i want to climb him up and just cling to him

Ryoma is definitely a cuddle monster when he’s sleeping, like totally has his limbs all tangled around Xander like an octopus. He might start off with plenty of distance between them when he first climbs into bed, but he always turns into an octopus once he falls asleep.

Which Xander doesn’t mind all that much because it’s kind of cute but one time Xander wakes up in the middle of the night and has to pee but Ryoma is clinging to him like a barnacle and Xander tries to wiggle out of his arms without waking him but no dice, Ryoma’s got a death grip on him. So Xander is getting increasingly annoyed and finally tries to wake the big lug up. Let go of me right this minute you idiot, I need to use the lavatory. And Ryoma does…kind of wake up? But he’s barely conscious and he’s so warm and comfy and doesn’t want Xander to leave so he’s just like ‘nah lol you can hold it ;)’

At which point Xander loses his patience and elbows Ryoma in the chest so hard he almost cracks a rib. It does get him to let go, though. Ryoma has to sleep on the floor for the rest of the night as punishment.

prismatic-bell  asked:

Tell me your thoughts on Crow :D

thAT’S MY SO N!! I am assuming this is about the headcanons, if not, then I apologize - it’s 5am.

  • When learning how to fix up his D-Wheel, the kids got bored and kept hovering around him, leaning on him when they got tired. It bothered him a little at first, because he was awful with the toolbox and it was embarrassing but they just stuck around him. Eventually they got to the point where they just started falling asleep against his back or in his lap and he doesn’t have the heart to keep asking them for space.
    • Additionally, they cling. Crow has sometimes walked around the area with a child dangling from his arm or trying to climb up his back for a piggyback ride.
  • Crow is hopeless with crushes. Hopeless. He’s the kind of guy that sees a really attractive person and melts down (unless the situation is serious). Aki once sat next to him with a genuine smile on her face and he nearly exploded. And he gets so many on so many people. He’s thankful for all the bickering with Jack because if he kept getting so close and he wasn’t irritated he feels he might die.
  • He looks at Blackwinged Dragon regularly, usually before going to sleep. This time is usually accompanied by clutching his mark and wondering if he should really be a Signer. He knows he’s good in serious situations and can do what needs to be done, but he grew up alone in Satellite and that’s… not great. Nobody knows though, because he’s stubborn and is going with the ‘fake it ‘til you make it’.
  • I think he can lowkey hear monster spirits. He’ll turn over in bed and hear something like a screech (usually his dragon’s). The first reaction to this was sitting up and looking at his mark - wondering if it’s a “normal” thing. Now he’s found himself too tired to care, and figures if it is something important and dangerous, he’ll know.
  • Crow is the ‘mama bird’ at all times, only angry. Pick on his friends? He’ll take it outside and get back at you with a children’s card game, usually on the motorcycle because 5Ds. Even think about insulting the kids he looks after (or any kids in general honestly)? You might want to run. He’ll be rolling up his sleeves and this guy was in and out of the facility three times. Run.
  • He has a big sweet tooth. There aren’t many sweet things to get in Satellite, so as soon as he got to stay in Neo Domino, Yusei had to stick closely with him around stores, lest Crow buy up everything with money he doesn’t really have.
    • “Yusei, I was a thief! I can do this just give me a sec.”
    • “Crow. No.”
  • A lot of his cards are worn and scuffed round the edges from use and use over the years. Crow refuses to replace them, even though he could easily get the same cards in better condition.
  • Unless it’s about his Duel Monsters skills, he cannot take compliments. He cannot.
  • Has the worst taste in music. It goes from something where you can’t hear the words to one song a little softer but then the screaming comes back right after everyone started relaxing. Jack fell out of his chair once and Crow will never let him forget it.