i want to cuddle u


Yoongi snaps when he’s tired at work!

Anonymous said: fake snap where yoongi is at work and is tired and just wants to get back home to u and cuddle :)

I tried to keep it consistent with the hair colour, did these come out okay? Guys, please do tell me if you liked them, any feedback? Please? cx

Kageyama can’t believe he’s doing this. He’s in a strangers house, a strangers bed, and he walked in of his own free will. He chose this. He rang the doorbell, accepted the offer to come inside, crawled into bed with a stranger and he chose-

“Woah, you think loud.” The arm around his waist tugs until Kageyama’s back is pressed to a very warm chest before loosening almost to the point of letting go, “If you’re feeling overwhelmed-”

Kageyama grabs the arm immediately and pulls it back around his stomach because as uncomfortable as Kageyama is in his own head, it’s not enough for him to want to move away from the touch. “I’m not. Can you just- uh, can you talk? About anything. I don’t like silence.”

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anonymous asked:

can you maybe talk about Dylan being jealous of Auston getting so close to Mitch??? #stromarner4eva

I’ve written a few things along that line here, here, and here. But here’s another (also I found this edit that goes perfectly with this drabble):

“I gotta go,” Mitch says. “Auston’s here.”

“Auston’s here,” Dylan says in a mocking tone.

“Dyl,” Mitch sighs.

“Whatever. I gotta go, too,” he says. “Alex is here.”

Mitch chuckles. “No he’s not.”

“What the fuck do you know?”

“He snapped me before I called you,” Mitch explains. “He’s at a movie.”

“I’m hanging up,” Dylan says, embarrassed. If it was anyone else he wouldn’t even bother to let them know, but since it’s Mitch, he gets a warning.

“You’re my best friend, Dylan,” Mitch reassures him.


“You always will be,” Mitch says.

If that’s not a fucking stab in the heart, Dylan doesn’t know what is. Best friend. Always.

“Yeah,” Dylan sighs. “Maybe that’s the problem.”

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This is War: BTS Jungkook Scenario

Request:  Hii.. I just found you and i love your blog! And i wanted to ask can u write a fluffy jungkook scenario to us cuddling and kissing etc.. Just loads of fluff? Thank youu so muchh💖💖💖

A/N: Anon, are you trying to kill me?? Making my write fluff about my fave… RIP me after this honestly… hope you enjoy <3 

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As much as you hated leaving Jungkook on his days off, it was a necessary evil as he was absolutely shattered from his hard work and constant schedules and so, you saw very little harm in letting him sleep in and popping out to get some groceries. After all, the house was practically barren and you were hardly going to make him do it on one of his precious days off, although you knew he would never complain even if you did ask him.

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My hidekane game is weak and I need someone to kick me

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in which Jimin overworks himself and Jungkook waits up for him

jikook / 1,143 words / Rated  G / AO3

Jimin comes back to the dorms completely worn. He feels kind of noodle-y with his limbs stretched and shaking and over-exerted while also feeling tense, like he can’t unbunch his shoulders. His drooping eyes are screaming at him to go to sleep, and mentally, he feels like a deflated balloon that’s sunk to the floor as the helium slowly leaks out of it.

Basically, he’s tired, he’s cranky, he hasn’t rested all year day, and he would really like a shower and a 12 year long nap.

He comes in the door as quietly as possible, seeing as it’s almost four in the morning, and drops his work out bag by the door. He toes his shoes off and lets both his jacket and his snap back drop to the floor, since he’s not sure he’d be able to remember where the hat and coat rack are if he even cared to try.

Jimin drags his feet toward the kitchen where the light over the sink remains on. He’s focused entirely on the fridge and thinking about downing one of his chocolate protein shakes when he spots Jungkook slumped over the kitchen table, his head resting on his arms and a blanket over his shoulders.

