i want to bite his cheeks


I?? I haven’t drawn them in so long ??? Here’s a random batch of ONS doodles from last night to make up for my unannounced hiatus…!!

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Jin: *Pretends he didn’t hear you right so you have to repeat it*
“What the hell did you just say?”

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Namjoon: *This is when daddynamjoon comes in* (I can’t believe I just wrote that I’m so sorry )
“Anytime princess~”

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Yoongi: *Stares at you in disbelief*
“You what?”

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Hoseok: *Hurriedly takes you into the bedroom*

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Jimin: *Does his signature lip bite with the wink*
“And how do you want me to do that?”

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Taehyung: *Holds his blushing cheeks and smiles at you*
“I mean if you want to…”

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Jungkook: *Laughs, thinking it was a joke*
“Haha you’re very funny Jagi.*

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Hope you enjoyed!!!! <3 ~Savannah~

Trick- Or -Treating w/ Dami and Cass Would Include...

  • Damian says he despises candy
  • there is no way he is going to enjoy Halloween
  • “You will never change my mind.”
  • “I do not want cavities!”
  • you finally convince him that if he goes he can protect the children of
  • Gotham from kidnappers
  • Cass is glad to go
  • she loves spending time with you
  • and free candy is not to be wasted
  • Cassandra dresses up as your superhero persona
  • which made you squeal so bad
  • Damian’s mind can not be changed and he sticks to using his suit
  • people coo at their costumes and can’t help but pinch their cheeks cause
  • they are so darn cute
  • Damian looks almost ready to bite them
  • you have to push Damian to the doors
  • you also have to glare at him when he forgets to thank people
  • at some point during the night he gets more joyful
  • he’s running way ahead of you and Cass in order to get to the next house
  • he shows off a bit to conjure up more candy
  • chocolate is smeared all over his mouth
  • “Pick up your pace!”
  • Damian gets irritated when you stop and talk with people
  • he wants his candy
  • Cass is happy to comply and sticks to you
  • “Someone looks like there having fun.”
  • “I am protecting this city.” He justifies
  • “One house at a time.”
  • “More like one Skittle bag at a time.”
  • once you trudge back home you are carrying sacks of candy
  • Damian rushes over to the manor and grins when he sees people are also
  • searching for treats at the mansion
  • he convinces Bruce to wear his suit
  • he can’t deny Cass and Dami’s gleeful faces
  • they stand by the door just waiting for the bell to ring
  • they pour full sized candy bars into baskets
  • once you wake up in the morning you find both Cass and Dami in the
  • living room knocked out surrounded by piles of candy

Baby Talk
  • Molly: *making faces* Here comes the powice car for my wittle baby-waby-girly-wirly *waving the spoon, making siren noises*
  • Baby Holmes: *giggling*
  • Sherlock: *at his laptop; sighs* Must you do that?
  • Molly: *smiling* She loves it. She doesn't go for planes.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Nooo. The baby talk. She's not an idiot and, frankly, it's vewwy distracting.
  • Molly: *amused* What was that?
  • Sherlock: *quickly* Nothing.
  • Molly: *grins* Did you just-
  • Sherlock: *hiding behind the laptop* Nope. It was your heawing- hear-ring *clears his throat* Hearing.
  • Molly: *approaches him and sits in his lap*
  • Sherlock: *avoiding looking at her*
  • Molly: *smiles affectionately* You do it, too, don't you?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Maybe.

A Little Too Late Part 4

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 4

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,304

Warnings: Angst & fluff.

A/N: It’s Sweet Treat Saturday, which is what I’m going to start calling it. Hopefully I’ll remember the name lol. Feedback is appreciated and welcomed <3 But I hope you enjoy this part! Here is Part 3 ; Part 2 ; Part 1

Gabriel set you down against the headboard of your bed.  Gabriel snapped his fingers, a tray of tacos appearing on your lap.  “Eat up [Y/N],” Gabriel smirked.  He snapped his fingers once again, a cup of wine appearing on your tray.  “Only the best for you sugar.”

Your cheeks flushed pink at the archangel.  You quietly took a bite out of your taco, setting it down.  Gabriel always knew just what you wanted.  You finished a taco before you spoke, “Gabriel-.”

Gabriel put a finger against his lips.  “We’ll talk after you get some rest,” Gabriel stated, his voice gentle.  Gabriel could go on for the rest of eternity without talking about what happened.  However, he knew you would eventually want to talk about what happened.

