i want to be your best friend is that too much to ask

Things To Remember This Coming Year:

  • 1. Organization and discipline are two totally different things. Being organized, in whatever aspect of your life, takes discipline and drive. Organization is a daily routine, and developing the discipline to keep yourself in that routine and thrive in it will carry you well in the coming year. Get a journal/notebook/calendar. Decorate it as you wish or not at all–it IS for you after all, so do what you think works best. Set a reminder in your phone or something within view that reminds you to check your planner if need be, and set aside 5+ minutes to do so. This will help you get in the swing of things :)
  • 2. Eat as healthy as you possibly can, but let’s be real, chocolate, candy, chips, etc. gets the best of ANYONE. I say this because I feel it’s best to stress, especially in the coming year, that we’re not perfect. Feed your brain fruit, healthy grains, vegetables, calcium and iron-rich foods, etc., but it’s more than okay to go for that chocolate bar every now and then.
  • 3. Sleep. Netflix will save where you last left off on Stranger Things. Hulu will remember where you were at on your movie. Sleep will not. You will NEVER be able to make up for lost sleep, no matter how hard you try. So set yourself a set bedtime that will get you the best amount of sleep that you’ll need to function optimally the next day. Shoot for 7+ hours. Your body needs rest. Put the laptop and phone away, meditate, count sheep, or whatever it is that will help you sleep…and do so. I can’t stress how much sleep affects mental and physical health, and overall function. Don’t take it for granted.
  • 4. There’s a difference between challenging yourself and overwhelming yourself. I am throwing this phrase at you guys in the form of glitter and positive energy as we speak. This is SOOOOOO!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Challenging yourself is great, but it has its limits. If you want to take an AP class, by all means do so. If you’re planning on taking 4 at one time, check yourself and ask yourself, “Combined with my other commitments, will this overwhelm me?” It’s a simple question, but it’s a very important one. In college, keep in mind the classes you need to take and how many credit hours you think you can feasibly take on. Your mental health is so important, please don’t wear your pretty selves down ✨🌸
  • 5. Give yourself something to look forward to everyday. It can be big, or small. But I’ve found that finding something to look forward to the next day, whether it’d be cracking open a new book, watching a new video your favorite youtuber put out, making a nice breakfast, etc. can really go a long way. We all need a little motivation to get through the day. It’s in the little things, trust me.
  • 6. Find a hobby. Hobbies are so important. They’re great coping mechanisms and ease the stress of work, school, etc. Take some time to find what you’re interested in and start small. Try scrapbooking, or maybe join a fun club on campus. If you’re into cooking, look up some recipes you wouldn’t normally try and try it! Get funky! Take a dance class or go to they gym. Find what suits you. It will help you in the long run.
  • 7. Love yourself. This is easier said and done, obviously, but promoting a positive mental image of yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Cut yourself some slack. It sounds so cheesy, but go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself one thing you love about yourself. Do it every morning. Or, write it down in a journal or something. Say it to yourself on the bus. Hang with people that make you feel good about yourself and add value to your life. Do things that make you happy. Listen to new music, reward yourself with a new outfit. You guys are all gorgeous ass human beings and I want nothing but the greatest of self-love for you guys ❤️❤️
  • 8. ...and love others, too. Remember your family, and your friends. They can be your greatest support system. Spend as much time with them as possible. Check in with your friends, hang out with them, be there for them. Be attentive at the dinner table with your family, engage in discussion. Take time to check in on your siblings. If you find yourself liking someone and it turns into a budding relationship, assess if the person will add to your happiness and that it is healthy. Also determine if you’ll be able to provide the time, energy, and care that goes into a relationship among the other commitments in your life. If check, check, and check, by all means go ahead. Have a blast 😎😇

Add more ideas below and keep it going!!! I love you all xoxo

Top 18 Sterek Fics 2017

Hello, our lovely followers!

For the past two years, we’ve been giving you guys a list of our favorite fics that we read and we are back at it again! These are the fics that really stood out to us in 2017. (here are our faves from 2016 and 2015)

Like always, this fandom came through with so many good fics this past year and we hope to see more and more sterek fics posted even with the show done.

We wish you all the best in 2018 <3

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1. At some point you realise that the love you give will never be enough for him, he won’t be happy with you and that’s okay. You have to let go and move on with your life.
2. Saying goodbye to the love of your life is the hardest you will ever have to do, but it will be worth it.
3. Moving away from home is hard but for the first time in your life you can do what you want, when you want; enjoy it! Embrace the homesickness and soak up your parents love when you visit at holidays.
4. You can’t recover overnight. There will be days when you don’t feel like eating, or breathing, or living. That is okay, book a doctors appointment and spill your heart out.
5. The medication does work.
6. Your friends are there for you and you aren’t annoying them by asking for help! But you need to go to therapy to find healthy coping mechanisms, your friends aren’t a replacement for this.
7. Letting go is harder than you thought, don’t religiously check their facebook, instagram, and twitter. It will only make you sad.
8. Do not leave your university assignments until the night before, this does not help your mental health and only leaves you wishing you could do better once it has been submitted.
9. Don’t beg for someone to be in your life. Chances are, if you’re promising to change yourself for someone who gives nothing in return, they’re not worth it.
10. You deserve someone better.
11. Find the balance with alcohol. Drinking too much is never a good idea and will only make you feel like shit the next day. You don’t need to be smashed to have a good time, tipsy is the best type of intoxicated you can be.
12. Don’t be afraid to trust again. He may have torn your trusting personality to shreds but others will look at you with warm eyes and an open heart.
13. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, nothing will change. 
14. Fixing your heart is hard. 
15. The pain doesn’t last forever. They will probably always mean something to you but eventually the pain is put into a tiny box in the corner of your brain, only to be opened when you need it.
16. Don’t be afraid to go on dates. Most of them won’t be that good but you’ll never know if you don’t try.
17. You deserve to be happy, despite everything.
—  E.A.B. 17 lessons I learnt in 2017
Game is Life! (M)

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

Summary: In a series of unfortunate events where you have to take care of your gaming-addict neighbor while his brother is away for five whole days.

Genre: fluff, smut, idk how angst managed to slip in there, youtubegamer!jungkook

Warnings: hickey obsession, unprotected sex, spanking

Word Count: 14.4k

A/N: gfhkgdafkdaghj I normally don’t write smut scenes because I never really have any ideas to make it more interesting, but here’s my attempt to!!! and I was inspired by the webtoon let’s play AND HAPPY 2018!!! i truly love all of you guys and thank you for supporting me in my writings and i hope we all have a great 2018 together <3

At the end of the hall on the third floor of a decent apartment complex is room 110. On the left is room 109, where you reside in.

You have no idea what goes on in room 110 besides the voices of two males: one screaming, “JUNGKOOK! COME EAT!!” and another one yelling in response, “AFTER THIS GAME, HYUNG!”

It happens almost every day.

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anonymous asked:

mhm as a depressed person i'd love to hear someone say that they dont understand me and make me feel like a fucking alien. he's SOOO sensitive for being ignorant right? how can you defend him even now, you really haven't changed from the past.

*warning, long*

you didn’t read the entire fanacct, that was the first half of the first sentence. it took op 2 pages to describe the entire encounter and 5 seconds for the translator to translate one sentence, maybe less for netizens who wanted something to fight about. obviously, more happened than what you and many people are aware of.

btw i don’t want to make this personal! but please don’t be condescending in my inbox when i’ve had severe depression for the past 7 years of my life. i’m a (small albeit active) donor to active mental health research and recognition charities and a very active participant in the fight to understand, fight against, and overcome mental illness so aside from this baekhyun situation, this message is inflammatory to me as a person :/ but i digress bc those two things aren’t related so dw about it too much. i’m here to talk about baekhyun’s “situation,” not my own feelings.

don’t you think op, who was clinically depressed, would have also been offended by his words, had that been all he said? damn if he stopped right there then i agree!! but she shared the fanaccount bc it touched her, comforted her, and made her feel a bit more cheerful in that moment.


netizens who berate him for breathing took like 10 of his words out of context. it was a forum issue that people shut down. imagine if i said “i hate baekhyun, he’s so wonderful and perfect in every single way.” two opposing ideas spliced in two make for very very different situations. imagine if a netizen took the first half, translated it, and made everyone think that i literally hate baekhyun? i’m not sensationalizing this situation at all, this is…exactly what happened,.

the international translator who did this was being ignorant of her mistake, and the NETIZENS she used as “”proof””” were picking apart everything for the sake of being mean (as usual.) also, it’s not her fault alone, but i admit she had quite a big hand in blowing it up. did anyone who was supposedly offended read the entire thing? besides…i wouldn’t coin netizens as the ultimate supervisors of sensitive comments regarding mental health if you look at their track record. i’d look at OP instead.

btw this was a fansign with a very limited amount of time allotted for each person so he said as much as he could while having very little time to sort through his words. but he was sincere and heartfelt.


“i don’t fully understand depression BUT i hope i can be a comfort to you. i HOPE you can find strength.” the misconstrued first half of the sentence is actually a really important clause. why?

if he omitted the first half of the sentence it would seem like he’s evading the real topic. he used it as a disclaimer. doesn’t the internet only listen to ppl who have personal experiences with things anyway?? lmao what changed?? he said, “i may not understand it but i want to listen and i want to understand this better. just because i don’t personally experience it does not mean i can’t try my best to be a source of comfort and happiness for you.” BTW we do this all the time in english to avoid sounding insensitive…think about it for a moment. yeah.

is it not a good thing for someone to not understand the feeling of or have depression? contrary to what the internet thinks, not everyone knows everything about everything. depression is an abstract concept that’s very difficult to describe if you’ve never had it. you and i should know that firsthand. what makes this GOOD is that he handled the convo elegantly. he tried his best to convey his more sincere thoughts and tried hard to be sensitive of her situation. in this world, we’re going to encounter things that we don’t understand and it’s important that we approach it intelligently and carefully, even if we stumble around our words. THAT’S what makes it a good thing. there are too many people who don’t understand and blow it off as a phase, or blow it off as depressed individuals being lazy or weak or whiney. he’s not one of them.

this is one sentence out of many. baekhyun didn’t judge her but responded the best he could to his understanding. its not about what you say, but how you say it. that’s the sign of a responsible person who DOESN’T pretend to know more than they do. that’s humility and sensitivity even if you’re unsure of something.

he was compassionate and attentive, but didn’t treat her like a nut case. he treated her like a person and a friend. he wanted her to have strength. according to op, WHO WAS ACTUALLY THERE to witness his body language and words, said, “we ended the fansign brightly and cheerfully.” op is clearly not offended and in fact, felt brighter!!! so the atmosphere was definitely a positive one. her words, not mine.

