i want to come home to you

You’ve changed.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,833
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 11 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

“Jared? What are you doing here?”

“I thought I’d come keep my favorite girl company.” He smiled. “Why, do you not want me here?”

“No, I mean.. I just.. I thought you were on your way back home.”

His smile was soft. “Not this weekend. Can I come in? Or do you really not want me here?”

“Sorry, come on in.”

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Darren and Brandi stood and watched Dustin walk into his bedroom and then she turned to him.

“Come on in, Darren. Close the door. Where was he?”

“He was sitting by the pond in the park. I don’t know if he went anywhere else before that. He doesn’t want to talk to me…yet.”

Brandi nodded her head again

“Thank you for finding him. I know Dirk’s home alone, but would you like a cup of cocoa before you leave?”

“I’d love some.”

Stealthy Lovin’

Summary: Steve comes home after a week long mission, and something about that damn stealth suit get’s you going…

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Unprotected sex (wear condoms) language

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Lounging on the couch of mine and Steve’s shared apartment, and watching some Spongebob Squarepants. I know, call me a child all you want I just love that show and I always have, so I always try to catch up when I can. I also like to catch up when Steve is away on a mission, it helps calm my mind when I get worried about him.

It was just him and Natasha for this mission, and they’ve been gone for a week at least now. He’s due home tonight, and I’m expecting him any minute. Just as I think this the door knob starts to jingle, signaling his arrival. Breaking out into a huge smile, I dash to the door, prepared to unlock it for him before he even gets the chance to sort out his keys. Flinging the door open so hard that it smacks the door, I leap into his arms.

He grunts and drops his shield, before lifting me and wrapping his arms around me.

“Stevie!!” I shout into his neck. He chuckles before pulling me away and smiling at me.

“Hello, doll. How are you?” I jump down from his embrace, grabbing his hand and pulling him into the cozy apartment. His hair is a mess, no doubt from his helmet thing he wears. (I can never remember the name of that dumb thing). This mission required the stealth suit, and not damn if it isn’t the best looking suit he’s got. I believe any woman would agree with me. Grabbing his hand and dragging him into the living room, he stops me mid stride.

“Wait, babe. I have to get the shield.” Oh yeah, he dropped it when I jumped on him didn’t he? I nod and let his hand go, and he steps outside, leaning down to pick up the shield.

Standing back up, he walks in and puts the shield on the ground next to the door, for easy access you know.

He walks up to me, wrapping his arms around my waist and kisses me gently on the mouth. As sweet as the gesture is, it’s not enough. Wrapping my arms around his neck I press my body closer to his, and deepening the kiss. He must have not expected the desperate need I felt for him, because he gasped in shock, and I took that opportunity to slip my tongue in his mouth. He groans and his grip on my waist tightens, lifting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist.

“Miss me, doll?” I grin.

“Shut up, Stevie.” He chuckles and presses a kiss to my mouth again.

“I want more, Steve.” He hums in response and pulls me to our bed. Dropping me on the bed, he goes to remove the stealth suit. Reaching up, I stop hi movements before he can remove it.

He raises a silent eyebrow in question.

“D-Don’t take it off.” His face turns red and he gulps.

“You want me to keep the suit on?”

“Yes…is that okay?” He smiles before leaning down and kissing me once more.

“No, doll. I just may have a hard time focusing from now on when I wear this suit, knowing what dirty things we’ve done in it.” I smile and wrap my arms around his neck, before kissing him again.

He groans into my mouth, then sighs.

“I’ll stay in this suit for you doll, but I want you out of everything.” I moan, rolling my head back and biting my lip. His gloved hand comes up to my mouth, pulling my lower lip from my teeth.

“Don’t bite your lip, doll. It drives a man wild.” I sit up on the bed, pulling my shirt over my head.

“That’s what I’m aiming for, Captain.” He growls, shoving me back down on the bed. Captain has always gotten him going in the bedroom. Reaching behind me, he unsnapped my bra and throws it across the room, forgotten for now.