After you were done eating Gabriel snapped his fingers, the dirty dishes disappearing.  You insisted on changing into your own clothes.  Gabriel reluctantly allowed it, making sure he was there if you needed help.  Sam and Dean were right, you were strong.  You had the strongest will Gabriel had ever seen.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Love Me Like You Do

Summary: Bucky and you have been dating for a few weeks now and you’re all over eachother and the team tries to get used to it.

Word Count: 477

Warnings: Mention of sex, fluff

A/N: Just a quick drabble because of all the delays, lovelies! Enjoy <3 (Y/N: Your Name)

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[Stark Tower, 10 PM]

‘’I. Love. You. Too,’’ Bucky mumbled with a mouth full of toast while pressing soft kisses in your neck, chuckling as he noticed the look on Steve’s face. ‘’Jealous, punk?’’ he teased and you turned around, smiling. ‘’Aww, you want a kiss too?’’ You stood up and gave Steve a quick smooch on his cheek before ruffling his hair. 

Steve rolled his eyes fondly. ‘’Not jealous, just…trying to get used to all…this,’’ he explained and took another bite of his oatmeal because that was all he ate in the morning. ‘’Trying to get used to us?’’ you said in confusion but Bucky understood what he meant. ‘’He means that we’re all over eachother, even when the team is here.’’

‘’Oh, well, I just can’t keep my hands of you, baby. Sorry,’’ you mumbled and kissed your boyfriend with a smile until you heard a groan from, you’ll never guess, Tony Stark. ‘’Ugh, really? Can’t I even walk normally into my own living room without seeing you two starring in a porn movie?’’ he whined and went over to the kitchen to prepare himself some coffee.

‘’Oh, hush, Stark,’’ you warned him as you sipped from your glass of milk, sighing. ‘’You’re the one who actually did it,’’ you said as come back. Tony narrowed his eyes at you and Bucky but he wasn’t really mad. ‘’Very low, Y/N. Even for you,’’ he said and with that, he disappeared into his lab.

[Lounge room, 2 PM]

Bucky had his metal arm wrapped around your shoulders to keep you close and was currently nuzzling your neck, leaving some marks every few seconds. ‘’Hmm, have I told you that you’re absolutely gorgeous?’’ he asked and smiled, looking into your eyes. 

‘’You did, like, a thousand times,’’ Clint commented as he leaned against the wall. ‘’I bet Y/N agrees with me,’’ he said and raised his eyebrow as he sat next to you and Bucky, ruining the romantic moment. 

‘’Tell me, Clint, how did you seduced Laura again?’’ Bucky teased and sat up a bit and you smirked, exactly knowing the answer. 

‘’By accident…’’ he whispered softly so we could barely hear it but still, you bursted into laughter. ‘’It stays funny, no matter how many times you tell me,’’ you chirped and leaned into Bucky, coming closer. ‘’Let’s move to my bedroom, okay?’’ 

‘’Sounds like the best plan you had today, hon,’’ he replied and easily lifted you up, throwing you gently over his shoulder. You squealed but then smiled, holding onto Bucky. ‘’You’re an idiot,’’ you muttered.

‘’I know, but I’m your idiot, right?’’ Bucky asked as he walked up the stairs and opened the door of your bedroom, softly dropping you on the bed before he kissed you deeply.

‘’One-hundred percent, right,’’ you said with a grin on your face that lasted for hours. ‘’Now love me like you do.’’

‘’Yes, ma’am.’’

BTS Reactions To Finding Out That Their Girlfriend Has Been In An Abusive Relationship In the Past


The second your admission left your mouth, Jin’s whole body would tense up. There’s no doubt, that he’d be visibly upset when he found out. I think this is one of the moments where eomma Jin would come out. If he saw in any way that telling him had made you emotional he would immediately rush to you to comfort you. He’d shower you in nothing but love (more than he already had been) that day and the days going forward. He’d feel extremely relieved that you trusted him enough to tell him.

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Yoongi would be pissed. The whole time you were telling him what your ex used to do to you, he’d have to bite his inner cheek to keep from letting out a cry of anger. Like if he ever saw your ex there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d want to or would punch him. I also see him being the type to somehow feel a tinge of guilt for not having found you sooner. Yoongi would hold so much admiration for how strong you are. This is one of the rare occasions where super soft and squishy Yoongi would come out; he isn’t good with words, but he’d comfort you a lot through actions. 

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Hoseok’s usual happy self would crumble at your words. He’d be unable to comprehend how somehow could ever do that. I think there’s a possibility he may even shed a few tears at hearing about how you’ve been treated.  Like I think that whole day or week, he wouldn’t be able to smile properly or focus. It’d always be on that back of his mind, but he would forcibly smile for you. More than ever, he’d try to act silly just to hear you laugh and he’d promise you that he would try his hardest to always make you happy. 