she shared it because it was a pleasant memory for her..who the hell are we to say anything otherwise? personal experience should only have to comfort whomever is involved. what’s non negotiable though, WHETHER OR NOT you’re comforted by what he said, is that he DIDN’T SAY “i dont understand why you have depression damn girl bye!” even though that’s what headlines are saying.

again!! regardless of this essay i just typed, what is 100% objective is that he DID NOT say ‘i dont understand why you have depression” and then end the conversation right there?? he used it as a DISCLAIMER. those are the real facts because we can both read. and you can read it in the original tweet lol. AND in the clarity posts op made. you do realize.. she feels really stressed and sad about the situation. that should tell you something right there!

here’s op’s clarification post. i’m not linking her handle (most people aren’t) bc she doesn’t want random people to tweet her or talk to her anymore. 

even op’s apologizing :/ and for what!

i don’t want to make it seem like i’m angry at you because i’m not. it’s not about you or me or even baekhyun, it’s about the fact that we need to look at the full picture before acting!

i hope that you look at this situation and future situations in a more responsible manner. rumors CAN get out of hand; what’s trending is not necessarily the truth. in fact, what’s trending is usually NOT the truth because people like drama and refuse to apologize for starting it. truth gets buried under drama, ALWAYS. baekhyun thinks he did something wrong because he’s under the impression that he shouldnt have said “i dont understand how depression works BUT…..” uh no, that’s usually what you want to say to dispel the idea that you think you know more than you actually do. that’s called being aware of your own situation. that’s a fact. that’s actually a fact. i’m not trying to be funny with the fax™, that’s an ACTUAL fact, like, if you were to ask the internet of depressed people or a therapist for advice, that’s what they would generally advise you say to someone with depression. so..this is an awkward situation now 🚶🏻

and the problem is, he didn’t actually offend anyone who read the entire story, that’s why it was a non issue to exo-l’s who saw the entire fanacct.

he approached the situation as responsibly as he could, provided he was given a couple minutes to speak eloquently about something he has not experienced. you can read every research paper in the world about depression but if you don’t have it.. you just don’t understand. but we don’t NEED OR WANT everyone to understand. we just need people to be compassionate and kind. we want them to be willing to listen. we want them to be positive for us so that we may have a role model to look up to.

all WE can do now…is to be responsible for how WE consume content and look at the full picture before acting.

Uptown Girl

Summary: Billy takes interest in a girl who has to keep it secret from her family. The Wheelers.  

Originally posted by bouncycorgi

    Author’s Note: This shit took me forever to write, oh my god! 4k + words, my dears. Get a snack and get cozy. 


        “Billy!” I exclaimed as he captured me around the waist and tugged me behind his locker door.

Billy and I had been flirting back and forth for a while now. I thought when he first approached me that he only wanted to get under Steve’s skin by dating his girlfriend’s younger sister. But after Steve and Nancy broke up, he kept on flirting.

He had yet to kiss me, even though he came close many, many, times. He was a tease, and he knew it. He also knew that I wasn’t self-confident enough to make the first move, so he went on teasing.

His lips would brush my cheek, in towards my nose, and suddenly he would pull back. He loved to watch my cheeks go red, always pulling away with his trademark smirk.

        “Missed you yesterday.” He told me, keeping his arms around my waist and tucking his head on my shoulder.

        “Mhmm.” I hummed, “Family thing.”

I had gone with Nancy to visit Barb’s parents after school. Despite the lack of clues in Barb’s disappearance, they hadn’t given up hope on finding their daughter. Nancy and I both considered them to be like a second family. And I think they enjoy having girls in the house, another child to parent in Barb’s absence.

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Dont Care if it Hurts Pt.5

Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4

Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.

Tags: Jimin x reader, hybrid Jimin, mafia au!  fluff, hurt/comfort, slow burn, angst, torture, mentions of rape/noncon, violence, blood, mild cursing, 

Word count: 8.1 k

Authors note: YO EVERYONE LOOK WHAT I GOT OUT. So I’m gonna have a small hiatus while I travel to Thailand with my family for the next two weeks. I was gonna write another chapter and schedule to release it while I was away but I got too sick the last few weeks and unfortunately this LONG ASS monster of a part is all you’re gonna get for now (i thought about splitting it up between parts but I didn’t like it’s flow). 

Hope you like it! This chapter has some pretty heavy stuff in it. sorry to leave you all on a cliffhanger but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Originally posted by amsimaria

All Jimin could feel where greasy hands on him, they bit into his arm and held him down as he struggled fruitlessly to get free. Somehow he was never able to submit in this way. He was obedient as long as they left their hands off of him and not a moment longer. He had been like this ever since he was a pup.  

There is a low voice- spitting in his ear as he tries to get away from a belt, from the ball, from all the things they used to beat him.  These strikes would leave bruises that would almost always last all week. He wines when one hits his ribs and leaves him breathless. A hard hand pulls his hair back roughly and yanks on his sensitive ears. 

“Oh is the little puppy hurt? Can he not take a beating? Did little Jimin forget what it felt like?” he lets out a growl that only sounds half as threatening as he wants it too and they continue beating him. 

“Jimin,” one of them says a fist hits his shoulder. 

“Jimin.” This voice is more panicked; 

“Jimin” the voice says- more human and female then the last time the shadow above him shouted it. 

The dream knocks Jimin practically sideways when he finds you above him your hands on his shoulders he reacts instinctively pinning you down onto the bed using his knees to hook around your legs and pin you to the bed with his hands at your wrist.  Adrenaline makes his heart thud as he struggles to separate dream from reality “it’s ok it was just a dream.” You say soothingly as he looks down at you like you’re the monster. His breath comes out of him in big gusts.  

“Jimin it’s me.” You say a little more firmly trying to get that look to leave his eyes. He doesn’t look like himself; his pupils are dilated and it’s obvious to you that he is currently having a panic attack. His weight is pressing painfully onto your wrists and your legs are going numb with how he’s lying on top of you- the same way he might hold someone down if he was fighting them. 

You can’t help it; you know he would never hurt you, but your heart rate picks up when you realize how immobile he has you, you couldn’t get away from him even if you wanted to right now. He catches the smell of fear on you and his eyes instantly change. He lets go of your body like you burn him and he’s standing faster then you could breathe. His back hits the other side of your room. 

“Y/n.” he gasps out. Holding his hands out in front of him- like he’s trying to show you and himself that he’s not a threat too you.  “I’m sorry, oh my god i-“ he stutters out. You get up too- flicking the light on. 

“It’s ok Jimin- everything’s going to be fine, you just had a nightmare” his eyes keep scanning the room over again for potential threats. Eventually- with enough cajoling- he gets back on the bed. “can you tell me what it was?”

“I was back at the kennels, they-” his voice breaks off. You want to reach out to him- but you remember how sensitive he was to touches at the very beginning of you meeting him so you keep your hands to yourself. You’re still feeling groggy yourself- all you know is that one moment you were fast asleep and the next moment you were waking up to Jimin thrashing next to you. 

Next, to you, Jimin doesn’t know how to articulate the dream into words. “They always knew how to hurt you the most without leaving so much damage.” You inhale deeply at that. Jimin is wringing his fingers when you reach forward and try to take them in yours. He flinches back from you.  “Your wrists-“ is all he says, flicking to the red skin there where he leaned his weight- it must hurt. he caused you harm. But you just shake your head and take his hands in yours. 

“every day I don’t understand how you can still touch me when you know what I am- you still want me even after I’ve just hurt you.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

“I’ve hurt people. I’m dangerous. I hurt you.”  He reaches out a finger to trace along the red stretch of your wrist. You ignore the involuntary shiver it gives you. Your smile is small- almost wry when you look up at him. “And still you don’t run away.”

“Maybe it’s because I don’t think these hands could ever hurt me- not intentionally anyway.” you affirm as You turn his hands over and over in your hands- noticing the little scars here and there. The ones on his knuckles that have mostly healed. There’s one that crosses his palm and the back of his hand like he got it shut in something long ago. It feels like you’re the only two people awake in the universe when you reach up and press his palm against your cheek. 

“I love your hands” you want to say, and he gulps- and you realize you’ve said it out loud, the blush covers you from you collarbones up. Your faces are closer then they ever really should be if your relationship was purely platonic. 

Jimin is watching you with an aching in his heart- because no ones ever looked at him like that- let alone viewed him as something other than a weapon. You look at him like he’s a marvel, a treasure to be taken care of and appreciated- not like he’s a monster, a hybrid only meant to protect you from physical harm. You’re his friend- his first true friend. And it breaks his heart- because he wants you to be so so much more than that and he knows that he’s the least deserving person in the entire city when it comes to being on the receiving end of such a tender look. 

 you run your fingers through his hair as he does his best to show you that he never intends to hurt you with his body again, by sheltering you and holding you with a close tenderness. You swear in another life he was meant to be a lap dog. You silently hope that your wrists won’t bruise as Jimin wraps his arms around your middle, for his sake and for yours. Bruises wouldn’t be hard to hide from Namjoon and they don’t bother you, but Jimin would look at them and see everything he’s ever done wrong. 

Eventually, his breath has stopped coming in small gasps and reluctantly- sleep pulls the two of you down.

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My Biggest Regret

Originally posted by pinkharold

Pairing: Harry Styles x reader

Summary: Christmas fic where Harry left you when you told him you were pregnant and you run into him at a party 

A/N: this took forever and I’m sorry! But I would really love to make this into a series! If anyone has any requests to do with this AU please send me an ask!

italics = flashback

He wasn’t meant to be here.

Niall had assured you a thousand times he would not be in attendance at his annual Christmas party. You rarely ever attended parties that were hosted by your mutual friends out of fear that you would run into him. Not that you really had time for parties anymore. Being a single mum really was a full-time job.

But Niall had also reassured you this year’s Christmas party would be more of a family-friendly affair rather than the alcohol-heavy house parties he used to host in the holiday season. So that morning you had dressed your little one-year-old son in the elf costume you had been dying to make him wear all December. Niall had insisted that everyone had to be Christmas themed in the way you dressed, so you decided to go the extra mile and get a Mrs Claus dress especially.

At least Niall hadn’t been lying about the family-friendly part.

You had been absolutely enjoying yourself. You had been able to catch up with some people who you hadn’t seen in a long time and introduce them to Alex. You had barely even held him for the past hour you had been there because everyone was so eager to have their turn holding him. You were really beginning to regret hiding Alex away from this group of people, just because they were friends with his dad. After all, they were your friends too.