He reaches down and unzips his suit, and as he does that I pull my night shorts and panties down my leg, leaving me completely exposed to his wondering gaze.

He pulls his cock out of the easy access front zipper. He stands at attention, painfully hard and dripping precum. He crawls on top of me, kissing his way up my stomach, to each of my nipples, sucking them each into his mouth, spending a few seconds on each.

He lines himself up with my entrance before looking into my eyes, silently asking for permission. He always asks me like this, no matter how many times we have sex.

I nod, as I always do, and he slowly slides himself deep inside my cunt. He always has to take his time because he’s so big, and it doesn’t matter how many times he fucks me he always has to be gentle at first.

After allowing ample time for me to adjust, he begins a rough, desperate pace.

“Fuck, (Y/N) I’ve missed your tight cunt.” Dropping my head back against the pillow, I rock my hips forward to meet his thrusts. Soon, his thrusts become sloppy and his cock begins to twitch.

“Fuck, tell me you’re close (Y/N)” I can only manage to nod. He picks up his pace again, his cock throbbing once more as he falls apart, shooting his seed as he is still buried to the hilt.

“God I love you, (Y/N).” I kiss him on the mouth before he sits back up and begins removing his stealth suit. I bet he’s burning up in that thing.

Plopping down next to me, he wraps his arms around me and pulls me to him.

“I love you, Stevie.” He’s out cold before I could even finish speaking to him.

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The After Party - Part 2

Hi Guys, Thanks for your kind words for part one of this story, hope you enjoy part 2, part 3 is on its way in a few days after some final adjustments I want to make.

“No Betty you don’t have to do this.” Veronica told her. She knew this was another opportunity that Cheryl was taking to stir up drama.

“Yeah Betty let’s go home.” Archie added, reaching to grab her arm.

“No.” She pulled away from him. “I’m fine.”

“Come on Betty this is obviously one of Cheryl’s stupid games.” She directed the accusation at the smirking redhead casually sipping her drink watching the argument in front of her.

“We are all just playing a game V. You and the Ginger Stallion had your turn, let poor Betty have hers.” Satisfaction was all over her face.

“You shady bitch.” Veronica snarled at her. Jughead just watched on wondering how he had managed to get himself into this.

He had initially only come to see what he could find out about those closest to Jason. The jocks and the cheerleaders. He figured participation in the game would help him to blend in, like that was possible, besides he may have had the opportunity to be in the closest with 7 minutes uninterrupted question time with a key suspect. The chances that it would have been Betty joining him were slim until Cheryl decided to mess with the odds. He had stumbled too far down the rabbit hole this time.

“I can handle this.” Betty continued to argue with Veronica and Archie, while he just watched on. He knew they wouldn’t win, once Betty put her mind to something there was no stopping her. Years of friendship had taught him that. Jughead stood up about to speak feeling that he should have some say at least.

Before he could Betty turned towards him walking over and grabbed him by his flannel shirt, pulling him with her in the direction of the broom closet. Stunned by her rash action he went along. She basically shoved him into the closet before stepping inside herself and slammed the door behind her. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she opened them to find a shocked Jughead staring at her as if she had lost her mind. Hadn’t he heard all the Cooper women were crazy.

“I’m so sick of them.” She started pacing within the small space available. “Everyone just decides what is best for me. Like I can’t make a decision on my own.”

“I’m not sure…” He tried to speak before she cut him off.

“My mum, dad and Veronica has been here five minutes and already knows what is best for me.” She was waving her hands frantically as she she continued to pace.

“I think she was trying to help.” She stopped her pacing and shot him a look that cut through him, wrong answer.

“And don’t even get me started on Archie.”

“I think that is probably something we can agree on.” Jughead added bitterly.

“And where have you been anyway?” She pointed an accusatory finger at him.

