i want to come home to you

come away with me, isak x even, skam.

their last night is quiet. all warmth and smoke, and the gentle tinkling of the teapot as they pass it around (it’s about time you learnt how to make it properly).

it’s dark, but there’s still so much colour - isak didn’t know there were so many colours - blues and pinks and yellows and greys. he wants to bottle it and take it home. he wants to take everything home.

you’ll have to settle for me, even tells him.

okay. I’ll keep you, isak says with a shrug and even pulls him close, fun and pinching.

I’m glad to hear it.

even smells different here, and smiles different, and just is different. changed. and isak’s sure that by the time they get home he’ll have their next trip planned. and all their trips after that.

[even’s some impossible balance of planning and spontaneity that isak still hasn’t figured out.]

do you still think about marriage? isak asks when the other boys have drifted away.

even fumbles with his cup. shit, isak, he says with a laugh, his eyes crinkling and bright and true. yes, I do. marriage with you.

when? soon? or later, when I’m older and we have some money?

i don’t know.

isak pulls a face, abandoning his tea to press closer yes you do.

okay, I do, but I didn’t want to scare you with it all.

you can’t scare me. nothing scares me, remember?

how could I forget?

you should ask me, isak says, definitively, and it feels so right and so easy. like they were always headed to this place in this time. and I’ll say yes. and we’ll elope to another new place. a deserted island.

who’s going to marry us if it’s deserted?

well, fuck, even, I don’t know. you asked me, aren’t you going to make some decisions?

even laughs, like music, like all the old sounds and all the new ones they know now, all these things they’ll never forget. the world outside their walls. you’re amazing isak valtersen.

you mean isak bech næsheim.

maybe I wanna be even valtersen.

no, that’s terrible, I’m definitely taking your name.

okay, even says on a breath, bottom lip rolling against isak’s skin as he pulls back from a kiss. I’ll keep you.

Lily + Ashton's Home - Wednesday, 1:20pm

“Yeah, I do know. I just don’t want him to hurt you again. I might come across as crazy, but once your little one gets older and starts to date, you’ll understand. I couldn’t swallow that, especially after that guy you were dating way before you met Zero.”

Yeah, Roger. The one who, initially, helped Sado feel so self-conscious about her weight and her own body, that she stayed clear of mirrors and refused to eat medium sized portions of food. Then she met Zero and he used to tell her she ate like a bird. Tiny portions that wouldn’t even be classifed as a, snack.

He would encourage her to eat more, sometimes giving her his dessert because he rarely ate sweets. Until he started calling her his dessert. That was a different story though. “What did he say about this?”

“You mean, how did he take the news? He was happy. He almost didn’t want to be happy just in case being pregnant wasn’t what I wanted. He bought a house for us and the dogs, the baby room is all set up and the house is baby proof. He’s…happier than I’ve ever seen him.”

“And you?”

“I’m happy for all the reasons you could think of…but I’m scared for when it finally happens. I know how difficult pregnancies and child birth are in general.”

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Submitted by @scarletwinchester84 (enjoy)

You had to admit that the facial hair on Sherlock looked great; you wanted to tackle him and kiss him. 

But you couldn’t; you were punishing him for being on drugs. 

And then he gave you that damned smiled “come on you know you want me.” 

“Sherlock, you’re high and full of yourself more so than usual.” 

He stepped closer to you causing you to step back. “Oh? By the fact that every time I step closer to you and you back up means you want me you just don’t want me to know but honey, to late.” 

“Sherlock go home.” 

“No, not until you give me a kiss.” 

“Not until you’re not high!” 

He chuckled stepping closer, this time gripping your wrist before you could back away. 

He pulled you up against him “oh really?” 

“Sherlock, please I’m worried about you. I refuse to just let you continue on like this. You’re going to get yourself killed and leave me heartbroken.” 

He brushed a strand of your hair behind your ear and leaned down to whisper “I know what I’m doing, this is the last time but I have to finish this.” 

You sighed “Is John seriously worth all this? Is he worth more than me?” 

“Please don’t make me choose.” 

You pulled away from him “oh please Sherlock, I know you wouldn’t be able to choose so I am. Enjoy John. I’m leaving.” 