That is until he walked in.

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Love At First Flash?

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Summary : You and your best friend attend ACE Con and meet Sebastian Stan during a photo op.

A/N : I was torn about whether or not this should be with Chris or Sebby but idk I’ve been loving Seb’s new haircut haha

Warning ; language?

You played with the holes of your sweater as you and your best friend waited in the long line for the photo ops with Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan.

It was the by far the most important thing you truly cared about during the trip.

But as time ticked by and you were slowly inching towards to meeting the man of your dreams, you were beginning to grow anxious. Filling with anxiety as you hoped nothing went wrong and most of all, you hoped you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself.

Nothing could really prepare you for this moment.

You have heard how quick this things go, which doesn’t give you any time for anything really. But as long as you say hi, it’d be perfect.

Your best friend didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that she was about to meet the two beautiful men. She was more concerned about how she wanted to pose with Chris.

“I mean—should I do a prom type picture or act like we are dancing or—would it be weird if I asked him to pretend he’s about to kiss me?”

You couldn’t help but chuckle from all of her questions.

“Honestly, I’m sure he’s been asked to do that a hundred times already.” You said.

She shrugged her shoulders and agreed with you, looking at her phone for ideas.

“Okay, I think I’m going to have him pretend to propose to me.” She said with a smirk.

“That’d be cute. I think I’m just going to ask Sebastian for a hug.” You chuckled.

As time went on, you listened to your best friend go back and forth about her decision until it was your time to go up.

This was it. You were about to meet the two guys you grew to love and with that, your stomach churned.

“Ready?” You best friend whispered.

No words could form only the thoughts of what you wanted to say when you met the guys.

The second you were in view, your eyes fell on Sebastian’s silhouette. In that very moment, your heart started pounding profusely. Creating a thud in your ears.

“Holy shit, they’re beautiful.” Your best friend said, nudging your side.

You only nodded, holding your gaze on him. Watching the way he interacted with the group he was with.

It was truly amazing to see the smile he created on their faces and know that even though it was only for a short moment, he made them feel special.

“Next!” The photographer called out.

Chris had turned toward you and your best friend, with a smirk and waved.

“Hey, how are you ladies today?” He asked.

Your best friend was a giggling mess as she quickly ran to him. Throwing her arms around him and explained how much she adored him.

You on the other hand, walked over hesitantly with your eyes still on Sebastian.

He slowly turned to you after he gave your best friend a quick hug.

The second his eyes met yours, he was for some reason taken aback. There was something about you that captivated him. Drawing him in with every second that passed by.

It confused him more than anything. He wasn’t one to feel this way for someone he didn’t know, but with you, it was different. He didn’t even know your name.

“H-hi.” You said shyly.

The sound of your voice created a shiver to ripple down his spine.

“Hi!” Chris said with a cheeky grin. “So any plans for the pictures?”

“I was wondering if you can pretend to kiss my cheek?” Your best friend said.

Chris nodded, his smile never faltering. “Yea, of course! Come on. Let’s do this.”

Sebastian cleared his throat, his eyes still glued on yours.

“And you?” He asked.

You swallowed hard, telling yourself to say something, anything.

“C-can I have a h-hug?” You felt a bit proud of yourself.

His lips curved into a smile as he pulled you into him. You were so close, his scent was all you could breathe. Which was completely fine with you.

He placed his hand on to your lower back. His heart beating so fast, it felt like it would jump out of his chest.

You made him nervous for a reason he wasn’t quite sure. But he didn’t mind.

As the picture was being taken, he tried to figure out what to say to you. Fighting with himself in his own thoughts, wondering what to say.

And just like that, the flash came and gone. Which meant it was almost time for you to leave.

He felt himself begin to panic just a bit. Not wanting to say good bye to you just yet.

Without realizing, he leaned down to your ear and with no warning, the words spilled out.

“I really hope I will see you again.” He said.

Your stomach felt like a million butterflies were fluttering inside, as his words echoed in your head. Did he really just say that? Or was it a dream?

You looked up at him, meeting his gaze once again.

“If you’re lucky, you just might.” You said, feeling more confident now than before.

Sebastian let out a soft chuckle, his lips curving more at the edges.

Damn, he was beautiful. From his scruff to his eyes, to his short hair. It was hard not to fall for him.

“Next!” You heard the photographer say once again.

And just like that, you were brought back to reality. A part of you wishing you didn’t have to leave.

“It was nice meeting you both.” Chris said.

Your best friend linked her arm with yours and smiled. “Thank you so much!” She squealed. “Have a good day!”

You felt a soft tug on your arm giving you the a hint that it was time to leave.

“Bye.” You said.

Sebastian waved, his eyes never leaving you until you were no longer in sight.

“Dude, you’re drooling.” Chris teased, snapping him out of his daze.

He turned to look at his friend, and furrowed his brows. Pretending he had no idea what he meant.

“Shut up, no I’m not.” He muttered.

Chris belted out into laughter, his left hand clutching on to his chest.

“Bro, you are definitely crushing so hard right now!” He cackled. “Damn, must’ve been one hell of a girl.”

“Something like that.” He exhaled.

Chris leaned closer to him as the next group started their way over.

“Who knows, maybe you’ll see her again.” He whispered.

Sebastian remembered what you told him, and instantly formed a smile on his lips. “If I’m lucky.” He said.

The photographer stopped the group and ran over to Sebastian’s side.

“Is this your phone?” He asked, leaning down and picking it up.

He furrowed his brows and shook his head. “Nope, mine is in my pocket.”

Chris reached for it and turned it on. The background picture appeared and he knew instantly who it was.

He showed his friend and smiled, “looks like you’ll be seeing her sooner than later.” He said.

Sebastian took the phone and stared at it for a moment. Looking at your smile. The longer he looked the more hope he felt. And maybe, just maybe, he was lucky after all.

You and your best friend went to retrieve your picture. Every part of you growing with excitement to see the photo.

“That was amazing!” Your best friend said, squeezing your arm.

“It really was!” You exclaimed. “I didn’t want it to end.”

“Me neither. Chris smelled so good.”

You let out a chuckle and instantly remembered Sebastian’s scent.

“Hurry, grab your phone. And take a picture of me with the photo so I can post it on Instagram.” Your best friend said.

You nodded and rummaged through your bag. Once you realized it was nowhere to be found, you grew panicked. Feeling your stomach constrict with worry.

“Shit, I lost my phone!” You exclaimed, feeling your pockets, hoping it was in one of them.

Your best friend pulled her phone out and dialed your number. “Don’t worry, I’ll call it. Maybe it’s deep in your purse?”

She put it on speaker and waited as it rang. Though it only rang twice before it was answered.

“Hello?” You said, hesitantly.

“Hi!” The familiar voice muttered. You immediately knew who it was and you felt your stomach flutter.

“Um h-hi. I believe y-you have my phone?” You stuttered. “Well of course you do since you answered it.”

You heard him chuckle making you laugh along with him. “Yea it was on the ground. Must’ve fallen when we were taking the photo.” He said. “Um if you meet me by the door where you left, I could give you your phone.”

You lok we your gaze with your best friend, and she mouthed “what” to you a few times. Growing worried.

“Yea, I’ll be right there.” You said.

As you clicked the button to end the call, you slowly gave your best friend her phone back. Still in disbelief.

“What?” She asked.

“That was Sebastian Stan.” You whispered.


Part Two

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~College!au Pen Pal Jimin~PART FOURTEEN: END

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 12] [part 13]

Jimin’s heart was racing as he jogged to the campus’ cafe. Sure, you were blunt and usually said what was on your mind, you managed to beat around the bush with the question he asked. 

Instead of giving Jimin an answer, you decided to ask to meet up to ‘settle’ this, whatever this was, in person.

Jimin, although nervous, was excited to see you again. He never made the final move to get your number at the party and he definitely wasn’t going to let you slip out of his fingers again. 

Approaching the cafe, Jimin let out a shaky sigh. It was the intervention he wasn’t even expecting. When he thought about meeting his pen pal weeks ago, he never felt nervous although he had caught quite the liking to you. But now finding out you were THE girl who made him open up his heart by being so accepting of the real him? 

Real him, he thought to himself with a scoff. Would you even believe the guy you talked to at the party was the real him? Or did you think that he was just trying to appeal to you in hoped of sleeping with you later?

He didn’t have time to answer his nerve-wracking questions because he caught sight of you–of course he remembered what you looked like; your image was glued to his mind–wearing sweats and most likely a sweatshirt way too large for you. 

Smiling softly at your being, he approached while watching you bounce your knee up and down and stare at the tea before you intently.

Your thoughts were a jumbled mess. Your stomach was doing flip flops and you heart was beating a miles a minute. Why did you agree to this?

After Jimin sent you the inevitable ‘do you like me too?’ text, you couldn’t even answer that to yourself. Instead of replying you agreed on meeting him at your campus’ cafe. 

What was he going to act like? 

Better yet, what did you want him to act like?

You just wanted him to be honest. Honest with you, but most importantly honest with himself.


You snapped your head up at the voice and gave a wary smile.

“Park Jimin,” You greeted, gesturing to the seat across from you for him.

“Jimin is just fine, you know?” Jimin smiled and took a seat.

“Sorry,” You apologized before moving you tea closer to you to take a sip. “So, my pen pal is the famous Jimin that I’ve heard so much about. How many girls want to be in my shoes?” You asked before taking a long sip.

Jimin chuckled and shook his head. “You wouldn’t believe me,” He sighed before taking a long look at you, “But I’m glad it’s you.”

“Oh really?” You wiggled your eyebrows, “You mean you loved flirting with me only to be constantly rejected?” 

Looking away for a split second, he rolled his eyes with a grin, “No–o. We had nice conversations that I’ve never had with another girl before. Y/N, I don’t think you understand how much you’ve grown on me.”

“I tend to be a blessing to people’s lives,” you flipped your hair behind your shoulder. Jimin laughed, causing his eyes to crinkle into a shape resembling crescent moons.

“I agree. Plus, I think you rejecting me really gave me a reality check. If I could be so easily rejected because you didn’t know who I was, that tells a lot about my reputation. I’m so used to people just begging for my attention but with you, I felt like I was begging for yours,” He finished his statement quietly. 

You raised your eyebrows in surprise. You always discarded Jimin’s flirting with a roll of your eyes over text but now knowing who he really was made your original thoughts about him change. He never gave up on you. Well, until you made your deal but still, he managed to squeeze in a few texts of endearment. 