“I’m not sure I understand what you mean?” He said lying, knowing exactly what she meant. He had distanced himself from her as part of his feud with Archie. He had distanced himself from everyone really, instead concentrating on his writing and the mystery of Jason Blossom. If it hadn’t been for wanting another perspective to add to his novel and furthering the investigation he wouldn’t have been there. He would have been at his usual booth at Pop’s with black coffee and his laptop. A safe haven, not this fresh hell. Not that being in an enclosed space with Betty was necessarily hell but the expectation of what they were doing, what they should be doing weighed heavily on him.

He had almost kissed her once, while they were sitting at Pop’s in their favourite booth. She had smiled at something he said, and her giggle had awakened something in him and in that moment all he wanted was to feel her lips on his. He didn’t think about what would come after, what implications it may have, he just wanted to know what it was like to kiss Betty Cooper. When he had gone to reach over to pull her closer to him, Archie had arrived at the table and her smile wasn’t just for him any more.

“You have been AWOL since I got back. You avoid me at school, you don’t answer my texts and then you turn up to a Cheryl Blossom party?!” She raised her voice.

“Archie and I aren’t talking.”

“Well that’s Archie and you. What did I do to warrant radio silence.” She stated simply.

“Nothing Betts, I just figured you know?” Distancing himself from her had not been easy but it was better than the alternative of her choosing Archie over him. It was less painful this way.

“No I don’t know.”

“That if it came down to it you would choose him.” He admitted to her keeping his eyes locked to the floor.

“Well you could have at least given me the benefit of the doubt. Besides I don’t want to even think about Archie Andrews at the moment.”

“What did he do?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” He knew what Archie had done, or at least he could take a good guess. Betty had had a crush on Archie since he could remember. The way Betty was acting when he arrived she must have told him and then he was in the closet with that new girl. He decided it would be best not to push it.

“I bet they are out there laughing at me.” She sighed. “Another funny joke.”

“Pretty sure you are not the one they will be laughing about.” He smiled at her sympathetically.

“God I just..”

She let out a frustrated groan, there were those damn tears again, welling in her eyes. She didn’t want to be the victim again. ‘Poor Little Betty Cooper’. She pushed it down, she placed all those unhelpful emotions, the pain and shoved it into a box and locked them away. What use were they to her anyway. She had done this before smothered her emotions, shut them off. Revealing something deeper at her core something darker and much more unpredictable.

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The Sure Symbol Of God’s Love

Romans 5:8
8But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Imagine this scenario: Your car tire blows and you are late for work. At the office, you find out that someone else got the promotion you had been hoping for. Then, you receive a call from home informing you that your kitchen pipes are leaking again. Before long, you hear a voice telling you, “If God loves you so much, how come all these things are happening to you?”

Perhaps you are asking the same question today and wondering if God really loves you. Well, I want you to know that you must never judge God’s love for you based on your circumstances. No, look at the cross instead! The cross is the sure symbol of God’s love for you. It is at the cross that “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us”.

A teenager learnt that the cross indeed spoke of how much God loves her. At one point in her life, she was contemplating suicide as the only way out of her health problems. She had intended to take some Panadol tablets with a bottle of vodka. She was all ready to die when she started clicking aimlessly on some MP3 songs in her computer. And of all the songs that were on her screen, she picked a beautiful song written by one of our church musicians.

The lyrics of the song, sung by one of our church vocalists, spoke of being held by God’s love and being treasured in His sight. They touched this teenager. Sensing that an awesome God with His amazing love was reaching out to her, she abandoned her plan to kill herself. Not long after that, she wrote to our church and even met the worship leader who had sung the song. The worship leader counseled her and she came to know how much God loves her and how He has demonstrated His love for her through the cross.

Beloved, when you look at your life and find yourself wondering if God really loves you, look to the cross and see God’s outstretched arms. It will remind and reassure you of how much He loves you!

Thought For The Day
Look to the cross and see God’s outstretched arms — that is how much He loves you!

- by Joesph Prince

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Aaron seeing the renovated mill for the first time!

