i want to be your best friend is that too much to ask

You’ll know because he won’t mind that your texts are always a little too long and your laugh is always a little too loud and your eyes squint different shapes when you smile. You’ll know because he’ll ask you about your favorite bookstores and if you’re close with your siblings rather than whether or not you’re a virgin. You’ll know because he’ll tell you what he wants to name his kids and how much he wants to be a good dad. You’ll know because he says “I love you” using so many different words; “Are you okay?” “How’s your day going?” “I have a story that I’ve been dying to tell you.” You’ll know because you’ll want him to know every part of you, you’ll want to explore every crevice of your past with him, even the bad parts, because you want him to be able to love you for the scars on your inner thighs as well as the scars on your heart where others left cracks. You’ll know because one day you’ll wake up and realize that loving him has made you love yourself a little bit more.
—  When Did You Realize You Love Him?
Your Wedding dress + Venue




“Is it too much for him?” you asked your best friend as the saleswoman placed a beautiful sheer veil upon your head.

“Are you kidding me? Too much? He’ll be worried because he will not only see his wife but the hottest woman on earth in front of him.” She squealed happily.

And it was true; the moment he saw you his heart beat a little faster, and he realized just how lucky he was.

“I think the woods would be a great location for our wedding, babe.” You heard Derek mumble as his eyes diverted from the screen to your eyes.

“The woods? Like, the ones you run in and become all scary in?” You weren’t mad, just worried about the supernatural taking an interest in your wedding ceremony.

“It’s my second home. I want to feel connected to the earth where my ancestors fought for people like me to have the ability to get married to someone who accepts me.”

And so it was done. Once all your guests had arrived, your maid of honor was able to surround the premises in mountain ash, so nothing could come in and ruin your fairytale. Of course, Stiles had no issue brushing it all off when the festivities were over.


“Wow, girl. Brett has an amazing sense of style.” You heard Lydia say as she saw you wearing the dress that he wanted you to try on.

“I know. It’s beautiful. I’ll just have to tell him it didn’t fit, or that I didn’t like it.”

“Why?” She asked with a long laugh.

“Because this is the dress I’m walking down the isle in and its bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, hm?” You responded, knowing your fiance knew you way too well.



“Okay, don’t tell Y//N, but I am totally getting married in here.” Brett told his best man as he bounced his lacrosse ball off the wall.

“Bro, it’s like totally abandoned.” Brett heard his friend say.

“Nah, give it some love and a wicked makeover, and you will find the venue of your dreams. Let’s buy it.”

“Alright,man…let’s find the owners.”

And he did find them. They were confused, but boy did he make you happy with the most beautiful location ever.


“You know, getting married in Mexico is crazy. But no, you’re also flying all your guests over in two days AND planning your wedding in three days while you’re on vacation.” You heard your best friend say over the phone as she was on the plane from France to Cancun, where your beloved Isaac had proposed to you only a week ago. It was sudden, but he wanted to get married to you as soon as possible; even if that meant during a short two week stop in Mexico before your flight to Beacon Hills. 

“I know, kid. I just love him so much, and its pretty exciting as well.” You explained as you grabbed a beautiful white dress off the rack.

“I think I just found my dress…” You said before she could even reply.

“Really? Snapchat it to me you gorgeous idiot!” You heard her whisper-yell, knowing she would be much louder if she wasn’t on a plane.

So you did, and she agreed. That, my friend, was your dress.

Tomorrow was your wedding, and all your guests had arrived. The only issue was, there was no venue. You and Isaac had spend hours searching for an easy venue, yet most were booked or had a long process for renting. You decided to take a stop at a cute little beachside restaurant. The view was beautiful, and it was jam packed since the area was quite a tourist hub. You were eating, when Isaac let out a long laugh.

“Babe, that’s my old 5th-grade teacher!” You heard Isaac say as he nodded toward an older man who was making his way over to you two. 

“Isaac Lahey, well if it isn’t you! You still look just like the young troublesome lad from all those years ago. How are you son?”

Isaac laughed and grinned excitedly, introducing you before explaining how you two were only visiting for your wedding.

“Say, why don’t I take some good cuisine I’ve learned from my time here in Mexico for your wedding. Where is it at?” He asked before chucking and resting his hands on his hips.

“We actually don’t know, we haven’t been able to find an affordable and quick venue. It might just be in the middle of the desert.” Isaac said with a chuckle. You were quiet, letting them reconnect and enjoy each other.

“Well consider that a non-issue. I’ll rent out this place to you guys in exchange for an ability to cater the wedding.

“Oh, sir…you own this place? You are way too generous. Thank you!” You said before letting a small tear roll down your cheek from all the excitement.

“Mister.Kendrick, I will forever be grateful. I don’t know how to repay you. This is a dream come true, because your restaurant is more that my fiance and I have ever dreamt of!” 

The old man just laughed and patted Isaacs back, before giving you a cheeky smile.

“A wedding is a gift. And one day, I just wish you will bring your children and remind them of that.” He said.

You have never been happier.

I think lately I’ve learned what maturity is.
Maturity isn’t about being a “lady” in your actions, nor having a good language or being qualified enough to deal with people, no.
Maturity is when you reach to the point where you ask yourself; “who am I and who I want to be?” When you start to realize that your existence was meant to be for a reason, that you have something specialized only for you to do. And most importantly, it’s when you start searching for the answers.
Maturity is when your realize that your happiness comes first, no matter how much things and people you have to cut off. It’s when you realize that your smiles and laughs must be there on your face before your tears.
When you learn that loving someone isn’t enough to stop them from hurting you and it’s never your fault, knowing when to let go before it’s too tight that it could suffocate you.
Maturity is when you become your own best friend, your own priority.
It’s when you know what is and who is good for you and to protect them, protect the people you love.
Maturity is when you know that you and only you can achieve what you want and to protect who you really are and no one is going to do that for you.
Maturity is stepping out of your comfort zone.
Maturity is embracing your faults and working around them.
Maturity is marking your thoughts in big words and bright colors.
Maturity is knowing that your dreams are worth the stars.
—  Know your worth.| Infinite excerpts. -JH
falling in love or something

“What the hell is that that you want me to do, Jungkook?” Jimin stare at him looked so pissed that he almost felt intimidated by that. Almost. If the younger didn’t know how sweet and caring his friend was, he could has bought that. Too bad

“Look, man, that’s not as fucked up as it seems, I swear,” he started. 

“Seriously? Because dating someone only because your friend wants to make out with her best friend seems pretty fucked up to me!” Jimin interrupted. 

“That’s not like that, Hyung…” Jungkook tried again. 

“How is it then, Jungkook?”  

“Shut up and let me explain, will you?” Jungkook said watching the other get more pissed by the way he hushed him. That should work at least to make Jimin less hysterical. “First of all, that’ll be only one date and I’m just asking you that because that damn chick insisted so much in us four to go out together. She really wants you for real, man.” 

“Whatever, not reciprocal.” 

“Anyway, I’m not doing this just to make out with Youngah, Hyung, I want to date her… Like seriously,” Suddenly, Jimin was dead silent. Jungkook took that as an opening to continue talking. “You got to cover that for me, bro, I promise I’ll make it up to you…” he scratched the back of his head shyly. “So, will you help me?” 

He pleaded, eyes glittering in anticipation for what answer would Jimin possibly give to him. From the other perspective, Jimin knew in the moment Jungkook said he was going to ask him a favor that there was no way Jimin wouldn’t do it.  

“You’re really that serious about her?” Jimin attempted to ask.

“Deadly serious, bro,” he smiled at him with that cute but way too pervert smile of his. “She makes everything feel special. I think I may be in love or something…”  

“You don’t even know what you’re talking about,” 

“Okay, maybe I don’t, but come on, just help me out this time…” Bang! A new shot of Jungkook’s best doggy face for the win. 

It didn’t take so long for the younger to notice the sad expression in his friend’s face. Jimin was spacing out in front of him and all he could think about was the visible pout in his plump lips. Maybe he was… sad? Or hurt because of his proposal? Jungkook always knew that his friend was kind of sensitive and emotional in everything that comes to the relationship topic, but he never thought asking Jimin to go on a date with a girl who had a crush on him would hurt him. Jungkook was about to take off his invitation when Jimin started. 

“Okay, I’ll do it.” He answered not looking into the younger’s eyes.  

“Hyung, look at me…” 

“Just text me the place and hour you guys finds best. I’ll be there,” 


“Whatever Jungkook, I’ll do it,” Jimin said. “For you…” he whispered the last sentence.  

“Hyung, you okay with that?” Jungkook questioned. 

“Hmhmm,” Jimin reassured him again still not meeting his gaze. “Gotta go, be waiting for your text, see ya.” 

“Oh, yep, bye. See ya.” Jungkook replied while watching his friend walk away. It was really strange watching Jimin act like that even knowing how he felt about going out with girls he didn’t liked. He just decided to shrug the feeling away and text Youngah to decide the details of their double date before Jimin gave up. 


The message came, for Jimin’s infortune. The date and place was decided and it’d be at 5 p.m. in the Sunday in the central Shopping, close to the local both girls lived in. Jungkook arranged everything for them to take a bus at a bus stop a few blocks from their neighborhood and arrive at the Shopping almost half an hour before the girls to talk about their strategies and techniques to get to the kissing and holding hands point with their dates. Well, not actually for Jimin. The older boy wasn’t interested at all in this topic, but he’d just bare it for the day and then leave Jungkook with the person who he claimed that had gained his heart.

Nonetheless, his tough, reckless and strong heart was always also afraid of getting hurt. Jimin knew Jungkook for what looked like ages now. There wasn’t a single thing about the younger he didn’t know. If Jungkook was an artist, Jimin would probably be his most dedicated fan, he guessed. But still, should that be so difficult for a boy to truly and strongly have feelings for another boy? Even if he was – like – his best friend since their childhood?

Well, if that guy is Jeon Jungkook, then yeah, that’d be a pain in the ass. While a lot of projects from the school were about homosexuality in the nature and the social prejudice problems that comes with it and how it worked out instinctively as a natural attraction between beings, the younger always showed how uncomfortable he was with the simple mention of two males being together. That scared Jimin way too much.

After one specific episode when one of their extracurricular club colleagues started joking around about their closeness and then called them both around “Jikook”, Jungkook threw a hard punch in the guy’s arm.

“You have no idea how disgusted I am because of you.” He said to the whining guy.

