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my favorite part about stranger things is that one scene in the first episode where dustin brings the last slice of pizza to nancy’s room and is all like “hey you want it?” because at first i was like. here we go. we gotta deal with the trope of a kid having a crush on his friend’s older sister now again. oh joy.

but no. no that’s not what happened at all. he doesnt have a crush on her. it turns out dustin genuinely just wanted to know if nancy wanted the last slice of pizza because he’s just a nice kid. i love him.


I’ve been on studyblr for a couple months now, and I thought it was about time to make an introduction

My name is Erinn, I’m 16 and currently a high school sophomore. I am asexual, aromantic, and currently exploring my gender identity. I am currently in the closet to my family and most of my friends but if anyone ever wants to talk i’m here.

I want to be an engineer or a computer programmer (or both). I also am working towards being fluent in french which i’m hoping would lead to me becoming multi-lingual.

In my free time I like to read watch Netflix and sleep. My favorite show is Doctor Who but I cannot for the life of me chose my favorite book. I love the Harry Potter series, Slaughter House 5, The Giver, and the Legend series.

I joined the studyblr community because it helps keep me focused and keep me excited about learning even though school can sometimes bring me down. I found that it really keeps me motivated to put my best effort into my school work and other aspects of my life.

Some studyblrs that inspire and motivate me are… @coffeesforstudiers @studyblr @elkstudies @sushi-studies @hermionegoals @teaandstudying @engineeringstudyblr @french-studies

I don’t think I will ever be strong enough to fully move on from you. Although, deep down inside, I’m not sure that I’ll ever really want to move on from you. You see me like nobody else ever has- you see my potential, who I can be. You’ll never see this, you’ll never know these words exist, but I hope you know, B, how much I truly love you. You bring out the ultimate best in me. You’ve been my best friend through everything and you’re the only one who has been here when I’ve needed you most. We weren’t perfect together, neither of us are perfect, but damn, was our love special. If moving on means forgetting, then I never want to move on. Honestly, I’m still praying that it’s you and me in the end.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write (#7).
Terajima’s comment on Miyuki & Sawamura’s first meeting scene

Here’s the infamous interview where Terajima-Sensei said that Miyuki & Sawamura’s first meeting scene was like a romantic manga.

How did you come up with the other characters aside from Sawamura?

Miyuki is the character who made Sawamura think “I want to play baseball with him, even if that means being separated from my friends”. Miyuki has profound knowledge of baseball as well as the ability to bring out the pitcher’s talent. He’s supposed to be the type of guy Sawamura has never met in life before and thus makes him think “I somehow can’t get him out of my head…”. So if you think about it, it’s actually the same as the “first meeting” scenes in a romantic manga. (lol) […] - Terajima Yuji (Official DnA Guide Book)

So, may I introduce,

Miyuki “the type of guy Sawamura has never met in life before” Kazuya

and Sawamura “I somehow can’t get him out of my head… ” Eijun.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The well-known “Ugh, he’s so mean, I hate him, but…. I love him” shojo manga trope.

God bless Miyusawa and Terajima-sensei ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Summary : UNHhhh Live @ Beaux a.k.a the night canon trixya rose from the ashes

- ‘in 100% seriousness’ Trixie thanks ‘Beaux’ for bringing them together (her and Katya) as they are very good friends but never get to work together

- then they hold hands and pretend to be awkward about it and it makes it even fucking cuter

- Trixie says something about Katya trying to kiss her in one of their apartments ???? After eating pot candy (thank you to Mrs-Kashew-Davis who heard that when I couldn’t)

- the 'real T’ from Katya : she’s trying to have sex with Trixie but she shuts her down and here’s why - Trixie wants to cuddle and Katya just wants to 'fuck her butt with my dingaling’

- they were in bed and Trixie said she felt eyes on her and she opened her own eyes and Katya’s looking at her and says 'you know I’m not gonna go to sleep until you make out with me’

-Trixie wants Katya to win all stars as 'i would like you to buy me things’

- Katya says if she wins the all stars $100,000 cash prize she’s going to pay Trixie $20,000 to have sex with her

-Trixie says the spook is that Katya could have her for $8

The conclusion - Trixya is so fucking alive

And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum

This has become kinda of like a tradition here on my blog so decided to make a follow forever to celebrate with you guys this end of the year and that 2017 brings lots of love and happiness for all of us (and plss be better than this year). And i just wanted to thank every single one of you for making my dash so much brighter with your posts and positivity you’re the best!!!

