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" Spencer Reid what the fuck are you doing !?!" . It can be for a ship or a reader insert I don't mind 😘

Reid jumped in the air and dropped the file he had been reading before Emily suddenly opened the door to her office; it was almost midnight, and the team had left hours ago.

“Spencer…,” her tone softened when she saw his guilty expression, but she still looked worried and he knew he wouldn’t be able to lie his way out of this one.

“I was looking for information on someone… from the team, by the way, and no, before you ask, I couldn’t just call Garcia for help because this is someone who, let’s just say, is not her favourite person in the world, which is surprising… I never thought there would come a day when Garcia actually disliked someone but the sentiment seems to be pretty genuine as far as I can se-”

“Spencer, if you wanted to know when Luke’s birthday was, you could’ve just asked me to let you look at his file,” she said, trying not to laugh as Reid opened his mouth in shock. After helping him clean the mess of papers, she clapped him on the shoulder and added, “It’s next month, by the way, so you still have time to think of something.”

I’m all about that Reidvez tonight, apparently! Hope you liked it, Meg! 💖

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You will find lots of articles on tumblr for newbie witches but I realized when I started practicing that a lot of things were missing and I was kind of ashamed to ask because I felt stupid.

This post is for people who have just started practicing or are planning to. If you have already been into witchcraft for years this could be a little reminder for you.

  • You don’t need to be wiccan. You don’t need deities in your craft. When I started I was a little puzzled: everyone was talking about prayers, faith and other religious things essential in the craft. It seemed everyone was wiccan! Or Pagan. But they were talking about things I didn’t believe in. They were questioning my religious beliefs and my will to practice witchcraft. Then I found out about the existence of secular witches i.e. witches who do not include religion in their craft. Religion is not essential in witchcraft. You can use your own power, you can ask mother earth to land you some. It’s perfectly fine.
  • Get info BEFORE you seriously practice. This is a point lots of people skip and underrate. When I discovered magic was real I was enthusiastic. I wanted to start as soon as possible and I was upset my exams didn’t allow me to. Now I’m glad I waited. While I was studying for my exams I read various articles, I followed witchy blogs on tumblr (windvexer and witchtips are great blogs for beginners. Look for their masterposts!) and I collected enough info to start practicing one month later but understanding what I was doing. I’m not saying you should wait months to start but just be sure to be aware of the basis and the possible dangers.
  • Trust your guts! There are witches who will tell you super rare and expensive items are required in your craft. They will often tell you to use things you can’t have. I’m not saying they’re wrong, they are probably suggesting what it’s right in their practice. But they are sometimes not newbiesfriendly blogs. My suggestions is: do what it feels right for you. (But if you want to use herbs and eat them do some serious research first!!!) For example, if someone tells you you should use rose quartz for tranquillity but you don’t have it/don’t want to use crystals in your craft/you don’t associate tranquility with quartz, etc. don’t do it. Use a substitute! Plus, don’t underestimate the power of visualization. It takes practice, I know, but if you can’t have an item, just imagine you have it! And remember: magic doesn’t come from candles, crystals or whatever. It is within you. They just enhance it but they’re not essential.
  • Magic is real but do not confuse it with real life. Before you get pissed and think what I said it’s crap let me explain it. Magic is part of your life and your life is real, duh, but do not get overwhelmed by magic. In few words: don’t forget living. Don’t think every single thing that happens in your life is magical! If you see a bunny in a pet shop it probably isn’t a sign meant to you. It’s just a bunny. There are indeed signs hidden in your normal life but don’t think that everything is. 
  • Magic just gives a little push. You can’t perform magic with a purpose and without acting in the real world in order to make it happen. You can’t create a sigil to have new friends if you have 0 social interactions. Don’t ask for the impossible: a spell won’t allow you to meet Obama, I’m sorry, unless you live in the White House.
  • Don’t be afraid to live magic and muggle lives at the same time. I swear the first time I performed magic and I created a shield I felt bad going to the bathroom. It seems dumb, I know, but beginning the practice can be scary the first time. Don’t be ashamed of what’s natural and don’t be scared to use subtle magic when in company. Magic is part of you!
  • You don’t need labels. I repeat: YOU DON’T NEED LABELS! When I started practicing I felt the need to say out loud what my interests were. The truth? I couldn’t say it yet. Everything fascinated me so I just told people I was eclectic. But I actually am not. Don’t feel in a rush when you get into the magical realm. Just do what you like and you will later understand what you prefer.
  • It is okay if you’re not into everything magical! You will see lots of witches who use herbs in their practice. Others use crystals. And every spell you find online requires either herbs or crystals. You will spontaneously think they are essential for every witch but they are actually not. Don’t feel ashamed. Say it out loud: “I don’t like herbs!/I don’t like crystals!/I don’t like sigils!”. You can only love tarots and you can still be a witch. You can dislike jars and you will still be a witch.
  • It is okay if you don’t want to be called “witch”. I understand that this word is often used to describe someone nasty, ugly or unpleasant. Or you could just simply not like the word for your own personal reasons. You can use other terms, more specific about your craft: diviner, spirit worker, fortune teller, etc. Or if you just want a synonym of the word witch: magic practitioner, sorcerer, wizard. There are many others. Find the word you feel comfortable with.
  • Males can be witches as well. Witch is not just a word for women. If you’re male and you want to practice magic and be called a witch, go for it!
  • You don’t need to be in a coven. If you don’t want to be part of a group you can learn on your own. And that’s fine.
  • Be careful of the words you use. You’re new in the craft and you start using words like gipsy, spirit guides, strega, etc. Be very mindful of the words you choose! They can be disrespectful, cultural appropriation or misuse of terms about a closed practice. Do your own research and remember to be always respectful. If you misuse a word and people let you know it’s wrong apologize, be polite and change your attitude. It’s easy. For more info I’d suggest to look here [cultural appropriation 1 2; gipsy as a slur wordwitch culture; stregheria 1 2 3; - I will add more links in the future about this topic]
  • Don’t let others define what’s right and what’s wrong. Some people say cursing is bad, blood magic is for evil witches, satanism is bad, etc. There is no “white magic” or “black magic”. Magic is neutral and it depends on you. You can curse and be the nicest person in the world. If you’re afraid of the three fold law I’d suggest to read this post and don’t let others influence you. It’s your choice. Not theirs.
  • Everyone can be a witch. When you discover magic is real and it’s not just in books you ask yourself “Can I be a witch?”. You may think you need someone in your family to “pass you the magical genes” or something like that. But what most of witches believe is that magic lies within each one of us. You can be more naturally talented but if you are not don’t be afraid. Speaking of books, remember that Hermione was born in a muggle family yet she was the greatest! If you don’t have natural talents you can still be a witch. Work hard and you will see great results!
  • Gender, sexual orientation, age, race, culture do not prevent you from being a witch. You can be transgender, asexual, African American, Chinese or whatever. You can still be a witch.