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I think Namjoon would try to stay calm in front of you. He would comfort you and tell you that he was sorry that you had to live through that and reassure you that he would never do such a thing to you. However, the second he was left alone he would seriously curse out your ex. He’d be so unbelievable upset, I think he would even punch a wall.  He’d also become a whole lot more protective of you.

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I think that Jimin would be so upset, that he wouldn’t be able to speak. He’d need a few seconds to process your confession. He would then rush and engulf you in a hug. He wouldn’t say anything for awhile, he’d just hold on to you tightly, wishing more than anything that he could take back all the pain you’ve endured. He wouldn’t wouldn’t talk much the whole day as the anger would still be eating him up.

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He’d be upset like the rest. Taehyung would be unable to comprehend how anyone could be like that with someone as amazing as you. He’d have to stop himself from shedding tears, I think. He’d then go on to tell you how precious you were and overwhelm you with kind words. Like his love would be overflowing, he’d probably even pepper your face with kisses, wishing similarly like Jimin, that he could wipe away the pain and hurt.

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Jungkook would be so angry holy. As you continued to tell him about your past, he’d have his fists balled, his anger practically eating him up.  He’d probably then become very protective of you. He’d also go through extra lengths to try to make you happy, and place your happiness above anything. I think he’d even try to coax your ex’s name out of you so he could beat him up tbh. I don’t know whether he’d actually do it, but I sure as hell do know that he’d really want to. 

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#1 “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
#16 “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
#44 “I’m not losing you again.”

Carefully you patch Frank up, trying to hurt him as little as possible.
“I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” Frank mumbles and bites his lower lip as you stitch a wound on his eyebrow.
“Me neither.” You respond with a teasing smile, making him chuckle.
Your nose almost touches his and you feel his intense gaze on you.
“I’m done.” You say with warm cheeks and want to go in the bathroom to wash your hands.
But Frank grabs your hips, forcing you more or less to look at him.
“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.” He says in a low voice, his fingertips touching the scar, from a shot, on your shoulder. “But I can’t… I’m not losing you again.”
“You’ll not…”
“You know what I mean, (Y/N).” He interrupts you. “Please allow me to protect you.”
“Ok.” Touched by his words you look on your bloody fingers as he lifts up your chin and puts his lips on yours.

Phan smut hc no one asked for:

-Dan sitting on Phil’s lap, straddling him. He’s biting his lip and his hands are covered by his sweater.
-“Daddy please.. I need you.”
- Phil smirking and grabbing his ass making Dan whimper.
- “Mhmm tell me what you want Danny.” Phil pushes Dan’s ass down, grinding against him.
- Dan’s cheeks are soft and pink and he’s kind of embarrassed but fuck, he really wants Phil.
-“I want you to-” Dan moans as he grinds against him “I want you to fuck me.”
- Phil’s cock is aching now.
- they go to their room and after getting naked Dan kneels down on the bed, pressed his face down against the soft covers and sticks his ass out.
- he whimpers “Daddy please.”
- Phil gets out the lube and fingers him slowly and then fucks him hard his cock pressing in just the right spots
- Dan shaking and getting all red and pushing back as hard as he can against Phil’s cock chanting ‘yes’ over and over again.
- Dan coming untouched and and whimpering as he feels Phil come inside him
- Phil pulling out and spreading Dan’s cheeks, watching as his cum drips out.

Imagine having really rough sex with Sonny and someone asks why you have bruises. 

Requested by anon. 

Warning: Smut, spanking, hair pulling, scratching, roughness, name calling, hardcore , anal, oral, Dominant;Sonny, Submissive;Reader

This is completely consensual sex. They have a safe word.

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Can I request jealous! EE x reader?

“Ain, at least look at me!” You whine, draping yourself over his backside and pressing fluttery kisses to his cheeks in a desperate attempt to get him to look at you, a grunt, something! His cold-shoulder act was getting annoying, and you wanted to cuddle, dammit.

“Mmm? I didn’t realize you were there, dear. What do you need?”

“What do I need?” you press your weight on him and bite back a smile when you hear him grunt from the sudden pressure and tighten your arms in a hug. “I need my loving angel boyfriend to pay attention to me!”

“….Why don’t you go talk to Elsword? You spent all morning together, I’m sure he’d enjoy more of your company.”

You sat up, walked around to face Ain, and straddled him, grabbing his cheeks and squeezing them. “O-ow…ow! Okay, okay!” Ain pried your grabby fingers away from his face and rubbed his tender cheeks. “What?”

