number in and texts himself (Because Jungkook doesn’t seem like the kind of guy that’s going to text him first).

He gives the phone back to Jungkook when he’s done. “There!”

“Cool.” Jungkook says, and the way he says it makes it sound like no one cool has given him their number before. There’s a soft pang in his chest at the thought that maybe that’s true. “Thanks.” Jungkook smiles, full and wide, and it’s the cutest thing Jimin has seen in a while.

“Text me okay?” Jimin asks.

“Yeah. Yeah I will.” Jungkook says. “Get well soon.”

“I will.” Jimin says.

Jungkook speeds off (well, as fast as a scooter can actually “speed”) and Jimin watches him go.  He was mortified to have his heat start at school, but it worked out. He raises the collar of Jungkook’s jacket and takes a long smell, then goes inside.

Send me a pairing and an au and I’ll write a short fic.

For @snapchattingyoonkook and based on THIS post! I hope you like it dear and congratulations on your follower milestone! Keep doing what you’re doing because I am in love with snapchat aus~

Hoseok hadn’t meant to cause any discourse between the Sugakookie (as Jungkook and Yoongi are affectionately named) couple. He thought it was harmless fun but apparently, Jungkook didn’t think it was as funny.

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Matt Espinosa - Deal (smut)

Request: Sugar daddy Matt Espinosa?

I literally had to google what sugar daddy means omg. Like I said, my native languange is not english so basically this is based on the definition I found on Urban dictionary:  A man who provides money or other favors in exchange for sexual relations.


“Mattheeew!” I sang as I entered our apartment.

“Bedroom!” He yelled back and I immediately made my way to the bedroom. He was lying on the bed one of his arms tugged under his head, looking at something on his phone. He was all casual but I swear he looked like a Greek God.

“Hey baby,” I smiled at him warmly and sat next to him on the edge of our bed. “How was your day?”

“Tiring, as always,” he said putting his phone away and paying all of his attention to me. I was still smiling at him and I was thinking how I should tell him what I wanted. “Baby, what do you want now?” he asked. He knew me so damn well!

“What?” I pretended like I was innocent.

“This is your “I’m gonna ask for something, but at least I’m cute” look on your face. Split it out baby!”

“Oh, shoot, you are good at it,” I sighed. “So my mom called me today.”

“Oh no, don’t even start, I’m not ready for another family dinner!” he growled rolling his eyes.

“Matt, please, she wants us to be there!”

“But your brother hates me to death, Y/N, he will kill me when you leave us alone!”

“He doesn’t hate you!” I stated, but both of us knew I was wrong. “Besides, I won’t leave you alone with him, okay?”

“No, it’s not okay, I don’t want to go!” he whined like a little boy.

“Matt, please, after this I swear you won’t see them for a year!” I pleaded.

“One year is not enough.”

“Don’t be too dramatic,” I rolled my eyes at him.

“Still no,” he said taking his phone out and looking at it ignoring me.

“But what if you get something for it?” I stated suddenly not even thinking it through.

He peeked up at me curiously.

“What do you mean?”

I kneeled up on the bed and then sat on his waist. I took his phone out of his hands and put it away smirking down at him.

“Do you remember when you got home from New York last time? I have something similar in my mind, but this time I will be the only one doing the hard work.”

I leaned down to his face, he gulped as I was only inches away from him. I kissed his cheek and slowly took off his shirt and started to undo his pants.

“So what do you say, will you come with me to the dinner?” I asked using my sexiest voice to win him over. I took off my shirt and pants quickly and looked down at him hungrily. He nodded weakly and I knew I won.

“Good, now let me take care of you.”

I quickly put my hair up into a bun and then got rid of his pants leaving him only in his boxers. I grinded my hips to his and it made him moan as his hands were all over me.

Then I took off his last piece of clothing exposing his now hard member. I backed a bit so as I leaned down my face was right at the head. I curled my fingers around the base of his cock and licked the top of it.

“Oh my God,” he growled grabbing the sheets next to his hips.

I slowly took his whole length into my mouth and looked up at him. Seeing him enjoying himself that much totally turned me on. He sucked in a breath of air as I started to massage his balls while never stopping sucking him.

“Baby, this feels so good,” he moaned and gently grabbed my hair to keep me in place.

I fastened my pace and wanted to make him feel good so badly.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” I slowly took him out of my mouth and then crawled up on him taking my bra and panties off. I took his hands and put them straight to my breasts. He looked like he was being tortured.

“Baby, please don’t tease me,” he pleaded in a crying voice.

“Will you come to the dinner?” He nodded, but it wasn’t enough for me. I grinded my hips against his again. “Answer me Matthew!”

“Yes, I will baby, just please!”

I smirked and then went back down to his lower part and finished what I started. It didn’t take too much time for him to cum into my mouth.

“For fuck’s sake, it was amazing,” he said trying to catch his breath as I lay down next to him grinning at him.

“I’m glad we could make a deal.” He laughed at me and kissed my forehead.

“If only your family would know what I need to make me go to the dinner,” he said chuckling and I flapped his chest , but I was laughing too.

“Asshole,” I commented. He smirked down at me and kissed my temple.

“You will be the death of me, woman.”

BTS AU - The Pack

Originally posted by kths

A/N - Buckle in for probably the longest AU/IMAGINE I’ll ever write xD

Genre: Adventure/Action/Gang

P.s  - this is written in the PAST tense.


You have been transferred…

The words echoed in my mind, and still I wasn’t able to get my head around the fact that my parents, my family; gave me up to a gang.

I was made to sit in a warm, white room with little furniture but the velvet seat I was placed in. And a wooden table, with one brown envelope on it.

I told myself for hours on end that I wouldn’t touch it, but it seemed that if I didn’t, I’d be stuck in this room forever. There was a door that contrasted from the white, but I doubt that it would be unlocked. Obviously.

Skittishly, I picked up the envelope, wedged my finger in between a small flap and sliced the lid open. There were 7 pieces of paper by what I could see.