Did I forget something? Let me know in comments or reblogs and I will add it in the list!


Sons of Lawrence #13

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Mary Winchester, Ruby, Jo Harvelle, Elen Harvelle, Bobby Singer, Meg Masters, James Novak. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 2,861
Warnings: Angst, language, medical jargon
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning? GIF credit [x][x][x][x]

“This isn’t a fairy tale, Mr. Winchester,” Doctor Novak stated matter-of-factly. “Y/N suffered extensive internal damage. I can’t tell you long it will take because I don’t know how long it will take.”

Standing next to Dean’s hospital bed, John had his arms crossed and a scowl on his brow. “I don’t expect immediate results, doc. But there’s gotta be something that can be done.”

James Novak crossed the room and turned on the lights of the x-ray panels on the wall. He opened a large manilla folder and pressed the film up until it got stuck. He ran a finger along the outline of Y/N’s skull. “When Y/N got thrown from the bike, she hit her head. Now, the helmet saved her life, but it also did some damage,” he cleared his throat before continuing. “Along with a severe concussion, the impact resulted in a hematoma. In layman’s terms, clotting of blood outside the blood vessels.”

Mary, who was holding her son’s hand, asked, “Is it serious?”

Doctor Novak nodded. “It can be very serious if a hematoma occurs inside the brain. Unfortunately, that is what occurred. The clotting can cause pressure to build inside the skull, which is a factor into why she lost consciousness. Hopefully that won’t last too long. We went in and drained what we could.”

“What else?” Dean rasped, his throat raw from having a breathing tube removed earlier that morning.

Another piece of film was slapped up. “There was a lot of scar tissue from what had been repaired 3 years ago. This time, she was stabbed more than once. Add in the internal damage from the accident and the loss of blood, Y/N is looking at a rough recovery.”

There was a collective heavy sigh between the Winchesters as Dean pushed his head into the mountain of thin pillows.

“Thank you,” John murmured and held out his hand for the doctor.

James’ lips pressed into a thin line as he shook John’s hand. “Y/N was on a lot of my cases over the past year; she’s an amazing person. I promise that I’ll do everything in my power not to lose her.”

He went to leave the room, but stopped suddenly and rummaged in a pocket of his crisp, tan jacket. “I almost forgot,” he whispered.

Mary held out her hand when James approached and extended a fist. The ring she had given Y/N the other day fell softly into her palm. She choked on a sob and almost crumbled under the weight of John’s hand on her shoulder.

“You’ll get that back to her, Mare,” John promised, his own voice tremulous with emotion.

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Catsitting | Kyungsoo

Pairing: Kyungsoo x reader
Genre: fluff, slight-but-not-really angst, Hybrid!AU
Words: 6.6k+

You somehow find yourself ‘catsitting’ for your best friend while he’s on a week-long trip. The only problem? His ‘cat’ hates you.

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

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Question in a scale of not good, how bad would it be call out a commenter who posted an 'I didn't like this, this and this' comment on my favorite fanfiction, because the writer was swamped with hate a while ago and for Sherlock's sake if someone discorages them to the point of orphaning that work I will die! I want their updates, preferably this year and self esteem is a big issue in writers, so if I have to call out every Ah-le in their comment section I will.