That sentence would never leave Jimin’s mind even if he tried his best to erase it from his memory. He also could never be the same to Jungkook either. He could never caress softly the other’s hands and play with his fingers while he was distracted watching some gameplay on the internet. He could never surprisingly hug Jungkook from behind when the younger stood always early in front of his house patiently waiting for them to walk together to school. He could never kiss Jungkook’s cheeks when he asked only for him to come over his place, play video games and eat junk food to celebrate his birthday. Jungkook’s hands, fingers, backs and cheeks aren’t allowed for him. Jungkook’s wasn’t his.

And he knew that that even considering that possibility already disgusted Jungkook.

The days passed so fast that Jimin almost couldn’t catch a hold of the time. Well, not likely the black-haired boy could ever forget about the day of the date when Jungkook insisted to remind him every single day at school. He hid it. He hid behind smiles and automatically nods how much painful was seeing Jungkook being in love with someone else but him. Every time he felt like dying of jealously when the youger showed him pics of the girl who he was supposedly in love with: a beautiful skinny brunette girl with cat-like eyes, smooth bright skin and long legs. The exactly type Jungkook ever described him to be his ‘ideal type’. Jimin would be dating her friend, a girl as stunning as Jungkook’s date, but instead of cat-like eyes, she had more like puppy round eyes. She looked like a cute girl with honest feelings for him… But he could already picture himself telling her that the problem wasn’t with her, it was with him.

The problem was that she wasn’t his childhood best friend.

And as soon as he just decided to stop trying to forget about it, Sunday arrived like a blink of eyes.

His phone vibrated above his writing-desk and he didn’t need to catch it to know who it was and what he wanted. Jimin couldn’t make himself to wake up properly. His legs were like triple weighted and his eyes just wouldn’t stay opened.

He felt like shit.

The little earthquake on his writing-desk told him that Jungkook didn’t give up of his waking-Jimin-up mission. He just grope his phone and unlocked it to read a bright and excited message from the younger. Jimin wished he could ever be the reason of Jungkook’s happiness.

However, he’d do his best to not to mess up Jungkook’s date, not to hurt the girl’s feelings too much and to be the good friend the younger needed him to be.


They couldn’t make it to arrive at the Shopping earlier since the bus was so packed of people. They actually made it on time, but for Jimin’s luckiness they didn’t had the time to argue about strategies for that Jungkook would find out that he had none.

The girls arrived after them. They were absolutely stunning and Jungkook couldn’t stop bragging about how pretty his date was until they were face to face with them. None of them talking, just staring. Jimin looked almost desperate between gazing the cute tinny girl in front of him or Jungkook for him to start some conversation or anything. That was awkward as fuck, but as soon as he was wondering about climbing the walls next to him to run away from this whole double date thing, Jungkook started a conversation.

“So you girls arrived, how was your travel?” He asked and Jimin couldn’t help but to laugh because, come on, ‘how was your travel?’ did they just came from another country? What the fuck was that, Jungkook?

Fortunately, the two girls just laughed along with Jimin and Youngah just replied. “It was great, thank you for asking, Jungkook-oppa!”

That word made Jimin lungs turn. Damn, he felt sick just from hearing the girls calling Jungkook “oppa” in their everyday routine, now that it had the romantic connotation, he felt like he could throw up any time. He forced himself to not to roll his eyes for the next twenty seconds they passed staring each other since Jimin could feel the desire in his friend’s eyes and that that was surely reciprocal. Could that possibly get even worse?

He decided to just focus on his own date and let them be. The girl was smiling awkwardly at him and even a bit shy she just suggested. “Let’s get out of here and search for some candies, please?”

Well, that straightforwardness surprised the hell out of Jimin, but since he was going to spend the whole afternoon with this girl, why don’t give it a try, huh?

“Now we’re talking.” He answered and smiled back to her. She clapped excitedly and jumped her way out to the food center.

“Hell yeah, I’m dying for some ice cream!” Jimin laughed at her reaction and thought that maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to accept this invitation. He heard Youngah complaining a bit for some reason and he looked back only to see Jungkook gazing him while they got away. “By the way, you can call me Nari.”

“Nari then it’ll be.” He looked back at her smiling. Jimin decided to forget for that afternoon that he ever had been in love with his best friend.


“I was just wondering,” Jimin started, mouth full of ice cream.

“Hmm?” She answered, mouth full of ice cream as well.

“Your name… It sounds like the flowers…” He cleaned his face a bit to look at her curious.

“Hmm…” She gulped. “Oh, you got me, it is because of the flowers.”

“That really sounds beautiful, you know? Your mom must be really creative.” He just said. They had been talking for like half an hour now and they felt really comfortable with each other.

“Yeah, she was…” She started smiling slightly. “She was quite amazing… She used to paint, play guitar, and write poetry. I used to be connected to her art, that was the way I learned how to connect with people as well. That’s why I’m a bit… Different,” She said a bit unsure about how to say it. “She was a florist, you know? That’s why I introduce myself as Nari – like the lilies…”

Jimin fell silent watching her talking about her mom showing so much admiration in her puppy eyes. He didn’t felt like saying ‘I’m sorry for your lost’ or something like that because he was pretty sure his face expression already did the job. Like answering a silent question, she explained.

“She died from a cancer, five years ago. I was twelve at the time, but we didn’t live here, anyway…” Jimin eyes got a bit wide after hearing her answer to each non-spoken question in his mind. “I knew it was coming. A lot of people ask me that often.”

“Now I gotta say: I’m sorry for that.”

“It’s okay, but thanks for caring.” Jimin just felt like reaching out for Nari’s hand to show some support, so he did it. Her hands were cold against his warmth and he smiled softly at her.

“Guys, we’re back!” They heard Youngah announce as she and Jungkook arrived to where they were. Jimin immediately looked out for Jungkook who had his attention fixed on their linked hands above the ice crem shop table. He gazed him back looking a bit confused, but Nari replied Youngah before Jimin could think about any kind of nonsense possibility of jealously.

We ran from you two staring and flirting, not otherwise,” She revealed. “Come and sit down… have some ice cream with us!”

“From what I can see, you two reached a new level since you’re already holding hands…” She pointed to their connected hands landed on the table and giggled. Jimin immediately dropped Nari’s hands and held it shyly next to his cup of sundae.

They seated in front of each other as well so they were all facing their partners through the table, Jungkook next to Jimin, Jimin next to Youngah, Youngah next to Nari.

“So, Naeun, what were you and Jimin talking about?” Youngah asked and Jimin frowned at the strange name which joined the conversation.

“Naeun?” He asked gazing Youngah.

“It’s her name, your asshole.” Jungkook answered abruptly and sharply. Jimin kicked him almost instinctively under the table in response.

“I believe he wasn’t talking to you, Jungkook-sshi,” Nari came in Jimin’s defense. “My name is Naeun, but as I told you, I choose to be called Nari because I feel closer to my mom like this.”

“I’m the one who call her Naeun actually, because we’ve been friends for a long time.” Youngah explained.

“Well, that’s such a coincidence ‘cause me and Jungkook are also childhood friends. That’s really cool to meet people like us, isn’t it Jungkookie?”

“Yeah, whatever…” Jungkook shrugged and Jimin could watch the girls flinch at his last actions.

“Oppa, there’s something wrong?” Youngah asked smiling softly at him, Jungkook just ignored her question and brought another topic to the conversation.

“So, you and Jimin knew each other, huh?” He started and Jimin was already somehow afraid of what was coming from there. The black-haired boy watched his companion shaking her head in deny. “But it seemed like you two were pretty intimate a moment ago…” He smirked darkly. What kind of game was he playing? It was him who dragged him here to meet Nari and now he was complaining?

“You misunderstood, we’re just talking about something moving and then Jimin wanted to show me sympathy,” She said smiling to the other boy who looked stunned by the younger’s sudden insinuating questions. “It was just that.”

“Yeah, just that…” Jimin tried to end the topic. “So Youngah, where did you guys go?” He asked trying to sound interested.

“Oh, we go for a bit of window shopping, and then Jungkook bought me a gift from that pink cute store which opened recently…” She said shaking her arm excitedly; in his wrist was a cute golden bracelet with tiny pink heart pendants attached to it. “Isn’t it cute?”

“Not my style, but pretty cute.” Nari answered.

“This is really pretty, Youngah…” He just praised trying to get her attention out of Jungkook’s dark stare directed to him. “Jungkookie really does have a nice taste for gifts.”

“He indeed has!”

“You told us pinky bracelets weren’t your style, Nari… So, what are your style exactly?” He smiled at her in one attempt to make the atmosphere less dense, but all he could feel was Jungkook beside him burning holes into his skin.

“I’m more into neutral color stuff… Like chokers, I love it! I have like six of them and I’m like dying to buy more.” She explained, excited.

“Seriously? I have like three or four of them too,” He shared. “I almost put it on to come here today, but I feel afraid that maybe you just wasn’t into this kind of stuff and thought it was kinda creepy, I don’t know…”

“I’d probably think that…” Youngah raised her hand smiling.

“Really? Not at all! I’d love to see you using them one day, you gotta a nice skin to match the black leather!” She praised him.

“Oh, thank you…” He flushed and scratched the back of his head shyly. “You’ll be the second person to actually ask me to use them…”

“Really? Who was the first…?”

“Alright, let’s get going then.” Jungkook suddenly got up interrupting the conversation they were involved in.

“But it’s so early, Oppa…” Youngah whined. “Let’s stay for a bit.”

“We gotta go, Jimin’s mom told us to be home early…” The brunette affirmed.

“She actually didn’…”

“She said, you don’t remember as you always don’t remember anything…” He scolded Jimin.

“What the fuck, Jungkook?” Jimin lost his temper getting up to stare face to face at him. Jungkook invited him to scold him in front of everybody and expect him to be nice and quiet about it? He was just being a jerk since the whole double date thing started.

“Wow, take it easy boys…” Nari tried to pacify the situation only to gain a not really nice stare from the brunette.

“Jungkook-oppa, let’s get going then…” Youngah spoke softly looking frightened to the other two.

Jungkook grope his wallet, and the rest of the amount of things he and Youngah just bought while walking at the Shopping.

“I’m staying,” Jimin stated. “Bye, Youngah, take care.” He waved to her receiving a greeting back and a soft smile from her. “Nari, do you mind staying with me? I can take you home later…” He offered.

“Not at all. I saw a cool store which I wanna take a look at it.” She said.