Licking my lips out of old habits, I took out the papers. Each had a picture stamped on it, and writing underneath. Like a profile page.

Was this the gang I now belonged to?

The thought haunted me, it made me want to cry. Maybe it was better off not knowing why my family gave me up. Maybe forgetting was the best thing to do.

I picked up the first page and read it:

Kim Namjoon // Alpha

The leader; he’s the one you want to get close to. You’re no good without him. He’s the on that controls The Pack. One word from him and your pack could turn on you. You wouldn’t want that would you? He deals things, he expects discipline. But don’t worry, on good days, you could probably throw in a few drinks. He’s not the worst. Trust me, if it’s anybody you want to trust; it’s him.

Reading the first file already sent my eyes watering. The Pack? Was that what they were? A big notorious gang of boys who lived like merciless wolves that would rip your throat out? Gulping, I picked up the next file.

Min Yoongi // Ghost

You’ll probably never see him around. This guy is a quick one. If you want him on any job that includes kidnapping, dealing, sniping; he’s the one. Don’t get too friendly, Yoongi is more of a lone wolf. He doesn’t like talking nor interacting. You’ll be incredibly lucky to earn his trust, but he does have an open mind. He observes and listens. He can read anyone like an open book. Including you. Don’t pay attention to him too much, nobody does. He’s too scary for anybody’s liking. So best to just duck your head when he’s around.

It felt like everything was getting worse and worse

Kim Seokjin // Beta

Now let’s head to the bright side. Jin? You could probably cuddle up in his bed and he wouldn’t mind it. But be careful, don’t get too close to Namjoon, that’s the one thing he does mind. The Alpha and The Beta is not to be messed with. Probably best if you don’t fall for Princess Jin, his heart belongs to one person only and that’s Namjoon. Weird, right? Such intense and serious personalities, yet they have time for love. Besides, Jin makes amazing food. You can depend on him any day, he’s sure to not let you down.

My spirits began to lift, and my mind started to turn naïve. I hope there are more people like him.

Jung Hoseok // Siren

Ah, you never want to stand next to him. Ever, unless you want to go deaf. Yes, he’s loud. Very loud. That’s why we call him Siren. The only wolf that can communicate across dangerous land. He’s the one you can definitely rely on to get you out of trouble. Don’t ask, half the time he runs on sugar. Pure adrenaline. This guy never stops. But, don’t let your guard down. He is one vicious fighter. But he doesn’t give up easily, so don’t get on his bad side; he’s the hyper one.

Park Jimin // Wolf

Should I even get started on him? He’s the one you don’t want to trust. He’s the one you want to stay away from. Oh yes, he’s loyal, very loyal, he’d probably take a bullet for a stranger. But that doesn’t stop him for trading you to a rich gang for money. This one is a skipper. Jumps between emotions. He has slept with every member of the gang, except from Jin and Namjoon of course. So don’t fall into his trap. He has the looks that would make angels beg for holy water. If you fall for him, it’s over. If he finds out, your dead. Why? Park Jimin loves toying with emotions; it’s how get gets around in life.

Kim Taehyung // Night Owl

Gosh, If you want to have a laugh, go to him. He will undeniably make your day better with horrible jokes and bad puns. But yet again, a bad side. He’s a Night Owl. He prefers hunting at night. Because that’s when it’s too dark to see blood. Taehyung is a psycho. He goes on killing rampages for fun, so don’t get involved. If he can make you laugh, he could probably make you cry. Don’t expect too much from him. He maybe calm; but is mental age is 3.

Killing rampages? For fun? I could already feel my stomach churning

Jeon Jungkook // Casanova

Last but not least. Jeon Jeonggkuk. The coldest, the meanest, the most lethal out of them all. He’s the youngest, but don’t let his adorable looks perceive you. He is an unstoppable killing machine. This guy, once he has target on what he wants, he gets it. Known also as a Lady-Killer. Sharp features, handsome face. A girl who doesn’t swoon was called weird. Everyone is scared of him. Everyone except Jimin, of course. One way to get killed by Jimin is to mess with Jungkook. Don’t, take my word for it. You don’t want to even look at this boy. He has no feelings whatsoever, so if you fall for him. You just as dead as falling for Jimin. Taehyung, Jimin and Jungkook were originally called the Maknae Line, they work best when they are together. So don’t get in the way when that Line begins to form. I have lots to say about Jungkook, but it’s probably best if you learn about him yourself. He’s mysterious and doesn’t say much, best thing about him is; we all secretly know he’s madly fallen for Taehyung.

Reading these felt like snooping into their private lives and making my chances of surviving even more scarce. I knew what they all look like, and from what I can tell, they made my heart flutter with incredibly handsome faces.

The second I put down Jungkook’s profile, the door softly unlocked itself and swung ajar. I didn’t even know where I was, so I couldn’t just simply walk out. But that’s what I did. I exited the white room, abandoning the envelope and entering an incredibly grey storehouse.

I could pick up on the distant drip-drop of water running off pipes, and chains dangling in the wind of the warehouse ceiling. Nobody was here and it made me feel even more vulnerable.

“Welcome” A deep, lulling voice made me turn around slowly with a flat face. If anything, I was trying to cover up my fear. I held my head high and tried my best to keep my eyes strained on the one man that was in front of me; Namjoon.

He looked somewhat like the picture I saw. I could tell why he was the Leader. His stance radiated authority and power. If I wasn’t fuelled by ignorance and adrenaline, I would be on the ground, bowing and whimpering.

I nodded in return, surprised by how well I was keeping my fear intact. Namjoon also looked surprised. That was when my heart faltered. The rest of the boys appeared out of the dark behind Namjoon. Seeing them in the flesh made my skin crawl. My eyes landed on Yoongi, Jin, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin and Jungkook.

“What is your name?” Namjoon spoke up, pulling me out of the small trance of looking at Jimin and his beautiful face. I let out an unintentional sigh.

