i want to cry cause i actually finished it

Teen wolf finale


I’m so emotional I might actually cry…..

Just finished watching teen wolf, can’t believe there is no more of it…..

The ending is just perfect, simple to say I’m very satisfied with it!

According to me - it was WAY *and I repeat* WAY better than the ending of The vampire dairies AND Pretty Little Lairs!

The ending wasn’t really cliche, wasn’t sad, wasn’t disappointing, was perfect.

But after all this is just my opinion, so guy comment and tell me yours! I want to know what you guys think? Cause I’m really happy about the ending and sad that it is the ending!

P.S- I’m just really sad they didn’t bring Isaac.. 💔

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Chapter 40


“Um come in” I heard Robin say from behind the door.

I knew she was in there with someone I could hear her telling them to go into the bathroom for a minute. I figured it was Odell seeing as they were just kissing a little while ago. When I pushed the door he was pecking her lips before turning to leave.

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BTS reaction - to you crying over them getting hurt

Jin: He would hate seeing you like this, and his natural “motherly”, but more protective, self would show as he would take you into his arms and slowly rock you back and forth while he hummed a little melody, kind of like how your mom used to do to you when you would get hurt and go crying into her arms. Omg this is so nostalgic

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Namjoon: He would be extremely sad that you got upset about  him getting hurt, obviously, but he would also feel very loved, in a sense that someone actually worries and cares about him THAT much that you would cry over him. He would have extremely mixed feelings, resulting in him doing stupid things, rather than his usual romantic approach, to get you to cheer up. He would say stuff like “it’s okay baby– LOok It DOesn’t EveN Hurt *pant*, I can even dance *heavier pant* See?!”

Yoongi: In his mind, he would think of all of the things he could do to cheer you up, because he hates seeing you cry, and being sad at all. However, he would get confused on how to go about it, because he would honestly feel a little flustered by your sudden outburst of tears. In the end, he would say something like “ You care about me THAT much that you have to cry over me getting a tiny cut? I may have rushed in this relationship too quickly *chuckle*” in a sarcastic way to try and make you laugh.

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Hoseok: He would hesitantly go up to you and hug you so tight that you probably wouldn’t be able to breath, forcing you to stop crying. Seeing you cry would make him feel so sad, and he would want to hold you in his arms, and keep you there until he KNOWS that you’re OK.

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Jimin: He would be so flustered, and so devastated, that you started crying over him at the same time, that his mind would kind of go blank. He would forget all complicated sentences, and only his natural “care giver” instinct would take over. If you were crying pretty hard, he would cup you cheeks in both his hands, and gently wipe away the tears that were now streaming down you cheeks, and softly say extremely sweet words, so that you would calm down a little. Things like, “ You’re too beautiful to be crying over me Jagi…”

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Taehyung: He would try and make you laugh. Unlike Jimin, Jin, and Yoongi, who would rather comfort you by simply letting you cry it all out, he would want to make you happy as soon as he could. He would do literally everything he could do get you to smile again. Something like, imitating one of the members, breaking chopsticks with both of his butt cheeks ’*cough* Jimin *cough*’, or even doing aegyo.

Jungkook: Another one to be extremely flustered. Unlike Jimin, however, he wouldn’t really be “devastated” but rather be confused in why you were so sad over something that wasn’t such a big deal to him. He would be a little awkward and wouldn’t be able to say anything, so he would pull you into a simple hug, and let you cry all you want. While you were in his hug, it would give him time to think of what to say. Even after all the time to plan, he would be nervous af when you actually looked up at him, and would end up saying something like “ IT’S OK TO CRY ” even though he was aiming to say something that would STOP your crying. I haven’t had flustered Jungkook in a while, so this is really refreshing lol

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// I just wanted to post this, cause i actually finished writing this even BEfore pillow talk ^.^ Anyone who requested, I’m doing your requests now– <3<3 Anyone who wants to requests, I don’t have many reaction requests, so i would really appreciate if you requested some :)<3 //

Austin Mahone One Shot | Our Miracle

Who knew it would be this hard, I mean you hear about what people say it’s like but who knew it would be this hard. You thought it would be 2 pushes and done, but no, it’s a lot harder.

Your breathing heavy and just want to get it over and done with, you just want this little bastard out of you, after 9 whole months of crazy hormones, pain, and just getting fat, this kid better the best damn kid ever. 

“Keep calm baby” you hear someone to your left say.

“Shut up Austin. You want to do this? You want to push a fucking baby out of you fucking penis, which is the worst thing ever must I add cause that thing got me pregnant, and have me telling you to keep calm huh?” Austin just looks at you a little scared “thought not.”

