i want to cry when i saw this interview

Who was your hero as a boy?

When I was younger I looked at the Portuguese players like Figo and Rui Costa, and saw how they were performing on the biggest stage – and I knew I wanted to reach that level.

How did your parents help you get started on a career in football?

They let me leave Madeira at age 12 to join Sporting Lisbon. I remember crying, but only now I have my son do I understand how hard it must have been for them to let me go. They did the right thing for my career, but it would not have been easy for them.

Who has been your biggest supporter through your career?

My mother, she always has been and is a constant support to me.

Was there anyone who made a special effort to help you at the start of your career?

Aurelio Pereira [chief scout at Sporting Lisbon – the man who discovered him] has always been a very important man in my life from a young age. He believed in me, and he is a very special man.

What do you feel you learned about yourself from the Euro 2016 final?

I knew that I couldn’t influence the game on the field [after going off injured in the 25th minute], but I could play a big role. I gave a speech at half-time and was giving all the directions and encouragement I could from the side. It taught me about the importance of being one. Football is not about 11 on the field, it is so much more than that.

What’s the most important lesson football taught you?

To use negative people and experiences to motivate you. I actually need my haters – they have helped me achieve all I have achieved.

Which manager/coach has had the greatest effect on you as a player?

I do see Sir Alex Ferguson as a father figure. All my coaches have been important, but when I arrived at Real Madrid I was a man, when I arrived at Manchester United I was a boy. All of a sudden you are at one of the biggest clubs in the world, and at that time I needed somebody like Sir Alex.

What manager or player has been the best in raising the spirits of a despondent dressing room?

Zinedine Zidane was a perfect example of that last season. We had not started well, but then he arrived and was the catalyst for one of my best-ever seasons. We went on a great run in La Liga, won the Champions League, and then I won the European Championships with Portugal. It was a great season for me and Real Madrid, and the right coach can be that inspiration.

Who is the toughest opponent you ever faced?

Over the years I had some great battles with Ashley Cole – he doesn’t give you a second to breathe. He was such a tenacious player, quick, tough in the tackle – when he was at his peak. You knew it would never be an easy game.

Which opposing player do you most admire?

There is a big mutual respect between myself and Lionel Messi. The media like to make out like we have this big rivalry, but we don’t. It is not like we are good friends, but there is a mutual respect on both sides.

Who has been the most generous team-mate, in terms of helping others or being generous with his time and money?

Where I have played both the clubs and players have taken their charitable works seriously. We do have a responsibility to help, we know how fortunate we are, it’s something we need to be doing and continue to do.

Which team-mate would you want next to you in a war?

Pepe – not only is he a fantastic defender, he leaves nothing on the field. He gives everything.

Which of your colleagues or former managers is the deepest thinker about football?

I have played for so many great coaches, but José Mourinho was a big thinker analytically, he went into everything in great detail.

Who was the biggest influence on your career?

I was.

Which team-mate, either at club or international level, has been the biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration has always been myself; nobody puts bigger demands on me than me. I said I admired Figo and Rui Costa, but I never wanted to emulate anybody – I have just always focused on being the best me I can.

[150704] Now TV Interview - D&E

MC: how do you feel about the banners? (Referring to the ‘2 Korean men’ event.)

Hyuk: I feel touched. When I saw it I almost cried.

Hyuk: I felt “ah we are already 30 yo…..and we are just two Korean men….” so we are like that in hk elf’s heart. I felt like crying.

Hae: when I saw them holding up those banners, I wanted to say although we are 30, many of you are older than us /serious face/

Hyuk: we feel more responsible on D&E stage. It’s very different compared to SJ’s stage. We do feel a little stressed and more responsible.

Hyukjae’s thoughts on D&E tour
Hyukjae but we have started out tour for quite awhile now. Compared to the beginning when we felt stressed, bc we can meet fans, it feels more natural and it seems like we are able to produce the same entertaining effect as super show.

Talking about differences between different countries’ fans
Hyuk: firstly for Japanese fans, when they listen to us sing, and watch us perform, they watch it very sincerely. starts imitating japanese fans/ it’s as if they are mothers looking at their children. Taiwan and hongkong fans are pretty similar, they will prepare a lot of events, so when we perform, we feel like ah so it’s not just us preparing for fans, our fans have done a lot of preparations as well.“ It feels like we are interacting a lot of each other.

Hae: bc we have done the concert a lot of times, even if we have some small mistakes in between, we can help each other to cover it up well.

eunhae’s chemistry
Hae: fans who have watched us a lot knows that we have a lot of chemistry, we don’t need to speak, with a simple gesture or eye contact we will be able to signal to each other.

Hyuk: even off stage, when we are joking around by ourselves we have a lot of chemistry too. For example if one of us suggests to prank on someone, even if we don’t say much, we can also work very well together.

Mini game
Eunhae were supposed to write down each other'sfavourite stuff. Donghae wrote "dakgalbi” for Hyukjae’s favourite
food, and he got it right.
Hyukjae wrote “soondaeguk” and “medicine” for donghae.
Hyuk: if more precise, Donghae likes to eat soondaeguk in the middle of the night. And he got it right.

MC: why do you like to eat medicine?
Hae: because I want to live longer. And be healthy. Bc I fly often to different countries and have a lot of schedules so I don’t have enough time to rest. So I try to keep myself healthy.

Hae wrote “Milkis” as Hyuk’s favourite drink.
Hyuk: yes I’ve liked it since young.
Hyuk wrote “Americano” for donghae’s favourite drink.

Hyuk: donghae liked yellow when he was young but now he likes blue
Hae: I like blue, but basically I like clean colors for eg black & white.

Donghae wrote that hyukjae likes blue too.
Hyuk: yeah I’ve liked blue since young.

Hyukjae wrote that donghae’s favourite part of donghae is his eyes. And donghae replied in Chinese “yes I like my eyes”.

Donghae wrote that Hyukjae likes his own shoulders.
Hae: bc when we exercise tgt, he always stretch his shoulders in front of the mirror. So l thought he looks really good when he’s stretching his shoulders. I don’t know about others but his shoulders are really nice.
Hyukjae: yes he’s right. Although my shoulders are not very broad, but I feel that it’s nice. After I exercise, the shape of my shoulders become very nice. So l really like my own shoulders. I feel that a man should have nice shoulders.

Question: what is each other’s favourite line?
Hyukjae started imitating the way donghae messes up his words

Hyuk: sometimes people will ask donghae some qns and he will start answering like “eo…eo..eo yeo yeo yeo yeo” (basically how he mumbles)

Hae: yes /hides & Iaughs/ when I’m nervous or not sure how to answer a qns, I’ll react like that unconsciously.
Hyuk: he gets rly nervous when he can’t answer a qns.

Hae: Eunhyuk has dry lips so he will always bite his torn skin and spit it out. Sometimes when we watch tv at home together and he starts doing that, I'II ask him “what’s wrong with you?” Then he will reply “no I’m okay”. Then I’ll ask “why do you do that!!”, and he’ll reply “it’s too troublesome to go throw it away.”

The MC was asking a question halfway when hae suddenly hit hyuk’s face with his board because he saw Hyukjae coloring his face on the board with a blue marker so he retaliated by colouring Hyukjae’s face on the board too and said “avatar”.
Hyuk: because donghae likes blue so……but he likes his eyes so I didn’t colour it in

(c) **That’s only part 1 though. There’ll be a part 2 next weekend.**