“Y/N” Blunt. That’s how it came out. Like I was not bothered, which I was. I wanted to cry and curl up in a ball then die. I knew nothing about fighting, I had to bluff for as long as I can.

“Y/N? That’s a pretty name. You’ll need an alias." Alias? Why would I need one if I was just going to be their slave? Namjoon picked up on my stubborn confusion.

"You’re one of us now. You work with us, not for us. Now choose before I let Taehyung choose one for you” I could tell Namjoon was trying to as gentle as possible and I appreciated it. My gaze switched to Taehyung who was twirling a blade in between his fingers with a devilish grin.

“I’ll need time to think” I ordered roughly, I didn’t know what I was or who I was, these boys seemed to have an Alias very close to their personality. Namjoon was taken back by this order but smiled softly in amusement.

“Well, while you think…” Namjoon turned his head slightly to Jimin “Jimin will show the way to your room”

My attention flitted to Jimin who looked pretty proud of this announcement. He began walking away so I followed him. As I followed him closely, I realised we were getting to a cleaner part of the Warehouse and into a garden. We crossed a garden that had lush green grass accompanying the bright colourful flowers. Followed by a large marble staircase that led to a gigantic mansion. I gaped, looking at the structure.

“I wonder why you’re so calm.” Jimin interrupted the silence, throwing me off guard.

“You don’t seem that bad” I shrugged it off, receiving a really amused smile from Jimin. We entered the mansion that was lit up with many chandeliers, and maids who stood at every corner of the house wearing beautiful black dresses that came down to their legs. Rich, spoilt, killers. What a great combination!

“Then we’ll get along just fine” Jimin chuckled, opening the doors to a room that felt like a palace. There was a king-sized bed, powder-table and walk in wardrobe. Did I really deserve this?

I hummed in agreement, still studying the room that I would call mine. But instead of leaving, Jimin closed the door behind him. I gave him a ‘really’ look, but inside; my heart was pounding inside my tiny chest.

“Don’t you have questions?” He took a seat on the bed, crumpling the cream sheets a little. I shook my head. In fact, I was desperate for answers. Fear really did change me.

“Can you give me an alias?” a small laugh escaped his plump lips, and it was the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard.

“How about…Skipper?” I shot him a questioning look, my silence being his queue to explain.

“You seem to skip human nature quite easily. You’re not scared of me. I locked the doors and you seemed to have welcomed me into your room.”

I rolled my eyes, feeling quite exploited.

“I did not welcome you, you barged into my personal space” Yet again, another laugh that sent my heart fluttering.

“Skipper it is” Jimin nodded triumphantly and made his way for the door. Flashing me one last deadly smile before exiting. The second he left, I threw myself onto the bed and let out the tears.


 I was woken up by the small tapping of someone at my door. Giving out a small groan, I looked up to see Jin with a pitiful look of his face. That was when I realised I cried myself to sleep. Jin took a seat beside my on the bed and brushed my hair back from my face.

“Sweetheart, if you’re not feeling okay, just come to me.” A small smile settled on my face as I heard those soothing words. I wiped my tear-stained cheek and sucked in a big breath.

“I made some food, let’s go get some” Jin took hold of my hand gently and navigated me back into the large mansion. The kitchen was huge, so was the dining room where the rest of the boys were also eating and discussing things.

I took a plate of pancakes and glass of water, taking a seat next to Jimin. I quietly ate, hoping that no one would interrupt. The pancakes were amazing, I nearly cried. I was so hungry. I haven’t eaten in days. 

“So, have you picked a name?” Namjoon asked, looking up from his computer in his glasses that I found quite cute on him.

“Skipper” I could already feel Jimin’s grin creeping onto his face.

“That’s great. Welcome to the family” Jin clapped his hands enthusiastically and also taking a seat. I looked around, a family? Was that what it was? I couldn’t deny it, it did look like a family. Jin and Namjoon sitting closely like parents at a dinner table, Yoongi reading his newspaper by himself whilst drinking coffee like an Uncle, Hoseok and Jimin being the bigger brothers whereas Jungkook and Taehyung were the younger ones.

My attention turned to Jungkook, who obviously was sat closely to Taehyung.

“What are you looking at?” Jungkook snarled, grabbing everyone’s attention. I shrugged, continuing to eat.

“Nothing” Taehyung scoffed, flicking Jungkook’s forehead lightly with his finger.

“Leave her alone Kookie. Don’t be so self-centered” The comment seemed to annoy the maknae even more, but since it came out of Taehyung’s mouth, he obeyed it.

I gathered up the plates and put them in the sink, only to be followed by Yoongi. I took it into consideration that he was coming my way so I ducked my head. Getting a small breathy laugh.

“Were you told to not talk to me?” I nodded obediently, trying not to look in the man’s eyes. He gently picked up my chin and adjusted my gaze to his eyes. My body went rigid with confusion.

“Ignore that. I maybe Ghost. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like a good old conversation” He spoke softly and patiently, letting go. I gulped, flashing him a genuine smile.

“Well, how are you Yoongi?” He gave me a pleasing grin

“I’m good, Y/N…I’m good. Thank you for asking” I mocked a small bow

“I’m glad to hear that” but when I turned around from the sink, everyone was staring at the two of us in disbelief.

“My pleasure”


Training, I was put into training with Jungkook. It felt like he already hated me. But apparently not when he instructed me with care and caution. They really weren’t as bad as I thought they were.

“No! You swing your left leg to the right, by twisting your body” Jungkook shouted from the other end of the arena. It was more out of care than frustration.

“I have never fought anyone in my life. Stop having such high standards” I snapped back through breaths. I had no idea how long we had been training for, but it felt like ages.

“Shut up and listen, you are ignoring my instructions. If you just follow them then maybe you’d get it right” Now it was frustration. The thing was, I didn’t want to fight, I hate fighting. But I felt like punching Jungkook right now.