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(I'm not a very good writer so pls forgive me) you were a single mom for a really long time before you met bucky 5 years ago. Now your son is 18 and has an amazing girlfriend that both you and buck love and that your son absolutely adores called annie. One day bucky comes home from a mission and hears a full on screaming fight between you and him in his room. "WELL MAYBE I NEVER WANTED TO GO TO COLLEGE MOM!" he shouted when bucky came in. "Okay, hey, what's going on?" (1)

“Oh, yeah, why don’t you tell him, (y/s/n)?” Your son sighed before looking at bucky. “Annie’s pregnant.” He said. Surprisingly enough for the both of you, bucky stayed completely calm. “Condom?” “Broke.” “Well what about a pill?” You asked. “She doesn’t want to change her whole chemical balance only for that reason mom.” “Listen. I agreed to you taking a year break to go to Europe, but how are you going to go to college now?!” “(Y/n) he never wanted to go to college. He’s not that (2)

Not that type o’ kid.” “What? But–” “mom, Annie and I were planning to have a kid in France anyways. The fact that the baby is going to be born a few months earlier doesn’t make much of a difference.” (Y/s/n) said. “You know what? Do what you think is right. But don’t come to me telling me I was right in a few months.” You said, storming out of the room. “I’ll talk to her, don’t worry, kid. Did you book everything by now? ” (3)

“Yep. The apartment is all set. So is the school I’ll be working for. There’s a bakery in the building looking for a new ownership for Annie. Everything is pretty set. Thanks for the help dad. I really appreciate it.”. “Anytime kid. Just send us a warning before the little punk is born. We’ll come and help.”. “Both of you?”. “Of course. Your mother wouldn’t miss it for the world. She’s proud of you, you know. Just scared.”. “I know. But I love her. And you, dad.” “We love you too, tiger”(4)

OOOOOooo yes I really like this, I like how Bucky was the calm one too and calling him tiger did something to my heart - Gen 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Will coming home to find Nico standing, hunched over a puddle of vomit and continuing to vomit.

I’ve missed my boys! It’s been well over a month since I’ve posted anything new with them, so this is way overdue. I’m actually pretty proud with how this one turned out—I’ve been wanting to write something like this for a while now. It ended up being a great relief for some of the pent up stress I’ve been feeling lately, so there’s that. :) Thank you for the prompt!

Will didn’t know what he would find when he got home, but he was sure it wouldn’t be anything good.

He was in surgery when he’d gotten a page from Nico—311, the code for I need you, but it isn’t an emergency. Will had to finish reattaching a guy’s finger before he could leave, and all attempts to contact Nico on his way out had proven unsuccessful.

At that point, Will expected the worse when he opened the front door of their apartment. Nico had a tendency to downplay a lot of things, and the fact that he’d paged Will instead of texted still worried him.

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More Home Décor Shopping

Going out to look for more stuff for the house. I want to find some stuff for the twins. I want to start redecorating their room. Hopefully I can find some stuff and surprise them. Currently my family and I are taking a break from social media. Spending family time together and soon we’ll be traveling. I also have some surprises business wise coming. But for the family and I are just trying to enjoy ourselves. Also my dad id visiting soon…..*nervous sweating*. I hope everyone has a good day. We love you all, stay positive and blessed 💕💕💕💕

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and JONAS notices it too because jonas will be at their apartment after school and isak will come home late and go to sit on even's lap and tell him "tutoring those kids was awful, they're so rude and annoying." "yeah? if they're being mean you have reason to ask the teacher for new kids if you want" and jonas is in awe because he's seen isak gradually close up more and more and now it's like even's making him softer and softer and getting him to talk about real stuff without tons of pestering

yes! this so much! if you think even was proud of isak for his growth, just imagine how jonas feelss when he sees isak being honest and open!

jonas has been his best friend for years and years, he saw isak as a carefree kid and he saw that gradually get taken away from him by how his life turned out, but now, he’s got even by his side, and he’s being honest and real, and more and more open.

when he goes to isak and even’s apartment and sees how they act around each other in private (because it’s still a little difficult to be that way in public most of the time), and he sees how easy isak now finds it to speak his mind and ask for comfort, he’s in awe. this is the same best friend who wouldn’t tell him he left home, who dodged going out with him and the boys for weeks because he was so scared of them finding out about him, this same boy is so relaxed now, so ready to tell even about his day, so ready to ask for help and reassurance.

he sees isak come to him as well, when he needs comfort that he can only get from his best friend. isak regularly comes up to him after school and offers a trip out to get kebab, and its seems so natural for isak to talk about himself now, and jonas sometimes just grins at him, until isak asks “what” in a confused voice, and jonas will shrug because he doesn’t want to embarass isak, but at the same time he’s just so so proud of him.