I personally would counter their “didn’t like this” with reasons why you DID like whatever it was that person disliked. Individually, so the author gets multiple positive comments.

I hate the way we can’t just like or dislike things anymore. Everything has to be a debate. If you dislike a thing, you have to prove that it’s objectively bad, preferably by calling it whatever-ist or whatever-phobic. And if you like a thing, you better be prepared to defend that preference against people who’ll tell you it’s whatever-ist or whatever-phobic.

Screw that. I like things because I like them. I dislike things because I dislike them. I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t want to, and other people sure as hell don’t have to justify anything to me. It’s okay to like different things. That’s why the world is so full of stuff, so that there’s something in it for everyone.

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About the 13 year old being called a terf. I feel like it is gross to reduce someone to their genitals, but it's also not A+ to demean people for not wanting to have sex w a certain type of genitals. Like idk I just don't feel right about it. It's not something that bothers me bc I'm pan, but I understand where people could be coming from. And some people are penis/vagina-repulsed because of trauma and other reasons. I just feel like we have to look closely at the issue

The issue was not her dislike of penises. It was that she was being transmysoginistic, and writing off all trans women as romantic partners because some of them have penises. Specifically she used terf language, and that’s not okay.

If someone does not like engaging with penises sexually, that’s completely fine. There’s no requirement to. But you aren’t going to ask a potential date what their genitals are (You are not, because it’s rude and transphobic.), the only time it would come up if you were about to have sex.

Then, you simply say “Oh, I’m sorry I don’t like sex with penises. Can we hang out instead?” And then you do not have sex. Romantic relationships do not require sex.

I apologize for not outlining this in the ask, I was primarily concerned with the language she used. She’s young, she’s got the time to unlearn harmful things, to educate herself on trans issues, specifically intersecting issues that affect trans lesbians. I want to emphasize that she needs to learn.

-Lou the Lobster

I’m so so so so sick of antis. An otayuri shipper (voltron-and-chill67) attempted suicide because an anti had harassed them for days. I fucking can’t. And yet antis won’t stop. Some of them in particular will make sure that you know you are scum if you ship a certain pairing, even though in doing so they’ll make you want to kill yourself.

One of them disgusts me more than the others.

I’ve been in therapy since I was 5 (I’m 17 now, so basically my whole life) because I’m a victim of child abuse. Yet I know that I have NO RIGHT to tell people how they should or shouldn’t cope with their personal trauma. I have no right to be a judgmental and mean fuck like lesbiananti

lesbiananti believes that just because they’re in therapy, they know EVERYTHING and can dictate how others should behave, and treat them like shit if they don’t agree with them (just look at some of their posts, they’re petty, mean and obtuse)

Guess what, lesbiananti, YOU ARE NO ONE                                                         You are not special, you are not a therapist, you are not an expert, and you have NO RIGHT to make people, especially survivors, feel like shit and make them want to kill themselves. Fucking stop. You are an awful, awful human being.

Even when people try to educate them and call them out, they just ignore everything and everyone and keep on hating. Their therapist is clearly doing a shitty job.

You are a csa survivor and like otayuri? You normalize pedophilia! Didn’t you know? Even though otayuri is not pedophilia, who cares? Let’s just hate on csa survivors and call them pedophiles!1! Let’s make them want to kill themselves!1

You are gay and read something lesbiananti doesn’t like? You normalize abuse and are an homophobe!!1!

^^^ lesbiananti’s posts in a nutshell

People, you ship otayuri because it’s cute and has nothing to do with pedophilia in any way? You are scum!!1 You try to educate people about what pedophilia ACTUALLY is, because it’s dangerous to throw words around without knowing their meaning? You are a pedophilia apologist!!

You use certain ships to cope with your trauma? I’m sorry to inform you that you really shouldn’t. You should just kill yourself, because lesbiananti doesn’t like those ships and thinks you are nasty. Who cares if you are a survivor and your life is on the line, lesbiananti doesn’t give a fuck about you.

Fucking disgusting.

lesbiananti is a petty, judgmental, self-righteous idiot with a worrying superiority complex and who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone.

Then people ask me why I dislike antis… they literally make people want to kill themselves, they call csa survivors and minors (me included) pedophiles and pedophilia apologists. And why? Because they want to feel superior and their hate is the only thing filling their lonely lives.

But yeah, we are the bad guys forshipping a 16 yo with an 18 yo, that’s pedophilia, didn’t you know? lmao 

Now just wait for lesbiananti to come after me because “im in therapy i know everything you nasty pedophile!!1!” lmao

I guess lesbiananti and people like them will only realize how wrong their ways are when someone will actually commit suicide. Oh wait. Even then they will just blame someone else and keep hating on whoever they don’t like.

Antis don’t give a fuck about ANYONE but themselves and their desire to feel superior.


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What are your favorite sims 4 bloggs?

