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Freya Cosplay from Chobits
Debut: Otakon 2016 @ Hilton Inner Harbor
Photographer: Zero Serenity

Well, here’s my cosplay of Freya from Chobits. This was moreso my girlfriend’s idea since she wanted to do Chii’s white lolita dress, so she conscripted me to do this version of Freya alongside her. To be honest, I really enjoyed this cosplay A LOT! We had a blast walking around together as the two. That and the staggering amount of heads we turned in the process…just wow!

Again, I just want to point out that I don’t wear makeup at all with my crossplaying…mainly because I’m quite literally too blind to put it on in the first place. hehe That said, I’m equally surprised that so many people thought I was a woman. Oddly enough, it really boosted my confidence a great deal. So…yay!

.. am I the only one who noticed just how much Jack seems to boost Martha’s confidence in matters concerning the Doctor??

Like, when Ten says that bit about unrequited love, and Martha looks so unhappy, and Jack just literally goes “You too, huh?” and she instantly perks up (well, not really - but at least she doesn’t feel as bad anymore). Or when Martha said she was going to vote for the Master and the Doctor just gives her a /look/ like he wants to say, ‘well that doesn’t say much’ (which, wtf??? but his constant underappreciation of her is a whole other can of worms) - and then Jack chimes in that he, too, was planning on doing that, and the Doctor suddenly believes them / believes something is going on.

Or of course, my personal favorite, the scene in Reset where Martha tells Jack about how an ‘impeccable source’ recommended her to UNIT (‘highly’ recommended her actually, so I guess that’s something), and he basically replies something along the lines of 'he probs thought he owed you a favor’ and her face instantly falls, like she’s only now thinking of that possibility and being crushed with disappointment, but Jack just adds, smiling, “Guess we all do.”, swiftly and smoothly reminding her that she /did/ save the Earth, and she grins again, confidence reinstored.

Irdk, I just really love the Jack-Martha friendship - they should have gotten so much more screentime!!!

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I dont' know if you do this but Headcanons for Zoe with a shy and self concious female s/o? If you don't want to, it's perfectly fine I just really love the way you write! Have a nice day :)

ahh thank u for the compliment nonny! u just made my whole day more brighter ^^ ( u can also use this to boost up ur confidence!! pls don’t bring urself down y'all are so sweet and cutie pies! :DD )

- zoe loves how shy u are
- she finds it cute whenever u blush
- and ur nervous laugh
- uGH she just wants to smooch ur face
- she will protect u with her life
- she will talk for u if u want her to
- she’ll be right there if u have to do a public speech
- she never had a normal person to date per say
- she never had a relationship that was actually healthy and/or stable
- and majority of them was only for sex so ://
- but she’s so glad she got to meet u!
- she was so surprised when u told her that u were kinda scared
- because u thought she thought u were weird
- but she was like omg no sweetheart u are the most normal person ive dated
- dont drag urself down like this man ;;
- also dating a girl when ur a girl
- she hadn’t really thought she was gay
- or bi before
- tbh back then she only thought of relationships for sex
- never a actual romantic one
- but she changed and now she’s a better person
- so when she saw u
- she didn’t want to see u in bed all naked
- she just imagined having a life with u
- and she was immediately flustered
- she thought u were cute as fuck??
- her other thought was
- so that was when Zoe Baker,
- the cat lady who lets cats inside her trailer and known for having a stoic personality,
- was gay for a cute shy s/o
- if u ever feel insecure
- like if ur chubby for example
- she will immediately grab ur beautiful baby face
- and smooch ur pink lips
- then tells u ur so pretty and asks why are u being self conscious??
- like u have no reason to because ur pretty??
- and ur cute???
- u are pretty and nothing will change that for zoe
- TL;DR Zoe loves u and nothing u can do can make her change her thinking
- she will call u pet names
- “sweetpea” “doll” “sweetie”
- basic southern petnames that are cute to her
- cause ur cute
- so obviously the right thing to do is to give u petnames right??

