i want to cry at this

Things that still got me fucked up about the Malec wedding kiss™:

  1. War of hearts
  2. Magnus telling Maryse that this is between him and Alec
  3. The staring competition between Magnus and Alec
  4. The way Alec looks so sure of himself as he starts walking towards Magnus 
  5. “Enough” 
  6. Alec grabbing Magnus by the lapels 
  7. The nose scrunch™ 
  8. Alec stopping the kiss to look at Magnus
  9. Magnus chasing after the kiss
  10. Alec not caring that he’s in front of everyone and going back in for a second kiss
  11. Magnus’ little smile as he sees Alec leaning back in for another kiss

@ahshesgone‘s latest drawing made me gush and fangirl so hard and sooo much that I got Ash into having an art trade with me!!! :DDD *throws confetti around* I’m so happy and soooo insecure that I messed this up sob

Ash requested a pencil drawing from me with Soul and Maka being domestic… and I pimped it a bit with digital colors to not have it too dirty and dull… I hope you like it Ash! ;u; ♥


Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing/have been okay. *hugs*
So I’m making this post just to apologize to my babies who requested me some edits! I’m sorry for not having them done yet… ‘cause I have been with a depression and with no motivation to do edits… And even when I do them I take too much time now (I wonder where are my inspirations and ideas went orz). I’m not how I used to be when I edited on the past few years (you can noticed on how my edits have been looking now, so simple and plain lol…) just have been feeling really down everyday and with no patience for anything. I’m getting worried by my depression and I’m afraid it gets any worse… So just wanted to let you know that I will still make the requests and bday gift edits for my cute friends :) *hugs* They just will be so damn late and I’m so sorry for that! Wish you all the best (specially luck for your exams at school) and thank you for being with me and for being such a sweethearts!! ily all!
PS: please dear anons, don’t come to my ask box and send me shitty messages ok? I feel really bad and sad already and don’t make me feel more stressed with stupid and mean asks… I won’t answer them! Respect it please!

anonymous asked:

this is really random but I started becoming a more active follower because of kght and then began going through ur fic list and I realized u also wrote human error which is literally the reason I started writing again and wrote my own Jungkook robot au n I'm only on anon bc my stupid tumblr only sends asks from my personal but yeah I just wanted u to know ur phenomenal and ily and I hope your hands better and I want to give you the moon n stars 🌹

omg this is so nice ;-; thank you for sending this and letting me know D”: im emotional. thank you so much, i love you! <333

My biggest hope is that one day soon I can figure out how to be so okay with myself, my health, and all my flaws that all the bad thoughts can be brushed off with a smile. No more hiding or racing thoughts, just the feeling of being content knowing I am me and that’s enough.


i just want friends.  i have a husband who i see ALL the time and don’t get me wrong but i need gal friends too.  my two best and closest are the furthest away from me one in TN the other in DC.  he has his own set of friends and i have yet to meet or even want to meet them.  they aren’t my cup of tea.  

i can’t stand to be alone with my thoughts. 

i need someone to distract me and not make me feel so underappreciated.