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damon salvatore x reader

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tbh i've always liked how straight to the point your answers are. the fact that you don't use fluffy emojis and call your followers little birdies or little bonbons is something i've always appreciated cause it makes you seem much more real, if you get my vibe. like you're not talking down to us or speaking to children. cheers x

I mean I do sometimes refer to you guys as Ouija Kids, but that’s only because I’ve somehow become the Ouija Mom. If that’s offensive to any of you in any way, let me know, because that’s the last thing I want to do.

Jimin Scenario: Candyman.

The Christmas Series

Genre: Fluff

In which people say not to accept gifts from strangers, but a certain christmas candy cane doesn’t seems so harmful.

When you started walking around the streets you did so without a specific destination, wandering at will until you found yourself sitting on a bench in the middle of one of the crowdest squares of the city, thinking just how lonely these Christmas were going to be for you.

You chose a bench randomly deciding to sit there for a while, maybe the boiling activity of the square and the people walking around you would cheer you up. A sigh leaved your lips while you stared at two kids running around. Your parents decided to take a trip to celebrate their anniversary in a cruise around the Caribbean, so you couldn’t spend the holidays with them and being rather new in the city for having just moved there to study you didn’t know much people, it was going to be just you in your little apartment.

But well, when you decided to take a walk around was to shove those thoughts away, decided to think about other things like for example in how nice the weather was being this December.

You moved your eyes around and observed some people gathering around something, so you straightened a little bit more on the bench trying to peek at whatever that was.

There was a boy with fiery red hair that caught your eyes, he was smiling widely while excitedly talking about something to the people around him and giving them some kind of flyers. He was all smiles and charm, that couldn’t go unnoticed by you and for a moment you wished you could look as joyful as him.

He started moving and was now a few steps away from your bench, doing the same, smiling while giving the flyers away so this time you could hear that he was inviting people to attend a play in a new theater.

You looked away, fixing your eyes in the tree leaves that were moving along with the wind for a while until there was something blocking your view.  A tiny candy cane was placed in front of your face, all white and red spirals adorned with a pretty green bow; you blinked startled by it and leaned against the back of the bench, your eyes instantly searching for the one that was holding the candy cane to you and it turned to be him, the redheaded boy. He smiled kindly at you, his eyes curled up lovingly with the action but he didn’t take the candy away and continued holding it to you.

-A candy for your thoughts –

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  1. bonbon (post malone remix) - era istrefi
  2. can you hear my heart (feat. lee hi) - epik high
  3. o bb (feat. devault) - luca lush
  4. missing u - lee hi
  5. i’m not sorry - dean
  6. show me love - robyn
  7. sublimation - neo fresco
  8. your guardian angel - the red jumpsuit apparatus
  9. call it karma (acoustic) - silverstein
  10. sure thing - miguel

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If I can’t have you in this life, then I don’t want this life at all.

‘Cause there’s nothing in this broken world,
That I’ll ever ever love as much.

called and I called, but you never picked up.

And I cried and I cried,but you never woke up.

You died, and you died without asking me first.

You left me all alonehere on Earth.

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Can you do a fluffy scenario with Bambam for Got7? When he teaches you how to say his name

“Dahk ling!”

I heard someone call out amidst the sound of my front door opening and closing. I turned around just in time to see a flash of brown before I was tackled into a hug. Surprised, I stumbled back a few steps as my assailant pulled his head back to look at me.

“Bambam!” I laughed. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“Sorry, my dahk ling,” he grinned before giving me a kiss on the cheek and releasing me. He took my hand and steered me towards the kitchen before letting go and raiding the fridge.

“How has work been?” I asked as I sat down at the counter. I heard a faint muffled noise come from him, but I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

“What?’ I asked. He turned towards me and I saw that he had a banana sticking out of his mouth. Again, he attempted to respond to me, and again, his attempts were hindered.

“What are you saying?” I laughed, and he finally took the banana out of his mouth and swallowed.

“It’s been really busy,” he said as he gathered some more food into his arms, closed the fridge, and set everything down onto the counter in front of me. “We’ve been having the Nation concerts, as well as practicing for our Japanese debut, and it’s been taking up all of our time. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to come see you lately.”

He pouted and stared at me with apologetic eyes; I smiled and stole a bite of his banana before replying.

“It’s okay, Bambam” I reassured him. “I understand how busy you are. As long as I get these interactions every now and then, then I am good.”

