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Warning: Very light light domestic violence. Please don’t read if easily triggered. Also I got the idea from Perks of Being a Wallflower, I’m not say domestic violence is ok at all. It’s very very light so please don’t be offended

Your POV

You and Harry had been dating for a year and a half. Sure there had been plenty of fights but they were mainly over stupid things like Harry always leaving dirty clothes all over the house, or he’d get mad that your never were organized about anything.

Lately Harry had been really stressed about his album. It was already made and ready but the fans had quickly found out and to say they had very high expectations was an understatement. Each day that grew closer to the release date, the more Harry got anxious and stressed.

With a big paper sack of all of Harry’s favorite things, I opened the door to our house.

“Harry I’m home!” I yell as I make my way to the kitchen to set the sack down.

No reply.

I know he’s been a bit down lately but he always greets me with a kiss when I come home.

Two stairs at a time I climb up the stairs to find Harry and tell him about all the goodies I brought him.

Quietly I open the bedroom door and see him sitting at his desk going through papers.

I lean against the door frame and just look at him for a few seconds. He’s wearing a grey hoodie and skinny jeans, meaning he probably just got back from somewhere and hasn’t changed yet.

“Hey bub.” I say walking across the room and kiss his cheek. Instantly he pulls away.

“Hey.” He mumbles flipping over a paper in his hands.

“Whats wrong?” I say running my hand through his short locks. Again he jerks away.

“Can you just leave me the hell alone for 5 fucking minutes!” Harry says in a harsh tone, yet he still wont look up.

I’m a little taken aback. Harry never curses at me.

“I’m sorry, It’s just when I came home you didn’t come kiss me so i cam-” He slams his hands on the desk knocking papers on the ground and stands up


My eyes start to get watery and I try to take a few steps back but the back of my legs hit the bed.

“What are you talking about Harry?? I have a fucking job and sorry if I wanted a fucking kiss from my boyfriend!” I yell, but not nearly as loud as he did.

I’m trying not to cry but tears start to stream down my face.

“A JOB? YOUR A FUCKING WRITER WHAT KIND OF JOB IS THAT?” Harry yells getting right in my face.


I could see his eyes go wide and then dark. His breathing quickened and I could see him clench his fist. I’d hit a nerve. Of course I didn’t really mean what I said.

Before I could even think I felt a burning sting on my left cheek, then I was on the floor.

He’d hit me. He actually slapped me. I would have never thought he would hit me. He’s so loving and well Harry.

I slowly brought my hand up to my cheek. It burned. He hit me really hard.

The tears turned into full on sobbing and I quickly scooted to the nearest wall.

“Baby, baby I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hit you! I don’t know why I fucking did that baby.” He says rushing over to me with tears in his eyes. He slowly tried to touch my cheek but I flinched thinking he’d hit me again.

“Y/N I’m so fucking sorry, hell I’ve just been so stressed and I know that’s no excuse, and being a writer is a job baby your so talented, baby please talk to me.” Harry says with tears streaming down his face. In any other situation seeing him cry would break my heart, but it was already broken.

The sobbing turned back into crying and I looked up at harry, his eyes widened.

“Fuck you Harry.” I say getting up. I walk over to the bed and grab my pillow and then an extra blanket.

Harry gets up and starts to follow me

“Y/N baby where are you going, please don’t leave me, I know I messed up but let me make it up to you!” Harry begs with tears still streaming down his face, his hand goes to grab my wrist, but again I flinch. Harry stops mid way and I can just see his heart break even more.

“I’m going to sleep on the couch, I uh went to the store and got all your favorite stuff because I uh new you’ve been stressed.” I sniffle looking down. Quickly I turn around and go out the door, slamming it behind me.


Sorry if this is crappy but I really want to do a Part 2 so like for part 2!!

Look at what I managed to put up for you guys. 

Spoilers for Episode 3-pretty small drabbleish thing etc etc enjoy 

Sorry I’m tired I just need to like go to bed or something lol it’s almost midnight here but the episode was soooo amazing. 