You know, I usually don’t do this ‘cause when I see these lists by other people and don’t see myself on the them I kinda feel upset and left out so I don’t want to make other people feel this way. Although, when someone asks me to do this I make a list of newly discovered blogs I like. I think there are two of them, but for some reason I could only find the most recent one [boop]. What I’m ready to do is the list of people I’m not happy with. People I tend to dislike most of the time. Generally annoying people. I will call it The Unfollow Forever List.

1. The people I dislike the most is @beverlyallitsims. She’s my Guy Gavriel Kay. Have you heard about Guy Gavriel Kay? He wrote an awesome trilogy called ‘The Fionavar Tapestry’. There was this sexy prince that I fell in love with, Diarmuid, so G.G.Key just went and killed him. Bang, and there’s no Diarmuid for me. It’s been like ten years but I still haven’t forgiven him. If I met him, the first thing I’d say would be, ‘Guy Gavriel, you’re a jerk!’. @beverlyallitsims ruined my life. She’s awesomely talented person, but no, just no, not after what she did.

2. @neopixiesims. Jeez, she really enjoys causing people pain, I mean she really like actually gets off on that. Sick. She’s also having Danny from the City Living trailer, you may know him as Danny The Commercial Slut, as a legacy spouse. Can you believe this? Danny The Commercial Slut’s genes ruin everything, my life included. Sure, she’s funny and witty, but Danny and her general masochistic ways? No, thank you.

3. @nadinemaee. Gawd, so young and already so sick. You know, I never follow drama-llama simblrs ‘cause they are not my thing, but this girlllll, gawd. I’d unfollow her every day of the week, I swear. She ruined everything and everyone. She killed my OTP with help of a man called Pornstaches. Pornstaches, can you imagine that?? Her screens are gorgeous but… Unfollwed.

4. @neutralsupply. Ton of her followers have been waiting for two of her sims to finally… you know… do it? And do you know what she did? DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE DID?? She made them kiss and then proceeded with another storyline. I’ve been sexually frustrated for like a week now. I keep messaging her about it but she stays silent. I won’t even say anything good about her, because there’s nothing good about her. Bye-bye, Z!

5. @furiouslydecaffinated. The little shit writes her smut so good it always leaves me horny. I’m a single lady, you know. But she doesn’t offer me a decent man whore, she doesn’t even make a dildo shop out of her tumblr, she’s just fucking leaving me horny as hell. Every damn time. Thank you, girl. See ya in hell for horny people! The music at her blog is toleratable, though.

6. @tinwhistletoo. This one is a total maniac. Like, for real. Sure, she seems to be so lovey-dovey, and nice, and sweet, and her stories seem so captivating, but, mannnnnnn let me tell you, she’s got more gore in her than Tarantino. Tin’s having a new story? Well, prepare to see some guts flying around the neighborhood.

It’s Amazing (TC Imagine)

You were sitting in your room, with a soft gleam of sunlight passing through your window. You had woken up that morning feeling exhausted from the graduation parties from the night before. Slowly, the memories of hugging all your friends comes to mind as you reminisce on the past, but you know that you can’t stay in the past forever, or could you?

You stretch your arms, knocking over something from the nightstand. Gently picking it up, you see it’s from him. The man you spent years dreaming about. Wrapped in a thin layer of wrapping paper, and a delicate tied ribbon, the gift laid before you. Last night, you weren’t sure what to expect, so you waited until the morning to open his gift. 

As your hands extended to pull the ribbon away, a tear from your eye also escaped. The thin paper fell from your hands as a beautiful leather bound journal remained in your hands. You gently opened the cover and read,

“Dear (your name),

I know this might be a little strange to you, but I felt like I needed to say these words to you somehow. 

A few years ago, I didn’t even know you. I was living my life without any knowledge of your existence. 

Just two years ago, I didn’t even know your name. But, I knew your face. Your face brought light to the entire hallway. Just seeing you smile was enough to brighten my day.

And then, a year ago. I finally knew your name, grade, hobbies, personality, likes and dislikes, and all that makes you who you are.

But now, at this moment…I can’t help but think “it’s amazing,” how someone whom I hardly knew a few years has now occupied my entire mind and heart. It’s amazing how none of this seemed appropriate at one point, but now I can finally confess to you. Even if it may seem cowardly through this method, I’m hoping to express how I want to fill the rest of these blank pages with stories of our life together.

Just please, call me whenever you are ready. And if that’s never, I understand.”

You noticed the phone number and smiled to yourself. Then you picked up the phone remembering that one day you accidentally told him, “I like you-I mean- youuuurr class!” Dialing the number, the first words that came from your mouth were, “It’s amazing isn’t it? That I’m always ready to love you.”

Stop calling Jin from BTS mom/wife etc.