“And then our talk at the party? Man, that really opened my eyes. It was the first conversation with a girl that didn’t have to do with flirting. You had no idea who I was and I was able to express my true thoughts and feelings.”

“You talked about yourself, too. I could tell you had a connection to ‘Jimin,’ but I didn’t even think that you were him. I noticed you were often, how do I say, at war with yourself, and very careful with what you said at first,” You said softly.

“Yeah,” He agreed with a long sigh, “I knew if I said the wrong thing to expose myself, you wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore.”

“How do you know that? Since when we first spoke, you were nothing but honest with me. Well, besides your identity. Even if I found out who you were at the end of the night, I would’ve been the only girl who new the real Park Jimin.”

“I didn’t know. People are so judgmental nowadays. A few weeks ago I found out my friend Jungkook’s pen pal didn’t tell him who she really was because the first time they met he looked so disappointed. By a single look, her self esteem was crushed and she decided not to tell him.”

“What happened to them?”

“They became best friends! Meanwhile Jungkook was falling for her and his pen pal unknown to him that they were the same person. Heh, I guess I could relate to that. After a bunch of drama with her fake friend, Jungkook found out and he felt terrible.”

“And?” You were on the edge of your seat. Was his friend forgiven? Were they still friends?

“Oh. They’re dating now,” He finished off.

“They are?”

“Yeah, she loved him. And he realized he loved her after she was out of his life for a while. It’s a really long story, believe me.”

“Well at least by the end, neither of them were judgmental. Jungkook obviously learned from his mistake and his pen pal didn’t judge him after all the drama and instead forgave him,” You pointed out.

“It took an entire intervention! It took me and Taehyung for them to finally settle the truth.”

“I can assure you, I’m not like that.”

“I didn’t know that then. Besides, what if you did know things about me and you were just like the other girls? For once I wanted to be a nobody.”

“You know,” You began, a smile stretching on your face. “I like this Jimin. If you don’t like the reputation you have, why don’t you just change, though?”

“It’s hard to. It’s hard to be something society expects you not to be.”

“Screw society. Be whoever the hell you want to be. If I was who everybody thought I’d be, I’d be nose in books and not caring toward anyone else on the planet.”

Jimin stared at you in admiration. How were you so accepting?

“Listen, I know we met up so I can answer your question but can I ask you this really vital question first?”

Jimin widened his eyes and nodded. “Of course.”

“Am I really the girl who changed the dear fuckboy?” You teased with a smile.

Sighing at the lack of seriousness in your question, he rolled his eyes. “I think so, my love.”

“Okay no really. One question: If I was another girl, would you still have the same feelings for me?”

He thought about the question for a moment. “I’m always going to like the girl at the party. If the girl I was texting wasn’t you, she wouldn’t have had the same effect on me. You were you and nobody would’ve replaced how I felt about you the first time we met.”

“So you don’t think it’s pure coincidence me and the girl at the party are the same person.”

“My love, nothing is an accident.”

“Then yes, Park Jimin. My dear fuckboy, I’ve had feelings for you since the  ‘have you ever fallen in love?’ conversation we had. It was our first real conversation and it really won me over.”

“You mean, you’ve liked me for a while now? And you made no move?”

“And give you the satisfaction and inflate your ego? No thanks,” You laughed.

“You know, I think even if we didn’t have the conversation about how I found out you were my pen pal, I still would’ve figured it out.”

“You think?”

“I know.”

Giving him a skeptical look, you asked, “How?”

“There was one thing–one statement–you two said that I didn’t remember until now.”

“Oh yeah? What was that?” 

He leaned in close enough to be only a few centimeters away from your and your breath hitched in your throat. 

“’In your dreams boi.’“ 

Before you could scoff at your repetitive phrase, he placed his lips on yours and this time you thought, Hm maybe he was right all those months ago when we first spoke. You don’t want this to be a dream.


Hehehe even tho during the piece of their convo at the party didn’t include the iconic, in your dreams boi, SOMEWHERE IN THAT CONVO THROUGH THE NIGHT IT WAS THERE HAHA

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Him & I (Ethan Dolan)


Series based on Him and I by G-Eazy and Halsey

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Having a guy for a bestfriend is great! You can be your true self with them without having to worry about them judging you. You can spend the night playing video games and eating junk food and they’d be perfectly happy. You don’t have to spend hours on your appearance because they don’t care what you look like. I still remember the day I met my best friend Ethan Grant Dolan. 

I was sitting in my first grade classroom, coloring my picture and minding my own business. Suddenly the blue crayon I was using was ripped straight from my hand. 

“hey give that back!” I yelled turning to the culprit. 

He was tiny boy with brown hair and brown eyes. 

“but I need this crayon!” the boy yelled stomping his foot. 

“but I was using it.” I yelled back at him. 

“too bad it’s mine now.” He said sticking his tongue out at me. 

I don’t know why I did it, but I was so angry that I punched him in the nose. He dropped the crayon and started crying. I picked up my crayon and went back to my picture. It wasn’t long until our teacher sent us both to the office. I got yelled at by the principle and was told that I needed to go and apologize to the boy. I rolled my eyes walking out of the office. I saw the boy standing with his mom. I walked over standing in front of him.

“I’m sorry for punching you.” I mumbled not really meaning my apology. 

“you didn’t punch me?” The boy said confused.

“no you punched me!” 

I did a double take, there were two of them. 

“who did I punch?” I asked shaking my head. 

“me, Grayson.” the boy said holding a tissue to his bleeding nose. 

“well, Grayson I’m sorry for punching you.” I said rolling my eyes. 

I had to sit in the office until my mom could pick me up. I was sitting in the chair swinging my legs back and forth when the other boy approached me. 

“did you really punch my brother?” He asked smiling at me.

“he took my crayon!” I exclaimed. 

“He’s mean, I’m glad you punched him. Want to be best friends?” the boy asked sitting beside me. 

“sure! I’m Y/N.” I said turning to him. 

“I’m Ethan!” He said. 

And we’ve been best friends ever since. Grayson eventually grew on me too, when he wasn’t stealing my crayons. Ethan and I would always have a special bond though. I’ll be honest, it hasn’t always been easy being his bestfriend. When they started posting videos on vine the whole school made fun of them, and me too. I didn’t care though, I stuck by Ethan and eventually people started to love them and they got super popular. Ethan and Grayson even have a place in LA now which is really cool, cause I can now say I’ve been to LA. Now they were famous, going on tours, even on a TV show. At the end of the day though, Ethan would always be the same kid who applauded me for punching his brother. 

“ETHAN!” I screamed running towards him. 

He dropped his luggage and picked me up in a big hug. It’s been a week since I’d last seen Ethan.

“I missed you so much Y/N!” Ethan said hugging me tighter.

“I missed you too, but I can’t breath with you hugging me so tight.” I choked out.

Ethan laughed letting me go. 

“I mean I know we aren’t bestfriends but not even a hug for me?” Grayson said beside me.

I turned around giving Grayson a big hug as well. I could see some fans snapping pictures but the twins and I had made it clear that I was just a friend. 

“let’s go home, I’m starving!” Ethan said grabbing my hand and walking out of the airport with Grayson and myself.  

“did you watch TRL?” Ethan asked as he played with my fingers in the backseat. 

Grayson sat up front talking to Lisa, their mom.

“of course, you were on it.” I said giving him a smile. 

“you’re great, you know that?” Ethan said slinging an arm around my shoulders. 

“I know, that’s why I’m your bestfriend!” I said smirking at him. 

We pulled up to the Dolan household and I helped Ethan bring his stuff in. I went up to his room to help him unpack his stuff and so we could catch up. He started to unpack and was telling me all about their recent trip to New York where they film TRL. 

“a bunch of fans asked about you today.” Ethan said throwing the clothes out of his suitcase. 

“oh yeah, what did they say?” I asked leaning back on his bed. 

“they just wanted to know if we were dating, and to tell you that they loved you.” He said laughing. 

“they always ask if were dating.” I said putting a hand to my forehead. 

“so how about you, how was your date with what’s his face?” Ethan asked sitting down beside me. 

“his name was Matt, and it was awful, he tried to kiss me and well it made me feel weird.” I said sitting up to look at Ethan. 

“why would it make you feel weird?” Ethan asked. 

“well, it’s a funny story, I’ve never actually kissed anyone.” I said scratching the back of my neck.

“but you told me that..” Ethan started.

“well I lied.” I said looking down embarrassed. 

“why would you lie?” Ethan asked making me look at him. 

“because I’m 17 Ethan and everyone around us is doing it and I feel like a loser, but it’s my first kiss, I don’t want it to be with just anyone, I want it to be with someone special, someone I trust.” I said bringing my knees to my chest.

Ethan was silent for a moment, probably trying not to laugh at how lame I sounded right now. 

“someone like me?” Ethan finally said.

I could feel my face instantly get hot. Ethan was special to me, and I trusted him with everything I had in me. 

“you trust me don’t you?” Ethan asked getting closer to me. 

“but why would you want to do that?” I asked looking at him.

“because I’m your bestfriend, and your first kiss should be special, and I don’t want you to waste it on some jerk who is going to break your heart.” Ethan said shrugging his shoulders like it was no big deal. 

“but won’t things be weird afterwards?” I asked looking at the boy I had know since we were five years old.

“I mean not if we don’t make it weird.” He said laughing a little

“but I don’t know what I’m doing.” I said feeling very nervous. 

“It’s okay, I’ll show you.” Ethan said sitting in front of me. 

I shuffled closer to Ethan still unsure of what was about to happen. Was I really about to kiss him?

“okay, now I’m going to put my hand on your cheek and lean in, you lean it too.” Ethan said putting his hand on my cheek. 

Ethan’s touched me many times before but for some reason now his touch sent shivers down my spine. Ethan slowly leaned in causing me to lean in now too. Our lips were almost touching. I could feel his breath hitting my face making me even more nervous than I already was. 

“I’m going to kiss you now.” Ethan whispered in a low breathy voice. 

I shook my head shyly as the beating of my heart escalated in my ears. Ethan pressed his lips on mine softly. His lips were warm, and surprisingly soft. He pulled away after a brief second. 

“you have to kiss back, you know that’s the whole point of a kiss.” Ethan said laughing.

I could feel the redness spread on my tanned cheeks. 

“It’s okay, just let it happen and you’ll find you already know what to do.” Ethan said smiling at me. 