Day 14 of my Aaron comes home drabble prompts:

“Is it really necessary for me to be blindfolded?” Aaron asked after Robert had let him walk into the second door frame in a row.

“We’re almost there be patient,” Robert assured him and gave him a brief squeeze from behind. Now that Aaron could get down with but he was so over being led around.

“Okay, hold your horses I just wanted you to get the full effect,” Robert said removing the blindfold with a flourish reminiscent of a game show hostess.

Aaron couldn’t help but smile at his husband’s antics, it didn’t last however when he spotted the bright blue wall in the living room of the Mill.  “Robert?”

“Yeah?” Robert asked stepping up behind him and resting his chin on Aaron’s shoulder, and wrapping his arms around Aaron’s waist.

“What the fuck happened to the ‘Imperial Mist’ grey we picked out? That isn’t grey it’s blue and not like a nice blue either. I know I said I didn’t want white everywhere but Robert come on, really it looks like Cookie Monster threw up or something,” Aaron bitched.

“Liv did it and it made her happy to contribute. I didn’t like it either but give it time it grows on you,” Robert said kissing Aaron on the neck and turning him so they were facing one another.

“Like mould?” Aaron asked his face screwed up in distaste.

“No like me,” Robert said leaning in for a kiss.


Can’t say how the days will unfold. 
Can’t change what the future may hold,
But, I want you in it, every hour, every minute. 
This world can race by far too fast, hard to see while it’s all flying past. 
But, it’s clear now, when you’re standing here now.
I am meant to be wherever you are next to me. 
All I want to do, is come running home to you, come running home to you.

Forgot my phone at home today
  • Me: Oh let me text Nat to see if he is coming to this meeting--
  • Me: There's a great app that uses your camera to make PDFs--
  • Me: I'll show you a photo of my dog--
  • Me: I'm supposed to Venmo my friend $60--
  • Me: Here, you email her while I fill out this form--
  • Me: I wonder what's going on on Tumblr?
  • Me: I want to finish reading that book on the Kindle app--
  • Me: I'm going to get home and there'll be 20 urgent text messages.
  • Me: [arrives home]
  • Me: [sees two texts from my mom]
  • Me: 😎

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Hiiiii! So I read a oneshot a while ago where Phil has been in the military a long time, and one day he comes home early and goes to his daughters school to surprise her. And after he surprised her he surprised Dan that was a teacher there. And I think it ended with the whole family at the beach. Thank you!

does anyone know this fic?

- Eliza

i know i talk about this all the time but u know what i’m in love with???? ruby daly’s character development like have you ever seen anything so magnificent?? she started out as a girl terrified of who she was and what she could do to coming to terms with it and finally accepting it and destroying the thing that made her hate it in the first place?? and along the way finding a place and family to call home?? and people that look up to her and would follow her to their deaths if she asked?? like ruby daly is a true queen and no one can convince me otherwise

i was gonna draw this but uuuuuuuh im lazy so consider this concept:

firi and inien have been dating for a little bit, and theyre both rlly happy with each other. however, before one particular date, inien calls firi like “hey look, my one friend/roommate Colvin has been REALLY down recently and i kind of dont want to leave him home alone or he might watch sad movies all night and ill come home to him crying…. do you mind if i bring him along?? do you have a friend that you can bring so it can be like…. a blind double date???” and firis like “oh of COURSE he can come; and i have the PERFECT friend :)”

the day of the date shows up, and inien brings colvin along like “ok so my amazing gf brought you a date so at least give them a shot, i trust firi’s judgement and-” but then they see firi. and at her side. is a Massive Ten Foot Tall Bug Monster 

and firi just smiles wide like “hey inien!!! hey colvin!!! this is my friend, narn!!!” and inien is just like. oh my god. oh my god. i forgot that my girlfriend is also Fucking Weird. oh my go. this is the worst decision ive ever made in my entire life. and she slowly looks over at Colvin to see just how disgusted he looks and he’s……. hes blushing Really Hard

in the end, narn and colvin have a Very good time together and Firi is grinning widely for them and inien is really fucking baffled but at the same time she cant bring it upon herself to be surprised  

Dear Mark,

I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this but I wanted to share something with you. I’m feeling lost too. You see I chased a job ever since I was old enough to and after three rejection letters and a lot of hard work I got it. Two years later I find myself grumbling about it. It’s exhausting at times and can be downright difficult to come home still smiling. I’m at the top of my own personal hill and I don’t see anything worth chasing. I lived to see this day but now I’m here I’m wondering what’s next. I worked so hard to get it that I’m annoyed with myself for not having the same enthusiasm for it like I did at the beginning.