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My Mission (Part 10/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2400

Warnings: Language, angst, mentions of blood/injury, murder.

A/N: NOW THE TITLE MAKES SENSE HUH? I debated ending it here, but I wanted to continue it a bit, so there’s still one more part left. 

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Omaha AU: You’re a part of the Omaha Squad

You’ve known the Omaha boys since before they’ve become big. You’re a part of ther clique and you guys have been through a lot together. Each of them is really close to you in some way and you wouldn’t wanna change a thing about it. They constantly bring you with them because they know you’re fun to be around. And let’s be honest: They all kind of see you as their number one girl and none of them would complain if you wanted to be more than friends.

What have I done? 😭
No but really, how awesome would it be to hang out with them 👌

This was not a request but that’s basically my dream right here so I had to make it 😄

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW! please give me some time to make the ones requested. You can have a look at the things that are going to come up and the stuff I made so far HERE😊

i honestly still cant believe how much of this episode was basically pulled straight out of a supercorp fic???? like:

  • kara bringing lena junk food and “i’m here as a friend, not as a reporter, i wanted to check on you”
  • then the transition to “i thought you were my friend, i thought i was more than a story to you” (im paraphrasing) right before lena gets arrested
  • obviously everyone warning kara about lena and kara defending her anyway
  • (i wanna say kara flying to save lena as fast as she can regardless of the danger she might be in but lbr she would do that for anyone, and has)
  • lena’s “don’t hurt her!!!”
  • “kara danvers believes in you”
  • literally EVERYTHING about that final scene??????? lena bombarding kara’s office with flowers. lena commenting on how grateful she is for kara’s faith in her. “kara danvers, you are my hero, not supergirl”
  • like holy shit
  • this could not possibly get any gayer

guysss, I reached 300 after this blog was resurrected from years of inactivity! So to celebrate I wanted to make a ff! Being a part of the phandom makes me so happy, everyone is so beautiful and sweet and I hope my blog brings you laughs, joy and positivity!  

bolded are besties whom ilsm🌸  
italicized are my favorite blogs i follow✨

thank you to all my besties on here, you guys are so wholesome and beautiful and i love you so so so much!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

A - D

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thank you @shitwonho​ for tagging me so i have an excuse to post this and address an issue that’s kinda been bugging me recently LOL

recently, quite a few of you guys (especially my younger followers) have messaged me privately saying how you wished you “were as pretty as me” or “wow you’re so pretty you look like a kpop idol!” and i’m super duper flattered don’t get me wrong!! but i think we all need to realize that the pictures that ppl post on social media are of course going to be the one’s where they look their best. 95% of the time, i look like the photo on the left LOL but i’m not posting photos of when i have my really bad days even though i still love myself when i’m being a potato :P i love makeup and dressing up and looking good as much as the next person, but it doesn’t enhance my self value you know?? regardless of how i look, i know i’m a hardworking person, i’m caring and responsible and a great friend, and i have great ppl in my life <3

we all love those “get you a girl/guy who can do both memes” with our favourite idols, but we should also take that perspective on ourselves too! love all aspects of ourselves too just like we do with our fave idols :) and also remember that it’s an idol’s job to always look good and they have a whole team of ppl who help them out with that! there’s nothing good about comparing ourselves with someone else because another person’s success doesn’t equal your failure, and someone else’s failures don’t equal your success. similarly, another person’s beauty doesn’t diminish your own beauty!!! so i guess the take away message is to just love yourself regardless because there’s something to love about everyone one of you!!! (⺣◡⺣)♡*

ANYWAY, i won’t tag anyone because this wasn’t really a selfie tag LOOL but if you also feel like posting derpy photos of yourself or doing a “get yourself someone who can do both” challenge then feel free to say i tagged you!! 

topcommenter  asked:

Re: Panels. I hope those kids have fun at panels if they're about That Fandom! Because after what happened, a lot of people don't even want to participate anymore.