The brunette looked one last time to Nari, then rested his gaze on Jimin for a bit of more than necessary time and sighed.

“Bye, Jungkook.”

“Bye, Jimin.” He answered sharply, turning on his feet and making his way out of the ice cream shop. He looked so angry that even Youngah was afraid of walking too close of him.


A/N: alright so that’s my first time writing a Jikook fanfiction and i was pretty worried about my english (as it isn’t my native language), but still i wanted to give it a shot. anyway, i’m gonna be posting the next chapter soon, so if some of the shippers feel like joining me and reading the story, i’ll be happy to share with you guys my most random plots. see ya. <3

imagineaominesdeltoids  asked:

hiii. just wanted to say that i love your blog, your headcanons in particular. they always give me that itch to sit down and write out what i gotta get down soooooo i decided to drop some in ya ask box lol. can i get some random headcanons on how GOM would be with their female best friend?? hope that's not too general.

THANK YOU SO MUCH i did not know i am a source of writing inspiration /cries/ nope! not too general and i kinda like this idea :) 


  • Originally, many thought Akashi was dating his female best friend because of his gentlemanly qualities - always opening doors for her, giving her his jacket when she’s cold, pulling out chairs, etc. but that’s just what he does for the women in his life.
    • Admires his best friend’s ambition and strength, and he learns a lot from her. 
  • They bond over intellectual topics and deep talks and he treats her as an equal.
    • Headcanon that Akashi is not as traditional as his other male counterparts in the Akashi patriarchy LOL. 
  • She is always his +1 to events until he has a significant other.
  • THEY GIVE EACH OTHER FASHION ADVICE?? Like, sometimes Akashi wears something really weird (like a fur coat) and she’s like “Sei, can you wear something less extra” 
    • He calls her late night to ask her for girl advice lmao
    • Also she’s one of the few people who can calm an angry Akashi down l0l 


  • Acts like his best friend’s slave, complains a lot, rolls his eyes and gives infinite sass but would fall apart without her.
  • He asks her a lot of questions about girls and learns a lot how to care for another human being through her.
    • SIDE NOTE: Aomine is, I believe, less selfish and more human because of Momoi. He realizes he says a lot of harsh, blunt things and softens his edges when he’s around her. 
  • He enjoys going out to eat with her post-game and always revels in his glory, and she kind of sits there, feeding in his confidence LOL.
    • She makes him pay for the food though and just sits there munching as Aomine goes, “did you see my AMAZING block??” 
  • Aomine’s best friend basically keeps him from failing in school and is his number one wingwoman because daiki actually sUCKS at talking to girls, despite his perceived exterior. 
  • He gives her one armed hugs ALL the time and lazily calls her “Baka” 
    • PS: im a huge aomomo shipper so i think aomine gets with his female best friend sooner or later


  • Rants and talks about astrology and philosophy all day every day to them.
    • Cute headcanon: they share astrology memes and exchanges lucky items. 
    • Midorima made her believe, or follow Oha Asa a lot more and find more happiness through spirituality.
  • Sometimes, they go for days or weeks without talking but then Midorima would propose a study session together and they’d sit in silence and study until one breaks the silence and talk about what’s on their minds.
    • She always talks to him about her boy troubles and Midorima just nods, unable to give any damn advice because he is socially incompetent. 
  • She reminds Midorima that he’s too hard on himself and always sends little texts encouraging him to take care of his health, especially when he’s sick.
    • CUTE HEADCANON: they go to medical school together and live together platonically in the same apartment. 
    • they’re close enough to share books, and midorima, being a serious person does not take this lightly. 
  • one night when she’s really upset, midorima drives to her house, picks her up and takes her stargazing as she vents to him and he nods quietly. 


  • Headcanon they are food buddies!! except she’s a pastry chef and enjoys baking and always needs someone to taste the food.
    • Mura is always like, “____-chin, they’re all so good - i can’t tell you which one’s better!!” 
  • Mura gives her creative ideas on what new foods or recipes to come up with and CUTE HEADCANON they become co-business owners to a bakery/sweet shop. 
  • Mura carries her on his back whenever they go traveling because she’s lazy to walk and all she has to do is feed him food to keep him going (he’s like a car!!!) 
    • Mura asks her for girl advice and she just claims that he’s a lost cause but is secretly a great wing woman when he really needs it.  
  • His best friend brAIDS his hair or ties it up for him when it gets super long and in his face because he keeps complaining about it and she’s tired of hearing about it. 


  • Like Akashi, a lot of people thought they were dating but Kise sees her as a little sister.
    • fun headcanon!! she is a photographer friend who started off kise’s modeling career by doing his headshots and simple poses.
      • Kise loves doing all types of photoshoots with her and they always go traveling or on adventures to shoot. 
    • another fun headcanon!! they start a youtube channel together to document all their fun experiences.
  • Very adventurous pair of friends who don’t mind attention - both sUPER sociable. they go to bars together and are the life of the party honestly. 
    • When they’re drunk they sing karaoke pieces together LOL 
  • She teaches Kise how to do natural makeup so when he’s having a bad skin day he can cover it up or like…wing his eyeliner when he wants to sometimes??
    • kise paints her nails for her when they’re bored? 


  • his best friend is his quiet partner-in-crime
    • they’re basically super similar in everything except she gets a lot of people’s attention because she’s cute and adorable and small while kuroko tends to become her shadow (poor kuroko) 
    • she hates milkshakes but she flirts with the workers at maji burger so she can get a free one and gives it to kuroko!! 
  • they trade books and goes on walks with nigou to talk about books
    • headcanon that they are in multiple fandoms but they disagree on who they ship and so they always argue over that LOL 
  • Nigou really likes his best friend (sometimes more than kuroko) and they playfully argue on who nigou likes best. 
  • his best friend always goes to support his games and they both make fun of kagami-kun together like an evil duo 
Perfect Timing // Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: Spencer walks in on Reader pleasuring herself to thoughts of him.

Requested by: Anonymous

“Reid, you coming with us to eat?” Morgan asked as everyone gathered their things. After a long case the team wanted nothing more than to hit up their usual Mexican food place and drown in tequila and margaritas.

“I’ll catch up with you. I told Y/N I’d pick up some books I let her borrow today,” he replied as he threw his satchel across his shoulder. “It’s already late and I don’t want to leave her waiting.”

“Hey, tell her to come along too,” JJ suggested with a smile. Spencer nodded knowing how much his team liked his best friend. You were everyone’s favorite person.

“I’ll tell her. But you know Y/N, once she’s got her pajamas on she won’t go anywhere,” he chuckled. “I’ll see you guys later.”

Spencer knocked on your door twice and got no reply. He sighed, digging through his pockets to pull out his keys.

“She’s probably asleep already,” he muttered to himself as he sifted through keys and found the one you had marked with purple nail polish. He opened the door with ease, something he always did whenever you’d ask him to grab something from your apartment, and walked inside. The inside was all too familiar as he spent countless weekends at your place watching films and playing chess.

He quickly scanned the room and frowned slightly when he didn’t see the pile of books he was looking for. You had called and told him you would have them ready which usually meant they would be sitting on your coffee table in a neat pile. He scanned the room once again before locating what appeared to be a pile of books in the small hallway table.

“Here it is,” he mumbled to himself as he walked over to the pile. They were stacked neatly next to a vase of flowers that appeared to be freshly cut. They were lilies to replace the bouquet of carnations that had previously lived in the intricate glass vase he had gifted you just weeks before.

He was about to pick up the pile when he heard a soft moan. It was a sweet sensual sound he had never heard before. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion as he turned to look at your door that was just a few feet away. He walked closer as another moan was heard and despite his better judgement, peaked through the half opened door.

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“best friends in love” larry aka my favourite thing

  • when they’re cuddling after drinking a few glasses of wine harry takes louis’ hands in-between his own, they’re quiet for a while and then harry whispers “your hands are so tiny” and louis groans because oh no here we go again, and harry starts rambling and giggling “just look how much bigger my thumb is, this is so funny, look at them lou… you’re so much smaller than me..”
  • harry trying to teach louis how to bake, but louis is too stubborn to ask for help or admit he’s made a mistake. when they get their muffins out of the oven and harry tries one and ends up spitting it out because louis may have accidentally poured half a cup of salt in the batter, it was still completely harry’s fault for being too cute and distracting him
  • in the summer they’re outside enjoying the sun when louis gets up from their blanket on the grass and asks harry if he wants something to drink; harry replies with yes please and louis goes inside. he comes back with a water jug and plastic cups, and harry is lying so peacefully with his eyes closed louis just can’t resist and he dumps the entire jug of cold water on him. the older boy starts giggling at harry’s squeal and then runs inside to safety because harry will certainly want his revenge
  • So Many inside jokes… niall and liam are constantly annoyed because sometimes harry would say something like “ballet underwater” while they’re all eating breakfast together and it would make louis choke on his tea and the couple would always refuse to share the joke with them
  • sending memes to each other in the middle of the night when they’re apart (yes they do this and louis thinks the memes harry sends him might be even worse than his knock knock jokes, but he still laughs at them)
More Than Friends

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: “Can I request a scenario where you’re Namjoon’s best friend and you’re very very comfortable around him, almost too much, you just never show your feminine side, but he still manages to fall for you ? Thank youuu”

Word count: 3371

A/N: You might want some wine with all that cheese ;)

Like always, the teacher was late and almost everyone was already in the classroom. Everyone but the one person you wanted to talk to: Kim Namjoon. You were really close since elementary and for the first time you actually felt nervous to talk to him.

Next weekend was going to be your sister’s wedding, and you were allowed to invite a friend – thankfully, since you knew you were going to get bored – and who else would you bring other than your best friend? But for whatever reason asking Namjoon for such a favor made you feel a bit uneasy. It might’ve been because for the first time in forever you were going to wear a dress – a pink bridesmaid one at that – and his reaction scared you. Or maybe because he’d say no, because it’d be so boring. But mostly – although you didn’t want to think about it that way – it was because you typically went to weddings with your boyfriend or a date, and he wasn’t exactly that.

After a few minutes of pondering through the window, you heard him stumble against a chair as he entered the classroom. He was wearing some black shorts, with a baggy oversized sweater, his socks reaching his calves and a smirk plastered on his face as he walked towards his seat, next to yours. It had become a habit of yours every morning to wonder how someone like Kim Namjoon could pull off the wackiest of clothes and always – really, always – look fashionable.