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A duel where Ayn Rand has a massive dildo sword and she's fighting Plato who's got nothing but his bare hands. Kierkegaard and Aquinas are the only visible audience and placing bets. Who bets on who and which one wins? Foucault is also masturbating to the scene. Nobody notices him.

buddy. i dont want to know why you thought this up, but id like you to put that thought back from whence it came. and maybe pick up like, a hobby or something. like i dont know. woodworking. surfing. we’re all very worried about you. come home. love conor xo

part of me wants to create an age regression “club”… not really a community, because we really don’t need another rehash of the same type of stuff, but just a thing me and you guys can be part of! i’m personally very happy being community-less overall, but it’d still be nice to get the community vibe with people i really like! it would have stuff like projects, crafts, “show and tell”… like a kindergarten classroom! you come in, hang out, then go back “home” to your community or whatever (i’m making no sense XD) 

has this kind of thing been done before…? i’m sure it has, but probably attached to communities which i wouldn’t do. i think it would just end up looking like a new community and i wouldn’t want that :P 

Puppies and Babies and Dinosaurs


*Owen Grady-centric


You pulled up in front of Owen’s trailer, finding him outside working on his bike. Even from the short distance away you could see that his eyes were puffy, his nose was red.

“I thought you were getting sleep,” you said, stepping towards him.

“Can’t sleep,” Owen said. “They don’t want me at work, so I’ve been fixing up some stuff around here.”

“Sweetheart, you’re driving yourself to exhaustion. You need to sleep.”


“Come on. You’re coming home with me.” You helped Owen stand, feeling him wobble slightly. You led him over to your car and helped him in, buckling him up. As you crossed to your side of the car, you heard him coughing horribly.

“You sound horrible,” you said, sliding into the driver’s seat. You handed Owen a tissue from your purse before pulling away.

“Thanks,” Owen said, sarcastically. “And… thanks.”

Even through the gravelly voice, you could hear the sincerity. Once you got to your house, you led Owen in to your couch, where he fell unceremoniously in a heap. You pulled a blanket over him before rushing through your house, pulling out cold medicines and making tea. You placed everything on the coffee table in front of him before pressing a kiss to his sweaty forehead.

“Take your medicine,” you said. “Drink your tea. I’ll call at lunch and be home by dinner.”


Owen had sounded better when you’d called during your lunch break. You were expecting him to be somewhat back to his normal self when you returned home that evening.

“O?” you called as you stepped into your house. “O, you feeling better?”

You heard his voice and followed it into the living room. He was still on the couch but he was in an actual upright position now, looking human instead of lump-like.

“All right, Sweet Pea,” he said, holding his hand up. “Let’s try this again.”

Your tiny poodle yipped.

“Don’t give me that shit. Come on, we’ve been working on this.” You heard the familiar clicking of the trainer Owen used with his raptors. “Now… sit.”

The dog bounded up onto the couch, climbing into Owen’s lap before licking his face with enthusiasm.

“No!” Owen said, turning his head away, trying to hold the small dog back. “No, this is the opposite of what I said!”

“Look at you, the tough raptor trainer, taken down by a toy poodle,” you said, sitting next to Owen. Seeing that she had a new victim, Sweet Pea bounded over to you, showering you with kisses while Owen wiped the slobber off of his face. “Hi, baby girl. Were you good for Owen today?”

“Good is not what I would call it,” Owen said, wiping his slobbery hand on your shoulder. “She’s untrainable.”

“She’s just very active,” you said, running your hand down the dog’s back, calming her slightly. “But she looooves you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Owen said, looking over at the tiny furball in your lap. “She’s… okay. I’d prefer my raptors.”

“If you ever bring a raptor home, we’re going to have issues.” You looked over at Owen, noting that his forehead was no longer sweaty and his eyes were no longer puffy. “Are you feeling better?”

Owen nodded. “I guess you were right, sweetheart. I just needed a day off, a day of rest.”

“Which you spent trying to train my dog.”


You managed to convince Owen to take a few more days off, spending them with you. But on the morning Owen was set to return to work, you were starting to feel a little off yourself.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” Owen asked. “You look pale. And it sounded pretty bad when you were vomiting this morning.”

“I’ll be fine,” you said, waving him off. “I’m sure it’s just a twenty-four-hour bug or something. Probably just the after effects of taking care of you.”

“Maybe you should stay home.”

