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oh boy oh boy anon christmas is coming early this year lets get the show started


- jake is the little spoon no questions asked

- one night jake just plopped himself in front of rich, curled his legs up and wrapped richs arm around him and rich was like :00!! and pulled jake against his chest while snuggling into him

- rich is very competitive

- one time the squip squad went to hilltop or someplace like that and he goes beast during laser tag theres no mercy whatsoever he will shoot anyone. one time jake was like “hey you wanna team up?” and rich was like “haha yeah sure :)” but he shoots jake and sprints off and jake is like BRO!!! rich will not put up with teaming up he is a lone wolf and he will win this game on his own

- he wins every time and everyone just groans 

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i hope all the girls i meet know that i’m gay

Pumping Blood {NCT Taeyong Scenario}


Anon: Heyyyyaa can I get a taeyong scenario to you getting jealous of him spending to much time with the members ESP winwin and him thinking your Soo cute cause of it xxx also congrats for 1000 followers 😘

I hope this is okay! It took me forever, but I hope you like it :-) I tried to make it angsty but I’m not too sure if it’s angsty enough lol! Tell me what you think okay??

I think my favourite thing about this is the title lol

Word count: 2105

Originally posted by neotechs

He watched as you leaned into Winwin’s embrace, a light, airy laugh leaving your lips. Your hand tightened on his knee, WinWin looking at you fondly and blushing at your positive response. Although Taeyong was your boyfriend, there was no denying that you and WinWin had some kind of connection; one that you had never experienced before with Taeyong.

As soon as you met Sicheng, you became the closest of friends, spending a lot of your free time with him and getting to know him. Of course, Taeyong loved how you got on so well with him; WinWin was like his brother whom he wanted to just protect from the world. So you befriending him was great. But, as you started to cancel your dates more, remember to bring WinWin his favourite snacks and spent a lot of time texting him, Taeyong felt betrayed by his own girlfriend and best friend. He was already insecure enough, scared that his friends or group members would ditch him suddenly; but the though of you ditching him though, that scared him on an entirely new level.

Tae’s fist clenched involuntary when you hugged WinWin tightly, still laughing at the joke he had made earlier. What was puppy-love jealousy, had now developed to pure anger and disgust for the close relationship you had. He couldn’t understand why you were still going out with him if you liked his friend that much. Gulping down a bottle of water, he angrily slammed the bottle back down on the table, startling Jaehyun and Taeil who were sat on either side of him.

“Taeyong? You alright?” Taeil asked the younger boy, glancing worryingly at Jaehyun.

“Yes. I’m fine”, he muttered, his voice low and deep. You turned to see what was going on, eyes widening slightly when you met with Taeyong’s cold stare. Quickly though you brushed it off, assuming that Taeyong was just in a mood for some random reason, again, and that it’d blow over soon. Taeyong noticed how you quickly looked away and he was angry by it.

Ignoring the confused looks and questions from Jaehyun and Taeil, Taeyong jumped up, striding over to where you sat with WinWin, and pulled you up by the arm. You yelped, his hand was tight on your arm, you were sure it would bruise slightly. WinWin saw you flinch, instinctively standing up and pushing Taeyong away.

“What are you doing!?” WinWin quietly shrieked. Despite being quite introverted and easily dominated by the older and louder members, he had suddenly gained a jolt of confidence. There weren’t many people he liked in life, not many people he really got on with, so seeing you wince in pain angered and worried him.

“Y/N, let’s go.” Taeyong said strongly. He glared at WinWin, vigorously shoving him off him.

“Taeyong…I…”, you gasped at Taeyong’s attitude. How he suddenly grabbed you and now had forced WinWin away harshly. This wasn’t the same boy that was sweet and cuddly to you in private.

“Y/N, now.” Taeyong repeated himself firmly. WinWin had now backed away, sitting back down and looking down in embarrassment. He couldn’t believe that he had tried to stand up for you to someone older and stronger than himself. Although he wanted to help you, he couldn’t do it.