He smiled at you as he sat down. You were about to talk to him when he was distracted by Bora walking past him. She was the most “wanted” girl since seventh grade – her early development the source of her success. That day, she was wearing a low cut shirt, so of course he was going to get distracted.  

You couldn’t help but purse your lips, immediately catching a glimpse of jealousy, that you tried to shake off as soon as possible. Your best friend was a guy – and Kim Namjoon at that – so what did you expect? Still, it bothered you deep down that he’d never look at you that way. Then again, how could you expect him to see you as a girl either, after all that you’ve been through… He had seen you at your dirtiest and ugliest, and for the longest time there was little you felt embarrassed about when it came to him. But for some reason, as you remembered your sleepovers – where burps and farts and other grossness probably happened – you couldn’t help but feel utterly mortified. You cursed your innocent and uninhibited young self as you contemplated the doodles on your notebook.

“Wow. What happened to you?” He asked chuckling.

“Wh-what do you mean?” You mumbled.

“You’re red as a tomato. Were you thinking of something… dirty?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows.

Literally, yes.

“Of course not! I’m just… tired.”

“Right. ‘tired’. So what’s up?”

“Nothing much. But I do have something to ask you…”


“You know this weekend’s my sister’s wedding and… I can bring a friend so… uhm… you’re coming, right? I don’t want to die of boredom, or asphyxiated by the perfume of too many flowers in a closed space or…”

“…Or of embarrassment when you see the new arrangements your sisters insisted on for your bridesmaids dress.”


He laughed.

“_____________! You’re really something. I got my invite like three weeks ago. As if I needed one anyway, your sister has been texting me about wedding details for months.”


“She even sent me a snap when she picked her dress. A magical moment…” He said as he wiped an imaginary tear off his cheek. “I can’t wait to see you in yours.” He said chuckling evilly.

“YOU’VE BEEN WHAT!? How did I not know about this… Also, if you’re responsible for that thing I have to wear you’re dead Kim Joonie!”

“Well… she wanted to see you ‘wear pink for once’ so… there was little I could do to save you.”

“You’re still dead.” You whispered as the teacher entered the classroom.


You didn’t even get to see yourself in the mirror before you had to come down for the wedding ceremony.  All you knew about how you looked was that your dress was pink, puffy and short, that you had makeup on and some sort of accessories on your head. Oh. And high heels that made walking down the stairs really difficult and slow.

When you finally reached the first floor, you were greeted by a hoard of women, your aunts, your mother and sister and her bridesmaids, all awed of how “pretty and girly” you looked. You tried your best not to roll your eyes at their lies comments.

You were all gathered outside the small chapel as you waited for your turn to go down the aisle as part of the procession. When it was finally your turn, you couldn’t stop yourself from searching with your eyes for Namjoon in the crowd. When you found him, however, you regretted it a bit. His eyes were stuck on you, and you could see how hard he was trying not to burst out laughing in the middle of the ceremony. It made you feel slightly embarrassed, but at the same time, you could share his amusement in a way, had he been in you position, you would’ve probably done the same thing.

The ceremony was long but still beautiful, and you felt really happy for your sister and her husband. Your mom was crying and you almost did too. After it was over, you spent some time with your parents and the newlyweds before where the reception was going to take place in the hotel.

Inside, tables with pink flower decorations were placed around a dance floor, where your sister and her husband had their first dance together. Outside, was a garden, and you could tell there were many flowers and lights that decorated it, but you didn’t go outside, too occupied with the buffet.

As you were enjoying your dinner, you felt someone tap you on the shoulder. When you looked over, you saw Namjoon, with a plate in his hand, smiling brightly at you.

“Oh, shut up.” You said, trying to contain a laugh.

“In my defense I did try to convince her against the ruffle flowers when she asked for my opinion…”

“Wh-what ruffle flowers?”

Namjoon couldn’t help laughing.

“The ones on the back of the dress?” He said, smiling as soon as he saw the look on your face. “It’s not bad, it’s just not your style. But you do look…. Pretty.” He said, his attitude suddenly a lot more serious, not quite able to look into your eyes as the word came out of his mouth.

“Th-thank you…” You mumbled, both surprised and unexpectedly pleased by the compliment.

“I think we should dance now.” He said after you finished eating.

“Dancing? You? Kim Namjoon, dancing?” You said mockingly.

“Yes, with you, come on.” He said as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you off the chair and into the dance floor.

As expected, his dancing was weird and awkward, limbs moving uncoordinatedly from the rest of his body, his face expressions following the rhythm a lot better than the rest of him. Having said that, there was something charming about him making a fool of himself, and as you tried to follow the music too, you simply couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.

“I think I need some water…” You said, after the song ended, leaving him doing the Macarena on the dance floor.

When you came back, you saw your cousin – who didn’t have the pleasure to be a bridesmaid – dancing next to him. She was wearing a tight little black dress, and she looked beautiful as ever. She seemed rather interested in Namjoon, and you knew she was “his style”, aka, fashionable and beautiful, so you decided not to go back, you wouldn’t want to be a cockblock to either of them… right?

After mingling a little with your brother-in-law’s parents, you decided it was time to go to bed, even if you weren’t really tired. Since Namjoon was probably occupied with your cousin, there was little left to do for you, so you just went upstairs to your room, besides, most of the guests were already gone.


You immediately went to the bathroom after taking your high heels off. The pain was killing you and it took you a little bit of time to adjust to walking normally. You were surprised when you got to see your reflection in the bathroom mirror. You didn’t look bad, as you thought you did. Of course, it was out of character for you, but you actually looked… pretty. Your makeup wasn’t bad, and the dress was just a pink bridesmaid dress.

After taking one by one all the bobby pins in your hair, you took a warm shower and slipped into your comfortable pajamas. You put your still humid hair in a bun on top of your head and finally jumped into bed.

As much as you tried to relax, you couldn’t. Thoughts of Namjoon and your cousin dancing together, talking together and… ughhhh together couldn’t stop flooding your mind. You tried to pretend you didn’t know why it bothered you so much, it’s not like you didn’t know how to share a friend, right? Besides, Namjoon would be happy for you if you got a boyfriend or something, right? So… why should it bother you so much to think that he could be hooking up with some girl? And your cousin at that, wouldn’t you feel happy for her too?

Then, you heard a knock on the door.

You thought it was probably your mother, asking you why you left the party or something.

It wasn’t.

As soon as you opened the door, you were greeted by Namjoon’s classic smirk and for the first time that night you realized you were staring at him. He was wearing a black suit that fitted him perfectly – a rare occasion since he was more of the baggy-fashionable type. Of course, he looked a lot less polished than at the beginning of the party, his tie loosened and the top buttons of his shirt let you get a peak of his collarbone.

You instinctively swallowed and as soon as you understood that you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore, you immediately looked down, hiding your eyes from your friend, as if by doing so the truth would also be hidden.

You were checking Namjoon out, and it was stirring you up. Deep down you knew it wasn’t the first time that he made you feel that way either, but you didn’t want to admit to yourself that you saw your friend as more than a friend.

“You’re already in your pajamas? Damn girl, you’re fast!” He said smilingly.

“Yeah… I’m tired.” You lied.

“Oh… Uhm… Then, should I leave?” He asked shyly.

“No, it’s ok. Why did you come here anyway?”

“I just wanted to see you. You said you needed water and then you never came back so I got a bit worried you were sick or something.”

“No, no. I just saw you with my cousin and thought you wouldn’t want me to interrupt.”

“What do you mean interrupt? I came here with you, remember?”

“Weren’t you… like… trying to hook up with her?”

Namjoon burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“Yeah, no. She’s not my type. Besides, I don’t think her boyfriend would’ve liked that either.

“Oh… I didn’t know she had a…”

“Of course you didn’t, you were too busy dancing with me to notice.” He said wiggling his eyebrows, making you roll your eyes. “Come on, I want you to see this.”

He helped you off the bed and guided you all the way to the elevator. He took you to the where the reception took place, it was empty, the tables and chairs had been removed and the floors had been swept. It barely looked like a party had taken place there.

“So… what are we doing here?” You asked hesitantly.

“Here? Nothing. We’re going to the gardens. They kept the decorations and I wanted you to see them.”

You knew your sister had been planning her wedding for a long time, and you knew there was a lot of effort put into every little detail. Then again, you didn’t expect the gardens to look so mesmerizing. The space wasn’t very big, there many white flowers and fairy lights decorating the branches of the trees. You followed a thin path that guided you to a small gazebo, also adorned with fairy lights. You regretted for a second not having explored a little bit more of the venue during the party, then the idea of Namjoon bringing your cousin there came to your mind. Immediately things started to look less bright.

“God, you’re such a girl.” You heard Namjoon say. When you turned around he was staring at you. “I knew you were going to like coming here.”

“I didn’t know it was so beautiful…” You admitted.

“Well, had you not disappeared I would’ve shown it to you sooner. I looked for you everywhere, I didn’t actually think you’d be in your room.”

“Sorry?” You tried to chuckle.

“No, no. This is better, actually.” He said, taking his coat off and slowly putting it on your shoulders.

Namjoon had always been a gentleman with you, even if sometimes it seemed hard to tell under all the teasing and low-key bullying, but it still surprised you that he would take care of you that way. You swallowed, confused yet unable to keep your eyes off him. He was looking at you in a way he never had before.

“What are you doing?” You asked, trying to hide a smile.

“I don’t want you to get a cold.”

“What about you, then?”

“I’m not that important. So wear it for me, ok?” You nodded and smiled to yourself. “So… how do you feel now that your sister got married?” He asked, looking away from you for a moment.

“I don’t think things are going to change much, to be quite honest. They’ve been together forever.”

“I feel quite nostalgic actually.”

“Nostalgic? Why?” You let out a small chuckle.

“You know I appreciate our friendship more than anything, right?”

“Of course.” You said, almost amused by his doubting.

“And… you know I love you, more than anything in the world, and I would never lie to you, right?”

Since his words were so unexpected, it took you a moment to nod in agreement. Of course, you knew you were important to him. You were best friends after all, but those were words you had never told each other before.

“However…” He swallowed. “There’s something I’ve never told you and the longer it’s kept unsaid the more all that I just said becomes a lie.”

“What are you talking about? Is this one of your riddles? Because I don’t think I drank enough for one of those…”

“No, I’m serious.”  He said amused by your answer.