“I’ve just got a few things to take care of. I’ll go in, do what needs to be done, and come home. I’ll be in and out in an hour, maybe two.”


“Promise.” You bounced up on your toes, giving Owen a small kiss. “Tell Blue I say ‘hello’.”


You were finishing up your report when you felt another wave of nausea wash over you. When you looked up over the rim of the trashcan, you saw your officemate standing next to you, box in hand.

“What’s this?”

“Pregnancy test.”

“Why do you just… have those here?”

“Because if I leave them at home, my kids can find them.”

“Well, thanks, but I’m not–”

“Honey. Please. I’ve been through this stage three times. I think I know the symptoms.”

You pouted slightly but took the box from her. You locked yourself in the office bathroom; finally, you worked up the courage to pee on the stick. Then you waited the unending three minutes before looking at the result.

The positive result.

You bit back another wave of nausea. You were pregnant? You were pregnant with Owen’s baby.

You wrapped the test in toilet paper and tossed it in the garbage can before gathering your things from your desk.

“Don’t worry, hon,” your officemate said. “It’ll get better. I’ll bring in some things for you tomorrow to help with the nausea. You just go home and rest.”


Instead of going home, you drove out to the place you always went when you needed to think. The old park was quiet, mysterious. It was off limits to guests and most workers avoided it, claiming there were ghosts of dinos past. But you loved it.

You sat on the roof, looking out over the wilderness. You tried to clear your mind of all thoughts of babies… but of course, you couldn’t.

How were you going to tell Owen? Would he like the news? Would he be mad? Should the two of you get married? What should you name it? Would he want to have more than one?

Your thoughts were interrupted by a horrible screeching roar. The trees and ground began to shake with heavy footsteps. You squinted, thinking you saw the ridge of a spine throughout the trees, the flick of a tail.

Had one of the dinos gotten out?

The screech sounded again; nothing you knew of made that horrible of a noise.

‘Shit,’ you thought. ‘Irene.’

You’d heard of the new dinosaur the lab was working on but everything was hush-hush. Owen had mentioned the name ‘Indominous Rex’, but that was all you’d heard. You’d taken to calling her Irene because giving something a name made it less frightening.

Except in this case.

When she finally appeared from the treeline, you nearly pissed your pants. She was huge and scaly and those teeth! You hurriedly made your way down from the roof, weaving your way through the abandoned building.

Until you tripped on an overgrown vine, ankle twisting painfully. The crashing of Irene’s footsteps grew louder; you scurried into a darkened corner, ignoring the throbbing in your ankle. You braced for the worse.

And then Owen ran through the room, gun in hand.


He skidded to a stop, frantically turning around until he saw you. He ran over, crouching next to you.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Nothing. I…”


Owen rubbed his hands in the dirt and smeared it over your face, urging you to lay low. He placed himself in front of you, the two of you waiting, breathless.

Irene came crashing through the room, ceiling and wall crumbling in her wake. She roared and began to step through, looking for tasty morsels.

Above, searchlights from a helicopter roved the room, grabbing her attention. She backtracked, heading back outside to find the source of the mysterious light. You and Owen stayed on the ground for a few more moments, making sure the coast was clear.

“Come on,” he said, helping you stand. You tried to put weight on your ankle but it protested with a wave of pain. Owen noticed your hiss of discomfort. Without hesitation, he lifted you up, bridal style, and carried you out to his Jeep.

“What happened?”

“I tripped on a vine,” you said. “I think I’ll be okay by tomorrow.”

“What were you doing out here? I called your office, I called your cell, I called your radio. You have no idea how scared I was!”

“I’m sorry. I just came out here to think. I didn’t know today would be the day our jobs put us in terrible danger.”

“It’s okay,” Owen said, squeezing you slightly. “You’re safe, that’s all that matters.” He was quiet for a moment. “But, uh… what did you have to come out here to think about? You said you had an easy day, just a few things to finish up before going home to rest.”

“Well, I kind of found out I was pregnant.”

Owen stopped dead in his tracks. “You… what?”

You smiled meekly up at him. “Surprise?”

Owen carefully dropped your legs before wrapping you up in a strong hug. “Holy crap, baby, we’re gonna be parents!”

You wrapped your arms around him, thankful that he was accepting of, nay, excited about your news. “I know! But maybe we should finish talking about this somewhere where there’s not an Indominous Rex wandering loose?”