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I Need You

anon; Brett Talbot imagine where you overhear him complaining about how clingy you are to his friends. You leave unseen and ignore him for a couple days. He comes over and you two get in an argument. You cry and he feels bad instantly and regrets everything he said cause the two days you weren’t there were horrible. You accept his apology. Ends very fluffy. Thanks love sorry if it’s lengthy :)

Hope you like it anon! I actually really like when people give me detailed imagine requests because I know what they want ahaha. Requests are open for imagines and ships!


You were waiting for Brett to finish changing after practice, since he was your ride home. You waited outside the locker room for him to come out, when you heard some of the conversation he was having.

“Your girlfriend waiting outside?” One of his teammates asked.

“Yeah, I’m supposed to drive her home.” The clanging of a locker closing mixed with Brett’s voice.

“How’ve things been going with her?”

“I don’t really know. She’s really clingy. Like everywhere I go I find her there and it just seems like she wants to be around all the time. Which is annoying because I kinda just want to spend some time away, you know?” Brett replied.

Your heart shattered into a million pieces, and instead of confronting him, you just let it go, and walked away, deciding you’d take a cab or a bus home instead. You didn’t want to seem ‘clingy’ or 'annoying’. So you walked the mile from Davenforth Prep to your house, and immediately fell asleep.

The next morning, you woke up with puffy eyes and a headache, probably from all the crying you did last night.

You decided you weren’t going to be around Brett today, and instead spend most of your time in the library, since he never really went in there. You had four messages from him from last night-

'Where are you?’

'Did you already leave?’

'I’m leaving the school in 5.’

'Did you get home okay?’

You decided not to reply to any of them, he would see you in school today, and know you got home fine. So you changed, drove to school and started to your locker, taking out the books you needed before going to your first class.

The whole day you managed to avoid him, even though there were a few close calls. You had to admit you missed him. He was always making you laugh or just talking in casual conversation. That wasn’t going to break you though. The shock of what he had said made you just want to give him space, as much as he needed.

The next day you didn’t go to school, you faked sick to your mom, and she let you stay home while she went back to work. The whole day you just finished homework, watched TV and wallowed in self pity, thinking over and over about how Brett felt about you. Were you really that bad? Did he actually like you? If he did why would he say that? Whatever the reason, you decided to give him space.

Two days of staying at home and not contacting him at all. Brett hadn’t sent you anymore messages or called, so you thought he was probably enjoying his alone time. You on the other hand were wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, with your hair messily tied up, watching re-run of friends on tv. Phoebe was rudely interrupted by a door bell, so you got up to see who it was.

Opening the door, you immediately recognized the boy on your porch- it was Brett.

He didn’t even ask to come in, he just walked past you and started yelling.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” He yelled. You sighed and closed the door, following him in.

“You leave unexpectedly, don’t answer my calls, avoid me in school, and now you’re just not coming?! What the hell is up?” He was yelling and seeing him again made you upset but you didn’t want to show it, so you snapped back at him.

“I don’t know Brett, maybe I just didn’t want to be clingy! Or annoying! Maybe I just wanted to give you the space you so desperately need apparently!” You screamed back and he scoffed.

“Well I did! You’re so freaking clingy and annoying! All you do is talk! And now you’re eavesdropping on conversations I’m having? Sometimes I wonder why I’m actually in a relationship with you!”

That shut you up. And it was also what made you feel tears well up in your eyes, as you tried to hide them.

You motioned to the door and wiped your eyes, taking a deep breath.

“Just go Brett.” You turned around and waited for the sound of the door to come, but it didn’t.

Instead a pair of arms wrapped around your waist, and a soft voice spoke close to your ear.

“I’m sorry.” He said. You tried to shrug him off, but him being a werewolf, and his strength made it hard. Instead he was able to turn you around and place a kiss on your forehead.

“I’m really sorry. It’s just sometimes I lose it, and the two days without you sucked. They were horrible. I didn’t have anyone that I could really talk to, I missed you a lot. I need you. I’m really sorry (Y/N).” He whispered the words into your ear and you nodded slowly, your tears falling down your cheeks.

“It’s okay Brett.” He smiled and picked you up, kissing you gently. He smiled wider and spent the rest of the night tangled up in blankets with the only person he loved.

Anguished Fairy - Erza fanart - Inspired by the last few chapters, I wanted to draw Erza crying (and hurt myself at the same time cause I can’t bare to see her cry) There’s nothing really new here, other than attempting to do a crying face… Yeah Idk how much I got that.. I tried. Also, I’ll say it once more, metal is a real bitch to paint.

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source :}