I walked off the arena with all the courage I had left, but before I could swing my legs over the rope, Jungkook’s fingers clasped around my wrist, pulling me back and twisting me around.

Our forehead’s touched and I could feel his steady breathing on my cupid’s bow. Our lips were inches apart and the tension was unreal. Jungkook’s grip on my waist didn’t falter as he undeniably caught my undivided attention.

“Now, you either listen. Or I will make it ten times worse” He growled, startling me. I pushed him away roughly, sending him stumbling back.

“No. Get away from me you freak!” I screeched, my blood running cold when I received a death glare. I knew I was done for.


“What happened to you?” Jin rushed to my side, examining the bruises on my ribs and face. Yoongi simply looked unimpressed, Jimin looked surprised, Taehyung looked angry and Hoseok was nowhere to be found.

“Training” I muttered, brushing off Jin’s hand. That was when Taehyung stood up and entwined his fingers with mine, giving me a small smile.

“Yah, let me get you patched up Skipper” He dragged me out of the living room and up a series of stairs. Until we ended up in a cosy room with medical kits scattered on tables and shelves. Taehyung sat me down on a chair and got out bandages.

He began wrapping up my cuts and cleaning them.

“It’s best if you just obey Jungkook. He’s not a nice guy in general” Taehyung stated blankly. Patting my arm and sitting beside me.

“Even I find him mean sometimes…” Taehyung mumbled, twiddling his thumb, I bit my lip.

“Why do people think you’re bad?” He gave me a look I couldn’t exactly read, either it was amusement, or something else.

“Hey, don’t let your guard down. You are talking to Kim Taehyung. Not the Night Owl” I did a small Oooh and nodded understandingly. So it was their alias that held the bad side.

“But Jungkook? He’s Casanova all the time. The two are practically merged.”

That was when I noticed the pictures on the wall. Pictures of girls certainly looking my age. Their was 7 of them. Their features varied massively. I pointed to them and Taehyung’s gaze followed it.

“Who are they?” he gulped

“They were just like you. Transferred. Dead”


“They were incredible girls. But they died. And we couldn’t save them” I could feel the emotion dripping off every word Taehyung spoke, like regret and self-hatred. Was I transferred to replace them?

“Although they were all timid, have no minds of their own. They stuck by each of us, they never gave up.” I risked a question.

“How did they die?” Taehyung’s body tensed.

“They took bullets. For us. We were on a mission one night and fucked up. We fucked up real bad. So bad to the point where all seven of us were on our knees with guns pressed to our head. Helpless and dead.” He paused, and I watched as a single tear rolled down his face.

“Those girls walked into our mess. On purpose. They took the bullets for us. The price for our foolishness and ignorance.”

I turned around and wiped the tear with my thumb.

“You know, I probably will never be able to fill in their space…but I sure as hell will die trying”


“One more time, pleeeeaassee” Hoseok pleaded, I shook my head, suddenly feeling all shy. We were playing a game in his room and he always ended up losing.

As a kid, I was addicted to playing games. And it riled up Hoseok very much.

“If I beat you, you will hand me your machete. If I lose, I will give you my cross blades”

I have gotten to the point where I got my own weapons. I began trading with everyone to upgrade.

“Deal” we were in the heat of the moment when Namjoon peeked his head through the door with a smile.

“Y/N, your Pump-action shotgun just arrived through the mail” I squealed, instantly abandoning the game and running down the stairs. I collected the gun and ran back up to Hoseok who was still concentrated on the game.

I loaded the gun and aimed it at the wall above Hoseok’s head. Bang. It recoiled and sent a big black hole in the wall. Hoseok didn’t seem to acknowledge his near death experience and continued playing.

Maybe that’s what I enjoyed about this place. You could swing an axe at Yoongi’s face and we’d call it play-fighting.

And I was finally getting the grasp of why everyone thought they were crazy. I was turning into one of them. Soon enough, Jin handed me a brown envelope with a grin. I opened it and looked at the picture of me with disbelief.

I had my own profile. And I nearly burst out laughing:

Y/N // Skipper

She doesn’t seem to the get the aspect of human nature. Sure, she’s an easy going girl. Bu that doesn’t mean she’ll listen. You can’t tell her what to do and it’s probably best if you don’t. Tough one to crack too. She’s more keen on the word Friends, and the aspect of trust. But just because you trust her doesn’t mean she’ll trust you. P.s, don’t mess with Jimin. She’ll definitely rip your head off.

I gaped at the so incorrect profile. The boys surrounded me with a grin as I read it out loud.

“I am very friendly! AND I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON PARK JIMIN!!” The boys dispersed into a run as I yelled after them.



[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4

Scenario: Having painful period pains

“Babe?”, Bobby called out when he opened the door to your shared apartment. Normally you would rush to the door as fast as possible and literally glomp your boyfriend.

However today, Bobby got no answer neither he got you glomping him.

He pouted and called again while taking off his jacket.

“Yooo Babe, I am home”, he was about take out his phone to text you, when he heard soft whimpers coming from the bedroom.


You lied on your bed feeling absolutely miserable. Sometimes you hated your life. Being a girl brought so much trouble and pain with it.

“Maybe i should’ve just been born as a boy, they have no pain at all– ugh the world is so unfair”, you grumbled in your head being mad at “boys” and the entire world.

But then Bobby popped into your mind, making you wonder if he would still love you if you were a boy? like would he turn gay for you? 

Without an answer you suddenly recalled his name again. 


You actually really missed him right now and started to whine in your head, about to cry because of such a little thing.

It wasn’t your fault for being so moody, after all you were on you period and your stomach just didn’t seem to stop hurting like hell. You held your stomach and whimpered for the millionth time that day because it just didn’t seem to stop.

“Yooo Babe, I’m home” you heard from the corridor and immediately turned your head to the door. You tried to stand up but you suddenly felt a similiar stinging pain again and fell back on the bed.