“Well, I have the entire weekend off, so we can go on as many dates as you want!” he said, excitement pouring out of his every word. I laughed and agreed with his invitation.

“Ah, but dahk ling,” he said, pouting again. “When I’m with you, I don’t want to be Bambam anymore! I want you to call me by my real name!”

 “B-but, you know I can’t pronounce your name!” I replied, a bit embarrassed, but he just grinned as he popped a bonbon into his mouth.

“That’s okay! I’ll teach you!”

His enthusiasm was contagious, and I readily agreed to his request.

“Okay, this is how it’s spelled,” he said as he grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down the name Kunpimook Bhuwakul. “It looks difficult, but it’s actually easy if you sound it out. First off is ‘kahn.’ Go ahead, say it. ‘Kahn.’”

“Kahn,” I repeated, and he smiled and nodded.

“Good! Next is ‘pee,’ like you have to go pee.”

“Okay, I get it,” I laughed before repeating the word.

“And then it’s ‘mook.’”

“Muk,” I said, and he shook his head.

“Mook,” he said once again.

“Mu-oooook,” I repeated, as Bambam put his hands on my cheeks and squished them together, forcing the correct sound out of me.

“Good! Now sound it all out together!”

I hesitated for a moment, but then attempted to do so.

“Kahn-pee-mook,” I pronounced slowly, earning an enthusiastic nod and a bonbon.

“Now for my last name! First up is ‘Boo!’ Like a ghost!”

“Boo!” I laughed.

“Good! Next is ‘wah,’ like you’re seeing something that’s really awesome. ‘Waaahhhh, you’re so cool, Kunpimook!’”

“Waaahhhh, you’re such a dork!” I replied, sticking my tongue out at him.

“Dahk ling, that hurts!” he grabbed his chest as though it ached. “Lastly is ‘kewl!’ Like you’re too kewl for skewl.”

This one took me a couple tries, but I eventually earned his approval.

“Now say all of it!”

“Boo-wah-kewl,” I sounded out, earning a thumbs up and another bonbon.

“Now say them both together!”

“Kahn-pee-mook Boo-wah-kewl.”

“That’s it!” he said, clapping excitedly. “You can just call me by my first name, but now you know how to pronounce them both!”

“That’s great and all,” I said, “but where’s my treat?”

I opened my mouth, waiting for another bonbon, but instead I was greeted by puppy eyes and puffed up cheeks.

“Dahk ling, aren’t I treat enough for you?” he asked as he attempted to discreetly slide the rest of the bonbons behind his back.

“You give me those bonbons right now!” I got up and ran around the counter and attempted to grab the box from him. He held them out of my reach as his other arm held me at bay.

“Not until you call me by my real name!” He teased as I struggled against him.

“Kunpimook, you give me my treat right now!”

“Okay!” he replied before he grabbed my waist, pulled me into his body, and planted a soft, quick kiss on my lips.

Bangtan´s nasty valentine confessions

Jin: I´ve been watching you through my locker

Suga: You can bite me, I taste sweet

J Hope: They call me Jhorse… want a ride?

Rap Monster: Im a monster at other things too

Jimin: Leave those bonbons, honey, my abs are all the chocolate you need

V: You smell weird… wanna make out?

Jungkook: I dont care what age you are, youll call me oppa when Im done

Is it me or was the episode full of foreshadowing?

So I normally post an episode gif reactions but the only scene I care about is that very last Bamon scene. OH THE FEEEEELS!!! It fully made up for what was otherwise a truly cringe-worthy Dullena fest!

First off, congrats to us, we called it as usual, the gift was the cure! When BonBon pulled that familiar little box out of her bag I was like

But when she said “for Elena” I was like

Then, just like the rest of you, I rewatched the scene a million times and I realized something. Given Damon’s facial expressions, it’s almost as if for the very first time Bonnie Bennett got something slightly wrong: he didn’t want the cure for Eldebert, he wanted it for himself. I mean think about it, he devised that whole plan while in 1994 when he had NO HOPE whatsoever of making it back to present day Mystic Falls, so why would he waste his time hunting down the cure for someone he was never going to see ever again?

Secondly, did y’all catch it? At one point in the episode, Lily tells Damon that her creepy desiccated friends made her feel human again and as she speaks, the camera cuts to Damon’s face as if he’s recognizing that he has something in common with his mother: how much they both miss being human (remember season 2 when he admitted to that random girl that he missed being human “more than anything in the world”?).

