i want to cry at how perfect he is and how much i love him

whispers I’m in the tub but I need to write headcanons on Shiro being a new parent because holy shit???????

•Shiro was the first one to cry when he saw his new baby.
•There was no dignified crying either, let me make this clear, this man fucking BAWLED his eyes out
•"Please don’t get snot on our baby Shiro"
•Seriously he would let you hold the baby, but he’d never stop asking to hold them. He wants to always hold them. He’s totally in love and there’s no stopping him.
•He hums to his little baby
•He also tells them how wonderful and perfect they are and how happy he is to have them be his child and he wants them to know how much he loves them
•Then he brags about his s/o and how great of a parent they’re going to be and how lucky this baby is
•"Shiro they don’t understand what you’re saying"
•The instant his baby’s eyes open for the first time, he cries again. This man is a mess. Someone hold him please.
•He’s so emotional it’s incredible like where is this coming from you big man child
•He’s usually the one who takes care of the baby at night. He’s usually up because of nightmares, and taking care of his baby really helps him relax
•He loves domestic life style, he lives for it
•Seriously just enthralled by his baby.
•He always wants to be the one feeding the baby, reading to the baby, holding the baby, waking baby up, putting baby to sleep.
•He loves his baby so much
•He likes playing with their feet and making silly noises
•The first time his baby learns to smile and smiles at him guess what he does (spoiler: he fucking cries AGAIN)
•Don’t be surprised if you and Shiro end up having a lot of kids because he just never gets over the stage of absolute adoration and wonder and love he feels for his kids

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Fluff headcanon of the RFA with a MC who is shy and short like 1.50 when they trying to tell them how much love them start crying bc is so shy???


Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • He doesn’t care about MC height, he actually likes it
  • Now Seven will not mock him anymore, he’ll mock you!
  • No, he’ll mock him too.
  • You’re one blush mess, just like him!
  • You two are the perfect couple?IT MUST BE
  • “Oh MC i love you sooo much!” He said while he was hugging you on the couch
  • You started crying.
  • He’s crying too now.
  • After some while, you explained.
  • He doesn’t want to make you cry again…But he wants to say how much he loves you!
  • You’re shy, that doesn’t mean you don’t like it…
  • He’ll interpret as tears of joy


  • At the first time he sees you, he froze.
  • Seven was laughing at him for that.
  • You’re so so short, and he’s so tall!
  • But you’re so cute too!
  • Every time he says something to you, you start crying and he’s like “Oh princess!Don’t need to be so emotional, come here (ಥ﹏ಥ)”
  • You’re so precious, a precious small bean
  • A tiny princess!
  • Every time you blush he kisses your cheek and then you cry
  • That cry means he won…YOUR HEART
  • Cheesy


  • You’re smaller than her
  • This is a little weird she must say
  • And you’re so shy too, looks like a child
  • Every time she says something romantic to you she thinks she has done something wrong for saying that
  • Maybe you just want to be friends and don’t want to say to not make her feel bad?
  • But when you told her about it
  • She laughs
  • She was with stupid thoughts while you were just pretty shy
  • She kissed you, making you cry because of that again,but this time, she knows why


  • He doesn’t care about your height, not anymore.
  • In the beginning was weird, but now Jumin accept you in any way
  • You’re perfect for him.
  • But all the shyness makes things a little bit difficult.
  • He’s always(ALWAYS) are showing his love for you with those speeches.
  • And you’re always crying about it, he knows it’s because you’re so shy…But that no need for that!
  • People think he says something rude to you!
  • Maybe this is the price of love…
  • You still are pretty cute tho


  • He’ll make fun of you, just warning!
  • Your nickname it’s “Little tomato”
  • Because you’re always blushed, and you’re so short
  • He always makes you jump for things
  • He’ll say and do so many romantic things, because he love you being so shy that you cry by it
  • So cuteeeee ~~
  • “Seven…Can you stop this?”
  • “Only when you stand up!”
  • You’ll kill him.


  • Are you a child?Just kidding.
  • Oh god, your face matches his hair, wow.
  • Impressive.
  • He hates to see you cry, really.
  • And the good thing it’ll be pretty rare because he’s never saying how much he loves you!
  • He says sometimes, but he says whispering, and if you ask him, he’ll change the subject.
  • Sometimes you’re his armrest.
  • Dork.
  • And now every time he sees you cry, he thinks someone is trying to date with you.
  • Jealous asshole


  • He doesn’t care about your height or you being shy.
  • Lol
  • But when you cried, he’s really worried
  • Maybe it’s too soon to say about his love for you…
  • Or maybe you don’t like him that much?
  • Is he pressuring you?
  • When you told him, he’s better.
  • But he don’t want you to cry, so he try not to say how much he loves you
  • But if you reassures him it’s ok…He’ll say when he wants.
  • But he’ll suffer so much everytime you cry.