I once went to a karate fighting (kumite) seminar and these two ladies taught it. There was a dinner after it and I ended up sitting at a table with one of the teachers and she had her partner with her and her partner took Judo and they were both so nice and she totally boosted my confidence and I’m just so here for lesbian couples that can kick ass and encourage people?? Like?? Why aren’t they an overused trope as an integral part of every story?? Fuck this wise old men shit I want badass lesbians guiding me through my journey

my friends and i got together to pay for our friend to get hair extensions, she’s trans and she had been wanting them for a while but had been struggling finacially and couldn’t afford them and she had been feeling so depressed and dysphoric lately, being constantly misgendered by assholes and shit, so yesterday she finally got the extensions on, and her mood changed COMPLETELY, she was so happy, i could see a sparkle in her eyes that i hadn’t seen in ages, she had a huge boost in her confidence, she said that now she could feel like herself, and for us it was so simple to just get that money together and do such a small thing for a friend, but for her it was huge, and my heart is so warm, i was so happy i could help, feeling like you had even a small part in making a person’s life better is the best feeling, i’m so fucking happy for her i’m emo

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Could I get Kougyoku's reaction to a clingy S/O?

- Kougyoku , with no doubt , loves the clinginess. She loves how affectionate they are and it really gives her confidence a huge boost. It reassures her that she’s doing good.

- she wants to return twice the affection and love towards them! sometimes she also worries that her partner does not know how much she loves them.

- However when its the time of the month , Kougyoku may accidentally snap at her partner due to their clinginess. Of course , she doesn’t mean it and will do anything to get them to forgive her.

- Kougyoku refuses to go to bed without her partner by her side , snuggling her to sleep. She secretly likes being the big spoon <3

FE!SITS AU: New Beginnings

With the sudden disappearance of Ryo, the Dark Mage Mc has been forced to work as Revance’s tactician. Since Ryo took her battle that she came up with for a spell, Revance has took her in and forced her to reclass.
She’s been working as Revance’s main tactician for a while, but suddenly, the mysterious Ryo returns ready as he’ll ever be. He comes back and begins working as their tactician once more.

She questions whether or not Revance needs her anymore, but her doubts only increase when the Dark Knight she’s long admired offers her a deal.

“If you leave Revance’s side, I’ll teach you all you want about dark magic.”

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Imagine what having a Potions teacher who isn’t Snape or even Slughorn could be like.
Imagine a kind teacher who really wants to teach these kids the art of potion making. Someone open to their students, for one-on-one work.

You want to learn a potion that can change your hair color? Sure, let’s see what we can whip up.
Want an extra burst of confidence? Don’t use it all the time but sure, we can make a small vial for when you’re really feeling bad.
You like that girl? Don’t slip her a love potion, that’s wrong, but I can show you how to make a potion that boosts your pheromone levels. I can’t guarantee she’ll like you but she might notice you more.


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✂: Our muses do arts and crafts - one’s talented at it, and one sucks… bad.

Chichi liked to draw. she was terrible at it, but she liked doing it nonetheless, even though it mostly looked like cat scratches. she figured with enough practice, she could be much better, and it was something she definitely wanted to share with her new husband. 

besides he couldn’t possibly be any better than she was, right? and that would boost her confidence somehow…

she was wrong!

they had agreed they’d draw each other and Chichi was sure she did a good job, already readying herself to not laugh at Goku’s probably child-level doodles, until Goku handed her his drawing…

“eh?” wait. hold up. “it’s good… it’s really good. why?”

it made no sense, he’s supposed to be really bad at it. a newbie. and she would show him how to do it right. why was he so good? look at the perfect lines, the details… it’s just so unfair! 

Confidence is Key

 Rating: K+ (for a swear word, oh my!)

Word Count: 1100

Request:  This is a lot to ask, but could you possibly write one where the reader acts like all confident and dresses quite sexy, and also has a plum coloured hair, so everyone expects that she has had a lot of relationships and stuff, but in the meantime she has never had any relationships and has a quite low self esteem, but she admits that she has never had any relationships, and reid gets like some confidence boost and goes to her. i love your work and this would really cheer me up, but no pressure.

A/N: I didn’t specifically use plum hair, I hope that’s okay. Again, I want to make things as applicable as possible to everyone, but I did say it’s unconventional, and everything else is in there. I hope this cheers you up, honey. :)

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Adrien’s True Mask

I’m certainly not the first person to point this out, but I’ll add my voice to the others.   I think that Chat Noir is the real Adrien. (I’ll explain) 

First, I want to compare Marinette and LB vs Adrien and Chat.  