Taeyong curtly turned and left the room, you hot on his heels. You watched him quietly from behind. His form was slightly slouched and closed, his steps were long and quick, his fists were shut tightly on either side of him. And even though you couldn’t see his face, you could only imagine that his eyebrows were deeply furrowed and his lips pouting slightly. That was what he was like when he was angry. Only this time round, you didn’t know why.

“Taeyong… are you okay?” You asked him softly, once you had arrived in his shared room. You shut the door and faced Taeyong, hands on your hips. He paced the room quickly, his eyes darting and unable to focus on solely one thing.

“What? No! Of course I’m not!” He whisper-shouted. Although he was angry and wanted to yell the place down, he still had enough sanity in him to remember there were other, and younger, people in the building.

“Well what is it? Come on Taeyong. Has something happened?” You truly were concerned. Never had you seen him so mad and vexed before. Whatever it was that was annoying him, it was pretty serious.

“Are you kidding me?” He sighed heavily, his head falling back as he put his hands over his face in desbelief. You saw how the veins on his head had suddenly become more prominent. A sign that he was in a bad state.

“What….?” You innocently asked, a small voice overcoming you.

“Why are you like this? Why are you acting like you don’t know what I mean? Do you want a reaction out of me, is that it?” He approached you, not in a threatening way, but like he just wanted to get the words into your head. You reached out to touch his cheek, an action that usually calmed him. But he slapped your hand away, flinching. “Don’t touch me! You’re so clueless, I just can’t do this anymore. I just can’t”. He went back to shaking his head and pacing the room; his outburst scared you.

“What do you mean? I have no idea what you’re talking about Taeyong! You make no sense”, you tried to sound reasonable but now it was sounding as if you had done something. As if he was trying to turn things on you. And you weren’t going to let him do that.

“You and WinWin. That weird and creepy relationship you have together. It’s like you want all three of us to date”, what?, you thought. Where did he get that idea from?

“WinWin? This is about WinWin? But, I thought he’s like your brother? What’s this really about?” Now, things were even more complicated. You did have a slight idea about what this may be about, but you didn’t say anything, just in case you were putting words into his mouth instead.

“I don’t think you realise how he looks at you. And I can see you’re starting to fall for him as well. Just go back to him then”, he flung himself on his bed, his body relaxing naturally as he sank into the mattress. You moved closer to him, so that you were only a few inches away. Tears were starting to form in his eyes, angry tears. The type you get when the situation is way too messed up and complicated and you’re just mad no one understands you.

“He looks at me like anyone looks at anyone. None of your points are making sense to me Taeyong! Why are you like this? Can you stop now?” Maybe it was something else that was bothering him? Maybe it wasn’t his misconception about your relationship with Wiwnwjn.

But then again, Taeyong was a vulnerable person. He was easily threatened by other males, not necessarily jealous but intimidated by the idea that someone better could come along and steal you from him. In your relationship, he really relied on you for emotional support and reassurance. But usually he also knew how to control his feelings. This was the first time he had gotten protective over you in public.

“No! Why are you like this? You trying to make me jealous, are you trying to leave me now?” The thought of leaving him had never crossed your mind, and you hoped it never would do either. You frowned at the thought of him thinking you were leaving.

“You’re being ridiculous now, stop”, you had learnt that the best way to handle Taeyong in situations like this was to not baby him, but acting firmly and give him a wake up call.

“You just walking around getting all these guys to fall at your feet for you. Don’t you think that’s a bit trashy of you, Y/N?” You gawped at his comment. Never did you think he’d downgrade you like that.

“What the hell?!” You shouted at him, at the end of your tether. Insulting you like that, angered you; why was he being so insensitive?

“Wouldn’t have expected that of you? Who are you going to lead on next? Johnny? Yuta? Maybe even someone younger - Mark? Was this relationship a game to you?”