Can everyone please stop calling him mother/wife etc.? I get that you’re joking, but it’s so overused and not funny anymore. Jin corrected a fan once saying that he wanted her to call him prince not princess, and that can be applied to the mom label too. Also I don’t see how Jin acts like a mom at all, yes he cooks and takes care of them, but he acts equally as young as the maknae line. Jungkook and Jimin has joked about raising Jin, and Jungkook ranked the mental age of Jin as the youngest together with V. All the members say Jin is the most childish, and both Jungkook and V has complained about the fact that he acts like a child. The members has called Jin mom as a joke a few times, but they have called J-Hope it much more frequently, and from their interactions I often feel J-Hope and Jimin are more the care-taking/mother figure types. It’s annoying that Jin is called mom, because he was only called it at a time BigHit restricted his personality and wanted him to act calm, cool and collected because he was the visual, while the more funny and playful Jin is his actual personality. Therefore, I dislike when people call him mom since it misrepresents who he truly is. He isn’t the mother figure in the group, Jimin or J-Hope is.

Also I think it’s really inconsiderate of everyone to call Jin mom/wife, since it reduces all him interactions with them down to a mom-and-son relationship which limits the type of relationships Jin is allowed to have, both romantically and brotherly. Honestly, for Jin stans like me, it’s so annoying having someone calling Jin mom when I want to interpret his relationship in a different way, and the mom label is indirectly forced on me when people continue to comment “mom and son moment”. Jin and Jungkook almost kissed once as a joke, but because it’s Jin, it’s a “look, mom trying to kiss son and son being awkward moment.” If this happened with any other member, it wouldn’t be seen as a mom-son-moment, but just because it’s Jin, their brotherly closeness is dismissed, and often, people do it to promote their ship, e.g. Namjoon jokes about Jin being his wife. They implicitly make it clear that Jin can only be shipped with Namjoon (even if it’s just a joke), and when people even if they don’t bring in Namjoon, call Jin mom they are indirectly reinforcing the ship and the role Jin has. The same happens with Jin’s other ships: Jin and V nearly kissed, but it looks like they actually did because of the angle. They have showered together, and it was the first big ship in BTS, but it died off; however, people still reduce them down to mom and son. This also happens with the Jinmin and Jinkook ships, despite the fact that Jin has many cute moments with them. Jinkook, Jinmin and Taejin have all had nearly kisses on the lips moments, but people keep making jokes like “Jin is cheating on Namjoon” and “Jin is such an overbearing mom”, and it’s so annoying. Namjoon is not in an actual relationship with Jin, so stop forcing the ship down our throats. Also it’s extremely hypocritical how if this had happened between any other member it would have been shipped, but because it’s with Jin, the ships are constantly overlooked and slept on. To sum it up, stop misrepresenting Jin’s personality, stereotyping him, being hypocritical about ship-moments and limiting how we view his interactions with other members.

(PS. English is not my first language, so I’m very sorry if I haven’t conveyed myself in a articulate manner.)

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Hi! I saw your post talking about dans branding and I thought it was amazing and I was just wondering if you could do a Phil one plase:) your opinions are amazing I love then thank you!!

sorry for taking a couple of days to respond to this!!!! if i found the dan one difficult, i think the phil one is doubly so, because phil lester the person as opposed to AmazingPhil the youtuber has always been more enigmatic than dan. it’s sort of become a cliche in the phandom but with good reason–dan is loud, he lets his emotions shine through, he says a lot, and, despite his insistence otherwise, expresses his personal opinions frequently on a whole range of topics. phil on the other hand is a lot more guarded and reserved, and it’s likely that that isn’t even for the purpose of privacy but just because as a person he is more shy, he is quieter, his personality is softer and more nuanced. phil is muted colors where dan is bright metallics and bold primaries. as a result his “brand” or persona are a lot harder to define than the danisnotonfire character that dan has created over the years, and his real life personality is a bit harder to guess at, making this question more difficult on both ends. i’ve written a little bit about phil’s branding here (and it’s much shorter than this) so you can def take a look at that post as well. but i think on the whole (on the most general level) i’d define AmazingPhil as a brand as:

  1. “innocent” or “pure” or whatever other word you want to use to that effect, and
  2. quirky or nerdy

i could guess that both of these items are true to an extent to phil lester’s actual personality but i’ll talk more in depth about each. 

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my bully but yet my lover: E.C

I feel like making one that wasn’t Carl but is Ethan seems more fun cause well who does wanna bit of Ethan Cutkosky cause why the fuck no gotta have the boy in this. Also no hate to Ethan just in this he is a dick but I know he is a really nice guy.


You and Ethan have been what they call ‘enemies with feelings’, Ethan has bullied you for quite some time, he ‘hated’ you and you disliked him. You both use to best friends but apparently when you two got to middle school you were up with the ‘swag’ and he ditched you, then bullied you. Somedays you want to knock some sense into him but other days you just wanna hold him and cry your heart out, but you knew you couldn’t so you had to deal with your problems alone. It was currently 8 in the morning, you were getting ready for school, you didn’t wanna go. Well if it isn’t obvious enough you didn’t wanna face Ethan again, well like he has been, you want him to change back and well be nice and not be an absolute dick. You wore ripped jeans, you Nirvana t-shirt and a black jacket to cover well you fresh cuts, you hated life tbh. You wanted to leave but you didn’t want to leave your mom devastated so you stayed for her.