“Then what are you talking about?” You asked, turning your face around to look at him.

“Our friendship. The longer I keep this up, the longer I feel like our friendship is a lie.”

“I know you think you’re being clear, Namjoon, but I don’t understand what you’re talking about and what you’re saying really hurts.”

“You’re right. The last thing I want is to hurt you so I’m going to make an effort not to rant and be honest even if it means risking losing what I love most.” You noticed his eyes were starting to get watery, and yours couldn’t help but do the same. “I must be the luckiest guy in the world, you know? Just to get to have you as my best friend because you are the most genuine, intelligent and… beautiful person I’ve ever met. You are adorable, silly, and supportive and funny god I you’ve made me laugh for hours straight! And you’re compassionate and-”

“I thought you said weren’t going to rant…” You chuckled nervously.

“I’m not… If I did the list would be much longer, trust me. What I’m trying to say is… You’re the best person anyone could ever have the privilege to meet and it is no mystery that I would… fall in love with you.”

You must’ve been dreaming. It was so surreal, how beautiful everything surrounding you was, and how Namjoon’s words – even if they always had the tendency to be poetic – seemed so honest and beautiful. You definitely must’ve been dreaming.


“Huh?” You mumbled right after Namjoon’s voice woke you from your trance.

“I know I shouldn’t be pushy but… You’re silent and I’ve never seen that look on your face and I’m scared, it’s killing me. So give me a hint of what’s going on in your head.”

“I… I was just… questioning the accuracy of this reality…”

He couldn’t help laughing. “You sound like me…”

“That’s because I spend more time listening to you talk than sleeping…”

He chuckled. “…So?”

“So this is not a dream?”

“If this was a dream you’d be already in my arms.”

He had a point.

“I didn’t think I’d be your type of girl…”

“I can’t have a type because no girl could ever match up to you.”

“Are you drunk or high again?”

He chuckled. “No, I’m just scared shitless I’m going to lose you.”

You shook your head. “You’re never losing me, Joonie. You are my best friend so even if I didn’t… even if I wasn’t in love with you’d never lose me.”

He grinned. “So that means you…”

“That means my parents will be happy I finally have a boyfriend I guess.”

He wrapped you in his arms and tightly pressed you against his body. You remained like that for a long moment, neither of you wanting to break the hug.

“So what exactly did you think was my type of girl?” He said, without loosening his grip around you.

“I don’t know… tall, beautiful, sophisticated, sexy, girly?” You mumbled, barely able to speak, trapped in Namjoon’s arms and coat.

“And what makes you think you’re not all that?”

You tried to lift your face to get a glimpse of him, he looked down to look at you tenderly. “Because I’m short, so-so looking, everything but sophisticated and definitely not girly. I’m not like Bora or my cousin…”

“What?” He seemed surprised to hear those names slip out of your mouth.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her…” You said as you hid your face against his chest. You could hear him laugh under the fabric of his coat.

“You’re sexier and more beautiful than both of them combined. Not to mention your boobs aren’t uneven unlike Bora’s.”

He kind of whispered that last part, but you could still hear him clearly.

“What?” You asked teasingly. “What do you mean uneven? How long do you need to stare at her to notice that?”

“Less than a second. But they bounce uncoordinatedly which is really funny, I made a bet with Yoongi once on how they’d-”

“Oh my God. You’re such a… A BET? That’s… How did I not know about this? And mine aren’t… uneven…?”

“Well… in all fairness, natural breasts are always uneven… but hers are really… god, they’re…. just… not right. And yours are perfect. I bet they feel perfect too, at least they do when I imagine it.”

You couldn’t help but raise your eyebrows. “You’ve imagined what…? They’re really not wrong when they call you a pervert.” You chuckled.

“As if you haven’t had those thoughts about me…”

“Yeah, I fall asleep every night imagining cupping your… manboobs.”

You both laughed.

“As long as they’re the only manboobs you want to cup… whatever keeps you around me.” He said before winking at you. “But for now… how about a kiss?”

You nodded and tried to stand on your tiptoes, making Namjoon chuckle. He brought his face near yours, lifting you up slightly, before gently crashing his lips against yours.

What did you expect? You stopped talking to me, and now after some time you just wanted to pick up where we left things? I’m sorry, but that is not how it works. You can’t ignore me for days and then come back and act like my best friend again. I don’t even feel like I’m a friend of yours anymore. It’s you who said you still wanted to be friends, that you didn’t want anything to change between the two of us. But right now, you’re the one that ruined it. Friends talk to each other, you know? But apparently that was too much to ask for. So this is goodbye I guess? Thank you for everything. I really did love you.

Jungkook as your boyfriend

Originally posted by jinkooks

  • k if you get to date jungkook you are the luckiest thing on earth because who doesn’t want to date that nerd
  • so he would be extremely nervous before confessing because he wouldn’t just go to a random someone he found cute and ask them out oh no no he would totally fall for a best friend
  • and guess what you are the best friend
  • and the nerd didn’t even realise he liked you in the first place he was literally just like “huh hyung aren’t they amazing if i’d date someone i wish it would be them”
  • and jin is literally facepalming for the fifth time because “jungkook maybe u CAN date them just ask”
  • but kook is like “wait no i can’t hyung we are best friends are you dumb or something”
  • but then something clicks in his head or jin is hitting his head bc kook’s stupid af and you turn around and smile at him and he just realises
  • he just knows he already fell for you
  • and then he nearly faints
  • but yeah back to it he decides to confess after some weeks or months idk he’s pretty much a loser
  • so what better way to confess than write a message because he is still a loser and he knows that if he talks to you he’s gonna screw it all up
  • so here’s the thing, being your best friend, kook doesn’t really write you messages and even when he does they are short because he knows you won’t get mad
  • but he literally stood all night up to write a long ass message before sending it at like 7 am
  • you still don’t know that he worked so much at that message but namjoon is forever blackmailing kook with it
  • woah this backstory is long af
  • anyway badabing badaboom you two are together because you actually had a crush on him who wouldn’t have a crush on jungkook
  • he still doesn’t like texting but he tries to send you morning texts and good night texts
  • you also get to wear his white t-shirts and he complains about it but he finds you sexy when you wear his clothes so he lets you wear them anyway
  • you two watch the marvel movies and you secretly like iron man too but you say that captain america is better just to annoy kook
  • alright back to the story
  • so jungkookie wouldn’t be big on skinship at first
  • he would be afraid to hold your hand
  • so when he does hold your hand he just internal screams and is like “good job kook you did good”
  • but then he regrets everything because his hands get sweaty so he immediately tries to find a context to stop holding your hand
  • he is also afraid to kiss you
  • and when the boys see that none of you is taking initiative on kissing they come up with a plan
  • so they play the pepero game
  • and yeah, taehyung and hobi kiss again and jimin gets slapped by yoongi bc they kissed but it’s all worth it when they shove both your heads into one another to see you kiss
  • and this is the story of your first kiss
  • jungkook likes hugs though
  • he would hug you 24/7 if he had the time
  • he gives good hugs too like he likes to hover over you if you are shorter or snuggle his head into your neck if you are tall enough
  • he would also like cuddling, especially spooning
  • but he would love to be the big spoon, even if you are 6 feet tall he. is. going. to. hold. his. baby.
  • and you can’t do anything about it
  • he still whines about his arm being numb after you two get up and he denies ever wanting to be the big spoon so you are still the bad one
  • after he gets comfortable enough with you he would start making out with you
  • and BOI would he love making out yes he would
  • he’d be pretty good at it too like he would love to hover over you while you two kissed (he would also dominate the kiss he’s a dom fiGHT ME)
  • he’d put a hand around your waist if you were standing and he would gather your hands over your head if you were sitting
  • he loves when you straddle him but he will never ever ever tell you
  • he also gives good neck kisses
  • he would pepper close mouthed kisses over your neck and they would be so light you would barely feel them
  • and when he gets to your collar bone you think he’s done buT HE GOES BACk to your neck and just bites
  • he bites
  • and then he starts to sloppily kiss all over your neck and he starts biting and sucking and licking everywhere he can reach and he gives you s o many hickeys and god forbid you hide them nope you gotta go out with your neck fucked up i’m sorry you got no choice
  • and he gets so smug and proud when people point out your hickeys or bruises and he smirks and he just w i n k s at you when you look over
  • but this fucker would headbutt you into your nose if you gave him one faint faint pale hickey
  • so yeah i guess you found out that your sex life is pretty interesting
  • of course, if you are ok with sex bc if you are not jungkook is still a happy bean
  • k so i already said that jungkook is a dom and i will forever support this statement with my whole heart
  • anyway, the first time he wouldn’t be as confident as he was with making out
  • bc apparently making love is different
  • and he’s scared of hurting you
  • so you have to take the wheel
  • and your first time is gentle and cute and somehow awkward but you enjoyed it nevertheless because jungkook kept on repeating praises and he also left those heavenly moans out
  • spoiler: after the first three times kook flips you two over and fucks you into oblivion
  • another spoiler: you never get to dom ever again
  • from then on it just gets wilder and wilder
  • i don’t really see him into dirty talk but i actually see him into dirty talk???
  • like i don’t think he will dirty talk every time but if you get him angry enough he will get into lowkey humiliation mode
  • sometimes calls you slut but apologizes for it 50 times after it’s all over
  • will never ever do anything that will hurt you because he may be a dom but he’s not going to ever hurt you so u are in good hands
  • a big one on fingering i dunno i don’t see him eating you out but he’ll finger you at any hour every day he’d finger you hours on no end if you would let him
  • also loves fucking your mouth if you are ok with it but still apologizes for it 10 times
  • spoiler: if you let him fuck your mouth then he will totally do it and if you gag or struggle he will chuckle and be like “come on, you can take more than that” and just continue. feels bad for it later
  • anyway, if you look uncomfortable with something or you look like you just can’t anymore he will stop because he doesn’t want to push you past your limits
  • and apologize again like 70 times because he is good at apologizing
  • if you guys ever fight he will be s o scared but only after it’s over and one of you walks away
  • i mean, he gets into it and he is pretty competitive so when you fight he wants to show you that he is right even if he isn’t
  • so he doesn’t notice that what you two do is bad only after you walk away
  • so he gets very very scared and he’s !!! “hyUNG WHAT DO I DO THEY LEFT”
  • and jin is like “calm down kid they’ll come back i promise”
  • and you do come back and jungkook is in literal tears his cheeks are all puffed out and his eyes are red and his lips are even redder and he looks like he can’t breathe anymore and he just clings to you and he repeats “please never leave me alone don’t ever walk away like this please i’ll do everything let’s just never fight i don’t like it” and he is ugly sobbing and whining so you just hug him and cuddle him and wipe away his tears and you can’t even remember why you fought in the first place
  • that was your first fight so after that one jungkook avoids the fights like the plague
  • if you guys start fighting he drops everything and hugs you very very tight because he is scared you will walk away again so he sits you down somewhere and he sits right next to you so your legs and arms touch because he needs to know you are there 
  • and you two just talk and never fight again
  • he also gets you little cute presents because “i just saw it there and it reminded me of you so i just bought it”
  • so your room is full of little things from jungkook because he doesn’t really like presents but will forever buy you stuff because he highkey likes to spoil you
  • you are so spoiled istg the only time he doesn’t spoil you is when you say “why do you spoil me” and he just denies everything
  • he is totally whipped but he doesn’t acknowledge it
  • and you guys tease each other every day and every time people see you together you bicker but at the end of the day you are still his and he is still yours
  • he knows he can trust you so WAIT NOPE I FORGOT TO SAY SOMETHING IT’S NOT ENDING YET
  • he is so jealous
  • i mean, it’s not that he doesn’t trust you, because he does, but when he sees other men around you he just goes on protective mode
  • the problem is he doesn’t know how to react when he feels like this so every time it’s different
  • one time he pulls you away, one time he joins the conversation, one time he just says something salty to the other person and forcefully grabs you and takes you somewhere else
  • actually, it’s always different with jungkook, whatever you guys are doing, be it dates (sometimes you go to a cafe, the next time you go to the gym and sometimes he takes you to the zoo or a carnival), or kisses (he will forever kiss you in a new way, two kisses will never be the same) or even talk (you guys will never talk about the same thing twice)
  • and that is because he knows he doesn’t know what to do so he wants to make sure that you are still interested in him and still love him and he’s forever afraid that he might screw up so he tries his best because you are honestly the world for him and he doesn’t want to lose his sun and moon and stars
  • because you make him feel things he never felt before and you are his only source of calmness and peace when everyone is stressing him and only your scent can relax him
  • and he knows he can trust you because you have been there before he even knew who he was. you were always there to remind him why he is wonderful and why he is doing what he is doing and you always supported him through his darkest times. you always protected him and he didn’t even know
  • so now he is forever grateful for what you’ve done for him and he wants to do so too. he wants to be there for you and he wants you to cry on his shoulder, not on someone else’s. he wants to be the reason you smile and he wants to protect you and he wants to remind you why you are breathtaking
  • he just adores you and everything about you and he still can’t comprehend why you love him the way he loves you and every night he has to remind himself that you are his, that you are there for him and that you are ok with it
  • so your relationship is more than bickering and presents
  • because jungkook is way deeper than he shows and he is a person that feels everything so very deeply and sometimes he is afraid of his own feelings and this is why he needs you to show him that you feel the same way and that he isn’t crazy or something
  • your relationship is one where you aren’t just lovers, but best friends too, which means that you know everything about each other, but are still eager to absorb everything that means the other’s existence
  • your relationship is built on sleepless nights where you just stare at each other and warm blankets and 3 am dinners and soft shy kisses and sweaty hands even after years of being together and mistakes because they are always there but you two learn to overcome them and he wouldn’t have it any other way
  • this got very long