“Taeyong! You’re being unreasonable. You should shut up now!” At this point, you were both screaming at each other. He had stood up again and was right in your face, so close that you could both feel each other’s breath on your face.

“Why? So you can finally leave and go back to WinWin, go on a date with him, maybe even jump into bed with him too?!” His eyes widened in shock, hands flying to cover his gaping mouth. You dropped your hands to your side, laughing disappointingly and backing away from Taeyong. Tears were threatening to spill, but they had already done so with Taeyong. Within seconds, his face was wet with tears.

“I-I, y/N! I’m so sorry. I, I, please”, he stuttered the words out, taking a step towards you as you took a step back.

“Don’t touch me Taeyong. You’ve made your feelings blatantly clear. You. Don’t. Trust. Me”. Your voice was laced with disappointment and anger. Those words he spoke were not the typical kind of Taeyong.

“No, no, no. It’s not that. I do I do. I…I just, sorry! I really am sorry Y/N. I shouldn’t have said that!” He gulped back the tears, he was shaking slightly now. The words obviously shocked him more than they shocked you and the fact he was sobbing hysterically made you realise he was genuinely sorry.

“Taeyong, just shut up. You’ve said your bit”, you had to be firm with him, but your heart gave in a bit. You walked towards him and took his hand, sitting him down next to you on his bed. “I just don’t get why you’re like this. Why are suddenly like this? WinWin and I have been friends for months! You were the one who introduced me to him!”

“I don’t know. I just, I just didn’t like the fact you’re always with him. If I want to take you out, WinWin has to come. If I want a cuddle, WinWin needs one too after. Whenever I’m with you, WinWin is always just there”, he muttered quietly, his hands fidgeting slightly and his fringe sticking to his wet face. You sighed at the boy in front of you. He was a mess.

“Taeyong. Are you thinking that I’m going to leave you for him?” You asked in disbelief. “Are you really that thick?” Giving him a light punch on the forearm, you leaned into him, in attempt to show that you weren’t that upset with him.

“Huh?” He sat up straighter as if the action was going to help him understand you better.

“WinWin, he’s like a brother to me. Just like he is to you. He doesn’t like me in that way! I know him! He likes that little Japanese trainee girl who joined last year!” You took your phone out, showing him a blurry photo of WinWin’s secret admirer. Smiling fondly at the photo, your heart warmed to know that WinWin had found someone that he really liked.

“Wait, what?”

“Plus he’s not always around us Tae. More times than not, he’s with the others. Don’t be so harsh on him, you idiot. He’s innocent”, your voice was playful but the message was true and serious. Winwin didn’t deserve to be taunted like he was by Taeyong.

“Really? He’s not a threat?” Taeyong’s eyes lit up suddenly, his arm wrapping around your waist tightly.

“No! Besides,” you smirked leaning up to him so your face was inches away. “I’d pick you over him any day”

“What about everyone else?” He asked lowly, his eyes had darkened again now, but now he wanted something else.

“Hmm….yes, of course I’d still pick you. God, Taeyong, you’re easily intimidated” Rolling your eyes is a playful manner you tried moving away from him, but his arm kept you locked in place.

“I think you’ll find that I’m the intimidating one here. I mean just look at me”, he raised an eyebrow, and puffing out his chest in attempt to make himself look bigger and stronger.

“Mmmmm, yeah. Intimidating(!)” You giggled at his foolishness, as your lips locked in a sweet, and sorry, kiss.

what goes around, comes around (chanyeol)
word count: 1515 w.
genre: romance, angst, post breakup au
summary: in which one of your grandma’s birthday wishes was to see you with chanyeol, your recent ex-boyfriend. oops?

“Stop pacing around! For god’s sake, just tell the damn boy!” Your best friend pressed her fingers on her temple, rubbing it in a circular motion. With a huff, you settled down right beside her on the couch. You weren’t very flexible in vocalizing your feelings or in your case, inviting your ex to your grandma’s birthday party.

