i want to buy one now they're so useful


As to why we’re only speaking up now, given that BLC were present ingame for years.

I personally grew to enjoy BLC since I didn’t really care what I get. I deliberately paid for a rng box, to get something random, maybe nice. Why BLC was fine:
- comparatively low cost
- dropable/farmable ingame (world-wide drop/lvl 10 story)
- most of contents are available in gemstore/tp, via direct gem/gold purchase

Then BLC was revamped, adding “seasonal” items, such as exclusive skins, unobtainable elsewhere, lasting for a limited time, not guaranteed to drop even after 100 attempts/spending $100+.

That’s when my frustration started building up. I could spend A LOT more money than I normally would on these BLC, and I wasn’t buying them “for fun” anymore. I had a carrot on a stick in front of me. I was focused on the new exclusive skins, I was forced to pay for A CHANCE of getting it. Don’t even start on “you weren’t really forced", in some sense you were, since you want a skin that can’t be obtained through other means.

That’s where the wrong turn has been taken.

Ever since then, angry reddit threads started appearing a whole lot more often. People were growing tired, but somewhat accepted it, since it was only 1-2 skins every now and then, not everyone liked and wanted them.

Now we have mounts. Brand new toys with nearly no alternative skins. Obviously, everyone is excited to see the gemstore skins. You add 30 skins at the same time, and ALL OF THEM are locked behind rng. Not only that, they cost a lot more than gliders. Why?

Everyone (okay, mostly?) wants a mount skin. And, I’m damn sure, everyone wants certain skins. So we are NOT paying for rng boxes, we’re paying for the [slim] chances to get the skins we want. It’s not emotionally satisfying anymore, like BLC could’ve been to some. It’s just frustrating.

TL;DR: the gemstore took two major wrong turns, even if BLC revamp was tolerable, the mount tickets are a big no-no. Let us buy separate mount skins for 500~1000 gems, problem solved.

Based on my dash I feel like a lot of people aren’t familiar with just how neat iTunes festivals are (which, it appears this Apple Music festival is just the new name of) and how awesome it is 1D is headlining!

We will get the following things:
- live performance streamed online, likely a whole long set, since this is a headliner deal.
- excellent quality live audio, which will then be put on sale for people to buy
- an opportunity for people to check out just how amazing they sound live and see they’re actually TALENTED.
- bts stuff and interaction

This is a really nice opportunity, and I for one am excited that we will also get that live audio - I really liked 1D at the 2012 iTunes festival but those songs aren’t really what I want to listen to regularly, so I’m stoked for more recent live stuff with all the hard work they’ve done on their voices, songwriting, and more!!!

If you ever go to lush Oxford street you should buy one of these, they’re called Shark Infested Custard and I s2g for £2 not only does your bath smell AMAZING but your skin feels like that of an ethereal goddess!!!! Like I’m on a new level of existence right now