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honestly you're one of the best authors out here, truth. Can you please do smut with Taemin, your mind can wander with it... I just want my oppa😍

Try Me:

The door locked once it was shut, the blonde making his way towards you until he was pushing you down on the bed hovering above you. His eyes shown nothing but lust, and a bit of his cocky attitude, but those lips shown a smile that was seductive and inviting, leaning down to hover his lips above yours the male spoke, his breath smelling of strawberries and vodka as his hand moved to grip at your hair keeping your head in place. “So, are you ready to try me?”

It was supposed to be the impossible situation but here you were laying under Lee Taemin. This should have never been allowed to happen. If it wasn’t for the stupid party that your stupid friends invited you to, then you wouldn’t have gotten drunk talked too much shit and played spin the bottle resulting in you laying here under this man who looked at you like you were edible. It wasn’t the fact that you told Taemin he was a fuckboy or too pretty for you. No, it was the fact that you kept going, saying how he was too cute to be in bed with you because he couldn’t handle you. How he would probably be the submissive one begging for you to go harder and touch him. You shoved your foot in your mouth big time hurling insults at him about his sex life because you wanted to believe that. You told yourself these things in your mind for a reason. So, that you wouldn’t jump on him, be needy for him. But now look at you, pinned under him and already breathless from a little kiss that he placed on your neck.

“We don’t have to do this..” You rasped out trying to move your hands from above your head that he so effortlessly pinned down with one of his own hands. His legs slipping in between yours he gave a low moan, letting his free hand move to cup your breast through your shirt groping you gently as he looked up at you.

“No I think we do. You questioned a lot about me, so I know that you’re curious. But it’s also no secret that I want you and I’d be a fool to let you walk away now. Untouched, unmarked… Untainted.” He whispered lightly before his lips was crashing against yours knocking anymore arguments from your lips. He slipped his hand under your shirt to draw lazy patterns against your flesh, smirking against your lips as he kissed you tilting his head to the side to deepen the kiss. His fingers scrapped against your hardened nipple that was poking against your bra resulting in your mouth parting to gasp and his tongue finding away inside of your wet cavern. You let out strangled moans from his touch, resting your hands under him because it took too much energy for you to pull at his grip and try to get free. Taemin greedily sucked at your tongue claiming your mouth as his even if it was just for a night.

He pulled back after devouring your mouth, his blonde hair falling into his eyes as his hands went for the hems of your shirt. You lay there watching as he lifted it off your body, his lips placing wet lewd kisses against your skin until he had the offending material off your body and scattered somewhere on his floor behind you. His hands didn’t worry about undoing your bra, too impatient and needy he slipped down the straps of your bra and yanked it down revealing your pert nipples and breast that begged for his attention. Grinding his hips down against yours, Taemin grabbed at your breast cupping them and playing with him, his tongue dancing across your flesh. He watched you humming and sucking on your breast, making slurping noises when he caused too much spit to get on your skin. He treated your breast like he was a feeding man needing his fill. Taemin bit on your nipples pulling them gently with your teeth letting them go when he felt he had done enough. He flipped you on your stomach grinding his hips into your ass as he undid your pants sliding his hands down past your pants into your panties and past the top of your pussy to rest it on your soaking folds. He chuckled breathlessly against your ear as his fingers danced up and down your lips parting them so that his long slim middle finger could rub your wet throbbing clit.

“For someone to talk so much shit about what I do. You seem to be the needy one here who can’t even contain your need for me right now. Just like a little slut. I bet you’re thinking about how good it’s going to feel when I finally fuck you hmmm? I can bet I’m bigger than some of my fingers combined and I can’t wait to stretch out this little pussy since you’re so sure that I won’t be able to handle you. I won’t stop until I have you screaming.” He promised licking the shell of your ear as his finger twirled around your clit slowly, your mouth filled with whimpers and pleas you were not going to tell him he was wrong or how good it sounded to you. Your hands pressed down against the bed because you were sure you’d fall over if you weren’t careful.

Taemin let his finger drag down your slit until he was sliding his long middle finger inside of your went pussy. It didn’t sting too much because you weren’t a virgin but he did have a length on his fingers that you couldn’t deny felt good. It had you gasping and arching your back to push your hips down against his finger. He smirked thrusting it in and out slowly, he slipped in his second finger after sometime scissoring your pussy open for something much bigger and harder. Taemin licked down your back slowly along your spine placing more wet kisses there wanting to see you squirm more for him. It didn’t take long for him to have you a whimpering mess wanting him to give you more, your head rolling forward to bite against the sheets as you rolled your hips down against his fingers. You wanted more fingers gripping onto the soft comforter that was under you.

“Ta-taemin please.” You whined softly looking up at him.

“Please what?” He asked curling his fingers to press them against your spot smirking as he licked his lips.

“I want you to touch me. Taemin make me cum.” You groaned out rolling your hips back once again. Taemin full on smiles moved to jerk down your pants and panties in one go, his hand moving to slapping your ass cheeks making them jiggle and sound off in the quiet room. Taemin spread your legs wide licking against the star of your ass before he pushed his tongue in causing you to gasp in surprise. Your face heated up and red as he licked and flicked against your asshole lubing you up and making sure that you were going to be stretched out for what he had planned. Once his tongue played with your entrance enough Taemin was moving back to grab at some of the beads he kept in his dresser beside the bed. Looking down at your helpless form he licked on a few beads moving behind you as he sucked on some more, lining them up with your anal entrance Taemin slipped them inside starting with the smaller beads. He moved them one by one until he had as many of the big beads in your ass that you could take without hurting you. He rolled you on your back smiling down at your naked panting flustered form.

“You’re so fucking beautiful. I should have done this earlier. But don’t worry it won’t be the last time. Next time, I’ll enjoy you even more.” He teased as he stripped himself of everything he had on letting them pile together on the floor by your clothes. He spread your legs wide, reaching back over he grabbed a foil packet tearing it with his teeth. He slid the condom onto his shaft, his tip glistened with wetness from how aroused he had gotten.

His hands gripped onto your hips and he slowly rocked his hips forward pushing inside of you. Your lips let a hiss escape as you felt your walls being opened and stretched by his girth. Taemin felt so good inside of you, and part of you were glad you were not inexperienced because it would’ve hurt. Your hands moved up to grab at his biceps, rolling your hips up against his you moaned in pleasure not wanting to wait. He got the hint starting to slam inside of you at a fast pace, the bed shaking under you as he fucked into you. Your back arched off the soft surface as you rolled up your hips trying to keep up with his pace. Your wet pussy invited his shaft in every time he penetrated your walls and caused you to scream for him. You were keeping up until he reached down with one hand starting to slowly pull the beads out of your ass one by one. Taemin would give you a few harsh thrusts, slow his speed down and keep it gentle only to pull a bead out and start back up with it all over again. Your body shaking and writhing with the pleasure he delivered to you. You tried to calm down your loud screams of pleasure but it was no use because you were sure everyone could hear you and frankly you didn’t care right now. Taemin used his other hand to start furiously rubbing at your clit, two of his fingers pressing down against the soaked bud as his hips slammed against yours and his other hand pulled on the beads watching both of your clenching holes take him and the beads he was close to the edge growling and biting down on his plump lip to keep from cumming. In a few more strokes of his hips colliding with yours, he was pulling out the last few beads watching your face contort in pleasure as you cried out for him with your back arched and lips parted. Your eyes rolled back as your fingers clung to the sheets, stomach clenching and sweat falling from your body. Your holes were both clenching, your cum was sliding onto the condom, and feeling all this Taemin was no match for his desire resulting in him cumming as well. He slowed down his hips, helping you both ride out your orgasm as his fingers pull out the rest of the beads from inside of your twitching asshole your hips jerking as you whined.