I think that Bonnie’s gesture did really shake him to his core because - whether she realizes it or not - it is forcing him to face himself and what he really wants instead of just slipping back into his old life and living the lie he always has, believing that all he’s ever wanted is to “get the girl”. The truth is that all Damon Salvatore has ever wanted is to be loved. Not to be a vampire, not to get in some girl’s pants. All he’s ever wanted is to be truly accepted for who he is, good and bad. Something that we’ve established Eggbert can never give him, but that Bonnie just does without even realizing it. Ask yourself why he didn’t exactly jump up and down when Bonnie gave him the cure; because he feels conflicted about it and I think that conflict mirrors pretty beautifully his feelings for Bonnie, because to some extent, Bonnie Bennett is his cure. She represents a chance at salvation, at normalcy, at being human away from toxicity, blood lust and basically being an abomination of nature. Sure, Damon could be the answer to Bonnie’s prayers, but as we’ve learned with our OTP, their relationship isn’t one sided and Bonnie could well be the answer to Damon’s prayers as well.

I think that whole scene was full of tremendous Bamon foreshadowing, and not only because of the very obvious “BonBon” moaning while he was making out with Eleanor. I mean yeah, this does say it all… 

Careful Damon, I might start to think you actually… Ah forget it! MARRY HER ALREADY!!! No but seriously, believe it or not, the eye sex is not what “shook me to my core” ;) What got to me is this:

Bamon have a thing with holding hands. They’re both pretty awful at putting their feelings into words, especially with each other and holding hands somehow helps them materialize what’s going on inside. That half a second is packed with so much emotion and meaning that it makes that pissy Dullena make out session look like a rotten sandwich. And can we talk about this?

How beautiful, poetic and freakin perfect it is that Bonnie bloody Bennett is THE ONLY CHARACTER who’s ever truly trusted Damon with ANYTHING, let alone such a mind blowing decision? She’s not belittling, patronizing him, or guilt tripping him into “being the better man”. She’s fully trusting his judgment, letting him know that whatever his decision may be in the end, she’s perfectly cool with it.

On TV and in movies, camera shots matter! Why did they do TWO close ups on Bonnie holding Damon’s hand? That folks, is foreshadowing! I think, in that moment, Damon is beginning to realise that he’s seeing Bonnie differently. In that scene, it is his interaction with Bonnie - which involved almost no physical contact - that really mattered, not that gross and frankly overdone Dullena make out scene. Damon’s interactions with those two women stand on complete opposite sides of the spectrum and pretty much summarize why we ship Bamon. Dullena is shallow, physical and selfish (freakin Lily Salvatore with super vampirical hearing was upstairs and they were still planning on doing it?), while Bamon is deep, emotional and selfless. That scene has so much subtext, it’s insane! It may be my shipper goggles talking but what I saw was the approaching end of Damon’s immature-toxic-chip-on-his-shoulder ways materialized through his affair with Edna and the dawn of a more mature-true-to-himself-comfortable-in-his-own-skin Damon brought about through his relationship with Bonnie. Bonnie and Damon both seem to be coming into their own this season and I’m loving it!

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When do you think bonnie will be back? I thought at the end of next episode but i read a synposis just now from 6x15 where it says "Elsewhere, Bonnie [...]" that sounds like she's still trapped :( I just want some BonBon why you doing this to me Julie :(

I don’t know, I honestly don’t know. I feel like they’re not in a hurry because they don’t need her witch shenanigans to fix anything. They already have three (now two) witches running around who are willing to save Elena’s useless ass at all costs, so they don’t need Bonnie, and hell, her so-called friends seem to have forgotten all about their mission to save her. Now Elena’s even throwing a party “because that’s what Bonnie would’ve wanted”. No, you clueless brainless fuck, Bonnie wants you to for once in your life stop thinking about your own sorry ass and save her.

I think it’ll have to be sooner rather than later, though. They can’t drag this out any longer, I mean, how many scenes of a crying, desperate, lonely Bonnie are they planning on giving us? No matter how amazing Kat looks in those scenes (she is so talented, damn!), it’s time to reunite her with the gang and it’s time to please, please, please let her kick some Gilbert ass.




HOW DARE YOU!  I invite you into my home!  I invite you to meet my child!  And you insult his own presence!  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?


No, I can’t hear this.  GET OUT!


No, GET OUT!  You have no right to see him again.  He deserves better, SO much better.

But I-

Myrtle, leave, NOW!

I will call the police.  GET OUT!  I never want to see you around MY son, again.