Look, it sucks that Bad Things Happen In Fandom Sometimes. And it sucks that Some Really Cool People aren’t participating anymore because of it. That’s their decision and I respect it.

But let me tell you a thing: I still want to participate. My friends still want to participate. Now I can’t speak for everyone, but I guarantee you I am going to do my damndest to show everyone else who still wants to participate a good time.

  • I’m gonna moderate panels and give every one of my fellow panelists a chance to shine, to be clever and insightful for an engaged audience.

  • I’m gonna write down all the filthy hilarious things that @greencarnations​ and @aprillikesthings​ say and post them here on my blog.

  • I’m gonna bring all my Cards Against Humanity cards. And those of you who know me, know that I have A LOT of cards, including dedicated fandom sets for half-a-dozen different fandoms.

  • I’m gonna talk about omegaverse tentacles in the bar.

  • On Sunday night I’m gonna be in the frickin’ hot tub chanting NERD SOUP NERD SOUP with all the other soup nerds.

  • And afterward, I’m gonna write yet another 221B Con Gothic post.

So if you’re going to 221B, get ready to party with Berlynn, bitches!

leaves from the vine

PROMPT: Unexpected Visits (Day 7; January 5)

To Iroh, it was not a surprise when Zuko would drop by Ba Sing Se once a month to grab some tea and seek wisdom from his uncle. Iroh looked forward to it because praise from his customers can make him a satisfied owner but seeing Zuko inhale a pot of Jasmine in a few minutes makes him undeniably happy. 

But today Iroh almost dropped his cup when he saw Fire Lord Zuko arm in arm with none other than Katara. 

“My, Zuko, Katara! This is quite a sight for sore eyes,” Iroh sang. “What brings both of you here?” Iroh asked while wiggling his eyebrows. “Together?”

Zuko did not look pleased and he only shook his head. Katara smiled sweetly to Iroh and replied, “Zuko and I, well…It’s obvious now, isn’t it? We’ve already told our friends and my family. Zuko here wanted you to know. He told me that the Jasmine Dragon was the first place he felt at home after he was exiled. I thought this would be appropriate.” 

Iroh’s eyes glistened as he stared at Katara. Zuko only grumbled under his breath but his cheeks were starting to tinge. Iroh wiped at his eyes, smiled, and yelled at his waiter, startling everybody in the shop, “GET THE FINEST TEA FOR THE FINEST COUPLE IN BA SING SE. HURRY UP. ZUKO ISN’T GOING TO GET A GIRL LIKE HER AGAIN.”

and that was the tale of how Uncle Iroh became the biggest Zutara shipper. I LOVE UNCLE IROH!!!


I traded out Friday as my stay-home day for today.  It is still pouring rain, and I am kind of an emotional mess and not remotely interested in people this morning.  Our new tv is being delivered today anyway, and I need to be here to sign for it. 

There’s no real reason for this spam of lots of my favorite pictures of me and the husband…but seeing them makes me feel better and I wanted that right now.  That bottom picture is our very first picture together–it’s from 1999!  Last night on our dog walk we were talking about some of our friends’ recent issues with dating/new relationships.  A common question we’re asked is always some form of “when do I bring up _________?” or “should I tell him/her about ________” or “how do I ask about ______?” I try to come up with thoughtful answers…but it’s difficult.  I feel extremely fortunate that I have known my husband since we were fifteen years old. We have a foundation of many nights spent sitting on the hood of his car talking all night, skipping school to go out hiking and talking over a picnic lunch at Chalk Ridge Falls.  He was right there to witness the worst mistakes I’ve ever made in my life.  There’s really not much he doesn’t know about me…and if there’s anything, I probably don’t remember it myself, so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .  We were friends for a long time–well before we ever dated.  And, at that time in my life, that definitely was a better thing to be to me–a friend.  (I was a freakin’ walking nightmare as a person to date.) 

I have a really difficult time being vulnerable in the moment.  I can always talk about anything after the fact, but in the moment when I’m feeling sad/scared/hurt–that’s when I have a tendency to isolate myself. I’m having a pretty tough week, so there aren’t even words for how much it means to me that my husband knows me so well that just a flash of a look, a minor alteration in my tone of voice–anything–can indicate to him how I feel and he knows to be there for me in the way that I need him. I texted him at work this morning to tell him that I appreciate and love him SO MUCH every day, and that is so incredibly true.  That husband of mine.  He’s my favorite.