He’s almost managed to convince himself that he heard nothing, just the wind whistling through Dragonstone’s ruined windows (it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been startled over something small like that) when he hears it again, coming from the door right beside him. 

Jon opens the door before he can think better of it and slips inside-but he stops so suddenly he practically trips over his own feet. The Dragon Queen sits on the window seat, looking out at the sea-and tears are streaming down her face, her shoulders shaking with silent sobs. 

He wants to leave right away because the crying woman he sees now is so different from the calm, tough ruler who debated him in the throne room not five days past. To see her look so different, so…human…he isn’t sure what he makes of it. 

“Your Grace?”

She breaks off in the middle of a sob and gets to her feet, running her fingers through her long hair as if attempting to pull herself together before he can pass judgment on her. “Lord Snow.” 

“I didn’t mean to intrude-” Every nerve ending in his body is telling him to leave and forget what he walked in on in. He’s even turning towards the door when she calls him back. 

“No.” It’s firmer than he would have expected, though not harsher. In a way, she sounds almost resigned. “I mean,” she amends, “it’s not what it looks like.”


She looks down at her hands, at the floor, at the edge of her sleeve-anywhere but at him. “We made a…miscalculation. We thought the Lannisters would be defending Casterly Rock, but they attacked Highgarden instead. Another one of our strongest and most trusted allies, gone.” 

A cold shiver of fear runs down his spine. Despite how hesitant he may be to trust her, she’s still much better than Cersei-and he doesn’t want to see her dead before she and her dragons can help him fight the Night King. Or after that, if he’s being honest. He doesn’t care if she takes the Iron Throne, so long as there’s still a Westeros left for her to rule. And he knows that losing three strong allies in a matter of weeks is not a good sign. “I’m sorry, your Grace.”

“The Tyrells were our strongest ally here in Westeros. I never expected-” She worries her lip, and it suddenly makes her look much younger, like she’s a girl just learning to play at war. Then just as suddenly she seems to realize who she’s talking to and the tough mask comes down again, all trace of fear and weakness swept away. “Well, I suppose nothing can be done about it now.”

“You still have three dragons. Cersei doesn’t have any weapons equal to that power, no matter who supports her.” 

She nods, slowly. “Yes, but…” She trails off again and moves to brush past him. 

But he stops her. Later, he doesn’t know why he does it-maybe it’s just something instinctual, from all the times he’s seen Sansa suffering with her own inner demons and wished that he could help her. Or maybe he’s just sick of sorrow. But either way she recoils from him as if he slapped her, looking into his face carefully as if looking for something only she can see. 

She looks away again, closes her eyes. “I cannot lose. If I do…if the battle is lost and there is no possible chance of victory…I will command one of my guards to kill me. The Mad Queen won’t take me alive.” 

For the first time, he realizes that she isn’t as sure about this as she seems-as she’s trying to be. She’s scared just like he is-although they’re afraid for different reasons, they fear the same outcome. “It won’t come to that.”

“You can’t know that. I used to not think it was possible but now…she’s cunning and wily and has far more political experience than I can ever hope to have-”

“But you fight for something worth more than fear and power-and sometimes that wins battles, though the odds may be uneven.”

“Sometimes…but not always.”

He knows the proper thing to do would pledge her his sword-but he can’t. Not now. “Well, if it’s any consolation…and I know it may not be…I believe in you. We may have our differences for now. You may not believe me. I’m not sure if I would believe you myself, if our roles were switched. I’m not here to take your throne. I’m not here to contest your right to it. I know how hard it must be for you to be planning this attack-but not an invasion-and all of a sudden along comes someone you’ve never met before, telling you to abandon it all because there’s an enemy that’s far more pressing-”

“I don’t want to talk about the Night King right now.” 

Sooner or later we’ll have to. “I believe that you genuinely care about people, like I do. Your people have told me that. The Iron Throne needs a ruler like that. I truly hope things…never get to that point.”

