i want to bit that little nose

When I want to Pway!
  • Little: Come on daddy lets pway!!
  • Daddy: I'm sorry princess but i'm busy
  • Little: Pwease.
  • Daddy: Maybe in a little bit.
  • Little: I'll hold my breathe.
  • Daddy: princess i'm busy *continues working*
  • Little: *dramatically takes a big breath and closes my mouth*
  • Daddy: princess don't do that.
  • Little: *puffs out cheeks and glares at daddy*
  • Daddy: princess come on now.
  • Little: *doesn't stop glaring at daddy secretly breathing through his nose*
  • Daddy: Princess!! Breathe!! Fine come on lets play!
  • Little: *lets out a fake big breath* yayy

Don’t get lost, I tell myself. Just pick up your knees and push. Push a little bit farther, a little bit harder. Don’t push other’s it’s not nice. Don’t push your heart, it won’t heal as fast. Push deeper, though. You could love again.

Remember how lovely it is to be looked at like you’re brand new to someone? Remember looking at someone and feeling the wanting familiarity that comes with holding someone’s face lightly between your palms and kissing them. Above the right eyebrow, scattering kisses across the bridge of their nose. On to their lips. Taste. Remember feeling the hair on the back of their neck against your fingertips for the first time, your how their shoulders square off towards yours and you feel content?

Remember car rides? Well, imagine new ones, and they squeeze your knee, or take your hand and kiss the back near your knuckles. Think about reaching out and brushing the fingers of your left hand against their ear. Sit back, and trust them to drive you where you need to be. 

Remember, not always where you must be, but where you need to be, a lookout, or the beach, or maybe just windows down with a good song on going around the block a couple times, or maybe just to the grocery store to pick up two ripe plums. Let the plum juice run down your fingers. Sit on the roof or hood or trunk of the car. Make sure your thigh brushes theirs. Kiss them. 

Think about a kitchen table where you share your mornings, and maybe nights. Think about your legs and feet brushing theirs. Think about lazy morning kisses, hand holding. Hugs. Think about the new ones you’ll share. Push yourself to think new, not compare to old. Think about what will make their day better. Your day better. Your day collectively better. 

Remember yoga at first, how you felt weak, detached, immovable, always trying to catch your breath? Well, that’s not you anymore, you are constantly focusing yourself for the next move, the next pose trusting that the sequence will play out, that eventually after deepening, lifting, trusting, a bit of a challenge you feel exhausted. Eventually you will lay still, quite, motionless, content. 

Eventually love will come again, you’re deepening though, the way you think, feel, the way you exist. Always learn more, challenge more, live more. Don’t get lost. Push, baby. Push. Your effort, that your result only need to effect you. Make yourself proud. Hold yourself to your standard. Don’t brag, explain. Let your passion show your liveliness. 

And don’t forget to savor the stretch, don’t forget to savor the kiss, don’t forget through the struggle, it’s a beautiful thing called existing. Revel at the moon, dance or run till your legs tire. Do deep, go fully. Trust yourself. Share that passion for the outer world with someone else. Don’t forget to fill every crack, crevice, hole in your heart… with affection, respect and love for yourself and the people who have made and continue to make you.

Good Hearts

“John, wake up.”




“It is going to be all right.”

“How could you possibly know that?”

“Because it’s true.”


“John, kiss me.”

“Just let me go back to sleep. Please. I don’t want to be awake in this world for just a little bit longer.”

His pillow is growing wet. Salt dries tight across his cheekbones. There is a hollowness inside him that yawns, dark and fathomless. He cannot seem to open to his eyes.

For a few blessed minutes Sherlock relents.


“Sherlock, I’m begging you—“

Sherlock’s slides his chin over John’s shoulder, nosing at John’s jaw. John tries to squirm away but Sherlock holds him fast.

He whispers, “I know it’s going to be ok because there are good people in the world. People like you. And I know that if there are people like you in the world, then it can be extrapolated that it will be all right. Maybe not right now. Maybe not for some time to come, but you have a good heart John Watson and you use it to heal others. People do horrible things out of fear, but the people like you are there to put them back together again. We will put this back together again.”

“What, the world?” Incredulous. Bitter. It burns in his throat like acid.

“If need be, yes.”

John shakes his head.

“John, kiss me.”

John sighs.

He turns in Sherlock’s arms.

Snuggles in tight, tight, tight.

They kiss until their breath runs out.

They kiss until the sun creeps in and the night slinks out.

They kiss until John feels he can, conceivably, open his eyes.