Ethan leaned in again connecting our lips. This time I kissed him back. He was right, I already knew what to do. I found myself tangling my fingers in the ends of his hair as our lips moved in sync with one another. I could feel butterflies erupt from my stomach every time his lips pressed down harder on mine. I didn’t know what this feeling was, it was something I’ve never felt before. It was like I was floating, like suddenly his kiss was the only thing that kept me grounded. I can’t say that I didn’t like it either. 

“hey Ethan dinner is, woah sorry.” 

Ethan and I quickly pulled away to see Grayson standing in the doorway in shock. I immediately felt the redness spread back to my cheeks. 

“we’ll be right down.” Ethan said shrugging.

“uh, ah um.” Grayson stuttered obviously confused and in shock of what he just walked in on. 

“she’s never had her first kiss, so I was showing her.” He said shrugging his shoulders again. 

I put a hand to my forehead. I don’t know what I was more embarrassed by, the fact that Grayson caught us kissing, or that Ethan just blabbed the secret that I’m 17 and this was my first kiss. 

“maybe I can be your second.” Grayson joked. 

I got up throwing Ethan’s pillow at him. 

“you hungry, pizza is downstairs.” Ethan asked standing up. 

“wait aren’t we going to talk about what just happened?” I asked standing up. 

“Grayson will tease for a little but he wouldn’t actually tell anyone.” Ethan said.

“that isn’t what I’m talking about.” I said shyly. 

“then what, are you okay?” Ethan asked. 

How was I supposed to tell the boy I’d been friends with for 12 years that I liked it when he kissed me? The answer to that question is simple, you don’t. 

“never mind let’s go get food, I’m starving.” I said walking ahead of Ethan and down the stairs. 

I couldn’t make eye contact with Grayson as I sat down beside Cameron. Ethan came down taking the seat beside me. 

“did you finish unpacking yet Ethan?” Lisa asked him as she passed out pizza to each of us.

“nope, but he wasn’t unpacking.” Grayson smirked as he took a sip of his water.

I grabbed one of the pieces of pineapple off my pizza throwing it at him. Grayson just laughed making Lisa and Cameron look at each other with confusion. 

“not yet, but I’ll finish as soon as we’re done eating.” Ethan said taking a bite of his pizza.

I ate in silence feeling the awkward tension in the air. If one of the Dolan’s talked to me I would answer their question and then go back to eating in silence. I could tell that Ethan noticed because he kept glancing at me out of the corner of his eye. Once we were finished eating, I offered to help clean up before following Ethan back to his room. 

“now you finish unpacking now, no distractions!” Grayson yelled down the hall with a laugh.

“ignore him.” Ethan said hopping on his bed, definitely not unpacking. 

I don’t know why I felt so awkward all of the sudden. Ethan and I had never been shy in front of each other, but suddenly I felt like it was the first time I was meeting him. 

“what are you doing? come over here!” Ethan said patting the spot beside him.

I crossed the room sitting on the spot he indicated. 

“okay what’s up with you? You’re never quiet around us? Is it Grayson’s teasing? Should I go talk to him?” Ethan asked turning towards me. 

That was the problem, I didn’t know what was up with me. 

“uh no, I’m just not feeling very well.” I lied shrugging my shoulders.

“well lay down and let’s watch a movie and hopefully you’ll feel better in a little bit.” Ethan said crawling under the covers. 

He had his arms open for me to crawl in to them. I was never hesitant about cuddling with him, but now it felt as if I was crossing a line. What line that was, I had no idea. I knew I needed to snap out of this. I crawled under the covers leaning on him. 

“what do you want to watch?” Ethan asked handing me the remote.

I grabbed the remote and started scrolling through Netflix. Of course all the suggested movies were romantic ones. I picked a random comedy, giving Ethan his remote back. He wrapped his arms around me before focusing on the movie, but my mind was far from focusing on the movie. Halfway through the movie Ethan fell asleep much like he always did when we watched movies. He was a terrible movie buddy. I got out of his arms before sneaking out of his room. It was pretty late anyways so I was just going to head home. Normally I’d just fall asleep in Ethan’s room with him but it didn’t feel right this time. I walked out of his door running right in to Grayson.

“leaving so soon?” He asked with a smirk. 

I shrugged my shoulders not in the mood for his teasing. His demeanor immediately changed when I looked to the floor.

“did I hurt your feelings? I’m sorry if I did Y/N, I was totally just kidding.” He said giving me an apologetic look. 

“no Grayson it’s okay, I just don’t feel to well.” I again lied all too smoothly. 

“did something happen between you and Ethan besides well uh yeah?” Grayson questioned rubbing his neck nervously. 

well yeah, something did happen. I liked it. 

“no, we’re fine. I’ll uh see you guys tomorrow. If Ethan wakes up tell him I went home and I’ll text him tomorrow.” I said giving Grayson a hug before walking out of the Dolan household. 

that night was anything but peaceful. I couldn’t figure out why I was acting differently. So I did what every teenager does when they can’t figure something out. I went to the internet. I found many stories from teenage girls like myself telling a similar story. One caught my eye in particular. 

One day my best guy friend and I accidently drunk kissed at a party. I didn’t think anything of it in the moment but everything changed after we accidently kissed. It was like I was seeing things from someone else’s point of view. I was suddenly very nervous around him. I was hesitant to do the things we would normally do. I started to see him in a different light and he was suddenly everything I had ever wanted. That is how I realized that I was in love with my bestfriend.

In love? With Ethan? Could I be? He was incredibly attractive, there was no denying that. He knew me better than I knew myself. He always had my best interest in mind. But could I really be in love with my bestfriend? I tossed and turned trying to think of something else that could explain what I was feeling. It would ruin our whole friendship. I couldn’t be in love with him. I didn’t realize how long I was contemplating until my phone lit up with a text from Ethan.

Ethan: I hope you’re feeling better! Guess what I have a date today!

A date? I read the words and was immediately filled with sadness. Ethan’s had dates before and I thought nothing of it, he even had a girlfriend for a couple months and I was happy for him. I don’t understand why the simple word filled me with so much dread now. 

: a date? with who? 

Ethan: just a girl I’ve been texting, it’s nothing serious just want to hang out with her.

: oh cool.

Ethan: I was kind of hoping you’d come help me get ready so I can make an impression? You’re better at this stuff than I am. 

The last thing I wanted to do was to help Ethan impress another girl. 

: sure I’ll be over soon.

Ethan: you’re the best love you!

I sighed setting down my phone. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair before heading over to the Dolan household. I walked in to a nearly empty house. 

“where is everybody?” I asked to no one in particular. 

“oh hey!” Ethan said running down the stairs. 

He pulled me in to a big hug. 

“Mom and Dad are away today and Cameron is with her friends. Grayson just went to meet his girl.” Ethan explained grabbing my hand and dragging me up to his room. 

He had clothes all over his bed.

“I can’t find an outfit to wear.” He said looking at me before laughing. 

wow he was putting in a lot of effort in to this. 

“don’t worry, I’ll help you.” I said pushing my feelings aside. 

I grabbed an outfit matching it for him. 

“Here, put this on.” I said handing him some nice jeans and a dress shirt. 

He ran to the bathroom putting on the outfit. He came out and he looked incredibly handsome, just like I knew he would. 

“wow, I look good, thanks Y/N you’re a life saver!” He said giving me a hug. 

“you’re welcome. you know you have to tell me all about this girl now.” I said giving him a look. 

“I will when I get home, I promise, you can chill out here and as soon as I get back we’ll hang out!” He said grabbing a jacket and putting it around his shoulders. 

I gave him a wave and watched him walk out the door. It was quiet in the house. I couldn’t fight this feeling of overwhelming sadness. I walked to the kitchen opening the cabinet. I found a full bottle of liquor calling my name. I grabbed the bottle before slumping on the couch. I unscrewed the top feeling the alcohol slide down my throat. I coughed not used to the taste. I took a couple more long swigs until I started to feel the effects. Suddenly the door slammed open and in walked an angry Grayson. 

“what happened to you?” I asked giving him a look.

“my date stood me up.” He said slouching on the couch beside me. 

“here this will help.” I said handing him the bottle of liquor. 

Grayson took the bottle taking a long drink of it. 

“you’re right this does help.” He said before taking another long drink. 

Grayson and I passed the bottle back and fourth until it was completely empty. 

“you’re date doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.” I said offering Grayson a smile. 

“what about you, why are you so upset?” He asked turning his body towards me. 

I leaned back on the couch looking at the ceiling. 

“I think I’m in love with someone, and he doesn’t feel the same.” I said not taking my gaze off the ceiling. 

“who?” Grayson asked making me look at him. 

At this point it was the alcohol talking. Sober, I would’ve never admitted this to Grayson. You know what they say though, drunk words are sober thoughts. 

“Ethan.” I admitted.

“wait you love Ethan?” Grayson asked springing up off the couch. 

“yeah I love Ethan.” I said out loud. 

As soon as the words left my lips I felt this sense of relief wash over me. 

“you have to tell him!” Grayson exclaimed. 

“What! I can’t tell him! It would ruin our friendship! Besides Ethan does not like me like that Grayson! I can’t tell him and you can’t either!” I snapped.

I sank back in to the couch, Grayson falling beside me. 

“Look, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Besides the way he was kissing you yesterday didn’t look just friendly to me.” He said 

“It didn’t?” I asked looking at Grayson. 

“nope.” Grayson said popping the p. 

“then how did it look?” I asked. 

“like this.” Grayson said grabbing my face and crashing his lips on to mine. 

It was weird, not like when I kissed Ethan but the alcohol fogging my brain told me to kiss him back, so I did. Grayson deepened the kiss, laying be back on the couch. He hovered above me still not breaking the kiss. He slowly put his hands under my shirt pushing it up a little bit. I felt a shiver as his bare hand gripped my hip roughly. I slid my hands under his shirt feeling his toned abs and chest. Grayson pulled away before yanking his shirt off. He attached his lips to my neck, kissing up to my jawline and then putting his lips back on mine. 

“hey Y/N I’m..” 


I pulled up to Jessica’s house ready for our date. I had been texting her for a little bit and was excited to hang out with her. She seemed like a pretty nice girl and I wanted to get to know her more. She came out wearing a nice dress and giving me a big smile. 

“are you ready to go?” I asked offering her my hand. 

“sure, let’s go.” She said offering me another smile.

She was silent as I drove to the restaurant I was taking her too. I glanced at her but it wasn’t her sitting there suddenly, it was Y/N. I shook my head quickly taking my eyes off the road.

“Ethan are you okay?” She asked putting a hand on my arm. 