You tied you shoes, threw your hair up into a messy bun, then left your room.You looked back thinking ‘Maybe I can fake sick. But I’ve made it this far so I guess I’ll go.’ You walked into the kitchen and grabbed you lunch, your mom left you a note that said the same thing every day ‘Have a lovely day sweetie, I’ll see you tonight.’ But you know you wouldn’t see her cause when you get home, you go straight back to your room. You walked out the door of the house making sure you locked it, you walked down the street, you heard the laugh you know too well.

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How it's like being an INF/TJ

I personally don’t believe, individuals should be strictly identified by one single personality type. Humans are far more complex than that.

On the other hand, that would be kind of awkward getting two distinct results like INTJ and ESFP, but it should be ok carrying traits of two personality types that share similarities. (Like INTP-INTJ)

I usually get INFJ or INTJ equally. When forced to pick one, I prefer identifying myself as an INFJ, because I sometimes do nothing but think of “Why does everything have to be so unfair? Someone has to do something.”

“I have to save the world” is usually considered as the INFJ motto on Tumblr. :)

Let’s see how I function

-Feeling sorry for someone when they say they have feelings for you -because you have no feelings for them, and feeling extremely awkward when it comes to how to respond.

-Trying to show someone you care about them, but not knowing how to do. I think it’s because of my definition of care -or even love, is a little different than the majority’s.

-Feeling sorry when you break someone’s heart, but having no idea how to stop being sarcastic. First I’m like “someone has to remind that b**ch how dumb he/she/they is/are”. Then I go, I’ve gone too far I should apologize.

-While thinking everyone’s stupid, your other half says “ There will always be others who think you’re stupid, regardless of how intelligent you are. You can’t go anywhere thinking like this. There is no end. No matter how much you remain objective subjectivity will always be present.” *silence* “I guess you’re right. ”

-Being always right puts a satanic smile on my face, however doesn’t always make happy, because I noticed that this leads people to lowkey dislike me. They out of nowhere ( I assume subconsciously) start verbally attacking me, trying to play mind games with me for the sake of proving me wrong for once, and that hurts me a lot.

-Wanting to give someone a hug, but on the other hand disliking being touched, feeling extremely awkward and tense.

-I’m pretty interested in spiritual subjects, but even if so, I need scientific facts, data and statistics for me to understand. I sometimes spend my entire time to figure that out.

-Human behavior and scientific laws are inseparable to me sometimes.

-Who has described me as a nice, kind and understanding person has also called me cold, calculating and sarcastic.

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Thanks for you great answer if you don't mind me asking further, is Ran a popular character in Japan and overseas? Or is Ai the most popular female lead? Same with the ships which is the most popular one? And idk maybe it's bc I am older, why are Ran love, abilities and nature considered weak? Why do characters nowadays always have to be complex to be loved? I have seen someone call her a 90's female lead that's picture perfect, can cook, will be a good housewife etc - but why is that negative?

and makes ppl dislike her? Same with her tears, honesty and showing emotions -I find it rather amazing bc I am someone who eats it all up. Not everyone wants to die and has to be passive. And I really don’t understand ppl who call her a dumb plot device, picture perfect (when she isn’t), damsel in distress and useless bc she isn’t involved in the cases and back org.

Honestly why are her positive character traits considered as weaknesses nowadays? What’s so bad about loving someone with your whole heart, waiting for his return? And loving and taking care of ppl in general and staying optimistic and just being a good person? How is that considered plain and boring? Shouldn’t that be considered as amazing? If morre ppl had her traits it’s be great. Reminds me of ppl saying Ran is clrealy made for JP while Ai for the West as she fits out standards better.

Ran is a popular character in most places where DetCo has propagated, as is Haibara. In Japan, both are among the top ten characters as per the most recent Shonen Sunday poll (out of 91!).

I don’t know or care about what ship is the more ‘popular one’, as it’s nothing you can have statistics for and something I don’t really care about. Let us not make this about ships, or make things about people disliking Ran turn into a debate about Ran vs Shiho. Both girls are good - all of the girls in DetCo are good.

People consider it a weakness because of dumb preconceived notions about emotions being a weakness, and it’s nothing factual. It’s not something I even believe in.
Ran isn’t even perfect, but a lot of people use it as an argument against her? It’s certainly strange. People will have different views, of course, and you can’t do much about that in the end. Regardless of what some people will shittalk about her, Ran is a good character, and I think has shown some growth and maturity regarding a lot of things. It’s nice. I want to see her kick some more ass in the future, though :>

Also, please, don’t think that Haibara was made for western audiences (or turn it into a shipwar problem) - Haibara’s character is a popular trope in Japan as much as Ran is, and they were not made for target demographics.  Haibara was planned from the beginning, as an insider from the org that would join Conan’s side against it and use the DB as her cover. Gosho didn’t expect her to be as popular as she got, but it isn’t a bad thing. (’ When making a character, I think “if I draw/write her like this, she’ll be popular”, I can more or less anticipate it. But, just for Haibara, her popularity highly exceeded my expectations.’ - from Da Vinci Interview)

Please continue to support her, and please continue to support Ran. Both are good characters, and don’t deserve to get flack.