Fucking period, you cursed under your breath and whimpered because the pain just got worse.

The door opened and Bobby came into the bedroom seeing you curled up in a ball.

You heard his usual laughter when he came to greet you but when you didn’t move or gave a reaction at all, he turned completely serious.

“(Y/n)-ahh What’s wrong?” You heard him asking with concern and felt his hand caressing your face.


You muffled into the pillow, not feeling like talking about it.

Bobby knew immediately what was wrong when he saw the familiar image of your hand holding your stomach tightly.

You just whined into the pillow, not wanting to talk to him suddenly. You just wanted to be left alone suffering, yes.

Or maybe it was just your stupid mind being moody again.

Knowing that you wouldn’t talk to him anyway, Bobby went out for a few minutes, to come back with a cup of tea which he placed on the night stand beside you.

“Hey”, Bobby sounded a little concerned and whiny at the same time. He slipped under the covers and pulled you a little closer.

Since he was kind of back-hugging you, his hands suddenly went over your stomach, making you flinch for a second before he started to carefully massage it.

You closed your eyes and took in deep breaths. It actually made you feel a little better.

“Is this okay?”, he asked quietly a little smile hinted in his voice because oh yes he knew how much you liked his soothing massages.

“Mmhh”, you approved by letting out a small sound of your voice.

“Oh..and can you get me some.. stuff later”, you hold Bobby’s hand to stop him from massaging your stomach for a moment.

Bobby sighed. He knew what you were asking for.

“…but my fans will see me and think–”

“Please”, you whined over-dramatically, pouting like a maniac.

“If you feel any better”, was all he said before going back to lessen the pain of your body, thinking to himself what a pain it is to be a girl and asked himself if it weren’t better if you were a boy instead and he’d just turn gay for you.

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Imagine for chelseapink101

‘OMG that Tristan Evans fanfic was super good !!!! Do one about brad omg !?! Xoxoxox’

I made it a bit different than the Tristan one but I hope you like it! Sorry it sucks xx


It’s raining cats and dogs and the weather man said a storm was coming. You just arrived at school and there were only a few others. You’re soaked and walk to the library because everyone on school was requested to congregate there. As you arrive you see your friends James, Connor, Tristan and Brad sitting around a table in the back of the room where you can barely see them.

“Hey guys” You say and sit beside Brad and Tristan.

“Hey, (y/n)! Thank god you’re alive!” Brad says and hugs you. You get butterflies and hug him immediately back. You know Brad for ages and you have been in love with him since. The other boys know and they always tease you with it when Brad isn’t around. He let go of the hug and smiles at you.

“This storm sucks. We could just stay at home.” James complains

“Yeah, I mean, what are we doing here anyways? We don’t have class for the rest of the day and we are forced to stay in the library.” Connor says. While Brad, James and Connor have their conversation for a few minutes Tristan nudges you and smirks.

“What?” You giggle and he nods towards Brad.

“Lucky you today, huh?” He teases.

“I know him for ages, it became a normal thing” You sigh. You really like him, maybe even love him but you know he doesn’t feel the same way.

 “I’ve an idea” Tristan practically shouts and they all turn around. He looks at you and you mouth ‘no’ but it doesn’t look like he is going to stop. “Let’s play truth or dare!”

“Good idea, mate! I am in” James says and Brad and Connor also agree.

“You’re joining too, (y/n)” Tristan says before you can say anything. You sigh and think about what is going to happen next. 15 minutes later, it’s still raining and fortunately, nothing stupid happened.

“Brad, truth or dare?” Tristan asks.

“Dare, of course” Brad says.

“I dare you to look for a book with (y/n) at the other side of the library and think about where we talked about this morning” Tristan says and point at a place at the other side of the library.

“Okay…Come on (y/n). Let’s find a book” Brad says and pulls you with him.

“What did he mean with that thing you were talking about this morning?” You ask curious.

“Nothing…” He mutters  and looks at his feet. We arrive at the place Tristan pointed at and we started looking for a book, even I don’t know what kind of stupid dare this is.

“What about this one?” You ask and take ‘The fault in our stars by john green’. “I love this book. The story is so good and it goes about…” You start but you stop when you have the idea Brad isn’t listening. You look up from the book and you see Brad is staring at you. “Are you okay?”

“Um.. Yeah…yeah…Just thinking”

“We can also take another book for whatever Tristan-“ But Brad cuts you of by pressing his lips on yours.

“Forget that book” He whispers as he pulls away for a second and kisses you again but this time with more passion. You put your arms around his neck and in response Brad pushes you against the wall behind you. Your bodies are touching and you tug at his curls softly. You feel him smile in the kiss and he puts his hands on your waist, stroking it with his thumb.

“Woah” You hear and you push Brad away from you. Tristan, Connor and James are standing with a big smirk on their face at the other side of the corridor.

“You actually did the dare! I thought you would never do it!” Connor say and tears start welling up in your eyes.

“Was this a dare…” You whisper and a tear escapes your eye.

“No, (Y/N) –“ He starts  but you cut him off.

“Save it” You say and walk away.

“Good job, Connor! Really good!” You hear James say. You’re not allowed to leave the library because of the storm so you just hide behind one of the bookshelves, crying your eyes out.

“(Y/N)?” You look up and see Brad looking worried at you.

“Did someone dare you to come and see if I was okay?” you say harsh. He sighs and sits in front of you.

“They didn’t dare me to kiss you, (y/n). They dared me to get over my fear. My fear was kissing you because I was afraid you wouldn’t feel the same…” He says and wipes your tears away with his thumb. “Let’s just say we’ve to thank the boys for this” He says and smiles. “Will you be my girlfriends?”

“I would love to, Bradley” You say before you kiss him. This was finally happening, everything you always wanted.