“yeah uh, I’m fine.” I said shrugging my shoulders. 

okay that was odd? Why did I just imagine my bestfriend? I pulled in to the restaurant offering my arm to Jessica. We walked in the restaurant, taking a seat and making small talk. I was being my goofy self and trying to make her laugh. I said something funny making her burst out laughing. Instead of her laugh I heard Y/N’s laugh. I quickly put my hands over my ears. I saw Jessica look a little hurt as she stopped laughing. 

“Ethan what’s wrong?” Jessica asked.

I was going crazy. 

“I uh am not feeling to well, I’m sorry Jessica I have to leave.” I said getting up quickly from the table.

“wait who’s going to take me home?” She called after me. 

I ran jumping in my car. I could feel my heart beating quickly. What was wrong with me? Why am I imagining Y/N? Did that mean I wanted to take her on a date? I thought of yesterday, my lips on hers. Her lips were softer then I’d imagine they’d be. I ran a frustrated hand through my hair before starting up the car and driving home. What was I going to tell her? She’d ask how the date went, I couldn’t tell her that I imagined her and freaked out and left. I pulled up to the house seeing as she was still here. 

“hey Y/N I’m..” I started but immediately stopped at the sight in front of me. 

Grayson was on top of her, shirtless, and kissing her lips. She quickly threw Grayson off of her. 

“Ethan.” She gasped.

ending part one here because I’m a evil child, share this post if you want a part two! love you guys so much!

part two

“Don’t marry him.” {One Shot}

|Pairing| {Min Yoongi 𝕩 Reader}

|Genre| {Slight Angst}

|Word Count| {2,402}


Originally posted by bangtanboysbutterfly

I was looking forward to seeing her. She comes to most of the fan signs, and every time I see her I can’t help but smile because every time I see her, she tells me I’ve made her day; I made her smile. She asks me how I’m doing, if everything’s going well and the way that I want it to. She cares about me and the members, she doesn’t just come to get her albums signed; she comes to see us, or she tells me that she comes to see me, because I - Min Yoongi is her bias. She comes to give us gifts, to thank us for changing her life and tell her what she thinks about new music, new shows we’ve been on, music award shows and our achievements. I see her every so often, but somewhere down the line in the four years she’s supported us. I think I fell in love with her.

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being the elder henderson sibling [headcanon]

Originally posted by strangerthingscentral

Requested?: Yee my dudes. Anon: “I absolutely loved your Wheeler and Byers middle child imagine! can you make one for Dustin’s older sister? Love your blog btw “ (idk who you are but i’m glad you enjoy my blog <3)

Pairing: Dustin Henderson x reader (platonic, family), Steve Harrington x reader (romantic oops) 

((btw guys if you’re getting annoyed at all of these turning out as romantic Steve things, pls let me know))

((once again, season 2 below the cut))

  • you were Claudia Henderson’s pride and joy
  • well you were, until Dustin was born
  • but you couldn’t complain
  • Dusty was your pride and joy as well
  • you were always so supportive of him 
  • ((especially whenever him and the rest of the party won the annual science fair))
  • you would always help Mr. Clarke with the AV club
  • the fact that you were always around meant that you were always the one constant in the Party’s lives.
  • they loved you
  • ((you were the og group mom))
  • no matter how cool you were to The Party, you were unapproachable at school
  • you thought it was because you were a certified Loser™
  • in reality, it was because you intimidated everybody
  • you were so pretty and kind and smart that people saw you as unapproachable.
  • well, everybody except your closest friend
  • ((aka Jonathan Byers))
  • you always had your nose stuck in a new book, oblivious to the awestruck glances aimed at you.
  • Jonathan would always snort at the glances you’d get from half of the basketball team ((yes, including Steve Harrington [pre-Nancy]))
  • when Will went missing, you swear you felt your heart break
  • but you didn’t cry because Dustin was distraught and he needed someone to comfort him.
  • in fact, you comforted all of The Party, Jonathan, and Joyce.
  • you caught Dustin sneaking out of the house to go look for Will one night
  • instead of ratting him out to your mom, you went along because “there’s no way I’m leaving a dumbass like you all alone in the woods.”
  • The Party was relieved to have you tagging along
  • you made them feel safe.
  • you’re skeptical about Eleven at first, and take Lucas’s side for a while.
  • soon, you begin to see that the young girl can actually be a highly useful asset.
  • the next day, you find yourself being extremely surprised.
  • when you hear that Barb is missing, you’re pretty rattled.
  • first Will, now Barb.
  • what was happening?
  • after school, you find your way to the parking lot
  • you see Steve and his little crowd mocking Jonathan 
  • you approach them right as they break him camera.
  • pissed off, you begin shouting obscenities at them, shocking everyone.
  • sweet, beautiful, caring (Y/N) Henderson knew how to curse?
  • when Carol starts making remarks about Jonathan, you lunge at her.
  • Tommy intervenes and before you know it, his fist has met your face.
  • everyone stops.
  • they all stare at you 
  • you simply crack your neck and deliver an equally devastating blow to Tommy’s face.
  • ((at this point, Steve is feeling guilty because he just knows he’s fallen in love with you but Nancy is still in the picture))
  • but damn can you take a punch 
  • Tommy is on the ground, in pain, and you simply grab Jonathan’s hand and threaten the little group.
  • your foot hovers over Tommy’s crotch before you speak.
  • if you ever pull a little stunt like that again, you can say goodbye to any future children you were planning on having,Tommy. you too, Harrington.”
  • Steve simply stares at you and Jonathan groans because he knows what that look means.
  • he’s seen it too many times on his brother’s face and on the faces of half the school’s basketball team.
  • Steve. Is. Absolutely. Smitten.
  • eventually you find out about Will’s body being found.
  • you reluctantly head home to be with Dustin…
  • …who sends you right back to the Byers residence, insisting that Jonathan needs you more than he does.
  • although hesitant, you listen to your little brother and spend the night with Jon.
  • you help calm Joyce down when they have to go identify the body.
  • you eventually tag along with Nancy and Jonathan when they go looking for the monster.
  • you notice Nancy is missing and follow her into the Upside Down.
  • when the monster chases you, you make sure she goes back through the tree first. 
  • you barely make it through, the Demogorgon clamping onto your leg and leaving you injured.
  • you refuse to go to the hospital, and Nancy proceeds to patch you up. 
  • when you go to the store to buy your weapons, you’re the one who sees the movie matinee first.
  • you try to keep Nancy away from it, but she sees it anyways.
  • when she runs off, you grab Jonathan’s hand and tug him along.
  • oh look, Nancy the slut and the creepy couple”
  • “shut up Carol. just because Tommy is the only one who wants to fuck you doesn’t mean you have to be bitter all the time.”
  • Tommy takes a step towards you but stops once you arch an eyebrow. 
  • Steve looks at your hand in Jonathan’s and starts talking shit.
  • really Nance? you had to go after Byers? I bet you, him, and Henderson there had a lot of fun together eh?”
  • you’re the first one who swings and although Tommy is urging Steve to fight back, he knows that he can’t hit you.
  • so he hits Jonathan instead.
  • you wind up at the police station
  • where you eventually spill the whole story to Hopper and Joyce, showing them your wound as proof. 
  • when you contact The Party, you’re the one who has to speak to them 
  • you’re the only one that they truly trust.
  • you don’t want to leave them but Nancy insists that she and Jonathan need your help.
  • Jonathan is your best friend and although you don’t know Nancy that well, she is a sweet girl.
  • so you agree and go with them. 
  • when Steve arrives, you’re the one who opens the door and tries to keep him out. 
  • eventually, the Demogorgan arrives and you have to keep it away from Steve, who is unarmed.
  • when he helps you fight back, you realize that maybe (just maybe) he isn’t a self-centered, big-haired douchebag.
  • fast-forward to the end of the fight 
  • everyone is safe, except El.
  • although you’re sad that she’s gone, you know it’s nothing compared to what Mike is feeling. 
  • when Will awakens, you’re right by his side
  • along with the rest of The Party.
  • and when Jonathan sees the way Will looks at you, with that dazed, dreamy look,
  • he knows that things might turn out okay.
  • you hug Dustin tightly and tell him how much you love him
  • Dustin whispers the same things back to you before pushing you off and rubbing his neck in embarrassment
  • the rest of the evening is spent in comfort as you all realize that you still have each other.

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bts scenario: They break up with you, then regret it. (F)

Originally posted by jjilljj


It had been 2 weeks since Jin had shouted his breakup speech at you, with nothing but venom in his voice. It had been during an argument, and he had meant it at the time, but the past two weeks had been nothing but pure, hell. He had been moping about the dorms, messing up in practice, he couldn’t remember the last time he ate properly. And little did he know, how much worse you were doing.

You were heartbroken, yes you had caused a silly argument, but he had really broken up with you because of it. You felt as if he hated you, he sure acted like he did, you stopped sleeping, you stopped leaving the house and stopped communicating with anyone but your best friend. Despite how many times the other members had tried to contact you, you weren’t interested, they weren’t Jin. All you wanted was Jin.

Jin had finally had enough without you in his life, and hurled himself towards your apartment complex in the middle of night, not even bothering to knock, he knew it would be open. You always left the door open. You always wanted him to come back to you, no matter what. And Jin was praying this would be no different, he would have a lot of making up to do, but he would do whatever it takes, to make you his again.

Originally posted by yoonseok


Yoongi regreted the words the second they left his mouth, all his pent up anger seemed to vanish. But he was too stubborn to admit it, he stormed off in what you could assume was anger. But in reality, he just couldn’t bare to see your devestated face. You left soon after, not bothering to say goodbye, they always seemed so final, you didn’t want this to be final, it couldn’t be. You loved him so much, you just couldn’t leave it like this.

It had been three days. Three long days and three cold nights. You missed his arms, his smell, his everything. He missed your warm hugs, your subtle smiles, your everything. Neither of you could bare it anymore, and both left for eachothers dorms. Only to literally, bump into one another on the street.

Your eyes had instantley met eachother. It seemed both of your demenours melted in sight of one another. No words would be said, not yet anyway, just a very, passionate kiss. Knowing you would have to work things out, but that could wait until tomorrow, because you both knew, that you could fix anything. Aslong as you did it together.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


Namjoon had broken up with you a month ago, and you were determined to forget him. But of course, it hadn’t worked. He claimed it was for the best, that he was too busy and wanted you to be happy. But you weren’t happy without him. And it took losing you, to realise how unhappy he was without you. Somehow he got even clumsier, not caring if he broke anything, he couldn’t think straight, yet alone perform. Of course he seemed fine, his performances were still perfect, but in his heart they weren’t, everyone close to him knew he was broken. Everyone could see through the facade, and (not so) coinsidently everyone who was close to you, knew you were behaving just the same.

