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Will That Be All? (With Lay)

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genre: smut, cashier!au 
2494 words

Summary: Your playboy of an ex is not really an ex, yet he can’t wait to win you back.

It’s ridiculous how many times you can forgive someone for hurting you so badly. After the horrific act of betrayal has been done, you would still want to associate yourself with that same evil character that has torn your heart into to many pieces, you’ve lost count. Why does the attraction toward a person allow people to forget about all the pain they’ve suffered and immediately forgive the traitor?

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We’ll Keep On Being Together

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa 

Verse: Modern | Rating: T | Word Count: 1.6k

Summary:  When you’re in love with your best friend, is it weird? Yeah. Definitely weird. ’S not like Eren and Mikasa know anything about that, ha. That’s crazy.

A/N: Yo, yo, yo! This fic has been a long-time coming. In the beginning, I had no idea where I wanted my first Eremika fic to go. Did I want to stick to something canon or go with modern? As you can tell, I went for the latter. Modern AUs are always a joy to write, and given the universe these characters live in, I honestly think they all deserve a break. I gotta admit, with this being my first Eremika multichapter fic, I’m really nervous but I’m also excited! I got great feedback on Tumblr when I asked how many would read an Eremika fic of mine if I posted one, and that’s been my drive to get this fic finally up. There are multiple pairings in this fic, but, of course, the primary focus will be on Eren and Mikasa.

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“Don’t be stubborn. Try it!”

Mikasa presses her lips together, shaking her head in defiance and leaning away from the spoon.

Eren gives her a look, stepping closer. “C'mon, Mika. My baking isn’t that bad.”

“Eren.” The raven mildly gestures to her apron. “I’m covered in flour.”

A heartfelt snicker. “Sorry. But hey, you agreed to help. Now, c'mon!” And he lifts the wooden spoon again. “It’s good, I promise.”

She stares at him for a long beat of silence before she finally gives in and sighs, leaning forward to close her pink lips around the spoon. Eren grins, although it’s clear he’s trying not to do too much or look too smug about it. He’s watching her face, searching her stormy hues with his teal ones, and the longer he stares and studies her the warmer Mikasa’s cheeks become. She takes her mouth off of the spoon, darting her tongue out to run it across her bottom lip, and folds her arms across her chest.

Eren waits.

“…It’s good,” she says finally.

He does a mini fist pump and whispers, “Yes!” to himself; she smiles and rolls her eyes, grabbing a towel to wipe the counter off.

“Only because I helped you.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Eren Jaeger!”