“I know, I’m done you can rest for a bit.” Taemin chuckled as he moved to clean off the beads and tie the condom by the end throwing it in a trashcan. Moving he scooped you up in his arms, crawling to lay against the headboard with you he pressed his lips against yours smiling.

“Now, aren’t you glad you tried me?” He teased you gently rolling you over to lay on top of you starting another make out session.

book starters [15]

                            ( HARUKI MURAKAMI ) ( NORWEGIAN WOOD ) 

  1. “What happens when people open their hearts?”
  2. “Nobody likes being alone that much.”
  3. “I don’t go out of my way to make friends, that’s all. It just leads to disappointment.”
  4. “Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Only assholes do that.”
  5. “You need to grab whatever chance you have of happiness where you find it, and not worry about other people too much.”
  6. “I want you always to remember me.”
  7. “Despite your best efforts, people are going to be hurt when it’s time for them to be hurt.”
  8. “What stays in your heart will stay; keep them, and what vanishes will vanish.”
  9. “All I want in this world is you.”
  10. “I want the two of us to begin everything from the beginning.”
  11. “No truth can cure the sorrow we feel from losing a loved one.”
  12. “What a terrible thing it is to wound someone you really care for and to do it so unconsciously.”
  13. “If you’re in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark.”
  14. “I’ve had enough hurt already in my life. More than enough. Now I want to be happy.”
  15. “People leave strange little memories of themselves behind when they die.”
  16. “Stop eating yourself up alive. Things will go where they’re supposed to go if you just let them take their natural course.”
  17. “When your feelings build up and harden and die inside, then you’re in big trouble.”
  18. “When you fall in love, the natural thing to do is give yourself to it. “
  19. “If I have left a wound inside you, it is not just your wound but mine as well.”
  20. “Hey, what is it with you? Why are you so spaced out? You still haven’t answered me.”
  21. “People are strange when you’re a stranger.”
  22. “The dead will always be dead, but we have to go on living.”
  23. “You don’t get it, do you?”
  24. “I am a flawed human being - a far more flawed human being than you
  25. “At least let me know whether or not I hurt you.”
  26. “All of us are imperfect human beings living in an imperfect world.”
  27. “I’ve never once thought about how I was going to die.”
  28. “So I’m not crazy after all!”
  29. “I miss you terribly sometimes, but in general I go on living with all the energy I can muster.”
  30. “Will you wait for me forever?”
  31. “I don’t want our relationship to end like this.”
  32. “When am I going to be able to talk to you? I want you to tell me that much, at least.”
  33. “It hurts not being able to see you.”
  34. “I’m not totally mad at you. I’m just sad.”
  35. “The world is an inherently unfair place.”
  36. “Life frightens me sometimes. I don’t happen to take that as the premise for everything else though.”
  37. “I’m a real bargain, don’t you think? If you don’t take me, I’ll end up going somewhere else.”
  38. “We’re all kind of weird and twisted and drowning.”
  39. “Don’t you think it would be wonderful to get rid of everything and everybody and just go some place where you don’t know a soul?”
  40. “You’re not telling me anything I don’t know already.”
Behind Your Back [Part 3 - FINAL]

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Newt x Reader / Minho x Reader [ prev ]

Request by anon: May I request an imagine? How about Newt and Y/N dated, but then another shebean. (Other than Teresa) came up, and Newt cheated on her with the new girl. She was depressed and became an introvert, then her best friends (Teresa) convinced her to move on to Minho, since she had a small crush on him. Around the time she asks him out Newt realizes that the new girl was “getting with” other glader behind his back. He wants to get back with Y/N but realizes it is too late. Sorry for the long req!

A/N: Sorry this took forever! Been busy and then I got really sick but anyway, here’s the final part to Behind Your Back !! Thank you once again to the anon who requested this! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing Newt in a different light as well as Minho, one of my favourite characters as well in the series! I feel like this summed everything up so there will be no further parts to this. Hope you like this!

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anonymous asked:

Senpai! I've been following you forever because of your awesome anime and seiyuu gifsets!!! And in so much joy when I discover that you read Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare manga and you ship Yuna x Rio as well <3 But I want to ask why you think Rio's friend might start liking Yuna?!

PS: I had this ask for a long time (when chapter 16 was out) but I decided to post this after seeing the chapter 18 raws to confirm if my assumption about Agatsuma was right!! Also spoilers ahead about chapter 18 (with my translation) at the end

Oh, thank you and I’m glad your enjoying my blog especially my anime and seiyuu gifsets ^^ And yes, I super duper ship Yuna x Rio so much <3 I just love how Yuna is doing her best for being there to Rio even though he likes Akari but now that’s over with already, I know that there will be something more between Yuna and Rio since it’s too good to be true for them to be sailing already.

That’s when Agatsuma comes in. Here’s the reason why I think Agatsuma might start liking Yuna also I’m basing it on how Sakisaka-sensei made the friendzoned characters from her past shoujo manga titles like Touma (Ao Haru Ride) and Andou (Strobe Edge).

First, his appearance in the manga obviously! If you reread Chapter 06, you can pretty see that Agatsuma and Shiba didn’t draw with their eyes yet when they were with Rio, until Yuna went to confront Rio and Agatsuma was beside him.

He didn’t do much since Shiba is the one creating a drama, but at that moment where Agatsuma appeared, I feel like his gonna do something more, which I was right because of Chapter 09!!

He noticed Yuna right away! Let’s be honest here, there’s no way that he could’ve noticed her by meeting her just once, but he did. Maybe Agatsuma got her attention on how she handled herself when the drama with Shiba started from Chapter 06 ^^

Because second, he and Yuna finally got to interact when they were at the goukon.

Okay, I have so many things to say about their interaction *O* The way Yuna reacted when she looks where Agatsuma surprised me. That’s also the reason why I think he’s more than just a minor character in the manga. I mean if Sakisaka-sensei only plans to make Agatsuma a character to be Rio’s friend, she should have drawn Yuna in one panel turning her head at the side, but obviously, we got more than that.

Also Agatsuma is sparkling when he introduced himself to Yuna. And then, I noticed that their interaction in every panel have sparkling effects since they’re talking about how she’s changing and he’s just there telling her that ‘It’s fine to get used to it’ and ‘It’s fine to not rush these things, right?’ 

So after their interaction in Chapter 09, we can definitely see that Agatsuma and Yuna got closer plus Shiba.

Also I just want to point this out from their sports marathon in chapter 12, but Agatsuma’s expression here made me curious? Somehow he’s wondering if Rio will go with Yuna to check up on Akari and then he starts to walk away when Rio said he wouldn’t go.

And now, this is all where all my assumption about Agatsuma liking Yuna is really happening. The moment when Rio talk to Shiba and Agatsuma about the dream he had.

We got Agatsuma with an answer about a bug theory (this is my own translation from this post because the English translation that I saw in some manga sites interpret it differently), where he’s trying to say that someone will try to make that dream not to happen. Which made me think that he’s foreshadowing himself that he’s the bug, because after that conversation, we got this.

If you read that part in a Japanese context, it actually shows that Agatsuma envies them (in a friendly way) since Shiba will be going with his girlfriend so he feels a bit left out and that’s why he wanted to go to the festival with Yuna and the others since they’re going as group of friends.

And again, I want to point this out! Sakisaka-sensei showed Agatsuma while Shiba totally got covered with the speech bubble in this panel. It’s like she wanted us to see Agatsuma’s reaction about what Kazu said since Rio lied to Yuna that he knew about the festival from Kazu.

That’s why Agatsuma asked Shiba for a confirmation if it would be okay for him to go with them at the festival cause maybe he feels like he’ll be in the way.

Then here comes chapter 18 where Agatsuma had more panels than he had in the past chapters!!

And now, let’s have a bit of Agatsuma trying to be in the way between Rio and Yuna, which I find it really cute though >w<

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The guy I called my best friend doesn't care about me anymore but I'm still in friend love with him and I don't want him to be shallow with me. Would you please write something about that for me?

Friendships don’t just die
They can’t really age
Murder however
Is all too commonplace
So let me ask you
Please reply to my face
Why must you insist
On finding axes to raise
When I open my mouth
To offer you praise
Or a joke you would like
If you weren’t snapped
from old ways
So please, old friend
I care much for your smile
I miss it so dearly
Your grimace beckons bile
So why don’t you remind me
Once in a while
That friendships don’t die
And I’m not gonna be here
For you forever
So don’t waste my time.








Last Name // Jared

Summary: You drank a little too much and you woke up to an unfamiliar weight on your ring finger. Who exactly did you marry last night and what is your last name?

Characters: Jared Padalecki x reader, and Cara (OC)

Words: 641

Disclaimer: I do not own the song Last Name by Carrie Underwood or Supernatural.

Warnings: Allusion to night of sex, alcohol, and eloping.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Shortest fic I’ve done and I find it interesting. Also Gen and Jared are not together in this but it’s just fiction and not real. I love Gen and Jared together.

Master List

Prompt List


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You groaned feeling utterly like shit. You noticed you were in your hotel room with a nightie son but you didn’t remember anything or how you got here.

“Fuck you Cara.” You growled rubbing your head.

Cara was your best friend getting married. She wanted her wedding party to be in Vegas before she was a married woman. She’s cliche type of girl so when she announced she was having her bachelorette party in Vegas.

At first you didn’t know what was physically different. You only noticed when something painfully hit your nose. You winced feeling the sharpness knowing it had left a dent whatever the object was.

“What the fuck?” You exclaimed at first at the pain, “Oh no.”

Sitting on your left hand ring finger was something very new and definitely didn’t fit given the lack of significant other. A shiny ring glinted in the light sneaking into the room from the window. You blinked as the view of the ring settled into your mind without any hint of where it came from.