She crossed her legs and propped an elbow on the top side of the couch. “I’m sure he’ll understand. I mean, Chanyeol basically adores your grandma. He wouldn’t mind being there at the party.”

“You did tell your grandma that you and Chanyeol have broken up, didn’t you?” She asked in a confident tone, eyebrows raising as she waited for your response.

“Um, yeah, about that…”

Your best friend groaned in frustration. When her reflex kicks in, she starts grabbing things near to her and fortunately, it was a throw pillow. “It’s been almost three months, girl! How can you not tell your family about the break-up?”

“They love Chanyeol!” You exclaimed, dodging the pillow she threw. “It would break their hearts if they knew about it.”

“Who are you kidding?” She started crawling to your side of the couch before poking your forehead. “You still love Chanyeol and it still breaks your heart because you can’t accept that you two are over.”

Tears were threatening to stream down your face but your best friend was right. You do still love the guy and acceptance wasn’t just running through your mind back then, even right now. Chanyeol gave you so much precious memories to cherish that forgetting them, forgetting him, was the last thing on the list.

“One way or another, you gotta move on. You have to move on.”

Your heart sank at your best friend’s words. She fished out your phone from your body bag. At first, you hesitated on dialing his number, thinking on what you were going to say. Should you ask him how are things going? Should you say hi or hello but hell, you know whatever you were gonna say is gonna sound awkward.

“This is the best chance of closure you have. Don’t screw it up.”

You gulped at her words before pressing the call button. Your hands started perspiring when a deep, baritone voice greeted your ear. It’s the same husky voice that whispered sweet nothings to your ear. It’s the same voice that said, “I love you” more than a thousand sunsets. But it’s also the same voice that muttered a quiet, “I’m sorry” when you decided to walk out the door.

“Hi, Chanyeol.”

You have no idea why you were now in a convenience store, searching for junk food and soda for a road trip to your grandma’s house. With Chanyeol. Yes, that Chanyeol. Your ‘well-loved by your family and friends’, ex-boyfriend extraordinaire, Park Chanyeol.

You had to admit. You haven’t had a decent road trip up until now. You haven’t showed up to one family gathering for the last three months. Every event you attended back then, you had Chanyeol with you. But it seems now would be the last time to have him by your side.

As you were shoving various food down your basket, you spotted your favorite chocolate. Chanyeol used to buy it when you were feeling upset with things. A momentary need to add it to the list of items in your basket was felt but your hand stopped halfway. This trip should be a road to closure, not a trip down to memory lane.

“That would be ten dollars,” the cashier said as a the register noise reverberated around the store.

You were about to hand out the payment when Chanyeol placed another item on the flat surface. His height towered over you as you looked up at him before turning to see what he added.

“I remember you liked this chocolate, and I know it’s kinda wrong or whatever, but I couldn’t not buy it for you.” He pointed out, his lips pursed in a thin line.

“Shit,” you mumbled under your breath.

Chanyeol looked over the passenger’s side to the sight of you clumsily wiping tissue on the soda stain on your white blouse. Out of all the days you had to wear your blouse, why was this the perfect day to spill soda on it? Not to mention, right in front of your ex.

“Still clumsy, I see?” Chanyeol grinned, his line of sight completely focus on the road. “Do you have an extra shirt? I have one at the back.”

Your eyes twinkled in wonder. Your voice faltered a bit but you eventually found your grip. “Who’s is it?”

Chanyeol snapped his head towards your direction. You averted your attention to the view outside so you could avoid his gaze. “It’s my sister’s.”

You replied with a small “oh”. “I actually have an extra but–”

“That’s okay, I won’t look. I’ve seen it all anyway.” Chanyeol teased, earning a few shy giggles from you and a blush creeping its way to your cheeks.