The faintest edge of a smile plays on the side of her face. It makes him wonder again how someone can be so lovely-not that he thinks about that kind of thing much, of course, but he’s not blind. It doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change the fact that they’re still at odds and have no idea what to do with each other-but they have a common ground now, and a common ideal. He knows how easily she could have invaded King’s Landing-and probably could, even now. But she hasn’t. And he believes, more than ever, that she is not like her father. “Thank you.” The words are barely a whisper. “And I wish you luck as well, Jon Snow. I hope the dragonglass you find will be enough.” She gives him one last look that he can’t interpret and then she leaves, cape moving softly on the ground behind her. 

But the tension between them feels considerably less heated. 

Say You’ll Want Me Pt. 7

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 

Part 7 is here! Only 2 parts left guys… we’re getting close to the end and I’m not sure I’m ready lol. Thanks again for all of your awesome feedback <3

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Pizza Delivery

Modern AU

Dwyer did not hate working with his little brother, Kana. However, he did hate how excited the younger boy could be about work. Especially when it was the very last delivery of the day, and Dwyer just wanted to go home.

“That customer sure is lucky! They’re getting the last pizza of the day!”

“Okay… How about you drive? I’m exhausted.”

“Me?” Kana asked. “But… I still don’t have my license!”

“You’ve got me with you. And it’s just around the corner, so c’mon…”

“But… I…”

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House Of Cards Pt.6

stay with me

||Part 1|| Part 2|| Part 3|| Part 4|| Prologue || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 ||

A/N : Some of you might have noticed but I deleted some works off my masterlist. I will be reposting them again after a little editing <3 

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“ Hye Jung-ah ” You spoke into the phone trying to go down the stairs with wobbly and faible legs “ My beautiful Hye jungiie” . Tears didn’t seem to stop falling so you just swallowed the rasp away, not wanting to sound weak, clearing your throat “ Where are you ?”. It didn’t work.

“ Y/N ? What’s wrong with your voice ?” You heard a few voices in the background go into complete silence at the mention of your name. Thank god.

“ Are you with the boys ?” You sighed in relief when she made an affirmative sound. It felt like a huge weight off your shoulders knowing she wasn’t alone. The mess that you left behind you, and Yoongi, was still a problem but you weren’t going to be there for long enough to actually witness it. “ That’s good. Don’t come home. Go have fun with them then stay with Jimin tonight.”

“ Is everything okay ? Don’t tell me you’re planning on leaving tonight ? Is that it ?” Kind of You replied in your head. However, before you could voice it out, she cut you off with a panicked tone after hearing the low groan you let out as one of the shards dug deeper into your palm in a failed attempt to use the wall for support. “ What was that ?”

“ I love you, you know that right ?” You chuckled finally giving up and sitting down on the last stair. About to hang up when you heard a small ruckus on the other side, then the phone got taken away from her.

“ Y/N ?!” Namjoon’s voice brought the smile back onto your face. You closed your eyes and listened to him blabbering a few questions. He was anxious but you felt comfort in the mere sound of his deep and raspy tone, at least you weren’t dying alone. “ Are you listening to me ?!” He yelled again trying to balance a box on one hand and his phone on the other.

“ Yes, Namjoon-ah, I’m listening to you. But, you listen to me for now okay ?” You sighed wiping away the tears and adjusting your position in a way it hurt less “ I … Remember when I first came for the interviw ? You were so nice to me. No one treated me that nicely before-”

“ I asked you where you are. I’ll come to you ”

“-Jin too. I thought that would be it, my life was going to finally be better. Then Jimin, tae, and hobi accepted me too as if we had known each other for ever-”

“ Are you still in Hye Jung’s apartment ? I’ll be there in a little, please, don’t hang up ” Namjoon did listen to what you were saying but didn’t process it because it sounded so much like an audible version of a goodbye letter and he wasn’t ready to accept it. So, he just kept cutting you off, like that would keep you with him longer.

“ -My point … What was my point ?” You breathed in deeply, your mind starting to become blurred out pieces of sentences “ My point is thank you. Thank you so much for giving me that happiness. For including me in your own happiness even if I didn’t deserve it.”

“ Y/N!” Namjoon threw whatever box was in his hands making Jin flinch back, getting the darkest of the ideas because he couldn’t hear the exchange, “ Don’t say that, don’t – Wait for me ”. Jin had never seen the younger so agitated before, and for a good reason, but he himself wasn’t any better.