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okay so it’s been almost two weeks since you brought Emily to your parents’ place. Ashton’s been calling and texting both you and your parents non stop, but you’ve refused to answer. you’re mad at him, mad but also hurt by the fact that what you told him that night is true. you’re not good enough anymore, that’s why he won’t come home anymore. but what hurts the most isn’t the fact that he’s tired of you, no, the thing that makes you cry all those sleepless nights are the fact that his own daughter isn’t good enough anymore. the little ball of sunshine he used to sing to sleep every night for months is suddenly something that he doesn’t care about.
you can’t help but admit that you miss him though. how could you not? I mean, after waking up next to the same warm body for five years it’s quite hard not to miss them when you suddenly have to sleep alone. you miss his adorable giggle, his deep dimples and those warm eyes. you miss the smell of him, the taste of his lips and the way his hands felt in yours. but you can’t go back until he decides to change those habits. no matter how much you miss him, you just can’t. it’s not fair to Emily, because she needs to be surrounded by people who wants her best, what she doesn’t need is a father who comes home drunk every night and who you can barely see as long as the sun is up. she deserves the best, and at the moment Ashton isn’t at his best, and with another tear rolling down your eyes you slowly began to realise that he might never go back to the old Ashton Irwin, the one you fell in love with.
so it’s Wednesday, and your parents decided to give you a break and took Emily out for the afternoon. you’re currently laying in bed, hugging your tear stained pillow while staring at your phone. it won’t stop buzzing, and you don’t need to look at it to know it’s Ashton trying to reach you. after another three minutes of your phone vibrating, you sigh and reach over to grab it. you press the phone to your ear, and at first, all you can hear is Ashton catching his breath in surprise.
“don’t say anything” you interrupt him, wiping away some tears from your face. “I’m coming over today to get some of my and Emily’s stuff that I need. I’ll give you my key and have someone come and pick up the rest of the stuff in a few days”
“no, baby, ple-”
“I’ll be over in an hour, if you’re not home I’ll be using my key” and so you hang up on him, quickly pressing your face against the pillow, crying out the last of your anger.

Ashton looks tired. his sweatpants are hanging low, and his white t-shirt smells suspiciously a lot like your perfume. his curls are dragged back in a bun, and his face swollen, yet his eyes manages to light up the moment he opens the door for you. without a word you stumble past him, walking towards the stairs. you don’t stop walking until you’re in yours and Ashton’s bedroom, throwing a bag on the bed before searching the room for your clothes. Ashton arrives shortly after you, leaning against the door, watching your every move.
“please don’t do this” his voice is dark and raspy, and you can tell that he cried earlier today.
“I don’t have much of a choice, Ashton” your reply is hard, and you keep your back towards Ashton in an attempt to keep him from seeing your watering eyes.
“of course you have” he sighs. “just come back to me”
“no, I don’t have a choice here, Ashton!” you spin around, facing him. “I actually care about our daughter, and what’s best for her is if I leave, and taking her with me”
“so what’s best for her is growing up without a dad? with only one parent to take care of her?”
“it was only one parent taking care of her before, Ashton. nothing will change, except maybe for the fact that she won’t have to see you destroy both yourself and your life”
“I’ll do better” Ashton takes a step forward, looking crushed as he glance over at you. “I’ll do whatever it takes to get you guys back”
“I’m sorry, Ash” you turn around as your voice cracks, furiously throwing more clothes in your bag.
“I love you, y/n” Ashton’s voice doesn’t sound that much better than yours as he rubs his palms over his face. “I love you and Emily more than anything. I love you, and if you love me too, just please let me fix this”
“Of course I fucking love you, Ashton!” you throw another shirt in the bag before spinning around, wiping away some tears while looking at home. “I love you so much, and you have no idea how much it hurts leaving you. but I can’t go back, no matter how much I still love you, because I need to think of Emily!”
“honey, I’m so sorry” Ashton takes the next few steps, wrapping his big arms around your body while pressing you against his chest, allowing you to soak his t-shirt down. “we can fix this, I promise you” his lips leaves a kiss on the top of your head as he holds you closer. “let me fix this. just.. just please come back to me”
you softly push him away, looking up at his face. “do you promise?”
he nods, softly cupping your face, smiling softly as you this time allows him to wipe the tears away. “I promise”
“last chance” you put your hands on his chest, softly stepping towards him again. “if you blow this I’m gone, and not coming back”
“thank you” Ashton smiles again, leaning in to leave a sweet kiss on your lips before mumbling against them “I won’t ruin this again”


12 Days of Wincestmas Day 1

There was never a time when Dean and Sam Winchester were not in love. Whatever force in the universe chooses who should be soulmates: God? Fate? Karma? wanted to make sure they were truly together their entire lives. So they were born as brothers.

Dean started asking for a sibling as soon as he was able to put words together. His first word was in fact “Sam”. Although at the time Mary and John thought he was saying “Ma'am” instead of mom, so they let it go.

The day Mary found out she was pregnant, Dean was waiting for her on the porch when she came home from the doctor. He ran down the steps and jumped into her arms laughing and saying “Thank you, mommy, thank you!” Mary put him down and asked why he was thanking her. Dean rolled his eyes like it was the dumbest thing he’d ever been asked “Cuz you gots my baby!”
When Mary told John about it later, he dismissed it by saying Dean must have overheard her on the phone or talking to the neighbor lady about her possible pregnancy. And that was the end of it, for a while.

Around the time Mary was starting her second trimester, Dean started talking to her stomach. Not just saying things like “hi baby” but full on conversations as if the baby was talking back. John thought it was odd, but now it was Mary who waved him away saying it was cute that he was so excited about getting a new sibling.
When Mary was around 7 months pregnant Dean began climbing into his parents bed every night after they’d gone to sleep. Mary slept facing out because John complained not only did her pregnant belly put off enough heat to bake a pie, but the baby would kick him mercilessly as if it was trying to annoy him intentionally.
Dean would lay awake until he heard his dad snoring then tip toe into his parents room, slip into bed next to Mary and proceed to talk to her stomach all night. Sometime before dawn he would go back to his own bed, so he wouldn’t get caught. The nightly visits lasted until Mary started getting up several times a night to use the bathroom, another one of the “joys” of late pregnancy.