You proceeded on changing your blouse. True to his words, Chanyeol kept his eyes on the road. The one you changed into was an oversized shirt. Needless to say, it was your favorite.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but side-glance at you even just for a quick minute. A small smile plastered on the latter. It was rather charming how Chanyeol’s dimples were placed perfectly on his face. He began, “That’s my shirt.”

You glanced down and it was, indeed, his shirt. Now this would just make the situation worse. It would seem like you were giving him a signal that you weren’t completely over him (you really weren’t), and you wouldn’t want that.

“Do you want it back?” 

You whipped your head to the driver’s side, only to find his eyes crinkled and a soft smile accompanying it. “Nah, it always looked better on you.”

The party was a blast despite being celebrated by an eighty year old. There were so much interactions between your family and Chanyeol that it very much overwhelmed you. You had to tell them someday, but not today. Your grandma might get a heart attack when she finds out the truth and you avoided that effect at all costs.

Loud pitter-pats of raindrops fell heavily on the roof. Your grandma convinced you and Chanyeol to stay the night over at her house as driving back to Seoul was perilous at this time of the night. The heavy rain added enough reason to accept her offer. There was an extra room fit for two guests. Requesting a carpet and another set of thick comforter would draw questions from your grandma.

You and Chanyeol were a couple and it was only natural to sleep in one bed. At least, after three months again.

The two of you had your backs to each other, refusing to lay on your backs instead. It’s been a while since the two of you slept in one bed, under one roof.

You shouldn’t be saying this right now but you called him out. “Chanyeol.”

He responded, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I missed this,” you finally gave into your feelings. Taking a deep breath, you sighed, “I missed you. I missed us.”

You know you shouldn’t get your hopes up but you couldn’t take your mind off his words that he said earlier that day. You weren’t sure if he was leading you on or he was just being the cocky Chanyeol you seldom encountered back in your relationship. 

The best way to get some closure was to let out everything that’s been long kept in your mind and heart. Closure is accepting rejection once the words hidden at the back of your mind passed by your lips.

You slowly rolled your body to the other side. Surprised, you backed away a little as his face was dangerously lurking close to yours. His soft gaze never left your face the moment you turned to him. A few centimeters and his pink lips would have found yours.

“Is there a chance you’d ever come back?” You questioned as your eyes slowly closed. Your heart readied itself to be crashed into a million pieces once again.

His hand emerged from under the blanket, making its way to your cheek. His thumb rubbed invisible shapes. You found yourself leaning more into his palm. 

“Just ask me to stay.”

You felt your heartstrings tug, heightening your senses to the maximum level. Even in the dark, you saw colors swirling around the room. Hearing those words made something burst inside of you that it spread hope all across your thoughts.

Opening your eyes, tears finally escaped from it. “I never stopped loving you, Chanyeol. Will that make you stay?”

“More than you will ever know, babe.”

You never had a sweeter kiss than this.

note: okay so maybe missing 9 and chanyeol wasn’t such a great idea ;A; i have pcy feels all over again send help | masterlist

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Listen I've seen it once but I'll date you and am willing to watch it another 137 times with you

ok welcome to dating me we can watch deadpool, i’ll be whatever spoon u want during cuddle times, and i like to buy people flowers so i hope u like those