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(I can't remember if I sent this to you before but it's worth sending again because it's good) Kravitz asks Angus to teach him how to make macarons to surprise Taako. He keeps burning them but eventually makes a batch that's intact, albeit lumpy. They keep at it for days to get them absolutely perfect, and finally he presents Taako with a small box wrapped with an extravagant bow, with a dozen flawless little skull shaped macarons inside and Taako cries because he loves Kravitz so much.

gosh….. god bless.. krav would of course tell taako that angus helped and taako would say that he loves the both of them, thinking angus isnt around, but plot twist angus has his ear pressed against the door because he wanted to know how taako reacted and he also starts crying, theyre all crying someone get these boys some tissues

Don’t go back to him, don’t be the girl that he uses when his ego is low. I know you miss him, I know that you want to kiss his lips again, and hold him so tight you can hear his heartbeat. I know you want to look into the emerald eyes one more time, and I definitely know you want to hear the deadly words, “I love you” slip from his lips. But think about yourself think about how much it will hurt when he breaks up with you again, or cheats on you. Just think about how much you cry, and how much you hurt because of that one boy you love. You think he’s so perfect and that you don’t deserve him. Honey, you deserve better than him. You deserve the Galaxy and he is just one star. You deserve better.
—  Midnight thoughts

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so happy to find someone who loves jimin as much as me he is so precious right?? he is so flawless sometimes i can't believe he's real because he's so perfect how is that possible that a person has no flaws and is just so precious? how come i want to cry TT

aw ;; i mean i wouldn’t say he has no flaws… i once told a friend that i could talk about his flaws just as long as his virtues lmao dsakdaj, but they complete him and he definitely is a wonderful person and he deserves all the love in the world

Mornings with Jin

I was dreading this one because I wanted to cry hes such an angel I love him so much. Alright anyways thank you so much for requesting I hope you enjoy it!
{V version} {Suga version}

  • Always awake before you
  • He just lays there a bit taking in how beautiful you look
  • Smiling to Himself
  • Not believing how lucky he is to have someone like you
  • He hols your cheek softly and kisses you forehead before getting up to make breakfast for the both of you
  • He gets out of bed slowly scared he might wake you up
  • He’ll start making breakfast
  • So concentrated
  • Because he wants to make it perfect for you
  • Like just imagine him with just boxers and a shirt probably
  • Fluffy bed hair
  • When you wake up and head towards the kitchen you can hear him whistling or humming a song
  • Once you quietly enter you see him dancing around a little
  • With some dorky moves
  • Which makes you laugh
  • And he just around with his eyes wide opened because you scared him
  • Walks over to you smiling at how cute you look just woken up
  • “So the Prince/Princess finally decides to wake up?”
  • “Its not that late Jin”
  • Kisses you on the forehead and give you a really big hug
  • Like just imagine being held there
  • Laying your head on his chest
  • Just hugging
  • “I love you”
  • Enjoying each other warmth
  • “Wait oh my god the pancakes”
  • Hes quickly let you go an d frantically try to get the pancakes off the stove
  • “Stop laughing”
  • “Im not laughing”
  • “Fine then you get to eat this one”
  • Luckily he didnt burn all of them
  • Both decide to make more
  • He puts on some music
  • So you both end up dancing really badly to some songs
  • Fooling around
  • Random kisses here and there
  • So soft
  • You both talked about just random things while eating
  • “Theres a new restaurant that just opened. Do you want to go later?”
  • Watching his eyes light up as he eats
  • Him eating like a little bunny
  • Too precious for this world
  • Getting ready with him
  • “You should wear this one I like it on you”
  • Hed suggest what to wear when you were having trouble
  • This boy would just be all smiles
  • Because he loves having you around
  • He didnt want to stay in all day
  • So he decided to take you out on a date to the park or something {i know this will never happen because of fans but like preTEND GUYS}
  • Mornings with him would be vvvvvv fluffy.
  • Hed just be smiling at you most of the time
  • Because he loves you very very much
  • And hed remind you all the time
  • Jin is a precious angel
  • Please love him a lot

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My thoughts on Sardonyx’s narcissism and Pearl’s love

So I’ve seen people complaining about how Sardonyx is annoying because of her narcissism, but frankly, I think it’s great. And after a while think I figured out why.

Fusing with Garnet gives Pearl something she clearly misses a lot: love. Of course, she loves Steven, but in a different way: she loves taking care of him, she loves being proud of him and she loves when he treats her like a role model.

Sardonyx loves herself so much it’s hilarious. She’s cocky, she laughs at her own jokes and talks about herself as if she were the most powerful, important and flawless person in the world. Sounds familiar?

Because that’s how Pearl views Rose. That’s what she misses - she wants someone who she can idolize, someone who in her eyes will be perfect because that’s her way of loving someone. Everything Rose says it’s true, all her jokes are funny and she’s wonderful, according to Pearl. She doesn’t seem to know the difference between love and adoration, probably because she never experienced any kind of love before except Rose’s (Homeworld does not sound like a place full of gems loving each other). That’s why she has so much troubles with Steven - she wants to love him, Rose would want it and he’s so much like her, but she is unable to because the only definition of love she knows is to love someone who is flawless and much more important than her, and she’s raising him, she’s teaching him and he makes mistakes, so that means he’s not perfect. (That explains why she didn’t understood Rose’s feelings about Earth and it’s lifeform). What worries her is the thought of not loving Steven enough and disappointing Rose (”Sometimes, I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. What would she think of me now?”).

So when she fuses with Garnet, a product of love and equal respect, Garnet’s self-love will combine with Pearl’s definition of love. Sardonyx’s self-love parallels Pearl’s love for Rose. If Pearl’s self-love was as strong as Garnet’s or her feelings for Rose that’s probably how she would behave. 

Pearl is such a fascinating and compelling character, I can’t understang how people can hate her. She is not abusive - she’s misinformed.