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ngl i agree with the line abt tumblr's witch hunt mentality but in 6p's case it's not a witch hunt if there's evidence backing everything up lol

tbh same. the reason I sat for so long on the sixpenceee issue was because I had seen a lot of tumblr witch hunts going on and I was really disillusioned with call out culture in general, and in a lot of cases I still think it’s harmful and on some levels toxic. I’ve seen people get called out for some really ridiculous things, and even had people try and do it to me*.

in this case, though, there is so much evidence. the more I looked into it the more I found, and I could no longer ignore it. “witch hunt” is generally used to describe a kind of mass hysteria, based in a grain of truth, that people grab and blow up and lose their minds over and before you know it half your village is dancing with the devil and getting hanged. in this case, everything that’s being said is true. there is evidence for it, in the form of posts written by sixpenceee herself. I have no idea how she can claim it’s being misinterpreted, or that it’s in any way a witch hunt. you wouldn’t stand in court and look at the video evidence of you committing a crime and tell the judge “this is a witch hunt”. the evidence is right there, and crying fake news really does show how little ground she has to stand on.

(*if you want to know what I was called out for, the first time someone tried to say I was abusive for disliking the doge meme, and the second time someone claimed I was a transphobe and should be killed because I made a lord voldemort joke.)

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Hi, can i ask you what is the matter with Cathy Fischer? I am truly confused about why you dislike her so much, there is some Big Thing that i'm not aware of or it's personal? Sorry for bothering you!

You’re not bothering me at all love. She’s a homophobic, sexist, racist despicable human being. Back in 2014, she posted on her blog about not liking Cris cause he’s not manly enough and she wouldn’t “want to be with someone who had less leg hair than she does”. She also called Brazil something along the lines of “uncultured thieves”. She was judging red carpet outfits a few months back for some reason and her comments about poc actresses were extremely offensive. She mad fun of a black woman’s hair and called Salma trashy (if I’m remembering correctly, it was submitted to me so I’ll have to find it). Not to forget all the casual offensive comments she makes every now and then. So yeah, it’s definitely not personal, and the majority of Mats’ fans despise her..and I assume those who still like her either don’t know about what an awful person she is or share her views!

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Tbh Eva has been through so much by Jonas and Isak as well, she fucking deserves someone who is so in love with her. And chris has been around since forever and he is going nowhere!

YES!! I agree so much. I mean I’m not saying that people HAVE to like Chris. They’re free to dislike him all they want. My problem is that their dislike is rooted in the same three arguments as if he was a character COMPLETELY incapable of development. They bring up Jonas being a food friend to Isak and I’m inclined to point out that Jonas being a good friend to Isak has less that nothing to do with how shitty he was to Eva and anytime someone calls Chris an asshole and wishes that Eva would get back with Jonas because they were “quote unquote” the cutest thing ever, I don’t know whether to cry or to start throwing punches.

Like, did we watch the same show?! We know you have a raging boner for Jonas being a Good Pal™ but don’t insult only Chris for something that Jonas isn’t innocent of either (ie - cheating on his girlfriend with Eva) because might I remind you Jones isn’t free of sin in that aspect either. Arguably, he’s done much worse than that too by allowing Eva to believe that he was then cheating on her with Ingrid in the end.

Seriously I can meta terrible boyfriend!Jonas all day but I don’t do that unless it’s in direct response to a hater hating on Chris. I don’t have time because instead of that I would rather shower by OTP in glitter and rainbow sprinkles.

*mic drop*

BTS Stans As Described By My Observations of Them on Tumblr

Hoseok Stans: Very kind and really just want to make other people happy. They adore Hobi above everything else and just want people to recognise him as the triple-threat that he is. Often are subject to sudden screaming while watching Hobi freak out, effectively freaking out with him. They also deeply resent him for his hip thrusts in the I Like it Part 2 choreography while also worshipping 1 Verse. Some of them used to bias someone else and decided to bias Hobi purely because he is under appreciated. They are dedicated. When he is rude, it literally hurts their fucking souls because they are used to seeing this dorky ass dumb person they love and then suddenly he is like BAM and then they feel super attacked, especially because he likes to smirk like a little fucker whenever he does decide to be rude. 

Jimin Stans: They are the most thirsty mother fuckers to hit this planet. Their urls are always ridiculous like jiminstranglemewithyourthighs or some shit like that. However underneath the blatant thirst, and I mean I don’t blame them he is a such an extra little shit on purpose, they are literally sweethearts. They care extensively about Jimin rather it’s his weight, confidence, or happiness. They want him to know how much they care about him at all times and seriously just want him to know how loved he is. They often find themselves crying about him and his sunshine-smile at one point or another. I’d say about 50-60% of them used to bias someone else. They have many pictures of his butt on their phones and computer and scream about how rude he is on a regular basis. Sometimes he is so rude that is comes with legit rage in tags. Also, this vine represents their souls.  