After that Dean had his “baby talks” during the day. These sessions bothered John for some reason. He told Mary it was weird, and not healthy for Dean to think he was actually holding a conversation with an unborn baby. But again Mary assured him it was fine. It just meant Dean would be close to the new baby, and be a good big brother. How could that be a bad thing?

The night before Sam was born, Dean insisted on sleeping with his parents. When John tried to take him to his own room, Dean became very upset. “NO!! My baby needs me! Gots to wake mama up when is time!”

“John, I am so tired, and uncomfortable just let him stay” Mary gathered Dean into her arms and sang to him until he fell asleep, hugging her belly.

Around 5 AM John was roused from sleep by Dean shaking him and yelling “Daddy Daddy my baby’s coming!”

John sat up immediately, confused “Is it time?”

“I have no idea why he is saying that! I haven’t had a single … . ” Mary was cut off when a searing pain shot through her lower back. “Ohhhhh, ok, maybe we should get going.”

John had just gotten off the phone arranging a sitter for Dean, when Mary came down the stairs with a worried look on her face. Dean trailed behind her, a determined look on his little face. He was insisting on being taken to the hospital with his parents. Even after it was explained by both John and Mary that babies take a very long time to come and Dean would be bored waiting, he would not change his mind.

When the babysitter arrived and he realized they were going to leave him at home, the normally sweet, well behaved Dean had an epic meltdown. He wrapped his tiny arms around Mary, pressing his face against her swollen, contracting baby bump and refused to let go. Huge hitching sobs racked his tiny body, as he clung to his mother.

“Dean, I promise I will bring mommy home. She will be fine.” John spoke softly mistakenly trying to reassure Dean he was not losing his mommy.

“Nooooooo … Gotta. . stay. . with. . my . . Sammy… Sammy’ll be ascared… if ’m not there … when he gets borned!” Dean was crying so hard he could barely breathe between words.

John and Mary exchanged confused horrified looks. Not only had they not known if the new baby was a boy or a girl, they had still not decided, if it was a boy, what they were going to name him. Samuel had been discussed, but they were leaning towards Henry after John’s father.

Mary stroked Dean’s hair “Honey, why are you calling the baby Sammy? You might get a little sister you know.”

“No! … This is my Sammy… He’s mine and nobody elses” Dean refused to listen. He hugged Mary even tighter, when suddenly her water broke. Dean stared at the growing puddle of water, his eyes huge. He let go of Mary’s stomach, grabbed her hand and pulled towards the door. “WE NEED TO GO NOW! SAMMY IS IN TROUBLE!” Dean spoke in a voice that eerily sounded much older than his four years.

John opened his mouth to object when Mary screamed. A stream of blood was making its way down her leg, falling to the floor in bright red drops. John scooped Mary into his arms and carried her out the door. Not wanting to take any chances, he carefully laid her down in the back seat of the Impala.  He was in the drivers seat turning the ignition key before he noticed Dean in the front passenger seat.


A blood curdling scream from the back seat stopped John cold.

“JOHN HURRY PLEASE, THE BABY IS COMING!!!” Mary was clutching her stomach curled into a ball. The Impala roared to life and the tires screamed for ½ a block as John punched the accelerator to the floor.

The hospital was less than 10 minutes away, but it felt like hours. Mary was screaming and crying in such agonizing pain, the sound made John grip the steering wheel until his fingers were white. The gut wrenching thought that he might lose his wife and his child crept into his mind and he immediately wanted to be sick. He fought back the nausea and panic by reaching down deep to his Marine Corps training, to lock his emotions down.

The Impala roared into the hospital emergency entrance and John bolted from the car screaming like a mad man for someone to help Mary.

Several nurses rolled a gurney out and John carefully placed Mary on it. He tried to go with her but was told she was going straight up to labor and delivery. They would come and get him in the waiting room as soon as they knew anything. John stood staring at the double doors they’d just wheeled Mary through when he felt something warm slip into his hand.

“Dean?” John looked down to see Dean standing next to him holding his hand. “I completely forgot you were here son.”

Dean looker up at him. His sea green eyes wide with wonder and affection. “It’s ok Daddy”

John’s eyes filled with tears, picking Dean up and hugging him so tightly Dean giggled and squealed with joy. “You know what? Daddy is glad you’re here. Lets go find the waiting room, and… start waiting I guess.”

The waiting room was, as waiting rooms go, nice. It had soft comfy couches and several reclining chairs. A big screen tv was playing some baseball game, and the magazine rack was stocked with every sports, car, hunting, fishing and otherwise male oriented publication, except “those kind” of course. Even though most men went with their wives into the delivery room these days, there were some who chose not to, or could not due to a complicated delivery. So the waiting room maintained its decidedly male atmosphere.

Not long after arriving, a nurse came in and told John that Mary needed a c-section. Evidently the placenta had detached too soon and the baby was not getting any oxygen. Had they waited much longer to come to the hospital things may not have gone well. John shook his head and looked down at Dean, remembering the boy’s sheer panic that there was something wrong and they needed to get to the hospital quickly. How did he know?

A cute candy striper brought John some coffee and Dean some cookies and milk, congratulated them on their new arrival and left. They sat in silence for close to half an hour, when all of a sudden Dean stood up and ran for the door.

“Sammy! Sammy! Sammy!” Dean was smiling like someone just announced Christmas was now happening twice a year.

“Dean get back here!” John started after him but just then the door opened and a nurse wearing scrubs walked in carrying a small bundle.

“Mr. Winchester? It’s a boy” John stopped dead in his tracks as the nurse opened the blanket and he saw the tiny face of his new baby son. He reached out to take him, then stopped “m-my wife, is she okay?”