Surprisingly, it was Jin that decided enough was enough, before sitting down with Namjoon and talking sense into him, informing him of your state, and how even though Namjoon wanted the best for you, he had caused nothing but the worst. Namjoon didn’t even let Jin finish before running off into the starry night to find you, only hoping, only praying that your heart would still belong to him, so he could mend it and cherise it. And of course your heart would still be his, it always had been, and always will be.

Originally posted by hobies


Hoseok didn’t even waste a minute before trying to apologize, but you were too blinded by hurt to do anything, just muttering that you needed time to think before walking away. He would rethink everything he had said, before finalising that he made a huge mistake. Then deciding that he would do whatever he could, to make you forgive him.

It started with flowers, flowers became chocolates, chocolates became teddy bears, and those teddy bears became love letters. It was something straight out of a cliché romantic movie, yet you simply couldn’t wipe the stupid grin off of your face every time a gift would appear at your doorstep.

It was the fifth day of these ‘spontaneous’ gifts, when Hoseok arrived at your door, with your favourite meal in his hands, you wouldn’t even say anything before pulling him into a hug, slightly crying into his shoulder as you listened to his relentless apologies. Before you whispered a simple ‘I forgive you.’ into his ear, knowing that you could fix whatever problems you had, because you simply loved each other too much to be apart.

Originally posted by parkjmzl


He was furious. Instant regret for what he had said to you two weeks ago. In all honesty, he felt free for a few days, after breaking up with you. He was still young - thats what he had told himself - that he needed to know who he was without you, and it didn’t seem all that awful, yet right here, right now, all of that had changed. He was livid.

You were at a café with a friend, a boy, friend. Who by all chance, had never met Jimin. So as you sat on the window seat, as you friend did his best to cheer you up. Jimin couldn’t take it anymore, insantley feeling all the wounds you had felt, wishing he had never muttered the stupid, toxic words to you, now only realising how much he loved you. But he was worried it was too late, you had looked so happy sat there, so beautiful without even trying.

He went to turn around, to walk away from the person he had loved most, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave you, he couldn’t be without you. It just took an insane amount of jealousy to realise that. So, in a bling moment of a mix of fury and desperation, he mustered up all his courage before walking into the little café, and straight up to you and Y/F/N.

‘Baby, If I can still call you that, look if this is your new boyfriend, well… I don’t care, okay? Look, I’m not even making sense, I want you to be happy, but with me. Unless that would make you unhappy, I should have thought this through, okay, um…’


‘Yes baby, I mean… Y/N?’

‘This is my friend Y/F/N, but I’m sure he wont mind if you want to talk, y’know… In private? You’re making a bit of a scene for someone who doesn’t know what he wants to say..’

‘If that’s alright, I really want to talk to you, to work things out, please baby.’

‘Of course, this doesn’t immediatley fix anything, but I’m willing to try, because I love you Jimin.’

‘I love you more, Y/N, now let’s go sort everything out, together.’


Originally posted by toughchim


He wouldn’t even believe what he had done, barely leaving it 12 hours before turning up at your parents house. Immediatley asking for their forgiveness, despite them having no clue what was going on. He was desperatley asking for their help on how to win you back, in which they had decided to give him a cup of tea, and plenty words of encouragement, reminding him of how forgiving you were, and reminding him of how much you loved him. And how much your parents loved him too. Before deciding to send him on his way. But without his knowledgement, your (snakey) father had taken time out of his evening to ring you. Informing you of the whole facade. And how distressed Taehyung was behaving, and how sorry he had seemed. Yes, you were still slightly angry, but the thought of him being worried enough to visit your parents, warmed your heart. And, whether you wanted to admit it or not. In that moment, it seemed you had already forgiven him.

You rung Taehyung around an hour later, - after constantly contemplating whether it was a good idea or not - asking for him to come over, and of course he did without thought. He arrived at your apartment in a seriously impressive amount of time, which resulted in the evening being full of hugs, kisses and laughter, forgiving one another in the process, for love could fix anything. Especially the love you had for eachother.

Originally posted by jimiyoong


It had been 61 days. No you weren’t counting.. Okay you were. You had too. It had been two months, and your thoughts were constantly swirling between memories and thoughts of Jungkook, neither your heart or mind could let go. He had a permanent effect on you, you had never thought that love could have hurt like this. But you were mistaken, your friends kept trying everything they could, but it seemed that nothing would work, and to your surprise, Jungkook was no better.

He seemed fine, he continued performing perfectly, smiling to the public eye. But the boys knew what was happening behind those closed doors, the constant tears, relentment to eat and sleep for decent amount of times. No one could help him, and no one could heal him. Yet he was so convinced that you didn’t miss him, nor that you cared. He began to overthink everything, making up scenarios of how little you cared about him. Yet he was so far from the truth, and it took Namjoon to realise that.

Namjoon had rung you, telling you that Jungkook was in trouble, that he needed you. And he wasn’t strictly lying, because Jungkook wasn’t far from being in pieces. Of course you went quickly, flying to wherever they were performing too that night, your mind filled with different worries. Was he sick? Had he been working too hard? You didn’t care which, you just needed to make sure he was okay.

You had almost bashed the door down, yet the minute your eyes met with his, all your confidence had fluttered away, like a flock of birds after a dog barked. You wanted to run and hide, yet you had no chance too once he had pulled you in for the most passionate kiss you ever had.

And just like that, all the stress and worries melted off the pair of you, simply needing each other in the moment. You knew you had to talk to one another, to sort out whatever went wrong, but absent-mindedly, neither of you were worried. For you knew aslong as you had each other, you’de work it out. You’de be okay. You always were.

- - - - - - - - - -

I’m sorry some of the members were shorter than the other. I’m not sure if I like this, I’m also kind of poorly with a cold so I’ve not been able to focus as well as I could otherwise, but some people wanted similar writings to the argument one!! But I wanted to change it up a bit, I hope you enjoy it though, cuz sis loves a bit of bts fluff,,,

(all gif creds go to owners. please let me know feedback on this, always feel free message me too!I hope you have/are having a good day ♡ )


billy hargrove x reader

summary: before you, love and caring, just weren’t words his vocabulary.

word count: 6.3k

request: can i get a fic where billy is reader’s best friend and he’s really protective of her? like he loves her but then he realizes that he LOVES her

a/n: i hope this is okay! i sort of combined this request with the comforting!billy request so i hope you don’t mind. this is also the first real fic request i’ve written so i’m pretty nervous. feedback is appreciated.

It had been one thing after another today. It wasn’t that anything had went monumentally wrong, but all the small problems had accumulated up so much that you were seconds away from breaking. And when you walked out the double doors of Hawkins High and saw Billy leaning up against his Camaro waiting for you, you felt the damn holding back your tears break.

You hurried your way across the parking lot and buried your head into his chest, barely giving him enough time to react. When he realized what was going on, he threw his cigarette to the side and wrapped his arms around you securely as you quietly cried into him.

“Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” Billy asked concerned, trying to tear you away from him with no luck.

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Bad Decisions (Grayson Dolan)

New Grayson Dolan Series!

Bad Decisions by Ariana Grande

Originally posted by dolangram

Grayson Dolan. Two words came to mind when someone said his name. Bad Boy. He was the guy every girl wanted and the guy ever other guy wanted to be. He could walk into a room and all eyes were instantly on him. He didn’t earn the reputation of being a bad boy by just standing there. He was often doing bad things like skipping school and getting in fights. I guess that was attractive to the girls though because they all wanted him, however Grayson showed no interest in the many beautiful and quite easy girls that threw themselves at him all the time. In fact he only looked at one girl. That girl was me. 

“Grayson Dolan actually showed up today what a surprise.” my best and only friend said as she sat down beside me. 

“and why would I care?” I asked giving her a look. 

“cause you’re like his muse or something, I’m so jealous.” she said opening her binder.

I didn’t believe that at all. He just gave me a stare down every once and awhile. I don’t know why he would like a girl like me anyways. I was too shy to even talk to a guy and pretty much spent all my free time in the library studying. I was a nerd, a nobody, but Grayson he wasn’t just anybody, he was a big deal in our small town. He was quite different from his twin brother Ethan who was captain of the football team and probably the nicest kid in school. 

“whatever you say.” I said rolling my eyes. 

as If on queue Grayson comes strolling in the room making sure to give me a small smile before taking his seat at the back of the classroom. Ethan came in directly after him taking his usual spot at the front of the classroom beside me. 

“alright class since it’s getting closer to middle of the year we are going to do a midterm project.” our history teacher Mrs. Hall announced to the class.

groans were heard from all of the students well except for me. I didn’t mind doing projects because I liked to be creative with my knowledge. 

“now don’t worry you will be doing these projects in partners.” Mrs. Hall said making the students perk up.

I was the one to groan this time. I hated partner work because I always got stuck with the worst partners. 

“okay pick your partners quickly.” She said turning to the chalkboard. 

I looked immediately towards my only friend but she had already partnered up with her boyfriend Shawn. I rolled my eyes. Suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see Grayson smiling at me. . 

I was shocked that he even approached me. 

“how about you and I be partners?” He said offering me an innocent smile. 

I gulped as he stared me down. I could see the girls standing behind him practically begging him to be their partner so they could spend alone time with him. 

“uh me?” I asked not sure if he was actually talking to me.

“yes you silly.” He said chuckling a bit. 

I bet my face was as red as a tomato by now. Grayson has never said a word to me but here he was asking me to be his partner. 

“so is that a yes or a no?” He asked still looking at me.

Suddenly I was hit in the head with a paper ball. I turned around to see a couple girls snickering.

“who the hell threw that?” Grayson growled clenching his jaw. 

the snickering immediately died down as Grayson took a seat beside me.

“we’re going to be partners okay?” He said giving me a smile.

“okay.” I said just above a whisper.

“so you do talk.” Grayson said laughing. 

“uh yeah.” I said again just barely above a whisper. 

He was about to respond when Mrs. Hall cut him off. 

“alright class here is the rubric and the directions for the project, I will assign you a location and you must create a project that shows what that location is best known for. I will give you the rest of the class to discuss with your partner about what you will be doing.” She said passing out the papers. 

I looked at our location. Paris France. 

“ah the city of love, what could we do? wink wink.” Grayson said wiggling his eyebrows. 

I started laughing making him smile at me. I immediately stopped laughing when I saw him staring. 

“you have a nice laugh.” Grayson said giving me a smile. 

“thanks.” I said shyly looking at my notebook. 