Jin Stans: Jin stans honestly seem like the most bitter people out there…but with really good reason. Due to the fact that literally no one seems to pay attention to him, they tend to come across as very naggy and permanently pissed off about the blatant inequality of line distribution (along with other things.) However, in truth, they are just really passionate about Jin and just want people to recognise how supremely talented he is. Once you look past the fact that they can get quite defensive of him, they are actually really nice and extremely loyal people. All they want is people to finally acknowledge Jin as amazing and to recognise his place in BTS and how essential to the group he is. The reason for this is simple, when Jin gets pushed aside or seems upset, they hurt for him. That one video of Converse High where Jin has the centre spotlight is pretty much their religion. 

Jungkook: From what I can tell, Kookie stans are split two ways. They either hate his existence with a burning passion (probably because he ruined their bias list) or they adore him to pieces. They love him for all that he is but most often scream about how he is such a brat in their tags (probably because he keeps doing that “I’m 18 and I know what I need to know” bullshit.) Whenever he wears leather pants, they are usually are torn between freaking out because ‘holy fuck his thighs’ but also because ‘he is literally five, who put him in those clothes???’ His bunny smile is their favourite thing on this planet and they are often torn between how much they want to jump him but also how much they want to snuggle with him because he is fucking adorable. A common tag for him is definitely #square up. I am pretty sure 90% of them used to bias someone else. 

Namjoon Stans: Namjoon stans are a little similar to Jin stans but come across as more chill to me? They hate how much he is under appreciated and constantly make posts to prove just how beautiful and talented he is. (IF ONE MORE PERSON CALLS HIM UGLY I SWEAR TO GOD.) They also deeply hate how nobody will recognise Namjoon has learned from his mistakes and grown as a person. They also really dislike the blatant hate he gets and will get very sad with how real he can be about not expecting much love from fans on an individual level. On another note, Namjoon stans tend to be really thirsty all the time. For him. At any given moment. In my experience with interacting with them, they are fairly kinky too. They tend to be really nice people but have a bite of sarcastic humour and are not afraid to fuck you up if you step out of line. They worship his mix tape and really admire him as a person and how much he had grown over the years, especially as a rapper. His smile is literally the light of their lives because of his adorable dimples and I feel like if you met them in real life they’d have a pic of Namjoon on hand to show off just to reassure everyone how beautiful he is. 

Taehyung Stans: Tae stans are actually really sweet people, but I find they tend to be younger in age (though this isn’t like a solid rule.) They are very carefree and are actually just happy to be here and talking to other BTS fans. They really adore Tae and how adorable he is…but then they have this other side. They have a love-hate relationship with Taehyung’s tongue and either scream at him to put it back where it belongs or…well, somewhere else. They are fairly thirsty, but their thirst is downplayed even though it is pretty high-key. They adore Tae for his voice, especially when he sets aside the raspy yelling to sing because his voice is literally beautiful. His smile can make them go from sad to really happy. They have a weakness for Tae hugging cute little animals, especially puppies. 

Yoongi Stans: Yoongi stans are constantly really really chill…but like in the way everything around them is on fire and they’re sitting there like “this is fine.” I find they are actually deeply sensitive people and practically worship BTS’ lyrics as a whole, but especially the songs Yoongi writes. They tend to love all members of BTS but Yoongi pretty much firmly owns them. They often find themselves smiling and thinking about Yoongi and how great he is, even when they are just doing something normal, like eating dinner. Their urls almost always are a play on ‘Suga’ and are usually pretty tame. Their thirst level is low, but when Yoongi is suddenly rude out of nowhere and for no given reason, it fucking gives them heart palpitations. There is like this short moment where they wonder if they’re actually going to die and then they’re fine again. They worship Yoongi’s raps and pretty much live off Cypher pt 3 like its oxygen. I’d say 50% of Yoongi stans have always been Yoongi stans and the other 50% had their bias list completely destroyed by him. They are very loyal to their bias. 

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What do you think about the fact that tony had prototypes of Cap's shield. Did he always have those? If so, why wouldn't he burn them to the ground? Or perhaps they are new? Moments like these make me wonder if he has used that damn phone or not!!!

Interesting, isn’t it!  Going back to IM2, we know Tony has at least one prototype of the shield, that I think was Howard’s, by implication.  Makes you wonder how long it has been a thing for him, doesn’t it?  Maybe Howard wouldn’t let Tony touch it when he was a kid.  Yeah, I’m a terrible person who likes Tony to suffer a bit, I know.  

But, yes, he has been stockpiling, hasn’t he?  Not the actions of someone who is deeply bitter, or, if he is, he is realistic and resolute enough to see the bigger picture.  I have never personally seen Tony as someone who would be the kind to destroy things out of spite like that, and I think there is a part of him that longs for reconciliation and sees making a new shield as his own olive branch, maybe?  While I know parts of tumblr dislike Steve’s letter, I never had an issue with it, and I don’t think Tony seemed to, either.  I think he knows that one day, he will need to call on Steve, and wants to be ready.  Even if he is still mad, he will always see the whole board and I just don’t see him being the kind of petty asshole that would destroy something as meaningful as Steve’s shield.