i want to bite him

Pike stuck his nose in Iris’ face, so she swatted him on the nose. Pike was like, “Hey, that was rude!” and tried to bite back at her, so she hit him  again on the nose so hard that I could hear a paw “WHAP!” across the room. Offended, he lunged again, so she smacked even harder and with her claws this time, and he finally yelped and ran off. He is back to giving Iris a wide berth.

All my animals are just kind of beating up on Pike lately but he frankly deserves it

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ook okay my favorite thing is biting and I just really want George to bite my lips fuck like bite them really hard and then lick them and kiss them gently to soothe the bites ughh


Reading chapter 61

I think I might kiss him. He’s right there. And his lips are hanging open (mouth breather) and his eyes are alive, alive, alive.

You’re so alive, Simon Snow.

You got my share of it.

He shakes his head, and he’s saying something, and I think I might kiss him.


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The people around me:

Because I’ve never kissed anyone before (I was afraid I might bite.) And I’ve never wanted to kiss anyone but him (I won’t bite. I won’t hurt him.)

I just want to kiss him, then go.

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“Simon…,” I say.

And then he kisses me.

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Simon Snow is still going to die kissing me. 

Just not today.

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Picture this:

Phil Coulson and Melinda May, top of their classes in the Academy, youngest recruits of their time. Known as some of SHIELD’s best and brightest. Experts in strategy, analysis, and hand-to-hand-combat. Specialist and field agent, living legends. The greatest two-man team in the field.

Needing to employ all their training and skills….

Against each other….

In a tiny apartment….

Knocking over lamps and running into the coffee table….

Wrestling relentlessly on the carpet….

To get a hold of the last Oreo.

The One Where Sherlock and Molly Are 'Just Friends'
  • *Molly's flat; lying in bed*
  • Sherlock:*smoking* We can be friends who sleep together.
  • Molly:*fiddling with the sheet* Yeah, this could be just...something we do. Like tennis.
  • Sherlock:*nods* Sounds smart and healthy to me *glances at her* Whilst we're on the subject, do you currently have any other tennis partners?
  • Molly:*shrugs* Just Mary *pauses* That’s actually tennis, though. But she is setting me up with a mate of hers next week.
  • Sherlock:*disappointed* Oh.
  • Molly:*swallows* Did you want me to cancel it?
  • Sherlock:No! *sits up; avoiding looking at her* No! Because, if you did, you’d be cancelling for me, and we’re just friends.
  • Molly:*smiles weakly* Exactly. I- my thoughts exactly.
  • ...
  • Sherlock:*ruffles his hair* I’m not fine, Molly. I’m not. How can I be fine? Picturing you with someone else, doing what we've been doing *sighs* Would it be so terrible if we were...friends who don't date other people?
  • Molly:*hopeful* You mean like exclusive friends?
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* Why not? Let's face it, this has been the best month. Even if we were friends who lived together *playing with his cigarette* Or, friends who stood up in front of their other friends and vowed to be friends forever.
  • Molly:*grinning* You've thought about that sort of thing?
  • Sherlock:More than is healthy, yes.
  • Molly:*sits up and strokes his arms* One day, we might even hear the pitter patter of tiny, little friends.
  • Sherlock:I'd like that.
  • Molly:*kisses his cheek* Me too.
  • Sherlock:*flicks the cigarette; smirks* Quick game of tennis before work?
  • Molly:*giggles* Yeah, why not? *kisses him*