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🌸 Hey guys! 🌸

I opened up some new commissions!

(If you can’t buy them please reblog if you want ;D That’d be awesome!)

🌸 I’ll make them only with either watercolours or markers (Copic/Touch)

🌸 The’ll be chibis only!

🌸 The price is $8 USD , but I can send it your way for +$2.00!

🌸 Only Paypal!

🌸 Contact me via DM (Direct Message) or email me at moyano.danitza@gmail.com

🌸 Commission sheet:

-Type of comm(Watercolours/Markers)

-Character refs (Visual only! No descriptions)

**-Shipping details (If you want the original copy)

Thank you guys sooooooooo much! I’ll be finishing my digital commissions now. See ya!  🌸

Reid: I need to stop by a bookstore and get a copy of Empty Planet. I want to reread it before we talk to the author. I haven’t read it since I was six.
Morgan: Six? I was still riding my Big Wheel at six years old.
Reid: Do you mind? It will only take 10 minutes.
Gideon: To buy it or read it?
Reid: Uh… both, actually
—  Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Jason Gideon. Season 2 Episode 8. Criminal Minds quote of the day.

anonymous asked:

So you won't give a link even though you have one just because you think it's illegal? I bought 8 of his albums physically (Yes. 8). And even digitally. I deserve that first version. /cries/

I’ve bought the physical album and I copied the song in my pc. And I’ve never stated this because my attitude has been always the same, but I don’t share download links of albums and/or dvds. If we really want to support SHINee we should do it legally, even if it takes us months to buy their albums. It’s fine if you don’t want to buy every album they release and you prefer to download illegally because not everyone can purchase their own albums, but this is my position and I hope you understand it.

Attention: Drug & Drop volume 2 misprint

As you probably know Dark Horse’s release of Drug & Drop volume 2 premiered on May 26th. I ordered my copy online. When it arrived I discovered that my book was a misprint - first 8 pages of the comic were reprinted from the beginning of volume 1. Instead of scene where Kazahaya goes to Shuuichirou’s place and meets Kohaku there was a scene of his dream with Kei.

Fortunately the bookstore I’ve ordered from agreed to send me a new copy for free. 

I know about at least three other tumblr users who got faulty copies. That’s why you might want to refrain from buying your copy online for the time being. And if you’re out to buy your copy in regular store check twice if you’re actually buying a proper copy. While you can’t tell the difference from the cover, the title page is a dead giveaway, as it states it’s volume 1 instead of 2:

Big thank you to tumblr user kazahayakudo, who let me know that proper copies exist at all.


i made a little overview of Itunes charts of 12 of the biggest countries in terms of music industry/sales to get an idea of how digital sales are going,and the result is pretty clear and not so positive: with only exception made for Ireland and Italy,where Made in the AM is #1,we’re currently #2 in 8 countries behind Justin Bieber’s Purpose and,in some countries,we’re even further from the top of the charts,standing at #5 in France and #6 in Germany.

I know digital sales are just 1/3 of the whole count of sales,but if we want to secure the #1 spot on charts in as many countries as possible,we have to step up our game.GO BUY MITAM or  if you’ve already purchased your album,STREAM IT on Spotify and remember that it’s a tight competition so every copy sold and every single stream counts! LET’S DO IT FOR OUR BOYS BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT!!


Exploring Calvin and Hobbes – For fans interested in the history and inspiration behind a boy and his tiger

Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue
Bill Watterson and Robb Jenny
Andrews McMeel Publishing
2016, 160 pages, 8.5 x 11 x 0.6 inches (softcover)
$15 Buy a copy on Amazon

I like many grew up on Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t know if there’s a comic, book, film, or any other piece of art that better captures a childhood. I read every Sunday strip, most of the dailies, and the ones that I missed I would read in dog-eared collection books checked out from the library. As I got older, I wanted to know more about the strip’s creation. When I picked up the Complete Calvin and Hobbes, a 14-pound tomb, I was a little disappointed. Other than an introduction, there was very little information about the mysterious creator Bill Watterson. Thankfully, Exploring Calvin and Hobbes: An Exhibition Catalogue makes up for that.

This is the Blu-Ray extras that Calvin & Hobbes fans have been waiting for. It’s not for those casually interested in reading the strip. There are plenty of other books for that. But if you’re interested in process, history, and the inspiration behind a boy and his tiger, you’re going to love this book.

The book explores an exhibit of Watterson’s work at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum. It also includes one of the most in-depth interviews he’s ever given. In it you get a rare look at his early work, the tools Watterson used, the struggles he went through, and the wonderful comic that he created. You get a real sense of the artistry that Watterson put into the strip, and how it evolved over the years. It’s great to relive and learn about something that had such an influence on me. This book is definitely a must-have for Calvin and Hobbes fans. – JP LeRoux

May 9, 2016

Secret to buying cards cheap immediately after they spike: Worldwide

Sometimes, speculators can drive prices up a ridiculous amount. For example, with the tuck rule change Skullbriar went from $6 to $14 within 24 hours. If you saw that change and thought “hey, I want to build a Skullbriar deck” it’s now an extra $8. This sucks, but I do have a secret to share with you on how to increase your odds of buying them at a lower price: Worldwide.

Speculators don’t want to buy foreign copies, and often the delays in shipping from Europe to the US cause the cards to come in too late to make a quick profit on. However, if you’re looking to play with the deck you don’t care. I wanted to try a Skullbriar deck out, and I knew a friend did as well so I went ahead and grabbed a playset of Italian copies ~24-48 hours after the spike. Including shipping from Italy, it was $18. All you have to do is change your filtering on eBay, so that the Item Location is worldwide. There’s a bit more risk, but sometimes it’s that simple. 

Shhh, let’s keep this secret among us socialmtg followers ;)


The Polaroid Book features over 400 of the most intriguing “instant photos” selected from Polaroid’s extensive collection

The Polaroid Book
by Barbara Hitchcock (author) and Steve Crist (editor)
2008, 361 pages, 7.2 x 8.8 x 1.3 inches
$11 Buy a copy on Amazon

As a photography fanatic and lover of the humble Polaroid, I knew this book by Barbara Hitchcock and Steve Crist would certainly be a hit. Featuring over 300 pages of carefully selected Polaroid photographs from the Polaroid Collection archive, as well as an equally intriguing section featuring different models of Polaroid cameras, this is one book you’ll want to leave out on your coffee table.

In his brief introduction, Crist touches upon the fact that despite digital photography taking over the art form, Polaroids really were the original “instant photos,” creating much excitement for the user as they observed their picture developing in front of their very own eyes. From Polaroids of colorful artworks to stark nudes, striking portraits in black and white and sprawling landscapes, it seems as though no subject matter was left out when combing through the archives. As well as being a visual masterpiece, The Polaroid Book also serves as a publication to both motivate and inspire the reader. “After spending time with this book, my hope is that you, the reader, will be as inspired as I am to pick up a camera and create wondrous Polaroids of your own,” writes Crist. I’m sure I speak for many readers when I say “mission accomplished.” – Melanie Doncas

April 22, 2015