“Good hearts,” he murmurs against Sherlock’s cheek.

“Good hearts,” Sherlock agrees.

“Thank you.”

Sherlock doesn’t say anything, he just kisses John back together again.

Later, together, they rise.

I’m dealing with this in the only way I know how. This bit of fluff is not to minimize what happened in my country yesterday. I am devastated by it. But I know that there are good hearts in this world. And I know that no matter how ugly the world seems those good hearts will be there fighting to make it better.

Later, together, we’ll rise.

Take care of yourselves today. I’m sending you lots of love. If you need to talk I’m here.

Theo x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF, flashbacks, angry Theo, swearing

Words: 1223

Request: A Theo imagine where he comes back from hell and you’re there with Liam and Hayden, and he remembers your relationship.

Note: I’m taking the scene from my memory, so if it’s not very accurate I’m sorry :) And thank you for requesting, I love Theo so much!!!!

I also think I ended up making this a little bit longer than I had intended so I removed a flashback where reader broke someone’s nose because I didn’t know how to finish it. Hope that’s okay, and if someone would want me to I could post it…


When Liam had told you he was going to try to bring Theo back, you had immediately told him you wanted to be there when he did it. Hayden had been unsure if it would be a good idea, but you had insisted. Liam knew that this meant a lot to you, as you had never really let go of your former boyfriend, trying to convince everyone he had learned his lesson and he didn’t deserve whatever they had done to him. They felt bad for you, sure, but they never really thought he was good enough for you. They said that they were your friend, and that’s why they wanted you to move on. That Theo had done more bad than good in life, and that you deserved better. You disagreed. Theo had been the best things that had ever happened to you, not counting becoming a part of the McCall pack and befriending the amazing people you now called your family.

You knew they only wanted the best for you, and they cared about you. You knew that. That’s why you were standing in a dark tunnel with Liam and Hayden, waiting for them to stop talking to Kira’s mother and get to the part where they brought Theo back. They didn’t want to bring him back for you of course, it was simply because they wanted his powers, but you didn’t care. You just couldn’t wait to hold him close and tell him how much you missed him. How often you dreamt about him.

Kira’s mother brushed past you and Liam turned to look at you and Hayden, with a rather unsure look on his face. He began walking and stopped a few steps away. The sword which Kira’s mother had handed him glowed a blue color as Liam raised it into the air with the sharp end pointing towards the ground.

“Liam wait!” Hayden called, but it was too late. Liam had already pushed the sword into the ground. It cracked, and revealed a just as blue, just as glowing light as the sword. Liam backed and you all stared at the ground, waiting for something to happen. A hand suddenly broke through the ground. A hand with sharp claws. Someone dirty and dusty climbed up from below, and dust filled the room making you cough. Theo took a deep breath and when he opened his eyes they glowed a bright yellow. A growl escaped his lips. In one quick movement he suddenly had Liam pressed against the wall, his arm pressed against his neck.

“Theo wait. We don’t want to hurt you, we brought you back!”

“Where’s my sister?” Theo growled, turning his head to look at Hayden. “I’m going to kill you. I’ll kill all of you!” He said through gritted teeth and you thought maybe this was the time for you to speak up.

“Your sister is dead, Theo. Remember? You killed her.” You put your hand on his shoulder.

Theo let go of Liam and turned to look at you when he heard your voice. Old memories of your time together flashed before his eyes.

“Theo, come on. We have to study!” you laughed and looked up into his eyes. He had a small smirk on his lips, as his nose touched yours. You were placed on your back on your bed, and he was hovering over you with his elbows resting on either side of your face.

“Why?” he chuckled. He moved his face a little bit a pressed a short kiss to your jaw, and then another one a little bit higher up. He kept pressing kisses to your face, each time getting closer and closer to your lips. You felt a giggle escape you.

“Just because you’re planning on taking over the world, doesn’t mean you can just ignore school.” You told him. He made a humming noise and pressed his lips against yours. You closed your eyes and placed your hands on his cheeks. “I’m serious, I don’t want to fail” you managed to say when you took a small breathing pause. He grinned and gave you a short kiss.

“Alright, but we’ll get back to this later.”

“Alright, later. But first we study.”


Your mother stared at the two of you sighing, with her hand on her forehead. She slowly tilted her head down towards the ground, so you couldn’t see her eyes. It made you incredibly nervous. You hoped that she wouldn’t scold you. Well, actually you were more nervous wondering if she’d let you and Theo see each other again. For weeks you had kept this relationship secret. Weeks, and now she suddenly knew.