“ I love you guys ” You whispered, smiling widely, and letting the lightness in your body take over. It made the pain subdue so you didn’t have any complaints. It was just like falling asleep. As simple as falling asleep.

Funny how destiny always ends up catching up to you. No matter how far you run from it, in the end, you will end they way it was expected all along. And you expected this for far longer than you’ve known Yoongi. Long before coming here. But, what was unfair, how ironic for the same thing to happen again and in the same way. You felt sorry for Namjoon, putting him in this.

The phone slipped out of your hand and crashed to the ground. Namjoon just as fast ran out the house. He couldn’t think straight and, most certainly, didn’t have the mental stability to be driving. However, he couldn’t care less as long he reached you in time. The thought of not being able to get to you before it’s too late being too painful to even consider. He accelerated even more.

Jin was on the phone with him, trying to suppress his sobs to not aggravate the younger even more, whispering that everything will be okay. That he just needs to hurry up. That “ Please, Namjoon-ah, ju-just bring her back to us. I won’t ask for anything ever again if you do ”

“ Okay, hyung. I will.” He pushed the red button, ending the call, and throwing the phone to the other seat. There shouldn’t be any distractions around him, he won’t be able to save you if he wasn’t alive himself. Not that he cared about himself right now.

“ Y/N !” Namjoon yelled out from the first step he took into the building but froze in shock upon seeing you, unconscious, on the ground. For a long second, he couldn’t move and his muscles wouldn’t respond to his brain properly to move. When he did regain control, he dropped to his knees in front of you. Still afraid to put his hands on you when seeing how blood soaked your clothes.

“ Hey, hey, look at me ” He cupped your face, the only place that had only bruises and a few streaks of blood, making you look up at him. You slowly opened your eyes to see him, like a dream, with dampened eyes and nervously shaken lips.

“ Namjoon-ah ” You smiled wincing at the pain that slowly started waking up in your nerves as well.

“ That’s right, I’m here now. Let’s go to the hospital ” Namjoon’s hesitation was clear when he tried to pick you up, not knowing how to do it in a way that he would induce anymore pain. However, eventually he was able to hook his arms under the back of your thighs and waist.

“ No, please, no. Not the hospital, please. I don’t want to -” die in a hospital “ please, Namjoon ” You started crying and he had no choice but to give up on it when you were trying to get away from his hold.

“ We’ll go home. Home is good right ?” Namjoon did his best to soften his rough voice into a whisper trying to calm you down. You just nodded, your head was hurting too much to keep your eyes opened, even with his plea to “ stay with me ” you fell back into sleep.

Just as he was walking – running – to his car. Jin pulled up next to it and rushed out to him when he saw you wrapped so weak and fragile. Taehyung, Jimin, Hye jung, and Hoseok soon followed as well.

“ Hospital, now !” Jin yelled trying not to let his composure fall apart. Not when you needed him.

“ She doesn’t want to go ” “ We can’t force her, hyung. We don’t know what happened … He might have- we can’t do that to her ”

“ Are you asking me to let her die ?”

“ No, I’m asking to help me stop just that. PLEASE !” Namjoon knew that every second that passed could possibly end bad. He saw that the cuts were mostly superficial but he needed to get you somewhere warm. Somewhere safe.

“ Hyung, you know you won’t win this just hurry up. You know how to patch up injuries better than most doctors ”  

“ The rest of you check the apartment if he is still there do me a favor and fucking kill him ” Namjoon tried to look like the calm one.

“ Gladly.” Hoseok peeked at you but quickly looked away when met with the horror, anger started boiling inside of him. He was ready to do more than just kill “ Take care of her ”.

Jimin had been trying to calm Hye Jung down, who suggested she would accompany Namjoon and Jin back home.

“ You need all the help you could get ” She pleaded Namjoon but he didn’t need much convincing and the quickly got moving.

