i want to commit genocide

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Kars's fate messed me up so much... it hurts if i keep thinking about it. Mm now that i think about it diavolo's fate was messed up too. Idk. I just feel really bad for kars. I want my space bf to come home :'(

Kars committed genocide on his own people

So tomorrow is April 20th.

I stg no one here better have any “plans”. If you’re thinking about doing something, just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Just chill at home watching Columbine videos with a wrath shirt on or something. I don’t want to hear about anyone committing genocide or suicide because of the date (I don’t want to any day but you get what I mean). Message me if you need to talk.


It really annoys me when people write off Solas’ character as pure evil who wants to commit genocide. It’s more complicated than that. I don’t agree with his goals at all, I’ll stop him at all costs, but people who insist he’s plain evil are missing out on a great, well-written, multi-layered character