The nurse hesitated but saw the desperation on John’s face “She’s ok Mr. Winchester. She lost a lot of blood, but we managed to get it under control. They’re taking her to recovery now if you want to see her … ” John pushed past the nurse and out the door before she could finish.

“Can I see my Sammy now?” The nurse looked down and found herself staring into twin gems of emerald green. “Please? I’ve been waitn’ so so long”

“Of course you can sweetheart. Go sit on the couch over there for me” Dean dashed to the couch and sat with one arm propped up on the arm so he could hold the baby easily. The nurse placed the child in his arms marveling at the tenderness and skill the pre-schooler showed with the newborn, remembering to support his head and holding him firmly yet carefully.

Dean leaned in close, grazing the baby’s forehead with his lips, and whispering softly “Still mine Sammy?”

As the nurse watched with amazement, Sammy’s eyes popped open, gazing at Dean with an expression of the purest love she’d ever seen. As if these two knew each other, and had known each other for millions of years. Green eyes as deep as the ocean met kaleidoscope eyes of blue, green, brown and gold.

The nurse’s eyes suddenly flashed a bright glowing blue, then back to normal. She sat down next to Dean on the couch stroking his hair gently. “Yes Dean, Sammy is still yours. And you are still his. Just as you two have been since the beginning of time”

Dean smiled and kissed Sammy again “Mine


written by @debivc78

Fight (Jack Gilinsky Imagine)

“I’m sorry you had a bad day, but you can’t take it out on me!” I yell at my boyfriend. His jaw clenches.

The second he walked through the door he was looking for a fight. I turn around and walk upstairs, hoping to get away from Jack, but he follows closely behind. I slam my door shut, creating a barrier between us.

“OPEN THE DOOR Y/N” Jack pounds on the door.

After a few minutes I can’t take it anymore and open the door.

“Just leave Jack.” I say.

He shakes his head. “No, we’re talking about this.”

I furrow my eyebrows. “Talk about what Jack? You wanna talk about how I haven’t seen you all day but then you come home in a bad mood and start yelling at me? Or talk about the fact that I actually never see you? You are constantly with the guys!”

“SO NOW YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY FRIENDS?” He throws his hands in the air.

I roll my eyes. “You know that’s not what I said. I have a problem with you not making time for us.” I argued.


I don’t answer.


“Are we breaking up?” I interrupt him.

Jack looks at me and hesitates. “…..yeah.” He finally says.

I nod. “Great Jack. That’s just great. Just throw 2 years away.” And with that I slam my door again. I slump to the ground while staring at the same spot on the wall. Did-did Jack and I really just break up? When I hear the front door slam I burst into tears.

After who knows how long of crying, I pick up my phone and call my best friend ______.

“Hey.” She picks up.

I try to speak, but nothing except wailing sounds escape my mouth. “Omg y/n what happened? Never mind, I’m on my way.” She ends the call. I curl up in a ball and wait for her to arrive.


“Y/n?” _______ shouts while running up the stairs. She opens my door and immediately drops to the ground and hugs me.

“Babe what happened?” She asks, hugging me tight.

“J-Jack and I b-b-broke up” I manage to say.

Shock covers her face but she doesn’t say a word. She just continues to hug me.

(Jack’s POV)

I slam the front door and get in my car. I try to press the gas, but my foot won’t move. I feel paralyzed. God I fucked up. I run my fingers through my hair and repeatedly hit my head against the head rest. My anger got the best of me. Y/n didn’t even do anything wrong. I know I spend a lot of time with the guys, but Johnson and I are starting to get bigger and that requires more music, vines, everything.

After 20 minutes I manage to actually leave her driveway.

(Your POV)

______ and I eventually move from the floor of my room to the living room sofa to watch a movie.

“I’m gonna take a shower.” I announce once the movie ends.

She nods. “I’ll be here when you get out.”

I smile at her and walk upstairs. I turn the shower to hot. Hopefully the steam will help make my eyes less swollen. I do the usual routine. After changing, I walk downstairs, but ______ meets me halfway.

“Y/n” She says, slightly panicked.


“Jack’s here.”

My eyes widen. I walk down the remaining steps to see Jack, Sammy, and Johnson standing there.

Sammy grabs my hand and pulls me to the side.

“What’s happening?” I ask.

“Jack showed up to my house earlier. He’s drunk. Like really drunk. He won’t stop asking for you and Johnson and I have been trying to calm him down for at least an hour and my mom started to get annoyed and I didn’t know what to do so I brought him here. And I’m really really sorry he’s probably the last person you want to see. He told us what happened between you guys but we just got frustrated and decided to bring him here.” Sammy says, all in one breath.

“Umm” I stare at him. I don’t know what to say.

“He won’t stop asking for you y/n. He told us that you were upset that he’s always with us, but you should know that when he is with us he constantly talks about you. Like it gets really, really annoying.” Sammy says while slightly rolling his eyes.

I walk over to Jack who looks like he’s about to pass out.


“Y/n? Y/N!!! Hey babe!” He giggles and reaches out for me but misses. He falls to the ground which causes him to giggle some more.

“Alright, let’s get you to bed.” I say and with Sammy’s help, we drag him up the stairs and into my room.

“You guys can stay over. I’ll stay here with Jack.” I tell him.

“Thanks.” He says and walks out. They’ve stayed over plenty of times so they know what to do.

I then hear Jack groan. “Y/N” He shouts. His eyes are tightly shut.

“Hey, hey I’m here.” I say while shaking him.

He opens his eyes and sighs when he sees me. “Y/n?”

I nod.

“Omg that God you’re here of course I don’t want to break up I was angry and I never see you I know I’m sorry……I’m sorry.” Jack rambles. I notice his eyes starting to get glossy. Jack never cries.

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” I’m too tired and Jack’s too drunk to hold a conversation.

I take off his jacket and shoes and turn off the light. I get into bed and Jack immediately wraps his arms around me.

“I love you.” He says before passing out.

I scoot closer to him. “I love you too.” I reply and close my eyes.