“so partner what should we do for this project?” He asked looking at the textbook.

I saw his brow furrow as he looked through the text book. Grayson skipped a lot of classes so it wasn’t a surprise that he had no idea what was going on in any of his classes. He let out a frustrated groan as he turned the book. 

“are you okay?” I shyly asked looking at him. 

“uh I just have a bit of dyslexia it’s no biggie.” He said closing the book.

I felt bad for him. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal but it totally was. He was struggling to read. I was about to respond when the bell rang signaling the end of class. Grayson and I didn’t even decide what we were doing for our project yet. It was lunch time which means I would go to the library.

“yo dude let’s go.” Grayson’s buddies said grabbing his shoulder. 

Grayson gave me a smile before walking out of the classroom. I grabbed my books and my lunch bag before heading to the library. I walked in giving the librarian Mrs. Lee a small smile. I sat at one of the tables before taking out the sandwich I made myself. I was quiet as I read a novel I’d already read a thousand times and ate my sandwich. Suddenly the chair beside me is pulled out and someone sits down. 

“so this is what the library looks like.” 

I turn to see Grayson smiling at me holding his lunch tray. 

“what are you doing here?” I asked him shyly.

“well we never decided what we were doing for our project and I don’t know about you but I would like a good grade.” Grayson said.

“since when do you care about grades?” I asked him laughing a little bit. 

“since I skipped too much school and now I’m doomed to repeat this grade unless I get good grades for the rest of the year.” He said smirking. 

“fair point, so what do you want to do?” I asked him. 

“you do know you’re the smart one between the two of us.” He said laughing. 

“well it’s Paris so we obviously have to incorporate the Eiffel Tower but what could we do to show the city of love?” I asked as I looked through the textbook.

“well how about we make the Eiffel Tower out of hearts?” Grayson said smiling. 

“that’s actually a really good idea.” I said writing it in my notebook. 

“really? I don’t have many of those.” He said making me laugh. 

I noticed Grayson staring at me laughing making me stop and grow shy again.

I started a rough sketch of the Eiffel Tower made completely of hearts. I noticed Grayson staring at me, making my cheeks flush red. I was about to respond when we were surrounded. I looked up to see some of the jocks glaring down Grayson. 

“Grayson Dolan in the library, well there is quite a sight.” Nate one of the star basketball players said. 

“you’re going soft Grayson.” One of the other boys said. 

“want to test that theory?” Grayson growled clenching his fists. 

I didn’t know what was happening so I did what I always did when I was nervous and started to shrink away. 

“oh are we scaring you?” Nate asked looking at me. 

Grayson got up pulling me by the arm so I was behind him now. 

“leave her alone.” Grayson growled. 

His hand was still on my arm making my heart race a thousand miles per hour. 

“You shouldn’t have messed with Brody’s girlfriend.” Nate said standing up. 

“Brody’s girl threw herself at me, not surprisingly Brody’s a dick much like the rest of you. I told her I didn’t want anything to do with her and she was ugly crying, not my fault.” Grayson said laughing.

“maybe we should mess with your girl.” Nate smirked. 

I noticed Grayson grow instantly tense. I also felt the heat spread to my cheeks as I was described as Grayson’s girl. 

“why don’t you try and see what happens.” Grayson said letting go of my arm and balling his fists again. 

I didn’t want there to be a fight. 

“Grayson let’s go, they aren’t worth your time.” I said stepping in front of him. 

His facial features instantly changed to a softer look. 

“okay, let’s go.” Grayson said softly. 

I gathered my backpack and started walking out of the library with Grayson.

“yeah Grayson listen to your little bitch.” Nate called chuckling with his group of friends. 

Grayson immediately stopped. 

“what did you just call her?” He asked turning to face the boys. 

“I believe I called her a bitch.” Nate said folding his arms across his chest. 

“yeah that’s what I thought you said.” Grayson said smirking. 

Grayson ran at Nate picking him up before slamming him on the library table and punching him hard in the jaw. He turned to one of the other boys punching him right in to nose. There were more of them but Grayson was stronger, and more experienced. Nate got up punching Grayson making his nose bleed. One of the boys kicked Grayson down to where Nate could repeatedly kick him. 

“stop please!” I said going over to the group of boys. 

Nate looked at me laughing before walking towards me. I backed away but he just walked closer.

“now tell me what are you doing with a loser like Dolan?” Nate asked before flicking off my glasses.

I grabbed my glasses and put them on just in time to see Grayson tackle Nate to the ground. He repeatedly punched Nate over and over again.

“don’t you dare fucking touch her.” Grayson growled with each punch. 

Suddenly Grayson was ripped off of Nate and the principle stood there glaring at all of us. 

“All of you in my office now!” Principle Ross yelled. 

I looked at Grayson in panic. We walked to his office, Nate glaring at Grayson the entire time. 

“who started this fight?” Principle Ross asked both boys. 

of course Grayson said Nate and Nate said Grayson. It turned in to even more of an argument. 

“Y/N you’re honest, tell me who really started the fight?” Principle Ross asked me.

I looked down shyly. I looked at Grayson who looked at his feet. 

“Nate.” I said shyly.

“WHAT THAT IS SUCH BULLSHIT.” Nate fumed but he was already being escorted in to the office. 

“look you too get back to class and don’t get in to any more fights!” Principle Ross 

We watched him walk away before exiting the office.

“oh my gosh I’ve never lied before, and now I just lied to the freaking principle of our school!” I said freaking out. 

“oh man Y/N you’re really worrying me, you’re going down a really dangerous path.” Grayson said smirking. 

“oh shut up.” I said laughing. 

there was an awkward silence that fell between us as we walked down the hall.

“why are you even talking to me?” I asked as we stopped in the hallway. 

“what do you mean?” Grayson asked. 

“I’m mean why me?” I said putting my head down. 

Grayson put a hand under my chin making my eyes meet his. He leaned in close, and it sent shivers down my spine. 

“why not you.” He whispered in my ear. 

I couldn’t help the blush that spread to my cheeks as Grayson dropped my chin.

“I’ll see you later, partner.” Grayson said giving me a wink.

I watched him walk away as a million butterflies erupted in my stomach. I don’t know what this feeling was, but I think I liked it.


i’ll give you my heart | myg

summary: gift exchanges are cool. gift exchanges with your ceo-slash-best friend min yoongi are less cool, because what the hell are you supposed to get the man that already has everything? 

or, the three times that you could find something material to give to yoongi, and the one time you had to think outside of the box.

{christmas!au, friends to lovers!au}

pairing: min yoongi x female reader
word count: 6k
genre: fluff
warnings: none
a/n: here she is!! first off, shoutout to everyone who voted for this in that poll a while back. secondly, shoutout to everyone for being patient with me while getting this fic out. here it is, in all of its fluffy, soft glory! it’s also 1k longer than i thought it would be. big rip. 

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Never Been Kissed

Prompt: “You’ve never had a New Year’s kiss?” In which, after a few shots of firewhisky and a glass of champagne, you admit that you’ve never been kissed to your crush of two years, Sirius Black. (Sirius Black x Reader)

Word Count: About 2,700.

Warning(s): Swearing, alcohol, jealousy, kissing, and just a weeny bit of sexual tension.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to my readers who have never had a New Year’s kiss either. :P If you want it to happen, it will! All in good time, hehe.


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Sex God

Okay so I had a debate whether to post this in one or not but now its here.

Word Count: 6k  *Warning: Smut*

Originally posted by meanyoongis

You are a beauty student and your task is to give someone a complete makeover. Who better than your geeky friend namjoon.

It was just an assignment. You had done hundreds of them in your time of being a beauty student so why was this one proving to be so difficult. Everyone is your class had their model weeks ago, everyone but you. So here you were flopped face first across your best friend Namjoon’s sofa stressing as the deadline drew closer. “What’s up Y/N?” Namjoon asked as he sat down in the small space that your body wasn’t taking over. “I’m going to fail.” You mumbled into the armrest, Namjoon stroked your hair and encouraged you to sit up. “You won’t fail what are you talking about?” He questioned before you let out a sigh and stood up, “I have to give someone a complete makeover and produce all the coursework in two weeks for my beauty project. All these years of work and I’m going to fail all because I don’t have the balls to ask anyone to be my partner.” You explained as you paced the length of his apartment. You probably would have ran yourself into the ground had your face not been met with a firm chest, “Y/N you’re my best friend but you are an idiot sometimes.” He laughed at you, “Not bringing up my confidence Joonie.” You mumbled hiding your face in his body. “No, I meant I’ll be your model.” He said while still chuckling at your childish behaviour as you jumped back. “Really? You would do that for me?” You asked quizzically, “Of course Y/N whatever it takes for you to pass. Or just to see you smile because I hate seeing you stressed like this.” Straight after he said this you were running around with relief. “Thank fuck. Okay let’s get started because I’m already like two weeks behind.” and with that you were dragging him out of his apartment with you.

First step: concept

“Okay first things first we have to specify what your opposite is.” You said flicking through a folder of different styles you had collected throughout the years, “I wouldn’t want to put you in anything you are uncomfortable with but we basically have to change everything for this project.” You explained letting him have a flick through while you set up the photoshoot. “Um Y/N I know I’m no expert but I swear the photoshoot goes at the end?” Namjoon questioned placing the folder on the table of your workshop, “I need a before and after shoot so get your ass over here and try not to smile.” You say as you fiddle with the settings on your camera and the lighting. “I thought the point of a photo is to smile?” he joked while awkwardly standing on the perfectly placed cross on the floor. You couldn’t help with laugh at how uncomfortable he looked, “Relax it’s for a school project not a mug shot. Here stand like this.” You said as you adjusted his feet and arms so he was stood like how most male models in magazines stand. You guided him through different poses as you tackled different angles for the shoot. About half an hour later you were just gathering the last of the photos, “And done. Well for today at least. Thank you again for all of this Joon, I don’t know where I would be without you.” You said as you packed up your camera, “Probably still face down on my sofa.” He joked and you hit him on the arm.

It was about three hours later when you finished editing the photos and you texted Namjoon.

Y/N: Hey I just finished editing the photos from today’s shoot. Do you wanna see some?

Joonie: Yeah sure.

You sent him through the best ones that you planned to use in your project,

Joonie: Holy Hell these are insane. They look like they could be out of a magazine.

Y/N: Well I should hope so, that was kind of the look I was going for.

You continued to fill him in on your plans for the rest of the project while making sure he was still one hundred percent comfortable with the concept. Once he confirmed he was fine with whatever you had planned you began to mindmap your ideas.

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