“Mama, I… “ you began, trying to think of something to say. Your mother looked up, while Theo looked nervous and confused. He looked like a puppy.

“(y/n), Stiles came to talk to me this morning, he told me everything.” She sighed.

“What is everything? Mom, I love Stiles but he’s probably overreacting. Stiles doesn’t like Theo, and it’s honestly just him being silly.”

“He told me that he’s dangerous. I’ve known Stiles his whole life, and I know he has a wild imagination but he is very smart.”

“You’re right Mrs. (lastname). Stiles is very smart, and I actually don’t know what I’ve done for him to dislike me, but I promise I’d never do anything to hurt your son/daughter.”  Theo tried to reason. Your mother still looked very unsure on whether to trust the two of you or not.

“Mom I love him.” You blurted out, desperate for your mother’s approval. Theo glanced at you with a confused look. You’d never said that out loud.

“Please don’t make me regret this. Your past relationships have not ended very well, and I just care about you.” Your mother finally decided. You tackled her in a hug and thanked her, before grabbing Theo’s hand and leading him out of the room.

“I love you” you repeated the moment you stopped, with your cheeks a light pink color. Theo stared at you in disbelief for a very long time, trying to figure out how to respond. He suddenly took a step towards you and cupped your cheek, his other arm resting around your waist.

“Theo-“ you began, hoping that he would say something. He cut you off with a kiss, and stayed like that with his face close to yours.

“I love you too” he hummed against your lips. You smiled and put your hands on his shoulder, gripping his jacket.


“Why didn’t you help me? You let them… You let her take me!” He sounded upset as he stared at you. He had been quiet for a little while and you understood that he had all the right to be angry at you.

“I’m… I’m so sorry, Theo. I tried to look for you, I tried to convince them to take you back but no one wanted to help me. I tried.” You got out, sounding incredibly pained. Theo seemed like he didn’t know what to do. A few tears slipped down your cheeks as you threw yourself forwards, pulling him in for a hug. It didn’t take long for him to react, and he held you tightly against is chest, pressing his lips against your forehead.

“I missed you so much” you croaked. “So, so much.”

Little Talks (Ponyboy Curtis Imagine)

“Ponyboy,” you spoke, trying to grasp the attention of the boy beside you. His nose was still deep in a book, but he raised his eyebrows slightly while turning his head in your direction as if to say ‘yeah I’m listening’. “Don’t make any assumptions but,” you started, sitting up from where you were laying on the couch so that you faced Pony, “Do you want kids Ponyboy?” Pony nodded along as you spoke but froze slightly as the question left your lips, his gaze quickly snapping to you and then looking down at your belly. His eyes raised to meet with your rolling one as you reached up and slapped him lightly on the arm. “I told you don’t make any assumptions, I’m not pregnant. I was just wondering,” you reasoned as Ponyboy’s expression relaxed in relief before he placed the book on the couch arm, making sure to keep his place as he grabbed your hand.

“I mean I never thought about it too much. I think so, having a little mini version of you running around wouldn’t be terrible,” Ponyboy joked as he fiddled with your fingers, smiling down at you as you chuckled.

“Well in retrospect, I honestly have no idea if I could deal with a mini you,” you laughed, watching as Pony’s mouth turned up in a grin as he scoffed.

“Oh really now?” he asked, his voice light and playful as he sat up straighter, holding onto your hand as you sat up as well.

“I mean I can barely get your nose out of a book now, and it wouldn’t be appropriate if I tried to get my son’s attention the same way I have to get yours,” you couldn’t help the smirk that came over your mouth as Ponyboy’s mouth went agape and his cheeks flushed.

“Oh you’re gonna get it!” Pony laughed as he pounced on you, his hands finding your sides as he began to tickle you. You laughed uncontrollably, thrashing your head from side to side as you screamed and begged for Pony to get off of you, all the while the house was full of laughter and giggles as Pony watched you. His eyes never strayed from your face, you looked so beautiful while laughing, so golden. Something he could never imagine getting his hands on, let alone being allowed to have and hold and love the way he had for the past year.

“Uncle! Uncle Ponyboy, Uncle!” you screamed, trying to push your hands against Pony’s hard chest. Pony waited a few seconds, continuing to tickle you before he sat back on his knees and smiled down at you with a shit-eating grin. “Remind me to get payback for that,” you panted out as you sat up and faced your smug looking boyfriend.

“You can try but doll, we all know you can never do anything to me,” Ponyboy said, leaning down to press a kiss against your lips. You wished he was wrong, but he as usual was right. When you were with Pony, you were like putty in his hands. You couldn’t say no to him, you were in deep, a terrible case of young love. With his adorable little dimple and a confident smile, Ponyboy could have you wrapped around his finger. You smiled into the kiss as you reached up to loosely wrap your arms around his neck, his hands in the next second taking their place on the middle of your back as you embraced each other.

“What would you name them Pony?” you asked, slightly breathless as you pulled away from the passionate kiss, “If we were to ever have kids, what would you name them?” Ponyboy stared at you for a moment, his greenish gray eyes peering into yours with a soft and warm gaze.

“I’m not sure. I feel like I’m gonna wanna name one of the boys Johnny, maybe Johnny Dallas. Or if we had two boys have one named Johnny and one named Dallas. For the girl names, I got nothing,” Ponyboy confessed, licking his lips as he talked. You smiled at him softly as you tighten your grip on his neck, pulling yourself closer.

“That sounds real nice Ponyboy. Real nice, I would love to have a little boy named Johnny,” you whispered as Ponyboy’s nose brushed against yours. Pony returned your smile with his own radiant smile as his hands dropped to the small of your back and he re-positioned the two of you. When he was done shuffling, he was sitting normally on the couch with you straddling his waist, your foreheads pressed together. “And for a little girl, I like the name Bella or Elodie for a girl,” you continued, “but know what sounds better than anything?”

“What?” Pony asked, his breath fanning across your face. Thank goodness he had brushed his teeth, because of it you were overwhelmed with a minty smell along with the mix of his cologne that you had been breathing in for a while.

“Before any babies, before a Johnny Curtis, we have to get married. Listen to this, (Y/N) Curtis. It’s got a nice ring to it huh?” you smiled, a slight blush on your face as you felt Pony’s hands roaming over your butt. Pony couldn’t help the huge grin that made it’s way onto his face as he looked up at you.

“It’s got a great ring to it. Sounds like it was meant to be,” Pony replied, his voice sounding so cheery and happy as he pulled you down to press his lips against your in a chaste kiss. As you pulled back from the kiss your hands made their way into Ponyboy’s soft locks, winding your fingers gently in the hair. “I love you,” Ponyboy whispered, gazing into your eyes.

“I love you so much Pony,” you whispered back, leaning down to press your lips back against Ponyboy’s lips in a not as innocent kiss, Pony’s hands moving back to your bum as his hands start to grope at you. Before anything can go further, the door slams open and the sound of boys laughter and chatter start to fill the house. You quickly pull away from Pony’s embrace and throw yourself on the couch beside the brunette.

“MY GOD WE JUST COCK BLOCKED PONY!” Two-Bit yells as his wide eyes stay glued to the two of you. Pony rolls his eyes and laughs along with them while you feel your cheeks flush and cuddle up to Pony’s side as the rest of the boys start hollering as well.

“You go Pony!”

“Sorry about that Pone!”

“I can’t believe he actually was about to get some.”

“He’s the youngest and he’s getting more than me!”


“Seriously. Guys! Stop! Come on, leave her alone guys can’t you see she’s embarrassed enough!” Ponyboy yells out over the chatter and other laughter as he tucks you under his arm and pulls you closer to him. Your cheeks only get redder at the comment which gives the guys more fuel sadly. After a few minutes of enduring the torture Ponyboy stands up and picks you up in his arms, carrying you down the hallway to his room, all the while the two of you trying to ignore the comments everyone keeps making.

“It’s a good thing I love you,” you mutter as your arms tighten securely around Ponyboy’s neck. You look up to see the huge smirk on his face as he opens the door to his room.

“Gotta be the best thing that ever happened to me.”

- C

It’s a Promise

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Warning:a bit sad, I suppose..

The sweet sound of wild giggling hits your ears,like snow on a christmas morning. So calm and beautiful. A stillness blankets over you, watching the small children playing in the sandbox. Their life force is so pure, so simple.

A little redhead girl walks right up to you and holds out a lily. Her smile is warm and radiate as you take the flower from her.

“Thank you, Mia,” you beam brightly, bringing the flower up to your nose. The scent is sweet, soothing you want it to linger forever in your nose.

“You’re welcome,” Mia giggles before running back to the sandbox. Leaning back into the bench, you roll the flower between your fingers. Checking the time on your watch, you see it’s nearly noon. Sighing with a small smile you wait for him to arrive, like he did everyday for the past year. Bundle nerves pool around your heart, waiting for the man. And then you feel him, right next to you.

“Cas,” you whisper, turning to face him. Sad blue eyes smile at you, his hand reaches down to yours.

“Y/N,  how are you today?”

“Given the circumstances, good,” you chuckle, leaning your head against his shoulders. The two of you sit in silence, hands entangle. He rubs his thumb against your knuckles, filling you in on the WInchester’s latest quest.

“I miss those two idiots. I wish I could be with them. Are they okay?”

Cas lets out a soft sigh, “They will manage, it’s foretold.”

You hum in response, “Was this foretold?”

“No, it was a tragedy. Should have never happened, I am truly sorry,” Castiel’s blue eyes impale you with sorrow and regret, but you just smile.

“Shit happens, Cas. But just promise to keep coming to see me whenever you can.”

The angel squints in confusion, “I would never not come. Do you not know this, Y/N?”

You chuckle, moving your head closer to his. “I know, Castiel. I love you, too.”

He finally smiles, pressing his lips against yours. You sigh against his lips, moving away when a rattle of giggles come from the sandbox. The children’s faces were distorted in disgust causing Cas and you to erupt in laughter. When the laughter dies down, you turn to look at the handsome angel, a warm look on his face. He takes a hand to your face, thumbing at your cheek.

“I will always come to see you. And when I finally cease to exist in the human world, I’ll come to settle in Heaven. Here with you.”

“Is that a promise?”

It’s a promise.”

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Sore (Sneak Peek)


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“Wait!” You shouted from the other side of the corridor, speeding up as you saw the doors of the elevator closing slowly, sergeant Barnes standing in the middle with a lost look before he heard your voice. Luckily, with the same ability of a ballerina, you jumped in right before the metal gates shut. “Thank you.” You said, even if he did nothing but existing right inside of the elevator at that moment. He nodded, looking at you, hands behind his back as a formalism. He knew people from the HQ were a little bit intimidated by his presence, and he didn’t want you make you feel like that.

However, you cursed internally. Not only you were standing only millimetres apart no matter how spacey the lift was, that you could also feel his heat and smell his scent, mixed with a strong deodorant, the last thing making your nose wrinkle. Your bad habit of lip biting appeared again, containing yourself from doing anything stupid.

“I’m sorry, I know I smell bad, I still have to take a shower and-” He tried to explain the moment he saw you put that face, the thread of his thoughts tangling up as you turned to him, still nipping your mouth, eyes full of light and a welcoming body language.

“No worries, you don’t smell that bad.” You joked, automatically raising your hand and pressing it against his biceps as a laugh escaped from your lips, surprised of its toughness and that it was his fleshy arm and not the bionic one.

It could have been because of the reflexes he had to develop throughout the years from keeping himself in a constant state of alert, but the moment he felt your hand on him, he immediately used his other one to grab your wrist and pin it against the wall, pushing your body as if it was made of feather and reducing your ability to move from the spot he had you secluded.

Your eyes got wide open as you felt your chest against his, screaming internally because of the proximity and the rising heat covering your body gradually, ignoring completely the fact that a trained assassin had you immobilised, suppressing a high pitched whine as you felt him almost grinding on you. He had a harsh look at first, as if he was ready to break your neck the moment his conscience decided you were a threat to him, until he finally saw clearly that you were not an enemy.

“Oh my goodness I am-” He apologised again, starting to move away, letting the cold temperature hit on the spot the sweat and his pressure had already warmed up. But this time, as fast as lightning, brain completely shut down, you grabbed a handful of his cotton clothing, pulling him as close as he was before, finding delight in the way his rock hard torso hit your chest, feeling like your sports bra was a burden you needed to get rid of. Your other palm crawled until it reached the back of his neck, pushing him right down on your lips, which were already drooling at the thought of his taste dripping on your tongue.


“It’s so wonderful to see you again, Eddie!”

Eddie smiled and graciously nodded his head while giving the Interview a small, innocent kiss on the cheek. “Yes, how are you?” 

The interviewer blushed and answered his question before diving into her own. It went on for a few minutes before she had worked up the courage to ask the one question she knew everyone was dying to ask. “Thank you so much for you time but I’ve got one quick question before you go.” Swallowing, she pressed a half smile and meekly asked, “I know that after filming with [Y/N] [L/N], the two of you have become extremely good friends and I just want to know what your thoughts were of her recent breakup?” 

Eddie inhaled deeply through his nose as the little bit of anger from what had happened to [Y/N] coursed through his brain. Licking his lips, he took another deep breath to figure out the right words. Despite him wanting to say what he thought, he was supposed to be a professional human being and although [Y/N] was deeply hurt and upset by the situation, he was not going to say the things he truly wanted to say. 

“Um, well.” He started, his brows knitting together in still trying to find the correct words. “[Y/N] is, is absolutely one of the sweetest and loving human being I have ever come to know personally. It makes me angry, upset, sad for her to be in this kind of situation. I don’t condone cheating, it’s a pointless battle that people fight day after day. I don’t understand it, either. Why cheat if you have someone who’d give their all to you and vice versa? If you love someone, you shouldn’t have to feel that need. And if you do feel that need, let them go, let them find someone who isn’t going to break them. Cheating on someone is completely a choice not an accident or mistake. [Ex Bf Name] knew exactly what he was doing and I don’t know the women he was with personally but I do know the kind of woman [Y/N] is and to me, him cheating on [Y/N] is like him picking trash over treasure.

 She’s in such a delicate place right now and I feel for her. It’s one thing to be cheated on but for it to be public and open for everyone to see is a little bit excessive and much more painful. I’ve witnessed firsthand how upset she is and it honestly breaks my heart a little because I know what she deserves. Time is the only healing factor in these kinds of situation but [Y/N] will most definitely find her way back to her old self. I’m positive even if I have to drag her back myself.” 

Kind of a part two of this requested Eddie Redmayne Imagine 

Feel free to request an Eddie Redmayne/Newt Scamander right here :) 


The house was drafty and old. Most of its previous owners had used it as a summer home, so Mulder spent that first fall learning all about insulation while Scully brought home the bacon.

He was a little bit glad. He wouldn’t want things to get too traditional.

Will helped, too, when his mood wasn’t too surly. This happened less and less frequently as the months wore on.

“I don’t understand why we had to move out here,” Will would say, his voice thick and bitter. “I don’t know anybody out here. Neither do you.”

“Are we bad parents?” he mused one night, tucked into bed next to Scully. “Or is he a bad kid?”

She’d sighed and put her book down, pinched the bridge of her nose. “Neither, Mulder. He’s just twelve. It’s a tough age. You remember being twelve.”

“I don’t think my experience of twelve was typical,” he said grimly.

And then she pulled him into her arms, and he breathed her in and wished he could go back in time, wished he could tell his twelve-year-old self, so alone and afraid, that he would never find his sister, but that he would find other things that made the world worth living in.

Oh god, I just thought of a new (maybe) parallel and I’m regretting it immediately.

I was re-watching a Caryl scene in S2 when Daryl went off on Carol after they found Sophia in the barn. It’s always so painful to watch that scene nowadays b/c I’m so used to Daryl being so sweet to her, that it makes me want to cry with all the things he said to her. Yes of course they were both hurting, both had been abused in their life, and he was just trying to push her away, but it doesn’t excuse the things he said to her. I really do hope the things he said went in one ear and out the other, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Carol remembered at least a little bit of what he said.

Especially one line in particular: “If ya spent half your time minding your daughter’s business instead of sticking your nose into everybody else’s business she might still be alive.”

What if that stayed with her all this time, the guilt of if she watched her daughter just a little closer she might still be alive today?

Fast forwarding to the present, and she’s now having to deal with what happened with Lizzie and Mika. What if she thought the same way. ‘If she had watched Lizzie more closely, she and her sister might still be alive today’. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Carol connects the two together, and that all the girls died b/c “she didn’t watch them close enough.” 

Now I understand why Carol is so against telling anyone about what happened to Lizzie and Mika, for the last time she spilled a big secret she got banished. But what if it’s more personal than that for not telling Daryl…

What if she’s too ashamed to tell him b/c he was the one that told her that she should’ve watched her more… 

Of course he would understand her now, but it would absolutely break my heart if she decides to tell him about the girls and she tells him that he was right, that she should’ve watched her better… and you wouldn’t know if she was talking about Sophia or Lizzie and Mika. 

And of course Daryl would look like he got socked in the gut, and he’d hug her tightly and plead with her to forget what he said. He didn’t mean any of it.

I’m just gonna crawl in a hole now…

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Lance: Let’s play I Spy!

Keith: Sure

Lance: I spy with my little eye…. A guy

Keith: Oh that’s easy, it’s m-

Lance: -with a black emo mullet who is very dense and has a dry sense of humor but is actually not an asshole mostofthetime, contrary to popular belief, and whose smile is genuinely my favorite thing because he’s only got one dimple which might be weird if it wasn’t so cute,, plus his eyes are slanted and angry but I think that they give him personality along with his button nose and oh my gosh don’t even get me started on his ears. They’re so smol??? And adorable??? And every time I’m around him I can’t tell if I want to fight him or cuddle him and then maybe make out a little bit because what’s a better way to end training then a smooch amiright lolololol. He’s also got a nice voice and his style is gucci af I mean WOw. That cut off jacket and tall boots are only for the Most Worthy™. But I just wish he could know how much I actually adore him even though we fight a lot, which is kinda gay,,,, but I wish we were kinda gay together??? And I want to do gay things with him like hold his hand and kiss his angry eyebrows and tell him how freaking adorable he is even if he looks ugly because that’s what a good boyfriend does and I want to be that everyday that he’d allow me too. I just wish he’d get the HINT already.

Keith:…. Did…. Did you just confess to me through playing ISpy?

Lance: ….

Lance: …. Wanna hear a knock, knock joke?


Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned only), Castiel (mentioned only once or twice)

Word Count: 1,061

Warnings: None

Request: “Can you do a Dean imagine where he makes an exception to the driver picks the music rule because his girlfriend can’t drive? And he ends up not minding anyway because her music taste is another thing they have in common?”

A/N: If you want something written, please request it in! I may have tweaked it a little bit from the original request so I hope you guys like it!

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Recently, you haven’t been feeling too well. You were always getting headaches, had a fever that was on and off (thankfully it was off right now), you threw up a couple of times and you had a stuffy nose. You haven’t been sick in a while but this feels like it’s the worse you’ve ever been.

You’ve hunted demons, vampires, werewolves, basically any type of monster out there and you have been shot, kicked, thrown into walls, and sliced but this is what takes you down; a mere cold.

Dean, your boyfriend, was being a complete sweetheart in all of this. You couldn’t even remember the last time someone wanted to take care of you. Both Dean and Sam were trying their best to make you comfortable and happy.

They tried getting Castiel to come down and heal you but he wasn’t answering. You didn’t need him, you wanted to fight this cold all on your own. You were some damsel in distress that needed saving every time she was hurt.

Sam made you all kinds of healthy foods and you appreciated him doing that but you didn’t want that green, leafy crap. You wanted whatever Dean would make because he was an excellent cook. When he was a child, his mother would make him tomato and rice soup for when he was sick. One bite out of that and you fell in love with it.

He would make that for you and Sam decided to go on a run whenever you wanted or needed something from the store. Growing up, whenever you were sick, you always took this medicine that helped with your fever and nose a lot.

You tried describing it to Sam but because it was such a long time ago since you’ve taken this medicine, you couldn’t remember the name; only what it looked like. Every single time Sam came home, he would have the wrong stuff. You weren’t complaining but you really could use that stuff now.

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The sky was always a canvas of art, mesmerizing me in ways i never thought was possible. He was the same.

Suddenly, his hair were the pure white strewn clouds of the sky and everything around him became the endless blue. His nose, eyes, lips, and cheeks sat in perfect harmony and radiated like the sun on a clear day. He, in himself, became a beauty that was hard to describe and lifted your spirit in ways that made you feel like you were gasping for air if you admired him for too long. 

And all in all, he became as far as the sky. The wispy air millions of miles from my fingertips, just as he was. 

Maybe I, I can’t touch the sky. But I want to reach my hand out a little bit more.

I want someone to be crazy about me.

I want someone who gets all excited inside when my name pops up in their phone and they can’t stop smiling. I want someone to tell their friends about me. Tell them how my laugh is music to their ears when they know that I hate my laugh. Tell them about our late night talks and how you wish I didn’t fall asleep first. I want someone who regrets not texting me first when they know sometimes I don’t. I want someone who immediately asks for advice from their friends when they have no idea how to respond to something I said. I want someone who can’t stop thinking about me and sees that everything reminds them of me. I want someone to change their favourite drink from Sprite to lemonade because lemonade is mine. I want someone who adores me; who admires the little bit of freckles around my nose, the scar under my left eye, or one of my birthmarks. I’m not trying to be selfish or anything, but can I find someone to love all my flaws when I can’t?

It Runs in the Family

A little bit for @fangirlforlife2448 who wanted Henry walking in on CS like Emma and Henry walked in on Snowing in season 2.

Crack-ish, semi-smutty fluff with a tiny dose of naval-gazing (literal and figurative) coming up, Hayley! I hope you like it!

1.8k, Rated M for nipple.

She burrows her nose into Killian’s chest, watching the gauzy white curtains flutter over their perfect view of the sunrise, curls her toes into the cool cotton of their bed sheets, and wonders when she got so lucky.

His arm is warm against her bare back and the beat of his heart is solid and steady under her ear and this is her life now. This is her life.