“Right! Of course!” Owen picked you up again and carried you over to the Jeep. He placed you in the passenger seat before pressing a kiss to your lips. “I love you,” he whispered before running around to the driver’s seat.

As he sped off to headquarters, you couldn’t help but feel so incredibly happy. You were the luckiest girl in the world and your baby, your little tiny baby, was the luckiest child in the world.

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human!ten x rose and long distance relationship

  • Hey love, it’s me. I wanted to catch you before you left for class, but I guess I missed you. You’re going to do so, so well on your History final today- I’m so proud of how hard you’ve worked. Anyway, I just wanted to say I love you, Rose Tyler, and I’ll talk to you later.
  • It’s harder than she thought possible, living away from James. She’d just gotten used to coming home to him before he’d gotten his assignment for Doctors Without Borders. He’d been in Haiti for three months now, and Rose missed him desperately. 
  • He loved his work, though, and whenever they were able to Skype, she could see how proud he was of the good he was doing. And she couldn’t deny how cute he looked when he woke up in the middle of the night to talk to her- his hair was sticks up in every direction, and his sleepy gaze is filled with so much love that her heart skips a beat.
  • Hello, my Doctor. I got an A on my History final!! ‘Course, I had the best tutor in the galaxy, so I’m not surprised. I sent your care package yesterday too, and as requested, there are plenty of Jelly Babies- I hope they survive the trip! I hope you’re having a good day…go save the world. I love you.
  • He surprises her three days before Christmas, disheveled and quivering with excitement on their doorstep. He’s been traveling for fourteen hours straight and was exhausted, but had energy enough to snog her senseless when she answered the door. He can only stay for two days before he has to go back out, but those two mornings she gets to wake up by his side reminds her just how much she loves her mad Doctor.

Send me a pairing/prompt, I’ll give you 5 headcanons about it.

Got7 Reaction:

Request: Got7 reaction to their wife saying baby and them thinking she was calling them when she was actually talking to their baby in his hands?
( I really enjoyed writing this one! Hope you enjoy!!)

was super tired from practice and
just wanted to come back home to see his family, when he opened the door all he heard was the word baby over and over again and was excited to see you after a long day, he needed to lay down with you but was surprised to see you putting the baby to sleep. He was a bit discouraged but knew you would both be sleeping together soon

Being around the guys was tiring so he definitely wanted to see you soon and maybe take a nap so when you video called him he was happy to see your face. When he answered he was surprised to just hear you repeating baby over and over again. He was like ???? Do you need something??? Is something wrong ?? Do I need to go home to help you out?? But you were like oh no it’s just that the baby wanted to see you !!! He was touched and glad he got to see the both of you after a long day and was ready to go home

Loved seeing you and the baby together so when he got home and didn’t see you right away he was worried but as he got closer to the baby’s room all he heard was baby being whispered over and over. He was really confused, he thought you were calling him over until he saw you sleeping in the rocking chair singing a lullaby that only consisted of the word baby, he thought it was adorable and tried not to wake either of you up

Was taking a nap in the living room until he heard you say baby from the kitchen. He thought you had been calling him over to eat but then found you feeding the baby while you made weird faces to get them to eat. He thought it was pretty funny and filmed the whole thing just to show you how cute you both were

He had never heard you sing. He had always wanted to hear you sing something, even if it was a little tune. So when he did hear you singing the word baby over and over again he was surprised, he was ready to go over to the other room and fully hear you but when he saw you trying to burp the baby he chuckled and was happy to finally hear you sing even if it was only towards the baby

Wasn’t expecting to hear your voice through one of the many baby monitors scattered around the house so when he heard what he believed to be you speaking to him he looked through every room to see what you needed but soon realized you were playing with the baby and not actually calling him over so he decided to surprise you by talking through the baby monitor in the other room just to let you know he was around and wanted some attention as well

He had been making making dinner for the both of you and the baby and was almost finished until he heard you from one of the rooms across the kitchen. He had heard you say baby and was ready to see what was wrong or what you needed but when he saw laying down with the baby on your chest he realized you were sleep talking and he realized how tiring your day had probably been and decided to leave you be for a while longer at least until he finished cooking

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Ever since I moved into my apartment (I live alone) it's almost like I'm actually letting myself be autistic, if that makes sense? I had a meltdown over tofu today because I couldn't get it to cook the way I specifically wanted it to, and I acted in a way I never would have done in if I still lived at home. Is this a common thing for autistic people who get their own space?