Because she acts more confident and cocky than normal (and gives more puns), Marinette sees Ladybug almost as this false persona and often has an identity crisis over the fact that she doesn’t see herself as Ladybug.  While Adrien seems to receive the same confidence/cocky/pun boost, he doesn’t seem to have this problem.  When they first got their kwamis, Marinette looked terrified with her transformation, while Adrien looked as though his life had been leading up to that moment.  Marinette grew up in a loving environment where she was probably encouraged to be herself, whereas Adrien was raised by his strict Father with incredibly high standards.  As Mr. Agreste told Ladybug in Jackady [about Adrien]: “Isn’t he perfect?”

Of course, no one is perfect.  I think Chat Noir is kind of perfect though to be honest but that isn’t the point   Adrien has to keep up this persona as the quiet, obedient, handsome, considerate, charming, polite son who keeps his tongue and doesn’t stir trouble.  While this Adrien perfect son is certainly reflected in Chat Noir, as Paris’ s kitty he is much more confident, free, talkative, jubilant.  He isn’t so repressed.   

Without the iron fist of his father, Adrien can let his true somewhat wild self become free in Chat Noir.  The truth is, for our golden sunshine child, his true mask is Adrien Agreste, the model.

*cough* Marichat and Ladynoir are the best *cough* *cough*

Bit of a dilemma: basically my older cousin wants me to go swimming with her, her son and my little sister tomorrow as she doesn’t want to be the only one looking after them. Thing is, after this whole relapse situation the thought of bikinis (I don’t own a swimming costume) terrifies me. Partly because of the judgements and partly because of the uncertainty that I’ll be able to keep it together. However, I kinda want to push myself and I’m scared that I’ll regret the missed opportunity, plus I’ve had a little bit of a confidence boost due to some situations these past few days.
I’m very on the fence whether to go or not, does anyone have any advice how to get over the anxiety/be okayish afterwards ??

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I just wanted to let you know that 1) your art is amazing and 2) I love vara so so so much!! I actually look like her!! This may sound stupid but seeing her really boosted my confidence... I honestly hate my hair and body (and eyebrows like damn) but seeing vara but a gr8 body, hair and those eye brows(!!) gave me a confidence boost no joke. Well enough of me blabbering on! I can't wait to see all the artwork you'll be creating and more of your ocs! I love them all! Have a lovely day my dear ♡

Aaahhh I love getting messages like this :’) I’m glad you like her!!! I need to draw her soon

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for that post you made about that asshole~carry a pepper spray and learn how to use it.If anyone comes into your personal space and tries something *boom* spray that asshole in the face! (only use it as self defense tho) Stay safe out there hon!!! ((its my birthday week this week and my elder brother gifted me two things "the city of bones" book and a pepper spray-we have to learn to equip ourselves and to protect ourselves and just carrying something like that can boost confidence))

Yes omg anon i need it tbh. Or like a knife. My grandma always has a knife with her to scare people away, but maybe pepper spray is less dangerous when it’s about accidents… i have no clue where i should get it though but after tonight I kinda want to have it. Your brother sounds amazing btw, have a happy late bday and thank you 💕

i’m sorry @starrycove you got me hooked so here’s to you and your break dancing au. i’m so in love. i hope you like it.

listen to ‘how i want ya - dawin remix’ by hudson thames & hailee steinfeld for the song.

“You can do this,” Marinette mutters harshly to herself, hand on the door to the shabby warehouse that is the infamous ‘Papillon’ club.

She adjusts the grip of her fingers around the handle before she pushes it open. Mild terror prickles on her skin, raising goosebumps. The heavy beat of the music from inside pulses in her in her ribcage and her heart speeds up to match. It drowns the buzzing of nerves in her gut, giving her enough of a confidence boost to push through the thick horde standing right inside door. She walks through a tagged hallway that’s faintly lit with blue light, the air thick with the smell of weed.