“ Stay with me, please ” He whispered in your ear in all sincerity, his tears still being held back for the sake of everyone, holding you closer. “ I beg you ‘’ 

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“What’s wrong with you girl?” Lexi said as she handed the customer her receipt

“I just don’t feel good” I mumbled with my head leaned onto the counter

“You been saying that for the last two weeks, don’t you think that you should go to the doctor and get yourself checked out or something or maybe it’s just your period. You’re always super dramatic when you have it” Lexi said with a slight shrug

I blew air out of my and sat up “I’m fine, it’s just a little…” I trailed off a bit “I don’t know… but I’m fine” I assured

I didn’t know what exactly the problem with me was, I did but I didn’t at the same time. This last week it seemed like I was on the verge of having several meltdowns, actually having three of them and feeling like I didn’t have my life together.

She looked at me strange “What the hell is that supposed to mean? You can’t not know what’s wrong but claim you’re fine. It doesn’t work like that Cynthia” she explained

“I’m fine Lexi didn’t you say it was my period?” I reminded

“I did but you didn’t” she pressed on

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My Jared autograph story excuse me if I cry while I type this because it literally happened like ten minutes ago

I walked up to the table and tried not to pass out from nerves basically because I’ve been waiting for the chance to tell him something for two years now and he was right there in front of me looking at me and?????

I don’t want to share exactly what I said because it’s really personal but I essentially told him that Sam gave me the courage to remove myself from a very unhealthy and horrible situation in my life after years of being too afraid and confused to do anything about it and I just wanted to thank him from the bottom of my heart for that. And I started crying halfway through and he was just sitting there listening to me so intently and ugh the way he looked at me it turned me into a mess. 

And he said “First of all, I don’t hear this all the time. And second of all, I’m glad Sam did this for you because you never need to be in that situation again.”

And he put his hand up in the air palm out for me to take it and I put my hand against his and he literally laced his huge fingers in between mine and squeezed my hand and said “You are too good for that. You are far too good for that.”

At this point I’m crying and just saying thank you over and over like an idiot and he just looked at me and smiled a little and said

“I’m so proud of you, you take care sweetie" 

and I walked away and sat down in a chair because I was so overwhelmed with finally having been able to thank him for that 

I am a literal mess right now

"I Hate You" Part 2 - Sammy Wilkinson Imagine

 A/N: So here’s part 2, thanks for sticking around even when i’ve been on hiatus. love you guys, enjoy! :) 


After a lot of thinking and contemplating with myself, I agreed to hear what Sammy had to say. “Fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this” I thought to myself as we entered his house. His parents weren’t home so it was only the two of us. I started having second doubts, this idiot better not try anything on me. “Can you just tell me what you need from me because I don’t want to stay here any longer.” I said, wanting to get things done with. “He’s asleep now. I don’t really want to wake him up yet. Sit down, make yourself comfortable.” He’s asleep? Who’s asleep? I plopped down on his sofa and looked at the pictures displayed on the mantle. No matter how annoying Sammy is I realised that he’s super close with his family. All of their smiles, so beautiful and genuine. There was a picture of him holding a little baby. He looked at him with so much love, you could see it in his eyes. I found myself smiling but it faded just as Sammy came in with cans of soda.

“He’s adorable isn’t he? The baby.”

“Yep. Hey he’s got your eyes.”

“Yeah, I get that a lot. His name’s Aiden.”

“Cute name. Whose kid is he?” I asked and suddenly Sammy gets all nervous. I don’t know what the fuck is going on but I was determined to find out. I asked him what he needed me for since he practically begged for my help earlier. He hesitated. For a really long time, no shit. Waiting for him to answer was nerve wrecking af. What did this guy want from me? He opened his mouth to say something but then I heard it. A small cry.

To be specific a small BABY’S cry.

Sammy got up and went to his room. OKAY NOW I’M NERVOUS. I have no idea, no fucking idea what the hell is going on right now. I looked down at my feet to clear my mind until I heard Sammy come out, this time, with a baby in his hands. My eyes went horrifically wide as I sucked in a breath.

“Y/N. I want you to meet Aiden. My son.”

CLIFF MOTHERFUCKING HANGER! SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? Should I or should I not continue with this? 50 notes for part 3 (: