i want to bear your children

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Zevran x F!Amell
Rating: SFW

“Have you ever thought of having children, amora?”

Solona sighed, lamenting Zevran’s uncanny ability to put off important conversations until she’d just begun to fall asleep. “Not really. Between the mage thing and the Grey Warden thing, I guess it’s never really occurred to me to think about it. Why?”

“I have started to think that I may wish it.”

“You think you may want children, or you think you may want to have sex with your pregnant wife?”


Solona snorted.

“Points for honesty, yes?”

“Yes,” she agreed. She mulled the idea over as best she could in her sleepy brain. She was perfectly content now, but she imagined she’d be just as content with children as she was without them. “We can start trying if you’re sure it’s what you want.”


“Yes. I don’t want you getting your hopes up, though,” she added. “In seven years of less-than-diligent contraceptive use, we’ve never had so much as a scare. It’s entirely likely that we can’t have children whether we want to or not.”

Zevran hugged her tightly. “Ah, no matter. The trying will be enjoyable, at any rate.” He tilted her chin up to look her in the eye. “You are all the family I need, amora. Never doubt that. Anything else is just a happy bonus.”

Solona smiled and kissed him. “I love you. Now can I please go to sleep?”

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but what about seijou not feeling good enough bc they couldn't beat shiratorizawa even after 3 years and karasuno taking them down first try?? idk man, I want the precious crow children to win, but I feel like it would really hurt seijou to see that firsthand (esp with oikawa being jealous of kags "genius" abilities and the whole not feeling like his efforts are bearing any fruits)((sorry for busting up in your convo tho))

This is a super good point you’re totally right! And this may be why they haven’t shown up yet\may not show up at all. The good thing though is that Oikawa took the loss way better than we all thought he would. And while each member of Seijo surely has their own feelings about it at this point, I hope they all have that mindset that teams tend to have in sports anime after they lose… the “you beat us so you better not get beaten” mindset. I at least suspect that’s what they want though, yeah, it’s rough on them and you’re right they may not be ready to actually see it in person yet :(

And I can’t help leaning towards the idea that Oikawa wants Kageyama to beat Ushiwaka though. No wait, I think he wants Karasuno to beat him. He said in 148, “My kouhai isn’t very bright and is nowhere near my level yet, but even so, now that he’s no longer alone, he’s strong. A murder of crows might even be capable of killing a large eagle.”  And while he might’ve just been provoking Ushi, it’s obvious Ushi is his least favorite opponent. So yeah I think that’s true, it’s surely got to hurt Seijo as a whole, but, even if it’s for selfish reasons, I think Oikawa at least (and probably Iwachan) will be satisfied for now to see them take Ushi down. I didn’t think about the sadness on their part when making those posts earlier! Thank you thank you for pointing that out. I think it’s a lot of conflicted feelings no matter what happens, my poor kids. oops I rambled

and don’t be sorry anyone can jump into any convo anytime!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt sings about wanting to bang your mom in this viral music video and I hate it.
Finally, an R&B video that answers the question: what if The Lonely Island guys weren't funny?

It’s a message we can all get behind: Moms are hot. I think we’re all in agreement that most moms are sexy since it’s a near biological necessity: you get pregnant from sex. There must be at least a few men out there who like having sex with women ready to bear children, otherwise how are so many people pregnant? This video’s message is so needlessly redundant that I’m starting to wonder if the creators of this music video have ever had sex before. They seem to be trying too hard to convince us they actually have.

Even though we’re all on the same page about this video’s message, it’s awful. They managed to take something we all love, and squeeze the fun out of it. The only good thing about the video is that I get to describe it using a word I rarely get to use: “tartingles” (It’s the feeling of embarrassment you experience for another person). Watching this video is like watching a middle schooler do stand-up for the first time at a talent show and bombing in front of his extremely fuckable parents.

But wait. There’s more. I think the terrible feeling I get from watching this video is because they’re not just singing about how they want to be dads. They’re singing about getting into a sort of Jerry Maguire situation where they can be friendly to single moms who already have kids. Again, totally fine, but the more I watch the video, the more I think they’re being sarcastic. They all sat in a room and said “wouldn’t it be funny if we thought moms were hot?” And they all laughed and laughed and then went home and banged some girl ten years younger who had no interest in children. I hate it. I hate it so much.

Even the extras dancing at the end of the video look like they don’t want to be in it. That’s how bad it is.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this rant. Please forget you ever saw the video, and go tell a mom she looks great…but not in a creepy way. Actually, just leave everyone alone. Bye.

sandilescorner replied to your post: Wait What’s wrong with We Bare Bears? I like We…

People think it’s shallow and dumb. I think it’s about bears being bears. Also, UGUU.

It IS shallow and dumb. Thaaaaat’s typically how children’s shows work. I think it’s cute, and I’m happy it doesn’t have any gross out humor that I’ve seen so far.

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1) How superstitious are you on a scale from 1-10? 9

2) What book changed your life? Harry potter and the philosopher’ stone

3) Do you want to get married/ have children? Definitely!

4) What is your dream job? Actress

5) What is your guilty pleasure? Good fanfiction, that’s guilty right?

6) Do you wear glasses/contacts? Nope

7) How tall are you? 5′4

8) What is your favorite childhood cartoon? Little Bear

9) Are you more at home in the city or in the country? The city

10) How old are you? legal

11) What is something most people don’t know about you? Um, either that I’m a virgin and or a teacher came onto me when I was 15


My Questions:

1) Favorite makeup brand?

2) Perfume you use?

3) Favorite classic film?

4) What was your dream job as a child?

5) Are you a Marilyn or a Jackie?

6) Are you Elizabeth or Audrey?

7) Are you Monica or Anna Nicole?

8) Are you Sirius or Remus?

9) Game of THrones or Lord of the Rings?

10) First person that pops up in your head when you ehar the word love?

11) Mean Girls or Heathers?

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Kálmán (62)

- I’m not married, I grew up in a boarding school. We had a good time of it, we got food and we were taken to school. I went to an auxiliary school, a special educator for children with a learning disorder was working with us. I’m from Szabolcs-Szatmár County, but I’ve been living in Budapest since ‘70. I’m a pensioner, I’ve lived on disability assistance since '89. I used to work in the kitchen as a dishwasher here, in the hotel. I liked it there, but there’s no vacancy. A lot of people want to work, but I’m too old and I get my pension, so I shouldn’t work.

- Do people like your teddy bear?

- Of course. Especially the foreigners. They hive me money. It was my idea to put stones to the cup so the wind would not blow it away.

- Does it have a name?

- Yes, he’s Laci. I’ve had it for five years. It wasn’t expensive. Can I tell you? It was 2.990, about three thousand forints. He was the last item. I was lucky.

How nice it must’ve been to be a young rich woman in early 19th century England fuckin getting married to some wealthy dudebro and doing nothing for the rest of your life
(Jk everyone was horrible to women and no one took showers and everyone got diseases and your only job was to bear a million children but this is just a post I made thinking about how much I hate that I’m going to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt because of a college career I’m not even sure I want to continue)

Tl;dr - fuck!!!! Shit!!!!!! Being a young adult is hard!!!!!!! Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!

The Love Song Of J. Alfred Nebbish

by Talia Lavin

It’s morning, and in the morning
I lean in to kiss your curly head.
You are dearer to me
than my own hands.

We have been children together–overgrown,
sipping beer from plastic cups
on the library steps
back when we burned and thought
we might know, someday, what we wanted.

Now I commute for hours, you ready
yourself for your next degree,
We think about cars, apartments, perch
skittishly in adulthood’s lap. Some day
soon enough we’ll be three. For now
we love, we bear,
in love we bear, and be.

Somewhere In Brooklyn
a poem excavated from dialogue

What part of Brooklyn are we in?
Are we past the G? I’m
loving it. It can’t be that.

I know some guys who went down
to Miami beach. One wound up in fuckin’
Texas or Florida. I wanted to fund this thing
by myself. I knew I had a thousand feet of film
and couldn’t film onscreen dialogue.

It’s good to learn from your mistakes. We have
a spare PBR. Have you seen Jay’s film yet? I’m
working on a weird thing right now. Do you remember the guy
with the best voicemail?
He would just read a poem. He knew exactly
how a poem should sound.

July drifts through New York
sluggishly, on a raft of thunderstorms.
The whole air is a suspicious jug
held forcibly to our lips.
Rankness punctuates the walks
where the garbage sits.

Still: I’d walk with you through air
stiff as curtains with frost, and even through this,
New York in July, the indignities of our ambition:
I’d string the beads of sweat
that pool at the hollow of your throat
together with a darting tongue. Providing
you keep your clear heart and good mind,
I would walk through a furnace
or the chop shops of Parkchester
to keep you by my side.

As a cis women I am not obligated to bear children nor am I obligated to want to bear children.

My not wanting to give birth doesn’t concern you and subtly pushing me towards a change in opinion isn’t effective and only demonstrates your invalidation of my opinions and desires for my future and also kindof makes you look like an ass

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So I'm american and because of that, I don't have gap years that are normal like in the uk. I wanted to take a gap year after high school cause right bow im so emotionally drained by it. I asked my mom how she felt about it and she went completely off about how bad it is and how lazy it is. I'm kinda sad cause I honestly want to take control of my life and do what i want to make myself happy, but i feel like i have to make my mom happy first...

well i would say if you have the money then go for it, or if you can get a job to pay for yourself

you see the main factors with taking a gap year is you need money, bear in mind if you still live at home your parents are still financially responsible for you, there is this whole north american mentality our parents gave birth to us so they should slave after us and pay for our shit all their lives, i dont like that, children cost a lot of money, and if you are not that rich you really wanna see your kids go to college and become financially independent

It might be a very good idea to take a gap year, but you have to be financially responsible for it, if you do take a gap year get a job that you like but will also help you in your future career like a volunteering at an NGO or a library job or something, if you cant get a job then just volunteer, or if you cant do that go to uni part time and do relaxing things on the side, that’s what i did to recover from my mental illnesses i went part time and had lots of fun doing fun shit and i was recovered but also bored, tbh i needed it but also there were a lot of drawbacks i became extremely lazy i got really crappy grades in the only two subjects i took and got nothing done. But the time off helped me figure out what was making me so upset, like my untreated mental illness, not liking any of my classes not having a good balance of work and play i realised what i was doing wrong and took steps to fix it

so you have to recognize what drained you so much about highschool and avoid that in college, also if you take a gap year it might be very easy to get depressed, even if you dont have a mental illness you might have nothing to do and that might make you melancholy

what you can do instead maybe is take half a year off so one semester and then do courses the second semester, i hope this makes sense, but i dont really support the whole gap year concept not everyone is that financially stable for this, i am not saying you shouldnt have a say over your life but when you are financially dependent on your parents you should respect their wishes, if you wanna do your own thing then take charge of your own finances

If you have a uterus,

it is not your responsibility to bear a child. Its okay to never want a child. Don’t let people pressure you into conceiving a child. If you want a child, make sure you are stable and responsible enough. If you feel like you will never be stable enough to have children then don’t because your well being comes first. 

Don’t let society’s expectations ruin opportunities for you! You are not obligated to have kids,

xoxo me