“Oh no.” You breathlessly said again.

The problem was that you were now married to a stranger. A stranger you couldn’t remember the name of. You’re mother would be so ashamed in you for doing something so reckless. She always was saying not to get so drunk that you barely remember your name.

“What happened last night?” You asked yourself, “I drank a little too much of that poison.”

The night slowly came back but you couldn’t remember the face face of your new husband nor what his name was. You could recent a voice that seemed very familiar to you.


You put the empty shot glass next to the one Cara had tossed back like a pro. You were a very giggly drunk right now. Cara’s eyes widened at the sight behind you.

“Hey gorgeous, wanna dance?” The man asked you.

“Sure.” You yelled laughing as you moved to the music. He was one of the tallest men in the club and you were thankful he had chosen to talk to you.

“Hey cutie, where you from?”

“Small town but I moved to the city this past summer!”

The two of you grinned as you drank more alcohol and danced even more.

“Wanna get out of here?” He asked.


He led you out of the club and down the street where the parking lot was and very full. He dug his car keys form his pocket and into the door of the car that most certainly an eye sore and very beat up.

“I bought it with the money I made from the movie theatre.”


The rumble of the car scared you. You forgot when when his hand rested on your thigh but you were screaming the lyrics to the song playing on the radio. Your arms were in the air as the wind from the open window blew your hair back.

“Oh look!” You gasped. A beautiful church stood in all white and tall.

‘Free Marriage Ceremony Friday’

“We should get married!” He exclaimed as he read the sign.


At three in the morning you were now married. You took his last name, one that you wouldn’t remember in the haze of alcohol. The wedding was extremely small with two people pulled off the street as witnesses and you had a bouquet of disgusting flowers.

All you remember from the ceremony was a giddy Elvis that bordered on crazy murderer. There was a note on the table beside your head with messy but neat writing.

Last night was fun even thought I can remember much other than the sex. I wish you luck.


p.s. you’re seriously good in bed.

Of course you remember what he looks like now but you couldn’t remember your goddamn last fucking name.

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why Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is the best game;

  1. you can literally make your character either gender, as sassy as you want, nice, evil, and ask literally everyone for money, all while actually being extremely oblivious to everything 
  2. mission vao
  3. hk-47 is literally the best companion to ever come out of a bioware game
  4. you spend 1/5 of the game beating a gang up and literally just trying to find an engine for your swoopracer so you can save your friend/gf bastila
  5. did i mention mission vao, the coolest 14 year old twi’lek you will ever encounter
  6. literally the old republic, non of the skywalker™ bullshit for you
  7. so much story and characters to love
  8. literally the first thing in star wars to have a canon lesbian
  9. shes a cat babe too and so sweet and tragic too
  10. you get a wookie friend too
  11. you spend 30 minutes talking to a child on your ship who speaks mandalorian, trying to learn her language while an actual mandalorian is less than 10 meters away from you
  12. darth revan is a fucking babe and the original cool sith lord and first bro to wear a mask and hood (fuck you kylo ren)
  13. ????
  14. literaly so good go buy it it wont cost you anymore than 10 dollars on steam and literally any computer can run it its from 2002 

that is all go buy it 

Get Through This Together [Lafayette x Reader]

Characters: Lafayette x Reader, Hercules

Length: 1522+ words

TW: Anxiety / Depression / Self-Hate (ish) / Insecurities / Bad parenting 

A/N: First story of 2017!! I don’t want to put too much pressure on this story or anything, so I hope you guys enjoy! 

You knew you weren’t the best partner in a relationship, seeing your nonexistent history being personal with anyone proved that. Your parents were never abusive, but they did what every parent did. They broke you. Your dad made you paranoid of anyone’s intentions, and your mom made you have little to zero self-confidence with her guilt-trips. It took you almost a year to realize that your French best friend had been flirting with you, and another six months of wondering what he saw in you to agree to a date. It’s been two years ever since then, and you still had to ask whether he wanted to be with you. You knew you had no reason to be insecure. He did everything right. He only had eyes for you, always made you feel loved, and did everything he could to get you past your insecurities. You opened up to him like you never did with anyone else, and he always thanked you for sharing, knowing how hard it is for you to do that. 

Recently, your anxiety has been pretty bad, making your insecurities more visible than it’s ever been. You’ve been distancing yourself from Gilbert, and your friends because you felt undeserving of them. Gilbert eventually caught on to your moods, and gave you the space you needed to pick yourself back up. Once, you were a little bit better, you sought out your boyfriend. Much to your dismay, he rejected your call. Your last text message to him was a month ago, and you knew he always picked up or texted you after getting into contact with him, eager to see you again. You tried texting him, asking if he wanted to have a date tonight, but he replied that he was busy. You understood that he might’ve had other plans, so you asked when he was free, and he replied that he wouldn’t know. That’s it. There was no open ending. There was no indication that he wanted to see you. You didn’t know what to do, should you confront him and face the heartbreak, or never mention it ever again. Maybe, you were overthinking things, but for the first time, you knew that you weren’t. The signs were all there. You went to bed, feeling heavier than you’ve ever been, sleeping off the sadness. When you woke up, you found a new resolve to confront him, not wanting the relationship to continue if both sides were unhappy. You checked if he had messaged you, and found none. You read his previous texts in the last month. Usually, he would text you good morning and good night, and other cute sweet things. Despite, not texting him back, he never missed texting you. There were no new texts. You quickly got ready, and took the ride to his apartment that he shared with his buddies. You knocked on the door a couple of times, having to wait a few minutes before Hercules opened the door.   

“Who- Oh- Hey, Y/N,” he greeted nervously.   

“Can I talk to Laf, please?” you asked, your voice quieter than you intended it to be.   

“Yea. Give me a sec.” He closed the door on you, making your heart sink to the bottom of your stomach. Hercules never had a problem letting you in to the apartment while you waited for Gilbert. Your thoughts were interrupted with a bed-headed Gilbert. He was shirtless with sweatpants around his waist, and his hair wasn’t tied in its usual bun, letting it loose.   

“Quoi?” he asked, his voice deeper from his slumber.   

“You should put on a shirt,” you said, turning away from him. “You’re going to get sick.” You didn’t miss the way he rolled his eyes, and raise both his hands in the air in annoyance. When he came back out with a sweater, you were quickly to blurt out your thoughts. “Do you want to break up?”   

“Don’t you?” he shot back.   

His response had surprised you. “Wh-What?” 

He scoffed, folding his arms over his chest. “Don’t act like you don’t know. You love someone else other than me, anyways.”   

Your voice was shaky as you tried to recalled the past month, wondering where he could’ve gotten the idea of loving someone else other than him. “L-Laf, th-there’s only been you! I swear!”   

Gilbert raised his eyebrow questioningly, assessing your body language as if to check if you were lying. “James Madison.” He stated the name of the man he had assumed you have been making relations with. 

“Ja-James? James?!” you exclaimed. “Laf, he’s my new therapist! He’s only an intern psychologist for the school so he’ll be able to see me more often, and he’s been using different methods of reaching out to me aside from the sessions to see if it would help. I didn’t- I thought- Oh, God! I’m so sorry,” you cried. “It’s my fault- I should’ve told you-“ You knew how he could’ve seen your relationship with James as. He was the one you sought out after secluding yourself from your friends, not to mention you’ve been in constant contact with him. Gilbert, and his friends must have seen you guys around campus- the only times you were out of your bed.   

You were so engrossed in your own thoughts that you failed to see Gilbert’s face pale at the explanation you gave him. His heart broke at how you had blamed yourself for a misunderstanding he initiated.   

“No, no. Mon amour, listen to me.” He grabbed your cheek with his palm, making sure not to make you feel trapped by his touch. “This was my fault. I-“  

You shook your head, taking a step back, and hitting the wall. “No, Laf. I was the one who didn’t tell you-“ 

“I should’ve asked you before I went off, and ignored you. This wasn’t your fault, and I won’t allow you to feel guilty over something stupid that I did.”   


“Please, forgive me,” he whispered, leaning his forehead on yours.   

“Of course.”   

“We’ll get better at communicating, oui?”   


“I’m sorry. I’m so used to making you talk that I forgot to talk to you about my insecurities.”   

“Insecurities?” You never thought your boyfriend would be insecure. There was nothing for him to be insecure about. He was good-looking, smart, kind, and everything you’ve always admired in a person.   

“Oui. I never thought I would be able to find someone as intelligent, and caring, and beautiful as you. So, once I did, I promised myself I would never let you go. But sometimes I think that you could do better than me- that anyone can snatch you up by making you feel more loved, and being a better man than me.” 

You couldn’t help, but gasp. “Never. If anything, it’s me-“ 

“Mon amour,” he said, in an almost warning tone. The same tone he uses every time you would say anything negative about yourself. It wasn’t condescending or meant to be rude, he said in such a way that you knew he was just looking out for you.   

“Sorry,” you said, sheepishly. “Thank you for not giving up on me.” One way you coped with your anxiety, and self-hate is to turn your apologies to appreciation. Turning every sentence where you wanted to apologize, to thank the person instead.   

“Never. Je t’aime, mon amour.” 

“I love you too,” you said automatically. Your eyes widened, and his eyes crinkled as his lips formed a huge smile. You’ve always implied it, but you never said it. This time you knew you meant it wholeheartedly. “I love you, Laf,” you repeated to affirm that it wasn’t just a slip-up. “I love you so much.”   

He grabbed your waist, making you squeal in surprise, and spun you around the hallway.   

“Laf!” you yelled in laughters. “Put me down!”   

The man gently placed you back on your feet, leaning down, and grabbing your cheek. “I love you.” Behind those three words, you knew what he meant. It was a promise that won’t let another misunderstanding make you feel worth less than the stars and the moons. He knew that he had broken a part of a trust that you had, but he was confident that he would gain it back.   

“I love you too.” By saying those three words back to him, you made a promise to better yourself every single day. Because he has motivated you, and inspired you to be a better person than you were a minute ago. It wasn’t going to be easy, but you knew with his encouragement, and your strength, that you would be able to face anything that came between you and Gilbert.   

“I am so proud that you came to see me today, mon amour. You didn’t stay quiet, and hurt yourself over this. You confronted me, and I know you must’ve been scared, but you were so strong, Y/N. So strong, and fearless.” He kissed your forehead, murmuring encouragements in English and French.   

“Thank you, Laf.” You wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling him in for a hug. “Thank you.”