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@kessaichi / @aoiichu guess what man i doodled the cuddle bugs last night and it healed my grimy soul a little

i wanted to draw something self indulgent after working on my art project for class so ofc souta and haruka became my test subjects lol the angle didn’t turn out exactly how i planned so it doesn’t really look like they’re laying down but i’m still pretty happy with how this turned out ;v;

also i used this as reference for the pose which came from this!

sleepy!hansol // vernon

hello~ it’s been so long ㅠㅡㅠ I’ve took at least days off of tumblr because this week was a really peaceful week without tests… and yeah… i was just sleeping my days off ㅠㅡㅠ but I have come back to finally finish off my next sleepy!boyfriend series! also dedicated to that one anon who requested for a vernon one! sorry that it took long!


♡ he’s definitely still a tsundere even when he’s sleepy

♡ like… ‘i want to cuddle but… my pride…’

♡ definitely the type that would gives u subtle hints that he wants to cuddle with u

♡ 'hnngng i feel strangely sleepy today… hmnnnfn… i need like… warmth… like uk… in those cheesy dramas….’

♡ and ure like there eating your chips just staring at him who was muttering words that wasn’t even coherent enough…

♡ 'bhusujdmmdkekdjdid it’s nothing… uk…. just… me… being me……. actually… nevermind…’

♡ u’d caught up on his acts anyway I mean this has happened at least like… every time he visits u

♡ would get very very red when u’d suddenly wrap your arms around his necks and brings him closer to u so u could put ur cheeks on his shoulder and he’s like !!!! and was gonna say something that would literally blow it off that he’s embarrassed as frick until-

♡ 'ik u like my wrap hansol’

♡ ’…. pls ….’

♡ when u two are simply lying around on the couch or ur carpeted floor or on the bed you’d probably just have both of ur legs tangled around each other

♡ and hansol would have his eyes closed bcs he never could handle the fact that you like staring at him a lot and it makes him nervous (even when he closes his eyes but he kinds of… handle… it… better…)

♡ you’re just there staring at him bcs he’s really beautiful and handsome and like woah he takes ur breath away and like really 'how did I manage to get u to be mine’

♡ cue hansol’s teenage heart pounding in his chest

♡ bcs he’s (once again) so embarrassed he woULDnt know what to do

♡ 'should I answer??? should I say something??? should I-’

♡ he ended up faking snoring to show that he’s TOTALLY sleeping

♡ smooth move vernon

♡ i personally think that hansol likes it when u would brush his hair with ur fingers

♡ he’d find it so comforting esp that he’s always unable to visit his parents who lived farther away

♡ hansol is v deep and he has a sensitive heart so he’d shed a tear or two

♡ 'i… miss my mom…’

♡ 'it’s ok hansol im here I can also be ur mom’

♡ imagine sleepy hansol with coarse voice tho and I mean with that charming smile

♡ he’d be so tired and sleepy but he wants to spend some more time with u but uk he’s not in a healthy condition so u’d tell him to sleep but he always told u NOO!!! I want to hear about ur day

♡ he has ways with persuading so u ended up telling him what happened today

♡ when ure telling ur story he’d prop his head with one of his arms and watches u with a fond smile

♡ he’d laugh softly once in a while and grins every time u made an exaggerated animated move

♡ his eyes are getting heavier and heavier as u ramble on and on with ur magically addictive voice and then in the end he found himself his eyes closed with his head lying on his now stretched arm

♡ when u didn’t hear his little laughs that’s when u found out he slept already

♡ ur plan worked 8) thank god u got an idea how to make the stubborn hansol sleep

♡ i think when he’s asleep he’s the type that would get to ur side of the bed bcs he’s the type that unconsciously searches for other’s presence

♡ while he takes a short nap and ure not sleepy, u’d be reading some books u just bought and then suddenly hansol is snuggled up warmly on one of ur sides

♡ snuggle snuggle snuggle he’s a happy bear

♡ he’s someone that would like to bury his face on ur neck or ur chest or ur shoulders tbh just bcs his face doesn’t get cold bcs of the ac / weather

♡ spending a day with hansol is really comforting bcs even tho he’s not the type to say much, he confidently presents himself in front of you bcs he knows that his presences is a comfort to u and vice versa. he might have a little bit of experience with dating but every time he looks into your eyes and hear the way you laugh, he’ll lose all his coolness and become a person that’s experiencing his first relationship all over again. You get his heart beating all the time and hansol always try to stay chill but come on we all know he’s just a big cute shy kid.