Finally being in a space where you are comfortable enough to just act in ways that are natural for you rather than putting a lot of energy into behaving a certain way makes a lot of sense. I don’t know how common it is for autistics, but it’s a pretty well established fact that people coming out of high stress or traumatic situations, such as abuse or war zones, finding themselves in a safe place where they can finally process it often involves a sudden loss of abilities they previously had in terms of self control and regulation regarding emotions and behaviors. I know even just moving to a dorm for a semester made me turn into an emotional spoonless mess.

- Os

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(1) Finally caught your inbox open! I just wanted to say thank you for your fics, especially your characterization of Alex Danvers. I've never connected with a character so much in my life, especially the unwilling doctor turned soldier, Jewish, NB, from an abusive childhood Alex that you write so well. My home life was awful, and I turned to the military to get away - I hated every minute of it. But it allowed me to sue my abusive and addict parents and gain custody of my little sister. So

(2) I just wanted to say thanks. I don’t see most of myself in media ever, and when I do it’s so rarely good. The NB!Alex fics, the Jewish!Alex fics, the fics where you delve into her psyche about going to school to be a doctor and coming out a soldier who is trained to kill - they are my greatest comfort on nights where I don’t know what I’m doing as a 23 year old mother to my younger sister, working two jobs to support us. So thanks. Your impact is more than I can put into words. <3

Sweetheart, you are amazing and I’m so proud of you. I’m so humbled by this message, and I’m humbled by you. Alex Danvers would be proud, too <3 <3 <3 <3 


Hey if you are in Iowa City and see this cat please contact me her name is Sunday she doesn’t have front claws she is skiddish but if you have food she might come, she is very sweet
This is literally my favorite cat on the face of the planet and she has been lost for a day (as of June 28th, 2017)
Please signal boost please bring her home
Even if you think you see her on the side of the road I just want to know…

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(text) Darling Bec. Wanted to let you and Mags know before you read in the papers. I've come home. In Stockholm presently. See you soon?

Rebecka looked at her phone and blinked.

{text}  We missed you so much Sgar!  We would love to see you!

She stopped directly after she pressed send. Wait.

{text}Read it in the papers?  Ansgar,what happened?

She wasn’t sure she should even send that one, and so she didn’t.  A text was no way to talk about all that had happened since she had last seen her brother in law.  They would see each other and all that could be discussed then.

But Magnus was going to be so happy.  He had missed his twin, Rebecka knew he had.  She rushed to find him and see if Sgar had texted him.

“Magnus,” she called as she waddled out of her office to look for her husband and her little girl.


Durian: “I kinda like this one.”

I could hear Butter burst out laughing behind me.

Durian: “Now what did i say?”

Butter: “That’s an outfit that the laser dance team uses for their home performances.  You’re looking at uniforms.  Look come over here.  This is where the regular wear is.”

Durian: “What you don’t think i could pull off a dance uniform.”

That made her burst out in giggles again.  Her smile was radiant and all I wanted was to make her smile forever.

I work at a pharmacy, which means I often end up playing delivery person for a lot of my relatives whenever they want something filled but can’t find time to go themselves.

And for the most part, it’s not too bad. Just bring their medication home with me, and then they’ll come pick it up whenever they next come to visit.

But let me tell you, there is nothing more awkward than having to explain to your much older cousin how to take anorectal medication.

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how about 27?

Oooh, good one!

27. Best review you ever got?

So, there are a lot of general kind of reviews I get that stick with me, even if I can’t remember the story or the person. Stuff like, “I didn’t think I would like this story, but I took a chance and I’m so glad I did.” Or when someone picks up on something really subtle that I’d been excited about but no one else commented on it.

She’s going to blush like mad PROBABLY but @caprelloidea‘s tags (which I consider her reviews) on Coming Home to You have really been unbelievably heartening for me. There’d been a lot of people who were unhappy with Emma’s behavior in earlier chapters, and I’d gotten a lot of comments about how her unhappiness was a well-deserved consequence of her leaving Storybrooke. But Liz’s tags were about understanding where Emma was coming from, and how she was almost torn between wanting Emma to stay, and wanting Emma to get back to Boston back to her life there. And it was just such a relief, and made me feel so much better about the direction I was going in with the story, and the work I’d put into the characterization.

And I can’t ever really answer a question like this without mentioning that I have an entire, amazing friendship with @optomisticgirl because she left sweet, amazing reviews on With Affection way back in the day.

Fanfic Writers Asks