“You’re jealous.” You smile. “You’re so jealous of Elsword.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Oh? Wh-”

“Aww, Ain, if you were jealous you should’ve told me!” You gush, pushing him down onto the bed and rubbing your face into his chest, despite the sharp cries of surprise from the angel. “I’ll spend all the time in the world with you, my little angel.”

Ain sighed, giving up and patting your head. “No point in fighting you, is there? You’re not gonna get up.”

“That’s right! You learn quickly,” you giggle, basking in the warmth of your lover. “So get comfy and get ready to cuddle. I need my Ainy.”

“…P-please don’t call me Ainy.”


“For the love of the Goddess…”

Rizumo week: Day 3 Chocolate

Summary: It’s Valentine’s day and unfortunately for Rin and Izumo Yukio keeps interrupting them…

“Nii-san! Can I talk to you for a second?”

Hearing his brother’s voice, Rin tears himself away from Izumo breaking their heated kiss with a groan. Izumo on the other hand has other plans and plants a kiss to his cheek, before licking lightly at his earlobe. Rin shivers as he tries to concentrate, wondering what on earth Yukio could want now.

“Yeah Yukio? What’s up?” Rin calls back, ignoring Izumo’s little love bites to his neck.

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Aaron is looking at you. Again and slowly it makes you nervous.
He’s an attractive man, but you know that he’s into men. That’s why you never look twice at him.
“Uhm, (Y/N)?” Aaron asks and you bite your lower lip, looking at him. “I wanted to ask you if you want to come over? For dinner maybe?”
A deep blush appears on his cheeks and you frown, wondering what’s going on.
“Sure, I’d love to.” You smile.

You’re not a shy person, but to sit here alone with Aaron makes you a little speechless.
“You like it?” Aaron clears his throat, the fork in his hand is shaking.
“Yes.” You nod. “Are you ok? You seem nervous?”
A few seconds he doesn’t respond anything and you swallow down the spaghetti as suddenly several things happen at once.
Aaron jumps from his chair which falls over and you let your glass drop as he presses his lips on yours.
“Easy Aaron. What’s going on?” You push him carefully away and he seems as shocked as you.
“I-I love you.” He mumbles and your heart stops beating a second before it wants to win a marathon in your chest.
“Bu-but I’m a…”
“A woman? I can see that.” He smiles.
“Listen, it’s not that I don’t want it, but I’m not your guinea pig.”
His smile fades and he quickly shakes his head.
“You’re not. What I feel is real.” He takes your hand and puts his on his chest, his heartbeat as fast as yours. “It’s just. I never was with a woman before.”
Nervous, your hands are shaking now too, you take his hands to put them on your butt.
“How does it feel?” You ask quietly and he swallows hard.
“Good. Very good.”
You put your lips on his, kissing him passionately. Both of you sighing as your tongues meet, dancing with each other. Surprised you moan as his fingertips circle over the curve of your breast.
“Am I doing it right?” Aaron asks as he squeezes it gentle.
“You’re doing it perfect.”

Gabriel: *is pissed off at something and points at Dean* Fuck you

Gabriel: *points at Castiel* Fuck you too

: *points at Sam with a childish pout* And Fuck you in particular

Castiel: *tilts his head* Gabriel what is the matter?

Dean: Yeah Gabriel, the hell did I do?

Sam: *is being a confused moose*

Gabriel: *glares at Cas and Dean holding hands* No one told me you were together!! I had a whole speech planned to set you two up!!

: *glares at Sam, biting his bottom lip* And you…you didn’t give me a kiss this morning…*stomps his foot* I want my kiss Damnit

Dean: *smirks at Gabriel* You really didn’t know?

Castiel: *rests his head on Deans shoulder* You can be a little dense sometimes brother.

Gabriel: *puffs up his cheeks* Don’t laugh at….mmphhh

Sam: *kisses Gabriel quickly and lifts him up in his arms* I’m sorry Gabe. *uses the full force of his puppy eyes* Forgive me.

Gabriel: *tries to resist but fails and nuzzles Sam* Damn you and you cute ass puppy eyes Sam-squatch

Day6′s Reaction : Their S/O pouts to have a kiss

ONG YOU DO DAY6 okay. Could you do a reaction of day6 when there s/o pouts because want a kiss?

Haha yes I do~

Here you are

Sungjin : I can see him tease you a bit

“Oh ? But.. What do you want ? I can’t understand”

You’d pout even more and gently slap his chest, he’d laugh prettily and then kiss you

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Jae : Would smile at you and put his hand on your cheek, gently stroking it with his thumb

“Aiiish, what to do”

He’d kiss you cutely but couldn’t help smiling

Originally posted by fyeahparkjaehyung

Young K : He’d giggle shyly and immediatly lean in

Originally posted by iday6

Junhyeok : Would smile shyly and look down

“Y-you really want it don’t you ?”