Killian wraps a disheveled curl around his finger, watching the play of light through the golden strands.

“You know,” he says, “I’ve been thinking.”

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3/33/82 vixx Leo fluff a little bit of smut (:💗

Thank you so much for the prompt!!

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Leo

Prompt: “You can’t just sit there all day.” /   “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?” / “I just ironed these pants!”

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 432

“Babe, I really have to leave for work.”

Leo’s long arms loop around you, holding you as his nose nuzzles against your neck. “No.”

You laugh, pushing his chest. “Listen. You love the fact that I’m a career woman, remember?”

Leo grumbles something incoherent into your shoulder.

“Well. It’s kind of hard to have a career if you never show up to work.”

Leo looks up at last, gaze wide. “But going to work means you leave. I feel conflicted.”

Grinning, you press a kiss to his forehead. “Sorry, but it’s non-negotiable.” Breaking free from the circle of his arms, you roll over the side of your bed.

Leo’s eyes follow. “Are you sure that’s the decision you want to make?”

“Yep.” Hopping on one foot, you tug on your trousers. Buttoning the top and fluffing your hair in the mirror.

Behind, you see Leo sit up. He pushes a hand through his hair, sheet wrapped around his waist. That sight alone almost convinces you to climb back into his bed. But no. You have a job and meetings. You can’t afford another sick day.

It’s as you’re thinking this that Leo pushes back the covers. He’s dressed in just his boxers, smiling slightly as he stands to cross the room.

You watch him come closer, adjusting your earrings in the mirror. “What are you doing? Leo.” You try to hide your grin. “What are you doing?”

There’s no warning when he grabs you by the waist, lifting you bodily over his shoulder to carry you towards the bed.

“Leo!” Laughing, you weakly hit his back with your palm. “I just ironed these pants!”

He shrugs, the movement making you rise and fall on top of him. You’re thrown haphazardly onto the covers as Leo climbs on top of you, pinning you with his thighs on either side. You glare up at him, exaggeratedly blowing hair from your visage.

“Well, what now?” Though you push at his legs, they don’t budge “You can’t just sit there all day.”

Leo shrugs. “I think maybe I could.”

He bends to kiss you, hand sliding gently beneath your body. Tongue flicking against your lips though you don’t let him in, shaking your head no and pouting. Leo smiles before continuing to trace a line down your throat. His lips trail your neck, over your collar bone.

Without realizing it, a moan escapes.

Leo stills. “Ah, there it is.” He raises his head to look up at you.

“You know.” Opening one eye, you peek down at him. “Maybe I could be late. Just this once.”

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1-10 and 55 for the asks thing!

1: when you have cereal, do you have more milk than cereal or more cereal than milk?

already asked <3

2: do you like the feeling of cold air on your cheeks on a wintery day?

Sometimes. I just don’t like it when my nose turns into an ice cube.

3: what random objects do you use to bookmark your books?

already asked <3

4: how do you take your coffee/tea? 

Coffee: Black like my soul. Maybe a splash of cream if I want to cool it down. Or, I’ll order a mocha.

Tea: Just tea in hot water, only with honey if my throat is killing me.

5: are you self-conscious of your smile?

A little bit. My teeth aren’t as white as they used to be which is annoying plus I think my face looks chubby when I smile.

6: do you keep plants?

I try to but but my green thumb isn’t all that great

7: do you name your plants?

I do! I had a succulent named Gepetto.

8: what artistic medium do you use to express your feelings?

Ooh lots man. I go to art school so I am a super artistic person, if I do say so myself. I usually draw or paint or write poetry or make a comic (I’m actually in school to become a comic book artist.)

9: do you like singing/humming to yourself?

You bet your ass I do (idk why I need to answer that so aggressively, I’m sorry.)

10: do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?

Stomach or side.

55: what’s the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to prove a point?

I don’t really consider myself to be a drama queen but I have stormed out of the house a few times during fights. Or i’ll stop talking for the rest of the day, stop eating. Kinda just a passive aggressive thing I guess.

these are actually hella fucking cute y'all


’Cause I can’t see further than my own nose at this moment. 


I posted a video on my Instagram of me doing my art today in case you wanted to see it. A lot of people ask about how I do my art since I’m disabled and I can’t use my hands, so here you go.

Here’s the progress on my henna tattoo piece of art. The book is leaning back a little bit so the angle of the picture is a little strange. I worked on the eye and started the nose while I was outside today. I did the eye without my reference photo, because it was inside the house, so that eye is all me.