BTS as jealous boyfriends
  • Jungkook: the competitive and prideful one, doesn’t want to admit that he’s jealous. Texts u too much when ur out with ur friends nd tries to disguise it as protectiveness “who u with?”, gets rly jealous nd uptight nd tries to hide it like an idiot and then when he bursts hes just like FINE IM JEALOUS ur MINE
  • Jin: the mature and reasonable one, tries to keep himself from nagging u if he doesn’t feel like he SHOULD b jealous, but definitely still feels jealous a lot – holds it in like a motherfucker, elegantly tries to woo u with dinner and roses and accidentally slips a “yeah not like ____ would do that for u” “wait are you jealous” “n-no”
  • Jimin: the loud and sad one, admits that he’s jealous and whines about it!!!! “fine if u love him just go IM KIDDING DON’T GO PLEASE” “jimin i don’t love him”, rly wants to tell u not to hangout with the person but lacks authority af “I don’t want u seeing him” “what?” “i mean if u don’t mind…”, cuddles u nd tells u ur so pretty he has to beat a lot of guys up but u know he’s too fluffy
  • Hoseok: the offended and silent one, the guy to HATE the person he’s jealous of so much, he’ll talk so much shit about him “but its not because of Y/N, I always hated him” and he’ll just b so uptight about it, getting real mad when u go see him but he aint gonna admit to it “I just think he’s bad company did u know he killed a bird once”
  • Namjoon: the quiet and sad one, honestly making namjoon jealous makes my heart break because namjoon will be HURT ok he wont be mad or annoyed he’ll want to OFF HIMSELF or well maybe not off himself but he’ll start thinkin bout the worst things nd he’ll get so frustrated nd sad nd self conscious and u’d have to tell him something before he’d exhale and be like “whoa damn thanks for loving me”
  • Yoongi: the mad one, this guy would just get straight up angry if he got jealous and he’d be so protective. He’d kinda tell u what to do and he’d tell the guy to back off and he rly wouldn’t spend too much time sinkin into sadness: he’d notice that there’s a problem and he’d fix it for himself. Angry sex nd talkin shit about the guy would be #1
  • Taehyung: either team oblivious or team mixed feelings. he would either be so far from jealous he’d be surprised when he finally felt jealous or he’d be so awkward about it, like what does he do?? Does he tell u to stop hanging out with the guy? Does he talk to the guy? He’d try a few angry handshakes with the guy and being pissy but he’d always forget that he’s jealous when u finally gave him attention
So now that Umber is cannonly gay I want to know...

•how cool are his sibs with that…did sora & crane ever try to get him dates???
•how does he feel about Turtle like they cuddled a lot at night before he left I want to know if tht was a “turtle I lov u” cuddle or a “ur wings feel just like Marsh’s” cuddle

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hi! can i request an ikon reaction? "ikon reaction to you want to cuddle" ^u^

Ofc sweet anon! ^^ (I am so sorry for the long wait!)

Hanbin: We all know how much Hanbin loves skinship, so skinship king here would be up for all the cuddles no matter when or where you were (with a few exceptions such as work of course). (A/N: look how soft he is i just TT)

Originally posted by baeky-v

Bobby: I feel like he’s just the type of person who will cuddle before taking a nap or falling asleep. Like you would both come home from a long day of hard work and just drop down on the couch or bed and just fall asleep in each others arms. Doesnt matter who wants to cuddle, it’s just a thing you do. 

Originally posted by bobhwa

Jinhwan: You really don’t need to tell him that you want to cuddle, because it would come so natural to him. If you did ask him when you weren’t already, as if you just ate dinner or something he would probably be a little surprised but would of course agree to some cuddles! 

Originally posted by teambgasm

Yunhyeong: This cutie pie is always very open for cuddles, but you will usually be the one to suggest so. Just those watching-movies-cuddles. 

Originally posted by teambgasm

Junhoe: Like Jinhwan, I feel like Junhoe would also be someone who is naturally very cuddly but would be surprised if you actually asked him to cuddle with you. Is up for cuddles 100% tho! (A/N: he’s a floof isn’t he??T^T)

Originally posted by hanbinlq

Donghyuk: He’s not all cuddly all the time, but more the “aw you’re so cute” type of person and more a mix of Yunhyeong and Bobby in this case. The lets-cuddle-before-falling-asleep and while watching movies. 

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Chanwoo: the i-secretly-like-to-cuddle-a-lot-but-no-one-knows-about-it type of cuddler tbh. What I mean with this is that he would be very cuddly and cute around you but if anyone else is in the same room as you then he would try to be more masculine and manly. He is a huge cuddle bear so would always be up for cuddles tho. 

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