Originally posted by yungbriank

Wonpil : “Dtop being that cute or I’ll bite you”

Originally posted by boysbemp3

Dowoon : Would send you several hearts

“Aaah jagiya ! You’re cute, what do you want ?!” *still clueless*

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Hope you liked it

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Is this your first time? + Alex Summers. From the prompt list


Alex Summers + is this your first time

His lips were hot against your throat, pressing soft kisses and nips on the sensitive skin while you moaned and writhed below him on the bed. Each brush of his fingers going over the span of your soft cheeks, edging closer and closer to your hairline but he keeps moving down until he reaches your collarbone, moving right along it, lips latching onto the skin and biting softly, definitely wanting to leave marks. He was never so cautious about leaving hickies, Alex loved to mark you up like that, somewhere that could be but just barely seen, it was a silent declaration that you were his and he would always wear the ones that you left proudly.

The warmth of his hands left your cheeks and trailed down your sides, stopping at the edge of your shirt, rubbing the hem gently between his thumb and forefinger. You can feel your heart thrumming in your chest, hammering heavily away as you glance down at blue eyes, wide and full of warmth and you smiled at him, moving your hands away from where they had been tangled in his short cropped hair. 

He detached himself from your skin but kept his hands creeping up your stomach, ghosting over the skin teasingly. You want to let it go, that deep pit of anxiety that digs itself into your stomach. You know where this will end but you just don’t know if you’re ready for this. Knowing that it would be him helped ease that queasiness in your gut. 

“A-Alex, baby,” you moan when he drags his hands back down to pull at the waistband of your panties, pulling slightly at the elastic. Your hands move fast to grab his wrists, stopping him from pulling them down.

He looks up at you, blue eyes questioning you, and there’s a moment, when his eyes search over yours that he realizes it. You can see the moment that it clicks for him.

“Is this your first time?”

“Yeah,” you whisper, almost ashamed of your admittance to it. Your cheeks burned in embarrassment and you avoided looking down at him, not wanting to see disappointment. Alex only held his soft gaze even as you turned your head away from him. 

He didn’t understand your new avoidance of his sight and reached up, gently grabbing your chin as he moved over your body, straddling your thighs and smiling down at you. Alex tilted your head to face him.

“I’ll take good care of you.”

i don’t think we talk about about the probable height difference between Ronan and the rest of the gangsey. gansey notes how he has to lower his head a little in trk while ronan does it a lot so how tall is ronan? he’s obviously the tall angry punk kid,,,, my goal is to know if when adam puts on ronan’s shirt cos he’s in a hurry and opal is banging on the door, does it reach his mid thigh or does it dangerously cover enough of his ass to make ronan want to bite into that little part between thigh and cheeks that makes his mouth water?????? uhm
yeah i need to know?!?!!!!

Whenever Atsushi gets aroused, he likes to softly pull his partner into the bed, holding both hands tightly, but not making it hurt. His cheeks will be red, his eyes will gaze on your lips. His voiceless breaths hide your name. “Please, can I touch you?”, he will ask you.

Akutagawa is the complete opposite. He does not show it, when he is aroused. When he is, he gets a bit less gentle than he already is, but only to people, who are not his s/o or upper ones. But as soon as you show the slightest sign of wanting him and his touch, he will push you against the wall and begin to kiss or bite your neck.


Jesus looks at the young woman with a smile. She stands in front of Judith, playing hide and seek with her face, but little Judith wasn’t impressed and starts to cry. Now she starts to sing and dance the duck dance, taking Judith on her arms and dances with her. The little girl laughs and that motivates (Y/N) to sing louder. She lifts Judith and kisses her belly, making her laugh louder.
(Y/N) turns a pirouette with her and then she sees him.
“Jesus!” She shouts in shock, blushing while Judith giggles.
“Don’t stop. It’s the most beautiful thing I have seen the apocalypse.” Jesus says with a smile and she bites her lip, unsure what to do. He knows that she’s a quiet girl and since he knows her, she never talked more than ten sentence in his presence.
“Wh-what do you want here?” She asks, her cheeks still red.
“I wanted to talk to Rick and Michonne.” Jesus responds.
“They are on a run with Daryl. Maybe I can help you.” Her smile is shy and Jesus feels how his heart beats faster.
Together they sit down in the living room, discussing how they get two cows from Hilltop to Alexandria, while Judith sleeps in her arms.

When Rick and Michonne return from their run they find you all three together, snuggling and sleeping on the couch.