It’s hard. The drive to help others has faded, I don’t think it’ll ever truly disappear but I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t help everyone and that crushes me inside. I joined the job for that reason so to see that I can’t always do that is heartbreaking. I can feel myself changing, I’ve become more cynical because of what I see, I don’t want to do a lot on my days off apart from draw and because that’s all I want to do I feel I’m becoming selfish. This isn’t who I am, I want to be full of optimism again and strive to do better, to be a better person. I’m just not sure how I can when I’ve got nothing to aim for.

However, there is still a big part of me that shouts in my heart to keep going.  It tells me to keep trying to find something to chase. I know there is something out there that will make me feel how my younger self felt but maybe this time it’ll be a lot more smaller targets rather than one big one. Until then I should take a rest and look at what I have in front of me and appreciate it because I worked hard to be here, I should take stock of what I’ve achieved so far before looking ahead again.

You’ve got such a big heart and care so deeply that you will find your next hill but like all good climbers, you’ve gotta take a breather to work out where the next one is. I’m not saying to stop making videos or anything like that, I’m saying not to force yourself into finding the next aim. We’re not going anywhere, we’re always going to be here so don’t for a second think you’re letting us down. You’ve always believed in us, now it’s our turn to believe in you and we all know you’ll find the next adventure eventually.

Actually, someone requested the exactly opposite lol (here)


  • Binge playing LOLOL!
  • I’m pretty sure he has the same problem
  • your eye bags have eye bags


  • “MC, please I need sleep”
  • You feel bad to keep him up late
  • But he doesn’t want to go to bed until he’s sure you can sleep


  • I mean
  • She stays up late
  • “:(”


  • He comes home late
  • So that means you get to see him before he has to go to work
  • “You need to sleep, don’t wait for me”


  • similar to yoosung tbh
  • “Are you tired?”
  • “nope”


  • I feel like he falls asleep really easily
  • “So yeah that’s wh- ARE YOU ASLEEP?????”
  • holds u



Fuck me sideways I'm tired

Last night our dog started barking. Our dog NEVER barks unless he trees a Coon. He’s a really old dog so he never does anymore.

Last night he started and he would not stop and I was so tired and I was up all night Wed so I forced my lover to get up and deal with it. Apparently it was some sort of albino type raccoon and now he/she has gone to heaven or wherever they go and I’m super sad. I didn’t actually get out of bed to see it but I’m still super sad.

My lover has a lot of guns but he’s not a hunter really, he’s a good shot but he is a hopeless animal lover and would literally deal with anything I brought home. Come on, you know how many cats we have, right? We should just claim sanctuary status and start a go fund me for vet bills lol.

I want to have a big camp out star party and have our fav local band come play. His brother retires in June and his sister in law wants to plan a party so now I have an excuse because that’s just the kind of party he would approve of….

Hey guys

I know I have been slow, probably extremely slow with stories lately. I apologize.

I just wanted to say that the Sylvie getting shot story should be done this weekend, if not, then early next week. It’s hard when I’m so mentally drained from school to come home and write a very intense story. It takes so much from me, lol. But I’m going to try to finish it cause I have other requests that I really want to get to.