For anyone going through a hard time right now:

Music has the power to help, or so I believe, it picks you up in ways that people sometimes can’t. I recently made a playlist of songs, and if people want I can make it into a Spotify playlist. But here is the songs:


Therapy//All Time Low
Never Too Late//Three Days Grace
Hospital For Souls//Bring Me the Horizon
Friend, Please//Twenty One Pilots
Crash//You Me At Six
Missing You//All Time Low
Never Give In//Black Veil Brides
Hold On Til May// Pierce The Veil
Astronaught//Simple Plan
Kitchen Sink//Twenty One Pilots
Saviour//Black Veil Brides
If I have too, then I have too (Acoustic)//One Last Look.
The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance
Goner//Twenty One Pilots
No One Does It Better// You Me At Six
Satellites// Sleeping With Sirens
Hearts and Flowers// Say We Can Fly
Nothern Downpour// Panic! At The Disco
What a Catch Donnie//Fall Out Boy
I’m A Mess// Ed Sheeran.

Here’s a few other things:

Good Songs that help calm you down or fall asleep:
Behind the Sea (Live in Chicago version) //Panic! At The Disco
Therapy// All Time Low
Fireworks//You Me At Six
Hey There Delilah//Plain White T’s
Oh Ms Believer// TØP
Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)//The Script
Kiss me//Ed Sheeran

If You Have Lost Someone:
If You Could See Me Now//The Script
Match Into Water// Pierce The Veil
Cancer//My Chemical Romance
Lullabies//All Time Low
Wake Me Up When September Ends// Green Day
This Isn’t The End// Owl City
All Done For You// Black Veil Brides

Remember When/ Dissappear//Issues

When You’re Feeling Misunderstood:
I’m Not Okay//My Chemical Romance.
King For A Day// Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn
Kids In The Dark// All Time Low
Wretched And Divine// Black Veil Brides
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams// Green Day

In a Really Bad Mood? Start A Riot: [X]
Misery Buisiness//Paramore

Bite My Tongue// You Me At Six ft Oli Sykes

You Make Me Sick//Of Mice And Men
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing//Set It Off
Antivist//Bring Me The Horizon
Save It For The Bedroom//You Me At Six
Heroes// All Time Low
Desolation Row//My Chemical Romance
Juarez//Gerard Way
Fuck You//Sleeping With Sirens (Cee Lo Green Cover)


Compromising Me//William Beckett

Gives You Hell// The All-American Rejects

Some cool extras:
Princeton Ave// Issues (Abuse)
Never Lose Your Flames//Issues (Homophobia/Rejection because of Sexuality)
Mama//My Chemical Romance (Gender Identity)
99% Soul//Matty Mullins (Christian music?)(most of his album is Christian music so if you’re looking for good Christian pop I would recommend Matty Mullins or Owl City :))
Migraine//TØP (Schizophrenia)
That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed For Me)//Panic! At The Disco (For people going through major changes)
Sleepwalking//Bring Me The Horizon (Depression)
A Trophy Father’s, Trophy Son (Broken Family/Home)

That’s all for now but that’s all for now, I might update more? I was just looking at all these cool songs with cool messages so…


Mr. Rain Carillon

Oggi non so chi sono, ieri nemmeno
Today I don’t know who I am, yesterday I didn’t either

Tra tutte le persone solo tu mi conosci davvero
Among everyone, only you really know me

Quanto è difficile riuscire camminare senza farsi male
It’s so difficult to be able to walk without hurting yourself

Quando sulle spalle è il mondo intero 
When the weight of the entire world is on your shoulders

Voglio ventiquattro ore ma tu non chiedermi il perché
I want twenty four hours, but you dont ask me why

Ventuno delle quali, sai, ti porterei con me
Twenty one of which, you know, I’d bring you with me

Un’ora cogli amici un’ora con i miei cari
An hour with my friends, an hour with my loved ones

Un’ora per pensare alle ventuno prima insieme a te
An hour to think about the twenty one before we’re together