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human-ity-almost theboastalot alguersurus thestrhoe danyloshoe

@human-ity-almost she’s a hoe bc she wants Kloppo back but can’t have him ;) Nah i love Anna so much. She lets me scream about my homosexual footballers and even if she supports a shitty german team i still don’t mind ;) Her fic is just completely on point and everytime she posts something im like falling over to get to AO3 bc im so excited. She’s always super appreciative of my work no matter if i think it’s awful and honestly, it boosts my confidence so much. so thank you bub <3

@theboastalot I love Ale. She’s just so sweet and always there if anyone has problems and that’s just so nice to know. Although we don’t speak as much as we should i still love her with my tiny cold heart.

@alguersaurus lmao this should have a post of its own bc it’s gonna be long. Jacob has literally been there for everything, all my shit times, all my good times, everything. I can count on him 24/7 to make me feel better no matter what i’ve got going on. He even low-key loves my boys which is just <3333 danke. We make shit memes together, hate the same people and are salty all the time. Honestly we’re soulmates tbh. I trust him with literally everything like some of the stuff i say to him lmao!!! If only you knew! Also he’s like the only person who agrees with me that Kane isn’t ugly soooo!! I should probably stop rambling now rip. Love you pal.

@thestrhoe Ro!!! We used to scream at each other so much on tumblr before you joined our shitty squad and im so glad you did! You ship the same shit i do and hate most of the same people i do too so that’s just great. You make amazing edits and i always wanted to ask you to make me stuff 24/7

@danyloshoe my fave smol who is actually a tol. She’s literal perfection honestly, she writes such amazing fic despite being a baby and im so jealous like teach!! me!! your!! ways!!!!! I always know that when i speak to her theres no drama or salt or anything it’s just chill and we scream about gays and with how ive been feeling lately, its just what i need. Thanks for being amazing :*


So my 10 year old brother played Life is Strange and absolutely loved Chloe Price and idolises her and wants to be like her - so he raided my closet and did a mini cosplay and demanded I edit his hair and beanie to look like hers with my mediocre photoshop skills. (Hid his face for obvious reasons).

But he still feels unsure about wearing “girl clothes” and was so happy and proud to dress like her and it would mean so much to him to get a good response from the people on tumblr so he can know that he’s not the only boy who likes “female fashion” and that he looks really good and it will give him so much confidence!!!

So please like or reblog this because he was so proud of it!!!!

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Kalinda is in The Good Wife which was great until it wasn't (particularly wrt her). She's a great character, private & doesn't take anyone's BS but also would definitely get super sexual to make someone uncomfortable. I'd def enjoy the conflicts in their investigative styles, Joan more detail oriented and intricate, Kalinda more do what needs to be done, all guns blazing if necessary. "Kalinda, no, we don't need to break down the door" "but we can" "we can also just pick the lock" "... sure"

OMG I’ve seen more gifsets of Kalinda since you sent me this and I can totally see what you’re talking about. I can totally see Kalinda just greeting Joan with this awesome makeout session and Sherlock walks in on them and Joan is embarrassed the first couple times it happens but Kalinda boosts her confidence with her sexuality and it’s SO CUTE I’M GONNA DIE. 

And Kalinda wanting to break down doors and Joan teaching her how to pick locks and Joan’s so proud when Kalinda starts getting really good at it and Sherlock asking Kalinda to help him break stuff so they can vent together “for science Watson”. 

Dangit I wish i knew more about Kalinda so bad now.

Oooh and when she and Joan go to interview people for a case Joan is like “okay we can’t threaten this one they’re not a suspect of anything” “…fine” *on another day* “ok well this guy is suspected of (doing bad thing) so -” Kalinda: *breaks down their door*

The two of them practicing their boxing together on the roof for when Joan fights Cortez again. (Sherlock highkey agreeing they should have a rematch.) Kalinda proudly sporting a bruise Joan *accidentally* gave her during their practice. Joan babying Kalinda about it and going all Dr. Watson on her. 

auntiesuze replied to your post “hey so i just wanted to let u know how much i love puck. hes so good…”

I just love that so much. That giving her some clothes boosts her confidence. Such a sweetie!

Right?  We take dog’s agency and comfort levels very seriously so since she is so insecure I don’t even remember how we discovered this? Though she’s a very tactile dog when she’s your bud….  But if you try to take her someplace new or introduce her to someone she doesn’t know she shuts down….but then you just plop a hat on her head or a tutu around her waist and instantly she’s like “I’M HERE, BITCHES”.