I’m also thinking about Brettonio’s baby kidnapping and trying to make sense on why she gets kidnapped in the first place. Sylvie isn’t a hated person so can’t use her. But they do live in Chicago so I’m sure I can use something like that. Lol. Ransom I guess, who knows? I’m still brainstorming ;) 

Just wanted to give you guys a update. Also, it doesn’t matter how behind I am, I will never closed requests simply because if I’m ever stuck on a story, one of your prompts may get my brain rolling again and that can actually work to finish the story I was stuck on. (My brain is very powerful lmao). So, if you wanna request anything, request away.

PS, the people following my story on fanfiction.net, that will be updated soon, very soon. I keep saying I take forever updating cause I go to 5k on there, but a lot of my stories on here goes that far too lmao. So, I’ll work on that soon cause that story isn’t finished, no where near being finished actually.


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I wasn't the one who requested it before, but I loved the idea of some Jack(pote)xReader smut, like back when he was still mostly mute so it comes as a shock just how deeply he loves her(reader).

I hope a HC is ok. I’ve written so much smut lately I’m a bit burnt out for today lol

Other Jack works

-Jack is no experienced lover, but he’s ever thoughtful.
-He wants to please you anyway he possibly can, even ignoring his own desires just to give you pleasure.
-He initiates it, surprisingly. All too enamored with you to ignore his feelings any longer.
-He kisses you one night, by the fire of your home. Cupping your cheeks and firmly pressing his lips against yours.
-It catches you off guard, but his passion just makes you melt into his arms.
-He doesn’t say much, simply using his actions to show you just how much he cares. He kisses you sweetly, taking his time, exploring every part of you.
-His hands wander, his own curiosity getting the best of him.
-It’s your moans that make him stop, his hand between your legs, fingers rubbing at your clit.
-He’s unsure at first, until you push down on his hand and beg him to continue.
-His green eyes shine brightly against the fire, the light of it making his red hair seem even more so.
-He leads you to the bed, removing his hooded cloak, and pinning you down beneath him.
-He looks over you body, admiring the beautiful art of it. You’re far better than any sculpture he’s made.
-He undressed you slowly, always keeping his eyes on your face to gauge your reactions.
-He uses his lips, tongue, teeth, anything to hear you mewl, and whine under him.
-It fuels his primal side, his hands tightening around your wrists or hips, depending on where he’s pleasing you.
-He takes you slow at first, closing his eyes at the sudden tightness around his aching length.
-He holds you close, burying his head between your breasts as he thrusts into you.
-He gasps and groans into you, making you smile at the sound of his deep tone.
-As he gets closer, he picks up the pace, whispering out your name and something that sounded like a mumbled ‘you’re mine’.
-In the afterglow of sex, he stays by you, kissing softly at your shoulder and neck, never wanting this to end.

Hope you liked! ❤️

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Hello! I couldn't help but notice you had a deadlock oc! :> They seem a bit interesting could you tell me more about them perhaps? *rolls away*

o-oh //// well, in my headcanons, mccree joined deadlock at a fairly young age (he got in by a cousin, wanting to help his home and areas that werent ‘saved’ by overwatch or overlooked because his mother was killed in an omnium w/o overwatch coming in in time)

the only other ‘young’ member in there at the time is Chica! Her dad was currently one of the head honchos.

at first they have a rocky relationship– with chica thinking mccree is uncapable and all. shes headstrong and bold, but has a good heart and wants to take over for her dad.

once her dad has died she becomes the leader of the group (and mccree is practically her other half at this point) and they get into shenagans. jesse actually hooks chica up with the other girl oc— mai!

(mai lives in japan for a while with her own gang; her gang is primarily to rebel against the rule/threat of shimadas influence over japan. shes very cute and cheerful, but also BADASS and bold, driving on her motorcycle w/ her girls.)

(chica and mai meet once they team up to rule out shimadas for similar goals. also they get gay.)

ofc, deadlock doesnt last; and every deadlock member /caught/ was sent to jail—but mccree wasnt caught, turning himself in while chica and mai escaped.

years later, both of them now rule the seas and compete with shimadas– stopping their tyranny and bringing justice and protection in any way they can.

thanks for asking! ;~;