Dimmi che noi lo faremmo insieme 
Tell me that we’ll do it together

Vorrei portarti lontano da qua dove nessuno ci potrà vedere
I’d like to take you away from here where no one would be able to see us

Dentro sto dimmerda e fingo che andrà tutto bene
Inside I feel like shit and pretend that everything will be alright

Ma è difficile farlo sapendo che poi non succede
But it’s difficult to do knowing that nothing will change

Ah, così non va
Ah, this wont work

Lasciami un centimetro di cuore e fallo per l’eternità
Leave me a centimeter of your heart and I’ll fall for eternity

Così quando vorrai cercarmi saprai dove trovarmi
So that when you want to look for me, you know where to find me

Tu parlami come se fossi ancora qua
Talk to me as if you were still here

Tu insegnami a sognare, non so più come si fa
Teach me how to dream, I don’t know how it’s done anymore

Vorrei vivere ogni ora come fosse l’ultima
I want to live every hour as if it was the last

Ma so che c’è un posto per me
But I know that there’s a place for me

Ma nulla ha senso se poi non ci sei te
But nothing makes sense if you won’t be there

Vieni via con me
Come away with me

Siamo nati per dimenticare
We’re born to forget

E’ come mettersi le mani sopra gli occhi e fingere di non guardare
It’s like putting your hands over your eyes and pretending not to look

Sarebbe come strapparmi il cuore dal petto
It’d be like ripping my heart out of my chest,

Chiuderlo dentro un cassetto e buttare via la chiave
Closing it inside a casket and throwing away the key

Sorridimi come sai fare tu, non c’è nessuno
Smile at me like you know how to do, there’s no one here

Le cose più belle arrivano nel momento meno opportuno
The most beautiful things arrive at the worst time

Tu tienimi per mano mentre parlo
Hold my hand while I talk

Tutti sanno che ti amo e di certo continuerò farlo
Everyone knows that I love you and I’ll certainly continue to

Ricordati di me e di tutto ciò che è stato
Remember me and everything that has happened

Ma sai non c’è futuro per chi vive nel passato
But know that there’s no future for those who live in the past

Io sarò sempre qua, io sarò sempre qua
I’ll always be here, I’ll always be here

Sarò sempre al tuo fianco, nessuno ci dividerà
I’ll always be by your side, no one will come between us

Nella vita perdi sempre tutto ciò che vuoi
In life you always lose everything you want

Tornare indietro nel tempo non poui
You can’t turn back time

Ma so che c’è un posto per noi
But I know that there’s a place for us

Tu insegnami a sognare, non so più come si fa
Teach me how to dream, I don’t know how it’s done anymore

Vorrei vivere ogni ora come fosse l’ultima
I want to live every hour as if it was the last

Ma so che c’è un posto per me
But I know that there’s a place for me

Ma nulla ha senso se poi non ci sei te
But nothing makes sense if you won’t be there

Vieni via con me
Come away with me

Lascia che il vento
Let the wind

Porti via la pioggia
Take away the rain

Nessuno ci dividerà mai più (x2)
No one will come between us anymore

  • *Me sitting alone at lucnh*
  • Friends: Omg are you okay? We are here for you, you can sit with us if you want, you are always included, we love you remember that. you. are. not. alone.
  • Me to my friends: haha thanks, but I just like sitting here because I can sleep and its quiet but thank you tho ily <3
  • Me to my counselor: Im pushing people away because I cant be close to anyone after what happened. Im still thinking about it and its bring back depressing thoughts and feelings that I dont want. Im becoming a mess again and its the only way to handle it. They're all gonna leave me so why bother with getting close to people anymore, all my friends will get bored of me and leave me soon, its what always happens, its what happened last time and the toxic friendship left me kinda tramatised, I cant be open with people and my anxiety + depression is worse because i see them everyday and I still hate myself for what happened.


Jisoo’s journey started late December so she definitely hasn’t been around long.  However, I’ve been so grateful and awed to receive such a warm welcome from those who have interacted with her and made her feel at home.  I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have people who make both her and my time here worthwhile! I’m going to do my best to bring everyone a better (and hopefully more accurate) Jisoo in 2017 ♡

(the listings are in no particular order!)

*i might have forgotten some people but if you’ve interacted with jisoo, thank you. ❤️

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